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Marine clips

Noel clips

Flare music playlist

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more like hag san gumi

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I like all three of these vtubers.

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>only 1 hag though

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Holofantasy minus Pekora thread?

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OP saw that the Noel and Marine threads were slow and thought of a way to join them together so they wouldn't be so dead. Neither fan base was on board.

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Pekora is too isolated to count as part of the gen anyway.

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How old is Noel?

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27 in a few weeks

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She still young then. Too bad her eggs will be wasted on that half elf

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maybe nature will find a way

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Lore wise NoeFlare is fucked up. Flare probably found Noel when she was still a loli since elves live so much longer.

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Yeah but who cares about the lore?

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the grooming would make it better, although there's nothing saying they couldn't have met as adults in theory

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when will they collab next

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I don't know, who's birthday is next?

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Into the trash.

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shame a lot of oneesan gumi streams got privated
the school days playthrough was fun

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was RE:8 the last collab? almost a year ago. Well now without Rushia it will just look like a gen 3 collab that is sidelining Pekora.

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This would basically be the flare thread to be honest

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Wasn't there a monhun collab or did that come before re8?

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Last collab was for Flare's birthday and Noel's birthday before that

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They showed up but I wouldn't call it a oneesangumi collab

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Send Noel your energy

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Probably no stream then, she's such a mess.

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I wish they sexually assaulted me as a kid

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Marine's years and years of desperation for shota attention are such a missed opportunity when you think about it. Maybe the perfect thing to do if you had a time machine is get a shota body and jump her during that 7-or-so year window where she was utterly shota-crazed.

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This clip lives rent free in my head because of how cute Noel is when she gets Flare's card
>The scream
>Her voice cracking as she says "Flare"
>Her handshaking
She's so happy and I only wish I could make her that happy.

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Thanks dude. You just gave me a great idea. Next time i will jerk off while fantasizing about this exact scenario.

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Can't decide whether I like Marine or Noel more

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monhun was just before that... they were very close to each other like a month.

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They are still close to each other, they just don't do dedicated collabs these days because of scheduling reasons. Remember how they stayed over at Noel's before holofes?

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Senchou's an owl...

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Foursome with oneesangumi

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I want Noel to shove her tongue down my throat.

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Me too anon
Me too

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I just realized it's already been a long time since we had /nui/ on this board...

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Flare has Bakatare. This was created mostly for Noel, last thread they ran down the groups she's in Sankisei would turn into Pekora and Shiraken would just be Micomet. Noel isn't very popular on her own and isn't in many groups, she kinda a loner.
I don't think it'll last. The Kishidan seem content alone in their thread.

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/nui/ basically got folded into bakatare together with watame because both those threads had issues staying on the board. I'm hoping this thread would get some anonuis but it doesn't seem likely

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Senchou's coming back this weekend

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https://youtu.be/Z1GWnuOaZjA Flare will be collabing with Luna in about an hour

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flare clips (old as methuselah) https://pastebin.com/8huxrZ6D

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What's the purpose of this thread?

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Hololive board

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vt is getting bombarded so much that not even UOOOOH spams can keep hololive relevant

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The Luna flare collab was very heartwarming, they also talked about pee

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neat, I'll have to check it out later

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Let it go, man. It was a good idea but people are set in their ways, they like their splits. Maybe when they collab again or something.

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nice tits

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I treasure their tits anon

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I refuse

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More elden ring later today

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Noel looks like
>Wow, she really trusts me. I could do anything to her right now.

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I mean, wouldn't you?

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I only like 2

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send senchou your energy

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I love tits

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Schizos in various threads recently have been saying that NoeFure is dead? That they don't interact that much anymore, and that it was fake all along. is this true? I honestly hope not because I always thought they were one of the only legitimate pairings in Hololive.

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They collab fairly frequently.

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Assuming you're not baiting.
They had a collab with Micomet and Polka. They were cute off screen but we only got Miko's POV so we couldn't see anything.

They had a teetee moment on twitter when it was cold in Tokyo and Noel wanted to snuggle with Flare for warmth.

They also met for lunch not long ago.

Flare is often blunt which can come across mean or stand offish, it's one thing she hated because fans would get mad at her when she was mean to Noel albeit in a playful way but Chat would take it too far saying she didn't love Noel or she was being too harsh. I don't know if they're lesbian lovers but they are BFFs.

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Honestly, the way people talk about being around them is enough to convince me they are real.

If you ever see the girls come across couples in games, it's never the "aww" or "so cute" reactions, it's almost always angry or disgusted. And of all the supposed couples in HL, NoeFure are the only ones people talk about that way too.

Miko, Marine, Nene to name a few, have all talked about spending time with them, and how sickening it was seeing them being sweet on each other.

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I think they're just close. I've known a few girls that are straight and have boyfriends but they sleep in the same bed and say "I love you" and are pretty intimate with skinship. Maybe they're bi, I don't know. It's always been like that since I was a kid, girls are always closer together than boys. The fact they're not even roommates is I think a big sign they aren't a couple and the fact they drew their relationship back a bit out of the spotlight. That's where all these "they hate each other" comments come from.

I could also dive deeper into Noel's mindset of being unpopular and not having a lot of friends growing up and suddenly having someone like Flare in her life so all those pent up emotions and new feelings come rushing over you after years of suppression but I'm not a psychologist.

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they certainly don't talk about interacting as often as they did at the peak. I don't think it's as strong as it has been, even if I wouldn't call it dead

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I think Flare and Noel discussed it and decided to dial it back a bit because Flare was getting the worst of it from shippers in chat. She was often getting called the husband of the relationship which she didn't like, she also got attacked by chat if she teased Noel or if she collab'd with another Holo, they would say she was cheating on Noel. So I think Flare and Noel agreed to take it out of the spotlight for everyone's sake.

>> No.23002749

well being out of the spotlight means it's hard to know where it's at anyhow

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Why this thread? Aren't Marine and Noel threads pretty active?

>> No.23006252

just an experiment

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There's bakatare but it's mostly watamates and hardly any fubuki in it since she already has her own and a bunch of other group gens

>> No.23009812

Why does everyone hate Flare?

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I wish she didn't pivot to cutesy personally, when she debuted she was still trying to be cool and it was nice. Her voice definitely sounds better that way.

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She had to pivot. She's the least popular Sankisei by a mile. Have you seen Smile & Go numbers?

>> No.23011629

the pivot didn't exactly change much in terms of her relative popularity

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Big announcement stream and also return from COVID for Marine tonight

>> No.23016626

They don't. Flare just consolidated a very dedicated fanbase rather than gather a large but fleeting one. It's the reason she easily keeps up with the rest of her gen in thinks like merch and SCs despite a much lower sub count.
So you would rather she keep faking it rather than be who she wants to be? Like it or hate it, Flare likes to be cute, and I'd rather she do that and be genuine than put on a Persona and be deceptive.

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I don't think she would have to fake it any more than she is now. It's not as if her current streaming persona is completely natural and she's making absolutely no concessions to the situation she's in. There's always going to be some amount of conscious thought put into how she presents herself on stream, it's never going to be exactly as "real" or "true" as if you were interacting with her in private.

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senchou announcement tonight

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voice apparently not going to be in good shape for it

>> No.23024572

well she's pushing through because she needs to make the announcement

>> No.23024862

I wonder if it's some sponsored stuff since she has to meet a deadline

>> No.23025078

Nah it's the announcement for her original song what's already been pushed back because of covid, and since all the preperations have already been in place for awhile it's just waiting on her to make the proper announcement

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Flare was always cool and cute. She was Polka before Gen5 even existed. Randomly throwing in certain phrases randomly starting singing lines of old songs. The problem i have with current Flare is that she is trying too hard not to be cool.

>> No.23032260

I get the feeling she's been ground down by the job a bit. Not enough that she doesn't realise how good she has it, but enough that she's lost some of that playfulness or spontenaiety, at least with the same regularity that she used to have it.

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