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holobronies btfo

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Pegora and mouse collab when?

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vshojochads... i kneel

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3D women look so disgusting

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ESL rabbit and JSL mouse collab, Never ever

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I like how Pekola’s picture there is the average numberfag’s approach to dismay. Also, kill yourself, OP.

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Oh no! Anyways.

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Where niji liver

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Holo got 2 of their idols there
So why must we gtfo?

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is it just me or do pokimane and valkyrae look almost exactly the same

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The fact that Ironmouse is on the top above all those IRL streamers is already a big enough achievement in my book, specially concidering she's seen as a good representative for the Vtubers around. Plus the two spots side by side that Hololive member's took is just icing on the cake

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3D pigs eternally seething

>> No.23504811

Migo will mog Pegora next time and she'll shit and cry on stream.

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if a holomem did a subathon im sure mouse would get absoutely BTFO'd
good on her for destroying the camwhores, though.

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> pokimane still relevant
holy shit

>> No.23504929

You know, most of those girls live on twitch streaming for hours doing the most mundane things. It's not like it's much of an accomplishment to get those hours if you just do coombait stream every day.

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At least it's ironmouse and not an actual whore

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remember when holobronies said holos would be #1 most watched in a couple of years during 2020 thinking the planet is willing to watch weebshit and they ended up dropping in overall rankings

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Why is Pekora the only one sad in that image?

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Why are there people shilling this ironmouse person lately

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Seeing this made me wonder if there's an actual difference between those whores and vtubers afterall I think I'll stop watching vtubers until we have some AI shit that takes real women out of the equation.

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Can someone tell me who these 3Ds are? What are they known for?

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they're generic game streamers just like modern vtubers

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She's looking at Miko.

>> No.23505775

titty streamers.

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>That picture of Pekora looking at Migo in disgust
Did they do it on purpose? Kek

>> No.23505821

Amouranth does lewd asmr
Valkyrae got popular through amongus as the first big female streamer on youtube
Fuslie and Pokimane both play games but they're members of a "content house" called offlinetv which baits shipfags
Idk the Korean streamers but I assume they do sexy cosplay and dance on stream

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EOP filtered

>> No.23505925

Where is Vox?

>> No.23505926

>only two whitoid girls in the top
Nature is healing.

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Leaving your stream on loop to get more hours or doing subathons where you're asleep half the time makes this list a joke. Hololive streams actual content so they're not gonna be #1.

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pokimane is morrocan she looks like a kween with her natural hair

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generic streamers that are popular because theyre mildly attractive women. thats literally it.

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the korean streamers are tame and mostly just play video games and watch videos with chat
the thing about korean streamers is that they are all massive menheras, men and women.

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I assumed Arigame was white but she is Mexican.

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I can’t stand looking at these whores

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Not really, Valkyrae and Fuslie don't even use a facecam for half of their streams. Like >>23505821 said, their popularity is more attributed to Among us and GTARP but to say it's due to their looks is disingenuous

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lmao is that the real image they use for Pegor? Cute and funny
I can imagine her doing that face after she lost her 3rd place.

>> No.23507191

at least one of them got famous because of pewdiepie, and they kinda get along with the unintentional exposure

>> No.23507290

what's the appeal behind 3DPDs?

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vShojo lost at the streamer awards to someone not even on the list. cope

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What makes the pink mouse the most watched female streamer?

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Sleep while streaming

>> No.23508181

The 30-day non-stop stream/subathon.

>> No.23508278

Are people really pretending to not know why Ironmouse was #1 here? She literally left her stream on 24 hours a day for an entire month. She didn't earn that spot.

>> No.23508327

Where is the first Ninisanji?

>> No.23508376

her maternal instinct

>> No.23508512

that bitch is so lame and Pekora lost to her what the fuck

>> No.23508534

Jesas, I feel sorry for Pekora if she's seriously trying to compete with Twitch's bullshit.

>> No.23508550

you'd be sad too if you stand next to your rapist

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my daughter is so successful

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Can you faggots stop using my oshi Ironmouse for your shitty bait threads? Fucking hell the past few days faggots keep using her for bait threads like she's Selen 2.0 now

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>Peko and Miko can't even beat the literal whorse Pokimane and Amouranth
Lol, lmao even. So much for the Hololive brand power

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30 days of stream open even while sleeping

>> No.23508776

Now you are just giving them ideas. Some faggot with too much time will now comb her VODs for smug faces then couple it with a bait statement.

>> No.23508782

What is she streaming? Just a blank screen?

>> No.23508868

Other people were on stream doing it for her. If not it was vods for half a month

>> No.23508894

Where's Gura, people told me she's the biggest Vtuber

>> No.23508926

>it was vods for half a month
Pekora should do this.

>> No.23508999

she was putting in 16 hour streams while she was awake shed still be at the top even if she stopped stream to sleep

>> No.23509082

It's cause they're funny, entertaining, and have pleasant personalities

>> No.23509200

moose is more into migo anyway

>> No.23509458

>Comparing Twitch streamer who do subathon (24+h stream aka ; gaining sub while sleeping) to a Youtube.

How low nijinigger can be?

>> No.23509740

pokiman tries to be asian just to fit in

>> No.23509798

she did a twitch beggaton and got some attention through it.

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>watched hours
Holos can easily beat those numbers but they have integrity, unlike those whores

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funny how schizos think holochads even care about other people/companies
i woduln't know anything if not from these boards and even then i couldn't care less
it's not gonna stop me from watching the #1 vtuber company
it sure as hell won't push me towards watching others

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Holy based.

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Pekomiko best ship

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I’m just glad a VTuber beat out borderline camwhores. Actually trying to be entertaining has won over coombaiting.

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>that fucking Pekora picture
niggers did that on poupose

>> No.23512426

>female streamers

>> No.23512431

limited time

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it's funny when you try to put up a strong front but sperg any time a holo interacts with anyone outside your bubble

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>it's funny when you try to put up a strong front but sperg any time a holo interacts with anyone outside your bubble

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why do 3dpd all rook rike

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>watching a friend stream on Twitch
>Amouranth in generic recommended
>icon is literally just her head and breasts, each the size of her head
>next day see a clip on YouTube of Amouranth saying the internet sexualizes her too much

>> No.23516798

How? She only did weekly movie watchalongs there last time I noticed.

>> No.23516929

I remember people saying Gura was going to be in the next one after she debuted lol.

>> No.23517254

April SC

Vox Akuma $163,901
Luca Kaneshiro $100,201
Sonny Brisko $63,905
Mysta Rias $49,939
Alban Knox $38,672
Ike Eveland $37,484
Shu Yamino $28,675
Fulgur Ovid $24,571
Uki Violeta $23,227
Nina Kosaka $18,101
Pomu Rainpuff $17,628
Yugo Asuma $16,052
Selen Tatsuki $14,924
Elira Pendora $13,134
Millie Parfait $10,621
Finana Ryugu $9,766
Rosemi Lovelock $8,284
Enna Alouette $7,982
Petra Gurin $5,355
Reimu Endou $4,083

total: $656,505

Mori Calliope $41,312
Takanashi Kiara $31,168
IRyS $18,214
Ceres Fauna $14,844
Nanashi Mumei $13,120
Watson Amelia $13,094
Gawr Gura $11,313
Ouro Kronii $11,113
Hakos Baelz $10,153
Ninomae Ina'nis $7,616
Tsukumo Sana $5,224

total: $177,171

What happened brosephs?

>> No.23517465

God, I hate women

>> No.23517676

>5M or greater are all coombait roasties who spore STDs
This isn't an achievement anybody should be proud of.

>> No.23518173

I don't see any nijiniger in that list nijisister, so you should stop falseflaging as vshojofag

>> No.23518191

Kiara could be the go between

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File: 1.11 MB, 1200x630, photo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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>I don't see any nijiniger in that list nijisister, so you should stop falseflaging as vshojofag

>> No.23518296

If Hololive wants to go all in on numberfagging, they need to bring back Holo summer and stream that shit on Twitch

>> No.23518387

Thank you Migo poster

>> No.23518684

Imagine doing everything you can to whore yourself out just to be beaten by a dying mexican, plus a hikki/rapist combo lurking right behind you

>> No.23523312

The only sane person here

>> No.23523460

Next time when its Pekora and Miko at the top, they won't create a little image like this

>> No.23523534

they're either low effort streamers or people busting their behinds to stay on top, make up your mind. This fantasy that vtubers have it easy while regular streamers work 10x as hard just to fit your narrative is stupid

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>look all the pictures
>pekola is the only different one

nousagi picked that photo

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>> No.23523711

Is that Korean Matsuri

>> No.23523847

>Two holomem in top 10
Aren't pekora and Miko's Twitch account less than a year old? if anything that looks bad for career Twitch females (including Mousey) who have been on the platform way longer.

>> No.23524112

this logic but applied to non-holos in the /#/ thread

>> No.23524148

Wow, 2 in the top 10. You totally showed them anon. Such BTFO, wowzers.

>> No.23524284

It counts youtube and twitch views

>> No.23524717

why no Nipplesanji tho?

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Are you both fucking blind?

>> No.23524789

>niji doesn't have female streamers

>> No.23525175

Why can't she accept her african roots?

>> No.23525364

So to create a succesful kr branch corpos would have to seek and cultivate menheras to levels that have never been thought possible before?

>> No.23525377

didn't she abandon her daughter?

>> No.23525450


>> No.23525513

She's half french Canadian and half Moroccan

>> No.23525592


it's shows that the Meta isn't girls getting naked, the most entertaining people will prevail over the most promiscuous

>> No.23525784

Lol no they do that weird(amazing) thing where they put mirrored versions of themselves and have 3 of their thick bodies dancing around.
Koreans take that twitter whorishness to a different level

>> No.23525888

Or, maybe the meta is just setting a PNG up and doing a "month long" stream where you market the hell out of it and have other big name streamers assist you while you sleep by playing over your last month content.

>> No.23526606

ESL sama...

>> No.23526654

Why did they use a sad pekora thumbnail? kek

>> No.23526966

People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

>> No.23527083

>She literally left her stream on 24 hours a day for an entire month. She didn't earn that spot.
Odd, most people would say that's why she DID earn that spot.

>> No.23527825

So a streamer hasnt earned No. 1 spot cause she streamed an entire month through. This is the dumbest thing said on /vt/ this entire week and we are only at Monday.

>> No.23527892

I mean if the stream was more dead hours than actual content, he'd have a point.

>> No.23527935

>3Ds getting mogged by a fucking pink mouse
Absolutely based.

>> No.23527994

You honestly think she's going to be in top 10 next quarter?

>> No.23528344

You people are really dumb. Notice I said she "left her stream on", not "she streamed". Like 75% of the time there was nothing happening on the stream and she was just sleeping or away.

>> No.23528603

How did sana manage to make any money?? Jesus Christ Connor was right

>> No.23529013

I'm fully aware of what actually happened and my point stands.

>> No.23529503

if she left the stream on for an entire month and won, it means hours watched isn't a good comparison for being some kind of number #1 female streamer, because the other girls could or could not have won by doing the same thing, retard

>> No.23529611

What if Scenarios. How desperate are you?

>> No.23529620

now compare revenue

>> No.23529635

Gura isn't even the biggest vtuber in Myth

>> No.23529652

longer streams(one entire month ffs) = more watch hours
the fact you don't understand that proves you are a retard, retard

>> No.23529659

she streamed 8 times in April clipwatcher

>> No.23529663

But they didn't. And they didn't win. She did. And she won.

>> No.23529683

see this >>23529652 ( and try to think about it)

>> No.23529705

>That's so cheap! I could do that!
>Well, why don't you, then?
>Well because this, and that, and...
>So what you're saying is, you CAN'T do it?
Every time with you lot.

>> No.23529729

>pokimane can't stream for an entire month if she tried
see this >>23529652

>> No.23529736

Well I doubt he's a holomember but from what I know, if they were to have a month long stream it wouldn't be archived and then the watch hours would not get recorded

>> No.23529840

Ones busting their back are on male side anon

>> No.23529861
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>> No.23530109

see this btw >>23529652

>> No.23530115

They barely streamed and when they did it was either members, late night, or elden ring which you cant monetize. They still would of lost though, they've all besides Kiara got lazy.

Pretty much thing. The problem with Twitch is that you can abuse the shit out of watch hours by just never turning the stream off and just playing either rebroadcast vods or doing a sleeping stream while having videos play in the background.

As someone who watched a lot of Mouses marathon and some of Shylily they both did the tactic of majority of the day being a sleeping/unmoving model as videos played or in mouse case having other vtubers keep her fans occupied.

Amouranth does the same thing with vods. If people really want to see massive hours watched then go look at XQC I don't care for him much but that guy does like 9-12 hour streams every single day for years now without abusing sleeping or vods.

>> No.23530184

>>23530115 (me)
pretty much this*

>> No.23530316

>if they were to have a month long stream it wouldn't be archived and then the watch hours would not get recorded
Yes, it would. You know how? Just start a new stream at the 12 hour mark, or whatever the youtube archive cutoff is. 12hr stream + 12hr stream = 24 hour stream.

>> No.23530431

Sure but that's 60-62 streams, not a month long stream

>> No.23530922

Ironmouse's was interrupted as well. No one cares about your semantics, loser.

>> No.23531066

irrelevant, see this >>23529652

>> No.23531113

I think the funniest part about this is that every post I see attached to this image and metric it's just people shitting on Hololive and holofans. Basically, no one actually cares about Ironmouse being at the top nor do they care about any of the other streamers on that list or where they place, they only care where Holos are on the list so they can use it as a "gotcha" towards Hololive and holofans. Rent free doesn't even begin to describe this.

>> No.23531224

I don't know about semantics but we have to take part in a lot of fantasy for it to be the same, like imagining that the audience is watching 100% of the time

>> No.23531300

>leave reruns running while you sleep
vshitshow creativity everyone. Not that anything more can be expected from twitch, however i expected a bit more effort from ironlungs

>> No.23531315

>the color palette match on bottom right

>> No.23531351

I thought this bitch was cancelled or whatever

>> No.23531395

Amazon still supporting bots, i see.

>> No.23531422


>> No.23531544

theres something uncanny on the koreans

>> No.23531677

the whole subathon was dead hours, mouse was 99% on low energy mode

>> No.23531920
File: 540 KB, 411x619, smug wabbit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Would you prefer this picture of her?

>> No.23531968

That's no Migos

>> No.23532081

That's one way to put it. I popped in a couple times to see what the fuss was about and both times she was clearly heavily medicated.

>> No.23532716

That house only propped thanks to Michael Reeves. He only stay because Lily keep his dick wet and his balls empty. If they decided to leave that channel will start falling apart. Not even Pokimane with her big pants can't hold her big gut any longer.

>> No.23532756


>> No.23532833

She did earn that spot. You know how a bad subathon goes? Just look at Hana Macchia and her "donathon" that only last 11 hours before no one want to give money to keep the stream going.

Iron mouse? People willing to keep throwing money at her to reach 30 days. That means people actually care for streaming to get going and willing to part with their money.

>> No.23532860

Pokimane is Quackmire now?

>> No.23532910

It's about quality.

Sure Poki and Amo have more hours, but most of it just watching videos they rarely react to or for Amo just doing sexy stuff to keep the coomers happy.
At least Pekora and Miko spend those hours playing video game.

>> No.23532940

Where is HoloEN?

>> No.23532966

Good one

>> No.23533078


>> No.23533811

LOL I remember when she went to a gym and did her sexy streaming there and got kicked out from the gym

>> No.23533869

>Always using supachat
>When merchandising and sponsorship deals giving HoloEN millions immediately

>> No.23533927

Why are most of them Asian girls? Im pretty sure most of the top male streamers are whites

>> No.23534010

So the saying that white simp want to fuck Asian women is true....

>> No.23534173

I've never heard that as a saying but it's a biological fact that asian woman and white men want eachother

>> No.23534207

You mean
>South Asian women want white men and hapa children

>> No.23534213

Man vshojo is generous letting hololive collab with them, how nice

>> No.23534229

Well those girls won't get hurt just for admitting it

>> No.23534266
File: 21 KB, 267x267, kiar sip 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what if I told you I'm happy for all the women in that picture

>> No.23534352

white and black men are obsessed with asian girls
asian men are obsessed with white women
black women are ignored and go crazy

>> No.23534381

Same except the non vtuber 3pdp ones

>> No.23534441

Does this count all those lost Miko and Pekora vods?

>> No.23534442

Then you are a chad

>> No.23534771

Bruh. Fuck youc I laughed

>> No.23534798

if ironmouse completely fell of that list the next quarter it would be pretty embarassing, wouldnt it

>> No.23534910

>relevant in 2022
good one

>> No.23535017

EN chuuba market's biggest problem is not understanding kayfabe. I don't want to watch an actual whore, I could just go watch porn for that.

>> No.23535109

not on twitch

>> No.23535420

This chart is twitch, youtube and whatever else

>> No.23535764

Is there a reason for Reimu to be all the way down there?

>> No.23535903

I haven't watched vtubers since 2020 and I don't even know why I'm here, but it makes me very happy to see Migo up there. She deserves every bit of success. No matter how much my interest in vtubers wanes, Migo is eternal. stay homu

>> No.23536123

To be fair, they have a big disadvantage compared to their western counterparts in that they cant just put on a Youtube video to "react" to while they eat and say something every 5 minutes

>> No.23536171

>elden ring play throughs, horror games, jump king, pokemon, toy thursdays

>> No.23536270
File: 29 KB, 591x408, FQl9IiMVUAE1fb0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

when will they learn?

>> No.23536616

fleshbags BTFO by based femcels with a pixel mask on

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