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How dangerous is Indonesian royalty?

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She already has a kill team outside your house for asking this question

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Is this implying that she got run over?

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Getting SWATed is the least of your worry if you ever incur her wrath

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Grill marks.

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It's just folk remedy, kinda like bloodletting.

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Kiara roasted her?

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femanons here risk never seeing their family again

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rubbing your back with coin when you catch a cold gives you the hot/warm sensation and heals faster

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it kinda depends how pissed they are, let's says you get thrown in jail is the lightest sentence, the medium one would be you get shot in the head, and the worst sentence would be you and your family got blacklisted in every company exist, so the only work that you can go is cleaning service or selling food in the street

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If rrat is true, her senpai should know a higher rank military/police officials and legit can send a hit force to your place

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>How strong is the big monkey in the jungle

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*family not senpai dumb auto correct

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>her senpai
Anon, she is the most powerful chuuba EVER, also the richest if we count her family money.

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Power scaling time: If it were full GoT battling families how do we rank Reine, Ollie and Lamy?

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Idk rrat about lamy but reine>ollie

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her family didn't approve our mariage

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I don't see Lamy family name in Forbes 500 sooo

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Indonesia is a monarchy?

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shes from a mid to upper class family by indonesian standard and thats about it

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There are multiple kingdoms and kings but most don't have real power or money.

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I thought that was Malaysia

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More like a decentralized totalitarian government, but not as fucked up as Myanmar

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i know reines family is rich as fuck but not forbes 500 rich holy shit

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Indonesia officially is a "democratic" republic, but before gaining independence from Dutch colonial we are basically a bunch of small kingdoms that doesn't necessarily at peace with each other.
Also the most powerful king in Indonesia is basically so rich, his name is on both Panama and Pandora papers.

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no need to shill your oshi there oli fags

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reine family's

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>Indog cope
Yeah she's rich but that's Indonesian rich, I know look impressive in the slums

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The rrat I saw had relatives in the former junta, so I was envisioning military vs. Big money vs. Yakuza

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>he doesn't know

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Get enough indog money and it still becomes staggering when translated to dollars.

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so she has disappearing people money?

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probably typed f4m instead of family

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Disappearing people is a matter of power, not money. And while they are closely intertwined, not everyone has both.

But yes, she can absolutely make people disappear, doubly so in Muslim regions where she can just call a fatwa on them openly.

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She is christian iirc

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im kinda scared now being a double minority in this shit (chinese lineage and catholic)

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is that why the seafags leave her alone?

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not actual family but since turkey mama been working with him for over a decade he probably trusted her more than his own family to run all the remaining megacorp he had when he retired lol

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Did you ever hear again about that faggot in fb?

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Yes. They tried to dox her and when they succeeded they immediately turned around screaming now that they knew who she was.
Apparently someone did not and was sentenced to lashings for attempting to harass her.

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what in the forbes 500 things you didn't understand, are you that retarded

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How come Hololive has so many princesses?

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He's a poor fat mutt that uses racial supremacy shit to cope with how utterly pointless his existence is.

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> Antis in JP harass and try to doxx Rushia.
"Plz don't harass our talents".
> Antis in ID harass and try to doxx Ollie.
"Release the Kraken".

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How is being forced to work low end job WORSE than getting shot in the head?

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If your entire family is subjected to it

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>3rd world country
The rich have all the power anon.

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i am an esl, but lemme know if you are too retarded to understand what i was talking about

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Cringe, go back to kidbook.

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You're in a cope, your life is shit, you pretends that everything is okay by thinking that all of the people in poorer countries live in worse living conditions than you.
Just so you know that nowadays except in Sub Saharan Africa, most people in developing countries are middle class, meaning that most already have basic necessities and living comfortably.
Another fact is that living cost in developing countries are way lower than in yours. So there's a chance that your life is actually worse than third worlders even though you earn more.

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that's true in every country

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Doesn’t this mean Reine/her family probably have a lot of enemies too. Kinda worried for her more than men your typical run of the mill human streamer.

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If you thought it's bad in 1st world countries like JP or burgers, just imagine how much worse it is in SEA.

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this anon nail it
your entire family got punished for it, and oh believe me when I said it wouldn't be pretty, you think just because you're low level scrub they leave you alone, that won't happen bud, some pay thugs will come to your house to terrorize you and that the mild version of it

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her family got a quite powerful backing so you don't have to lose sleep over her anon.

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are you mistook her for Oil/Treerrat? Her mother is muslim anon you can search for it easily on google

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Wasn't she a chink?

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Epstein did a "suicide" while in jail. The rich rules, no matter where.

>> No.22509251

quite the opposite many people look up to her mom and inspired by her because she is a talented leader that turned a small tv company into huge media corporation

>> No.22509305

>entire family
Not that anon, but it applied to your descendants too.
Those 'accused' commies are blacklisted forever.

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Anon, you don't need to disguise it as suicide over here. You could literally shoot a MF in a broad daylight with multiple witness and you won't even get arrested if you're rich enough.

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Wasn't the tv station anti-American?
Are we funding terrorists?

>> No.22509461

ah the oil guys case huh, yup it is what it is

>> No.22509488

This just seems like a surefire way to increase domestic terrorism and revenge killings against rich folk.

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rumao, Anti-Americanism is as common as anti-china or even more, burgerkun.
When you meddle with 80% of the world populace, don't be surprised if they hate your guts.

>> No.22509579

>Anti American
Based, no one likes USA even the American themselves

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Which tv company?
Just describe the logo if you're too afraid to tell me the name.

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and what can they do ? lack of backing, lack of money, lack of power, lack of circle that can bail you in case something did happen. it would be losing battle

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Be rich as fuck like Hartono brothers dude

>> No.22509785

what the fuck is an indonesia?

>> No.22509797

trans, as a hag lover her mom is hotter than reine

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Now you've done it you freak shit. You've fucked up. You're being tracked by the Grid. The eye in the sky is watching. We're coming for you. Prepare to die.

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Shut the fuck up.
Have you seen cnn indonesia?
It's a fucking left-wing america channel.
Fucking disgusting. Like seriously, last month they made a documentary of some transgenders struggle on indonesia.
I didn't watch it, just saw the clips. But, Jesus Christ, that made me hate transgenders even more.

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Keep my wife’s picture, OUT of your fucking post

>> No.22510308

Fuck off, pedo faggot.

>> No.22510345

u suck tranbambo

>> No.22510385

fuck off normalfag, go back to facebook.

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What the fuck is she doing with hololive?
Like honestly? Just a hobby?
Also did her mom know about her working on hololive?
Why reine didn't just shill hololive with her connection?

>> No.22510481 [DELETED] 

how does this bullshit stay up but I get banned for mentioning that Mumei's roommate may have hair IRL

>> No.22510527

Anon, her family is one of Cover major investors.

>> No.22510543

but that means we're funding anti-terrorism

>> No.22510560

Neck yourself redditfag

>> No.22510581

It's all fake, there's no such thing as an indonesian with money

>> No.22510612 [DELETED] 

No one cares about indogs or the JP here. Talk bad about anything EN, even joke about it have fun with your 3 days faggot!

>> No.22510715

Probably just wasting time until her parents feel the need to marry her off to consolidate more power.

>> No.22510940

Then why trans didn't shill cover?
Last time i check, that channel filled with kpop faggotry.
Come on, we know she's going to marry some artist or rich white male.

>> No.22511026

being yuri harem protag is her dream and passion anon.
just like jokowi son loves to be banana seller

>> No.22511051

you already answer the question yourself, the market right now is just Kpop faggotry, my guess is they will start to shill hololive the moment Reine get 3D debut concert

>> No.22511122

Because chuuba is still a minor niche compared to kpop? Also there's no real incentive for her mother to sell Hololive hard to indogs market, why risk brand damage when Hololive as it's now is already profitable enough?

>> No.22511440

I doubt trans board of investors would like that. Keep in mind they're still separate entity.

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>> No.22511776

i mean i can see the good thing for both cover and trans but its just too early for reiner to pull such move. give her a year or two if she realy like being in holo she might do it in the future

>> No.22511780

niji has none lmao

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>Be burger
>Reine is your oshi and support her thru memberships and supas
>Indirectly support indog muslim extremist

>> No.22511862

Selfdox like that will terminate her immediately unless she got some backdoor dealings with Cover and her mom.

>> No.22511960

So just like what they did with Taliban and Al Qaeda then

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Most of your money went to Youtube and Cover anon

>> No.22512065

In my country we have canning and mustard plasters. Plasters can give you chemical burns and cupping might go straight into /meat/ territory. Yet some retards still use them.

>> No.22512328

>seamonkeys can't stop ooking over their stupid third world princess with the net worth of an office floor in Manhattan
there's no comedy like organic comedy

>> No.22512356

>indog muslim extremist
I know you didn't follow the latest news about terrorism on indonesia.
Anyway, muslim extremist is considered as separatist now.
Which mean;
>shot on sight
>extream prejudice arrest
>inhumane interrogation
I can just report an unknown full hijab lady to the police.
Now compare that to what happen in europe. Can they report a muslim because they wear hijab?

>> No.22512413

but, most of your money goes to YT and cover, it's like you supporting the Jews more

>> No.22512454

it feels so fucking good. the Endorphins that get release is a next level high.

>> No.22512525

>an office floor
8.3B dollars>>22506128
Jesus, i didn't know burger can make that much from being an office floor!

>> No.22512623 [DELETED] 

why are you here obeseniger

>> No.22512655

Well, just imagine when your mother is a super-rich successful career woman but you're a huge weeb lesbian whose on heat 24/7

>> No.22512684

She's more well-adjusted than you think.

>> No.22512706

learn English or leave
because I can be, try freedom sometime Muzzie

>> No.22512775

>1st world

>> No.22512888

I've been here for more than 10 years now.
And i refuse to learn english because it make burger like you seething.

>> No.22512890

>he doesn't know
Man you're in for a suprise at the end of the year.

>> No.22512911

He said Reine not her parents, though we don't know if she owns some bussiness outside of Vtubing.

>> No.22512921

Based indos, I understimated your people

>> No.22512958

Are you new or something?

>> No.22512979

Probably should've spent less time on an American forum and more time practicing a real religion.
At least 10 years is only 1/3rd of your life.

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>real religion.
That better be Christian.

>> No.22513227

Hinduism is a thing

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>amerumutt forum
holyshit niger stop falseflaging the amerimut you are embarassing them kekw

>> No.22513411

Does your father beat you every time he catches you jacking off in your sister's sandals?

>> No.22513438

This, having a rich family doesn’t necessarily make you rich. In fact, Reine has been talking recently about saving up money and budgeting for her various Hololive projects.

>> No.22513473

speaking from experience?

>> No.22513605

I know Reine is most definitely a mod here, given I see posts deleted from /mep/ frequently.

The person below me is Pavolia Reine.

>> No.22513647


>> No.22513712

While I do think she's largely financially independent and supports herself, unlike most of the rest of us she still has the enormous safety net of her mother's fortune if she ever does fuck things up with money.

>> No.22513935

There's a reason Reine can be an out and out yurifag without getting stoned, anon.....

>> No.22514687

She is not in Aceh anon, and if she really is a lesbian she won't go to jail as long as she is not doing it in some hotel or rented villa.

>> No.22514794
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That may be, but I'm still gonna stick with my rrat of her prowling around, looking for innocent villager girls who are cute to drag back to her Manson in order for them to tend to the lily gardens.

>> No.22515745


>> No.22520472

What the fuck, why every SEA country outside of Singapore is even more totalitarian than my communist country.

>> No.22520888

>her family is one of Cover major investors
post proof, now

>> No.22520942

anon please take your meds

>> No.22520966 [DELETED] 

Only a problem if you actually live in InDog land. Most likely only Java. Doesn't apply to the rest of the world. Her family may be rich, but they're still indonesians.

>> No.22522090

>anti-american = terrorists
Burger worldview is fucking hilarious.

>> No.22522842

Ah yes.

The music comes from the white house, and Mickey mouse is sieging Paris.

>> No.22522979 [DELETED] 
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>Mutt cope

>> No.22522993

American used their name card(or whatever its called) for this whenever they camp in poisonous zone in Vietnam

>> No.22523022


>> No.22524303

She's unironically a princess in one of Indonesia's 10 royal families.

>> No.22525343


>> No.22526077

How's indonesia totalitarian?

>> No.22526643

she's talking about this thread lmao

hi reine!

>> No.22526790

scatter! the kill squads are already waiting outside, every man for themselves

>> No.22526818

How exactly?

>> No.22527027

she's talking about the OP pic, and even referred to it

>> No.22527083

>Singapore not totalitarian

Lmao are we even using the same dictionary retard?

Advance =/= Free
Developing =/= Totalitarian

>> No.22527209

Hello anon

You can't run

>> No.22527451

Of course it's a Lunaito

>> No.22527784

As a someone who lives in actual certified "communist" country, I would like you to fucking take that back
Singapore is as communist as Taco Bell is real taco

>> No.22528120


Jogjakartan royalties still have an entire province/kingdom loyal to it so much everyone obey the Sultan's orders no matter what (and he's automatically the governor of that province)

Solo royalties are a fucking joke, full of infighting and literal fights between them. The only reason they don't go all out war because they can't do that with our current law

There are also small royalties scattered all over Indonesia, but they don't have enough power to be prominent in politic so all they have is their old houses.

Then there's business royalties. They're more dangerous because we only vaguely know which one are dangerous. The Sosro family owned all branches of McDonald's in Indonesia and dominated the bottled tea competition. Harry Tanoe is more worrisome because he owned a TV broadcast company and also a political party and clashed with some politicians. The Bakries are keeping low profile after the Lapindo incident but not out. The Riadys are also keeping low profile after the fall of Lippo bank and current problem with their new land development. Young upstarts are also creeping in like Erick Thohir and Sandiaga Uno.

My biggest worry is that most of those people are also got involved in politic as well.

>> No.22528224

Okay, but if Kiara fucks Reine is Kiara fucked?

>> No.22528424

Not all of them are that cruel. You're talking as if all business royalties in Indonesia are a bunch of sociopaths.

Even though trying to reveal someone's identity is not something that can be taken lightly though.

>> No.22528641

Remember Ollie reflection incident? There are 4 videos made by Indonesia antis, in just a single day they're all disappear.

>> No.22528714

Reine didn’t give a shit. Stop pretending your country has any intimidating people living in it.

>> No.22528885

Not necessary. You got pass if you are westerner. And kiara itself is beautiful. So yeah

>> No.22528896

singapore is pretty authoritarian/totalitarian

>> No.22529052

havent heard crazy shit from her except thats shes a yakuza princess

>> No.22529217

Kek, what make it funny is that CNN Indonesia is trying to hard to balance left and right wing news since it's trying to push left wing agenda but also showing right wing news. Also CNN Indonesia is full of hilariously out of touch Millenials who can't even make proper news for zoomers.

>> No.22529266

>Reine didn't give a shit
>Holo ID give ultimatum fuck off or get nuked
>One hours later reine announced she can't join holo id collab because homework

>> No.22529336

Why trying to shill for normie audience who don't even understand live streaming?

>> No.22529392

Go to public place with a Jokowi Mundur sign now
w and tell me how it went

>> No.22529444

proof next thread?

>> No.22529526

A smart businesswoman like her mother will not giving Reine money. Smart move, teaching her to be independent and smart with money. Unlike Paris Hilton....

>> No.22529546

How to beat an Indonesian
>despite all your money you live the life of an average westerner and live in a literal hellscape that's constantly exploding

>> No.22529664

I'm pretty sure Reine has a much comfier life than I do.

>> No.22529849

Not a single rich indo got there without being evil

>> No.22529898

Nah, we're not that strict with sexuality lol.
I knew that we Indonesians are fucking horny
Even there's an open facebook group for meet and fuck in my local city
People here are horny af. There's a reason PELAKOR (Pencuri Laki Orang/A girl who love to steal someone's husband) is a popular term.
Some girls here are thirsty for married men kek

>> No.22530016

>Average westerner
>Get stabbed and twerk by gorilla
Oh Woe me

>> No.22530055

I can go live life rich as fuck in India but it's really not great being loaded in the third world
At best you have a sectioned off mansion to ignore the real world
Being able to walk outside without the smell of the third world attacking you is worth more than 100 servants who can barely speak English
Not to mention the air quality... yuck

>> No.22530064

rich people in third world country live a much better life than your average wagie in America

>> No.22530137

Look, I know it's hard to show proof, but I was there during Ollie reflection incident including Ollie general. I ended up laser focused on Ollie news updates and the part about 4 videos are also part of it. I know I can't convince you but holy shit I witnessed it got sweeped under the rug so fast it's kinda hilarious.

>> No.22530143

There's a reason all the rich Asians move away

>> No.22530184

touch dirt

>> No.22530237

unless you live in Singapore or something the countryside in SEA has better air quality than Los Angeles, there's no reason to live in a big city if you're rich

>> No.22530277

>Comparing India's smell with Indonesia's
Oh please, at least our country don't have street shitters

>> No.22530297

they move away because they made a lot of enemy to get there

>> No.22530336

It does delisional seanig
Literally every country except Japan has them

>> No.22530425

Most rich Flips live in the Philippines, you can look it up

>> No.22530475

Isn't Haato's family pretty rich too, and they moved out of the philippines after making their money there.

>> No.22530562
File: 12 KB, 246x234, 1642416389711.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't have to, I got paid servant to do that
>Yes I'm also rich
>Not as rich as Reine, but I don't have to do house chores
>Why do you think I can sit here replying to 4chan comments all day

>> No.22530591

I don't know about Hacchama, isn't she Japanese?
Why would you move from the Philippines to Japan?

>> No.22530664

the fact that actual nigger doesnt exist here is outweight any advantage you have in your home country, mutt

>> No.22530724

>I can just report an unknown full hijab lady to the police.
>Now compare that to what happen in europe. Can they report a muslim because they wear hijab?
basednesia. eat shit westcuck

>> No.22530743
File: 200 KB, 1034x1293, F4D0B477-924E-4E1E-9835-818E53F4B985.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want Reine to kidnap me, drain my balls and send a firing squad at me

>> No.22530767

You worship a pedophile and pray to the sun like a faggot. Hobos sucking dick for cigarettes are less gay than you.

>> No.22530806

She's Japanase, but iirc her father owns(?) runs(?) an international education institute in the Philippines. She used to study in the Philippines before going to high school in Australia. I believe she tweeted something along the lines of her father casually buying a pig farm or something.

>> No.22530835

unlike, india that kind of shenanigan is haram in this part of the continent

>> No.22530990

>I can just report an unknown full hijab lady to the police.
>Now compare that to what happen in europe. Can they report a muslim because they wear hijab?
you're talking about burka, and France is banning hijab

>> No.22531097

Kok, a western wagie is salty.
What? Can't pay a maid to wash your underwear?

>> No.22531099

>no faggots
>no trannies
>no single mom
>no dumb feminists
>niggers don't exist or if they do, they obey the law
>no Jews
Why is Islam bad again?

>> No.22531239

Not real muslims

>> No.22531429

I don’t need to. My country has electricity.
>Why is Islam bad again?
You’re a faggot who’s afraid of bacon.

>> No.22531447

The town she lived in seemed kinda gross, and she almost died from drinking the water there. I'd say Japan is a couple steps up from that.

>> No.22531523

depends on whether reine want to reciprocate her advances and willing to fuck her back

>> No.22531593

well at least the Philippines has soul
if she's rich, there's better place to live in the country

>> No.22531767

she could lived in better area but it seems certain circumstance made her live there, maybe not enugh classroom or somethin

>> No.22531809
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>Philippines has soul

>> No.22532210

If Philippines has soul why so many of them leaving the country?
Seriously, every corner of the world will always have pinoys in them. Hell, we got them sneaking into Indonesia to work in plantations illegally every year

>> No.22532533

I want Reine to have her female officers kidnap me, smother me with their titties, then have Reine herself peg me and make me cum inside her

>> No.22532938

To be fair, Haachama's evaluation of locations to live probably isn't the best since she chose to go to Australia.

>> No.22532988

ty seafriend, i forgot that was a thing

>> No.22533346

>My country has electricity.
touché, there's only 190 countries that produce less electricity than Indonesia

>> No.22533700

>Reine is shilling eating bug right now
this is how you know she's part of the elite
no Reine, I won't eat the bug, I won't live in a pod

>> No.22535370

You do know some of the richest people in the entire world tend to also be in third world countries? All that money that doesn't go to the lower class ends up just going to the top which is how you end up with Sultans and Princes that drive around in diamond encrusted cars.

>> No.22535558

Well that's horrifying than because Reine is Business Royalty.

>> No.22536030

A lot of Filipinos fucked off back in the 80's due to political turmoil which is why Filipinos are scattered throughout the world. My mom's side of the family fled the country due to our family being connected with a political party that was being purged. To put this into perspective my grandfather was a Barangay Captain in Manila.

>> No.22536062

Hi /meat/

>> No.22536154

Why would i do that?

>> No.22536366

What about girls who love to steal wives?

>> No.22536643

singapore was a nice dictatorship before corona. after corona its a technocratic police state

>> No.22536665

If they scissoring and get caught the whole neighborhood will either lynch them, send them to police, or banish them from the village or district.

>> No.22537126
File: 304 KB, 1080x1838, dyc5tj9ig9s81.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can't believe this real

>> No.22537409

Wait...Is Reine's roommate part of some royal Indog family? Or am I being a massive retard and we're talking about Reine herself

>> No.22537419

go back to /r/singapore

>> No.22537446

>we have the most vicious, corrupt and cutthroat oligarchs in the world!
This isn't a win for Indonesia

>> No.22537454

America will fall

>> No.22537457

Her RM is a Media Corporate princess

>> No.22537469

Singapore is a totalitarian dictatorship lmao
They've been ruled by the same party and the same family for over 60 years.
They're like Japan with the work hours and elderly population but the total opposite in everything else
>nice dictatorship
Kek. Yeah, with the corona, this country has gone to shit.
>"mandatory" vaccines
You don't have to take it. But you can't go anywhere without it or even work.
>tracing required to go places
>vaccination is gonna be 4 doses soon
>literal idiots in the government paid millions

>> No.22537493

>american forum
Burgers really are this stupid...

>> No.22537510

yes im indog
reine bitch whore
same ollie
do not trust them

>> No.22537526

Sad that reine is ugly even with that money I can’t

>> No.22537604

She got caned?

>> No.22537640

RM is heavily implied to be the daughter of a woman that's closely related to a guy with enough net worth to be listed in Forbes's billionaire list

>> No.22537727

>closely related to a guy
If she's a daughter of that guy then I can understand but she is just a daughter of a concubine? Then she doesn't have much power like you guy gave her it seems

>> No.22537731
File: 193 KB, 1400x1575, 1627851911949.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>YWN get vanished by Reine after you give her a good night of passionate love making, because she can't be seen in a relationship with a commoner

>> No.22537776

So, if you were to theoretically date Reine and she reciprocated, would you be able to break up with her and live to see the next day?

>> No.22537958

Depends on your nationality and how she reacts
Indonesian aren't harming an innocent American/Canadian/Brit but if you were involved in the business or an indo she hols your life in her hands

>> No.22538076
File: 349 KB, 596x661, 1629135267473.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>she holds your life in her hands
I've never wanted something so badly in my life

>> No.22538226

Yeah I'm not one of these gullible fucks who hyped her RM's status. She's from a high class family that's for sure, but obviously not influential enough to bend policies or sending assassins on a whim.

>> No.22538446

Yep, I remember cringing so hard when CNN Indonesia start talking about NFT and act like it's the hot new thing and trying to explain it.

>> No.22538512

Sending assassin? Nah. Having enough power to ruin someone with Indonesian corrupt justice system? Yes.

>> No.22538737

was gonna say, you don't need assassin's in Indonesia, just a corrupt police officer and a rice field

>> No.22539441

I remember one day during the period when I was really enjoying Final Fantasy Tactics Advance on my vba emulator and was watching a kid-oriented documentary program from there and the fucking Pub music was used https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrlCGZ8OFco

>> No.22539841

What's the worry about? Are their involvement in politics scary?

>> No.22540430

Clashing self interest. Many worried that they will alter some laws to give their business an advantage.

>> No.22541349

and you are afraid of nigger and jew

>> No.22542869

oh it's not just working a low end job anon, they'll literally make your life a living hell. you'll wish they shot you instead.

>> No.22543838

how hard would it be to immigrate to other countries and then change identity over there

>> No.22543958

>every corner of the world has them

>third world country
>has one of the highest population

>> No.22544071

I get to have sex and die. Nice.
I love the kind of woman that will just kill me.

>> No.22544827

Your answer is the whole story of Ollie faceleak yab, It's still pretty warm too so it shouldn't be that hard to dug up, just a month or two ago I think. Read what happen to the main rrat spreader.

>> No.22545566

Why are you describing Chinks?

>> No.22545958

when id1 3d concert they need to rent a studio and remote it to japan, i wonder the studio they rent is one on transmed

>> No.22546088

you can if you somehow covered your tracks well, however the rest of your family that stay or left behind will received the punishment instead

>> No.22546651

>If Philippines has soul why so many of them leaving the country?
There is a saying in this shithole that the smarter filipinos leaves the country.
>Seriously, every corner of the world will always have pinoys in them
The education system of this shithole literally trains young people to go to abroad and become an OFW.
It literally became a problem once because the competent ones keeps on leaving because they know how fucked this country is and mostly stays abroad. And if the former dictator's son gets elected as president then oh man it's going to be fun again

>> No.22546740

Did Reine pay to be in hololive?
Speaking of how does Reine get away with being an open lesbo in a rich indo family?

>> No.22546994
File: 192 KB, 520x512, 1627831127890.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how are indog threads so shit

>> No.22547046

>open lesbo in a rich indo family
That's literally how she gets by. Rich, metropolitan people are generally more liberal, if she was from bumfuck nowhere she would have been married off to some bean farmer asap.

>> No.22548964

>Did Reine pay to be in hololive?
Don't think so. Reine is one of the most consistent streamers in the company.

>> No.22549830

Indogs here overrate her power, yes her parents are powerful and rich but it's not zaibatsu level.

>> No.22551603

the guy trusted this hag to be ceo of 6 (that i know of) multimillion media company

>> No.22551850

She’s normal Indonesian trash. But the monkeys are getting excited, as they often do.

>> No.22552073

ITT: indos pretend anyone cares about 3rd world rich people outside indo

>> No.22553004

t. american

>> No.22553165

This thread is such an exaggeration.

It's called lobbying, a common mistake in capitalist society.

Indogs will literally excommunicate family members because they like different oligarch.

It's actually easier to get out than get in, actual wanted criminals escaped abroad all the time.

That's because doxing is a crime; am I supposed to be impressed that the police is doing their job?

>> No.22554593

>open lesbo
Du yu rele belieb?

>> No.22555561

There's a difference between being twitter open and RL open. I seriously doubt she's RL open.

>> No.22555811 [DELETED] 

NTA but she's 30+ and unmarried with presumably no lack of suitors given her family. Very strange.

>> No.22556731

>Indogs will literally excommunicate family members because they like different oligarch.
damn i just realized that's what my family did

>> No.22556790

Same here. But we're American.

>> No.22559878

>sees an indonesian
>automatically identifies it as reines family

>> No.22562015

>Reine is rich
>Streams regularly to near wagecuck levels for us poorfags
I don't see the issue. If anything, it just makes Reine even hotter than she already is.

>> No.22563079

>am I supposed to be impressed that the police is doing their job?
You know our po po qualitry are

>> No.22563190

Not all children of the rich are lazy anon. Some doing it out of passion. Also gaining friends and attention from the simps can give her a good dopamine rush

>> No.22565488
File: 81 KB, 1103x621, 1647976806565.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sure most of indonesian police are just pigs who paid to be a police and want to have an easy life.
But look at densus 88, the best counter-terrorism on the world.
Not because they have better training or equipment.
Simply because they can just torture and kill terrorists without any backlash from Indonesian media or public.

>> No.22567327

kek, are you dense? we are talking about our daily policemen, why did you bring Densus for comparison? they are a Special CT Forces, they aren't comparable

>> No.22567908

they likely had evil people to help them, but not everyone with that level of ambition and ability is a shitter.

>> No.22568708
File: 41 KB, 480x622, 1640080897337.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Densus 88
>Designated as counterterror unit only, created to please the western world, so of course it's a professional group
>Obviously not dealing with local disputes

>> No.22570994

Yo you 're under selling our boys at denSUS there, they perform well because they put the hours in it; months of investigations where they barely go home to the point of having the highest divorce rate in the force. The most cucked unit there is.

>> No.22571082

>I can just report an unknown full hijab lady to the police.
holy BASED
but please cure your schizophrenia as well

>> No.22573785


>> No.22577643


>> No.22582173

just leave indonesia reine, you know english

>> No.22582501

Everyone in this thread should be banned, not just for off-topic roommate shit but for being a filthy SEA too. Why the fuck is this thread still up? I don't know why. Oh wait, the jannies don't do shit unless it's EN.

>> No.22583346

i also got (effectively) free healthcare kek
meanwhile mutt have to decide between dying or living in poverty

>> No.22583374

only specific members of en

>> No.22583694

Why move to 1st world country to become middle upper class with expensive maid when she's an upper class elite in Indonesia with maid that paid $500 a month (and it's upper class maid, lower class maid cost $250-$300 a month) and living in an actual big ass comfy house that's not just crappy McMansion?

>> No.22589509 [DELETED] 


>> No.22590026

Reine is royalty where can i read this information?

>> No.22591725

Read the whole thread you lazy bum

>> No.22595562
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>> No.22599111


>> No.22600180

Being Reine's househusband lets gooooo

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