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I LOVE IRyS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The honeymoon is over a lot of people, eh?

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TimeRyS LOVE!!!!!

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Title made me remember the Ghost Busters karaoke.

>> No.22907118

It was fun while it lasted

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I will be the last IRyStocrat

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thread theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cNVnPQ0cx4

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Other members of Hololive seem to be growing and improving and she has kind of backslid in comparison.

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Please share to me what you guys did, I don't want to go deeper and deeper.

>> No.22907185

>another fucking collab
Get these other whores off my screen, they're cutting into my IRyS time.

>> No.22907206

It was over a while for me then it came back, went again, came back, etc. I love her and will support her forever.

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She has the "If it's not broken don't fix it" japanese mentality that's why japan still uses fax machines.

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Ilove IRyS

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bless. IRyS love

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This is a good mentality to have. The west in comparison is "If it's not broken, I'll break it"

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I love IRyS, she's a cute dork

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kek, got bullied again.

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But she's actually got worse overall job wise compared to pre-December. It's not even if it's not broke mentality. Either she doesn't care or some of her "friends" are doing her a huge disservice by not helping her.

>> No.22907452

It doesn't bother her anymore though

>> No.22907504

She always has the time of her life in collabs, let her have fun

>> No.22907560

>time of my life

>> No.22907563

Wow, guess the lord is good

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I'll never get tired of her and her dumb smile

>> No.22907744

You can kill yourself that'll give you alone time with her

>> No.22907752

This is my problem. I keep feeling like I'm burnt out on her but then I see her stupid face and hear her voice and I fall in love again

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Reine please... I don't want to fap to TimeRyS anymore...

>> No.22907914

Based Reine.

>> No.22907916

The IDs are kronies oh no

>> No.22907931

Reine is a TimeRyS chad

>> No.22907983

Baefags in shambles

>> No.22908016

Better butt? Ye, mine

>> No.22908020

what the fuck KEK

>> No.22908023

IRyS wants to be dick slapped.

>> No.22908028

>slap me with your dick kronii
IRyS!! wow shes horny

>> No.22908040

>Reine likes TimeRyS too
This is why TimeRyS is the superior ship

>> No.22908052

By (Me)

>> No.22908076

The horny energy can't be contained.

>> No.22908156

How horny do you guys think TimeRyS discord conversations are? IRyS mentioned that she always talks with Kronii about manwha, right?

>> No.22908213

She's normal when they are solo chatting. The horniness comes out when anyone else is around. It's staking her territory.

>> No.22908264

Eww. The thought of that place already makes me want to be pure. I don't want to think about that.

>> No.22908270

that's even hotter wtf

>> No.22908271

Is this game an even more budget Phasmo? Who makes these shit games

>> No.22908273

>hey IRyS check out this new comic
>damn that female lead is hot, check out this fanart

>> No.22908278

Is she a cat or something? Please piss on me IRyS.

>> No.22908305

huh? But they are literally using discord right now... anon are you ok?

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>> No.22908352

>anon talks about piss
>IRyS talks about idol meeting

>> No.22908366

>If you can see the stars there's no wifi

>> No.22908373

You are in the right thread

>> No.22908446

Where is my worldwide internet, Elon
IRyS stop wetting the floor, STRAWBERRY FLAVOR OMG

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>> No.22908523

this game is shit

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irys and kronii flirt way too much...

>> No.22908534

Is the magic gone for some people? I want a success driven singer idol chuuba in EN3....

>> No.22908631

Sounds like it. I could never leave IRyS though.

>> No.22908665

Yeah, the magic is gone. Watching her is a compulsion now

>> No.22908712

ghost sex with IRyS.....

>> No.22908724

you wont feel a thing

>> No.22908744

They are touching each other on stream...wattahell

>> No.22908803

IRyS should really stop talking over people I feel bad for anya at this point

>> No.22908854

Wonder where she learned that from?

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>> No.22908939

Heh IRyS has been doing that at least since the Halloween collab. It's not anything new

>> No.22908975

t. cuckbeat

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Weird to read about dropping IRyS. I mean, I dropped chuubas before, after about 2 months. I tried to rationalize it by saying that "she got worse" and stuff, but I actually got bored of them after honeymoon phase. IRyS is first and probably last that I stayed with many months since her debiut and I will stay in the future.
But yeah, I see that she slowed down. I guess after months of being deified by huge holo audience, she isn't as grateful and got used to success

>> No.22908998

Anya acts more Japanese than IRyS...

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>> No.22909058

I haven't had a problem hearing Anya at all, are /vt/sisters deaf?

>> No.22909075

Nah there were times in the two Overwatch collabs where was lacking awareness as well. Like when she would start to read the skill descriptions out loud instead of just to herself. Kind of rude in a 6 person VC.

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after the stream if you want :D

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>> No.22909116

They want IRyS to go back to barely talking in collabs. The only thing that'll do is make me miss her more.

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I guess every was pretty hopeful of her first EP/album being good and turn her fortune around but it being mediocre + her december break really ruining her momentum made people look somewhere else

>> No.22909138

To be fair Anya gets ignored in every collab regardless

>> No.22909223

Nope, my love for her is still going as strong as the day I laid eyes upon her...

>> No.22909252

lol whatttt I like her now

>> No.22909278

You guys are pretty schizo.
Irys is fine.

>> No.22909284

I think before that even, which is fine, another thing that makes her cute!

>> No.22909329

She's been a little distracted since we got married. Sorry guys.

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hirys is more like /inf by the day

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time to merge

>> No.22909388

Irys was state born.

>> No.22909403

Bro... you're acting like /inf/ people, let's take the good part of /inf/ and leave out the other shit

>> No.22909478

Looks like an old timely film

>> No.22909649

Priestess Kronii 'exorcising' the succubus IRyS

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No, I refuse to give up! I will never lose to a clock!

>> No.22909695

Thanks for putting that image in my mind ahhhhhh

>> No.22909702

It's because they are /∞/ people. Whenever kronie collabs with IRyS we always get refugees. Sometimes they vacate here in off hours too.

>> No.22909757

As long as they don't act weird it's fine

>> No.22909762

>let's fuck the body
IRyS no

>> No.22909835


>> No.22910084

What is IRyS doing lmaooo

>> No.22910181

she's gaming

>> No.22910225

I love her so much

>> No.22910312

she is the Lord's daughter IRyS

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>> No.22910390

this horny fucking dork

>> No.22910452

IRyS just can't help but play with kronii

>> No.22910535 [SPOILER] 
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Go back to Infinity

>> No.22910554


>> No.22910579

even her yawns are cute

>> No.22910721

gonna teach my wife all about guns, she has to learn how to reload

>> No.22910852

She's pro-gun control though...

>> No.22910855

what does it mean?

>> No.22910884


>> No.22910940

You think DadRyS thought her morse code?

>> No.22910977


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not anymore, the vidya has made her more deranged

>> No.22911012


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>> No.22911045

S.O.S in morse code is common knowledge. I'd have been impressed if she actually learned how to say "I LOVE YOU" in morse code for a single stream gimmick though.

>> No.22911049

sorry english muzukashii

>> No.22911066

it rhymes :^)

>> No.22911093

It's fine, as long as I get what you mean

>> No.22911152

Oh... right...

>> No.22911571

what a crusty game lmao

>> No.22911603

This has been so chaotic I have no idea what's been happening for the past hour and a half

>> No.22911727

tell me about irys why is she horny?

>> No.22911729

you whore leave the demon alone

>> No.22911731

>ywn be a hog sexy ghost

>> No.22911751

bros how do we compete with that demon

>> No.22911758

Fauna is blind af

>> No.22911807


>> No.22911910

>ywn take IRyS to France and let her experience Paris syndrome

>> No.22911930

who's in Paris?

>> No.22911932


>> No.22911944

she's saving this shitty ass game by being as sexy as possible

>> No.22911986

IRyS and me

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>> No.22912040

>I want some brony in my life

>> No.22912056

imagine the smell

>> No.22912059

>youngest daughter
>daddy's girl

>> No.22912082

Don't need to B)

>> No.22912317 [SPOILER] 
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>> No.22912543

>wanna go upstairs?
>i'm scared
>don't be afraid
These fucking girls.

>> No.22912585

>save me Mary! SAVE ME!
I laughed so hard, thanks IRyS.

>> No.22912643

is it true? does IRyS really have E cups? I need proof for research purposes of course

>> No.22912654

Matsuura no Kyuujitsu

>> No.22912669

Yes, Japanese E cups. Check her character sheet.

>> No.22912737

I wish IRyS flashed me

>> No.22912827 [SPOILER] 
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according to google, this seiyuu is E-cup

>> No.22912909


>> No.22912916

she is cursed

>> No.22912936

I'll save her, I'll take the ghost away from her

>> No.22912939

Abe, let me in. I need to protect IRyS.

>> No.22913000


>> No.22913018

This is just Red c all over again

>> No.22913027

I want to show them my man-jiggle

>> No.22913035

because it is.

>> No.22913043

>bullied again

>> No.22913047
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good collab

>> No.22913058

Fuck, I need to work on my chests

>> No.22913064

IRyS is pent up, she needs me ahhhh

>> No.22913066

sexually frustrated..

>> No.22913108


>> No.22913123


>> No.22913220

Reine can't stop luring women into the bathroom.

>> No.22913245

it hurts... I just want to get raped by Reine...

>> No.22913256

>1v1 me in the bathroom
Reine just fuck her already, you both need it

>> No.22913258

IRyS is gonna take her clothes off

>> No.22913365


>> No.22913378

what the fuck is the Lord doing?

>> No.22913379


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>> No.22913505

AHHHHHH, Please punish me for I have sinned

>> No.22913516

Lord forgive me, for i'm about to sin

>> No.22913518

>side-tie panties

>> No.22913530

Time to donate to the nearest church.

>> No.22913583

>Temperature: ERO
even the game knows

>> No.22913616

JWU. Fuck, looks like I'm one of the few oldfags left...well, this is bound to happen anyway. Guess I'll stay and hold the fort, at least until I've seen her new outfit and cover songs....

>> No.22913649

I want to talk to you

>> No.22913726
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I guess I really will be the last irystocrat

>> No.22913729

"Why do the brown people always die first?"
she just keeps doing it

>> No.22913767

Christian stream....

>> No.22913785

IRyS is really pleasant to listen to, on the same level as Fauna for me, and she doesn't scream all the time like some other ENs. That's pretty much all I require from a vtuber, but she's also cute and mostly streams things I find vaguely interesting.
Thanks for reading my blog.

>> No.22913807


>> No.22913839

liked and followed

>> No.22913844

based saplingbro, you guys ain't so bad, I feel the same way

>> No.22913857

If anyone could steal me from IRyS it would be Fauna. But I'm faithful.

>> No.22913942

Yeah, me

>> No.22913950

Irys is cool, but the only thing that keeps me from loving her is that she likes anime too much and I don't like that.

>> No.22913968

Bro who are you

>> No.22913987

I would had loved her 15 years ago when I was super into anime and used to watch all seasonal shit, she's my perfect woman from 15 years ago... now days... I am out of the loop but still love her

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>> No.22914091
File: 1.18 MB, 1366x768, Actual.Canadagoose.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22914142

fucking kek

>> No.22914145

>Flat women aren't women
IRyS?!! wow based

>> No.22914166

based IRyS dunkin' on womanlets

>> No.22914186

She keeps yawning.

>> No.22914188

ina... gura...

>> No.22914195

Kronii's limit is up...

>> No.22914214

>good tits/10
she needs to do more game reviews

>> No.22914217


>> No.22914226

why are they all ejaculating on the floor

>> No.22914255

They're just making a porno now

>> No.22914262


>> No.22914291

god I love this woman

>> No.22914314

These horny women...

>> No.22914463


>> No.22914494

I'm gonna fap to Reine after this, don't tell IRyS though...

>> No.22914500


>> No.22914512

That stream was fun as fuck. Yet of course I saw a lot of negativity. I don't like how negative this place has gotten lately.

>> No.22914520


>> No.22914528

Literally where?

>> No.22914535

Better than expected. 8/10

>> No.22914551

What can IRyS do to get more viewers in collabs? She always gets crushed in these things.

>> No.22914563

Kek IRyS

>> No.22914580

I actually liked this a lot I love IRyS even more ahhhhh I love her so much ahhhh

>> No.22914588

Be a better streamer. She almost always has the worst PoV in these things and it seems like people are expecting that now.

>> No.22914605

fun and chaotic/10

>> No.22914608
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now the real collab where they burn off 4 hours of sexual tension begins

>> No.22914611

kek this dork

>> No.22914644

Such a funny collab. EN and ID collabs always deliver

>> No.22914657
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It was great! I had a lot of fun too! Love IRyS!!!

>> No.22914689

>shit game
>great collab

>> No.22914734

nephilim magic at work

>> No.22914848

Okay I'm really sleepy no more streaming anytime soon right?

>> No.22914856

she's literally doing it RIGHT NOW

>> No.22914943
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Nah, just go to sleep bro I'm sure it'll be fine

>> No.22914956

they are planning their next collab!
and having discord sex

>> No.22914971

I believe you

>> No.22914990

She won't stream twice in the same day when she plans to stream tomorrow

>> No.22915045

She almost never streams twice in one day. It's happened like 4 times in total, and the one was the members stream this week and was likely because she felt she had to do something since she had nothing but collabs planned ahead.

>> No.22915052

Any news about the collab in two days?

>> No.22915068

What fucking discord are you faggots coming from?

>> No.22915094

>3 hour old posts

>> No.22915146
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All right then, good night everyone have a good rest of the day
I love IRyS~

>> No.22915160

Yeah and every day there are some faggots trying to start the same shit "it's OVER for IRyS this time". Like what compels people to just anti holos that aren't doing fucking anything, I understand the schizos are attracted to drama but why attack people who have literally done nothing wrong?

>> No.22915196

What's with people's obsessin with discord. Anything you don't like has to have come from some discord?

>> No.22915251

and SEAniggers

>> No.22915253

That's not what happened. A few oldfags decided to let go, that's all. IRyS will still have 99.99% of her fans.

>> No.22915283

Telegram is also shit, but the reason is because people can make their own weird private chatrooms, which is why discord attracts a type of fag that's a schizo, a tranny, an autist or some combo of the three and they basically foment there into some unholy hugbox echo chamber of insanity that being a crazy fuck is actually a good thing because all the other crazy fucks assure them so.

And then they make it everyone else's problem.

>> No.22915318

Some old members who feel IRyS isn't the same as she used to be and are moving on must be antis huh

>> No.22915344

I don't think those are oldfags

>> No.22915348

There's one guy constantly shitting on Irys now saying the same stuff every time

>> No.22915355

I don't think oldfags exist

>> No.22915362

Yeah when you post the same shit every day with minor variations it can only be interpreted as anti-ing.

>> No.22915395

>"oldfag" as in "someone that has watched IRyS since at least august"
Seems kind of retarded to term it as such.

>> No.22915402

Day one members, at least

>> No.22915417

In your schizo kind that always has to have a boogeyman to blame things on

>> No.22915573

discord is the most popular chat program currently, so all the retards that don't understand cause and effect think it's some disproptionate tranny/pedo club , forgetting that every other program had the same problems going back to when IRC was relevant

>> No.22915651

IRC has always been for wierdos dude to it's roots in computer nerd culture, but during the age of instant messengers none of them had the bad reptuation discord does

>> No.22915745

That's why I never member any vtuber on day one and instead wait a while until I know. I only member'd to IRyS around 2 or 3 months after her membership despite having been watching her since her debut, but when I realized I couldn't stop thinking about her and watched every stream since her debut, then I decided to member and I still can't stop thinking about her.

>> No.22915801

We used to have great posters around...cheering her on when she did weekly karaokes, and made soundposts for laughs. The way IRyS carries herself from debut, was a bit of a fresh air and probably why we're attracted to her in the first place despite her odd model. Though, I guess she's quite different now...and she still hasn't had a single hit song as a VSinger. Probably that's why a lot of them left.

>> No.22915806

During the yahoo messenger era there were mainstream TV news segments about evil online satanist pedos coming to teach your kids evolution, and it was more warranted then because there was an actual public directory in the client, now unless you're invited you won't even know a server exists

>> No.22915845

based and same
only makes me wish I had day one membered though

>> No.22915861

that's hardly the same thing, that's fearmongering from people who knew nothing about it
meanwhile everyone knows about discord and everyone says it's full of crazies

>> No.22916084

i miss irys...

>> No.22916183

So be the will of the Lord

>> No.22916663

will irys get something like this...

>> No.22916684


>> No.22916841

maybe in 1-2 years

>> No.22916862

So is this stream counted as IRyS's conversion to Christianity? If so, then she can't legally forget about Easter next year, lmao.

>> No.22916956
File: 2.06 MB, 1300x842, 97609024_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Present~ <3 eZqAaZko1ANhd-flWoWZraBvZtqHYchtzvY_hIilU(?)E

>> No.22917054

doesnt work :(

>> No.22917079

Isn't that available on youtube already?

>> No.22917168


>> No.22917170

She'll burst in flames if she ever converts to Christianity

>> No.22917181

She misses you too...

>> No.22917249

jesus being the name of my dick

>> No.22917484

Yo dick took 3 days to recharge, bro?

>> No.22917584

IRyS - Topic is all I need for my poorfag listening needs

>> No.22917686

Is this a new song? I can't open it.

>> No.22917698

Nah it's roommate stuff

>> No.22917874

oh nevermind
i dropped her roommate monthly shit when I realized she's repeating everything she says as irys

>> No.22918248
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>> No.22918332


>> No.22918906

Imagine how huge his dick is
Why am i like this?

>> No.22919121

I want to become tortoise.

>> No.22919189


>> No.22919225
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cool fact

>> No.22919240

>turtles in main

>> No.22919292

>ywn give IRyS a foot massage
bros... it hurts...

>> No.22919310

She's already talked about turtles a lot...

>> No.22919474

Piggy got a bit too chunky for most people’s liking.

>> No.22919488

oh god that's so hot I wanna hug her and keep her all to myself!

>> No.22919506

fuck off, teacuck

>> No.22919522

God bless Alp, what a legend.

>> No.22919616

Photoshop her horns!

>> No.22919822

>IRyS loves turtles
>Anya needed new panties when she saw a turtle in Resident Evil
why are women obsessed with shell lizards?

>> No.22920084

Didn't IRyS say something about wanting to fuck turtles (or was it dolphins) last year

>> No.22920511


>> No.22920791
File: 589 KB, 1080x1101, Screenshot_2022-04-12-03-23-13.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I did a similar thing I started checking her out after debut and watching regularly and something about her voice just enraptured me because she does something with it I can't put into words.
I membered her a couple months ago. Don't think im leaving anytime soon.

>> No.22921139

good taste bro, I feel the only ones leaving are those who jump into a new chuuba and go "this will be my oshi, just because" without even analyzing anything about her and membering day 1, the ones that wait are the ones that eat good

>> No.22921308

If it's "just because" then she was never your oshi in the first place.

>> No.22921334


>> No.22921450

For the better or worse, I hope they use this opportunity to gtfo of this place. ESCAPE!

>> No.22921566

..What. I don't think she's THAT yabai on stream, is she?
>inb4 this post gets btfo

>> No.22921636

Turtles? No. Dolphins, I remember being mentioned once (Minecraft?) but I don't remember the context.

>> No.22921754

Took this from the rentry (this is the dolphins one). The turtle one is out of context but I remember trying to think wtf was going on in her mind when she said she did the deed with the dolphins.

>> No.22921770
File: 63 KB, 301x292, 20220222_035424.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22921846

haha what is the actual context here

>> No.22921852

She probably means that she's swam with them. At least I choose to interpret it that way.

>> No.22921989

>implying context will ever be given

Don't dolphins rape people to death? How would you safely even fuck one.

>> No.22922005

I think she said it out of left field so we won't know what she actually meant by it

>> No.22922226

Anyone got a clip?

>> No.22923061

I still can't figure out what she meant by this even with rewinding way back like 10 minutes

>> No.22924126

IRyS not a virgin because she fucked a dolphin...

>> No.22924182

IRyS 3D when?

>> No.22924217

That dolphin is me.

>> No.22924246

I posted this

>> No.22924287

All me.

>> No.22924315

All me

>> No.22924736

I'm pretty sure she meant that she attacked/killed a minecraft dolphin. Because that happened in one of her first MC streams. "Done the deed" is amazing way to put it, she definitely has a way with words.

>> No.22924850

Should have been IRyS there... she's so disappointingly lazy and unproductive...
She has not done anything with anyone else...

>> No.22924884

In b4 dolphinsex

>> No.22925000

Fuck off cunt. Glad the thread is dying.

>> No.22925124

First, meds.
Second, fuck off.
Thied, all her music is managed by cover and we know streaming is the only thing she has any agency over. She can't put out even a solo cover without getting approval from cover first, much less a collab song.

>> No.22925260

Don't know, but if anyone could handle dolphin sex it's IRyS, maybe it's like that CIA dolphin experiment

>> No.22925476

IRyS won't be happy when she reads these dolphin things

>> No.22925582

She's busy right now. I'll keep fucking her until this dolphin shit is over.

>> No.22925626

Could dolphins learn how to use the internet?

>> No.22925705

Seems more like she just wanted to make a yabai joke and then immediately thought better of it by changing the topic, since Kronii usually reacts to IRyS' jokes.

>> No.22925754

She probably shouldn't have done the deed on those dolphins.

>> No.22925810

I'm a living proof.

>> No.22926113

How do you think IRyS smells?

>> No.22926192

Like saltwater and dolphins

>> No.22926284

Don't make me post that masturbating dolphin you degenerates.

>> No.22926405

IRyS jelly...

>> No.22926852

I think you're right. The long pause points to this. She said it so casually though that you can't rule out dolphin sex.

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