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I am willing to spend stupid amounts of money trying to be a vtuber, because it's easier to pretend to be an idol than face capitalist reality.

But I also know that it's a completely unattainable dream as tranny with a shit voice, but I need something to cope with the hellscape of existence, or I will probably rope.;

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Hololive has given me a nun fetish

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polka lives rent free in my head and on my cock
and hags in general

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you mean you didn't have one before?
that's blasphemous!

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Then just try streaming first. Get a feel for your own streaming habits and behavior. If you get to a level that you think is decent and haven't gotten a satisfying community in the process, then consider the model investment.

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I hate my existence of being nothing but a wagecuck, so sending my oshi fat akasupas is my way of rebelling against the society that consigned me to this fate. Also because I have a massive crush on her and I genuinely want her to be happy and have a big retirement plan when she inevitably graduates even if we never ever meet.

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I constantly shit on anons calling them eop and esl although I am these things myself.

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thanks for the laugh

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i don't watch virtual tube
i just want all out war

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Stop doxxbaiting while you're at it, it's not funny and any of their simps already knows them by heart anyway.

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I really wanna suck a Kronie's cock.
You are both EOP and ESL at the same time?

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I think I might have found flatanon, if she's a 2view indie vtuber. The writing style, the oshi, the worldviews, it checks out.
I'm not sure how to confirm, like do I message her on twitter with the boob picture and go like
>hey, do those boobs belong to you by any chance?

I know where you come from, I'm an ESL myself. But I can at least shit on whoever is making those shitty bait threads.

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Oh, shitting on ESL's when you are one is fun as hell.

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>tranny with shit voice
trans are using vtubers to hide themselves for easy money.

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Anon... he's American.

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i jerked off to art of hoshikawa doing a massive fart in my face

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I tributed Bodega and she saw it and then left the back desk.
I don't feel bad but I do feel guilty
At the same time a feel good that I had enough of an impact on someone's life that they stopped doing a bad hobby

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I regret the time I became jealous of my oshi's ex and went on an anti tirade that I know she came into contact with, and I wish I could beg her forgiveness for being a pathetic piece of shit sticking my nose in the business of a stranger that I let myself develop feelings for.

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I want to kiss a girl’s feet but I don’t think I’ll ever get the opportunity

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I have way too many impure thoughts about my oshi

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I do not like Elden Ring streams and I refuse to watch Elden Ring streams because I am bad at souls games.

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I get accused of being ESL every week around these parts even thought English is the only language I know

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>even thought
Damnit anon, one job

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I don't like my oshi much anymore

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I am saddened by the lack of Hololive futa art

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I never follow or subscribe during streams because I hate the notifications and attention.

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Hololive ID gave me an ESL fetish.
Despite me liking Ollie's solo streams a lot, I don't like her collab stream persona, as it relies too heavily on shock humor, I mean repetitive one-note toilet humor. I wanna drop hard bars on her toilet and drink her gold, if you know what I mean.

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I dont even watch Mumei, I just find this image unendingly funny and cannot stop posting it

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It's a good image

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Ina's bush has awakened something in me

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Today is my birthday and I've been using it as an excuse to get things.
Any femanon here want to give me boobs? It's my birthday.

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Got a job a couple of months ago and never watched vtubers ever since.
I just watch clips now.

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Mumei has some great reaction images, I’m particularly fond of the stupid smug one.

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I watched my professor fumble around for 15 minutes when he couldn't get something to work even though I immediately knew what was wrong. I didn't say anything because I find it very difficult to talk out loud in a room full of people.

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I love sluts...

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It is honestly pretty funny how many of you guys do this on here and how often it lands. /vt/ is the dumbest board on the entire site

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Someone should give this guy boobs.

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i started watching vtubers even though i had no interest in them. i did so to try to get closer to a friend who watched them that i wanted to fuck.

he's with someone else now and i don't think he even watches anymore.

but through watching them i started to like vtubers. i watch at least one stream a day and have multiple memberships to holo and niji, mostly english and indonesian

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are you a girl irl

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>I really wanna suck a Kronie's cock.

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Don't get too excited, it's one in particular.

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I must confess that I am a lonely 8/10 man in his late twenties who is a little drunk at the computer on a monday night.

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unrelated to vtubers but do you guys wonder whether or not humans have more sex than other animals or if animals have more sex than humans? I mean people fuck alot, but animals fuck alot aswell right? but humans built a society that has beds which allows for lots of sex, but animals are in constant peril of death and probably have sex alot aswell

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I think that animals probably have more sex than us and you know what? Good for them

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The average bonobo probably has more casual sex than the average human.

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God, at least Marine looked better in that outfit than OPs image

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Mikoposter! I know you are /here/! I love you! I am in love with you!

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Youtube keeps recommending me a video about autism spectrum

>> No.23150806

I think Polka would look good in it too, problem is that the art in the OP doesn't really look all that much like Polka

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I hate block game so god damn much. My hatred for it is so powerful that I accidentally posted about how much I hated it in the wrong thread a week ago

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I spend more time on shitholes like /a/ and /vg/ instead of watching my oshi, playing Vidya or literally anything else and I stay up until 5 am on 4chan nonstop

I don't know what to do or how to stop

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Whenever you post on 4chan, punch yourself in the testicles.

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You need to want to stop, or at least listen much more intently to the part of you that wants to stop.
You need to go an entire day without posting on 4chan and reset your sleep schedule, assuming you aren't staying up that late because you work a night shift or something.
If you have any bookmarks, delete them.
Just stop.

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I think I remember seeing your post, it got a laugh out of me anon

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vtubers will never ever reach the live viewership records shattered by minecraft streamers, I find that weak and pathetic. fucking beta vtubers. the only ones that can are people who converted to vtubing.
give me a Technoblade vtuber

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>one of the last live-streams made by one of them had 800-900k live viewers the whole time
if they convert to vtubing the numbers thread would shit their pants.
I wish to see that.

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I believe dolphins are the only animals aside from humans to have sex for pleasure and not just procreation

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I'm a spic and I love to shit on ESL's with varying degrees of english. When they are defensive about it it's cute, and only makes me shit on them harder.

>> No.23153241

Speaking as an EOP, you earned this.
Also, weigh in on this for me: a friend of a friend got in a bar fight with someone because they called him a spic. Is he a retard for this or no?

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I may or may not have posted THAT polka video back in November 2020.

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Tbh the whole ordeal just reeks of insecurity and fear of not passing or some bullshit. For a while I've held the theory that like 95% of "lol esl" posters are dumb eops projecting some bullcrap.
I am an esl and don't give a shit. I have native level comprehension, and while my grammar could be a little cleaner I am able to comunicate pretty complex ideas to a successful degree. Why the fuck would I be ashamed about that. Only a retarded monolingual burger would think that.
I don't judge you for trolling esls tho, I mean I do think you're a insecure retarded little boy lmao but that really shouldn't concern you.
Ty for reading this blogpost.

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>For a while I've held the theory that like 95% of "lol esl" posters are dumb eops projecting some bullcrap.
Oh yeah, obviously. It's a fucking dumb and petty thing to insult someone for. Monolingual people trolling ESLs are pathetic. ESLs trolling ESLs, though? I eat that shit up, speaking as a someone who also speaks Spanish as a second language

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its just frustrating i completely understand why so many vtubers choose to play it its a very organic and expressive game for them and it allows them to improv entertaining scenarios while also balancing chat interaction and such i get it but the problem is that i still fucking hate the game. i genuinely havent touched the game since its alpha stages over a decade now and i hated playing it then and when i watch it now i still see all the things i hate in it just with bells and whistles and new things to hate. im not creative in the slightest so already that part of the game is a bust for me but the survival aspect of it is fucking boring to me and so many other games do it better. plus the game is ugly from an aesthetic core and no amount of engine updates or hiding behind postfx and whatever the fuck is gonna change this. it sucks because until vtubing i didnt even have to think about the game again even as a lot of my friends continued to play it but now even though i feel i cast a wide net on vtubers between multiple groups and indies at least 50% of my streamers are in the middle of a block game arc at any given time and it sucks. ya i can put them in the bg and not watch the game and while that does work sometimes for the most part i kinda wanna watch the streamer play or generate content that i also wanna *see* not just hear.
anyway i guess what im saying is if the post looked as schizo as this, ya that was me sorry. i try to keep my hatred contained to threads where block game is discussed and its clear from the general discussion that no one wants to watch whoever we’re discussing play it. combine the hatred with multiple threads open and wires cross and you end up making a retarded post in the wrong thread. whoops.

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Every so often I rub one out to jav while watching a chuuba in a side window. I only, ONLY do this if the chuuba asian.

>> No.23155648

The vTubers really deserve a game that fills the VR-world niche, of being a place that you can congregate and hang-out and do silly gameplay stuff.
Minecrap and ARK are bad stand-ins for this, and pure VR social spaces are somehow even worse, since there's no gameplay.

Watching the Holo's chase each other during the Halloween event was really fucking disappointing for me, because getting "caught" had no implications, because the most basic of gameplay functionality (bonk a weapon at another character) doesn't exist in these VR chat games.
I'm hoping that mainstream VR headsets coming out in the next few years will drive demand for real VR gameplay worlds.

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No, that isn't true at all, most monkeys and even ducks do that too

>> No.23157174

Macaques even have prostitutes who accept payment in grooming

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I unironically wish Holo EN and Niji EN will collab like how Holo JP and NIji JP use to. It would not surprise me if they play video games offline with each other and stuff but I want to see the live reactions as well as see the countless people on this board eternally seethe, whether it be in a cross-company Minecraft server, Crab Game, or Golf With Your Friends.

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I want to try the Ame/Selen thread that was suggested as bait, probably. I think it could work, if there are enough teamates and dragoons just browsing the catalogue.

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feet rubbing on the mic turns me on more than earlicking or moaning

>> No.23162115

I like to make really shitty edits/memes for /here/ and every time I see anons use them it makes me happy inside. So I just wanna say thanks for using my shitty creations!

>> No.23162167

Thank you for the OC!

>> No.23162871

Based and same.

>> No.23164221

I just bought a new car because my last one was on its last legs & now can't afford to simp for my oshi unless I can find a new job with a substantial pay raise

>> No.23164563

>Mori and Reine

>> No.23164947

Kind of, I hit the gym on most days and I'm at the age where it wouldn't be out of place for you to call me Daddy.

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and I love you, random anon!

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No I meant there's a Kronie named Hunkydunk whose birthday was also yesterday.
But also are you me?

>> No.23165367

Fucking schizos, you could be my mom for all I know.
Was also her birthday yesterday.

>> No.23165975

I used to post things like "Why doesn't XXX collab with my oshi anymore? They used to be so close two years ago!" but when I watched an old VOD again, I realized they were awkward and nowhere near as close as I thought they were

>> No.23166043

I'm falling inlove with millie and need desperate help.. It all started with me getting addicted to her asmr streams while browsing /here/ now im starting to keep updated on her tweets and streams, fuck fuck im hitting all the flags bros, Dumb girls always gets me because im more on the serious personality type (INTJ) and yes we're very compatible with extroverted and cheerful person and millie happened to be just that. I'm fucked.

>> No.23167317

I lost something when I realized a lot of it was just business and not cute girls doing cute things
My innocence

>> No.23167738

There’s no projection, I call out ESLs when they start shitting up the thread, seriously why do they always post lazy bait that reads like it was written by an elementary schooler. Most people ignore silly esl mistakes because learning another language isn’t easy, but that doesn’t give you the right to act like a subhuman.

>> No.23167867

>it was just business
Well, that's obvious. What got me is that I realized that even though it was just business, my oshi won't collab with some people again because they didn't click, even though that should be obvious

>> No.23168419

that's a reasonable guess

>> No.23169241

I genuinely hope one of the anons from /here/ makes it in the Niji or Holo EN auditions. Not even for spiteful reasons. Just be nice to know one of the vocaroo posters or whoever else from /asp/ actually made it

>> No.23169344

I applied for holostars even though I know there is no way in hell they'll take me, but after trying I feel better.

>> No.23171899

>im more on the serious personality type (INTJ)
go back to Twitter

>> No.23171946

I think most animals are having more sex than me.
At least I hope so, for the survival of their species.

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>> No.23177549

Some chuubas are not good game streamers but cgdct or skill carries them. Copying mannerisms from jp and using them to fill dead air doesn't make it better. Maybe I should just stick to the chatting streams.

>> No.23178423

Shitting on ESL's forces them to git gud.

I reached my level of english by getting called a shitload of slurs playing online games.

>> No.23178570

Spic is a strong word just like nigger, but it doesn't have the friendly context of nigga outside of racial slurs. We don't call eachother spic in jest or good fun, it's always an insult.

Is it worth getting in a fight over? I don't know, maybe depending on how proud he is of his history and culture, in which case spic hits harder. I myself couldn't care less.

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I've been moved to a different area in my job and have been barred from my previous job until I prove myself competent to work in that field again. If I cannot get back into my original section I will kill myself. I promise to take my own life if I cannot make it

>> No.23181786

What happened, did you make a mistake Anon? If so was it a big one…?

>> No.23182250

That is so incredibly based of you, anon. I, too, like Japanese women.

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I had a dream that I had black friends and we were in some office building and I looked out the window and saw Choco making out with another black guy and I yelled, "BLACKED!!!" and all my back friends ran over to see what was happening and started laughing.

>> No.23182463

>I myself couldn't care less.
Right, and it's easy for me to say since I'm an English-speaking white guy but I just don't think I'd give that guy the satisfaction of beating his ass even if I was drunk. I know how offensive it is, but it just doesn't seem worth it to me to fight someone that stupid. I know it neve gets tossed around in jest either. Closest I've heard was a couple Mexican friends calling each other beaners and that's definitely not on the same level.
The guy who got in the fight is Puerto Rican guy, moved to the states around ten years ago. He just didn't strike me as the kinda guy to entertain that kind of shit, but then again I've never gotten super drunk with him

>> No.23182506

How does this even happen?

>> No.23182635

So you fucked hard enough that you were deemed to be incompetent, but not hard enough to get fired?
How queer.

>> No.23183488

Turns out I'm not being moved thank god, but I am going to be carefully monitored when doing stuff

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Then just use a voice changer and be a babiniku. For most of them, it's obvious as fuck that their voice is fake and they're actually a dude, but people still get drawn into the female kayfabe because the design is hot enough.

>> No.23183773

Anon... what did you fuck up to warrant this. Do your best to not get canned I guess.

>> No.23183864

why exactly? who is this kronie? is he cute?

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File: 2.55 MB, 889x500, notbannedyay.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've just come back from a ban and I've still not learned my lesson from the almost hundred bans I've received for racism and will continue to post antisemitism on /vt/ till the day I die and shill my wonderful oshi Fau Fau!

Ave Fau Fau!

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>> No.23187069

I-I think I love them... I will not say. Yes.

>> No.23187642

That's me.

>> No.23190504

anon take your meds

>> No.23192946

They're trying to control you

>> No.23193445

I think Hololive culture is the only reason their streamers are entertaining. It's not a vtuber thing or an individual talent thing but the culture they adhere to being a part of hololive.
It's why even after trying I get no joy out of watching indies, nijisanji, or shojo. They all just feel like generic 2 bit streamers that you can find anywhere else. Only hololive actually feels different.
hate idol culture all you want but the product it creates shows it lives on for a reason.

>> No.23194866

I knew from the start that I would never be more than a name in a chat window to my oshi, but I still allowed myself to gosling harder and harder until I crashed down hard. And now I flip between borderline anti and massive white knight.

>> No.23195035


Vtubing is going to go down as the best thing to ever happen to ugly women in history. Prove me wrong.

>> No.23195293

i did my reps and now i cant stand EN chuubas. compared to JP they just feel like an inferior experience

>> No.23199520

I fap to my own oshi (lamy)

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>speak multiple languages
>dont know nip so get called EOP

>> No.23200388

Those are the only two languages, after all.

>> No.23200418

japanese will become english over time, why should i bother learning nip

>> No.23200731

That is extreme cope lmao, there's as much English in Japanese as there is French in English. Which means, a shit ton of words, but a miniscule porcentile of the relevant vocabulary.
I know you were just saying the silly thing but I feel like there's always one retard that can't read the irony and then reproduces misinformation elsewhere. I also was in the mood for a somewhat pedantic rant; I don't wanna finish my anki reps. Well I guess that's my confession.

>> No.23201499

Man, I fucking wish that was true

>> No.23201608

Why? If you want to watch English content there's a virtually infinite amount. Hell you can even watch most Japanese content in English. The Japanese language is beautiful and very expressive. If you want to understand it I advice you to not being retarded and reaserch language acquisition. Shouldn't take you more than 4 years.

>> No.23201838

oui oui baguette

>> No.23201972

Purely because I'm having a tough time learning Japanese. I was joking, anon.

>> No.23202928

I watch anons from the /asp/ thread. I'm probably never going to debut myself but it feels good watching people trying to make it.

>> No.23203019

Thanks bro.

>> No.23203146

No, thank you for the stream, you don't owe the viewers anything, don't ever forget that.

>> No.23203209
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Ok but also thank you for watching my one man clown show on the internet fr fr. no cap

>> No.23203290

I still have no reason to care if a chuuba is in a relationship. To me, they’re still a character being voiced by a person.

>> No.23203451

I don't remember posting this.

>> No.23204766

I falseflag as a tourist and manipulate anons into talking about my desired topic. Sometimes I pretend I’m different people to steer the conversation back where I want it to go. I falseflag in generals so much I don’t even know who I am anymore

>> No.23206913
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I considered getting back into fighting games after 3 years of stopping but realized I still don't have fun with them anymore despite me playing them for 9 years and enjoying getting gud and learning. Feels like I betrayed myself but I just can't be assed to play them anymore because I can't seem to enjoy them anymore plus the fact that the FGC is full of trannies and other shit now that even if I only have to deal with any of that shit for 5 seconds annoys me. Which is strange because I don't have an issue getting gud and adapting at other multiplayer/competitive/challenging games

>> No.23207037

yep, I still don't understand how people are unicorns or goslings, getting upset over an actor being in a relationship is retarded and this is the same thing.

>> No.23207257

One day you’ll see the light…

>> No.23207303

its really not the same thing

>> No.23207473

>I really wanna suck a Kronie's cock
Based. I'd fuck the shit out of a Kronie, gender irrelevant

>> No.23207517

D-do I know you?

>> No.23207531

>i think i found flatanon
> >hey, do those boobs belong to you by any chance?

I leave for two weeks and i miss this?!
can I see them?

>> No.23207542

could you explain why not?

>> No.23207611

I refuse.

>> No.23208383

>I'd fuck the shit out of a Kronie
w-why a kronie…

>> No.23208574

So you can ask them
>"Wanna fuckeroni?"
before hand.

>> No.23209711

I make posts about how my oshi is a kissless handholdless virgin exactly because no one believes it, and it annoys people much more than if I were to say she has a boyfriend which annoys only the two or three goslings she has on this board. I suppose this might lead to people grudgeposting about how delusional the fanbase is when the inevitable leak happens in the future, but I care much more about the (you)s I get in the here and now.

>> No.23209781

cover really shouldn’t be put on a pedestal, the are terrible as everything except choosing the right person for a model

>> No.23212006

jump king is my favorite game to watch a chuuba play

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I'm currently learning hiragana because I'm addicted to vtubers and want to live in japan

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Based unironic weeb.

>> No.23214091

If irys collab with a male im gonna stop watching vtubers

>> No.23214123

I don't really "watch" vtubers, I just listen to them in the BG

>> No.23214233

I'd say depends on the animal. Humans also have contraception, which I imagine increases the amount of sex

>> No.23214449
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Is this you?

>> No.23214464

1 of my an hero attempts was due to vtuber drama

>> No.23214657

I'm sorry anon :(
Did you live ?

>> No.23214847

Unfortunately offing myself is one of the many things that I am bad at, just like my grasp of the Japanese language.

>> No.23216968

I'm so glad I got over myself and started doing the same thing last year. I want to move there too.

>> No.23218337

maybe you need some time offline or a new oshi

>> No.23220767

This is less of a confession and more me asking for advice. I joined a 2view's stream when I matched against her in Guilty Gear. She only had about 5 viewers. I played with her for a few hours that day. She friended me on Steam, and now I've been playing with her in almost all of her streams. She even started calling me a cute nickname after only a few sessions. My question is, what the fuck do I do? Do I try to become friends with her? Do I keep things as they are now? I'm trying not to saviorfag, but I fear I'm already in too deep. She even joins my lobbies when she's streaming and sees me online.

>> No.23221268

I don't see any harm in becoming friends with her if that's something you're really interested in. If I had to guess, the worst thing that could possibly happen is that the two of you have some conversations off-stream and don't click.
I implore you not to look at this from a saviorfagging angle, though. She probably doesn't even want that from you, and if she did then she's not someone worth your time in my opinion.
I'm a 2view myself and while I'm not really in vtubing to make friends, it seems that a lot of us really are in this to do just that. Just don't let this girl take advantage of your feelings and don't be afraid to bail if things get uncomfortable for you to any degree. Just try to respect yourself, set reasonable boundaries and get a feel for the situation, anon.

Also, this is neither here nor there, but what do you look for in a Strive (I'm assuming that's the GG you were playing) streamer? I haven't played in a while but I do like Strive, +R and Xrd a lot even though I suck ass at them, and I'm just curious about what drew you to her stream in the first place. I'd kinda like to stream some fightan myself in the future so I'm just curious.

>> No.23223931 [DELETED] 

I hate women.

>> No.23223977

Here's my confession, I just whacked it to this image and imagined her farting that booty steam out.

>> No.23224357

I doxxed my oshi because they left our small warm community to join a company with a fanbase full of retarded minor girls

>> No.23224779
File: 16 KB, 400x185, sad-ryan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be me
>3rd week of fap abstaining
>will normally get wet dream after a month of nofap
>usually does this when outstationed (less distraction)
>first time trying it at home, where the wifi is
>proceeds with normal routine of watching chuubas and enjoying anime contents
>2nd week, urges was strong
>can't watch ecchi without getting turned on
>can't scroll fanarts without getting turned on
>watching Sara Nagare at the time when the urges kicked in
>her half-opened stare
>her mousse toned skin
>her genki personality
>her accent
>snake woman charmed me into becoming her gosling
>cold showers to control my snake
>few days later
>had to stay overnight at outstation
>be the driver
>went home exhausted
>instant dreamland
>don't remember the rest of the dream but Fauna was on top with few girls cheering her on
>didn't want to cum first, so I had to control my breathing
>suddenly doesn't feel anything
>manuals her hips to transmission but still feels nothing
>heard sobbing from the crowd
>It's Sara
>she runs out of the room
>left Fauna on the bed and chased after Sara
>catches up to her and joked about how she made me not finish
>she cries
>"I thought I was your oshi"
>"What? you don't even have membership!"
>she runs away
>woke up
>pant's dry
>unsubbed to Sara for ruining my wet dream

Not shilling nofap but I do it cause I feel like 2D turns me on more than 3DPD. sometimes I can't even relate to guys' talks that much that I'm worried I might sound gay.
"You see that girl, wow she's pretty" "Yeah, wow, nice"

>> No.23225055

this isn't really a confession, but it's been nearly 3 months and this indie vtuber that commissioned me hasn't paid me yet. i've been pretty nice and given them a lot of time, but this is getting frustrating because i actually put a lot of work into this commission and they haven't credited me or paid me. i didn't charge that much, and i haven't had any issues at all with other vtubers paying me. i don't know if this indie has a large fanbase, but they have an active thread here.

>> No.23225258

i keep breaking containment

>> No.23225394

You're not getting paid unless you ask for it, anon. They're hoping you won't.

>> No.23225421

Out of curiosity, what do you think that means?

>> No.23225487

i uniroincally have an impregnation fetish. like i can watch any erotic material/suberotic material and have it get me half chubbed but i can never cum. only when i fantasize that the girl is getting pregnant at that moment will i truly get hard. like i remember just watching the regular morning news and all while the news castor was regularly dressed, a random thought passed by of "i want her to bear my kids" and i couldn't get it down.
it's really bad for my irl relationship since i don't want anything to do with kids, but i keep blueballing myself since i wear a condom and can't cum.

>> No.23225626

you're right. i've asked several times, but definitely not as much as i should have. oh well, lesson learned. typicaly i charge half upfront, but this one had a fast deadine during a busy week for me.

>> No.23225702

just expose them on twitter or wherever. maybe then they'll take the hint and if not at least they'll suffer some rep. damage.

>> No.23225775

what a coincidence anon i have an abortion fetish too if only we could have met in some other places

>> No.23226144

three dimensional pretty dudettes?

>> No.23228015

I decided to get my ref sheet commissioned through Skeb because I really liked the artist. It's been almosy 2.5 months and is about to expire and now I'm wondering if it's even worth finding a new artist or just not bothering since I'm male so I won't ever make it anyways

>> No.23229995


>> No.23230124

I still think the number one reason Sana is unpopular is cause she's black

>> No.23230235

It's definitely a contributing factor but it wouldn't have hit her that hard if she had streamed actual good content. Or streamed regularly at all

>> No.23230273

I just find the game boring as hell honestly.

>> No.23233457


>> No.23233744

I liked her the most at council debut and now I like her the least out of council. I think she's arrogant while also being the worst streamer out of them content wise and that combination just makes me not even want to watch her.

>> No.23234395
File: 193 KB, 503x503, 1642830462581.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I absolutely don't understand the absolute state of banning/modding on this board.

I was swiftly banned because of "trolling" even though my post was /vt/ related. Then we see dox threads staying up for fucking hours. Fucking make up your mind mods.

>> No.23234910

I unityfag for Holo and Niji even though I don't watch anyone from either company, as I exclusively watch indies & small corpos and the threads require less bumping when there aren't a billion tribalfagging threads

>> No.23234988

I genuinely want to see my oshi slowly get addicted to someone's dick.

>> No.23236619

And the weirdest thing is that they're still trying to damage control the Mori situation.

>> No.23236960

i cant watch my oshi singing streams because she has chat on scream and gets 1000 more viewers than normal but tehy just spam EOP shit

>> No.23237813

I learned how to draw just because I want to make my own personal "small penis humiliation" art featuring all the girls from hololive

>> No.23238017

A poster keeps saying they're in love with me and it doesn't immediately revolt me. I think it's kind of cute but still weird.

>> No.23238506

Do you have a boyfriend?

>> No.23238576

Why does that matter? But no.

>> No.23238717

Curiousity, maybe you find it cute because you are single.

>> No.23238764

fuck these snowflake poorfag jannies

>> No.23240143


>> No.23240271

Are you a Kronie?

>> No.23240356

No. But I did fuck around with a teamate in the cosplay thread and that was a very hard orgasm. I guess Kronies are that gay too?

>> No.23240818

Also I remember that thread, fuck that was hot...

>> No.23241071

Yeah, hope they're doing well, I've been thinking about them from time to time but that was a rare time I was actually around that late so I doubt I'll ever see them again. They were fucking aces, though. This website turns people gay and makes already gay people way hornier.

>> No.23242495

Bruh I kinda want to suck your dick too now.

>> No.23242873

Sorry, but I've drained enough cum from my body today. I promise to kiss you and call you a good boy some other time.

>> No.23243194

Sent ;)

>> No.23243262

I'm trans btw, I don't know if that matters

>> No.23243759
File: 94 KB, 846x570, 1517628209709.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jesus Christ, anon.

>> No.23243831

On a similar note, I often put Holo streams on my second monitor and fap to Holo art, specifically of the chuuba(s) involved in the stream, to pavlovian train myself to get aroused when hearing their voice.

>> No.23243849

Based. I've been banned for "antisemitism" too but I've only become more cunning.

>> No.23243971

I shit on HoloEN everyday but secretely love Gura

>> No.23244242

I listen pirated content of my oshi and even though I know it’s not uncommon here it still makes me guilty as fuck because I’m a newfag and someone parasocial at that. It’s because I’m parasocial that I result to even pirating but it’s also because I’m parasocial that I feel like shit for pirating their hardwork. I hate myself and want to commit suicide.

>> No.23246651


>> No.23247391

Thanks. I didn't get it, but I hope you've made someone happy on their birthday.

>> No.23248181

it’s actually really sexy to me getting told to “bend over” and i know that people don’t actually mean it and use it as a shitpost but i keep getting turned on whenever i get (you)ed and told to bend over

>> No.23248772

that's funny as hell

>> No.23248826

none of it matters as much as you feel it does anon. don't stress.

>> No.23251358

>I had a dream that I had black friends
Be honest, do you even have friends? Regardless of color.

>> No.23253405

Bend over

>> No.23255777


>> No.23255790

I hate OP

>> No.23256602

I love OP

>> No.23257227

If I ever found a real gf I'd probably stop watching vtubers

>> No.23257649

I still don't know why teamates are perceived as gay here. What does Ame do that makes most anons think her fans are fags? I guess I have the same question for any fanbase that receives the same treatment here.

>> No.23257859

i hope you get boobs, anon.

>> No.23257897

Hey, you look like you have boobs! Give that guy some. Post them here so he's certain to see them.

>> No.23257912

I get really mad when my oshi reads my SCs and it sounds like she's shitting on them because she's not gushing all over me, but on a rewatch she inevitably sounds like herself, if slightly above normal enthusiasm.

>> No.23258006

theyre not very big are you sure

>> No.23258009

Thanks, but it's not my birthday, and I realized that boobs don't fall from the sky, you gotta get them.
That's why I'm going to try to debut as a babiniku next month.

>> No.23258078

Ignore that guy, post your butthole instead.

>> No.23258125

I think I've already seen them, they're very nice,
but do you mind posting feet instead?

>> No.23258223

London don't this shit again please

>> No.23258296

Yes. Post them.

>> No.23258317

im a wannabe western indietuber who keeps coming here to lurk because i want to impress /vt/ and make something /vt/ likes. but then i spend hours lurking here instead of planning my debut.

dont compare me to the english or ill kill myself

>> No.23258350

Shut up you motherfucker.

>> No.23258381

I'm going to sound like such a hypocrite as I type this, but you shouldn't worry about pandering to /vt/ as a vtuber and you should post your small titties so that I can look at them.

>> No.23258414

Hard pass

>> No.23258440

You sound absolutely retarded.

>> No.23258524

I care more about roommates than vtubers.

>> No.23258560 [SPOILER] 
File: 456 B, 90x57, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

dont say i didnt warn you

>> No.23258675 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.90 MB, 3111x2547, blue-christmas-balls.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is the worst birthday ever.

>> No.23258695

i am sorry

>> No.23258721

It's okay. I forgive you, ms bones.

>> No.23258737


>> No.23258855


>> No.23258890
File: 63 KB, 750x529, 1384348923434.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

maybe i am, anon,

maybe i am

>> No.23258930 [SPOILER] 
File: 488 KB, 1848x1377, IMG_20220428_001929.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Aww, here, have mine

>> No.23259017

You would kick a man while he’s down? Do you think this shit is funny?

>> No.23259054

those are nice breasts

>> No.23259095

Thanks, I've really been working on my pectorals lately.

>> No.23259907
File: 10 KB, 305x253, OGEY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23260070

same. and exclusively to her

>> No.23261590
File: 1.02 MB, 1200x1798, foxkonkon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was wrong, orange women good. Pink women bad.

>> No.23261738

But that’s a white woman? I’m confused.

>> No.23261970

Thats an illegal move. The forbidden one must be ritual summoned.

>> No.23262646
File: 317 KB, 1500x2122, GyiWUDV.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You know what I meant.

>> No.23262728
File: 15 KB, 290x241, 1643449482658.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have a paper worth 20% of my grade due in five hours that I haven't started.

>> No.23262771

Get to work you fucking son of a bitch! Turn something in! You better not be talking about college; that shit costs money!

>> No.23262920

Then start it faggot

>> No.23263031

I fucked up and dropped out of college.
Now I have to wander the streets at night and beat up people to get enough to blue superchat my oshi.
Don't be like me, take it seriously.

>> No.23263104

>I have enough time to write a paper at least good enough to get a C and I’m browsing 4chan. What do I do anons??

>> No.23263300
File: 2.37 MB, 572x684, Ame Retard Siren[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fc5eyrp.ogg].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

don't bother, you've already proven to be a waste of educational resources

>> No.23264798

C-can I have that kiss now?

>> No.23264969


>> No.23266054

Thanks for the advice, it was really comforting. The main reason I started watching her stream was because she joined a random lobby in Xrd. I hate to admit it, but Xrd is pretty dead, so it was a big surprise to see a small streamer play in my lobby. I guess I just want someone to play games with. None of my friends really want to play Xrd with me because I got above a certain skill level. If I go all out, they don't really get to play the game. And for your advice on how to get viewers playing fighting games, have your twitch in your name and just play a lot. People, at least people like me, are very curious when they see a streamer play against them. They wonder "How good are they? Are they streaming live? Am I gonna be on the stream?"
I think it helps if you're into a more "dead" game because they'll have a reason to play/watch for more than a game or two.

>> No.23267312

gw pengen perkosa kobo pas lagi kumat bandelnya

>> No.23267746


>> No.23267811

you can't just say that and not share

>> No.23268433
File: 18 KB, 385x375, InThisSign_Conquer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>capitalist reality
>as tranny

You are in shambles is because a demon-worshipping priesthood has uploaded deleterious mindviruses to your headcase.

You suffer, like many to day now are also suffering - yea, have indeed been suffering for decades hence to date, ever the worse with the turning of the day - and the greatest irony is that you have been led to identify with the causes of your suffering, their descendants and inheritors, and turned against that which is the ground from which may spring life.

>> No.23270001

I don't really care for Irys.

>> No.23274142


>> No.23276804

If anyone wants to know what this was about.

>> No.23279239

I nolifed apex until I got pred because I thought it would help me get a girlfriend

>> No.23279312

How did you come to that conclusion and how old are you

>> No.23279394

Id give a watch if you play Xrd. I understand if you dont want but link?

>> No.23279452

I just edged for 1 hour to Gura cunny pics, cumming was the best fucking feeling ever

>> No.23279677

Yep, that's them. Cute slut. Still makes me hard too.

>> No.23279809

I am retarded and I thought I would impress women by being good at video games.
20 and no, I'm not a NEET.

>> No.23281737

Boys will be boys

>> No.23281825

You are exactly young enough to not have missed out on much by doing that. Congrats! And thank you for not being content with being a NEET.

>> No.23282170

Fuck I remember turning gay because of that thread

>> No.23284388

The posters or the porn?

>> No.23284672

But is it really gay if it looks more like a girl than actual girls?

>> No.23284732


>> No.23284742

I think NijisanjiEN is better than HololiveEN.

>> No.23284838

truth is most animals cant have sex as often as humans. personally i think animals are more graceful and capable of "love" than any human but thats just my opinion haha.

>> No.23285493

This I second.

>> No.23287991


>> No.23288257

I wish there was more openly gay shit sometimes. Sometimes...

>> No.23289441

I've never cummed so hard before discovering /meat/

>> No.23289512

I'm a hornyposter, all I can think about is sexxu.

>> No.23290388

Have you ever had sex?

>> No.23290779
File: 26 KB, 394x70, muchotexto.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i want to like mori because i like her edgy chuuni design but her constant shrek and adam sandler mentions, her mannerisms, the way she talks with other vtubers and her coworkers sounds so fake it kills me. this isn't even new, she's been doing this for almost 2 years now. and the worst part is that she has a lot of people she knows that do not act like that and she still thinks it's fine and i just can't handle it.

>> No.23292749

Ever since I've finally accepted that I am a lolicon I've been coming day and night.
It's so freeing to top forcing myself to masturbate to older sister and milf doujins.

>> No.23296172


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