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This is the writing thread, for all of your fanfiction needs and desires. Check the archives below for everything the thread has put out so far, ranging from SFW to NSFW, fluff to tragedy, small literary works and shitposts alike!

Collective works so far are available in the archive:

>Isn't this just you fuckers writing fanfiction, eh?
Previous thread:>>22639565

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Story anchor.
Post 'em if you got 'em!

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Do you have a story you'd like to see written? Reply to this post with it! Try to be as clear and concise as possible; the better you describe your idea, the more likely it is to be picked up!

Consider forwarding your prompt to the prompt archive to keep your idea safe and alive forever! No information is gathered - it's all completely anonymous. Use the form below:

Curious to see the prompt archive? Check it out here if you need a little more inspiration!

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Story recap! There... were six stories posted last thread. Take a look at them if you didn't in the last thread:

Ame of Destruction: Tags: giantess, crush, snuff:>>22653699

Wilted Rose: Rommates?: Tags: OC, Mori. Depression, Anxiety, implications of abuse in backstory, fluff, friends to lovers, romance:>>22658609

Nina story: Tags: Nina Kosaka, Psychological Horror, Sad:>>22662011

Gyaru Okayu: Tags: SFW, Okayu, short fic (?):>>22666499

Forsaking My Own Flesh And Blood: Tags: Nene, fluff, slice of life:>>22667403

Lotus Festival: Kataomoi: Tags: Matsuri, Izuru: >>22724821

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Prompt recap! Last thread had a lot of new prompts. Here they are in case you missed them:

Holo Council is failing, you're a 'troubleshooter' talent manager who comes in to help failing idols and entertainers. You've handled a lot of weird shit in your life, but can you handle a bunch of very lazy primordial beings (with the two exceptions of an owl and a deer):>>22646842

Living in the post apocalyptic hellscape caused by Matsuri's ahoge getting separated from her body. You are on a quest to reunite the ahoge to the head of Matsuri and prevent the apocalypse from occuring:>>22665405

Having a taboo love affair with a lonely high-school aged Okayu:>>22704122

A fic where you come into a young Towa's life and bring the light of color and creativity into her life. Ending then reveals that you are actually picrel:>>22718681

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elf sex elf sex ELF SEEEEEEEX

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nice pits

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That's actually a really funny idea, I'll happily use that. Thanks Anon!

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moar moomer stories plox

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Stories of what kind?

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Continuing on the conversation from last thread, which stories do you think would be the least potentially damaging for each Holo to read? I think Out of the Blue for Gura, for example. Out of all the stuff we have on our archive it's gotta be one of the most wholesome pieces, if not THE most wholesome piece.

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NTA, but I've always wanted someone to make a prose/fanfic version of the wheelchair rrat/greentext from her debut. It was very dumb and I doubt anyone actually believed it but I liked it and want to see someone take a shot at making a fic.

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>Continuing on the conversation from last thread
No, fuck off. This is a new thread.

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(You) are Mumei's new talent manager, she's doing great and you were a fan before you got the job, but you always wondered why she'd never gotten a 3D debut, that was until you actually saw her and realized why. Now your life is an exercise in making sure Mumei is not impeded by her disability and making sure that nobody outside of Cover ever finds out for her own safety.

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I have a better question: which stories would be the MOST potentially damaging for each chuuba to read? Who would be repulsed and traumatized by a fic about them here?

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That's a good question, it'd need to be someone who has basically no 'safe' fics for them to read I think, if we're trying to find out who'd be the most traumatized. If we're going off just 'most depraved fics causing the most damage' regardless, I would say any Holo with a fic where they get abused. Except maybe Matsuri, she'd probably enjoy a lot of stuff on here if she could read it.

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>Young Link
then who's the third??

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Missing a few tags on Lotus Festival: Kataomoi there, the two on here are misleading. Makes it kind of look like the story is about Matsuri and Izuru only.

Tags: Matsuri/OC, Izuru, Fubuki, Fluff, Angst, Friends to Lovers, Drama, Comedy.

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Vergil, it was mentioned last thread. Then again, I think he's more like Nero.

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Honestly if we disregard the language barrier for this question. I think the fucking dementia Marine fic would absolutely fuck with her due to getting sucker punched by them expecting a degenerate lewd fic but getting something depressing instead.

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Secret autism. Vergil was just a joke that ended up becoming real by complete accident due to how I like my fantasy.

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Good news, this is my final week of uni, and my next semester starts in early september, so I'll be able to write more for you guys.

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Moar hag pregnancy

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Hey, that's neat. Good luck Anon.

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Thanks, I appreciate it.

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Nobody asked. Hope you bomb your finals.

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Kiara and her chapter of MW

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I asked. I also bombed your mom lmao

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Jesus christ, go back to plebbit.

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Was reading random stories with the reroll button and found a dead link - some story called "Defective".

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Guess it really lives up to its name in the archive!

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>green eyed blonde
I mean I know what you mean, but still.
Mori has a bunch of sappy romance stuff in the Archive from back when most of /vt/ still really liked her. I don't think Kiara would mind most of the stuff written about her here either, since so much of it is either romance or KFP femdom (lol).

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God I hated Carlos

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iirc that was one of the moona's ordeal guy's stories, about vocal chord surgery as a metaphor for circumcision
he had a menhera breakdown a while ago and removed all his stuff, which would be why it's down

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Author re-wrote the story and I think AA ended up not removing the old link. Defective Redo is in the archive.

I looked in the Mega link but couldn't find the original there so seems it really got lost.

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Kiara and Mori have it easy. Lots of Mori fluff and yeah nothing too degenerate for Kiara either, although I still live in fear if she finds my fic (Footsteps) regardless of how inoffensive it is. Lucky for me the chances of that happening are virtually nil.

I hope.

Just based on skimming a good few fics are focused on Pekora, at least one Watame NTR fic... Ignoring 'just holos' I wonder how Nyanners would feel about the numerous /ss/ fics with her in it. Knowing her, she'd probably like them.

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I mean he is back and writing for here. With love me * 3 being a new work they recently completed.
It just that I'm reasonably certain the fics he deleted due to his menhera breakdown are gone for good and are hard deleted from his GDrive. The only ones that are still 'alive' being the stuff he crossposted to ao3.

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I hope Risu has shlicked to at least one of the stories about her

>> No.22753261

She hasn't

>> No.22753371

They aren't all futa

>> No.22753413

Considering the best one's the anal one there's still a chance.

>> No.22753414

Risu will search for herself, see that all the recent ones are futa, go "not this one, not this one, not this one... they are all futa?" after maybe the 6th and give up

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Is that anon writing First Summer Memories still here and writing it, or is he "dying in Kyiv"?

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Nah, not dying in Kyiv, dude. Don't be silly.

He died there weeks ago.

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>about vocal chord surgery as a metaphor for circumcision
So THAT's what it was about? It went completely over my head.

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I think Ina would have fun reading the Ina Horror fics that are on the archive.

>> No.22754549

Kyle's House!

>> No.22754838

Cory in the*
Ina's probably the safest pick for an EN to read one of her stories

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it's fucking sora isn't it? round raid is a strike raid joke

>> No.22755336

I've been sentenced to lugging bricks for my old man. How can I turn this task into a study session?

I'm already going to work on numbers since I struggle with those but surely there's some way I can turn this into something productive

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Fuck wrong thread. Disregard that. Trying to learn a new language in my free time.

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Man last thread had a strangely low number of prompts.

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To make this writing related. Imagine your Oshi is there with you, also forced into manual labor.
What would she feel? What would she look like? How would she do?
Make it into an exercise in creativity while you're being forced to do it, and since you're also trying to learn a language while doing it.
Do that exercise while thinking like a laborer in that language.

>> No.22755617

Gesture to things with one another and say the corresponding word.

>> No.22755895

This gave me the amusing image of (You) teaching Polka English while you're breaking rocks under the hot sun as part of a chain gang.

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ok maybe it is a horror story after all but not for you

>> No.22756329

I'd like to see a story based on pic related. Maybe something like (You) are a prince or figure of royalty and sneak out to take a walk around the estate, only to find one of the maids picking flowers/reading a book.

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Fucking forgot the pic, of course.

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I reread the whole thing to catch up. Honestly I think the problem with your smut is that there genuinely isn't enough if you're intending for the sex scenes to be something to jack it to, they fit in as part of the plot but what's there isn't really that erotic since it feels rather 'distant', with the feeling present not really coming out or the actions being done not really being given proper focus.
I think this is why the earlier replies to this that I recall tend to focus on the horror aspect as that's the part that was written decently well and had something interesting occuring.

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File: 1.26 MB, 1000x814, Pink cat big[sound=files.catbox.moe%2F17lcc4.mp3].webm.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I wonder how Nyanners would feel about the numerous /ss/ fics with her in it.
Given the distinct lack of anything involving her turning into a breeding sow, she'd probably be unhappy.

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Massaging a tuckered out Watame until she falls asleep

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Fluffy Laplus fic

>> No.22760265

Massages are grossly under done in fics I notice. Lots of sex, very little pampering. Might be because it's a very tactile thing that's a bit more nuanced than sex.

>> No.22760421

I ended up looking at a few cutscenes of DMC5 because they showed up in my YT feed and because some anons here have a hard-on for the guy, and what the actual fuck
I've never heard such a gross miscast for voice acting outside of horrible anime dubs
He does not speak the way he looks at all. He speaks exactly like someone really, creepily into D&D would. Neither does Dante, to a less egregious extent though

>> No.22760483

Who are you talking about? Dante, Virgil or Nero?

>> No.22760651

Damn it, I fucked up my links. I'm talking about Vergil

>> No.22760671

He's wrong no matter who he specifies

>> No.22760739

Holotourismo anon… next chapter onegai… my eurobeat playlist…

>> No.22760849

>round raid is a strike raid joke
>strike raid is an attack where the weapon is thrown and comes back where it hits coming and going
>sora is another dorky shota

>> No.22761060

True. They're all bad, but Vergil is the worst of the bunch. The writing is shocking, too, but nobody plays DMC for the story, right? The gameplay is kickass. Kinda off-topic, so my first reply is also my last.

>> No.22761125

Shit, now I'm waiting for anon to get the ability to summon his sword to his hand so he can do 2FM's iteration of strike raid. Throw, summon, throw, summon, repeat five times and THEN do the regular strike raid.

>> No.22761284

Sorry Anon but you'll have to wait a bit. I need to wrap up Foxfamily Christmas before that, then Omarun part two. But depending on how I feel I might release shorter snippets here and there to keep interest going.

>> No.22761752

Fluff fic with Sana, no specific prompt.

>> No.22762897

>Tell Sana you'll take her somewhere special
>Cover her eyes on the way there so it doesn't spoil the surprise
>Take her to one of those shops where you can hang out with puppies all day
>She actually gets mad, thinking you're trying to make her forget her childhood dog and replace his memory but it's not the same playing with random dogs
>They're not random puppies, she can pick the one she likes and take it home

>> No.22765052

How hard do you think she'd cry?

>> No.22765163

Matsuri has a loli form she's shown on stream a couple of times. And yet, we have zero (0) fics about being seduced by loli Matsuri.

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There's a criminally low amount of cunny fics in general

>> No.22767346

Don't know, I haven't watched Sana all that much which is sad because I do find her pretty cute, but her stream schedule doesn't always work for me and it does, someone I like more i already streaming.
But I've lost plenty of dogs in my long years, so I know well what goes through someone's mind when that happens.

She'd probably cry a lot though.

>> No.22767356

Keev's Feed and Seed

>> No.22767689

I can repost that one if you like. I didn't realize anyone was actually interested in that story, thought I played it up a bit too on the nose. But if anyone wants me to continue it, I'd be happy to do so.

And again, sorry for deleting my work.

>> No.22767847

I do sometimes wonder why we spend so long writing these long ass stories for free when literal dogshit smut writers get millions.

>> No.22767995
File: 2.93 MB, 498x498, 1648914400260.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have no interest in turning my hobby into a job, those people can make as much money as they please it doesn't affect me at all.

>> No.22768082

>literal dogshit smut writers get millions
I feel like millions is overstated for 99% of smut writers and other peddlers of literary garbage.

You also have to take into account that for most of them, and specially for those doing the ebook treadmill, to make a living that way you have to produce like a madman, i.e. release 1-2 books a month on Amazon. Imagine having to write a 50k word variation of 'The Trillionaire Spy Horse Who Fucked Me', every single month for years on end because slacking means the Kindle store algorithm forgets you. I feel like that would get extremely soul-crushing if you aren't passionate about writing trash.

>> No.22768177


That's fair, my post was just post-nut clarity, really just asking wtf am I doing with my life.


Aye that's. I'd probably off myself if I had to do that shit lmao.

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>Omarun part two.

>> No.22769076

>The Trillionaire Spy Horse Who Fucked Me
Cumraker was kind of a let down and a step in the wrong direction but Dr.Nut was truly a return to form and got things back on track once they recast Trillionaire Spy Horse

>> No.22769527

I really want to write a book in the future, but right now I do not have the time, motivation, skill, or wisdom necessary to write something that might have an audience. For example, regardless of how you might feel about the quality of writing/end product, something like Worm gets popular because of good ideas, consistency and output. I am not personally confident in my ability to pump out 10K words a week on anything, even if I knew exactly where a story was supposed to go.

>> No.22769540

It can be disheartening. I get lots of praise for Footsteps which keeps me motivated but certain other stories just don't hit the mark I guess because nobody seems to be interested in them, which is a shame but I write them anyway for my own enjoyment so it doesn't matter. Gotta have something to break up monotony.

>> No.22772081

I do it because I like it, not because I want to get payed for it.

I have done a few commissions for stories in the pass (smut of course) and honestly I hated it. It took the joy out of the process. I'd rather do this for free and write what I want to write without any deadlines.

>> No.22772290

Based dancing rat poster.

>> No.22774881

To bump or not to bump... that is the question.

>> No.22774976

I choose bump

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File: 287 KB, 1624x1923, 20220214_172517.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Moth sex

>> No.22777898
File: 1014 KB, 2480x3508, FQTatxvacAME6lY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

seeing the precursor pic intensifies makes it even better

>> No.22778797
File: 737 KB, 1300x701, 1623110585267.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know exactly the anime...

>> No.22778981

what's wrong with her body??

>> No.22778997

With insect?

>> No.22780085

She was born with no spine or ribcage

>> No.22780338

>FoxFamily Christmas
Man it's actually been a while since I've heard about that. How's the progress anyway?

>> No.22780931

11k words and I just about got to penetration... And I've got a lot more left in store for this one, so it will be a bit of a behemoth.

I won't make the mistake I made with Hag Orgy/Omarun and release it in chapters this time. It'll have to be in one chunk so things don't stay in limbo for so long.

>> No.22781184

Plot twist:
>the dog she takes home is you

>> No.22782198

Shit opinion, shcum

>> No.22782414

Oh shit, it got an anime adaptation? I did not know that

>> No.22783598


>> No.22784297

Glad you escaped from Kiev/Kyiv/Keev/Kiew

>> No.22784654

It's not much better, I was transported to somewhere in Siberia I think and Botan's been draining my balls every day since and I don't get a say on it.
It was cool the first month or so but her nails are digging in a bit too deep now.

>> No.22784944

Well at least even if it keeps getting into development hell, it'll probably be released in time for next christmas.

>> No.22787151

What's the name of anime?

>> No.22787246

Boku no Pico

>> No.22787247


>> No.22787767

That's an old one, kinda hot.

>> No.22787832

Thanks senpai

>> No.22787952

Never gets old

>> No.22788445

This. If it's not something that comes from my heart or balls it's just agony.

>> No.22788629

Is it impossible to get behind any particular scenario that isn't your own? Would you still not be able to enjoy it if it were one of your favored chuubas performing sexual acts you yourself find a turn-on?

>> No.22788657 [DELETED] 


Forsaking My Own Flesh And Blood Ch. 2
Tags: Nene, Baelz, Fluff

>> No.22788753


Forsaking My Own Flesh And Blood Ch. 2
Tags: Nene, Baelz, Fluff

>> No.22789129

That's better I guess, but usually whatever I write has been pickling in my head for a while. You feel me? I used to do furry smut for like, hundreds at a time, but then my clientele dried up due to losing work and I realized it was making me want to kms anyway.

>> No.22789422

How did you even end up in that situation? Seems incredibly niche imo, also the writer equivalent of making furry art for ridiculous sums of money.

>> No.22789521

Anon niche interests and fandoms are pretty much the way you make money making creative stuff on the internet due to the demand exceeding supply due to the nichness

>> No.22789697

Fuck you both.
They were a friend, an EMT, who introduced me to one or two others, but they wanted the REAL weirdo shit so I only ever had work from them once or twice, while the EMT mostly just wanted UOHH or hypnosis or other stuff, but furry. They lost their job due to the stress of it + caffeine burning an actual tiny hole in their heart and never really recovered into a great paying position like it.

>> No.22789846
File: 212 KB, 352x353, 547375673.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We finally have a story about NTRoberu, this is the correct timeline. Anon is still creepy though.

>> No.22790141

This was very cute... also mildly creepy due to the whole thing seeming like grooming, which is kind of exaggerated by the fact that she's doing elementary level english exercises; even if the implication I'm seeing is Nene escaping an abusive household by way of a trusted teacher.
Also I really like the way the narration flows, it reads very smoothly.

>> No.22790191

If my goal was purely to create wank fiction, I wouldn’t have bothered making an explanation for the apple-sapling relationship, among other plot hooks.
Anyone reading with that expectation is bound to be disappointed. That is not entirely intentional, but also not something I’m looking to amend.

>> No.22790256

It's cute and reads fairly, but it is strange that Anon is in a VERY precarious situation and doesn't really comment on how sketchy it could look. Especially with how childish Nene is in this, which may be due in part to what is obviously an abusive home life , it does give off the wrong impression I think.

>> No.22790756

How the fuck does caffeine burn a hole in someone's hurt?

>> No.22790960

Apologies if I wasn't clear. I more meant in regards to your smut/sex scene writing that it's working as part of plot but not working as part of something to jack off to. The plot parts of the fic are at least interesting but the way you write the sex scenes isn't conducive to it being something to wank to.
I am interested in the plot as the worldbuilding is interesting.
NTA, but Caffeine overuse can absolutely fuck you up; especially since an EMT is a high stress job that needs that kind of alertness.

>> No.22791028

That's just what I was told. They were essentially running way, way too hard on just energy drinks and it was severely fucking up their heart, if I remember right. This was 5+ years ago though so memory is murky.

>> No.22793504
File: 62 KB, 434x317, closevergil.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you need to search up things like "Can acid dissolve teeth?" or "How deep is Tokyo bay?" for a story and might get put on a watchlist.

>> No.22793711
File: 59 KB, 850x438, LunaPSG1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They've got their eye on you now

>> No.22793802

Anon... That fucking happens for every writer.
No seriously, it's common enough that it's a joke among writing communities for researching obscure information.

>> No.22794021

>energy drinks
That explains it. I know a guy who had to stop recently because of the same thing. Thought you meant coffee at first :O

>> No.22794898

I spent hours researching the curriculum for Japan’s public school system once. You delve into some dumb shit for the sake of satisfying your autistic need for accuracy sometimes.

>> No.22794990
File: 44 KB, 561x754, 1547530795665.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And then you still fuck something up.

>> No.22795120

So it goes.

>> No.22795340

The hours I've spent pouring over historical timelines and reading in-depth on events just for a single chapter is too much, one time I had the intense desire to check if couches existed at a certain point in history. Unfortunate, the history of couches is not super well documented.

>> No.22795356

Honestly at some point you have to give up going for being perfectly accurate and settle for going with close enough to satisfy you and hopefully fool the laypeople reading.

>> No.22798079
File: 2.90 MB, 600x533, 1526628968752.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What do you think you're doing?

>> No.22798383
File: 188 KB, 1500x500, InaBanner.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just finishing up a fic, I'll be posting it soon.

>> No.22798638

I mean do you have any ideas? A lot of Matsuri's appeal is in her personality but I can't really think of a way to translate that to a cute and funny form.

>> No.22798734
File: 124 KB, 850x1151, GuraIna2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I feel like it'd have been a waste to let this idea pass and work on something else, so here. I might do more with this at some point, might not.


Tags: Gura, Ina, NSFW, Nursing Handjob, Cuckquean, Themes of incest

>> No.22798861

I personally think Matsuri works better as she is, a cunny Matsuri fic would feel off to me, but maybe that's just because I enjoy her more in her adult form because I can write stuff about her without ending up on a watchlist. Nothing wrong with cunny posting, just not my taste.

>> No.22799431

Procrastinating at work by browsing /wg/

>> No.22799784

prepping to write a Hoshikawa sex fic once I'm done with fucking work. Gonna have to do more research aka listening to Gyaru R18 ASMR audio dramas and reading plenty of doujins. Recommendations welcome.

>> No.22799829

Shit, this is the second time an incest fic has gotten me rock hard. The handjob part was my favourite. Only problem is that since you're Gura's brother... I imagined (You) with a shark tail as well and that kind of took me out of it.

>> No.22799879

I hear that comparison pretty often whenever Hoshikawa comes up, but I don't really think she's anything like a gyaru. They're really uncaring, whereas she's socially competent and tactful.

>> No.22800169

Holy shit.
This is so fucking hot, and it's not just because of the fetishes involved. The dialogue, description and imagery are all top notch, and the way it progresses sets up a really good flow with a great climactic end and falling action afterwards, combine that with a hot fantasy like this and you have one of the best pieces of smut to come out recently.
Genuinely great work.
If there's one thing I have to say was the best here, it has to be the way you tie action and dialogue together. The spacing and length of the actions in between sets up a nice rhythm to what's happening and being said. Tying two already good things into being more than the sum.
Never thought I'd see Gura as a cuck

>> No.22800181

I've only watched a few Hoshikawa streams but FUCK her design is raw, pure, undiluted, undistilled, absolute SEX and her voice is great too.

>> No.22800213

It’s not a doujin, but Gal Gohan is pretty good gyaru material

>> No.22801064

yeah I know, but I'm using it as partial reference on the sex aspect. She's a nice girl but can very much swing into sex incarnate at a moment's notice.

>> No.22801185

Yeah, I just thought it sounded like you were gonna make her a regular gyaru when she's really very mature... just a pet peeve. I like her a lot.

>> No.22801295

She's a whore, anon.

>> No.22801389

She's not. She plays up her personality for comedic effect, but she's down-to-earth and cares for both herself and her friends greatly when push comes to shove. She also maintains a healthy distance from her audience, similar to Fubuki. She's a sweet, mature person.
She is genuinely dumb though.

>> No.22801652

she seems to mald quite easily from what I've observed. I feel that while she is a genuinely nice person, she definitely jumps at the opportunity to be a brat or sexual(referring to the SKB stream in particular)

>> No.22803221

She definitely plays up her personality on purpose. She's just not really like that at heart.

>> No.22803766
File: 760 KB, 850x1204, best there is.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.22803933

I’m with Chloe on this one

>> No.22804962

Honestly the only cunny Matsuri idea I ever remember seeing from this thread is
Matsuri encounters a younger her and tries to get you to have a threesome with her and her younger self. Fic ends with Ame coming by to take the Loli back in time, implying the events are cyclical and made Matsuri who she was.

>> No.22806735
File: 771 KB, 2180x1212, 1647021540999.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.22807929

A reincarnation romance fic with Flare, ending reveals that You are Noel reincarnated.

>> No.22808226
File: 169 KB, 1242x1323, 1616456954523.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22808470

>Gura panting as Ina shows her the selfies she took with (you) on your seventh date
>Gura locking herself in her room and masturbating to the thought of (you) and Ina cuddling
>Gura tearfully and shamefully schlicking to (you) and Ina holding hands
>Gura trying her hardest not to stick her hands down her dress in the bridesmaids' corner
>Gura having a hands-free orgasm when (you) say "I do" and kiss your newlywed wife Ina

>> No.22808960

Is being Gura the Ultimate Cuckqueanry?

>> No.22810850
File: 216 KB, 850x1202, SEX.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not yet.

>> No.22811648
File: 57 KB, 350x405, thinking.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So to try and stir up some discussion.
Does anyone have any tips for planning out a oneshot fic?
My current method is pretty much just put the scenes I have half plotted out in front of what I'm currently writing (i.e write it out all out in a single doc while having the vague descriptions of the scenes I want in future written ahead of the story, delete the notes as I catch up). Is there a better way to do this?

>> No.22811787
File: 132 KB, 960x960, toaster.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Let Me Feel Your Pain


Tags: ryona, Roboco, (you), sexual abuse, romance, feels

>> No.22811889


>> No.22812008
File: 876 KB, 2922x4096, 1650464832882.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22812116

I'll never understand the Japs' obsession with armpits. They're just a part of your body that sweats a ton and stinks real bad when it does. What's the appeal for non-smellfags?

>> No.22812195

As Watame explained, it's like a "window" or sneak peak to the boob, sometimes you can see the sideoob when the arm is raised and that's erotic.


Armpit pussy.

>> No.22812841
File: 236 KB, 850x850, __momosuzu_nene_hololive_drawn_by_ninomae_ina_nis_artist__sample-5d1440a8b3509b662d75d115f9043c43.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Be young (you)
>Parents buy you something for Christmas
>It's a teddy Nenechi.
>You sleep with her every night.

>You're now adult (you)
>You still sleep with Teddy Nenechi every night

>> No.22813323
File: 31 KB, 771x439, Plans.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I always try to plan out my stories, and I know that planning helps alleviate future headaches, but whenever I plan a story out I always end up changing my mind and thinking of a better idea as I write. Most of the time when writing a story I'll have some scenes in mind that I want to write, and majority of the fic is writing an introduction to allow such scenes to happen, then connecting those scenes through various plot developments. Sometimes if there's something I want to add but haven't thought of how to integrate it into the story, I'll add notes at the bottom of the document with a // to remind myself that I need to add that to the story, like pic related. They just serve as reminders, so they won't really make sense to anyone else.
But yeah, as much as I'd like to plan things out, most of the meat on my stories is written on a whim. I was planning a Towa story that was supposed to be 5k words MAX. Now it's 11k words and only about a quarter/third done.

>> No.22813351

So /become/ Noel?

>> No.22813367

Well this was an unexpected abuse fic.
If you're who I think you are, you still got it. Your description and writing of physical abuse and the feelings of the abuser are really good. I especially like the implication that Roboco knows/figured out that (You) are a broken man and is willing to alleviate that pain he feels by way of her body and her actions
Genuinely interested to see where this goes, because I can see this going in a lot of ways with the concept here.
So Nene is an animal girl slave?
Wtf that's literally exactly how I plan ahead for my fics

>> No.22813387

>you never really bothered to find out where the plushie was actually from
>a bit of research online reveals it was merchandise released by some idol who was popular when you were young
>look her up on youtube
>end up hooked and watch all of her VODs, even though she's long since 'graduated' and moved on to greener pastures
>you can see why your parents (more specifically your dad, you're assuming) liked her so much. she's so bubbly and fun
>you wonder what she's up to these days. living a good life, you hope
>then one day you spot a blonde, green-eyed woman who looks all too familiar
>and discover that she has not, in fact, been living a good life

>> No.22814194
File: 230 KB, 800x1600, FQyHCDmaAAMOriu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lui femdom

>> No.22814254

>So Nene is an animal girl slave?
I'd probably say more like "stuffed animal girl given sentience" like with Ted.

>> No.22814630
File: 12 KB, 320x320, 1613416111822.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>So Nene is an animal girl slave?
Stop, I can only get so erect

>> No.22814791
File: 244 KB, 2362x1417, Raw, unbridled destruction.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

HoloFantasy Chapter 7, Part 1 (Prologue) ~ A Burning Deep Inside.


Spoiler talk:
Coco's the chosen companion, too, so that'll be fun. Finally being able to bring up stuff that's been in play since Chapter One is funny. Ah well. We're going to the surface soon enough. If anything needs clearing up or is inconsistent, please let me know. I've been trying to get this done between breaks at work and devoting my days off into trying to hit it with a hammer, but if I don't finish just this part in time it'll be another week before it's done, so I think it's fine.

>> No.22815184

>Spend most of your life asleep hugging Nene as your bedside companion.
>Treat her with kindness as your deepest confidant
>But as you age, you have never seen her sexually.
>Even as the bear girl was going through puberty, you never notice her advances.
>Can Nene get you to see her as someone to sleep with every night... sexually.

>> No.22815224

I love the vagueness of this. It's either super cute or super erotic.

>> No.22816573

>Gen Symbol tattoo on her arm and not on her womb
Come on.

>> No.22816659

>Wake up with a bad case of morning wood one day after spending all night spooning Nene
>Try to leave quietly but feel her grab onto your pajama shirt
>She's turned around and is looking at you with desire in her eyes, her face red and needy
>Her thighs with a strange wet glister over them

>> No.22817307

I was more thinking you were either Noel in a past life, or Noel is who you reincarnated into being.

>> No.22818178

Is this still a teddy bear or is this going back to animal slave girl

>> No.22818547

Damn, that confrontation with Coco went about as poorly as it could have gone. I wonder what would have happened if anon didn't break away there

>> No.22818629

>Sana picks you as her new dog.
>Gives you a cute collar and starts playfully treating you like her old dog
>Initially think it some combination of petplay and coping with the trauma...
>But as it goes on she slowly becomes more and more deranged.
>She starts treating you like an actual animal.
>She starts calling you by her old dog's name.
>She starts feeding you dog food.
>Eventually you can't take it, and make a bid to escape.
>Sana tries to stop you, warping space so that there is no escape.
>All paths warping back into her house.
>Eventually she catches you. Beating you like a bad dog
>It seems you are doomed to truly be her dog
>But you have a secret technique.
>When she thinks you're pacified, you grab her.
>You break her back. Shattering her focus.
>Space unfucks itself.
>You leave into the outback. Never to be seen again.

>> No.22818650
File: 3.18 MB, 276x328, 1642133329367.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy motherfucking shit AA, I'm at a loss for words. This was amazing, probably my favourite HF chapter yet. The drama, angst, emotions, tension, everything. Fan-fucking-tastic. I'm still in disbelief at how you write so fast with such good quality, someday I hope to be even a fraction as good. Only thing that got me caught up is that I'm starting to struggle at keeping track of all the city/continent names and other past references to the things in this world you've created. Like Enceford's ossuary? Was that brought up before? Also what is DOT in the combat rolls? I assume AOO stands for attack of opportunity but not sure about DOT.
Anyway, good shit, I love it.
Gotta let it out~, gotta let it out~...

>> No.22818838

My mind's more going in the direction of that "My mom bought a new cow and damn this feels like bestiality but she looks just like a girl so it's awriight" manga.

>> No.22818878

MMO term. Damage over time. Bleeding and such.

>> No.22818991

Ah ok, thanks

>> No.22819171

Wait does this mean that 'Nene' is a teddy bear or a literally bear cub your mother bought to help you sleep?

>> No.22819215

Thank you, I'm glad. I was worried it was sloppy. The ossuary was brought up back in Chapter 5 in passing, so it's more a callback to something that's implied to have happened there but never elaborated on. I need to add more to the world building page at some point. Thank you for reading.
Probably not that. It wouldn't even have been as bad as it was if he could've gotten away from her in time...or worse if he didn't escape when he did.

>> No.22819501

I'm not sure what the original prompt poster meant, but to take it in the sexual route I imagine it would be something to the tune of "Animal girls aren't considered much different than how we see regular pets today, so just because she has an amazing rack and near human-like intelligence (Nene is almost there as-is), you don't see her as human and so don't immediately feel horny, embarrassed or lust over her, having grown up together." At least that's how I would explore it.

Nekopara and Wanko to Kurasou treat the concept similarly where animal-eared girls are treated like subhumans, despite being 90% human in appearance, most of the differences being psychological.

>> No.22820177

>Nene kidnapping you to elope into the countryside in order to escape the fervor of the animal girl revolution.
>She starts gaining your attention and feelings when you start to see Animal girls as people too during your Journey to escape the country.
>Witnessing the highs and lows of a world that will never be the same as Animal Girls revolt against their Human Masters.
>Finally have sex as two equals after confessing that you see Nene as a woman.
Honestly sounds like a fun backdrop to a romance.

>> No.22820241

Phenomenal as always, I'm under no illusion that my writing could compete, but I wanted to ask if I could use this whole dice rolling system for a story in the future? It makes everything so much more dynamic and interesting, yet I wouldn't use it without asking first since it'd kind of feel dirty. Even if it is obviously based on tabletop games, it was your idea to use it this way first on this board.

>> No.22820289

Original prompt poster here.

Yeah, this.

>> No.22820330

Le Miserables but with animal girls

>> No.22820662

Go crazy, I don't own it. I hope it gives you as much fun as it gives me.

>> No.22820910

Holy shit I haven't thought about that in years. Shit was hot though.

>> No.22821059

It would be, yeah.

As for me? Massive pet-play-fetish having nigga, negative self-esteem having nigga, trust-issues having nigga, power-dynamic-fetish having nigga.

An animal girl who's fiercely dedicated, cute, trustworthy and loyal would be a gift sent from heaven to mend this broken heart so I'm in the "Fugg pet Nene" camp.

>> No.22821612

One day Lui did a femdom on her bf (me)
the end

>> No.22822805

I am boner

>> No.22823652
File: 1.19 MB, 1760x1496, Why_Are_We_Still_Here.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck you, I didn't need this pain today.

>> No.22823843

This could make for a pretty funny romcom fic lol.

>> No.22824862
File: 161 KB, 850x1090, GuraExpressions.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You know, I thought that too which is why I didn't mention a tail, but maybe I should have specified more. I'm glad you liked it!

That's an incredible set of compliments, thank you so much!

>*hits LIVE button*

Jesus fucking Christ, I've said it before but the amount of stuff you do behind the curtain for this is astounding considering how dense the chapters still end up being. This one specifically is probably my favorite, mainly because I'm a sucker for drama. I liked that Marine was the one who got really defensive over Anon compared to everyone else being a bit more reasonable, considering she fell in love last chapter. I was wondering if her and Anon fucking would come up again and I'm glad it's not in a more comedic this time. Not that it was bad last chapter, but like I said I like drama.

The darkness of night falls around my soul, and the hunter within loses control

>> No.22825078

I never thought I'd enjoy a cuck fic, I always found them just trashy. I gave yours a chance after seeing all the glowing reviews, and I absolutely don't regret it at all. Your writing was amazingly detailed in all the right places, and so hot that it was easy for me to forget my hangups about the whole cuckqueen thing. A follow up with more of the holos getting their turn would be amazing.

>> No.22825333

Insanely good. Loved how you portrayed Gura and described the actions without really pointing them out.

Amazing stuff anon

>> No.22826434
File: 227 KB, 325x340, 1624114130545.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Glad to hear it. Thanks a lot. I'll put out more chapters then.

>> No.22826554

Sometimes I wish I could plan stuff like that. When I write I just turn on some music and start typing and before I know it there's a story. I like to joke that the characters are informing me more than I'm informing me, but in reality my mind just works better that way. If they were really informing me, I think I would have more problems than a lack of organization skills!

>> No.22826616
File: 172 KB, 1200x814, GuraFish.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

People being able to enjoy my stuff due to the quality of my work even in spite of being put off by the subject matter means a lot to me, thank you.


>> No.22827205

This is super fucking hot. Really good teasing, excellent job of getting Gura involved in the play despite not being an active participant in the sex I wish the gender roles were reversed

>> No.22827874

Thanks for the compliments!

Do you mean domming Ina or watching Ina and Gura fuck?

>> No.22828254

NTA but I think he meant a cuck king? I don't like that too much myself, much hotter for Gura to have watching instead. Although I think Gura having a chance at him would be hot as well, if that was what they meant.

>> No.22829714

Ah, well if that is what he meant then yeah that's not my style.

>> No.22831498
File: 1.95 MB, 311x311, 1648953442819.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.22831541

HFanon is really gonna get a dragon trigger and everyone is powerless to stop him

>> No.22832303

Every long-form story in the archive that has action in it goes back to that series doesn't it?

>> No.22833035

You might as well rename chapters to books and parts to chapters at this stage. If each new chapter has it's own prologue, is it really an individual chapter?
I understand the idea. You give each story arc a chapter, and it keeps it thematically separated. However, in the light novels I read, that kind of separation happens book-to-book, not chapter-to-chapter.

>> No.22833094

AA, you've done amazing work as usual. Every time a new installment of Holofantasy comes out, I drop whatever I'm doing and read it immediately. I'm just hoping that this epic story ends on a slightly happier note than Menhera Wrangler. EMBRACE THE DARKNESS THATS WITHIN ME

>> No.22835546
File: 67 KB, 916x736, 1649788760445.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.22836380

>all that Kanata fluff
This is even better than a Kanata-focused ALT chapter. Thank you for this beautiful work, AA.

>> No.22836911
File: 198 KB, 850x1202, __momosuzu_nene_hololive_drawn_by_shibainuwp06__sample-09a12e64a88c7d283fd56980b87d1c46.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>one anon is writing a story about elementary school nene getting groomed by her teacher
>other anons are pitching the idea of nene being your animal girl slave

what did nene do to you all??

>> No.22837022

traced my art

>> No.22837219

>what did nene do to you all??
Give me warm and fuzzy feelings.

>> No.22838029

God I forgot about that story. I really need to continue that one.

Thanks for reminding me. I had a couple of good ideas for that.

>> No.22838128

I'm writing my take on the 'animal girl slave' prompt, right now armed animal girl/boy revolution has kicked off and protag-kun along with Nene are fleeing the country. Wild ride. I look forward to seeing how other people interpret the prompt, it's a good one.

>> No.22838178
File: 448 KB, 740x380, 50310.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Be adult (you)
>Nenechi grew up with you
>Chill out at apartment
>Friends and family become concerned since you're still clinging onto a teddy bear version of an anime girl.
>(you) don't care
>She's (you)r best friend with benefits.

>> No.22838397

Iofi sends her regards.

>> No.22839919

Thank you all. I'm glad that the drama and fluff aspects hit the mark, especially Kanata. I worried about her a lot. Also "let me out" wasn't intended to be a DMC joke, but I guess YOU CANNOT KILL ME - I AM OMEGA
Maybe. Admittedly I never read many LNs (read as: only one) so I'm unfamiliar with their separation styles.
Draco Trance is inevitable.

>> No.22840121
File: 301 KB, 1171x1822, 1632120669423.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon, have you ever heard of the idea of "regression to the mean"?
Vastly oversimplified, it's the idea that within a given group, descendants of an outlier will tend to return towards the mean of the group. This is exemplified by the idea that "opposites attract", which is a mechanism in nature that aids the return to the mean.
In this case, Nene, being a very feminine, but absolutely retarded woman, is regarded as most attractive by intelligent, and overly-masculine men. Thus, the attraction results in a return to the mean, whereby the offspring will have an intelligence closer to the median 100, and have reduced sexual dimorphism.
What then, does this have to do with how we treat Nene here?
It simply means that how Nene is most often treated, is a representation of the mean opinions of the most intelligent and masculine men here. So, do not be angered that we want to enslave her as our animal-girl pet, or that we wish to groom her into our loving wife, or even that we enjoy her exceptional lactation. These are simply the values of the patricians of this thread, and thus are those you have no right to criticise.
If still you cannot accept my reasoning, then consider only this. For a woman so foolish and airheaded as Nene, surely you must concede that it be better for her to be under the protection of a master who treats her as a beloved pet, than to be cast out alone to face the world?

>> No.22840221

Be super cute but also super dumb. It activates every "protect but mating press" protocol within my brain.

>> No.22840719

But what if you want her protecting you?

>> No.22841007
File: 119 KB, 432x317, cute.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I dunno, I'm into that too. What do you want me to say here?

>> No.22841255

well mama bears are a thing

>> No.22842663

>Old Hag Nene has indirectly been grooming you this entire time.

>> No.22844307

Be incredibly adorable, a little bit dumb, and have an absolutely, unequivocally breedable bombshell body.

I am constantly floating between someone who can't see Nene who's mentally 12 in a sexual way, and wanting to absolutely ravage her body and shower her in my love.

>> No.22844939

the other week there was a fluffy prompt about discovering nene's depression and becoming her friend. there's a greentext series in the archive of pushing her to become a serial murderer. /wg/ runs the whole gamut of cuteness and degeneracy, and Nene is no exception

>> No.22846753

I don't remember making this post.

>> No.22847063

>the other week there was a fluffy prompt about discovering nene's depression
You have a link for this?

>> No.22847544


>> No.22848374


Also, nice dubs

>> No.22852207
File: 159 KB, 220x220, 6524352345.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.22852421
File: 572 KB, 551x569, AkiCoco.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Over an hour? It's been a minute since we could wait that long.

>> No.22852634

Putting a spin on this but replace Nene with Korone.

>"Having a vTuber is a lot of responsibility, sport."
>"I can take care of her, dad!"
>"Well, let's see if you can..."

>> No.22852782

>Trying to keep up with Korone turns you from a NEET into a buff marathon runner

>> No.22852972

Get Okayu instead and suddenly you're an even bigger NEET

>> No.22853243

>Become hikkiNEETs with your slave Okayu
>Somehow miss the animal girl revolution in your years of solitude together.
>Have to remind her she can't call you master anymore.

>> No.22853973

Almost every day I imagine myself living out a fantasy where I'm a part of Holostars gen 3 (replacing Kaoru). The me of my fantasy can play multiple instruments, speak multiple languages, draw and is overall really entertaining which allows me to have really big numbers. My roommate is also a pretty famous music producer and lots of my fans know that, as well as pretty much every holo. Since I'm rich and have a lot of connections from my PL, I bring Cover to new heights with better 3D tech, more rights, a proper anime adaptation, Hololive games, etc.. Although I try to keep it a secret most of the people who follow Hololive know how much I'm doing for the company so they all love me. I'm also a unity chad in my fantasy and have the single most connections to other vtubers compared to any other chuuba, with all the guys being really good friends with me and all the girls falling for me.

I have autistically planned out every single intricate detail to this fucking fantasy of mine and have ran so many scenarios through my head (participating in the vsaikyou tournament, playing games with the stars, my oshi coming into the Hololive office in the morning to see I'm already there and working hard, saviourfagging small time chuubas, having my music be used for anime openings, the lot). The reason I haven't written a story about this is because it goes way too hard on the self insert power fantasy angle and I realise that myself. It's still fun to imagine what my ideal vtuber life could be, though it's sad to know it'll never happen.

>> No.22854996

Whatever helps you get through your nights, Anon

>> No.22855329
File: 199 KB, 1919x1049, 1650390239849.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Title: What happens in the hot springs, stays in the hot springs...


Tags: Calliope, Ina, Irys, Foursome, Facefucking, Tentacles, All-the-way-through, Anal, Defloration, Greentext

Not exactly sure what I was thinking by letting this get completely out of hand, but it was fun to write. Would have been a pretty decent long format story, though a much longer one if I took that route.

Based on >>22681012

>> No.22855752

Damn didn't know the Greek goddess of music had a following on /vt/

>> No.22856409

I do a similar thing too haha
except I plan on throwing all vtubers into a dark age as a punishment, ending with my consolidation of all vtuber companies making me a de facto ruler over all. In turn leading to a rise in indie vtubers and a market panic after my death

>> No.22857597

>no womb tattoo
My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

>> No.22858142

Well that was hottest thing to wake up from a nap and fap too. My favorite parts was the Ina anal scene along with the IRyS ending.
Didn't think "all the way through" would work in a non-visual medium but damn did you prove me wrong. I guess the laconicness inherited from the greentext style is a way to make it work.
Anyway, good work this was a really hot fap.

>> No.22858472

hello, newfag here, so I've browsed the archive and have read several oneshots (mostly the one with Suityan and Matsuri). Any other story recommendation in the archive? Anything but wacky fetishes will be welcomed (I'll consider to read one with wacky fetishes if the premises caught my interest)

>> No.22858812

shrunken troubles is a pretty wacky story about an intense gaming session between fubuki and shion

>> No.22858935

Holofantasy in the archive is pretty much a universal recommend for what's been released in this archive.
Also that other Anon is sending you to our archive's equivalent of a shock fic. So beware of bugs.

>> No.22859222

i had a hunch after seeing the shrinking + Yuri tag, but still trying to read it

>> No.22859368
File: 95 KB, 256x256, 1644745572255.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>but still trying to read it
have we got another freak joining us

>> No.22859427

Three Meetings with Mori, Cross Cultural POLlination, Girl of Emptiness, any of the series that catch your eye they're all pretty good for the most part,

>> No.22859428
File: 3 KB, 31x31, Ultimate Mio.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh you brave fool.

>> No.22859477

>but still trying to read it
Then what the fuck was the point of adding "Anything but wacky fetishes will be welcomed" if you don't care.

>> No.22859529
File: 39 KB, 500x348, 1295607499684.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"Anything but wacky fetishes will be welcomed" if you don't care.
You mad bro?

>> No.22859614

because it's the first suggestion and i kinda just wanna try to read it first before judging it

>> No.22859694

No, it curbs the amount of suggestings you might get.

>> No.22859702

You might also wanna clear up what you mean by "wacky fetishes" because there is a chance a /d/tard like myself might suggest something outlandish by normie standards.

>> No.22859818
File: 6 KB, 4x4, 1649304329986.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's a pretty small Mio

>> No.22859822

the wacky fetish that i meant is for example, ryona, guro, necrophilia, etc; mostly that involves blood and nasty things.

>> No.22859829

Suggestions, you dumbass ESL.

>> No.22859856

try checking out lies come to light. it's universally considered the best fic in the archive

>> No.22859874

Nah I'm pretty sure [Insert shock fic here] is better.

>> No.22859879

You know what if you're brave enough to walk into hell even with fair warning I'm not gonna try and stop you.

>> No.22859910

>wacky fetish that i meant is for example, ryona, guro, necrophilia,
Those aren't wacky, the fuck are you on about?

>> No.22860025

wow you're a fucking freak

>> No.22860057

The word you’re looking for is extreme, not wacky.

>> No.22860223

>funny or amusing in a slightly odd or peculiar way

>> No.22860268

wacky opinions dudes

>> No.22860321


>> No.22860350

ah my bad then, tried to use words other than weird since i respect other people's fetishes for the most part

>> No.22860513

You're not funny and you can fuck off.

>> No.22860529

take your own advice, freak

>> No.22860600

The word you're looking for is disgusting.

>> No.22860698

Personally, I would have said abhorrent.

>> No.22860740

Abhorrent is the same thing as disgusting, repugnant is the word you're looking for.

>> No.22860805

I just noticed,
Bunny Trap 2 is missing from the archive.

>> No.22860829

Speak of the fucking devil, I was literally just looking for that myself. It's in the series directory.

>> No.22860950
File: 639 KB, 649x763, 1646410161097.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22861049

He's been quiet lately.

>> No.22861079


>> No.22861371

don't worry about it

>> No.22861424

what the fuck

>> No.22861441

I fucking warned you.

>> No.22861795

Yes it is, and I just came to it like my dick was a howitzer

>> No.22861873

>One of Ina's hair tentacles scratches her chin
Laughed so hard I lost my boner

>> No.22861916

Stop samefagging.

>> No.22862081

Finally got around to reading this and it did not disappoint.

>> No.22862125

Someone mentioned Girl of Emptiness and I'm seconding that.

>> No.22862161

Grab as much (as you can).

>> No.22862193

The Yandere Mori fic is also good, shame it will never get a sequel.

>> No.22862218

>The Yandere Mori fic
I was just thinking about that fic, but I can't find it.

>> No.22862224

Hey I still hold hope that Psycho Killer will get a sequel. Eventually.
Though the fact that the last time someone asked the author responded with an image showing they haven't touched it since last year is very discouraging.

>> No.22862244

It’s under psycho killer but it doesn’t have the Yandere tag.

Author admit he will never do the sequel because he can’t do one specific scene.

>> No.22862287

>psycho killer
Ah, thanks.
>but it doesn’t have the Yandere tag.
Why? Wasn't that the whole point?

>> No.22862315

Nah, just give it up. Unless the author comes up with an update. The sequel is abandoned.

>> No.22862318

I mean in fairness it would spoil the twist. Even the ao3 crosspost doesn't spoil it with a yandere tag.

>> No.22862360

Is it not out of the question for another author to make their own sequel?

I've seen fics in AO3 where sequels were written by a different author.

>> No.22862416

I mean there isn't a rule saying that you can't make your own. Fansequels are pretty baked into the thread's DNA with the omelas multiverse being a pretty big thing early on.

>> No.22862503

New thread

>> No.22862592

>literally who
look who came crawling back

>> No.22862594

>spoil the twist
The twist being that Mori is a psycho killer?

>> No.22862627

I mean just because the twist is obvious doesn't mean it ain't a twist.

>> No.22862632
File: 65 KB, 692x675, 20220331_010509.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It was more that one scene wasn't working because I had failed to properly set up what I was trying to do before that and upon restarting I just felt I couldn't make anything work.

To be honest that's entirely accidental.

I'm completely fine with someone doing a fan sequel or rewrite or anything they'd like to my stuff. Someone asked if they could make a fluff epilogue to GAM(AYC), but that was a while ago and they haven't said anything since.

>> No.22862688

>Tribalfag doesn't even know his own tribe
Dear God...

>> No.22863914

>Story recap didn't even read the new HF to see what characters are in it