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What if your general was not just a general but a nation, devoted to your oshi and their will? Enter this general where the fanbases and generals of /vt/ are reimagined as rival nations fighting bitter battles for the glory of their oshis.

Interactive map:


>Note that the map isn't set in stone.
>Greentexts of your generals' lore in /vt/ land are much appreciated.
>Flags made for the region your oshi rules over are also appreciated.

>/∞/: !XcNdwMsONs, !np2UIvxwi. (backup)
>/cylg/?: !!S9vZSg00/Br
>/meat/: !!J7IsvbPoQE1

Ocean Currents
Weather Systems
Climate Analysis
Tectonic Plates and their Movements
Geologic Provinces



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Anchor post for any additions to the map/lore. Please reply here for archival purposes. Anchored posts in the last thread will be archived within a day.
If you will be using a rentry link, please use
instead of .co, as the latter is filtered as spam.
Thank you!
Please also report if there's outdated/missing lore in OP!

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Anchor post for issues to be voted on next time.

>Vote Results
>Proposals to be voted on
>Vote post archive

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What does the average Joe wear daily? Any formal dress impacted by tradition/culture? Fashion being split by class or regional differences? Climate or other fantastical wackery making certain attire a necessity? Paint us a clearer picture of who you'll see walking through the streets!
What crops do your people grow for consumption? What about the food you import, and from where? Do you have unique delicacies? What are the common snacks or meals for the working class, or the rich and powerful? Any food reserved for ritual purposes? How about etiquette when eating? Any special practices during mealtime?
What kinds of entertainment is popular for your people? How important are they seen as part of life? Do different class people have sufficiently different tastes? How much do the chuuba gods play a role in these entertainments?
What religious rituals does your nation have to worship its deities? What's the religious structure look like? What's the official stance on other faiths?
>Alcohol and Drink
what do your people drink and what's is it made from? what sort of culture is there around drinking in your split?
What's your nation's current goals now. What are you trying to aim for your development? Would said development make your people happy?

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>Current Goal
Actually, make that "put /vrt/ on the map"

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Holy fuck! I got scared I have dead pixels on my phone when I opened the webm because of the smudge.

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Just a question about the treatment of our guest. We're still testing her for brain and nerve injuries from being frozen. But we're treating her well I think. Is there anything I need to keep in mind when feeding her? Lab grown meat seems to be a favorite of hers so far.

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robot buddy here, since you guys were welcoming i actually made a flag since last thread too

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Just wait until you try /nasa/'s peanut butter.

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Did a little synopsis to help me get back in the swing of writing. Just a quick overview on the existence of Aboveland Rosebutas and their differences. I'll likely expand on things in the future, especially since I'm working on culture and clothes next.
Anchoring because I remembered. >>22389196

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good to have you back. Already making some cool ass shit and thanks for this since i can use it for when i explore

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WARanon! I have yet another question for you. When in war after the battle there are of course the spoils of war. After a big bloody battle what is the best type of equipment to loot? Would it be the weapons, armor, or the kidnapped/captured prisoners?

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It seems Risu has a bigger boner than Waranon this time.

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I just REALLY fucking love PRETTY GEMS

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Eh, she probably endures worse on a regular basis as a /meat/ priestess anyway. Sounds good to me, and if she keeps her faculty, she'll probably inform her caretakers of any specific needs she wants satisfied.
Having a nice supply of meat should sate her appetite, and while not having access to /meat/ chuubanite can be problematic in the long run, she should be fine for the meantime as long as she doesn't get severely injured. Actually, more mundane medicine that promotes tissue growth and repair might work in a pinch, even if it might not be as effective as chuubanite meat.

Looks pretty good to me, hope you're getting back in the swing already! Seems pretty natural that the two people are on friendly terms, and I can imagine that they often trade with each other for resources the other doesn't have due to their locations. I want to ask what would be offspring between Sunwalkers and Tunnelhogs be like, though.
>The Rosies had evolved genitalia more reminiscent of a human female's. They became smaller over time, eventually growing to the size of a human child but halting there.

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I'm waiting for the other /nasa/ Sanalite to write his part of the story before I continue mine. So I have no ideas to share. Still waiting for /meat/ to respond as I'm looking for advice to heal our guest. It also looks like both /who/ and /luna/ is going to be huge markets for ice-cream. So /nasa/ needs to get its ice trade going soon. Which needs insulated ships. We can insulate ice for shipment but we need lots of cork. Which is yet another import.

At least ration exports and /who/'s bakery will be available again soon. As for establishing bakeries in other countries we'll have to sign treaties so they won't steal our designs for domes.

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Did Risuners come across a /morig/ diamond?

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What killed the hype?

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Would >>22392806 suffice? I assume /nasa/ probably aren't in the mood of studying her physiology in depth, but if the priestess' mind is intact enough, she'll probably tell them about the blessing and fleshgrafting, at least in broad strokes.

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I have to bring my elderly mother to another doctor's visit tomorrow. So I don't have time to write anything for tonight. I've pretty much scrapped my idea of their conversation since I derped on the details of her party. I don't know if she has any serious nerve injuries from being frozen. As for meats we have beef, fish, and caribou. Though she prefers the taste of lab grown meat. Possibly for reasons I can guess, but can't disclose in public. We're also giving her plenty of collagen to heal her joints as well as fresh fruits and vegetables for minerals. Our Pedialyte seems to help replenish her electrolytes. Turns out being frozen dehydrates you. I'm just hoping she doesn't have any serious brain injury. She doesn't speak much. Though she is sleeping a lot. Maybe she just needs more time to heal. Being frozen in non-absolute-zero temperatures rips up your body with tiny ice shards.

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Thanks! I'm glad you guys like it.
Also, an offspring between a Sunwalker and Tunnelhog has a high chance to inherit the body shape (hoof hands, unguligrade legs, etc.) of a Tunnelhog and a low chance for the humanoid shape of a Sunwalker. They do have a higher chance of getting the wool and color of a Sunwalker, though also a higher chance of inheriting the reproductive structure of a Tunnelhog. There's other minor developments that could occur, but nothing major enough to note as a whole.
And yes, definitely uoh.

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Nice, hype. Fun fact, our diamonds are mined in the mountain range that spans Mount Mori at the South to the tip of the island at the North. The closer the diamonds are to Mount Mori, the more chuubanite they contain.

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Hey there! Just want to double-check which thread are you representing now, given the... current events?

Hope your mother's feeling well. As for her diet, she does probably like meat in general, although it's more a preference than anything absolutely necessary. For the cellular injuries due to improper freezing, since she's still alive, the blessing should be able to restore them, although it might take some time. The myriad of nutrients should help, even if it might not be as effective as fleshgrafting with enriched meat.

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Other things /nasa/ does have are vitamins, which are capsules full of nutrients. We don't really want to give natives multivitamins unless we're absolutely sure they have no allergies to the ingredients. So far she's eaten every food we've given her. So maybe she can have a children's vitamin and see how she reacts. So far her body is doing well healing on its own. She has spit out our pain relievers. So we stopped giving her pain relief medicine at her request. We told her we're still giving her anti-biotics whether she wants it or not to prevent infection from the surgery that removed the bullet in her arm. She is fine with anti-biotics. She also insists that any future surgeries we perform on her she wants to stay awake for. I told her if she needs brain surgery then she has to be asleep so our machines can precisely fix it without complication. She compromised on sleeping for brain surgery.

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Ok before i go to bed just a reminder that witches are super rare in /risu/ and not even inf know they even exist. Also since our main exports are wood and food of a bunch of different types with primary being nuts I was thinking what else risuners would export. And a thought came to me that i have assloads of grass and never considered herbs. I feel like risuners would smoke some of that sweet weed once in a while. oh god i just turned risu into a nation sized weed factory

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I thought of an adorable wand design that's like a rattle. You rattle the nuts inside the wand to charge the vitubium. Then you flick your wand to cast a spell. Also for some reason I just thought of a Risuner witch with four boobs. God damn Takeshi.

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Do you think because Champyons grow from clovers (don't ask) we would have a similar taxonomy to sunwalkers?

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There would be a high likelihood, yes. Our classification would probably split after having the same Order, if I'm remembering my biology class at all. While it wouldn't be close enough to mistake one for another, it would be simple to tell that humanoid plant creatures are rooted (heh) from a certain origin point in evolution and split into different species after some time.

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I would also like to ask if you only want the humid continental part of the empty space, or do you want to have the subtropical south as well. With some back-of-the-envelope calculations, the area of the northern half would be about 1.8 million km^2, which is comparable to countries like Mexico, Indonesia, Sudan, and Libya. Including the southern half will almost double the number, making it somewhere between India and Kazakhstan.

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/pcclg/. Kind of. /clg/ may as well no longer exist, so we are merging the two together.

Have the map of the new country.

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i had no particular size in mind if i am being honest, tho if the whole would be a concern due to size i would actually prefer the southern part more due to the longer coastline that way since i would priorities that above a difference between humid continental and humid subtropical since the country would be more focused at the coastline due to its focus upon trading, traveling and workshops that require goods from imports

i think the river would make for a good natural border in that case

>> No.22401911

Sounds good to me. In that case, though, maybe we can go ahead with moving /vrt/ to /yah/ and /yah/ to the northern empty plot if you don't mind inching into tropical climate. The coastline is longer and closer to /tsun/ and /pyon/, and putting a polar bear in the tropics is basically killing her anyway.
Would /vrt/ and others in this thread object to this proposal? If not, please inform the anon maintaining https://vtwbg.github.io/ to apply the relevant changes.

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Proposal on the classification of schizos and their general lore. Incorporated some discussions from the last thread. Feedback and suggestions are more than welcome.

Probably need to be voted on whether to make it cannon. Even if this particular one doesn't get passed, I think a general lore on schizos should still be made.

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i do not mind, i just did not want to move a country solely for our whims

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Awesome time to go watch the stream

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A prologue of what's to come:
His world was whirling violently as he futilely tried to gain a footing on the soaked planks. Loud claps of thunders and screams of bending wood echoed in his ears, and the sound of water rushing through tight corridors compelled him to sprint, crawl, and leap through the small waterfalls seeping through the wooden ceiling. Yet, despite using every punch of his strength, another abrupt turn of this enclosed space tossed his body around like a leaf in a storm.

"Grrr!" His bleeding fingers caught the sideway beam, the fluffy tail protruding from his lower back helping him regain footing as the room turned almost vertical for a moment. Yells and screams could be heard in all directions, only to be drowned out by the crashing waves and the terrible sounds pouring in from the darkness. This was not the plan... this was not the plan at all! Another turn of the world effectively threw him onto the floor, with his dexterity barely letting him not slam onto the planks.

The all-consuming pain almost persuaded him to pass out, but just as his consciousness gave in, another uniquely terrible shriek convinced him otherwise. It sounded almost like the death throes of a large beast being twisted and torn apart by some dreadful monster. Even if he did not know the meaning of it, something lurking in his mind warned him to soldier on, lest he shared the same fate as the beast.

It was only later that he knew it was the sound of the keel breaking. In a way, his gut instinct was correct - just that the large beast letting out its last cry was the ship as its spine shattered. With the rush pushing him out of the sinking compartment and through the tilting corridor. Climbing up the stairs, he emerged onto the flooding deck of the ship. Rain poured from the starless night, and what remained of the crew fought desperately against the force of nature to no avail. Ropes snapped as the hull was thrown up into the stormy air by raging waves, and the skeleton of the sails crackled with every gust of wind.

Before he could raise his voice, a blinding light took his vision, and a deafening roar his hearing. As a scorching warmth dispelled the chilling rain, the disoriented body was hurled from the crumbling deck and crashed into the scattered barrels. Before his mind faded into darkness, his arms managed to hold onto one of the barrels, in the vain hope that it would deliver him from harm.

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How would numberschizos relate to /#/ in this proposal?

>> No.22406094

>skeleton of the sails crackled with every gust of wind.
Confirmed: Perfidious deadbeats cast a storm spell on this innocent boating venture.

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#s schizos try to use numbers against the chuubas, but normal denizens of /#/ are only in for the autism. Schizos who are originally from /#/ would probably have a tendency to become a #s schizos. Also I only had doxxer and #s shaman because I can't think of other types. If any of you can suggest more types pls do.

>> No.22406226

Would unicorns be one?

>> No.22406652

Because the shamans are the ones creating the rrats, the different types of shamans should be based on the methods that they use to anti a chuuba, like posting dox and using numbers to create narratives about a chuuba's decline/need to graduate etc. Unicorns can be a special subset of doxxers though, those who are originally militant devotees of a chuuba who have since been corrupted by doxx rrats.

>> No.22406705

I suggest a 'Pantheon Partitionist' subtype
Schizos who are still religious, but are esoteric and extremist in their belief of separating female and male deities from interacting with one another, even if they are from the same pantheon.
Schizos who revel only 1 deity from a pantheon. Praying and urging for said deity to leave their pantheon and rule alone.

>> No.22407700

Turned my cheatsheet into rentry. Have to decompress it a bit, but at least I get to use pics as well. If someone can help me with the graphics, I can update the climate analysis in OP with the new latitude as well.

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Hey forgot to answer last thread.
Follow this link http://ebooks.edu.gr/ebooks/v/html/8547/2334/Grammatiki-Neas-Ellinikis-Glossas_A-B-G-Gymnasiou_html-apli/index_C_02.html and have Google translate it into English. The translation is actually surprisingly accurate, and it should provide you with a good general explanation on how declensions work. What it won't help with is writing the Greek words with Latin characters while keeping the native word endings, so I'd be happy to do that for you for any words you'd want.
For example, in your name, "ton Enotitas" is mistaken. I'm assuming you want to say "of (the) Union". If that's the case, "Enotita"=Union is a female noun, therefore the article before it would be "tis" (technically "ths" because it's a different "i" sound, but that may be difficult to pronounce at a glance), ie "tis Enotitas".
Alternatively, you could say "of (the) Unions" by writing "twn Enotitwn" ("ton Enotiton", but uses a different "o" sound, like the previous tis/ths). However, that could also be interpreted as "of (the) Units", as in units/chapters in a book or textbook.

Additionally, as per >>22372783, I've attached an analysis of the Ancient Greek phrases used in Gura's song "Reflect", that I wrote when her song came out. I'm not a linguist nor have a learnt how to use the proper chart to classify and indicate the sounds with their appropriate symbols, so instead I've used examples from normal words to show how they would be pronounced.
The first phrase means "From one word/conversation sprouts another"
The second one means "No bad comes without good"

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>officially diagnosed with autism
We're going full throttle!

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/meat/ finally ate everyone...

>> No.22412769

I don't think that's how it works, anon...
Both /pcg/ and /clg/ seems to still be active now, and /pcclg/ doesn't seem to be a thread here, so I don't think it'll be a country in this world. Plus, the combined country would be rather big even for a world with mostly large countries.

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What exotic or alien animals does your country domedticate and tame? Exotic being animals uncommon to our households and alien being an original animal.

>> No.22415073

Bump Episode II

>> No.22416799

Also the adventuring party mentioned oxen on the way to /nasa/. I'm hoping the oxen are domesticated. If they're feral then we can raise the offspring around humans to re-tame them. Still think taming mammoths will pay off in the long run but it might not be possible. Mammoths have to fend off predators all the time, including schizo hunters. So they maybe untameable. We can try to tame some friendly mammoths around /nasa/. Our spacesuits might give us an advantage as we have a different form to other humanoids.

>> No.22417044

Looks fucking awesome anon, nice work. Those real world vignettes with temp and precipitation are really handy. What do you need with the graphics? I can sling a Paint.NET.

>> No.22417276

Risu has giant running birds (Moa-inspired I think? Don't quote me on that), /kfp/ has weaponized phoenixises https://rentry.org/fn6au#phoenix and /morig/ has giant sloths https://rentry.org/ep273. Are there any others?

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All of those are good to have but most important to loot are rations

>> No.22417719 [DELETED] 

Who has fox-dogs: https://rentry.org/4seaw#bubon-foxhound
Consensus is that Owls are sacred in the Republic so no forced domestication is allowed. There's also a species large owl-like flightless bird, but it's unnamed and only created for a throwaway gag.

>> No.22417776

/Who/ has fox-dogs: https://rentry.org/4seaw#bubon-foxhound
Consensus is that Owls are sacred in the Republic so no forced domestication is allowed. There's also a species of large owl-like flightless bird, but it's unnamed and only created for a throwaway gag.

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OGsuner has awakened

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Good morning!

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o shit waddup. time to go write rezas ch 2 about morig stuff

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/nasa/ looks nice

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I'm excited for it anon. I might write a little companion story from a deadbeat POV if I get a good idea.

>> No.22418497

What the hell?

>> No.22418582

>There is also a 1k Kid’s Fun-Run for all the little ones that wish to join in on the fun!
This is way funnier is you read this too quickly and think this is an actual bull run.

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I can imagine Sanalites having fun raising oxes

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Paper and printing industry of the Republic:
Influenced by the Nameless One's commandments, the Republic practices archive keeping keenly. This led to a higher standard and volume of paper making even during the establishment of the Republic compared to other nations. This trend is maintained by a robust state-funded education program and a large population of avid readers in the Republic. The Republic's papers are mostly made from flax and cotton, though research into cheaper paper production using wood pulp is underway as well.

Newspapers run daily in cities and most towns, and the demand for books consolidated the publishing scene of the Republic into several prolific publishers. The most famous and oldest newspaper is the Weekly Owl(Unrelated to the most circulated paper, the Daily Owl). Due to the large market and experienced publishers, many foreign authors from the region would choose to publish their works in the Republic. The surplus of printing capacity means books and papers are one of the most important exports for the economy. Maps are another famous paper product of the Republic. While military maps are of course strictly forbidden from exportation, the Republic's maritime maps are famed for their accuracy and quality.

To satisfy the hunger for more paper, each city has large paper mills and printing presses. But due to the unreliability of early models, and the somewhat sacred quality of papers, early hoomans learned to hate the printing machines. "Printer" became the popular slang for an irritating person, and evolved into the word meant for heretics sprouting disparaging information against the Nameless One use today.

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Reza logs ch 2
Its been a few night and we have made some pretty good progress. As a precaution, I ordered some of the crew to hold back on the wine testing but most of them did seem to enjoy the stuff. These deadbeats don't seem to be too bad after all
What really surprised me the most about their culture is how battle hardened they are. Apparantly they attract a lot of unwanted attention which would explain the massive naval power. Not to mention the rigorous training these people go through. The whole damn nation seems to be one giant military
One particular note is their distrust in /meat/. Understandable since we used to fear them ourselves so it is most likely for the best that we do not reveal our alliance to them. I have already instructed the crew that relations with /meat/ should be better kept a secret and to avoid talking about /morig/ with the meatheads back at /risu/.

On the brighter news is that these deadbeats seem very interested in nut exchanging in both terms. Growing their own nuts would benefit their people even without our magic and there are I counted 5 deadbeats sharing a tent with some of the crew. These guys seem just as eager to exchange cultures as some of us are. Some of them are just as horny as the clock people visiting our home except taller.

Cahya is someone I feel like I should keep my eye on. That boy seems more interested in having sex with the female deadbeats more than his damn job of negotiating. Sure hes been learning their ways and I already chose him to be the official rep when we head back and forth but hes spending way too much time with that chick. Cant even remember a time he used his own tent for fucks sake.
Regardless i'm letting Cahya stay here because he seems to understand their culture better than anyone and despite his different motives, has been researching about their ways more than anyone else. He even asked them if they would teach him some fighting styles. Not exactly sure why but he said something about having a risuner army in the future being a good idea.
Our horny rep aside, so far there have been a few misunderstandings and these deadbeats actually seem to be pretty cool. Our main interest to bring back to /risu/ would be some quality weaponry.

Religious wise I could not ask for a people more relatable. They are just like us in fact, making up loose militias but all of them praising their "Goddess Faithful" as they like to refer to her. I wonder if she appears once a year like ours does? It would be fascinating to see another goddess manifest. This along with exchanging nuts is currently top priority.
Now heres the biggest part that caught me off guard. That massive mountain that they have apparantly has a pretty gem called diamond. I feel bad not being able to tell these guys about the reason why we want diamonds but even the young and overly horny (Cahya) know never to speak of our witches and their magic to anyone. Our next trip were definitely going to bring some warmer clothing to see if we can scale that mountain and obtain this diamond. Of course only 1 would be needed to start making gemcorns but it would be best to take as many as possible.

In summary the nut exchanging seems to be going at a very fast pace. We brought plenty of fruits and nuts for trading and the deadbeats seem to be very happy to come to our camps after a days of hard training. So far considering this operation a success. Going to leave here soon and make a return visit for those PRETTY GEMS. Cahya will stay here and act as rep for future endeavors (I swear to god i'm gonna kick his ass so hard if he just wastes his time having sex with the girls here instead of learning what he needs to know).

>> No.22422769

The Kronies have all gathered around in the hall. Far back, the artificer is busy adjusting the knobs on the projector. The vtubium crystal is fully charged and the slides are prepared. As the officers talk among themselves, a man makes his way up the podium on the stage. The head of Infinity's counter-intelligence officer himself.

"Settle down, ladies and gentlemen. Humans and any other sentient species in-between. No need to get up from your seats. We're just going to be here for at least... 10 minutes. We're cutting all the formalities. Anyways, at 1500 hours yesterday, we had just received news from, our maritime neighbor, Polka." The officer signals the artificer with a hand gesture. In that moment, the lights in the hall went dark. Followed by the shining beam of the crystal projector. Its holographic image of a map presented in the centre on top of the stage.

"As we can see here. The Omaruza have reported sightings of several unidentified airships flying above the Coast de Curtaile. Several members of the Omaruza navy have taken images of these airships with their kinemographers. If you may?" the officer gestured again.

The projection switched to that of an airship. Its design is not unlike any of the civilian airships used by the people of the HLG nor the southern Niji. For once, the lack of any visible envelope.

"Now I know what you might be thinking. These ships aren't fueled by hot air nor any form of gaseous vtubium, so they must be from the land of the Ioforias. Unfortunately..." the officer points to an empty spot on the stage next to the holographic projection. Immediately, another projection materializes there. Of another flying airship.

"To the left is a civilian grade anti-gravitational airship employed by the star-children of Pagi. Note the disparity between the designs themselves. The absence of an obvious tail and engine here is against the Ioforian aeronautics doctrine. Following the Rosewell Incident twenty years ago, when an Ioforian ship crashed into a Rosebuta town, many a design by the Ioforians are to include these updated safety measures. These design changes are even present in their military grade airships. Every pre-Incident airships are either modified or decommissioned.'

"Second of all, I would like to point out some several features on this unidentified airship that does not match to any non-dirigible airships of the HLG. Here, here, and here." the officer walks into the projection and points towards the features. From a ballast on the underbelly, to the gyro rotors on the tail, and an obvious organic tentacle slithering our of the engine.

"None of these are found elsewhere on any HLG ships. Plus we have no idea what their function is for. The engineers over at Aeronautics are too busy with their personal projects to look into this-*goddamn milk drinkers*. Anyways, as for motive, these airships were seen flying by the seaside Southwest off the coast of Pol, forward 80 degrees North, and disappeared just as it entered Infinity airspace. Neither of us managed to establish communications with it. Every signal sent by Psykphone is met with silence."

The whole room is filled with the sounds of rustling paper and scribbles, each officer writing down everything the head officer have said.

"As of this moment, we are launching an investigation into the origins of these airships, what were they doing off our coast, and hopefully get someone to investigate and analyse its design. Every material presented here and more are available for access within the main research hall. With that, I bid farewell."

The head officer walks off stage, through a dissipating projection. Each and every officer stands up from their seats, checking through each other's notes. It's going to be a long day for them.

>> No.22422846
File: 308 KB, 1668x2224, 1648263360785.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Forgot to fucking anchor again but here you go. Now time for me to go do some errands but todays my day off so after a few things ill probably write up shit for /rose/. I cant hold back anymore.

>> No.22423170

Wait, airships are a thing in hlg and niji?

>> No.22423331

wait, oh shit, we shouldn't have airships in the world yet

>> No.22423433

I think we could spin Ioforia, Pagi and (acid reflux) even /inf/, but non-high-technological nations are not there yet afaik.

>> No.22423449

I think hes referring to /nasa/ having them since theyre way higher tech than the rest of everyone. No other nation should as thats 20th century technology and were nowhere close to that.

>> No.22423455

Probably not for everyone. Only for those with certain chuuba affiliations.
Like Iofi and Ame.
Kinda like the guild in Dune being the only one with interstellar travel.

>> No.22423597

I could see Ioforias having a monopoly on air travel since theyre the only ones with alien vtubium

>> No.22423598

Remember, this story doesn't have to take place now, you could move it up chronologically to a time period when airships would be used across the world, perhaps a couple centuries later. Depends on what event you're trying to describe

>> No.22423779

Iofi's not the only ayyy space chuuba you know. There are others over at indie/small corpo continen-
I think I just figured out where these ships came from.
Are we getting invaded by the New World?

>> No.22423782
File: 66 KB, 800x878, 1642566536758.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nice, I really enjoyed reading that. Always fun to read about cultural shock. Our horniness being put in terms of the clock's is a high, undeserved honour, thank you.
A note on temperature, just in case it wasn't clear, most of the country is quite warm, mediterranean at the North and tropical/subtropical in the south, the only cold parts are closer to Mt. Mori. You don't need to change anything, just letting you know. Picrel.
Ohh, it would be fun if Risuners wanted to approach Mt. Mori... I'd like to see that, they'd need to meet the Priestesses. They probably wouldn't be allowed, both for their own safety and because of the sanctity of the Underworld, but it would be a fun meeting.

>> No.22423798

nay, it says there
>not unlike any of the civilian airships used by the people of the HLG nor the southern Niji
Implying airships are common.

Airships sort of face the same issue that steam locomotives do, where it sort of trivializes any other nation that does not have them due to logistics and economic importance

>> No.22423959

Arguable. Airships ought to not be able to carry as much cargo as normal ships simply due to how physics work. Airships also are a lot less reliable than regular ships.

>> No.22424027
File: 178 KB, 1200x800, vrt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Would /vrt/ and others in this thread object to this proposal? If not, please inform the anon maintaining https://vtwbg.github.io/ to apply the relevant changes.
That'd be me. So your proposal is something like pic related then? Does someone want to ping /yah/ and run it by them first? I remember them giving input on their original location back when the map was being made, so I don't know how attached they are to it even though they haven't been around lately. Is this something that reps would need to vote on?
Also, I've noticed that there has been talk recently about how threads like /pagi/ and /moon/ compare to /nasa/, but it's worth mentioning that the former isn't on the current map. I don't think they had a thread at the time? When we get around to sending out invites again, we should probably take inventory of what threads are in the catalog and redistribute land as necessary, especially since countries ended up bigger than expected.

>> No.22424130

They do unbalance the game in terms of intel, transporting troops quickly deep into enemy territory and allowing for unchallenged bombing of population centers if the targets are less technologically advanced.

>> No.22424154

good morning fellas, i have come to deliver a sheaf of kikinese updates in the middle of this discussion for no reason, kat noɬ need not be included because i haven't worked on it in over a week

>> No.22424200
File: 2.48 MB, 1713x1920, moonjelly.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Maybe it exists but not commonplace due to the small number of availability plus it being seen as a vtubium gimmick only certain people could use.
If we are making it canon I'd say limiting airships to only certain factions balances things out
/rbc/ have robots
/nasa/ have modern tech
/pagi/ and any other ayy lmao worshippers can have anti-grav
>he doesnt equip dragons with cannons and make bootleg interceptors

>> No.22424304
File: 8 KB, 225x225, magiciseverything.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tech is for nerds. Just use magic

>> No.22424320

fuckin' miracles

>> No.22424338

Yeah, I'd say we limit airships to space-related peoples and the rest of the world can get them when we hit the 1850s period.

>> No.22424461

>ayy worshippers are doing recon
>it's not Iofi
Who?! The only other space chuubas I know are Sana and Lumi

>> No.22424496
File: 109 KB, 1177x634, risusmug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Risuners use magic exclusively, burning gemstones for magical powers and our whole nation relies on it for massive food/wood production.

>> No.22424676

You sure they were just doing recon?

>> No.22425515

>While there are many reasons for one to become a schizo, one aspect that is common to all is the desire to "dethrone" all chuubas by spreading their beliefs to all in Vitubia, ending the chuuba's influence in the astral realm, thus rendering the world devoid of any worship of chuubas.
So that's why jannies keep attacking /meat/. They view them as schizos trying to destroy the gods.

>> No.22425642
File: 222 KB, 917x653, 2348912.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I mean, we just wanna destroy big corpo gods
Indie gods are olev

>> No.22425723

Most jannies are probably holobronies or nijiniggers like me.

>> No.22425757

I guess in a way it is. Jannies also attack things they deem too yab. So /meat/ would, unfortunately, get caught in the crossfire so to speak when Jannies "accidentally" target them. It would be kinda hard to explain board rules within the framework of /vtwbg/ lore so much but it kinda works.

>> No.22426514

I think not everyone knows that Ioforias came from space and Moonafics came from the moon
Before the Reformation, a civilian cant even read a bible and understand what's inside it.
Maybe there should be a scale of 'esotericist literacy'. As in how much knowledge the average joe of the country knows.
A peasant living in the Candy Kingdom wont give a shit if he's living next door to ayy lmaos or radioactive necromancers. He just wants to live a temperate life and praise the queen

>> No.22427030

yeah, information would be extremely rare to come by, I can't imagine most of the world knowing about the alien origins of the Ioforia and the moonafics, same as the sanallites, this is stuffs that would pass into legend very quickly too.

>> No.22428467
File: 1.12 MB, 5688x4015, uif9rq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Basically, I need someone to convert my doodle lines (see picrel of >>22423782) into semi-transparent colour blots like picrel

Ox-sized capybara for /meat/, maybe?

Yeah, something like that, although /yah/'s border can extend a bit more towards the south. It would be nice if someone from /yah/ can tell us what they think about the location and what kind of climate do they prefer. Checking what threads on the map are no longer active on the board would also be helpful - we'll probably have to add the new holoID threads and /aa/ on the map at some point.

Good morning! I wrote something that /risu/ might be of interest: >>22405990

I kind of assume that ICly, jannies kind of operate on their own logic, and are generally not too keen on communicating with us mortals (although if >>22373821 is of any indication, it might just be that mortals who they do communicate with might just not survive the process with their mind intact). As such, what kind of rules jannies operate on would have to be compiled from known sightings, and different people will draw different conclusions.

>> No.22428823

>Ox-sized capybara for /meat/

>> No.22428889

>More prehistoric superfauna
Fuck yeah

>> No.22429385
File: 79 KB, 536x682, 1647442872859.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

well shit
interesting read though very well done

>> No.22429459

Fun fact, theyre not related to capys
Their modern descendants is this
So. imagine these critters, but the size of oxen. Sitting on their bum eating shoots

>> No.22429688

Yeah, something like that would be pretty cool, and could work well as /meat/'s source of (non-human) meat.

Summer water can be treacherous...
He got better, though, even if perhaps not in the way he expected or wanted. maybe the reason he's on a boat scheduled to go to /rose/ is to get as far away as possible from his would-be rescuer?

>While capybara is always chill, Pacarana seems to be always tired of life and filled with existential dread.
tfw /meat/ is pain in such a degree even the fauna is affeceted

>> No.22429699
File: 340 KB, 1448x2048, 1646944522668.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A note on the use of time skipping and /risu/
Now as you all know /risu/ isnt going very in technology and only recently acquired the use of bog iron production. We are going the full magic route, specifically with gemstone magic. I had it set that gemtrees would take about i believe 5-10 years to grow from each gemcorn. And like i said essentially 1 emerald will equal 4 emeralds upon a fully grown tree. If were going to advance in technology then by 50 years risuners main cities would be semi regularly using gemstone magic and our witches will be more common. By the 20th century with airships coming into play if were going that fast in timeskipping the risuners will have had so much gemtree production by that point that the secret will be out and risu will be producing just as many gems as other things due to sheer number of gem trees. Risuners at this point would all be equipped with grape agate blaster staffs and all the other gemstone magics would be of common use. OF course since we grow these things out of the ground we would be trading these since theyre valuable. So just want to give everyone a heads up since we should be around 1800-1850 era technology if im again not mistaken. I just want to know so i can adjust the use of our gemstones accordingly. Were always increasing our production its just a slow as fuck process.

>> No.22429904

But theyre cute.
Maybe the normal sized ones as pets, while megafauna versions as either livestock or beast of burden

>> No.22430034

That would be funny. Common sight in the Matiriki countryside is small children playing with a giant pacarana.

>> No.22430172
File: 301 KB, 698x1024, 15590141171_9a8d101d29_b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>always tired of life and filled with existential dread
You know that Brendan Fraser 'just fuck my shit up' image?
That's the kind of energy Im getting from looking at these things

>> No.22430347
File: 750 KB, 1280x720, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's /meat/, so being always tired of life and filled with existential dread IS being cute. Good point about being a beast of burden, though. In fact, since they're apparently nocturnal, using them alongside a more mundane beast of burden would allow for a 24-hour transport system across the country like the Persian Royal Road or Mongolian Ortege.

>> No.22430410
File: 65 KB, 453x604, sippy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Damn every photo I find of these things they look miserable

>> No.22430495
File: 36 KB, 397x265, sadpacarana.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.22431568

Thank you so much! I'm specifically looking for "Empire of Unity".

I'm /clg/ rep and I've spoken to the /pcg/ thread and as long as I don't fuck with the established lore I am good to go. So we are merging for the kill.

>> No.22431613

They walk among us...

>> No.22431657

>by 1900 all risuners gonna basically have magical m1 garands that fire purple bolts of energy and people gonna see them just burn rubies for forges kek.

>> No.22431736

>among us

>> No.22431804
File: 425 KB, 531x930, 3765468756756.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22432229

Risuner crash the precious gemstone economy, coming to a century near you. Also we're lround about the 1750s iirc
"Empire of Unity" would be "Autokratoria ths Enothtas", if I were to translate it with the proper letters, or "Aftokratoria tis Enotitas" as it's read. You could also replace "Enothta/Enotita" with "Enoths/Enotis", the meaning is the same but the latter was used in the Katharevousa form of Greek, a transitional form of the language between the Medieval and Modern forms. It may be closer to the Byzantine version of the word. Also you misspelled "Enotitas" in your trip kek

>> No.22432448

stop right there, that mod is off limits

>> No.22432751

ok thats what i assumed. At this stage its how i written before that witches are secrets from all outsiders and even a few native risuners and gem are rarely used other than making more of themselves.

>> No.22432797

Sadly it's the best setting that incorporates low fantasy and grounded tech

>> No.22434686

What setting is that?

>> No.22434899

rule 15, just don't worry about it.

>> No.22435100

Oh god... I won't.

>> No.22435580

Are those doodle line drawings compiled somewhere?

>> No.22435985

I'm working on it, just want to know if anyone's willing to pick it up the rest once I finish the map.

>> No.22436816

Is R15 still relevant this age?
I think their entire community has died down
And /vt/ has become its replacement
Yeah R15 needs to be updated

>> No.22437249
File: 127 KB, 566x768, war_crimes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You were absolutely not here 10 years ago, give them an inch, and they'll take a mile.

>> No.22437765
File: 47 KB, 1610x716, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Started logging some numbers for that. I should note that I've never visited most of the threads on board, so I probably missed some. In particular, so far I can't find Kson and Subaru's threads (/okfams/ is logged separately), but I'm pretty sure I've seen them before, so helps in that regard is much appreciated.
I'll release the rentry once I've logged everyone on the map, plus threads that I'm aware of but is not on the map. Be noted that it doesn't automatically mean threads that aren't active should be removed, and other factors (like whether they already have written lore here) need to be taken into account before making such decisions.

>> No.22438317

ive seen subarus its usually just called "duck"

>> No.22439025

kson uses kanji, /duck/ fully integrated into /okfams/ from what I remember

>> No.22439830

Whelp I'm back from out of town trip. I wonder if mammoths would like eating bread dogs.

>> No.22440965

So we're talking about airships now right? So far there's two plausible designs for an airship: helicopters and blimps. Blimps are just balloons filled with hydrogen or helium with motor sails. While they may be interesting to look at they are very slow and have very poor handling. This is due to their massive balloons. A strong wind can push a blimp off course easily. The other thing we can use for an airship is a helicopter. This is where a lot of airships get their designs from. However, an airship's design is physically impossible. Most fantasy airships rely on some sort of fantasy metal or energy source to levitate them off of the ground or make the ship more "buoyant" than air. If /nasa/ develops air travel then we'll certainly use airplanes over airships.

>> No.22441854

i mean if /nasa/ has chuubanite that handles manipulation of gravity that would make for a reasonable source as to how they can make them work, it would also be a limiter as to how most other nations cannot make use fo them

>> No.22442820

I have a theory about how to make anti-gravity work. However its application would be useless in making airships. Anti-gravity would be limited to a room or stadium as it involves wormholes. Every wormhole has a blackhole and a white hole. First you have the blackhole, which absorbs gravity. Then you have the white hole which pushes gravity. By having a "very small" blackhole and white hole orbit a certain way then you can manipulate small enough objects to fall indefinitely. Its not perfect zero gravity as the gravity is always moving in orbit. But the gravity moves in orbit so fast that you fall in every direction, which suspends you in the air. As for the lifespan of these wormholes that depends on the supply of energy. If we can make a vitubium power source that can supply wormholes with energy that we can safely shut off then we're good to go. The wormholes will do very little damage to the environment. In fact the wormholes are so small that without power keeping them going they'll close in a matter of seconds.

>> No.22443255

i mean it wouldn't need to be completly zero gravity, say for example the whit eholes could be aimed in such a way that it pushes the base of the airship away from the ground to a degree enough to lessen the overall mass of the airship to have then a more traditional propulsion system handle the actual take off and moving

>> No.22443986

There's a problem with that. To make that happen you would need a whitehole at the bottom of the ship to expel gravity and the blackhole above the ship to suck gravity. You'll have to figure out how to move the blackhole freely along with the whitehole without the blackhole sucking up the ship. Without an encased device to fuel the wormholes and control their gravity flow this idea is quite frankly retarded. I mean its retarded no matter how you look at it. Specifically with the amount of energy cost you would need to produce chuubanite that can make wormholes in the first place. The meteorite that fell from space was made after eons of being sucked into a wormhole and flung out. If you really want to have a plausible airship design then we need "vitubium gas". Something that vitubium can interact with to make a gas lighter than air we can then supply in pipes throughout the airship evenly to make an "air raft". Then slap some helicopter blades and rudders onto the ship and there you go: you got an oversized transport helicopter.

>> No.22444190

Did the number logging: https://rentry.org/k5vky
Inactive threads on map:
Active threads not on map:
Some can probably be integrated with each other (/mion/ and/or Duck into /okfams/), although we'll probably make room for the 4 new ID threads. Depending on how close the threads are to others, and whether they have a specific climate in mind, we can probably cut some land from Bakatare, maybe /wah/'s island, or some of the islands already in the south holo sea. Some housecleaning in the indie continent will make a bunch of space as well (for /aa/ and /israel/ if the latter becomes active again once they debut).

>> No.22446856
File: 118 KB, 1000x1000, thumbs_up.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nice work.
>Nameless One's commandments
Huh, i've no idea how to make that work, if we are to add something like that in, would it be a self imposed code that she did? I'd consider scrapping that, but if you have any ideas then do tell me about them. Maybe we can play with the Republic's internal religious groups.
Other than that, no comment.

>> No.22447146

Are there any nearby nations near /nasa/ selling beasts of burden? We're looking for oxen and work horses that can survive the cold. Our tilling machines were overworked during plowing season and need to be replaced. We can make light steel plows so horses can easily pull them. Horses just have to be hardy enough to survive Canadian/Russian cold environments.

>> No.22449209
File: 369 KB, 640x575, 1648577117744.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22451701

Morning. I should sketch you a wand design.

>> No.22452118

I already told my slip yesterday, but I forgot to tell it here: I'll be out for about two weeks from /vt/ for family matters, so not only /∞/ rep is missing but me too. Another kronie will keep watching for developments concerning us, so we are not going radio silence, but we will slow down quite.

As a temporal goodbye, I leave you this tale inspired from yesterday collab:

>The Clock with the Ribbon
> and the Moon Bunny Girl.

>traditional /∞/ children's tale

>There was a time in block land,
>where its creatures play all along,
>they explored, mine and built,
>across the territory and under it.

>Between the inhabitants there was,
>this Clock with a light blue ribbon,
>whom while friendly liked to be alone,
>so she made a huge hidden cave as a home.

>For a time the Clock was happy,
>when she played solo or along others,
>but those times ended without reason why,
>and she stayed forgotten under the land.

>Asleep felt the Clock inside the cave,
>when the adventures to a halt came,
>blue her feeling where in slumber,
>while inactive she became down under.

>The Clock insides still burned red,
>her passion wasn't dead while in that trance,
>that once in a while she ringed her alarm unprompted,
>and the sound echoed all over her home.

>The ringing sound reached some who was very afar,
>a Bunny Girl lady who lived in the Moon,
>curious a star message she made and sent,
>to the innards our land where the Clock were.

>The tiny comet crash on the dormant Clock,
>explored in a letter who said 'go up',
>the barely awaken mechanic wonder obey,
>and a her front door a light stairway waited.

>A Bunnygirl was in front of the door,
>from the stairway that to the moon extend,
>purple and yellow was her hair,
>waiting for the Clock to appear.

>The moon native scolded the mechanic one,
>'Why you stopped doing what you liked, Clock?'
>severe tone but friendly purpose,
>'I don't what to do anymore', the latter respond.

>'There is so much to do, come with me,'
>the Bunnygirl said while the Clock hand grabbed,
>a distant land their destiny was,
>through a magical water well they arrived.

>The Clock light blue ribbon shined with,
>the lights of the constructions the place had,
>such her awe was that bad words keep escaping her mouth,
>while the Bunnygirl laughed.

>'See this wonders, you little Clock?' she said,
>'Things like this you can make',
>'I don't know how or if able I am', Clock counter,
>'nonsense, let me teach you the wae'.

>Back to the first place,
>the Moon Bunnygirl as teacher behave,
>the Clock then learn about,
>rune magic and levers how to make.

>Time fly by and between them,
>a beautiful bond seems to emerge,
>while confused she was with the lessons,
>the Clock enjoyed it every second.

>Eventually the adventure had to end,
>but they promised to meet again,
>the Moon Bunnygird open up to the Clock,
>'I want a friendship, sometimes I too feel alone.'

>Touched the Clock's heart was,
>joy filled her body all,
>'friends we will be,' she retort,
>and laughing with high and lows the bunnygirl respond.

>The time came for the Moon native to leave,
>but sad the goodbye wasn't it,
>as they promised to play again,
>and make their friendship thrive.

>> No.22452315
File: 1.42 MB, 350x202, Amethyst_Staff_(demo).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

HOLY SHIT! if it matters i got the idea from terraria

>> No.22452725
File: 167 KB, 2100x2100, SquirrelWand.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is my idea of a wand that follows chuubanite properties. You rattle the nut inside the wand to charge up the spell with the gem. Then you flick it a special way to throw the energy at your target.

>> No.22453264
File: 33 KB, 112x112, risupat.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yo that actually looks fucking sweet. Bless you drawanon

>> No.22453718

Its a pretty shit drawing. But its a concept I had for a while. Also I figure it would be cute for Risuner witches to rattle their wands and staves like maracas and singing a chant to cast their spells.

>> No.22458574


>> No.22459172

Didn't know how to incorporate the habit of archive keeping into the lore so I wrote commandments. Bwain no work, you see. But just saying it's a part of her teaching would probably work better.

>> No.22459702
File: 254 KB, 544x544, 1642268562187.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

An oft-repeated warning to especially inquisitive scholar priests:
Tread lightly the study of the Deep Scripture. The prehistory of our faith is covered in darkness, truth being barred from our eyes for a reason. Delving too far, you're bound to beckon forth things beyond your ability to control, and none of them particularly merciful to prying eyes.

>> No.22459868

I guess if nobody has horses nor oxen for sale then /nasa/ is on their own for transport. Meaning we'll have to go straight into investing into industrialization because we need automobiles.

>> No.22459922

You can definitely just buy and breed them off other countries. You don't need a specific trade deal to buy products abroad.

>> No.22459941

back when yugioh was fun. good times

>> No.22460117

/Who/ has plenty of Oxes and some horses. The trade don't have to be on an official level. Just send a caravan of spacemen with some trade goods and ranchers near the borders would happily trade some of his livestock for stainless steel tools and cold beers. But beware the breed might not be that suitable for the cold tundra though.

>> No.22460268

We'll just recycle parts until we make cars. Or if we're lucky we can tame mammoths instead.

>> No.22460850

So it looks like /nasa/ is going to use bread dogs as sled dogs as our main option of transportation. The problem is its spring right now. So there's no snow. Therefore all mining and logging operations will be delayed until winter time. In the meantime /nasa/ will just have to make due recycling scrap for tools and parts. Unless we find some native horses adapted to the cold we're screwed on transport. Mammoths are way too wild to tame since they're primal and aggressive. Nothing's worse than having to wait real time for anything to get done in /nasa/. Still waiting on the other Sanalite to finish his part of the story. Guess I should close the thread and do something else for a few weeks.

>> No.22463493

I suppose /nasa/ will have to gamble with vitubium to make new fuel cells for CR-USTs mechsuits. They should be able to haul supplies from the farms to the station before winter. Though CR-USTs will be useless walking in the snow as they'll sink right in. At least the forests are close to the farms. So woodmaking for chickens and cattle ranches are no problem. We will insulate chicken and cattle houses with "dough" technology. So houses will stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Animal houses will also have a hearth and chimney that's engineered in a way to deliver heat without smoke to their houses. Eventually wood burning stoves will be swapped out for natural gas (propane). Dough technology also filters out the noises from outside. So nights should be quiet.

Mining in the cold is no problem. In fact spacesuits will protect Sanalites from coal dust and low oxygen via oxygen tanks. Ventilation will still be important as to prevent vacuums that could collapse the tunnels. Also ventilation will let Sanalites breathe with air-filters as oxygen tanks are limited. Our tunnels will be based on the Martian Mine method. Martian Mine method involves making a network of "camp chambers" to refuel oxygen and power between branch mining tunnels. This allows Sanalites to dig deep and far without disturbing the world above. Though Sanalites cannot dig too deep with just wooden support beams. It'll be easier when we have galvanized steel and a means of transporting it.

Also anchoring because Martian Mining sounds cool. This also archives the linked post. >>22389196

>> No.22466482

i drew a setting for the story on /pyon/. a good part of it will take place in this temple on top of the mountain Arkowim, the tallest mountain on the island.


>> No.22467998

Oh, that's the transitional? PERFECT. Thank you so much.

I will update the rentry to reflect your corrections.

>> No.22468268

/meat/head here, if we're making these fellas a common animal I don't think they'll keep the name in-universe.
The name pacarana means 'false paca'. They resembled another big rodent.
But since we're not adopting both species, just the 'false-' version, I suggest that in-universe these guys would be called 'capyrana' or 'false capy'. Regularly seen with the equally common capybaras, but nocturnal and smaller, or larger if it's the megafauna species

>> No.22468783

we could adapt the other species, but since capybaras are what we are referencing by adding these guys in the first place, it makes sense that we would compare them to capy's even if the other species were to be adopted, which could go either way.

>> No.22468910

So /meat/'s ecology is big rodents?

>> No.22468952

Will the big cappies like hot springs?

>> No.22469347
File: 844 KB, 2600x1950, CapyBebe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lets super capybara time

>> No.22469612

Capybaras, obviously. Youve seen the clips
Pacaranas, uhhhh

>> No.22471709


>> No.22471747

Was at work, but I could do that, at least for the active threads (and the more big picture biomes world map, if that was your work as well).

>> No.22472038
File: 130 KB, 410x242, nutcracker.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I found /risu/'s weapons

>> No.22472222

Question for /vsj+/, what's that 15k Vei spent on her new outfit mean?

>> No.22473334

In response to troop movements near its borders, /vshj/ has increased its military budget to 5% of GDP, fulfilling the requirements of the Small Corpo Allied Militaries.

>> No.22473995
File: 573 KB, 963x700, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What I currently have at hand, with a few zones (western and southeastern Holo continental coast, northern neutral continent, southeastern Niji continent, and most of Corpo continent). You can see if this format works for you (ideally, I want the doodle lines to not be present on the final product, instead having them be the boundary of semi-transparent colour blots). I'll try not to change the done part in future versions, but sometimes it's required.

>> No.22475166
File: 65 KB, 5888x2944, 1626660228713.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Perfect, thank you. If I do this, perhaps I might as well paint it over the equirectangular detailed map the other drawanon is working on (picrel)? This way /3/fag me can reproject it to other projections if needed too.

>> No.22475246

Probably, it doesn't really matter as long as the result's readable.

>> No.22477547


>> No.22477881
File: 1.08 MB, 5888x2944, 1621585939332.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Alright, kinda sloppy, but I think this method will work nicely. Having all the various maps in equirectangular will be handy. I've only done a few of the more detailed sections for now.

>> No.22478134

I have a suggestion
Use an onoroi filter and layer it on top of the map
Create borders

>> No.22478404

The biome "layer" would end up being layered on top of the map with the country borders, so having line for the biomes as well would probably end up pretty messy. The filter thing sounds interesting though, do you mean voronoi? Like to give a texture to the terrain?

>> No.22478460

Yeah voronoi
It's more of, using voronoi as the borders
Colour in cells that fits the region you want

>> No.22478701

I wrote more! The actual plot is starting, although it'll probably be shorter and much more straightforward than the last story.

That looks pretty good. Reminds me to keep working on it and focus on the landmass we already have for that map.

>> No.22478878

I just tried to just follow the existing borders, which are already based on voronoi noise, but I guess this brings up what we want to do for the elevation (Since many biome boundaries follow isoheight contours) map of the more detailed map, hand-drawing elevation would be pretty work intensive.
Sounds good. Now let's read this new chapter.

>> No.22481211


>> No.22483336

OGsuner, does Cahya have any distinguishing physical characteristics?

>> No.22486506


>> No.22489098

"Why is it a bad idea to declare war on /meat/ if you do not have any proper counter-intelligence? We have just the answer to that question. Close your eyes and focus on the mirror. The telepathy will start soon."

>The following a simulation, the parties involved do not resemble anyone dead nor alive

"Those cannibal raiders have gone too far this time! The sinking of our pride ship within their naval region is enough casus belli for us to declare defensive war! Which is why I have gathered all of the Princes and Commanders for this day. We're declaring war now."

"Wait, right now?"

"Exactly. If the Princes all vote in agreement, we shall immediately go to war with them dirty man-eating savages!"

"I agree. Their privateers have been occupying my port town too many times in the last decade! A YAY from me!"

"My handmaiden was kidnapped by those cannibal traffickers. I missed her so much. Another YAY."

"Same for me. It is time they receive payback! I say we lob off the heads of everyone living in their realm! Free our people!"

"You got a YAY. War it is!"

"It seems we've all come to an agreement. Out of 8 Princes, all 8 voted yes in favor of war. Commander? Anything you'd like to say?"

"My Lord, are you sure about this. Are we really about to resort to war this quickly?"

"What are you saying, Commander? Of course we are! For the good of our people we must act soon! Besides, there is no way to engage diplomacy with a bunch of illiterate man eaters. Those rabid barbarians will attack us the moment they see the tip of our hats! Now, Commander, are you ready to deploy your men?"

"Aye. My best generals are with us right now. We shall provide you with the best swordsmen and handgonners! We shall deploy as soon as possible!"

"It is official then! We are now at war!"

"Chief Officer, do you have anything to say? You are awfully quiet."

"Not really. Now that war is official between us, I wouldn't have to worry much."

"Ah, good. Wait. Us?"



"Hyurrghhh!! Gahhh!!"

"What- what is going on? My commanders... My princes... They're all slain! Why... Why would you do this?"

"Why should you ask me? I thought we were 'illiterate'."


>> No.22489584

Cahya is pretty young looking for a risuner, young adult i should specify. Other than that hes pretty much just your stereotypical attractive dude, you know the one who always gets the ladies. he has a big dick

>> No.22489809
File: 354 KB, 604x609, 1647021689835.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

gentlemen? it seems i have some catching up to do.

>> No.22492252

>/meat/ distributes propaganda materials with telepathy
Woa, nifty!

>> No.22492357

It's more of an educational video for teaching fresh intel-inquisitors

>> No.22492520

One thing can be both, depending on whether you're talking to a labor organizer or a union-buster for example. Thinking of Amazon's educational videos here, but that can apply to lots of things.

>> No.22493031
File: 1.75 MB, 1251x1668, 92780184_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

/who/ General lore entry

All children once reached the age of 5 are subject to 9 years of compulsory education. Children of eligible age are first educated at the Élémentaires for 5 years, and then the École for 4 years. In the École, pupils need to choose to either continue their standard École courses or to start a vocational course in trades. After graduating from the École, these teens have the choice between starting work or continuing their education. The third tier of education institutes are the Collège and Ecole des métiers. Usually lasts for 2 years, the Collège prepare students for the Academy and Ecole des métiers teaches advanced trades skills.

The four main subjects of the Élémentaires and the first two years of École are the Arts, Sciences, Society and Physical. Arts cultivates language and artistic skills and Society teaches the basics of the Republic's politics and history, with a side of Theology. Young hoomans learn about math(particularly hated by them) and nature through Sciences while Physical teaches basic skills like sewing and woodworking.

The Academy is the highest and most prestigious rank of education. Only 5% of students are able to be admitted. It's simultaneously one of the most important institutes of the Republic as the various Academies are where the bulk of research and development happens. The Ministry of Innovation and the military keep a close relationship with the Academies and evaluate their research output. Any findings worthwhile are funded by the state or in some cases the private sector, and quickly exploited in the name of progress. Although this doesn't always pay off the program maintained the Republic's relative technological advantage over the years. Military and Commerce Academies exist but they are vastly different from the Academy for research and require a different pathway to enter.

Conscription and enlistment:
Any male citizens over the age of 16 who have not achieved an education level higher than the École or obtained the relevant certificate of trade/profession proficiency are subject to conscription. Conscripts are distributed to either the Army or the Navy. Two years of mandatory service means that most hoomans have a big incentive to continue their education or achieve intermediate proficiency in their trade. However, since being honourably discharged comes with benefits and welfare, many sons from poorer households would wait for their ticket or enlist right after École.

Army Drill camp lasts for six weeks, where conscripts are trained in basic combat skills, marching and discipline. After Drill camp, conscripts deemed eligible are sent to regimental reserve units for specialisation training, where they become specialists like sappers or artillery gunners. Specialist training lasts for around one to two months. As these specialists are especially valuable, their service is extended to three years and their pay is raised compared to the average line infantry. Since enlisting would guarantee a recommendation from the recruiter, making entering specialist corps easier, conscription isn't the only way for the army to recruit. The Republican Military's deep pockets and defensive doctrine mean the average conscript and recruits have great marksmanship, able to train with at least 60 rounds and 80 blanks during their basic training. New recruits for calvary pretty much only include those who had previous riding experience, while the Cuirassiers only accept volunteers and had a longer training period.

The Navy however don't have any training school besides an officer's academy. Any new conscripts are initiated as a landsman and trained by senior seamen while onboard their assigned ship. Sailing requires extensive knowledge and experience, as a result, conscripts who became a landsman are required to serve for a minimum of four years. But as the experience gained and the title of able seaman allows for a worthwhile career path in private shipping, the navy is nevertheless popular with hoomans enlistees who grew up on the coasts. Any students who chose to be trained in sailing during École would have a quicker path to becoming a midshipman and eventually a warrant officer. Spurred by patriotism and the handsome rewards, many experienced mariners are on the registry for wartime recruits as well. The mostly volunteer sailor corps of the Navy is one of the reasons for its relative success in combating pirates and raiders despite the young age.

Notes: Since the language system of the Republic isn't established I just picked a few French words as placeholder.

>> No.22493389

I am coping and shaking at the fact you have
Élémentaire - École - Collège - Academy
and not
Élémentaire - École - Collège - Académie
t. frog
Cool lore though, yall's societal entries are very well thought-out.

>> No.22494547
File: 692 KB, 596x594, honhonhon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks, I kept "academy" only because I wrote academy in some previous entries. Plus in my headcanon the word is derived from the oldest and most famous school in the capital which is usually referred as THE Academy. As it existed before the establishment of the public schools, it didn't have a fancy name to denote its hierarchy in the system. Some of the tertiary education institutes that come later are called universities and whatnot but since the main Academy is so prestigious everybody just calls tertiary education "academy".

>> No.22494627

based forced continuity anon. usually though i just cut my losses and go back and retcon to reflect the changed
t. changing the rules of conlangs fucking sucks

>> No.22495380
File: 176 KB, 1067x1200, 1647301742339.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>This exact scenario plays out in the /morig/ Admiralcy with the officers starting to stab each other to root out the traitorous /meat/heads hidden among them
>Shrine of the Purging Flame commando priestesses bust in like picrel and beat the surviving perfidious ryonafags to a pulp
>Actually there were no /meat/heads, all
the deadbeats just paranoid' out
>"Better safe than sorry ladies, call in some doctors. Drinks on me for another successful op."

>> No.22495828

So /meat/'s war strategy is like Warhammer's Alpha Legion?

>> No.22496009

I guess I need to look up how to make simple vehicles and engines. Since everything has to be crafted by hand I don't think /nasa/ is going to make any lories soon. I'm wondering if its possible to use vitubium pistons to make engines more stronger. Engines will be useful for automation like wheels and conveyor belts.

>> No.22496290


>> No.22496293
File: 438 KB, 2000x1111, FC7sxjQakAAjA68.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Paranoia is the most powerful weapon of infiltration, after all...

More like grand strategy, but more or less yes. In the ideal scenario, countries will be either trading too heavily with /meat/, or have enough sympathisers and cultists in the ranks to sabotage any attempts to launch a war of extermination against /meat/ proper. In the long run, it might actually become easier to accomplish since raiding will become a thing of the past once it becomes unviable due to societal/technological development. Of course, if all else fails, springing many (but not all, of course) of the cultists to reduce the country's ability to make war will have to do as well.

Good morning! I wrote more stuff above including the first /meat/ risuner

>> No.22497316

/vtwbg/ might be kicked out of /nasa/ soon.

>> No.22497359

On what metaphysical plane?

>> No.22497421

Meh, fuck them. We tried to keep it out of there anyway, it's just the last thread got a bit shit by newbies that didn't know we tag our posts. The anon is probably just a bit butthurt about that.

>> No.22498012

Dang, that's rough. /morig/ is pretty receptive to /vtwbg/ stuff, if a bit passive.

>> No.22498103
File: 18 KB, 480x294, etfsgd.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Who wants these?

>> No.22498145

where are my fur-brearing trouts

>> No.22498347

No skin off my back, really. If /nasa/ doesn't want free bumps from the worldbuilding talk, then so be it. God knows they need them as well, what with the irregular streams and all.

>> No.22498468

Reality mimics art
Just as /meat/ is forced to go underground and live like a cult on /vt/, Sanalites are locked out of /nasa/

>> No.22498729

Something for Pekora region

>> No.22498735

It might just have to be reflected in worldbuilding. Inside /nasa/ is a police state where inhabitants can never leave the station. Meanwhile anyone who breaks their rules gets kicked out of the station and forced to live on their own. On one hand this will seal /nasa/ back into isolationism. On the other hand I guess I'll move to /who/ and start a bakery for them.

>> No.22498830

You know how this world is supposed to represent /vt/ right?
I think it goes both ways
Just as we keep writing the history of the threads into in-universe lore, the reverse is also true.
Any new lore added in-universe, becomes the ate of the thread irl

>> No.22498890

*state of the thread
Why am I dyeslexic today

>> No.22498909

Yea, been thinking for a bit now that i might just move to /uuu/ and start writing for them once i get accustumed to their general. Not like there is anything preventing me from writing for a different general than my oshi's

>> No.22498972

If you want to write for /uuu/ then forsake Sana and adopt Fauna as your new oushi.

>> No.22499085

Guess I won't write for /uuu/ then

>> No.22499091

That's cursed yo, you can only be a /vtwbg/ poster for your oshi.

>> No.22499141
File: 40 KB, 1024x768, b916190614763400d8889c7281270bce.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey /risu/!
I found something neat
There appears to be a reptile that developed similar features to a squirrel thanks to convergent evolution
Could be one of the Risuner evolutions

>> No.22499226

You can only write lore for your oushi's general or non-oushi threads like horni can work. If you just enter another thread just to write lore for it then its considered an invasion. The last thing we need is /vtwbg/ to be hated in generals.

>> No.22499342

Eh, I think it's permissible as long as you don't write just to benefit your oshi's thread, and don't bother them if they don't have any interest in it. It's not like people can tell anons apart easily anyway. I'm also starting to get involved in other threads lately

>> No.22499450

Oh, of course i would actively participate in the general as well, Fauna has been a close 2nd for me since debut anyway. Writing for them would be just a bonus.

>> No.22499567

>tfw I am a hermit who has written for 4 different generals
>tfw all got adopted as canon

>> No.22499685

/nasa/ is starting to suck lately. I get the feeling its San's fault. But I digress. I'm mostly just waiting for the next lore piece by another anon before I write more. I mean I can plan for /nasa/'s future but I find that it useless without a means to see it through. Plus the civil unrest arc put a ton of plans on hold. The disadvantage of writing history in real time is you have no real history to build from. Why build an entire lorepost about Starfleet when we've been cut off from them entirely? I could, but that'd be future planning for when we do rebuild Starfleet.

>> No.22499825

Yea, as the anon in question, I apologise for that. That itch for Monster Hunter got me again and I have done nothing but play that for the past 2 days. Do have a script in my head tho, just gotta sit down for a couple of hours to write it down.

>> No.22500250

>Monster Hunter
Which one?

>> No.22500828
File: 164 KB, 397x409, comfy_luna.728006ed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Additional Candy Kingdom lore: >>22389196

Rituals in the life of Candy Kingdom subjects:
>At birth, Candy Kingdom babies receive a 'Hajime no chu' from a scepter with marble lips wielded by a Luknight Bishop, with Hime-sama herself having kissed the first of these scepters, and her first kiss then 'copied' to other scepters by touching the lips.

>At age 13, citizens become Lusquires, and receive basic knight training. Some stop there, others continue.

>At age 18, Lusquires take a royal examination in their trade of choice, and if they pass, receive Luknighthood. If they fail, they are allowed to retake the exam each year, though some simply go into the field without it, becoming 'Luneets'.

>Luknights who work in the royal military receive more on the job training throughout their career, studying the path of Lu-Chivalry.

>When a Luknight gets too old and must retire, they customarily receive a kiss on their armor from Himesama. When a Candy Kingdom citizen dies, the customarily are embalmed with sugar and buried in the mountains or at sea. Friends and family are asked to shout "NAAAAA" as long they can while the body is lowered.

>> No.22501093

Does that mean even scribes, farmers, an merchants have knights training?

>> No.22501096

What about pages? Pages work in service to knights as young as 8 years old. They're mostly delivery or messaging boys.

>> No.22501119
File: 187 KB, 495x553, meimei10.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nice work. It's informative and concise. No comments from me.

>> No.22501173

That's true, knight training would be a very exhaustive and expensive thing, it's why only those of noble houses could recieve it back in the day.

>> No.22501437

It's not really knight training as we know it. The basic training is simply how to handle yourself in combat and horse riding should you be drafted into a Luknight militia.

Children like that exist, but don't have a common title. Most mail, especially mail that has to cross the mountains, is handled by professional adult mail-naitos, though.

>> No.22501527

Only the strongest, smartest, and fittest can become knights. And that's because raising knights is expensive. Teaching literacy is expensive because books are expensive. Feeding knights are expensive because raising animals for slaughter is expensive. There's a reason why knights directly serve the kings as vassals because its expensive to raise an army of knights. Its also the same reason guilds are directly owned by the king and the church. There's only so much treasure in your vault and land in your kingdom. You should only spend that treasure and land of key supporters so you make a profit with your taxes.

>> No.22501751

You could also add a men-at-arms system. Is /luna/ run like a semi-feudal state? There should still be examples of those from the 1700's mainly in the german region.
I assume /luna/'s army would mainly compose of heavy cavalry because knights, right? From what I remember things like cuirassers could still be properly applied even into the napoleonic wars with the proper element of surprise and speed, it'd just require extra preparation work from any /luna/ strategist to properly apply it, logistics would be a bitch thought

>> No.22502294

Candy Kingdom is run by a council of Luknights, elected from provinces by all subjects with Luknighthood, though Hime is the final word on all policy.

>> No.22502424

So a parliamentary government?

>> No.22502675

Hmm, so knights elect the council knights, and they listen to the princess. I guess that means that the knights act as a nobility. That's pretty good, lots of opportunity for court drama and the like too if you want to spice up your stories.

>> No.22503823

Question. What nations have Yaks for sale instead?


I think the animal /nasa/ is looking for is a Yak. They're oxen that live in mountains and colder climates.

>> No.22504165

Rrat are the Tibet expy, right? They might have some.

>> No.22504207


>> No.22504265

/rrat/ is a mountainous region, and close to /nasa/, so they're probably your best bet for yaks.

>> No.22504326

sorry i thought i was reading some yayvideogames type jargon before i put the pieces together, being retarded and all

>> No.22504372

/rrat/ is subterranean. If they have yaks then its on top of the mountains. Not sure if yaks would be comfortable in plains though.

>> No.22504815

Yaks might not be doable in /nasa/. They live most comfortably in high altitudes. Which is great for /rrat/ but not for /nasa/ which is close to sea level. Remodeling CR-UST power suits into heavy work machines seems like our best option for now. Mammoth taming is a 5 year project. Sucks that transportation is /nasa/'s biggest weakness despite being space age tech.

>> No.22505598

Got myself World as a christmas gift last year just because I was interested in it for a while and it was on sale, and I unlocked a new drug for me. Took a bit of a break this month, but the itch came back, and I just couldn't resist.

>> No.22506514

I got Rise on Nintendo Switch (yeah laugh, but my PC is too potato for World). I stopped playing at the mandatory rampage because rampages suck to solo. And by then everyone stopped playing because the PC version of Rise got announced.

>> No.22507207

Okay my question is how long will it take to breed these horses?


These horses seem to be exactly what we need to transport cargo from the farms to the station. They might be strong enough to haul iron and coal to the station. It sucks that industry will be centralized at the station but that's life. Maybe they can haul wood to the river as well. Or at least the ocean to put logs on a boat.

>> No.22509054

a few decades if wiki is of any indication

>> No.22509324

We just need beasts that can survive the cold. Ah well. Guess we can import Clydesdales instead if we already have Scottish Highland Cows.

>> No.22509567

ultimately it depends on if others have already done the breeding for you
your best bet's probably hoping /rrat/ make use of some kind of beasts of burden for you to import

>> No.22512105

Clydesdales should work because they're resiliant to cold and are very heavy draft horses. We'll be using steel plows instead of iron plows. Steel plows are light enough to be pulled by horses. And we'll engineer wagons to have light metal frames and wooden bodies. Which should be strong enough to haul any decent load. Though wood will have to be pulled to the sea. So we can load it by ship to the lumber mill up north next to the river. This is where our recycled ships from /who/ will come in handy: Short voyages to deliver materials faster by water than land.

>> No.22515574

I wonder what space age candy the Candy Kingdom of Luna would be interested in. Would they be interested in pop rocks? Also bump.

>> No.22516589

What is the current time period holoearth is in? I guessed the very early industrial revolution
>t. lunaito

>> No.22516761

It's supposed to be 1700's to allow for civilizations with lesser technology to compete, but if we aren't careful then it might be upped ever so slightly.

>> No.22517150

I hear your princess is interested in our ice-cream. I want her to sample other space-age candy while she's here as well.

>> No.22521072

Yes, our Hime is highly interested in space treats, and has heard wonders of the Sanallite mastery over sweet breads. Part of my duty as an Ambadssador-Naito is to scour the lands for new and interesting candies.

>> No.22521689

I hope that the journey will be worth it. Because what /nasa/ is hoping for is an investment to make insulated ships. Insulated ships will be able to ship ice from /nasa/ all the way to /ggg/. And if we secure the northern trade route then we can send ice to /luna/ as well. Ice-cream is made from freezing a sweet cream made from milk with ice and rock salt in a spinning machine. If we can bring ice to /nasa/ bakeries then we can make all kinds of cold treats as well. Including caramel flan.

>> No.22522150

i have tried reading the whole thread, but it seems there are A LOT of divergent concepts.

anyone have nations / NGO's based on:

or, indie streamers?
like, say, OmeSis?

>> No.22522477

we're very dependent on the splits actually coming here and writing some of their lore, but that doesn't always happen, sometimes the splits are outright hostile to the concept like with /wah/, there should be a spot on the map for the Pekora thread right besides the miko thread, fubuki thread should be right in the middle of the /okfams/ confederacy, current plan is to send out invitations to other threads so that they may be aware and interested in the concept, no one has made progress to that thought.

we should find a way to integrate NGOs thought. I don't think anybody has written about it.

>> No.22522597

what about outright zeppelins?
not as broken as sturdy-ass airships....

>> No.22522830

Have you sat down to think why in history were zeppelins never used for long-distance air travel?

>> No.22522918

I thought that they were referring to zeppelins with the word airship. In any case, it's something that was only possible in the early 20th century, air power really is something that should not be allowed for now.
unironically WW2 directly after the hindenburg disaster

>> No.22523294

If you want airships and sky pirates then it maybe possible with vitubium gas making them giant helicopters. However for motors and jets to lift and propel the airships you'll need liquid fuel engines. Which is very late 19th century tech at the earliest.

Yes I know we all want /meat/ and deadbeat sky battles someday. Give it another century.

>> No.22523444

I'm more afraid of what /who/ might do with air machines

>> No.22523736
File: 484 KB, 3840x2140, 1647279043599.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

im home gentlemen

>> No.22523973

Do you have recipes for candy nuts or glazed sugar nuts?

>> No.22524005
File: 157 KB, 377x314, NaniWaSoreKa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

they were, oddly. Blimps were used for peaceful travel quite a bit.
not air power, zeppelins as a sort of ....winnebago.
zeppelins are not for fighting....
>makes it way more complicated
nigga, blimps and zeppelins are powered by nothing more than COLLECTED GAS
way simpler tech than your sudden crack-inspired jaunt into steampunk helicopters. you literally missed the fokkin point.

all i need are helium, (aluminum), and sails. and some very brave souls that can sleep while airborne...

>> No.22524200

I would like to think so. Were experts in anything nut related so most things that can be done with nuts the risuners would have mastered

>> No.22524249

And all I need is a good gun to pop your balloon and send you crashing.

>> No.22524290

Good day everyone. I'm finally back and mostly free to participate once more. Any new developments I should know about? Thank you.

>> No.22524417

>not air power

On 6 August 1914, the German Army Zeppelin Z VI bombed the Belgian city of Liège, killing nine civilians
C'mon now.

>> No.22524478

is this a war driven setting? is fighting absolutely mandatory?

yes, it has weaknesses. i came into this under rule of cool, since this is -INATELY- a fantasy thread.

>> No.22524591

nigga, i am saying zeppelins HERE don't have to be air power.
you are now using bullshit semantics.
i just want my ass airborne without antigravity.

>> No.22524639

WARanon is doing his best to cause conflict it seems

>> No.22524775

I'm not saying they have to be airpower either, but they can absolutely be exploited as such. If the tech exists in the first place, then it can be abused.

>> No.22524834

>The virgin jet airplane.
>The CHAD zeppelin airship.

>> No.22524870
File: 827 KB, 820x958, pngDog.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

<<Burn Osea to the ground.>>

>> No.22524979
File: 288 KB, 848x480, underwater.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what if i downgraded to X number of Hot-Air Balloons collected under a vast net, suspending a platform.
we are stuck with where the wind blows us, but we can at least go up and down. drop to collect supplies and trade, rise to escape the world below....

>> No.22525114

Yeah, air balloons are fine, first manned flight in one of those was like 1783 or so.

>> No.22525225
File: 211 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what if you just use magic. After all. MAGIC IS EVERYTHING

>> No.22525296

I always wondered what it would be like to strap a jet engine to a zeppelin balloon. Speaking of rocket science I really need to get back to making rocket shoes that work under Earth's gravity.

>> No.22525339

Fuck magic, magic is gay

>> No.22525514

>magic is gay
>anon fucks magic
>therefore anon is also gay
Checkmate faggot

>> No.22525542

Gracias, mi senor!
Dorks in the sky, assemble!

>> No.22525793

Magic stops being gay when I fuck it

>> No.22525898

maybe if you post that enough times the kfp waranon will come back

>> No.22527040

Take care, Gramps. Thank you for covering for me.

>> No.22527063

/luna/ has a rep now. They are looking for desserts around the world. Also if we can open the northern sea trade route between schizo land penninsulas then /luna/ is halfway between /nasa/ and /infinity/.

Could make some candied nuts or glazed nuts to get on /luna/'s good side. Though be careful about insulting their queen.

Ever heard of portable nut? https://youtu.be/s8cG3AZjaD8

>> No.22529091

Since /infinity/ rep is back I have some good news about /nasa/. Our adventurers have returned. They just need to report their findings to the Principal. If things go as planned then the station lockdowns will be lifted soon. And we'll be able to compromise on what goods we're allowed to trade.

Also for any embassies that require a dome /nasa/ would want to negotiate treaties with nations. The treaties are to write in law that nations cannot copy /nasa/'s dome technology but in return /nasa/ Sanalites have to follow the laws if your country. So /nasa/ cannot use domes to hide illegal activities like drug smuggling and human trafficking as examples. Thoughts?

>> No.22532031
File: 3.78 MB, 480x270, 1632617262232.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22533965

How about the adventurer party led by the Kronie?

>> No.22534376

I think that's up to the Kronie writing it.

>> No.22536701


>> No.22536854
File: 71 KB, 680x389, airshipright.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Welcome back please read my new writing

Something like picrel is actually pretty cool, but I feel it would be too advanced.

You know, that reminds me to reword the OP so that the focus isn't on rivalry and fighting alone...

>> No.22536948

>You know, that reminds me to reword the OP so that the focus isn't on rivalry and fighting alone...
I agree, but I'm still hyped for the EUIV mod AI game arc that will definitely instantly devolve into a world war.

>> No.22539284

Vote post, 2022-04-16
The vote will last for 48 hours, starting from the time where this post is made. The result will be compiled and posted within 24 hours after the end.

1. Following on the result of the last round of voting, what should be the nature of the common calendar used for the purpose of organising timelines and histories? This is an open-ended question, with the two main factors being voted on being:
>Year 0 of the calendar - when should it be defined? Please also make your suggestion for how years before and after the year should be marked e.g. BC/AD
>What is the current year?
>Other characteristics of the calendar can also be suggested, but otherwise it is assumed that it will be a typical solar calendar identical to Gregorian calendar that most of us are familiar with.

2. Based on the calendar discussed in 1., Should we decide on a loose thread-by-thread timescale? If so, please state your preferred scale e.g. 1 RL day = 1 in-game month. Be noted that non-concrete timescale e.g. "speed of plot" is also permissible.
>(Open question)

3. As suggested by the Sakuran representative, should a non-reverse-engineerable, instantaneous communication system/device limited to the representatives of countries be introduced to the setting? Be noted that it is "not meant to give any significant power to the reps themselves; if another rep replaces a current one they get the device, but rather to explain how they talk to and organise deals with nations on the other side of the globe", according to the suggestion.

>> No.22541161

Thanks anon. Will send in the /morig/ ballot later today.

>> No.22541215

For what it's worth, the anons on /jp/ have no intention of returning to /vt/ even now that she's more or less established herself as a PNGtuber unless they're getting kicked off /jp/ again, so the land and the spot on the map can ostensibly be reused in a few months.

>> No.22541323

>>22539284 (Me)
Also should ask again if anyone else wants to take over the voting duty after this one has concluded.

Interesting. In that case, I guess I don't really mind reusing the land if someone wants it. That said, do we still acknowledge Rushia existed in that place before, or is the whole thing retconed?

>> No.22541362

I definitely wouldn't retcon it, we got a ton of fun lore from this whole arc.

>> No.22541784
File: 284 KB, 740x757, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

True, in that case, if that plot of land gets taken, I guess we'll assume it gets stable enough to be inhabited again once all the Rushia chuubanite there has exploded and/or decayed?

While we're at that, I should ask if /who/ minds having the part of highland that borders /rrat/ to be continental while keeping the rest of the higland be oceanic as asked. It's not required or anything, just that I think it works as a nice transitional zone between the coast and the tundra highland.

>> No.22542072
File: 1.01 MB, 1540x1600, 1624170734438.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey OGsuner, I'm working on a little something, I think you'll like it... It has to do with Cahya sampling local /morig/ culture...

>> No.22542257
File: 410 KB, 561x1440, Peek.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not the rep but I'm fine w/ that. Only having one or two climate zones is boring. Most of the land would still be suitable for raising cattle.

>> No.22542410

To be fair, you can raise cattle in most kinds of climates. For /who/, barring the Mediterranean climate (and a sliver of tundra near /rrat/ border), most of the land would originally be forested (as a rule of thumb, the more northeast you go, the more coniferous it would be), although I assume many of them have since been chopped down for farmland and grazing ground since then (as it usually happens for IRL oceanic and continental regions alike).

>> No.22544166
File: 587 KB, 1279x699, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Decided to switch to google drive for easier access to my climate file. Currently the Holo continent, Niji continent, and the neutral continent are mostly finished.
Personally, I'm not too satisfied with the large stretches of subtropical and continental climate zones, but the somewhat flat terrain in many of those places limit what kind of climates they can have. At least I squeezed in a cold desert.
Please tell me if your thread(s) has specific climates that you want, especially if the one assigned by me doesn't look right. I'll try my best to meet you halfway.

>> No.22547351

final bump...

>> No.22549492

New bread

>> No.22549553

Ah! Central Holocontinent looking good. Nice job.

>> No.22549589

lets fucking go

>> No.22549629

Ah, what do risuners wear?

>> No.22549809

In terms of clothing, I mean.

>> No.22550240

Bit early there, champ

>> No.22550349

well. this is something i didnt actually consider. Going to go off of old native americans and say animal hides. The tribal look is kind of their whole aeschetic after all.

>> No.22550393

Aight, thank you. Should finish this weekend.

>> No.22550597

just one more thing. Cahya is pretty much meant to be a good looking gigachad. The kind of guy you look at and think "this man fucks" in case i didnt mention that already. Have fun deadbeat.

>> No.22550785

Is a generic handsome bishonen face good enough.
Also, is he short? Assuming he is cuz I think that was a Risuner thing.

>> No.22551566

Sure we can go with that.

>> No.22551718

Being shorter is seen as a sexually attractive characteristic on /morig/, so this works out nicely.

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