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Honestly, she's so much "one of us otakus", that she's more of an otaku than the male otakus. She has almost zero current Western culture awareness, and her entire identity is manga/anime/vocaloid themed.

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She is Japanese.

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i will corrupt her and make her a far left feminist woke american dyke

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Yes, but she was born and raised in the US. But once she moved to Japan, she pretty severed all connections to the West, bar maybe some Disney movie consumption.

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> Honestly, she's so much "one of us otakus", that she's more of an otaku than the male otakus. She has almost zero current Western culture awareness, and her entire identity is manga/anime/vocaloid themed.

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yes, please move on to your next bait thread

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Firstly, what the hell is a pick up girl?

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extremely unattractive

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> Firstly, what the hell is a pick up girl?

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Hafus ALWAYS default to their non-european racial identity. This is what yellow fever fags need to understand, the kids you make with your comfort woman will never be your kids in actuality, you are simply the sperm donor.

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She will never be Japanese.

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>can't understand girls
>can't understand guys
What can she understand?

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did vt just discover the term pickme last week ?
Every fucking day this pickme shit.

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>Hafus ALWAYS default to their non-european racial identity.

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Its the new "twerkable songs"
Nijinigger humor

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The fuck is a pickme girl?

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Because even they understand, even if only subconsciously, that a drop of darker blood takes away the racial purity required to be european.

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pickme hafu girls good
western roasties bad

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This, but without the frog.

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They hated him because he told them the truth

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They get social benefits by being non-white everywhere but Eastern Europe. 20 years ago people were bitching that hafus lost their "connection" to Asia.

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Dumb frog poster.

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If I had a Japanese wife I'd tell them to do the same. Claiming to be poc will give you advantages in life while being White does not, at least in the west.

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Who said she was a hafu?

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>Who said she was a hafu?
Think about it anon, someone born and raised in America and speaks perfect english except when she forgets a few words because of her time in Japan. The highest likelihood possible is this.

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So nobody.
You know nikkei-jin exist right?

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>The highest likelihood possible is this.

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As a hapa, among white friends I'm the azn, among Asian friends i'm white. It depends who's judging.

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The only thing she has said was her mom is from japanese/japanese citizen, and her dad is an american citizen. They latch onto that and think she hafu. She is from hawaii, where almost half the population are japanese americans/ethnically japanese.

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Or maybe, she is 100% Japanese raised in US

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Are you a pickme girl?

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aka Nikkei or the ethnically Japanese diaspora accumulated in places such as brazil and hawaii of all places.

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>choosing easy mode on your playthrough of life
you didn’t beat the game

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you can only ever lose the game

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>almost zero current Western culture awareness
Truly the perfect woman.

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I love IRyS

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>Irys will never call anon daddy.

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Gosling queen

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Intel only separated the n-word as its own toggle is because they know blacks love the word right?

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Nah, you’re just a fag.

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This is a very very strange form of cope. The whites will fuck your women Zhang and you will be alone.

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>newfag didnt get it

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>Everyone I don't like is chinese.
Retard. In that context, obviously meant ANY hafu not just half-japanese.

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Chinese, Japanese, same thing.

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what the fuck do they mean by "some" and "most" lmfao. please tell me this was an april fools joke

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What is this?

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Is there such a thing as a pickyou girl? I hope I meet one someday. I like IRyS, and hope she is happy.

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East Asians are minorities without any of the benefits

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That’s a nice six-foot under speedrun you have in mind there, anon.

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>a girl who goes out of their way to impress boys and make them seem that they're "not like other girls" kind of like a simp but for girls. otherwise known as; internalized misogyny. not the easiest to explain, but when you see one, you'll know she's one for sure. usually does this to be accepted by boys and be considered "one of the good ones"

>a pick me girl is very easy to distinguish for other girls but men tend to fall for it very easily. A pick me girl will RAVE about how she only hangouts with the male species because its “easier and less drama filled” but in reality non pick me girls just don’t claim her. She will go out of her way to make fun of a gf for something private or embarrassing they told her in front of a group of guys to make them like her less. It goes without say that she will act COMPLETELY different when ur around guys verses when you are alone with her (girl to girl) Will constantly remind you that she is not like other girls and she doesn’t try around other boys because they like that she’s natural and wears sweatpants and might even go out of her way to say she is like a sister or mom to her male friends.

What the fuck? Pick me girls are literally MORI

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I’m pretty certain the reason she chose one over the other in this case is that the Japs have cute girls in their media.

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I can imagine the vapid whore hands that typed that explanation

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I’ll answer this for you since Twitch has pretty much the same interface: the higher you go the more esoteric the stuff it starts banning is. I turned the sexually explicit slider up to none and it started holding messages saying “cream pie” even though we were talking about actual pies made of cream. Turning the racial slider to max probably bans the word “monkey” or something.

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You've never even seen a woman nor will you ever be one

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Kek, imagine attempting to hold in-depth conversations and every other word is unacceptable, despite having no intention to use them in a derogatory or sexually suggestive fashion.

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Okay, anon, I think you should leave. We'll be fine, YOU just have to GO.

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No fucking shot Twitch has a system like this right now. I refuse to believe it

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Seething cuckbeat

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no need Anon, Mori got you already covered

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Is it even possible to set them all to “No filtering”?

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When did feminazi lingo become common here? Do 4chinks unironically regurgitate anything they hear without thinking?

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Where is the option for misandry?

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>Do 4chinks unironically regurgitate anything they hear without thinking?
Always. They just copy everything around the world. Zero originality.

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You are a 4chink

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And you're fucking retarded. Now, between the both of us only one statement made is the correct one. Hint, I'm right.

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god I fucking hate clips this short
if it's below 2 minutes I ain't clickin

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Don't be retarded, you didn't even understand the meaning of his post

He is a 4chink, you are a 4chink, everyone who posts here is a 4chink

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Ok, you're a schizo...you should probably go to /x/. That's more your speed.

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This implies you can you have all racism whilst also having a nigger limiter in place.

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I need her.

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Mori hangs out with girls though . Probably a lot nowadays with Irys and whoever else is in Japan

>> No.22831723

Clipniggers and clipfags deserve the rope.

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Yep, there is definitely something European hafus will always default to... if you know what I mean... heheh

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They hated the frog. They regretted their words and deeds.

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That sounds like a good thing.

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Is this why Irys is always hungover on stream?

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IRyS likes Gundam which makes her wife material in my book.

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No that's me dayo

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The one time she was hungover?

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the first intelligent frog poster

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>her dad is an american citizen
>she has a very good relationship with her father and calls him "daddy"
Whitebros, we're in.

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>IRyS likes Gundam which makes her wife material in my book.
Bro, the only Gundam she's actually watched is Gundam SEED. If you want somebody who actually knows her shit when it comes to Gundam, watch Noel instead.

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Noel is also wife material

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Yeah, and I want to gundam SEED and FEED WifeRyS

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Milkyqueen isn't "a lot of girls", BWSbeat

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OP, what is the definition of a pickme girl anyway?

>> No.22833221

>her jojo friend
>that TT bitch
Don’t be a retard anon.

>> No.22833299

She already is a far left feminist by virtue of being a woman born in the US

>> No.22833391

>entire lists consists of people she """befriended""" in the past year
Embarrassing post.

>> No.22833483

>moving goalpost

>> No.22833559

If you were intellectually honest, you'd realize why this has always been the goalpost. But lying comes natural to BWSbeats, just as it does to their oshi.

>> No.22833646

Ok I’m arguing with a retard I get it, but what the hell is a bwsbeat? That’s a new one

>> No.22833695

>u-ur dum!
I accept your concession.

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The impression that I have is that hafus will never be actually japanese.
Even though they might look completely japanese, they will always carry the mindset of someone outside of Japan, which in turn makes them feel alienated by Japanese whenever they try living around what they thought would be their peers.

It's why the Brazilian diaspora who goes to japan usually hang around each other or other foreigners.

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girls who desperately try to be attractive to men

feminists use this to discourage women from sucking up to guys, but the girls who suck up to guys are generally mentally ill to begin with so it's a lose-lose.

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>male species
The femcels didn't even try with this one kek, at least they had the self restraint to remove "moid"

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good frogposter

also I really don't care for this "pickme" forced meme. Any appealing girl is a pickme, what should they be instead? Unappealing, repulsive, bitchy, not cute? Sounds stupid.

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