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She is actually a nice girl with good intentions, not an evil machiavellian woman.

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I skimmed through her last DQ stream where she first time'd Durstan's Trial Greed and Decadence and Calasmos. Meanwhile I had to grind hard to be able to finally beat Greed and Decadence and had to use the metal slime variant of leveling just to beat Calasmos and apparently I didn't know you could use the Sword of Light as an item to debuff Calasmos hard so I played the final boss on Hard mode. I counted her hours put into the game and guessimated it at 75~ hours while I put in 110, and she beat the game at level 64 while I was level 90. I'm not bad at video games but the fact that Pekora first time'd the two bosses that gave me loads of trouble leaves me feeling gutted and hollowed.

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No lol

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You think Pekora ever has nightmares about the millions that she's killed? I don't.

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Usagi hands typed this

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Of course she is, and now she is working hard to get us SE permissions

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Haha right, now recruit in Nihongun

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