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they forgot attitude needed. ffs why ppl think join holo is easier than join niji ?

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>I could meet minimum requirement
Entitlement is one hell of a drug

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She's basically saying
>at the very least I can do better than Sana.
Which is pretty based desu.

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they only see the "sweet", side of holo. . this kind of ppl is the one who will quit when they accidentally leak their ugly face

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If she's like this whenever she gets rejected, imagine having her as a colleague

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>why ppl think join holo is easier than join niji ?
it shouldn't be just by simple math. Nijisanji debuts new units often, Hololive is yearly per branch.

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Being “very confident” in your character doesn’t make it inherently desirable.

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Look at the bright side, she might pull a Suisei and join another idol agency with the sole purpose of getting revenge on Hololive for rejecting her.

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Is this the panty girl?

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Literally every tweet on her account is her tweeting at companies/platforms and saying they need to cater to her better.

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Is that you?

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holy. . imagine HoloEN 3 have this as a new member. . can't imagine how shitty her corpo twitter will be. . well stleast /vt/ winning and another cali is born. . atleast calli is better because she can write a song

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like every indie

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Publicly stating that you sent in an audition should be immediate grounds for disqualification.

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Someone like that wouldn't be able to take the anti posting even someone like Sana getsl.

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holo recruiting 18 years old. .not a 12 years old whiney girl

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dont worry, nene got rejected a lot but got accepted eventually just keep trying.

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I don't think nene is this "persistent" about the audition. atleast that's how her roommate says

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cover wants numbers, not talent

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It pretty much is. Cover isn’t completely dumb and not being able to do this one things shows how likely you are to keep an NDA.

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Posting a question like that publicly speaks to a problematic character that I wouldn't want to hire.
Nene didn't publicly comment on her rejections until after she got the job.

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I was tempted to try auditioning.
But I doubt I could even make a decent audition video.
I wager I could do a decent enough job even as a guy. But lack the resources/skillset to do everything solo.

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Problem is how do you remember who the person was when you're sorting through thousands of auditions? The first minute is probably the most crucial.

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sui never did anything for revenge tho...

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it's okay. . half of the council also lack of skill. . i mean let's list them
>kronii : a bad singer, her voice acting is bad. saved because her "history" on yt.
>sana : can draw but never make a drawing stream unlike her senpai ina. ugly voice, cant sing.
>mumei : her singing is good but not a groundbreaking. almost her karaoke are full of her schreeching voice
>fauna : a bad singer, only know ASMR
>Bae : mating press

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wrong, cover wants connection and potential connection.

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To be fair to council.
They are entertaining. They've got the important skillset needed for vtubers. Singing is a bonus not a requirement.
Sana is definitely the lame duck but thats because she's generally lacking the strong personality of the others, but theres definitely a market for her personality.

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>Niji wasn't even mentioned
Holobros I thought you guys never thought about us... what a bunch of tsunderes k-kyaa~

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Why do people want to m8 press the rat so bad?

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Didn't she join Hololive as a way to spite the Idol company that rejected her? Though it might have been Matsuri since I think she had somewhat similar backstory...

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Just do what Bae did, and say your oshi is a homo. Then flex a bit of homo and holo knowledge and bam. You are in and then droup your homo

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because nijiEN girls are declining. . why she want to join a gay only chuba company

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Because you don't have health problem (mental or physical).

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because nijiEN girls are declining. . why she want to join a gay only chuba company

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>Niji wasn't even mentioned
and yet that didn't stop you from bringing them up

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because why not ? she build for breeding.

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explain mori and gura

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putting Sana and Kroni on the spot, lmao

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Angry tweet about your disillusionment is the best proof that they were right not to pick you.

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>I could meet minimum requirement
Someone with just as much talent or fame said "I can exceed minimum requirement"

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From that post it sounds like she's an entitled cunt, so that's probably why.

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mori already rotten, not my taste. but shork cunny. . need correction

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Read the OP again, ESL chama

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Mori/Kiara - Kiara moved on and Mori didn't like that Kiara avoiding TT boys
Mori/Ina - Not a lot of overlap via time, games, conversation, or the like. Also avoids TT boys and j-rap in general
Mori/Ame - Almost the same as Ina, but Ame prefers shooters and at least "Allegedly" a healthy diet, both things Mori avidly avoids
Mori/Gura - By default the only pairing that could work, as Gura really doesn't care enough to have preferences in content and timeframe, as well as a mix bag of every game and conversation

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all the other bullshit aside, why do people think that hololive "didn't like their audition" if they don't get in/make it to the final audition stages? they only end up hiring a few people. it's not like they hated every single audition except for 5 of them

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Welcome to /vt/, where hololive is Apple, and everyone else is Android

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They probably have a database for it already. Every time you work with data you should use a software for proper tagging and notations. I bet this one has an after note of "tweeted about rejection, do not reconsider if they re-audition"

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>why ppl think join

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Keep trying. Nene had to apply 4 times. Apply for gamer - rejected. Apply for gen 3 - rejected. Apply for gen 4 - rejected. Only gen 5 have a spot for her

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Doesn't a mega phoenix insta kill this boss?

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with this attitude i doubt niji will accept this person too2NPHD

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And then Subaru basically Paul Rudd'd her interview and just showed up

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Suisei was accepted in a few places but she insisted in keeping her indie model, so her revenge is more along the line of showing that her personal design can succeed too.
Matsuri is a fan of Nijisanji but she didn't want to join as a fan, so she joined Hololive instead because she didn't want to ruin her perception as a fan.

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>minimum requirement for work produced every week
>in hololive
>Ayame, Shion, and Council’s agency
The minimum is literally 0 and any turd can meet that shit. I’m guessing scouts want to avoid that

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Subaru got in fairly early though as I recall

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Have you seen her body?

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Hololive had very little hiring power until gen 3. Their requirements were extremely low and they relied on scouting just to fill out rosters. Getting the talents that they did before sankisei was largely luck in that era where they weren't even top 5, maybe not top 10 agencies.

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I'm sure there is a minimum requested on the application form which would be three streams a week.

>> No.22539993

I imagine they get thousands, if not tens of thousands, of applications, so getting into Hololive or Nijisanji is like winning a lottery.

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I can imagine her tweeting
>So what is it? What is it that antis didn't like about myself?

>> No.22540177

>My merit is I meet the minimum requirements

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Rushia 2.0

>> No.22540351

Back then yagoo had to visit kindergarten teacher, nnd streamer, supermarket cash register, bullied corpo chubba, failed tv show host and high schooler to find new talents.

>> No.22540451

This is a misconception about Nene's repeated applications. She applied to the same audition repeatedly (I think it was once Hololive just started having permanent auditions up), the application said that you would get a response within 2 weeks if they liked you, so if she didn't get a response within 2 weeks she sent in another one until she finally did.

>> No.22540489

it is

>> No.22540502

There is a menhera filter.
You could be freaking Pokimane level of popularity and still be rejected.

Cover has a very solid base, every new talent needs to first and foremost NOT be a liability.
If you're a walking yab machine you're (probably) not going to make it in.
They'd rather hire a lower spec girl that's super safe for the company.

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If I'm not mistaken their minimum requirement on the application form is 3 times a week for at least a year.
Shion and Ayame used to stream consistently during their early years bit then Shion got hit with depresshion and Ayame just stream like once a month to collect her monthly sc earning

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she has the chink genes. shes probably petite, fair skinned, short, pink nipples and a tight pussy that I would plow to the ends of time

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70 posts in and not a native English speaker in sight

>> No.22540871

t. monolingual retard

>> No.22540947

Shion and Ayame were hired long before that minimum requirement was seen anywhere. The first time it was seen that we know of is on the application for gen 3.

>> No.22540983

Monkey noises don't qualify as a language SEAfriend

>> No.22541003

Because to get into NijiEN you need to be one of Elira's friends.

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Unrelated to the thread, but I've seen this comparison many times and as a developer, I just find it funny. People probably don't realize that saying "Hololive is Apple, and everyone else is Android" isn't really a diss against Hololive, especially from a dev perspective.

>> No.22541119

t. Poor american too retarded to manage more than 1 language.

One day you wont be this retarded;^)

>> No.22541123

agree, now go back to your cage, monkey.

>> No.22541173

That's actually kinda smart coming from festival.

>> No.22541194

truly the kanye west of the era

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What the fuck are you trying to say right now?

>> No.22541208

keep coping, you are too dumb to learn a new language.

>> No.22541211

literally who also nevermind who the fuck cares

>> No.22541257

>I could meet minimum requirement for work

>> No.22541387

Suisei became a vtuber idol indie so she can be somewhat an idol and maybe put her name out there to eventually get into an idol agency. It's just her luck that vtuber got big and her plan fit well into hololive and got her far more successful as vtuber than working at a low tier idol company.

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>Imagine holo en 3 have this as member.
Better than Sana and council except Baelz already

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She radiates schizo vibes. She actually expects them to personally respond with coaching on how to pass the audition to each of the thousands of applications they get.

>> No.22541669

You realize native english speakers are only about 25% of the english speaking world? You're more likely to run into ESLs than EoPs.

>> No.22541740

I feel bad for her. Clearly something else is going on.

>> No.22541771

She seems genuinely autistic.

Expecting people to write personal email to every failed Holo auditions. Christ.

>> No.22541791

> Language spoken by millions of people

You small brained xenophobe. Go check your blood pressure and let people with actual education do the talking.

>> No.22541870

Plenty of western vtubers are entitled AF. I'm glad this one got rejected:
For failing the menhera test.
For failing the carisma test.
For failing the "I have something unique to offer beyond the bare minimum" test.

>> No.22541877

The entertainment industry has always attracted delusional people.

>> No.22541879

Just tell her that perhaps her voice and character image didn't align with one of the designs they have queued up. Then again, those with autism HATE random chance and simply cannot process it.

>> No.22541886

oh no, dont let YAGOO see her tweets, his saviourfagsense gonna tick.

>> No.22541898

So whose roommate is this anyway?

>> No.22541945

Doesn't sounds like a schizo. Probably just had a little bit of meltdown, who knows what's going on with her life.

>> No.22541946

She should send her audition piece to /asp/ and /wvt/ and let the wolves do the work.

>> No.22542017

>why ppl think join holo is easier than join niji ?
I just realized that people have no fucking idea about vtuber at all.

>> No.22542049

disqualifying yourself from every future corpo audition, truly very considerate towards interns time

>> No.22542237

Nobody gives a shit about the dev perspective though, Apple is objectively an inferior platform.
They can't even install programs that Apple doesn't approve, it's crazy.

>> No.22542267

>10 minute audition video
this is what filtered her, no way someone is going to watch the whole thing.

>> No.22542337

Usually if you don't grab their attention in the first 30 seconds you will get send to the trash pile.

>> No.22542362

>and a tight pussy
he doesn't know...

>> No.22542407

Imagine getting an email response from hololive that just says "sorry but you're a cunt".

>> No.22542424

> Happy and bubbly personality.
> Entitled Karen demanding feedback
> Upset interns can't skip 5 min lunch and potty time to reply to her
> Thinks the world should revolve around her, her feelings, and her needs.

I think we dodged a bullet. This persona is too happy and bubbly

>> No.22542449

Took a brief look at her tweets before these and she's screeching about DbD. Right call to reject her.

>> No.22542501

The elevator pitch. Seriously if she doesn't even know that...
But sometimes the less you know the more confident you feel. Her overconfidence then goes to show how ignorant she is.

>> No.22542673

cover made the right decision, rant on public being a victim are no go, good god shes not accepted

>> No.22542713

Scroll further down and she's calling big titted girls whores for making her feel bad about herself. Holo didn't even need to look at the audition tape

>> No.22542770

>Calli, auditioned for the sheits and giggles, not expecting to actually get in
>Kiara, Auditioned as a last ditch effort after giving up on everything else
>Ina, Auditioned just to change her everyday life

Not too sure in Ame and Gura's audition motivation, only that they were in rough spots pre-Hololive

>> No.22542785

How the fuck do you find this kinds of nobody? I don't have tweeter, but isn't it nearly impossible to find this tweet that no one like?

>> No.22542873

Anon, how did kiara get in then
It's obvious that hololive is majority nepotism hires

>> No.22542920

I think Gura is probably the only member of EN who could have been scouted.
She had a wildly successful youtube channel prior to hololive but lacked the ability to really monetise it due to what a trainwreck she is

>> No.22542922

Gura was a combination of Ina and Kiara. She wasn't happy with where her life was pre-hololive, and she also wanted to make friends.

>> No.22542939

you can bookmark any tweets update that mentioned "hololive" as a keywords or simply search the latest "hololive" mentioned in a tweet

>> No.22542973

you can rant after bringing sc money to the company with limitation but not before that

>> No.22543013

did kiara makes public rant on tweeter of any social media about being victim before get in to holo or not?

>> No.22543016

Why would you place such importance on singing? It's a bonus, not a requirement.

>> No.22543032

No one is getting scouted on Myth. Everyone's applying.
I mean, pretty sure everyone when on audition beside Sana.

>> No.22543111

>sana ugly voice
bros she has nice and comforting voice and i like her accent and im not even a sana fans

>> No.22543112

Even with sana, people overestimate the nepotism rrat. In most companies a recommendation allows you to skip the first application phase and skip right in to the interview phase, it doesn't guarantee you the job.

>> No.22543152

Ho...and so schizos refresh for hours to find some dramas? I almost pity them, unfortunately I don't care about human garbage

>> No.22543155

If you really want in it's time to gain that skill set anon. Start doing some vids or streaming, try to learn to do different type of content. Who knows, you might find out that it's not for you at all and you can drop it.
Remember you don't have to start out as a vtuber.

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Telling the public she joined the audition aside, on what basis she think she can be this demanding?
I wonder if this is the sort of tone she used when she send emails to cover.
I hope hololive en Twitter account notice her soon and block her ke

>> No.22543204

She will probably get into NijiEN and maybe have her own revenge arc since NijiEN is inclining fast with their own audience.
Too bad Cover.

>> No.22543214

What’s the rrat on why Sana hasn’t been fired for not meeting the bare minimum requirement?

>> No.22543240

Not that guy but I was looking at the vod of her talking about it, apperently she applied halfway through the audition and got called a few days before they ended, whatever Kiara offered on her audition video definitely was what Cover was looking for.

>> No.22543278

Also Gura wanted to be Hatsune Miku

>> No.22543298

"You must be able to deliver content at least 3 times a week" doesn't specifically refer to said content being streaming, it's possible she does other work for Cover in the background

>> No.22543315

Sana is an opportunity which fell on cover's lap, various things halted her chance to shows her worth, but hololive is REALLY lucky to have her.
forget hololive, no one gonna answer her now.

>> No.22543342

Tweeting like she wrote a diary are indication that she have mental problems

>> No.22543361

fucking zoomer, you're not entitled to feedback for an audition or application. Maybe she should spend the time she does on twitter to review her own application. That way she might be able to improve?

>> No.22543368

>Deserve a response
She doesn't deserve anything from Hololive

>> No.22543419

She needs to be a turbo autist if she wants to get in.

>> No.22543426

>still writing emails frequently
holy shit, yup a schizo

>> No.22543427

because as opposed to americans who if they break both arms and legs still need to go to work or they get fired, the more civilised parts of the world allow you to take time of to recover

>> No.22543428

>only aspiring to meet the minimum requirement

>> No.22543440

Sanas a professional artist who has done a lot of work for gacha games and the like.
Considering the sheer quantity of art assets Cover burns through? They'll grab any artist they can get their grubby mitts on.
They're lucky to have her as both a staff artist and streamer. They lucked out with Ina and she wound up dragging a friend along for the ride.

Realistically even if she barely streams? So long as she's churning out other assets for the company then they're gonna be happy.
Some people reckon that the reason Sana has been doing a lot less streaming compared to others is because she's chewing through contracted work from her pre-hololive days.

>> No.22543518
File: 33 KB, 579x266, kek.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy fuck.
Does make me wonder, just how many of their applicants were like this?

>> No.22543545

She is the most cunny amongst the council.

>> No.22543549

So is the Hololive audition for HoloEN3 at its last leg already?

>> No.22543577

im curious about her other tweets, and read her reply to twitch and random thot, its not even better

>> No.22543599

that feed is just helping other agencies dodge her.

>> No.22543607

kek, she's not only raising red flags, she's the soviet army during a parade.

>> No.22543632

The last part is very plausible but pretty much everything you said is closer to truth. I was just realizing how many commissions she had on Hololive merchs even before she debuted and she still have more coming out. Nijiniggers can't accept this fact though

>> No.22543643

It has been 4 and a half months since auditions opened. I wouldn't be surprised if they've already selected the 5 who've made it.

>> No.22543671

>Ame: auditioned as a last hurrah before ditching streaming all together and training to be a EMT

>> No.22543795

Getting professional artists on freelance in a corporate setting is hard.
Most of the well known ones are booked months in advance. Having someone who knows them is a great way to find new ones or the lesser known ones.
So they probably got access to Sana through Ina. Probably a few others too.
It's a very "who you know" environment.

>> No.22543798

Oh christ on a pogostick, Cover no doubt looked at that and said "Nope".
At this point if they haven't already selected all 5 of the finalists, they've chosen 3/4 of the 5 and are just picking the last one (the 'wild card' of the gen. Ame was this for Myth, Bae was probably this for Council) who might not have the 'quite' the resume for it but has 'something else' they think can make things work.

>> No.22543820

More holo rejects incoming for NijiEN?

>> No.22543859

With so many menhera on the intwrnet, somehow their choices for HoloEN are rather safe. Is it just luck or having a good HR?

>> No.22543881

Depends on if they're going with split gens (4M/1F like Edengumi) or 3/2 2/3 split. IMO, while they're probably still looking for blokes for StarsEN, I would 1000% recommend any dudes try for NijiEN first before settling on StarsEN as they are absolutely the inferior choice simply from a 'prospective numbers' perspective.

tl;dr depends on how many females Anycolor is looking for

>> No.22543920

There's also the case for getting a good artist and not just any artist that does commission. Sana and Ina are behemoths in this area (like Sakimi, with the exception of the parent artists) I think what makes people seethe is the fact that if they hired Sana for that purpose, they might as well made her a Mama instead of a chuba. I don't watch her so I can't tell if her streams has any quality but I can see why this will make Fulgur seethe.

>> No.22543934

If she is accepted in NijiEN, I can't imagine how much hatred she will have for Cover and making NijiEN more tribalistic.
This will be bad.

>> No.22543952

Lots of vetting. Despite how much shitposting the board does about Council, outside of Kronii's self-depressive menhera nonsense, they've managed to avoid any landmines for yabs.
I'm almost certain there are 'more talented, but menhera' applicants, but they likely reject these out of hand nowadays. They aren't in desperate need of people after all.

>> No.22543960

They are already peak tribal. Remember anon, it feels like a war.

>> No.22543990

Could be Sana was more interested in trying her hand at being a chuba.
But overall I'd say that while Sana is the lame duck of her gen that by no means makes her bad. She has a market and it is extremely into her.

>> No.22543991

Sana is....raw. She really has some potential, based off what streams I do watch, but she's very much lacking in the sort of experience you get from streaming for years. Not everyone is born with the ability to effortlessly entertain a big audience and need to work on it instead.

>> No.22543992

The niji males are a dud outside of the ones pandering to a very specific niche. If you're fine with basically being a sellout manwhore then yes, Niji is the way to go. And I can't imagine being a female and wanting to cultivate any type of audience over there when they seem to basically be forced to interact and collab with males.

>> No.22543999

>menhera filter
mori ame gura kiara sana lmao

>> No.22544023

Yes, I saw the leak. But this is someone who has an outright agenda for Cover so it would be fun to see.

>> No.22544039

You mean Holo. Niji EN seems to have an easier time mingling with other corpos and indies than Hololive does.

>> No.22544043

She sounds like a yab machine.

>> No.22544066

Mori is arguably the only one who fits that. She's the only who does dumb shit, and even then it's mild. I forget most people don't even know what "menhera" is.

>> No.22544067

jesus christ.
i get really really wanting a chance, but it's not the end of the world.

>> No.22544070

>The niji males are a dud
People were anticipating them to get sub 500 CCV. Has yet to happen.

>> No.22544073

Cover has a lot more money now, they can offer talented people a lot of money and opportunities with one condition that they keep their private shit out of the vtuber game.

>> No.22544082


>> No.22544098

She is welcome to join NijiEN, the branch is inclusive and never lets anyone down.

>> No.22544118
File: 111 KB, 220x220, 1626399987669.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Obviously she thought it was good so maybe she wanted the sort of feedback that she'd be personally blind to?

>> No.22544122

I get that, I watched Gura's past life and she was pretty much the same when she debuted. But unlike Gura, Sana does in fact doesn't stream a lot so I can't imagine her getting better any soon at her rate. As a chuba, she may be below Anya, but as artist, she's living the life.

Definitely, like I said above, she's living the life most artists could only dream of.

>> No.22544123

I think what's mentioned there is that you should be willing and able to stream 3 times a week.
Which gives the impression that you HAVE to stream 3 times a week (and filters those who can't even conceive of doing that).
But I don't think it's a hard requirement.

>> No.22544128

The discord leak would be hilarious kek
I'm sure she will be the favorite of this board by that time

>> No.22544168

It's obviously not a set in stone requirement when you look at Sana. It's just emphasizing that they are looking for streamers.

>> No.22544169


>> No.22544184

Yeah, I would love for her to get accepted since she fits in quite nicely with Fulgur and Pomu.

>> No.22544211

>hey Cover, your product is shit and I can act like an anime girl and rake in the simpbux, hire me!
>wtf why didn't you hire me!?!?!? I'm going to COOOMPLAIN!

>> No.22544339
File: 3.10 MB, 1894x2866, 1650108106280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hololive wins again

>> No.22544342

Where is she insulting Hololive in the OP? Or is it something you've made up in your head.

>> No.22544406

It's implied that by stating she can fill "minimum requirements". If you ever had to hire anyone for anything you'd know that's an admission of lack of consideration for your product.

>> No.22544418

Are you seriously defending her?

>> No.22544464

As much as I like feedback on my job applications I did in the past, I never really got one.
Maybe this girl have no experience applying for jobs?

>> No.22544506

Attack her for something that is there like how it is infeasible for a corpo to get back to her on how to improve her audition. She didn't attack Hololive within her message, that is made up in your head.
It's only implied if you have an insecurity about it. It seems like you're acknowledging some sort of deficiency. She is stating she easily fulfill the minimum requirements.

>> No.22544512

Yeah, getting a feedback is rare nowadays. She atvleast should take it and learn from her mistakes.
Not whatever she is doing right now.

>> No.22544541

So why are people worked up about this?

>> No.22544546

Remember guys and gals, always clean your social medias when applying to these big/small corpos. Fucking dumbasses.

>> No.22544547

Is that you Sarah? Sorry for the rejection though, but you at least should learn from that mistake okay.

>> No.22544553

Lol say what you want about NijiEN, but in this case nepotism helps them avoid this trainwreck rando NPC. If you're not already an acquaintance of the select 2-3 talents who pull all the strings, you're not getting in anyway

>> No.22544576

kek struck a nerve

>> No.22544579

I guess we have to thank Elira Daisenpai for pulling her strings. Shebis truly the Riku of ENvtubing.

>> No.22544639

There are 15 more spots for the next NijiEN, so never say never. I want to see someone who has a hateboner for Cover to get in. It seems like a lot of ENvtubers don't like Cover nowadays.

>> No.22544655

>She is stating she easily fulfill the minimum requirements.
Then there are some points that she didn't fulfill or there are others who are BETTER than her.
Zoomers/first time applicants really should grow a thicker skin. Is this not taught in college?

>> No.22544685

It's just bored people.

>> No.22544704

Participation trophy mentality anon. At least Cover's HR department is still top tier after all.

>> No.22544721

>Then there are some points that she didn't fulfill
Shifting the original argument.

>> No.22544742


Sooo you want drama ?

>> No.22544747

>Mori/Kiara - Kiara moved on and Mori didn't like that Kiara avoiding TT boys
Not that I'm doubting you, not even a KFP and I'm glad she avoids TT fags, but why do you say that Calli doesn't like that Kiara avoids those fags? Also Calli seems to collab with Ina just fine (when they do) even if Ina also has no interest in Turd Taste.

>> No.22544795

Everyone there already has a hateboner for cover

>> No.22544839

What shifting? Fulfilling minimum requirements doesn't guarantee you passing the first interview/audition/test.

>> No.22544892

The argument has nothing to do with her passing or not passing auditions, but people in this thread perceiving that sentence as a negative jab at Hololive, insulting it.

>> No.22544896

It's cute seeing (the last few remaining) Sanafags still trying to cope with the excuse "n-nooo, she is not streaming because... she will surely come out with LOTS OF ART for Hololive that will totally vindicate Cover for hiring her, j-just you wait!!!!". Sure, whatever you need to rationalize the fact that she just doesn't care and rather draws+retweets chink gacha all day instead. I see even that is incorporated in the copexcuse now ("no y-you see, the reason she SEEMS to be prioritizing her chink gacha work over Hololive r-right now is just so that she can get through it quicker and free up her time for all the amazing Hololive art that will s-SURELY COME then afterwards!!!").
The longer this goes on and she doesn't produce, it only gets more sadder and pathetic for the few cucks who still cling to hope and haven't just sensibly dropped her already.

Bro, she's been here for over half a year, and she was produced what? A debut illustration and an anniversary illustration. I'm even doing her a favor and not counting the frankly embarrassing scribbles she did for the "mascots". With that meager output, Cover could've just hired external illustrators on one-time commissions like usual instead of wasting a talent streaming spot on someone who is underperforming in the main part of the job

>> No.22544912

>It seems like a lot of ENvtubers don't like Cover nowadays.
Not surprising really when every single one of them has been rejected by cover at least once.

>> No.22544958

Didn't they place a limit on how often you could apply? I remember reading if you don't hear anything from them in 2 weeks you need to wait three months to reapply.

>> No.22544975

whos the random default twitter account and why are we us 4channers stalking her

>> No.22544978

Bruh I'm not one of her fans.
But even I can see she's clearly doing enough to justify her spot in corporates eyes. And her fans seem to love her
Just continue being salty you didn't get a spot.

>> No.22544983

She created the account in January this year. This is probably her idea of a cleaned account.

>> No.22545012

You're entirely right, but anyone who is still a sanafag at this point is beyond convincing, so you're wasting your time.

>> No.22545039

And what are they going to do about it? Cry on Twitter more?

HoloEN is moving beyond the vtuber boundary while they are just 2views trying to shit on more successful people.

>> No.22545096

Look, I can sort of understand that she want a feedback, but do you really expect Cover to give feedbacks to thousands of applicants that got rejected?
I can see Cover give feedback to the applicants who passed 3 or 4 out of 5 rounds, but to those who only passed first or second rounds?
And her choice of words are simply distasteful, her words sound very demanding. Either she has limited vocab or her manners are lacking.

>> No.22545106

Wasn't Calli also convinced by Milky Queen to apply for some reason?

>> No.22545134

*who did not passed first or second rounds

>> No.22545174

Fun fact: "participation trophies" are often talked about as a shorthand reason for why the young generations are so mentally weak and entitled, but who was actually responsible for their rise? Not the kids itself (they know they are worthless bullshit and mean nothing), they don't have any power to actually institute such a thing, it's actually the over-involved helicopter parents, the older generations, who demanded them so they can have proof that their little shitty brats did x or y activities, to pad resumes later or simply jerk themselves off infront of other parents how their average kid is super special instead and feel better about raising otherwise unremarkable spawn

>> No.22545195

a lot of qualified people who apply for "real" jobs in real life get turned down too.

if I told an applicant we decided to go with someone else and they threw a tantrum on twitter about it, mentioning my company by name, I don't think I'd ever hire them. whereas if they reapply later, I might go "oh right, you're that girl" and give them a low level entry level job to see how they do

let's just all take chill pills and not use social media as a place to vent. venting publically is bad. you can punch a pillow or whatever the fuck, just don't make it public

>> No.22545258


>> No.22545279

The real participation trophy is the lessons you learned during competition.

>> No.22545290

Without getting too political, I always thought "participation trophies" was shorthand for the entire culture of rejecting competition, hierarchy, and success in favour of equality.

>> No.22545447

How do you get 15? There are usually 5 people in a gen (and I assume they're going for gender-balanced next, so at best there are just 2-3 female spots). Unless you're already counting several gens in advance.

Also, as funny as the thought of a pipeline "bitter Holo-reject gets into Niji instead" is, with Niji itself growing in stature and having both more applicants and rising hiring standards, there's bound to be a lot of Niji-rejects as well. Imagine some salty double-rejects slumming it in the smaller corpos or having to stay indie instead, eternally seething at both big companies

>> No.22545555

Niji is likely easier to get in because of ACCELRATION. But I believe that the schizo in the OP might not be able to step in foot in either big companies.

>> No.22545575

The Niji rejects are the ones who'll be joining Holostars EN. Niji females are still Holo rejects for now.

>> No.22545672

nta, but iirc the Nene story often gets mis-told because it sounds like a sympathetic perseverance story ("she applied four times, until she finally got in!!" with the moral implication that "see, perseverance pays off, even you can make it if you just try hard enough" etc).

The actual story is less about perseverance and more about her just being a ponkotsu.
She applied only to one audition period, that of the fifth gen, (so it's not like she applied to four different audition generations for a long time and got rejected everytime or anything), and just didn't know if her application got sent through / was even received by Cover, because she didn't hear anything back in time, so she just re-sent her application several times to make sure

>> No.22545687

>Not surprising really when every single one of them has been rejected by cover at least once.
>There are 15 more spots for the next NijiEN
Fuck yeah no more dead hours

>> No.22545699
File: 57 KB, 595x643, HERE!.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Sanafags still trying to cope with the excuse "n-nooo, she is not streaming because... she will surely come out with LOTS OF ART for Hololive that will totally vindicate Cover for hiring her, j-just you wait!!!!"
> I wrote to support about a username NOT being in EXISTENCE! It's not that it"s "inactive", it DOESN'T exist, yet it's still telling me "username not available"......
So this is absolutely her right? types the exact same way.

>> No.22545792

If you want to find success as a female vtuber, go for Hololive.
Think about it, you will get a bigger audience size. You get access to some of the biggesy vtubers on the planet. You don't have to spend a dime on music since Cover pays for cover songs now. And you will get 3D models for free.
That is without mentioning HoloFes stuff.

>> No.22545857

They are going to post a lot on their discord's vent channel

>> No.22545931

Yes, that's what it turned out to be. I just find it ironic that it is used as a slight against the younger generation by the older generation, when it was actually the older generation who instituted the concept of participation trophies in the first place (kids don't have the power to, it was always just entitled demanding parents, and school administrators etc who indulged them to mollify their complaints), because they couldn't deal with the fact that their little darling kid just sucked at [activity] and other kids are actually objectively better than their own worthless broodspawn, nooo that can't be because muh kid is speshiual (and by extension, I am special, because I have nothing else going on and live vicariously through my kids) and demanded to be given a receipt for at least showing up and devalued the concept of other kids being better than their own

>> No.22545980

Did you actually read what I wrote before replying?

>> No.22545987

>You don't have to spend a dime on music since Cover pays for cover songs now
What sort of misinformation is this?
The talents is the one foot the bill, unless the talent is part of the vsingers

>> No.22545993

You are auditioning for a character not yourself. Even Twitch streamers with view counts that rival corpos didn’t even get to the interview process.

>> No.22545996

>meet the minimum requirement
No one wants someone who only meets the bare minimum

Typical twitter tranny thinking the word owes her something

>ranting while foaming at the mouth like some lunatic
>working hard to get guys to respect women

I'd say Cover dodged a bullet with this menhera, but its not like she'd even get a chance to get in with a personality like that

>> No.22546068

Anon, you are the one beung slow on info now. Moona said Cover has a fund for Cover songs now.

>> No.22546112

Yes I did

>> No.22546204

eh we got some entitled morons already in holo. got jealous and upset over her oshi paired with 3rd worlder, crying on stream. but it's fine if her oshi paired with jp. end up having the 3rd worlder help fixing the mess she made.
fucking westerners.

>> No.22546211

Please Understand, the last 20 years of American education and politics has been about awarding people for barely trying this is why en vtubers are dog shit.
>Amazing Artist
>Artist connections
>Literally contributed directly to Cover projects
>Seething autistic fuck salty over a vtuber he doesn't watch
Huh, interesting how that always works.

>> No.22546466

Because Sana's medical condition was/is real. In the real world employers will ask for a signed document by a licenced doctor if you're requesting a sick leave, you can't just say that you have crippling back pain it doesn't work like that when you have contractual obligations.

>> No.22546592

Don't forget Brisko.
In my country they flatout refuse to give feedback because they know that opens them for a discrimination lawsuit if the other party learns why they got rejected.
It was honestly kinda disapointing seeing Pomu acting like catty bitch there. Everyone else I saw it coming all of them being mean girl-wannabes but honestly thought she was above that.
I have to wonder how much of the act they want the girls to put up? Most of the charm is seeing them being themselves and do cute dumb shit in games, unless you get some crazy good actresses that can keep the act for fucking long streams and weekly schedules.

>> No.22546781

At least they told her no and didn’t just ghost her like 99% of job applications

>> No.22546841

what shithole country are you living in anon? i've never had to give my employers a signed document when i'm calling in sick or have to be admitted to the hospital

>> No.22546959

>Even Twitch streamers with view counts that rival corpos
They didn't apply, anon. If you look at who all got in they they didn't have the best numbers, there's VERY few exceptions (a couple in Hololive, a few in Nijisanji EN) but the issue is, the people wanting to apply just want to make money and thinks its "easy", you LITERALLY have to show what you can offer as a content creator. The salty ones over rejection I guarantee were 99% Vtweeter or 2view indies with no content base.

>> No.22547014

Anon, America isn't the real world. It's time to wake up.

>> No.22547090

>doesn't get accepted to Hololive
>publicly complains about it on twitter
>what is professionalism?
Maybe they turned down her application because she's a fucking idiot

>> No.22547224

Nene was never rejected, she just kept sending her application for the same audition a couple of times.
Luckily for her, the management didn't spot the traced art in her application.

>> No.22547454

Nene and Suisei are well known to have been rejected numerous times. I didn't think it possible for holobronies to also be threadwatchers.

>> No.22547484

who this referring to

>> No.22547541

>trilingual, speaks Japanese
>experienced idol, singer and artist
>lives and breathes idol culture, can be trusted to never commit any yab
If I wanted a safe bet for a new branch, I'm going with Kiara every single time and that's without knowing what she said in her job application video.

>> No.22547617

Sorry didn't watch Moona but for real? No quota or something? They have someone like Okayu and Suisei who keeps pumping out covers
Mind to give link to the stream?

>> No.22547635

All women are menhera, anon. It's a question of manageable degrees. Those that remain and thrive are manageable, rushia turned out not to be so but she could be handled for a few years before a specific sequence of events erupted.
Someone clearly deranged from the getgo, like a troon or someone like op twit, is obviously stricken off right of the bat.

>> No.22547665

Yeah Kiara may seem the lame duck of her gen. But dam if she isn't the perfect fit and it shows in how rabid her fans are.
Plus in Kiaras case she's an ideal candidate for a move to management when her time is up.
It's pretty obvious why they tried to bill her as "the leader" of myth

>> No.22547704

>numerous times
Thread reader at it's finest

>> No.22547985

From the most cynical perspective, firing any talent is a waste of their investment since they can't reuse her model later on. It's worth more to keep her on streaming once in a blue moon than it is to get rid of her. Unless she is actively doing things to violate her contract and cause problems (Rushia) they don't have a reason to get rid of her.

>> No.22548060

>of slavic/ashkenazi origin, means destroyer of peace

>> No.22548119

As you can tell, Cover wants girls with sob stories that they can save. It's an idol company, remember?

>> No.22548132

that sounds like too much tehnology for the Japanese

>> No.22548274

>is insecure about her tits
>but not in a "delicious flat" way, just a "crazy bitch" way
You can tell so many of these hos never watched anime before besides maybe the inuyasha dub/popular shit years ago and think they can get in on the vtuber bucks just like that.

I was just reading the linkedin resume of a girl who majored in -bullshit- but mysteriously became a vice president of marketing and recruitment in the same span ame languished trying to make it on twitch. It's funny how you either have obvious connections or luck. And then girls like in the OP see Ame and think "I'm better than her, that should be mine!". Kek.

>> No.22548322

If someone like kronii could get in literally anyone could join

>> No.22548448

>Holobronie got triggered
I'll gladly accept your concession.
>Experienced idol
No lol. Failed idol is correct.
>Can be trusted to never commit any yab
So I see you forget about the whole birthday incident and literally every other one since then.

>> No.22548526

Kiara has literally never committed an actual yab.

>> No.22548531

>they tried to bill her as "the leader" of myth
Could you elaborate on that? Because I never noticed that happening. The way I see it, Myth was always boxpushed by Cover (merch, appearances on cons together, grouped outfits), if anyone got left behind it's mostly because they don't speak Japanese and management couldn't include them in the special programs without getting a translator as well.

>> No.22548584

She's bitter but Hololive has passed on a lot of talented people before so I'm gonna side with her. Fuck Cover for not getting Nene, Lumi, Miori, Shiki and Pomu.

>> No.22548585

Kiara is a perfect fit for what YAGOO wants (wanted?) Hololive to be.

English speaking countries don't really have "Idol" culture the same way Japan does, so she wasn't as relatable to the audience.

She's doing fine now, and "bad" in Hololive terms is still top 0.001% of vtubers in general.

But really, that's why she slipped behind initially despite seemingly being the one cover had the most confidence in.

>> No.22548672

lmao go watch some more otaktroon clips you faggot

>> No.22548686

If you want to play semantics sure. There's a reason the other girls that slipped up who they were were lucky their viewerbase is mostly JOP.

>> No.22549141

To be fair asking for feedback on why you failed is pretty common for job applications.
It's ridiculous to ask about that for the first round though.

>> No.22549469

Not in most countries, no. They either give you why you weren't chosen or they don't. Most of the time they don't. With Hololive/Nijisanji the most I've gotten when I wasn't selected after 2nd round (Nijisanji) was:
>"Showcase more flexibility in your content base; You have a good spread of content but we're looking for someone who can push the boundaries of being a Liver."
Basically, unless you have connections don't expect to get anywhere. Hololive is even tougher in this regard because you can meet the bare minimum but unless you can literally out perform anyone currently employed or even on the same level, you have zero chance. This person in particular wouldn't even make it in Tsunderia.

>> No.22549508

>woman experiences meritocracy for the first time in her life

>> No.22550105
File: 94 KB, 250x174, 673816471.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Im proud of my ability to the absolute minimum why wont they hire me???

>> No.22550361

Fresh rrat here, these are Cover accounts to showcase rejected schizos.

>> No.22550446


>> No.22550500

Sounds like an entitled twitter tranny who has never held a job in their life.

>> No.22550562
File: 21 KB, 594x278, menhera.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok how many emails do you think she really sent?

>> No.22551600

wasn't that for original songs?

>> No.22552257

135 IPs, almost 300 replies for a random account created 4 months ago with a single follower.

>> No.22553020

>pink nipples

>> No.22553109

she's not even doing bad in Hololive terms and I'm tired of /vt/ pretending she is. Kiara is comparable to Flare; great chat interaction for a smaller audience that is completely loyal and pays well above average to support their oshi.

>> No.22553633

>filters entitled bitch that tweets out failed audition
Cover is
Someone at the company needs a raise

>> No.22553762

Yes, some have pink nipples, shocking I know.
Yes, and any threadwatcher would know any original will come out of your pocket. The only Cover funded project are relating to their works.

>> No.22554335

Imagine this whiny publicly and what would she be in private
She may be in the scout blacklist now

>> No.22554422

Thanks anon
But she said it's for orisong and there's a budget for it
They still need to pay by themselves for cover songs

>> No.22554921

Reason why she was not hired is simple.

Sana was the interviewer. Thats why she was not streaming these few weeks

>> No.22555034

That attitude

>> No.22555591

>give feedback and constructive criticism
>she'll decide it's harassment and sexism anyway

>> No.22555772

While she is great and she probably has connections
>hasn't used any of her connections
>doesn't do art streams
>only ever did simplistic, minimalistic art for holo merch which half of EN could've done
What did anon mean by this.

>> No.22557659

Gura has talked multiple times about sending in her audition tape.

>> No.22557732

So she's a flat short girl like Gura, huh...

>> No.22557826
File: 45 KB, 131x127, 435345345.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I would open a "vtubing agency" just to filter her in, allow her overt entitled bitch personality to thrive and grow ever more schizoid and her driving other team members mad before finally pulling the plug, dumping all contents of her shit, and driving her into suicidal depression knowing that her social life and interactions are torn to shreds. She'll develop the biggest form of trust issues and go on a fast track towards self destructive tendencies until she finally removes herself.

>> No.22558367

>chink genes
>pink nipples

>> No.22558387

speaking of holo jobs, did the recruitment for holo male EN close yet?

>> No.22558427

why hasnt anyone trolled this bitch yet

>> No.22558806

>keep her perception as a fan
Still managed to get strung along by Hoshikawa who accepted all her gifts like rings and earrings just to wear them when she went on dates with guys

>> No.22558913

for that vtweeter's sake, i'd also wish she could match up to 1/10th of suisei's capabilities

>> No.22558921

holy shit. dont these people know the criteria in hiring this job.

no.1 is the voice.
It has to fit with the character they have envisioned
no. 2 comes your experience.

no matter how good you are. If your accent is out of place, tough luck.

>> No.22558923
File: 139 KB, 905x774, 1647802702546.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>doesn't stream
>>doesn't draw onstream
>>doesn't give her paying members streams
>>would probably stream more than Sana if he got paid to

>> No.22558952

Let me into hololive yagoo. I'll be rhe /meat/ chuuba hololive needs.

>> No.22559092

>10 minute character description video
Meaning, she rambled about her character and how cool she was and all the 100 pages of lore fanfic she wrote about her own character. Instead of you know, showcasing her performance.

I guarantee 100% this girl is autistic

>> No.22559178

Sounds based, unironically love drama.

>> No.22559493

She sounds insufferable.

Imagine how much of a bitch she would be. People forget that the number 1 quality of hololive girls is getting along with each other.

>> No.22559676

>going 5 minutes over the run-time asked for your video
Bitch couldn't even read the guidelines for auditioning, it probably got tossed without even being seen

>> No.22560000

Kek, amazing post anon

>> No.22560978

It's a mental illness that the US lives rent free in Europeans heads.

>> No.22561043
File: 320 KB, 420x420, 1642110071117.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The absolute caucacity of this bitch.

>> No.22561371

He's right though it's a legitimate issue.

>> No.22561502

Mori/Ina is actually a really fun combo when they both bro out. Ina because shes a dork and mori because she really thinks shes one of the boys

>> No.22561628

This whole site is entitle.

>> No.22561991

I worked as an IT intern out of my capital city (Columbia, SC) and last year, I sprain my ankle as we were unloading new server computers from a truck. I was given two weeks to recover and the job insurance paid off any medical fees I have. There are SOME instances of it but it's not a nationwide pervasive issue, modern Americans are just whiny permanent children and some Eurotard who thinks a CNN article represents the whole country has no standing for me.

>> No.22562096

Why is cover so afraid of real people? Why they want the identities kept in secret harder than state secrets? It's like they want to do human trafficking or something.

>> No.22562108

>People forget that the number 1 quality of hololive girls is getting along with each other.
I think I'm gonna have to press X to doubt, chief.

>> No.22562257

>Why is cover so afraid of real people?
They fear another aloe situation, even if Cover stood for her she graduated because of harrassment and her BPD.

>> No.22562308

They were the same way before gen 5.

>> No.22562344

How? I mean they kept matsuri..

>> No.22562395

Matsuri is Yagoo's niece.

>> No.22562600
File: 40 KB, 600x450, consider the following++.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's basically a giant red flag for disqualification anyways.
Publicly stating audition(s)
>disregard for NDA
>targeted harassment and pressure to making a decision (especially a decision that affects the company's future)
>fans or audience get baited into conflict, get baited into harassing auditioning company
>false set of expectations
>shows company the auditioner has complete disregard for tact and will make reckless remarks that endanger the security of the team and any of the other members when it comes to any potential sensitive information (think OPSEC for retards)
>complete meltdown afterwards shows emotional and intellectual immaturity. Won't handle on the job criticism or remarks well and will just lead to sooner graduation after she has a break-down moment

>> No.22563406

>Another Hololive reject is born
>New Nipplesanji Generation incoming

Oh nyo

>> No.22563961

Yup. A big part of knowing how to win is knowing how to take a loss. Her attitude is exactly why she would've been a terrible fit in the first place.

>> No.22565663

Sana has basically wasted a slot for her own vanity. Fuck her.

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