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He looks like the kind of dude who would impale himself on the scabbard before even managing to pull out the sword.

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How old is he?
He looks 16

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If it is a fight you want, it is a fight you shall get, Tazumi-san.

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Just Rosemi is fine thanks. We'll provide the furniture.

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>holding katana and make a pose

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26, his birthday was in February

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One year younger than me but he already made it

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this and when you consider nijisanji was founded in 4 years ago in 2018

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Your time ended long ago...this world...belongs to me!

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Iwanaga handed over Nijisanji to Riku after he hired the top JP Nijis today.

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You better put that thing down, before you hurt yourself, kid.

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Yagoo = Baba
Tazumi = Inoki

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Kek with vox in the back

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I wouldn't worry about her, kindred.

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Retarded face

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>Holobronies keep asking Niji talents to join
Success breeds jealousy I guess

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Pomu would never have collabed with guys if she were in hololive

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No way a person that age can get that much respect heading a company without his family's wealth or connection.

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You know guys that their rivalry actually benefits both of them, right?

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this, it's all part of the masterplan

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Good thing she's in Nijisanji then.

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Hololive tried to poach Pomu and Selen?

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nah their fans keep making threads begging yagoo to save them, that's about it

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nah holobronies keep making threads begging for them to come to hololive, thats about it

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>their fans
If by """their fans""" you mean holobronies and falseflaggers then yes, holobrony. Their actual fans know why they're happy with where they are now.

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you mean the famous holobronies that only care and know about hololive, if they aren't a fan of them then why would they want them in hololive?

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You'd love to see it, they literally fuel those threads so they can gaslight themselves into believing their livers (human organ) are valuable

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we all shitpost here

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>Worse than /v/ermin
>/v/ermin literally the worst board currently
Nijisissies are extra sensitive today, eh?

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notice how the image just says anons that got in with Holo, not Holofags specifically. very quick to jump to your tribalfag rhetoric.

...makes me think....

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ok sister, you really are being extra sensitive today

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Reminder that holofans have been kicked out of 109 different threads and boards.

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>can't commit
>starts projecting

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Is risu actually a red wings fan

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There's a better version of that, and it makes sense, because Nijikeks keep bringing up how their streamers are here, like how that ghost got caught having vt in her browser history

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D-did you show her your long and throbbing fnaf lore theories?

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i'm glad you've come to terms with what you are

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>I told you I was getting harrassed

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"Yagoo, that's a gun!"


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Selen pomu elira come to hololive where your talents wont go wasted nijisanji can take kronii sana and mori away from us as collateral loss compensation i mean wow what a deal. Did you know mori has a record deal and a drug problems sana is a famous gacha artist that never streams. Kronii has clinical depression that will murder your soul and suck all the fun out of her streams i mean wow what a deal they will fit in big time at nijisanji i mean wow what a deal.

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Tazumi-shachou, leave this to me. My latest mobile suit will make quick work of these guys. I'll take them all on by myself.

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I have experience against mecas

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Everyone stop, there's no need to fight! If you don't stop... then I'll have no choice but to force you!

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>Updated the poster behind a window to be Vox
I kneel

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Some how he is fitting more than Marine

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why is his face so pnchable?

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Nah she would've been more happy making more money instead

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asian jake paul

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