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Everyday I am in constant pain that my most favorite Hololive member is shilled with my least favorite Holo everywhere

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i hate suisei too but such is life

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First time?

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Me too bro, I can't believe Suityan of all people finds Calliope cool

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It just hurts, brehs...

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She doesn't. She's just being nice

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Theres unfortunately a good chance she does considering how chuuni suityan is

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the final cope

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t. Deadbeat

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Anyone remember when Kiara was the most hated?

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Y'all obsessed with Calli

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Fuck suisei worst hololive

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Just accept that JPs will never hate Mori.

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Unfortunately the pairing isn't as successful as expected, CapSule is a fucking flop (should have given the much superior Wicked the MV at least).

Still better than the Calligula shit which truly only happened because they bring in the most numbers.

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I mean, Mori is cringe and her music sucks ass, but there aren't many holos that Suisei can relate to from a career perspective.

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>other holos hate her
>she will be abandoned by her fans
>she will be fired
>she will quit

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Sui thinks Calli is cool because she reminds her of her favorite anime, Bleach.

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pains my fucking heart when i have to downvote news about suisei on reddit when it includes Mori

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Deal with it

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Just like Hololive and Holostars are separated EN and JP should be too. I fear the day a JP chuba who is actually not retarded enough to not understand english starts bringing western shit into JP vtubing scene.
That's the final yab.

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One day on Ironmouses talk show a HoloJP we be brought in because of Mori. Im guessing its going to be Fubuki or Polka

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Your fault for being born a hoshityomi/deadbeat

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Now you know how 35P felt about PekoMiko

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Now you know how Chumbuds felt about AmeSame

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>capital p

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Now you know how Teamates felt about AmeSame

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>wait a minute, I"m not in /jp/!

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No, please keep the xqc tier TT enabler pseudo chuba away from poruporu and fbk. The only hope is that they won't understand shit and they will never seriously interact again, but I'd like they remain as ignorant about western "vtubing" as possible.

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nta but anon, polka is quite interested in the western vtubing scene
she's followed quite a bit of indies and small corpos and has replied to them. worst of all she talked about vshojo and mentioned liking their design

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I hope the collab never happens but from threadreading it seems that Ironmouse is doing her reps and is supposedly friendly with a few JP holos. Polka and Fubuki seem the most likely given how unity they are in general.

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Neck yourself tranny

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Of course she is interested. She thinks they are JP chubas that happen to not speak japanese. She doesn't know she'd be ridiculed if western people understand her mengen ASMRs, branded as a whore or a disgusting cringe weirdo; or how much shit she'd get by saying lolicon shit.
I hope it doesn't happen too and if it happens I just hope it's an only once thing like TT - kson. The more isolated they are from western normalfags and twitch streamers LARPing as chubas for clout, the better.

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Now you know how Chumbuds feel about *me

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stop pushing your shit narrative SEA councilfag

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All fun and games until u see what coming.
They never learn, get help by the enemies…

L+ratio+tripping off bridge+cry+meltdown+blame+break time excuses+no redemption+ignore+back on track+repeat

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Except Gura and Ame are both trashy twitch thots.

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at least you can filter it out since your oshis name doesnt have "mori" in it...

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Why are Deadbeats like this?

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File: 2.41 MB, 960x540, Luna Laughs For 38 Seconds Straight [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fc6hfd3.mp4].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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Publicly sure but she will never be an actual friend, going out to places with them etc

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She hangs out with roboco, Has gen to dinner with both Suisei and Watame at the least.

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You forgot Mel, A-chan and Lui.

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Wow she's gone to dinner with coworkers that must mean they're best friends. Cuckbeats are the dumbest fanbase on this board.

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Ya I was going to mention that there was a few I'd missed but I figured they'd try to call that out
Hey man is the first step. Just get ready to get more and more upset

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Relax, it was just the cafeteria in the offices

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Say what you want about Mori but y'all keep ignoring the fact that she's pretty much viral. Outside of this hellhole she is extremely well liked and popular. Between her networking, promotions, and her RECORD DEAL, like seriously, she has taken the bar that the likes of Suisei, Moona, Towa have raised, and Calli pushes it higher than ever before. Don't sleep on her, you'll only end up missing out.

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I can't wait for Sora to twerk on stage at next Holofest
but seriously (You) doomposting faggots deserve the rope

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fr no cap bro

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>deadbeats actually believe this
Go send her some supas so she can buy condoms for her Welsh boyfriend

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Okay? What chuuba isn't extremely well liked and popular outside of vt? Besides, this isn't about just Mori. It's about Mori being shilled alongside Suisei. Both have similar upbringings but the difference is Mori treats Hololive like a stepping stone for her own shitty wigger rap career rather than her actual career. She will drop Hololive the moment she can comfortably maintain a career as her roommate. Suisei on the other hand has shown to want to further her career as Suisei through holo, saying that in interviews and in song lyrics that she wants vtubers like her and her colleagues to become accepted in the mainstream. Way different than Mori starting a shitstorm over superchats, getting shitfaced and then making four terrible songs about how much her life actually sucks and how the job granted by the company that saved her from borderline poverty is bad.

go back

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What she does with her money in her spare time is none of my business, what the hell is wrong with you people, do you seriously think you OWN these girls?

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Dude, Mori is a human, she makes mistakes sometimes, it's no big deal. She uses her music to express herself, you don't have to take everything literally, they're songs not essays.

Also after seeing how quickly Cover turned on even their biggest talents Coco and Rushia, it makes sense for her to make sure that she has a backup plan for when Cover inevitably abandons her as well.

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every day I wake up with the fear that my oshi will be shilled by EN whores

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Is it a stepping stone if she has like 4 new roommate songs over the course of 3 years and have have record deal as Mori? You're overly inflating the priority she gives her roommate because she doesn't seem to do much with it other than vent once in a while... which isn't exactly unique to her, only difference is she turns those into songs.

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I mean they share quite a lot in common, not only they pursue a musical career but also they share the tryhard mindset. Also Suisei may not be as autistic as Mori, but she is close enough.

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The amount of copium from these threads never fail to amaze me, the mental gymnastics to have a vtuber to live inside your head for free, a fictional woman... Bros, I know it's easy to call youself a "shitposter" for simply being an anti "for the lulz xd" but this is just pathetic now. You're gonna get fired from your sweatshops if you just use 4chan all day SEAnigger anons..

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cuckbeat coping so hard as if it takes any effort to shit on a worthless whore like Mori

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cuckbrap cope

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>she makes mistakes sometimes
Mori makes an ungodly amount of mistakes, it's not even funny. Deadbeats literally have named arcs for eras of her prolonged and extended autism. The amount of collabs she turned into awkward, painful to watch shit shows is insane, and the number of times she's gone off on a tangent and said some dumb shit is ridiculous. Her being dumb and making a lot of mistakes on it's own is ample reason for people to dislike her. Some people, like myself for a little over a year, tried to see past that but everything combined is just too much to make up excuses for. After a while, the unkept promises and "mistakes" add up.

>Cover turned on even their biggest talents
Holy shit. I fucking hate this idea that Cover forced Coco to graduate and fired Rushia over the mafumafu yab. Coco wanted to graduate over disagreements with management because she's a headstrong person and wanted to do things her way. It's not that complicated. Rushia was just retarded and leaked information to JP Keemstar in a desperate attempt to prove to her gachikois she isn't in a relationship. Why do so many people forget about the statement they released saying that the personal life is up to the individual?

No amount of white knighting is going to do anything but act as a confirmation bias for already delusional and forever lost deadbeats.

>> No.22956956

>cuckbrains STILL believe this retarded rrat after four months

>> No.22957079

Ah, so you're a corporate bootlicker. No point trying to argue with you, you'll simply stick to your NPC programming. Maybe instead of trying to analyze every little thing Calli ever does, you could spend some time to take a closer look at yourself.

>> No.22957095

>he doesnt known what mori is literally doing right now

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average reddit tier argument
stop posting here and go back to whatever circlejerk hugbox you came from

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perhaps you should stop letting vt be your oshi and think about the reasons why the people around her all seem to like her

>> No.22957541

What a loser

>> No.22957609

>She doesn't know she'd be ridiculed if western people understand her mengen ASMRs, branded as a whore or a disgusting cringe weirdo
You act like that ain't the same shit she gets from the JP antis already
>or how much shit she'd get by saying lolicon shit.
wrong fox

>> No.22957613

is she not allowed to perform anymore because she's part of holo? do you really expect someone to stop being a live stage musician because they got a streaming job? this is honestly the weirdest possible thing to complain about

>> No.22957614

Please go outside.

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Mori is a stain on vtubing. What company she works for is irrelevant.

>> No.22957963

he's pointing it out because the argument was that she only uses the roommate to vent and nothing else, when that's just not the case

>> No.22958844

*cums on you*

>> No.22958998

Whoopiedo, an off-topic in the middle of nowhere and didn't pull any hololive adjacent strings. Hololive already gives her a fuckload of money, what she's doing is unironically "for fun" aka her other hobbies.

>> No.22959033

Actual advice here, since you don't know thread culture and all; leave this fucking place if you love your Mori. And don't ever come back. There's a reason why this board is the way it is.

>> No.22959182

see >>22957963

>> No.22959331

>thread "culture"
oh no no no no

>> No.22959537

Cool, she does a concert. But his point is you believe her roommate has a higher priority to her as content creator than it actually has. Her tracks from both sides indicate she has an identity crisis she keeps solving and open up again, but none of them say either side is illegitimate. The Universal deal probably took some deliberation and soul searching on her part, given how nervous she was when she announced it.

I think she's just happy to make songs whether she's Mori or someone else. Was pretty surprised when she actually employed one of the new things she learned in Hololive (singing, like actually singing) in one of her roommate songs.

>> No.22959618

>japanese people have terrible taste in western stuff
>like garbage just because it's from a "cool" country
like a mirror

>> No.22959864

>I think she's just happy to make songs whether she's Mori or someone else
just don't look too deeply into "somone elses" lyrics or streams if you want to keep thinking this

>> No.22959985


Kiara is probably the most hated still, but she's a nobody doing nothing so people stopped caring.

Mori is catching the hate because she's actually doing things.

>> No.22960009

I did and she's doing okay. The 4th song tied it all up on what she feels about it and how she deals with the split. Listen to that then Resting Power back to back and you'd realize her inner nigger is going to sleep for a while.

>> No.22960105


Ame is getting more and more useless as time goes on. She's basically come out and admit that she sees herself as a behind the scenes kind of person and isn't interesting in creating new content and being the face of it.

She needs to quit being a stream talent and just take on a managerial role for someone who actually has drive as a content creator / performer.

>> No.22960244


The only place she's mentioned is here and in advertising for Hololive related shit.

Suck that copium a bit more that she's "viral"

>> No.22960437


This. She's a fucking nobody without Hololive and has, from the start, made it clear it was a stepping stone for her.

She doesn't give a shit about Hololive, the people within the company, or the fan base. She can put on the act like she does, but she is by far the most obviously fake person with the most obvious agenda out there.

>> No.22960613

>JP antis
Sure, but in the western sphere everyone has the potential to become an anti based on the view of such type of content.
>wrong fox
It wasn't the point. The point is that western normalfags are not tolerant of otaku culture as they are mostly ironic weebs. If she says something that's mildly funny for japanese standards it can get her into a weird spot based on western view on the matter.

>> No.22960715

You saying Fubuki isn't a lolicon?

>> No.22960785


The only reason she cares about Mori is because Cover has a shitload of connections that she's using. As soon as she builds a name for herself off of their backs she's out the door.

Her signing the contract too is just another step on their coattails to get her foot in the door. She'll use that connection to try and sign as her roommate, then you'll see the massive shift.

If you think she actually gives a shit about Mori or Cover / the talent within Cover, you're just blind.

>> No.22960795

I want them to be assigned a choreographer and learn a dance in 1 week and then show it off on stream.

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this is why miComet is kino

>> No.22960927

I feel you man, it annoys me too that Suisei gets shilled with Miko. Suisei hate.

>> No.22960949

yea i fucking hate reine too. why does she get to hang out with mori/suisei, the two coolest people in the world?
she doesn't deserve it

>> No.22961051

And this is revealed to you by a burning bush? None of her words on-stream or her lyrics point toward that direction. Not even her roommate says anything about wanting to leave applebees.

>> No.22961089

death squad is already en route to your mud hut

>> No.22961153

while you're defending, her she's doing everything in her power to get out of hololive as soon as she can and commit full time to her wigger rapper career. she ain't worth it, do yourself a favor

>> No.22961172

>S-she's gonna graduate this time, for real!
>Two more weeks!

>> No.22961266

She'll DEFINITELY leave when she has a stable income and gotten enough connections from hololive dude.

>> No.22961277

Didn't she mention "she's not leaving anytime soon" in one of her announcement streams?

>> No.22961369

Language barrier does wonders.

>> No.22961432
File: 2.87 MB, 660x1080, mori-rid-of-me[sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Ffyg0ht.ogg][sound=https%3A%2F%2Fz.zz.fo%2FX3ZWw.ogg](1).webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.22961437

And you base this on what?

>> No.22961497

>Not even her roommate says anything about wanting to leave applebees.
yeah, that's why she talked about how much she hated it

>> No.22961519

I made it the fuck up!

>> No.22961522

>deadbraps deflect to Kiara
every single time

>> No.22961600

she also said the ttrpg finale was happening last week

>> No.22961624

some reine anti posts got removed so yea she probably controls this board

>> No.22961646

Were we watching the same stream? She said she liked working in it and likes the people in it. Complained about bad customers but that doesn't mean she shit talked the entire company. What's your primary language?

>> No.22961709

Why are deadbeats so stupid and feel the need to defend their oshi in an anti thread?

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>> No.22961805

>Schedule conflicts and she changed her mind, therefore she lied

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File: 155 KB, 1350x484, C4FECC8A-56BC-444D-9C87-C488D1C861DA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You’ve been saying this since she debuted.

>> No.22961891

I have a magic button known as sage

>> No.22961967

Refer to >>22961172

>> No.22961990

I'm not even a deadbeat. My oshi was in Mori's latest cover.

>> No.22962088

No, I'm saying she is. I was responding to a post about Polka, hence the "wrong fox"

>> No.22962122

>this keeps happening
>"N-no, Anon, it was just a fluke"

>> No.22962313

Changing schedule multiple times means she changed her mind multiple times. Retracting her word is different from lying.

>> No.22962372

My bad

>> No.22962516

"she will graduate once she establishes enough connections and garners enough popularity to maintain a powerful music career while also being a prominent eceleb as her rm" does not equal "she will graduate in a week" you fucking single digit iq deadbeats.

she's going to stay for a while, yes. not because deep in her heart she LOVES hololive and "HER FRIENDS!!!" but because she wants to further her OWN career even more before leaving.

>> No.22962801

Exactly this. Ever since the connor shit she's been way more active in her other life. Then a record deal which seems like a good thing at first but it's really just establishing a relationship for when she leaves cover. Appearing on trash taste as herself when she's been on there as Mori basically telling everyone who she is and where to find her. Believe her lies about how she loves hololive all you want, all her actions point otherwise.

>> No.22962842

It's pretty pathetic to see Suisei leeching off Mori so much.

>> No.22962903

So 5-10 years? Kizuna Ai lasted 6 years and so far she's our benchmark of a vtuber's lifespan.

>> No.22963063

so either way we'll have mori living rent free here for a long time. cool

>> No.22963145

There's no telling really. Vtubers are still a very new thing and it's difficult to gage how long individual personas will remain relevant.

>> No.22963279

I'll be surprised if Mori lasts 5 years, given how much she hates her audience ever since the cdawg stuff.

>> No.22963506
File: 347 KB, 2767x4742, musical lifespan-02.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I googled this and the average relevance of a musician is around 24years. Mori will probably stick around as long as Cover exists because there's no downside for her and we don't know how long will Hololive last. It would be a miracle if Cover will still be here in 20 years because mid-tier tech companies don't last very long.

So I guess he's right? Since vtubing if it actually hits mainstream will outlast Hololive, just like it outlasted Kizuna Ai.

>> No.22963741

>She fired back at a few antis so that means she hates her entire audience

>> No.22964053

>"If you don't like Shrek jokes get the fuck out"
So anybody who doesn't like Shrek is an anti?

>> No.22964177

I don't know where you got that idea. That just means if you don't like Shrek jokes you should probably leave. Where are you even coming up with these leaps of logic?

>> No.22964239

Please tell me you're baiting.

>> No.22964327

If she spends the time at Hololive who cares what the "inner meaning" or whatever is, why can't you just enjoy things?

>> No.22964352
File: 399 KB, 855x478, 1649191184017.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yeah, but keep in mind mori isn't a big musician like this. i don't think this metric can be used to properly estimate her relevance, nor is the anyway to do so. she's in a unique spot in an industry that nobody is sure will even still exist in a decade.

>> No.22964408

Unfortunately for you she's legit her oshi and myth overall are absolutely adored by their peers.

>> No.22964516

How does "leave my stream" mean she's branding you as an anti? How does NOT watching stream mean you're an anti? Come on.

>> No.22964632


>> No.22964658

he only watches holos that have sworn fealty and love towards hololive.

>> No.22964847

The record deal means she's getting there. Cover probably thought it's a good idea to use to break into mainstream, which is something Suisei wanted to happen anyway. But you're right, she's a unique and uncertain spot in both vtubing and the music industry, her entire existence is a strange intersection. And I'm tuning in because I'm curious where will she take it.

>> No.22964886

enjoy your time devoted to someone that hates you and is going to abandon as soon as she feels it's safe to go it on her own

>> No.22964945

>someone that hates you
You keep insisting this but have yet to provide proof or any substantial argument. All I got were assumptions based on your AO3 fanfic.

>> No.22964953

maybe i'm a cynic but the record deal feels very much like she's trying to not be reliant on holo for music for when she leaves. it could be the tinfoil hat talking though

>> No.22965169

The record deal is tied to "Mori Calliope of Hololive English First Generation, property of Cover Corporation", not Craps Devil. She's bound to Hololive as long as that record deal exists.

>> No.22965578
File: 307 KB, 459x466, 1645878727035.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it gets really hard to "enjoy things" when her lack of passion for her job seeps into her streams and you can see just how disinterested and unengaged she really is.

before you mention "muh numbers" and how many subs she has, know that she struggles to retain viewers over the course of a stream compared to other holos and a shit ton of hololive fans only watch clips.

you can't be this retarded. people don't dislike mori because she doesn't devote her soul to hololive, people don't like mori because she can't be fucking bothered to even make it seem like she gives two fucks about the company that saved her from her cockroach infested shithole. if any of you eop deadbeat clipfags spent anytime watching streams or just putting a stream on in the background you would remember how she said she was literally on the verge of moving out of japan and writing a comic on how dreams don't come true before hololive provided her with the financial stability to remain there, yet she is still an ungrateful bitch.

at least ayame, who only streams when halley's comet is visible to earth, is still entertaining and respects her viewers and colleagues enough to have any enthusiasm at all.

>> No.22965795

Ah yes streaming, the only way to show your gratitude to the company. Thank you for your input. Don't you have a twitch let's play to watch?

>> No.22965832

Who do you think lobbied the hardest for Holo EN? I'll give you a hint, it was a JP member.

>> No.22965874

Inb4 she forces suisei into a vshojo collab

>> No.22965960

I'm just waiting for the nuclear yab. Imagine Watame, IRyS, Mori, Suisei and maybe Miko get hammered and break into holo headquarters just cuz.

>> No.22966140

Waiting for more jp talents to graduate

>> No.22966503

be a sarcastic dumbass all you want, her shitty attitude is obvious for anyone with half a brain to see. I don't even know how she was allowed to be on trash taste as herself when she was already as Mori, all but outright telling people directly who she is. Also guess where she is now during her unexplained mini break? Spoiler, it's not anything related to hololive

>> No.22966573

Ah, yes. Nobody is allowed to live outside Hololive.

You're a goddamned idiot.

>> No.22966600

oh my god. people expect her to stream. for the company that hired her. to stream.

but it's not about just streaming it's about showing any form of enthusiasm while doing so. believe it or not, people on this board like to watch streams. when doing so, they expect the streamer to put effort into streaming to provide a decent experience. kinda crazy, huh? i'm assuming the other ways of "showing gratitude to the company" you're referring to is her making music. i thought it was pretty clear she's making music to further her own personal career, because that's what she really wants to do, not spend anytime streaming for those evil internet trolls who gave her 1.3 million dollars in donations alone.

i suppose you can make the argument that she wanted to be a vsinger first and foremost, and she has been on record to say that. but so did kiara, and most people on this board (at least nowadays) admit that she's doing a great job streaming and actually fucking improved since debut.

>> No.22966756

You're allowed to live outside Hololive, but not use Hololive to promote yourself. There's plenty of Holos that do activities outside of the company but none of them abuse their position to their advantage like she does.

>> No.22966972

Go open a random roommate stream and she acts the same fucking way. I think it's legit autism or something because I don't think she's capable of pretending.

>> No.22967046

>because that's what she REALLY wants to do
Cool headcanon, bro.

>> No.22967106

>What are repetitive behaviors?
>Scientists categorize repetitive behaviors into two groups. So-called ‘lower-order’ repetitive behaviors are movements such as hand-flapping, fidgeting with objects or body rocking, and vocalizations such as grunting or repeating certain phrases. ‘Higher-order’ repetitive behaviors include autism traits such as routines and rituals, insistence on sameness and intense interests.

>> No.22967219

she's literally said that if she had nothing else in life and was literally not gaining any money from it, she would still make music because that's what she wants to do. again, more proof that deadbeats do not watch their oshi.

>> No.22967300

Sounds like autism to me. In her offcollab she asked Irys if her leg-rocking bothered her.

>> No.22967372

it's a significant step up from the most infamous streams where her autism fully took over. you could probably say it was a bad day and that's fair, but that would be a lotta bad days.

>> No.22967391

>She wants to make music because that's what she wants to do
How the fuck does this mean she wants to further her roommate's music career instead of the one she has with hololive? Bitch is making music for hololive because she likes it

>> No.22967392

I was mostly focusing on
>grunting or repeating certain phrases

>> No.22967462

Why did you just admit you didn't watch the offcollab?

>> No.22967555

I don't think that matters either way, since it still hints she DOES have autism.

>> No.22967689
File: 660 KB, 1280x720, Source[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fiq9xe5.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Obligatory soundpost,

>> No.22967700

Are you denying that Mori shows characteristic signs of autism?
Confused anon I am with you on the autism.

>> No.22967771

Mori is more autistic then a actual autistic person(haruka karibu)

>> No.22967873

>routines and rituals
shit well we're all autistic then, celebrating the same holidays every year.

>> No.22967875

>It's deadbeats replying to each other pretending to be antis
That's it I'm out. You fuckers should chill out. I'm watching Reine.

>> No.22967880

Why do you hate Suisei so much?

>> No.22968002

because hololive also makes you stream and interact with people you may or may not like. after the ttrpg reschedule fiasco, i think it's clear who mori's true friends are. i initially thought this was because she can't speak japanese and it's hard to make friends with people on the other side of the earth, but after seeing how she treated kiara especially and how hard takamori went to shit i find that difficult to believe. she's making music, not making music for hololive.

>> No.22968166

She hangs out with JPs more than them though. I haven't heard anything about them that wasn't a business transaction.

>> No.22968684

She's probably not hanging out with them in the same way she was hanging out with Kiara in 2020. We know she's gone to tea and met up with a few JP chuubas and worked on some collaborations, but that's different than actually being friends. When asked about what Suisei was like to work with, she couldn't describe any personality traits other than that she was silly. They're certain acquainted as coworkers, but I don't think they can be considered friends.

>> No.22968813

That's not the case with Lui and Irys though. Granted Irys isn't JP but her and Lui are the few holos that can actually communicate with her.

>> No.22972599

pretty much, and assuming that it will last for about 2 years, this discussion is best had in 2024 April.

>> No.22973158

>EMI contracts are 5 years.
Just accept that Mori is staying for a long time, and you don't have to cry about it every time.

>> No.22973372

yet you spend your day calling everyone a cuckbeat and skipping your assignments for these types of threads? yeah no effort my ass actually go outside. Im waiting for you to defend your "board culture" because youre too insecure enough to talk with people irl let alone talk to a girl. youre a worthless person, you talking shit "effortlessly" to an already successful person proves you otherwise as a literal who. cope

>> No.22974131

cuckbeats can't stop losing, by that logic, anti's live rent free in your head and you are spending your day coping and calling people out on 4chan

takes no effort for me to shit on her, but plenty of effort for a cuckbeat to defend a worthless whore

>> No.22974134
File: 205 KB, 346x433, 1649367053337.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this tourist nigga malding this hard over a mori anti's bait

>> No.22974247

>go outside
You are both newfags, omedetou.

>> No.22974317

i know suisei template mv suit for you...

>> No.22974446
File: 250 KB, 1663x1668, A226BE42-5AB5-4E6B-ABC7-D96F8E2EAB3A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don’t worry, it gets better

>> No.22974488
File: 379 KB, 546x482, 1643887067068.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thank you for giving us hope

>> No.22974582

Lol, lmao even

>> No.22974761

please save us orange woman

>> No.22975489
File: 427 KB, 396x500, D9950595-6904-4925-A818-71F879AB7A97.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's never been the same since September 2020 huh....

>> No.22975549

I know, anon. I hate it so fucking much.
It's so frustrating and upsetting to see the fucking wannabe wigger being treated at Suisei's equal and perhaps even as someone superior to her. That someone who applied to Hololive as a joke and even looks down on Vtubers and everything they represent is now one of the most successful ones of the bunch is utterly and completely disgusting.
She moved to Japan to "pursue her dream" and yet in all these years she hasn't bothered to learn Japanese. Despite her allegedly loving "Japanese Rap".
Seeing Suisei play second fiddle to her during the moment she announced her record deal was extremely painful. Why the fuck is this bitch being more successful than Suisei?
It's not fair. She doesn't deserve it. Why are people like her the ones who always get blessed?

>> No.22975662

Suisei is such a leech

>> No.22976279
File: 397 KB, 991x1363, 1650707718783.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22976349

One single superchat made her stop reading them until the yab.
She constantly complains about her audience, both the good and the bad.
She even got Ina in trouble with one of her retarded rants while playing GG. She hates vtubing and vtuber fans, and her rm stream and songs confirms it.

>> No.22976362

Turns out weebs just love white antitubers living in Nipponland no matter the medium or genre.

>> No.22976498

So, what are the cuckbeat cope buzzwords used to defend her shitty behavior?
>she's alcoholic
>she's depressed
>she's autistic
>she's just socially awkward
Am I missing some?

>> No.22976551
File: 329 KB, 1080x768, 1650708558459.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mori is autistic guys!
>btw she hangs out with half the jp holomems and TT and vshoujo
How do cuckbeats live with such cognitive dissonance?

>> No.22976564

Those are all descriptors.

>> No.22976587

Not to be an armchair psychologist like the retards that get this wrong all the time, but I don't get the whole "Mori sperg" stuff anyway. She shows every sign of medicated ADHD but no strong trait that's exclusive to autism. And no, ADHD is not on the spectrum.

>> No.22976688
File: 199 KB, 708x605, 1645417863520.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22976751

They are both considered as neurodevelopmental disorders and have some things in common. It's also possible to have both.

>> No.22976920

She is a genuine pessimist amd cynic.

>> No.22977157 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 
File: 2.00 MB, 1920x1080, 1650710366239.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22977205

You guys know that Mori is seeing Kiara in Austria this summer?

>> No.22977213

Calli haters are dedicated, I kinda respect the that though.

>> No.22977294

So you guys don't believe Mori being autistic? What about her having asperger?

>> No.22977343
File: 279 KB, 1200x800, 1643862628211.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>she's just tired
>she's stressed out and overworked
>she's only human
>people make mistakes
>you don't own her!
>she's doing it to OWN the haters
>it's literally just a nothingburger

>> No.22977381

Are they though? Even Kiara's antis were doing more than just screaming about her on 4chan.

>> No.22977458

Hmm, I guess so I'm tired though it funny there lot love for Calli on here too. I don't got know strong opinion on here besides she makes shit music but besides that just another vtuber like the rest in a sea of em.

>> No.22977484

Oh and her roommate is hot and got a great rack.

>> No.22977574

Asperger's would be irrelevant since it's too low on the spectrum to even matter.
Even if it was, she has socialized enough on camera and off to buy that she's not functional.
She's not autistic nor an aspie: just a bitch.

>> No.22977606

>real sound

>> No.22977611
File: 87 KB, 956x956, 1645822144475.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he thinks THAT is hot
Gee anon you didn't have to reveal how much of a virgin you are

>> No.22977670

>her roommate is hot
anon.. your eyes...

>> No.22977690

>Typical porn or 2D only addict reply.

>> No.22977696

>she has socialized enough on camera and off to buy that she's not functional
Oh I am not saying she isn't functional.
>She's not autistic nor an aspie: just a bitch.
But that doesn't explain her other behaviour.

>> No.22977718

Have you seen those titties? begging for a paizuri.

>> No.22977743

Weebs have shit taste in anime and music

>> No.22977850

She post a picture few days ago and damn.

>> No.22977950

>wannabe wigger
Anon, there is already wannabe in a word "wigger".
>someone who applied to Hololive as a joke
On a whim not as a joke.
>She moved to Japan to "pursue her dream" and yet in all these years she hasn't bothered to learn Japanese
True I agree that was dumb.
>Despite her allegedly loving "Japanese Rap"
You don't have know the language to like their music to be fair.

>> No.22978019

You all love Jap shit music and you niggas can't speak it.

>> No.22978070

Calli reminds me of lot of this board a bit...maybe that why she so hated, she too much like you guys.

>> No.22978104

Coming here during teenage years really doesn't help. No wonder she is the way she is

>> No.22978121

i'm not sure if people here live in japan, make jrap, and work for a japanese company

>> No.22978233
File: 93 KB, 1854x349, criticbeat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>it's about showing any form of enthusiasm while doing so. believe it or not, people on this board like to watch streams. when doing so, they expect the streamer to put effort into streaming to provide a decent experience
I would argue that she does. It is just that those recent ER streams haven't her at her best which even deadbeats agree.

>> No.22978293

>coombrain deflect
guess what, twichwhores have nice tits too but that doesn't mean they aren't cunts retard

>> No.22978347

I didn't say anything about her being good or bad person, I just talking about booba and yes it was coomerbrain, you can still wanna smash a person you don't like btw.

>> No.22978360

How is that deflect post when all he said was that she has nice tits.

>> No.22978475

I always wondered why even at the peak of Mori hate her antis never went as far as eggs did during peak Kiara hate?

>> No.22978544

Cuz they started off liking her, unlike Kiara.

>> No.22978758

Basically flipped sides now.

>> No.22978798

This place never liked mori they way they seem to worship kiara now though

>> No.22978858

Yeah true but they did like her well enough or at least people who didn't care left it alone before the drama started.

>> No.22979102


>> No.22980183
File: 133 KB, 917x917, 1636600182426.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Both view Hololive as a stepping stone to their real goal of music
>Both secretly hate their fans
Honestly they really fit well together.

>> No.22980231

>constant pain
take percocet

>> No.22981569

Bump for more delicious Mori hate

>> No.22981673
File: 298 KB, 507x415, FEfYvnVaIAA05dS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tell Suityan its time to come home
35p misses her

>> No.22981766

35p better prepare as well. Mori is gonna have her collab Miko soon enough.

>> No.22983276

I don't have a problem with EN chubas, my problem is with EN twitch streamers LARPing. Lobbying to get EN is fine on my book, my problem is that, from what we can see, bast majority of EN "chubas" are not that, and the possibility of them influencing JP side of the scene is what I'm against.
A truly EN speaking chuba with a JP soul, who actually cares about otaku culture, play by the rules, doesnt have the western karen mentaility of wanting to change everything she doesn't like, is at the very least somehow otaku-ish; that would be a good EN chuba, and those have to exist, but sadly they don't get a chance; instead what we got are the TT faggots boyband ironic weeb's friends & comp as alleged "vtubers".

>> No.22983419

You're probably baiting but Connor actually is right about idoltards. There's literally nothing wrong with this statement.

>> No.22983884

There's that "true fans" gaslight again. If you don't accept her shitty behavior you aren't a "true fan"

>> No.22984165

I think what she meant by referencing that Scarface watchalong was because there was a drinking game where every time some character dies she drinks which then turned out to be a bad idea as she was the most drunk she ever has been since then on that stream.
When referencing that stream she was indirectly saying that she was too drunk to stream. She could have used "OG deadbeat" and not "true deadbeat" to be honest.

>> No.22984465

I agree OP, Suisei is very lucky that one of the most popular vtubers in the world gives her the time of day.

>> No.22984732

you acting like music label contract will bound vtuber from graduating.

>> No.22984862

All of you will never see suisei in person, let alone smell her piss. While Mori is probably pegging her and convince her to be raped by Connor.

>> No.22985054

>While Mori is probably pegging her and convince her to be raped by Mori.

>> No.22986788

do you think moris menhera mind will ever let her be happy?

>> No.22987058

Until she gets real help No.

>> No.22987250

What's wrong with Reine?

>> No.22987334

I know your pain bro

>> No.22987555

Connor is too busy with Ironmouse. The rest is correct though.

>> No.22988174
File: 26 KB, 173x152, 1621257197948.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I get the distinct impression that some anons here just really want to have sex with Connor.

>> No.22991001

yeah mori

>> No.22991219

>Anon, there is already wannabe in a word "wigger".
That's how much of a wannabe she is that she deserves to be called a double wannabe.
>You don't have know the language to like their music to be fair.
You do have to learn it if you wanna make it as a Japanese Rapper and wanna make Japanese Rap and sing Japanese Rap.

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