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Overwatch Collab HoloEN and Towa

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towa is holoEN you didn’t need to specify further

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Most try hard to least tryhard:

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I somehow felt honestly really happy for Towa, and i despise that game

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>least tryhard

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Ill believe it when I see it

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SHREK and Adams Sandler Jokes

>> No.22695931

Why they are playing OW now

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Predict the cringe

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>Towa collab but no Kronii

>> No.22696087

Who going to be the carry?

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no thanks

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the 3 at the top in the thumbnail

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Everyone try to back her up with that tournament meltdown. If Towa speaks better english I kneel. After that Rpr and her can enjoy themselves in love hotel. To be continued…

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Ruined by Calli and having only 1 JP member is just going to make things more awkward than anything.

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I think Towa most likely carry them because they all shit at game

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BestRys is there to translate for the others.

>> No.22696517

Only 1 council member (2 if you count IRyS), so Gura will contained from making any more sucky sucky slips again

plus in presence of JP OG senpai so girls like IRyS, Gura and Calli have to be on their best behaviour

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Well well well anon, i hope you're ready to spend 5$

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Watch streams

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>Mori's channel.
If it was on another channel I might consider watching despite her being there.
But there is no way I'm giving Mori a single view.

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why is the reaper there? does she usually play fps?

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Is Towa gonna cry like a bitch on twitter after like she did with the apex tournament?
Also fuck Mori

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Towa can handle awkward moment. But Mori...

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Towa channel

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God I hope she gets shitfaced again and has to drop out.

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Don't shit on Towa you faggot

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So 1 JP who can't speak EN, 1 IRyS to translate and 4 EN who can't speak JP. Who's idea was this?

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Here's Ina (forma de Gen 4)

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She just saw how the girls had fun on the Overwatch collab and got jealous that she was not part of it. Now she is trying to recreate the vibe but with here in it.

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>she's already reaper

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Thanks, Anons.
I will now consider watching.

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Gura invited Towa the most fucked thing I’ve never seen and Mori POV. Gura dead channel. Subs don’t matter.
Mori welcomes Towa to her KKK clan

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Mori literally did bad in Mario Kart on purpose, it was so anti-tryhard it wrapped around to being tryhard and annoying.

>> No.22697063

Irys Channel

>> No.22697083

Oh shit that was me…
Please don’t make me do it.

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To be fair, Kronii looked like she was suffering through the entire thing.
If Mori can stick to playing a character that doesn't require Aiming like Moira even the newest of noobs can do help out.

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Just set some money on fire instead

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Let's be honest here. Everyone will tryhard except for Mori. IRyS is such a tryhard she would bet her Grandpa's middle name to win bragging rights and actually win it too. Mori did this whole schick of being the last place in the MK tournament and also just flapping about in the ER race she hosted.

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>Who's idea was this?

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Replace Mori with Ina and it would be fantastic

>> No.22697350

Finally some life signs from Hololive, a bit of a shame that this is a less than stellar line up from the EN side, but I'll watch your stream

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>>22697284 (Me)
Thanks for backin me up bro

>> No.22697426

I'd agree with that if she was playing on her own, but since this is a team thing I'm hoping she at least learns the basics beforehand. Throwing games and complaining on a team game where everyone else is trying their hardest, especially with a once in a lifetime guest like Towa, is the fastest way to bring toxicity to yourself.

>> No.22697457

>Not being the most tryhard.

>> No.22697472

You already have Towa. Adding Ina would be too much purple.

>> No.22697521

Very happy for Twappi!

>> No.22697583

Im afraid you have no choice anon, should have believed

>> No.22697590

what's the name of the purple girl at the top?

>> No.22697593 [SPOILER] 

OMFG, F**k this shit, mother f**ker, holy f**k,… Lean, etc
No sorry, I always forever be like this, if you uncomfortable then don’t watch me. Oh no, anyway I f**ked.
Keep calm and keep f**king

>> No.22697657 [SPOILER] 

Selen Tatsuki

>> No.22697718

Towa will teach the others on how to throw games.

>> No.22697817

I'll watch on IRyS channel for like 5 minutes and if/when Mori gets too annoying I'll just leave and go read a book or something.

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How is Ame so shit at OW? You don't even need good aim to excel and her pl played it a SHITTON.

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>Why they are playing OW now
Watch streams.
>I don't watch [branch] because [edgy reason]
Unless you only watch ID you have no excuse. JP likes it. EN likes it. They're all roughly in the age range where they played it in their late teens to very early 20s. This is no mystery.

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>1 JP
I saw 2 japanese there or are we looking at the different thumbnail?

>> No.22698040

>Best behavior with her senpai
She still acted unhinge in front of the daisenpai so I doubt it

>> No.22698058

I wonder why, and somehow she is not that bad at paladins for some reason

>> No.22698084

On twitter? You obviously have no idea what you're even going on about lol, did you threadread that Towa cried and made up the rest?

>> No.22698137

To be fair to that anon, IRyS is in the EN branch. They probably brought her along so she can translate

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>> No.22698215

no Calli, i'm Reaper. you can be Sombra h e h e

>> No.22698283

Stop being one of the many retards that made this a buzzword. Blaming a game for being bad and having lazy habits isn't autism.

>> No.22698338

No thanks

>> No.22698339

Kill yourself, it's the best course of action

>> No.22698507

Well fuck collab is ruined

>> No.22698602

You made yourself do it. Think before you speak

>> No.22698625

Why does Mori have to be in this…

>> No.22698711

So she can speak in her slow teacher voice and makes jokes like "sun on the beach".

>> No.22698715

Blizzard shilling for Overwatch 2. It's trendy to play Overwatch again now due to viral marketing.

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I'm willing to tank Mori for Towa.

>> No.22699219

Oh, nothing on NijiEN side that hour so I guess I'll give it a chance.

>> No.22699245

>I was talking to chat

>> No.22699386

Fuck man, I really want to watch this but can't stand M*ri in collabs. Hopefully she dials down the autism on this one.

>> No.22699392

If we are REALLY lucky we might avoid that type of comments because Towa wouldn't get half of the Mori jokes.

>> No.22699535

>Adam Sandler Jokes

I Hate Mori

>> No.22699538

>She still acted unhinge in front of the daisenpai so I doubt it
In what way? I only caught the very start but things seemed to be heading in a good direction.

>> No.22699574

>male collab

>> No.22699604

>because Towa wouldn't get half of the Mori jokes.
You know that won't stop her.

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I can dream anon, I just want Towa to be happy

>> No.22700180

Ina ina ina...

>> No.22700407

It's worse because she doesn't even make jokes, she just blurts out SHREK like a Pokémon. Social awareness doesn't stop lizard brain instinct, especially autistic brains. Towa is going to be so confused.

>> No.22700453

When Gura replied to Towa about the OW collab i was so excited

Why is Mori here ?, i try to ignore her and not shit on her or her fanbase, but she keeps joining shit i look forward to

>> No.22700511

>towa is forced to join it by mori

kek reminder towa is an introvert girl. shes now used to holo jp but can easily get upset otherwise

>> No.22700546

FOMO, probably. Or maybe just another excuse to drink, because it's okay to do it when you're streaming. Keeps the looming thought that she's a crippling alcoholic at bay.

>> No.22700627


>> No.22700965

at least kiara didn't force herself in this

>> No.22701027

She's gonna be playing Overwatch with a full group of other Holo talents. It has been one of her biggest desires.

>> No.22701268

replace mori with artia

>> No.22701271

Why is Tonga here? Don't get me wrong I love the Tortilla but why?

>> No.22701364

tortuga was fangirling on twitter over the fact en played ow and gura on member stream decided to dm her for collab, resulting in this

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>from one cancer (apex) to another (overwatch)
just fucking kill me

>> No.22701683

Ah I see, based
Hope Torgue has fun

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>> No.22701816

i don't play overwatch but ame said she was previously masters before. is that as big of a deal as masters in apex? what's towa's rank?

>> No.22701831

Does Tirtouga speak any English?

>> No.22701859

Perhaps enough to get by, but nothing extensive.

>> No.22701913

It'll be good, but I don't like Towa. Too bad she will be there. Towa hate.

>> No.22701959

Masters in what season? Selen was Pred back in like season2 or something? Competitive in the early days of any game tend to be free-for-alls in term of skill level.

>> No.22701970

YabaIRyS poked through now and then.
Sora and IRyS really seemed to hit it off after their collabs in the studio and it seems like they have an actual friendship which is awesome.

>> No.22701977

And I hate you anon, but that won't stop me from enjoying it.

>> No.22701985

not her first collab: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfgYuM0gUDk
and also (surprisingly) used to play with ame offstream
and we have irys on translator duties

it will be fun!

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can I pray?

>> No.22702043

just have to tune calli out as much as I can

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>> No.22702065

100% she will stream snipe
why should they have fun when she's suffering?

>> No.22702069

Pretty sure organized religion goes against communist teachings. I wouldn't recommend praying.

>> No.22702125

Mori ruining the collab with her protagonist syndrome, loud obnoxious laughter and crying shrek and Adam Sandler jokes.

Please for the love of god mori shut the fuck up and let them interact.

>> No.22702166

why the fuck is mori here? she has never played the game and it has a steep curve.

>> No.22702216


>> No.22702237

He probably watched less of the collab than you did. Nothing bad happened.

>> No.22702338

God she ruins every single collab she’s in with how obnoxious she is. It’s not even cool like how she perceives it, just cringe and painfully loud for no reason.

>> No.22702354

I’m all for shitting on Mori, but IRyS played for the first time in the last collab and after the first hour of not knowing what the fuck was going on started to actually enjoy herself and it was a good stream

>> No.22702412

Good, looks like they took /vt/'s advice and got rid of Kronii and Ina. This stream is gonna be pure kino.

>> No.22702434

But irys isn’t obnoxiously annoying. I don’t think anyone cares how well calli performs, we just want her to be silent.

>> No.22702475

irys plays a lot of other FPSs like apex and i think valorant/CS.
mori's sole experience was single player DOOM. she has never experienced a teabagging in her life.

>> No.22702479

Masters in early seasons was decent, but i think since a couple of seasons its not that big of a deal. The game ELO system makes it so 3500-3999 is classified as a master and anything above is Grand Master with hard cap at 5000. If she got master within past 15 seasons its good but nothing to write home about. If she had masters during seasons 2-8 then i guess she has some bragging rights.

>> No.22702480

Replace mori with ina and we will have a good collab

>> No.22702686

Read the post he replied to, anon.

>> No.22702765

Thank god irys is present, else it's going to be that tea party stream all over again

>> No.22702937

towa will be silent because she can't keep up with the conversation but will be hard carrying in the background
ame will also be silent because she's afraid of strangers, also hard carrying
mumei will be silent because she's a filthy EOP
gura also won't say shit because she tries to keep a seiso image in front of jp
irys will try to translate and fail because of the technical terms
mori won't shut the fuck up and will be constantly asking basic shit about the game

Prediction: you're gonna be hearing mori for 99% of the stream. You can grudge this

>> No.22702963

Adam Sandler

>> No.22703078

replace her with anyone

>> No.22703181

>ame will also be silent because she's afraid of strangers
She’s literally the one member that’s actually played with her before, on and off stream.
Ame will talk as much as she normally does in a collab with 3 or more people, when necessary or when someone speaks to her directly

>> No.22703271

MORI owe me sex

>> No.22703380

Mori will carry both the game and conversation. As always.

>> No.22703406

ENs will do anything right now to stay relevant

>> No.22703531

The last few matches of OW actually turned out decently because she finally stepped up to lead and tard wrangled everyone. I hope she will continue to do so this collab.

>> No.22705019

Towa and Ame will be sweaty, but Towa's sweat will overpower Ame
Ame will tilt when the rest of the team (minus towa) can't take a point or win a round
Mumei will be equal parts sweaty and non-effective (AKA trying to gun down a pocketed Winston or Orissa as 76)
Gura will try to make more jokes, but they will fall flat
And the one i'd pay good money for, but nearly impossible to guarantee
Vox and Selen make a Nijistack against them and run them over while they giggle like the joyful retards they are

>> No.22705034

Hell I even take Kiara over Mori!

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>On purpose

no, our boy is just bad at games that aren't a 2D side scroller

>> No.22705244

She has played actually. She never said she's good at it but she knows how to play and used to play Reaper.

>> No.22705286

Forced friendship

>> No.22705547

this hasn't worked in a single stream where this has been attempted

>> No.22705566

>it has a steep curve.
OW is and will always be for casuals. I know multiple women whose only shooter is OW because it's so easy to pick up. There's nothing steep about OW other than the steep decline in players the game was gone through.

>> No.22705628

Mori is /here/ and specifically invited Towa to spite you anon

>> No.22705713

>steep curve
I'm LMAO'ing @ this

>> No.22705715

At least she's using one who requires little aim, that gives me some hope.

>> No.22705757

What, was Towa not satisfied spiting Aqua and Suisei?

>> No.22705968

My prediction
>Chat forces Mori to pick reaper because lel she's a reaper XD
>Mori proceeds to immediately die after respawning because she has no game sense and no skill
>Everyone else has to attempt to carry an anchor that contributes nothing to the team
>Ame will be malding because of this

>> No.22706060


>> No.22706215

Cali continues her trend of annoying every JP member and ruining whatever impression they had of her. No jp walks away from a cali collab and genuinely believe she's not cringe as hell

>> No.22706330

hononary westoid

>> No.22706331
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I wish my oshi would understand what a deeply unpleasant person Mori is.

>> No.22706367

>Kronii and Ina
They're not in the collab because they're too busy having Korean-Canadian sex.

>> No.22706400

It's going to be mostly in English with IRyS helping Towa understand shit occasionally, the damage Mori can do is very limited.

>> No.22706663

For once, I'm glad Towa didn't do her English reps

>> No.22706728

a true hoshiyomi would know she's only using her for the fame. it's almost hilarious how little suisei brings her up outside of work despite doing 2 covers together

>> No.22706959

Replace Mori with Fauna, think I heard her saying she wanted to play overwatch as well

>> No.22707006
File: 1.87 MB, 1917x1074, 1647913438872.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22707098


>> No.22707225


>> No.22707267


>> No.22707280

I don't care EOP I'm thinking in Japanese

>> No.22707322

Goomba will stream it, now if only Calliope Lean Mori could drop out of the collab that'd be perfect.

>> No.22707338

A true hoshiyomi also knows that that is bullshit. She never used anyone as stepping stone

>> No.22707404

Suityan gets along with everyone

>> No.22707632

Towa is there, so expect
>IrYs on her best behaviour
>respectful Gura
>trying to be respectful Mori but sounds like she’s being condescending because of the baby voice she does
>very shy Ame
>your regularly scheduled Mumei that the other four have to keep apologising for

>> No.22707803

I can see that for the first hour at least, but the salt will take over sooner or later.

>> No.22707865

She’ll hopefully just be playing pure Reaper and so will leave Ashe and McCree (I don’t care what his shitty new name is) alone. She would get more done as Reaper than those two anyway

>> No.22707874

Anon..meds. I'm hoshiyomi too but you are egging for a long term friendship for the two and I'm not sure if that's going to be good for suityan. but hey if you want her to be bombarded by shrek jokes and adam sandler pngs then be my guest

>> No.22707964

I don't give a shit, I don't like Mori either, but you were spitting bullshit

>> No.22708131

Your oshi would think you're a deeply unpleasant person for peddling bullshit, and forming drama around her in the process. Knock it off or go away.

>> No.22708168
File: 14 KB, 277x296, 1644841719248.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Despite what this board wants to tell you Mori's JP is atleast conversational level. Nothing crazy like Kiara or IRyS but it'll suffice.

>> No.22708264

specifically the Elden Ring challenge they just had you absolute newfuck

>> No.22708295

what you want her to come out and say she doesn't like her outside of work and only sees worth in her music? Come on man any sane person can't stand mori for long, you don't need big brain to put 2 and 2 together. She's on her way to her 4th song with her and has shown none of the closeness she had with her fellow jp members she worked with. Are you genuinely that socially inept anon

>> No.22708388

Mori will ruin this collab.

>> No.22708436

gonyappiii :D TMA :DD

>> No.22708450
File: 338 KB, 576x613, 1631783474246.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you really a Hoshiyomi if you dont believe Suisei's judgement in calling Mori "her oshi"?

>> No.22708533

It’s a game that lets you have a full group of 6.

>> No.22708542

The confirmation bias is beginning early today.

>> No.22708573

Ame's excited for OW2, got the others to play it, and now a few of them actually like it. Besides, what else is there to play? More Elden Ring? Apex? Minecraft?

>> No.22708664

No she’s just that bad. One time before a race she asked how you make the kart go forward.

>> No.22708665

I like the idea of the rapper Mori being her oshi but the oversized Karen being an instant turn off and ruining her image of her so she no longer brings the oshi thing up anymore

>> No.22708713
File: 8 KB, 184x256, 6D411763-13CF-40C0-8A05-7FC3D4B5A10E.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A promise is a promise deadbeat.

>> No.22708826

That's your headcanon though. You want it to be real, but Suisei has yet to use someone that way

>> No.22708838

No, instead she brings up the silly rap dance moves they do and how she has a lot of fun working with Mori.

>> No.22708874
File: 422 KB, 2100x1778, 1642567819419.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Except you know, the people who got so close to her they were neighbors had to secretly move away and never talk again.

>> No.22709032

Brought over too many men to fuck I guess.

>> No.22709295

She still talks with both of them offstream, shitposter

>> No.22709296

I don't have to like Mori just because my oshi does. This is exactly the kind of shit Mori herself pulls with "real" and "fake" deadbeats.

I cannot believe cuckbeats unironically exist in 2022

>> No.22709340

Add another towa after the first one, she's twice as tryhard as Ame
On second tought don't add her in the second place or she could get jealous of herself, just write her name twice in the first lane

>> No.22709370


>> No.22709461

>waiting for the anon who is working on a 3+ hour compilations of mori's shrek "jokes"

>> No.22709612

>>trying to be respectful Mori but sounds like she’s being condescending because of the baby voice she does

It may shock /vt, but JPs most likely really appreciate the way she talks to them.

Those of us who speak English as our first language process what she's doing as "baby talk", because that's how people talked to us when we were 5 (and, consequentially, how we intuitively understand to talk to 5 year olds) -- but slower and more basic is the way you speak to ANYONE that's learning a language.

Speaking like that lets people who aren't usually confident in their English skill feel like they're actually communicating in a 2nd language.

JPs speak the same way when speaking English to ID/EN that don't speak fluent Japanese; English speakers usually just can't tell the difference.

>> No.22709806

I'm actually embarrassed to have that stargazer membership right about now.

>> No.22709843

hmm well im sure the anon who doesnt watch streams and actually believes vt rrats knows her better than the girl who works with her irl. im sure the girl behind Template definitely loves all the mentally ill shit people peddle about hololive members and would agree with you

god i hate having to share being a hoshiyomi with people like you

>> No.22709909

I'm half expecting Gura to embarrass Mori if she brings up Shrek, she seems a bit tired of it already. Honestly though I don't expect her to be too bad except if she kills 2+ people in an ult or something then I suggest you mute the stream for about 20ish seconds so you don't temporarily lose your hearing

>> No.22710030

Lol there's no way.

>> No.22710072


>> No.22710132

More importantly. Who will play which role?

>> No.22710177


I actually feel bad that one of the smartest holos have the dumbest fans. She's literally the one holo that don't need white knights or whiteknighting so it's unironically hilarious what's happening.
Also please go back to your containment, I'm actually embarrassed to share the same membership as you.

>> No.22710312

Why don't you kill yourself? I don't give a shit what you think, passive-aggressive bitch. If I don't like Mori, I don't like Mori. I don't need to have the same thoughts as Suisei

>> No.22710565

Any proof?

>> No.22710581
File: 42 KB, 611x497, 7A7641B7-4407-4ADE-8425-2D232D222BCC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You’re both retards

>> No.22710643

Why Towa? Isn't she in a unit with Aqua and Suisei?

>> No.22710816

I mean it is what it is. Those three were all my favorites but it's become pretty clear, if you watch all three, that they had a hard split over petty bullshit and can't even bring up each other's names. Kanata did but she sounds fucking depressed anytime Sui comes up, up to December.

>> No.22710889


>> No.22710897

>if you watch all three
Which you don't, shitposter. Kill yourself

>> No.22711074

Don't be so mad. You're mad because I'm hurting your delusion of Suisei being a perfect main character or something.
Please prove me wrong though, I would love for them to at least be on talking terms while Kanata goes through the troubles.

>> No.22711082

cry more anon maybe then your oshi would look your way oh wait she's not an easily triggered whining whiteknight bitch what are you going to do next, ask me to kill myself twice? Dude I already died of embarrassment with how shit a showing you are as a fan. Go back to your containment.

>> No.22711182

Post membership

>> No.22711245


>> No.22711429

>thread about a holo that everyone hates because she's all about herself
>hoshiyomi comes in and somehow manage to make it all about Suisei
>shits up the entire thread
>somehow managed to divert the hate to Suisei because they think she's the vtuber jesus

Please go back to containment

>> No.22711551

There's a lot of dumb things Mori wouldn't have done if she actually gave a shit about not bringing toxicity to herself

>> No.22711701
File: 204 KB, 420x373, 1621101275802.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anonchama the thread isnt about Mori. The OP literally only posted the collab thumbnail and said "OW Collab". Your hate for pink woman making every thread that includes her all about how much you hate her is whats shitting up threads to this degree

>> No.22711737

I didn't even consider her playing Ashe or McCree and just shouting SHERIFF over and over

>> No.22711750

Don't reply to the schizo

>> No.22711814

Why Cali

>> No.22711826

u can't blame me if u can only read thread titles and not contents anon. I read the title of the book call snow white that one time and I'm sure the story was about how white snow was. Do you know how to read anon?

>> No.22711897

You're fucking retarded if you think her just being better at a game translates to tryhard. Watch her last OW stream before you open your mouth faggot

>> No.22711965


Didn't Subaru have to aplogize to Kiara in their collab cause she forgot midstream to keep her speech slower and a bit more simple, due to how fluent Kiara is?

>> No.22712041

I think Gura traced her thumbnail. Time for a shark suspension~

>> No.22712055

Subaru had to apologize to Kiara for not having an extra chair on their offline collab

>> No.22712061

Don't forget &IRyS

>> No.22712077

But this isn't some high class literature this is a fucking ethiopian cooking recipe website thread. The thread topic is about the collab and (You) are making it all about how pink woman bad. If you really hate Mori and how she's all about yourself then you should like her seeing as how you continue to derail threads by making it about Mori.

>> No.22712189

But why does she baby talk to girls who are very fluent in English like Reine

>> No.22712339

Again, surely shocking to /vt/, but Reine probably likes it too

>> No.22712415

Anon half of this thread is posts hating on Mori. I only came in the last few posts and am the same anon embarrassed to share this space with that hoshiyomi turboautist. Yeah I mean I don't like her but I'm not that obsessed to start the entire domino from the beginning of this thread. Also, your analogy doesn't even make sense. you seriously read just thread titles and go oh that's what the thread is about while ignoring the 200 over posts that makes up the content.
Snow white isn't fucking high class literature either you must be really high.

>> No.22712431

Because reine wants to be cuddled up and taken in a motherly embrace while sucking moris nipple, jesus anon watch streams will you

>> No.22712564

Pussying out of your promises makes you a legitimate bitch

>> No.22712580

Whats Uki got to do with this
Gachikois have to make themselves taller

>> No.22712640

She didn't do bad on purpose, she did bad naturally and her going HAHA I'M SO BAD LOOK I'M LOSING ON PURPOSE was her coping for the entire duration of the stream, and that's why it was annoying.

>> No.22712787

h- hot...

>> No.22712911

Oh boy, I can't wait to see Towa still crying like the Nip slut she is for not winning the Apex tournament for her precious senpais.

>> No.22713034


>> No.22713079

A loud majority of random like minded retards who parrot the same Mori anti posts don't define the thread. Just means theres more of you autists derailing every thread under the sun in /vt/ right now. Holy fuck you retarded Mori antis are becoming worse than everything youve said about her.

>> No.22713105

finally, Towa can show off all that English she's learned

>> No.22713379

Based grudepost anon

>> No.22713689

I love Mori and Hololive

>> No.22715948

>We should say hi for five minutes
already ruining the collab.

>> No.22716336


>> No.22716591


>> No.22716864

I bet one of her friends made fun of her and she just regurgitate a joke

>> No.22717109
File: 73 KB, 1280x720, 20121226020818084.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Keep going with the mental gymnastics, anon.

>> No.22717302

Man I don't hate Mori but this is the first time I wish she'd just shut up.

>> No.22717524

Bursting your bubble a bit here but Kanata did mention who she talked to the most over her break (Marine, Coco, Rurudo, Koyori/Flare) and if I remember right when she was asked about Suisei she said they haven't talked at all really.

>> No.22718281

Morí is a shit

>> No.22719848

You're not bursting my bubble bro that was the point I was dancing around.
Suisei is ghosting them.

>> No.22721033

That's fair, I meant more regarding your last sentence.

>> No.22721036

is Mori really making loud car and gun noises thinking it's funny? What a fucking waste of a good Towa stream.

>> No.22721465

I tried but I can't take it anymore

>> No.22721768

She purposely chose builds that were shit. I think she asked chat what builds were the worst.

>> No.22721973

Serious question: Who the fuck invited Mori? She can't play the game and she's an annoying bitch. Did she force herself in or did Gura really think they NEEDED another EN member that can speak Japanese? This is unwatchable.

>> No.22722072


>> No.22722276

>Speaking Japanese
If they really needed someone that's at least semi proficient in Japanese they would've gotten Ina.

>> No.22722307

For some reason Gura actually likes Calli.
I actually have no idea why. Calli is a terrible streamer and sucks at video games. But for some reason Gura likes her as a friend.

I’d honestly rather hear Kiara squawking and laughing. At least we’d get some fucking Japanese for Towa if Kiara was there.

>> No.22722431

>for some reason
Do you know what friendship is, anon?

>> No.22722501

I'm assuming no one else was available, of course.

>> No.22722635

Yeah I just don’t know what a gaming meme shark would like about an alcoholic lazy bitch that causes her and her friends problems time and time again.

>> No.22722674

This may surprise you, but most of Hololive likes Mori. Kiara is probably the coldest to her in EN right now.

>> No.22722761


>> No.22722803

drunken homies

>> No.22722855

>but most of Hololive likes Mori
Nice joke. JP doesn't count because they don't watch EN, they only know about her music.

>> No.22723029

Irys is picking up the slack don't worry. God I fucking love Irys. She's such a wonderful woman.

>> No.22723172
File: 109 KB, 242x302, 1643854379324.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why the fuck is Towap there?

>> No.22723888

Not really enjoying this one. Too many people talking, there’s zero synergy here.

>> No.22724271

The Mori Collab curse.

>> No.22724573

Someone thought it wouldn't be awkward enough with just Mori
I want Towa to collab again with EN except the ones that actually know Japanese
Bae, Irys, Ina, Towa could be fun

>> No.22724647


“What do you mean Anon?”
*Finishes half full glass of wine at once*
*Slams glass on the table*
“I don’t care what you think bruh. Don’t you know I’m signed with Universal? I definitely didn’t join Hololive just to use Cover Corp’s state of the art recording studio. I’m never reading superchats again!”

>> No.22724675

Oh yeah and Kiara i forgot about her

>> No.22724978

I don’t really like Mori, but she’s not the only factor ruining it. There’s 3 English speakers, iris and mori are both capable of translating and talking to towa, yet they don’t and just keep speaking to each other. Doesn’t help that the others also ignored her and keep talking over each other. Towa needs to speak up as well otherwise she’ll just keep getting ignored

>> No.22732869

Man, what the fuck i can count on one hand the amount of times they tried to include towa in a conversation. Its like EN doesn't give a fuck. I feel like the JPs will try to be considerate and learn some simple English in preparation while EN will just show up with zero effort. Fucking calli at the beginning of the collab

>you'll speak English right towa ?

Bitch you know japanese at least accommodate for her. Also Gura was the one that invited her to play and couldn't make small talk, what a bitch

>> No.22733361

Mori always starts a conversation by talking about herself has been a recurring problem.

>> No.22733449

if any of the japs attempt to learn english it will end just like the duolingo streams

>> No.22733465

I got called a schizo for saying the same exact thing.

>> No.22733613

Just compile a list of complaints and clear feedback about this stream specifically. Put it in a document or whatever and send it to their managers en masse since mori herself said to send feedback that way. At least there might be some chance of getting someone in the office to even send her a note. If the amount of feedback is big enough then they'll have to at least talk to her about the same things being addressed and sent to them over and over. Don't use socials to send your feedback use their management/offices.

>> No.22733769

I’m honestly thinking about it.

Even if the girls themselves can’t figure out how to make these collabs successful, why the fuck aren’t their managers doing anything?

They should be making sure that there’s at least 2 EN girls that can speak JP, and start making the other EN girls learn some basic JP out of respect to their senpai.
We knew the EN management was shit, but do they actually do anything at all?

>> No.22733867

you could say the exact same thing about ame. hell you could replace every towa complaint with ame in this topic and theyed all be equally valid. this wasnt discrimination this was them just being shit at banter.
at least they all shut up when irys started talking in japanese as a translator.

>> No.22733909

whoa haha guys i really liked playing as lucio
we should have a lucio tournament i'll put the word out

>> No.22733925

>nearly two years
>ame and gura STILL haven't bothered learning basic conversational japanese

>> No.22734024 [DELETED] 

Even just saying “Towa-sama Kawaii” would probably make Towa so happy.

It really isn’t hard and I don’t know why they aren’t trying. Make a cheat sheet with easy phrases for JP collards.
They need to replace EN management soon.

>> No.22734081

worse than doing nothing, early management guaranteed there's always going to be a divide between EN and the main branch by actively pushing away JPs like haachama that were trying to make connections for the entire first half of 2021. Council is doing slightly better but Myth will always be the unapproachable golden goose

>> No.22734140

Even just saying “Towa-sama Kawaii!” would probably make Towa so happy.

It really isn’t hard and I don’t know why they aren’t trying. Make a cheat sheet with easy phrases for collabs with JP members.
They need to replace EN management soon.

>> No.22734161

I would say that I'd be furious and angry as well but I think stepping back and just listing what made this collab not work helps. I'm just sorry for Towa mainly.

A reasonable looking feedback letter written by vocal fans might have an effect since Japanese have a big thing about face-value.

It worked for the first live Sonic Movie.

>> No.22734185

>Towa expressed interest in OW collab
>Gura invited Towa
>Gura get called bitch for Japanese ability
Is this how it works in /vt/?

>> No.22734245
File: 147 KB, 628x548, 1630981980892.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The collab was fun

>> No.22734259

Yup, best part is that those same people who said to themselfs
>I'll learn Japanese to watch my JP oshi and not rely on clips!
And proceeded to quit a month after

>> No.22734326

Nobody’s saying they need to become fluent anon.

Just actually fucking talk to the JP members like a functioning person. They ignored her for the first half of the Collab until IRyS finally realized she was the only one Towa could talk to.

>> No.22734335

Cmon adam sandler and shrek are waiting for you!

>> No.22734375

It would work better if they weren't so autistic about any form of direct fan communication, all you can do is send that letter, and then wait anywhere from 3 to 6 months after they've completely forgotten what they did in the stream you're complaining about, assuming the intern doesn't just throw it in the trash without even opening it

>> No.22734490



>> No.22734534


Anon I get you have reading comprehension issues but I simply said that gura should at least prepare some BASIC Japanese to make the JP feel included istead of ignoring her for half the stream

>> No.22734637
File: 49 KB, 370x343, T.T.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Towa = Ame = Mumei = Gura = Irys > 5% Mori

>> No.22734688


What about vice versa? In order to help and take care of their kouhai they JP sempais can learn some better english. Towa went in knowing this would most likely happen.

And she's having fun

>> No.22734697

I'm sure if Gura decided not to invite Towa because of her ability to make it works you still call her bitch.

>> No.22734814

Now I remembered part of why I stopped going to global ages ago. The Myth girls are literally incapable of doing anything wrong, apparently.

>> No.22734875

Adding on to that is that a high chunk of Towa's audience and SC are English viewers, same viewers who had her back when she almost got cancelled by the JP antis shortly after her debut, but nope, still the same, and you know what? That's 100% ok because it's not something that they should feel like they're forced to learn if they don't want to since language learning is tedius as hell

>> No.22734877

Hence the reason why sending en masse would be the best chance. A focused breakdown of what made a particular part of the fanbase really unhappy will usually have some kind of effect instead of a generalized complaint letter. The more clinical you can make the feedback the better since if they get it to management they'd have to read it over if enough of the same kind of letter comes in.

If there are fans with enough focus to timestamp very vod then there may be enough to get clearly stated feedback to someone who can do something.

......although the best I'm expecting is a half-hearted tweet and some stuff about "Learned FPS ain't my style" sort of damage control that corporations usually pull.

>> No.22735072


Pretty much. Its hard to get actually conversational in any language unless you constantly and actively engaging in the language. And watching anime and streamers doesn't fully count. It helps but its not the same thing.

Lui's getting better but she had the skills already and now is getting regular reps with actual people. Learning a new language at an adult age is like getting dragged into a pile of razors, catci, and lemon juice one after another.

Same thing with learning how to translate too.

>> No.22735275


There's no way I would have known that information so no I wouldn't. Don't see what the point of that reply was but ok

>> No.22735278

Let's be fucking honest the EN girls won't be able to learn Japanese well enough within their entire career in Hololive (assuming 5 years)
It takes 3 years of dedicated learning to get to intermediate level. (Calli level)

>> No.22735313

Simply put, you would whine anyway

>> No.22735685


any criticism towards your oshi is whining, funny how that works. classic chumcuck deflection

>> No.22735870

Was your criticism reasonable?

>> No.22736159

I just got back home from work and missed the stream. What'd I miss, anyone have qrd?

>> No.22736681

Keep whining

>> No.22737085

I don't think Towa ever reached any sort of high rank. From what I saw today though she is really good on tanks though.

>> No.22738700

I got over the fact that she has the most disgusting yankee weeb accent while speaking it and makes absolutely no effort to get rid of it, but the fact that she's been living in Japan for years and yet she's still at N4 level disgusts me beyond words

>> No.22738817

I wonder if she sounds as retarded to JP as CN restaurants do to EN

>> No.22739137

Mori insisted on playing on a console so she sucked harder than usual and meant they kept getting the same opponents as the pool of cross-platform players is pretty small.
They all mostly ignored Twappers until IRyS started putting in effort to include her.
Could have just replaced Ame with a bot for all she spoke.
Gura and Mumei were cute enough.

>> No.22739201

Honestly I was watching Towa POV the whole time, and I think Gura did try her best to compliment Towa when she makes plays the whole time. Too bad she's EOP and the "conversation" never goes anything beyond that.

>> No.22739383

Lots of yank tourists sound like that, the difference is tourists leave after a week while she had years to improve, yet chose not to

>> No.22739677
File: 91 KB, 300x300, 1625507035888.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was a little disappointed in Ame's lack of interaction with Towa at first, but I didn't expect much from her, given it was a 3+ person collab and I know she is pretty shy.

This stream did, however, cement my respect for irys for being able to translate so beautifully as well as for being considerate to include Towa after realising the other one wasn't going to try shit.

this stream also cemented my distaste in mori, I believe the rrats now, from the lazy bum to the poor japanese. she couldn't even ask about eating ice in japanese, what a trainwreck. unsubbed from her tonight and subbed to irys, not giving her any views.

rip in peace End of a Life Mori o7

>> No.22739713

At times, I forgot that Ame was even around

>> No.22739715

The accent doesn't matter as long as people can understand her an there is no need to get rid of it. It is also really hard to get to N4 level, and nothing beyond it is required to live and work in japan, so it doesn't make sense to tryhard japanese when there is no need to.

>> No.22739772

You're not wrong, as long as cuckbeats keep sucking up to her no matter what she does there's really no need for her to improve.

>> No.22739889

And she is making bank in Japan. Have fun being more sick.

>> No.22740060

I get filtered by 0 effort accents really hard because I always do my best to learn phonetics of every language I speak, just seems lazy from my perspective. That said I do realize these are just my autistic standards and besides, you yanks aren't the only ones who are guilty of this, hell the japanese also do this.

N4 being hard to get to? Bullshit. Its the bare minimum and considering she's been living there for years its almost impossible to get stuck on that level. We're not talking about kanji, that a lot of people have a problem with, we're talking about spoken language. There's nothing tryhard about speaking the language of the country you reside in, especially not when its a country you're supposedly fangirling over. Typical weeb behavior

>> No.22740549

The tournament was over. No reason to stick together at this point.

>> No.22741235

I bet Mori is grateful to deadbeats for supporting her. She does not need to learn more Japanese because deadbeats will still throw her money. She does not care being called names because her fans will still support her. Then, from the money she receives, she will buy condom money for Connor.

>> No.22741710

She really likes OW and no one in JP plays it apparently. It's really just that simple. Honestly the main issue with the collab was having the introvert crew and not Bae or Kiara to keep conversations moving.

>> No.22741897

Myth is so awkward that's why I like council a bit more
They're good girls but damn sometimes it's hard to watch

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