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Boobs > Butt

And I'm tired of pretending otherwise.

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I prefer butts however

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>ass men just enjoy tits and ass
>tit men can't shut the fuck up about not liking ass

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It's usually the other way around. You just complain whenever the tables are turned on you.

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boobs are from genetics
you can grow ass

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This, but the other way around

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This right here is why wokoids hate any media that depicts hot women with huge tits. They can't get over the fact they weren't gifted them in the gene lottery so take their revenge by erasing them from all non-porn media.

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Tits and ass may be big and curvy but what do they tell you about the person? Nothing

Hands, however, are the truth. You look at someone's hand and you can tell their age, weight, height, race, and nature of their occupation. And yet none of those limp dick Vtuber companies and chicken shit artists care. They don't care about Vtuber's hands. You're all blind.

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I almost never see posts stating the contrary, meanwhile titfags have shit like ass/tit preference maps saved and say ass men are niggers.
Just shut the fuck up and enjoy your porn. Nobody cares about your preferences, your cripplingly low testosterone levels and/or your mommy issues that somehow turn you into a manbaby. It'd save me the trouble of posting this.

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Based, one spew milk the other, shit.
This is the first time ever i've seen someone say this.

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>and say ass men are niggers.
Because it's usually true.

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I actually don't care a single bit about tits nor ass.
But midriffs, god that is such a fucking turn on, nothing beats a nice, smooth midriff you could run your finger down.

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I don't normally care for hands, but I love fanart of Pekora without gloves. I guess it's true that hiding body parts make you more, uh, "sensitive" (for lack of a better word) to seeing them. No wonder the muslim rape women when they lift their robes up to the ankles.

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Belly > Boobs > Butt

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>literally seething about tit men while posting this

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Belly = Thighs > Butt > Boobs

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buttmilk > breastmilk

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based kiranon...

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>tit men can't shut the fuck up about not liking ass
this is true and it applies to other types of preferences e.g. tomboys, chubby/architecture, dark skin (female), loli, shota, hags, etc.
>ass/tit preference maps saved
I don't think those would make them any good

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feet > armpits > buttholes > tummies > napes > *

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I am a simple man.
Pussy > Tits > Everything else.

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Some days I love tits, some days I love ass, some days I like dfc, some days I love thighs. Some days I like a combo of these things. What does that make me?

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>schizoposts about the mooselimbs in vtuber thread
Indeed, bro!!

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You can't grow it, but you can improve it

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Por que no los dos?

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Extremely ironic

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Only those with african blood prefer butts.

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And what's exactly wrong with having african blood? Everyone does. That's where everyone comes from anyways. Even all the chuubas.

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>He bought the propaganda wholesale
Whew lad

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nothing wrong with it but not everyone has it, that's literally impossible

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Basically this although boobs aren't totally based on genes. there are things that can grow them like having a lot of female hormones, getting pregnant, and depending on how your body distributes fat that could help a bit.
Essentially it's just easier to have a decent butt and big boobs are more rare

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belly > boobs > butt
I don't practically care what anyone else has to say.

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Maybe if I get a daughter I'll feed her estrogen-rich foods. I'll come back to you in about 15-25 years.

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Yeah, Suisei has no tits or arse but fuck when she teasers a bit of glove-less action, I'm fucking hard as a rock

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Thanks you for your input Merryweather Vtubers are Underrated

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Isn't there a webm where she jiggles it?

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Damn, if this wasn't Ramadan, I would have been acting up!

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The problem is that while flat chests are still hot, flat asses are fucking horrible

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I have never touched a boobie

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Flat asses can be fixed with a couple of months in the gym. Flat chests can only be fixed by turning them into disgusting lard asses, and even that's a gamble.

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You say that as if you're unique.

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ass is better because the girl doesnt need to be fat to have a big butt.

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Flat chests don't need fixing

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i've touched ass and tits but never skin to skin contact

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