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>ironmouse beat pekora and miko on watch time
Good for her.
>so why not watch vtuber outside of hol-

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I know Iornmouse, but who are the other two?

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Man, I hope Hololive become underdogs again. They were better when they were the scrapper choice compared to Nijisanji, 774 and Upd8

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Thank you OP
Why would I watching something inferior and force myself to hangout with 12 years old normies on twitch.

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Based. Justin Bieber gets a billion views on every music video. His music is still trash. Vshojo is still trash.

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>close to the grave and will likely die this year
Make-a-wish VTuber

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>close to the grave

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I'm sure she has a clone ready to take over her once she passes. Like a little clone you know.

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Naki Kamizuki from Prism Project building Kamen Rider pixel art.

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>Non japanesu vtuber
You must die NOW

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She deserved the 2view

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peko is still iconic compared to bronzemice

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Lost a lot of respect for her when she was trying to shill that mobile game
At least Mori was genuine about playing Shadowverse

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Dangerously Based

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>Why would I watching
ESL trash

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ironlungs had a stream marathon and most of the time it was either reruns or youtube autoplay while she slept
it was a pathetic show of being greedy for money. and actually made me unfollow and unsub from mouse.

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Both is good.
But mouse only...maybe froot a little.

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To tell you the truth, I only ever watched Hololive for Luna and that's because she's an ex-Gamers. I still watch Hololive but almost exclusively just for her and I'm glad she got in because she sounds quite happy where she is right now, I know a lot less people make fun of her voice as Luna than they did against Moruru.

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She's just a charity case, she only watches YouTube videos and barely talks.

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That's pretty common for twitch streamers. They brag about streaming for long hours while their content is often looping old streams, playing videos that doesn't belong to them while they fuck off, or watching other people's content while they stuff their faces or jack off. Literally bottom of the barrel shit and many soft headed 12 year olds eat that shit up. Good for them I guess

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The hololive-loyalty attitude honestly completely baffles me. I legitimately don't understand it. There is no cost to you to click another stream from another company. It's just one click away.

The only explanation I have been able to puzzle together, is there is a massive amount of corporate propaganda all over 4chan that's creating a mental box around people from watching anything that isn't a member of this one corporation.

It might make sense if hololive actually was top-of-the-line without equals. But that is not the case. Actually many of Hololive's talents are really bad. And several of them are mediocre at best.

I think that some people have this (false) notion that Hololive is some kind of secretly-christian secretly-rightwing, secretly-based company. But this could not be further from the truth. They deliberately foster this notion on 4chan, but it could not be further from reality. It's like a twilight zone where everything is backwards and upside down, if you're forced to believe that narrative.

There's also the notion that hololive rigorously checks their talent's hymens. But they literally released a written statement saying that their talent's personal lives are none of their business. So that argument is torpedoed.

I don't know. I think it's literally just a bunch of corporate propaganda that's creating this mental box around people.

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Look at the seething of this Niji or 2 view, post skin color retard

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Almost based apart from the stupid 'Hololive staff are directly involved in fostering this board's attitude' rrat

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I think it's an open secret that basically all the vtubers, their managers and staff, are posting on this board.

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honestly I realized I don't really care about the concept of a vtuber. there's not much difference between vtubers and regular streamers

I just like hololive.

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All me btw

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This board is probably the only board where you can be a complete normie over your hobby and be so uppity about it
No one cares that you're too milquetoast to try anything new, r/hololive is just around the corner though

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Why are so many angry 2beggers or Nijiniggers on today, usually they shut up and kneel to their kings, but today the crookroaches are too active it might be the spring weather
Go back to your shithole threads and leave Hololive in peace

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Why are you complaining on vt you fucking retard , most of the people here are shitposters , dramaniggers or antis , go shill your shit elsewhere moron.

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No u

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based ESL retard

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>there's not much difference between vtubers and regular streamers
If you think this then you’re either watching EN or you don’t know Japanese to realize how drastically different HoloJP chubas are from regular streamers. EN chubas barely exist so you might be confusing e-girls larping with chuba avatars with real chubas.

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No I only watch hololive

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Luxiem moved to china and now we have unironic chink bugs around these parts

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it's because of the idol culture and an oshi concept

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based, i dont like to watch streams of lazy whores literally just streaming on twitch

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just sleeping* on twitch

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I'm happy for you Ironmouse but I prefer girls who can't even pronounce the word "Iron"

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She's been "Close to the grave" for fucking years now, it's not going to happen

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Bold of you bronies to assume we want any of you faggots near our streamers
Keep living that fantasy fishbowl holo echo chamber life i guess

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>Anon why are you watching and comment hololive clips the most rather than go watch streams when you have free time

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Because excluding the single pink haired drunk also known as "The Lightning Rod of Hate", I really like everyone in Hololive and enjoy their streams.

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hololive are actual vtubers, the reset are just streamers with an avatar

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Reminder that all english speaking vtubers are nothing more than ugly women putting on a high pitched voice and using a coomer avatar to try get free money

Vtubers getting popular was a mistake

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Were you the faggot that tried to make a thread earlier with this exact post and immediately got it nuked?

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Bro, you described vtubers as a whole.

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I tried watching others and enjoyed myself much less so why fucking bother. Hololive just has some of the greatest and most fun talents, that's really it.

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Shut the fuck up zach

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I think anon may have a double standar regarding japanese vtubers but I'm not sure

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like I said, I just like hololive. there's nothing inherent to the vtuber concept that makes them like this, its hololive that does.

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Holo chubbas

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i wouldn't even watch pekora outside of youtube

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good taste

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holokeks getting a napoleon complex the moment they start to recline will never not be funny

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