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Have you introduced VTubers to your friends or family? How do you bring it up?

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I made the escort I regularly hire wear a Mio cosplay once and she ended up watching a few of her clips. Now shit's weird...

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my mom heard me listening to boogey voxx songs and said something cringe like "ooo that lady is really into it" and it was really embarrassing

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I don’t even tell my friends or family what tv shows I watch

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dad asked me what vtuber is one day. hilarious since i never told him i ever watch vtubers. apparently he watched some tech demos in facebook

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my teenage cousin caught me watching Gura, she called me a disgusting weeb
I molested her in her sleep that night as revenge

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My aunt came to my room while I was watching a TTRP myth collab on the TV. She asked me if I was watching cartoons with a sacarstic voice tone

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I've considered mentioning them to my co-worker (female) who is a mega weeb (literally studying japanese). But I decided to just continue hiding my powerlevel.

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Your average chumpedo molester

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I mean if your coworker is that much of a weeb why don't you tell her? She may be even into something worse, like Mafumafu or idolshit like Pomu or Kiara

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Have you been around a female nerd?
There is nothing less attractive as a human being.

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I figure there's no benefit to it

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You can always be friends or whatever, it's that sense of pride that keep a lot of you anons forever alone.

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If I know they'd be into it then I do so, otherwise why bother.

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Better to be alone and proud than a faggot fucking some sheeb that watches Chinese cartoons.

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I told my cousin she should become a chubba for easy cuckbux

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My friend knows I watch Ame and calls me mentally ill and a schizo for it as a joke.
He just came out as a tranny so at least I know I'm not as mentally ill as him

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My parents don't watch streamers or anime and are at the age where they just accept they aren't aware of what younger people are into. I think they assume I'm attracted to their roommates though.
My younger brother was never into anime either but has laughed at what the girls have done while watching a lot.

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I watch Gura and sometimes a few others passively in my office while i'm working, my wife sees me watching it time to time but she never really acknowledged it or seem to care at all so we never had a talked about it.

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this is your brain on cuck

captcha: KYS82

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Nah, teacucks are actually below trannies in the pecking order.
Also, lol you’re friends with a tranny.

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Any time I tell my sister about a funny vtuber moment, I just say it’s from a “streamer” so she doesn’t ask questions.

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Pitch this as a sitcom

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Proud. Ha. I doubt you have anything to be proud of.

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t. faggot who can only get sheeb ham clam

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Don't assume anyone else is aware of your schizophrenic incel buzzwords.

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My mom is in hololive

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factually incorrect
on the phone to netflix now

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I don't. Id rather they find out I watch torture pron

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Anyone saying no is probably the type of person that make the community look incel when it's really chadlike so it's a good thing they're too pussy to talk about it.
Probably like shit chuubas too.

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tell me this is ironic

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You fuck ugly women because you’re a desperate faggot.
Need me to spell it out more?

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you browse this board and insult randos when females are mentioned irl.
>tell me youre an incel without telling me youre an incel

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I'd rather fucking die.

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>resorting to reddit slurs because you fuck sheebs and feel defensive about it
Yass, queen. Cows deserve love, too.

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Nope, it's scientific fact that being around a woman for a short period of time increases T in men. Vtuber fans are doing it all day every day.
It's common knowledge that successful, happy men are willing to talk and flirt with women regardless of their appearance. It's taking that chadlike behaviour to the extreme to love them in spite of what their appearance may be.
And it's obvious that the greatest chuubas are so novel and interesting that sharing them with people unaware is just common sense.

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And other is just being presented as "streamers doing stupid shit"

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I fucked ur oshi last night nigger

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> It's common knowledge that successful, happy men are willing to talk and flirt with women regardless of their appearance. It's taking that chadlike behaviour to the extreme to love them in spite of what their appearance may be.
The only men that do this IRL are absolute fucking losers that women (and men) find pathetic.
>fucking a chuuba
appallingly low standards

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You've already exposed yourself, insulting a person you work with on the internet while too much of a pussy to criticise her to her face

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I'm not sure what's more embarrassing, that i watch vtubers or that sometimes i fuck trannyes.

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> insulting a person you work with on the internet
NTA, fuckwit. I insult my coworkers directly.

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I have to some of my friends, i.e. my nerdier friends. My normalfag friends: no.
My family: also no.
They will never know. They don't need to know. It will just cause problems

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I made some friends of mine like Hololive, made a female friend of mine like Ame and showed her to my mother and said this was the new meta of streaming, she found it cool and subscribed.
I have no idea why are you bastards so afraid.

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And you can't even be honest here so you're literally strapped with tiny balls

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Tranny hands wrote this post

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>le contrarian
go back to your board faggot

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Lol, sure, kiddo. Keep projecting.

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My friend's an indie vtuber. I made a little arts and craft project of her model as part of her Christmas present. I mentioned it to my family while we were all discussing what gifts we had given to people, then explained what vtubing was.

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You show them funny clips. My sister went from watching Peppeloni to being a 35p studying Japanese in the span of two months

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What's interesting is a good majority of people who claim 'projection' do that in the same sentence, 'kiddo'

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>im actually a gigachad
>notice me 4chin im an alpha
kys tranny

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I whip it out

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>to being a 35p
Isn't that really bad quality? You want to be using 720p at least.

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You have no idea who you’re talking to. I’m not going to write my resume on 4tran.
>thinks direct confrontation is bragging
Look at this pussy. How often you do anything other than nod and mumble at your coworkers, pussy?

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I don't. If you have to confess it, then that's basically like admitting some kind of guilt. I don't feel guilty for watching vtubers or need to hide it. I just play my vtuber videos at room volume and treat it as completely normal content.

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Honestly I am planning to show one of my best friends (he watched his first animes during 2021, starting with death note and Jojo and he liked em quite a lot) and i have talked him about vtubers, specially since it's starting to become more mainstream in the internet. If an holomem interviews Benedict Cumberbatch next week I am sending him a clip, but I am afraid of him finding it to cringe. Not gonna lie she is dangerously close to being an ironic weeb, he liked more The Walking Dead than Evangelion

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You've been BTFO'd

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You wish.
I bet you actually had crushes on female nerds in your school days, didn’t you, fag.

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>inb4 larper faggot is actually 5ft skinny asian

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I would not recommend using a Holo interview to introduce VTubers, because that Laplus interview with Pattinson was one of the most cringeworthy things I've ever seen, and I like Laplus and Pattinson. I highly recommend the movie Good Time.
In fact it sounds like you've got a much better entry point already.

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Korone misses you after the divorce please visit her once in a while

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school days? I wish I had the sense then.

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I agree with the interviews we have had were cringe, but i only plan showing him a short clip for the lol moment of a chuuba interviewing a well known celebrity. For example i was thinking about an hypothetical Benedict Cuberbatch interview cuz we really like Dr. Strange (we are probably going to watch the new film together). I really hope they bring an experience chuuba who isnt cringe like Laplus (Subaru or Fubuki would be really kino, i dont understand why they choose Laplus chaama among all of them). Also i think he is not into the TellTale TWD series, plus i am a shameless holobronie. However thanks for the effort Nijibro, really apreciated.

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I think you're using the word cringe to mean your own personal embarrassment about your interests.
I don't see the point in introducing someone to vtubers with an interview, the clips that are known to have spurred interest did so because it encapsulates the difference between a vtuber and a regular streamer.

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based mom

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hey mom, heres a funny video
watch this dog play mario and try to speak english
this stuff is really funny

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What a fem.

>> No.23303434

i don't talk to anyone

>> No.23303449

my sister's oshi is suisei

>> No.23303475

Your ability to articulate yourself is waning.
Only thing I have seen implied recently was you implying your school memories are recent.

>> No.23303477

The Hollywood interviews are concentrated cringe. Please use something else to introduce her.

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You probably got a point, but he is in a entry level of weebness (Jojo, Death Note, he didnt finish Cowboy Bebop but liked it...) and i dont wanna scare him or make him think that i am a degenerate. Things like Pekora saying peko at the end of her sentences are objectively cringe for us westerners, unless you are really into jap culture. I only want him to show him something worthy enough to watch and assure he will enjoy it.

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I want to fuck your mom.

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>I wish I had the sense then.
This sentence has implications, smoothie.
Shame you devoted the few wrinkles in your trash brain to being smitten with very unattractive she-nerds.

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I dunno what you mean by cringe. Cringe is like a faux pas in public.
You're using it to mean your own embarassment rather than second hand embarassment.

>> No.23303624

It's openly stating, it's not implying.
implying is you making us think you're ESL and probably eastern.

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I mean by cringe here something weird enough to make you flich in your enjoyment. A non weeb would find a lot of cringe in animes like Kakegurui eg. Something similar may happen with vtubers if they are too screachy or if they le cute anime girl noises (Sakamata is a good example)

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I know someone who is a Hololive fan but doesn’t say he has an oshi, though given his tastes I’d say he’s probably a takodachi.

>> No.23303914

If you're embarassed for someone else it's cringe.
If you're embarassed for what someone else will think of you, it's just being embarassed.

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It's like roguelike streaming but with v-tubers.

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only to my sister and closest friends via memes. My parents don't get modern media

>> No.23304853

I feel like Mori would be the best choice for someone like him since she's also entry level and likes JoJo, doesn't do any weird shit and basically just talks like a normal person. I think she'd be really easy for a relative normie to get into. Hopefully your idea with Dr. Strange works out as a good starting point though.

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Is your sister Anemachi?
Are you Suisei?

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Same happened to me. He was very amused with the tech aspect of it.

>> No.23307404

I nearly choked on my food picturing how that went down

>> No.23307457

hard cope

>> No.23307465

I could try shilling him the reaper but both us are ESL. His English is not bad but apparently he is still at that point where you need to make an effort while listening to someone speaking in English, according to his own words. Funnyly enough he wanted to name his own vodkast on twitch as chadcast, and i told him that the name was already picked by chuubas

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....? like you recite streamer jokes to your sister? holy autism

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I post funny Hololive gifs to my family groupchat occasionally. They already vaguely know I'm a bit of a weeb.
I tried getting my little sister into vtubers by showing her some watame clips and songs and most of all Korone english only mario. She didnt bite at all though.

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I showed my mom and older sister the holomyth omocat merch I wanted to buy when we were together over easter. They don't know I like vtubers but they thought the merch looked cool and my sister asked if it was for an anime. I explained that they were vtubers and gave a basic description of them and they said it sounded interesting.
That's the most I've gone into detail about liking vtubers to anyone I know irl and it was fine i guess, never brought it up after that though

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Why are you posting here?
Meet me in the kitchen, we need to have a talk.
t. dad

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I showed my wife one of those "intro to hololive" videos. She thought Sora was cute but then they got to Haachama and mentioned something about her smelling her own feet and she noped out. My daughter seemed to like Subaru and Watame when I showed her, she kinda just ignored other ones.

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i hope you are not larping and i'm not the only oldfag here

>> No.23308065

Nah man, I'm 36 and love anime girls.

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i usually rambled about vtubers to my sister and once i put calli on the tv since i was bored but then the whore started making her guh sounds (back when she did it every 5 seconds) and i had to turn the tv off
and when it comes to friends i just showed them hololive gifs and they naturally just asked me what they were

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t. Uggo

>> No.23309092

Haachama really has ruined Hololive for the rest of us.

>> No.23309440

Never have. But I think Korone is the only one that you could potentially use to bring up the subject in a not weird context. I've even seen clips of her shared among normalfags before. Some of those people were quite old and you wouldn't think they would have even cared to watch VTubers. so I think if you ever wanted to introduce VTubers to someone, Korone would be your best bet

>> No.23309601

you can just show some good clips to start and give the reason why you like x chuuba and vt in general and then explain.

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My parents know because I wear my vtuber merch around them but they dont really know or care what it is. I was wearing my Myth anniversary hoodie and my dad asked about it and the simplest way I could explain it since hes old as fuck is that "they're a band". Probably could have elaborated a little bit since my dad is into some surface level weeb shit like watching NHK, Japanese Netflix shows, and he even listens to BABYMETAL. My friends know I watch chuubas but they dont really care. Although one friend I have is an annoying nigger about it and keeps sending me "anti vtuber" memes and everytime I send him anything remotely related to chuubas he writes it off as instantly bad. Ironic since hes a turbo weeb who unironically enjoys LoveLive and FGO shit.

>> No.23310436

mom, wanna meet your daughter in law?

>> No.23310591

Look at the projection on these soft little faggots.
Bet you little fags wish you could meet a ugly nerdy cow to watch your Chinese cartoons with, don’t you?

>> No.23310665

I once said "ogey rrat" to my mom and she thought I was gay

>> No.23310738

your mom is correct.

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based boogey voxx fag

>> No.23310912

What am I coping with exactly, you lonely little faggot? I’m not the one who will die alone crying that he never got a 250 lb hog to eat chips in bed with while watching nerd shit.
How many actual women you dated, squirt? Nerds aren’t women, btw.

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Ooh, that’s embarrassing.

>> No.23313039

I reiterate that you must cope.

>> No.23314753

you're really sad. get help.

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AAAAAAAAAAH the french.

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