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>> No.2233468

holy fuck the final yab is here

>> No.2233509

>First vtuber graduate because of BL
clap clap

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No one will graduate over shit this petty.

>> No.2233544

it's okay, Friend is still there so Hololive still treats their talent well and doesn't order them to eat shit at the slightest scent of trouble

>> No.2233555

Fujo : We will end theirs carrier

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>> No.2233564

I still don't get it, why the fuck the retard was so mad about it? there are a fuckton of gundam doujins, he should be happy that his shitty book was even mentioned

>> No.2233574

fujosisters how we feelin

>> No.2233576

There's already a thread up retardcahama, use the fucking catalog

>> No.2233577 [SPOILER] 
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>> No.2233578

they can't graduate. they won't graduate. there's no possible way. cover can't be THIS autistic, marine + miko are too big to graduate and they know that if they did graduate, the author would probably get fucking murdered

>> No.2233580

>they both graduate
>friend leaves hololive, sounding the 7th trumpet

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>> No.2233596

All this over absolutely fucking nothing.

>> No.2233609

>And, first example, here we have the ultimate reason why fujos are shit. Now, on to the next example, oh, it's more of the same.

>> No.2233631

We haven't forgotten what role the shit rabbits played in this, but thanks for outing yourself.

>> No.2233638

Nah, if Cover is moving towards black company bullshit (and there are several warning signs) it wouldn't be forced graduation, she'd be jumping ship.

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>all this over a fucking doujin artist

>> No.2233682

Lets hope this is the end. Hololive attracted too many retards too fast, the girls will move on the fans can kill themselves for all I care.

>> No.2233692

If this is a graduation, a suspension, or a tearful apology, I'm fucking done with Cover. This better be a joke.

>> No.2233693

They're just gonna give a typical japanese company apology. They'll do it on stream so it feels more genuine.

>> No.2233700


>> No.2233705

I fear for the life of the austic BL artist.

>> No.2233706

It'll just be two giant middle fingers.

>> No.2233729

Very based.

>> No.2233739

Can't be. Because then Fubuki would graduate and then it's all over.

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God I hope.

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Its gonna be an apology stream

>> No.2233774


>> No.2233778

Wouldn't he deserve it for listening to misinformation and not being the professional to talk to Cover behind the scenes to deal with it instead of airing it out on twitter?

>> No.2233787

They're going to start giving an apology, then somehow transition into doing a collab reading of the entire BL live on stream

>> No.2233792

And naked!

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In a perfect world

>> No.2233804

I eagerly anticipate the endangerment of the life of the autistic BL artist.

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Start licking those boots

>> No.2233812

I want to beat him up for being such a massive faggot

>> No.2233822

i want him killed

>> No.2233827

W... well... may... maybe an apology... isn't so bad...

>> No.2233828

BL sama I kneel

>> No.2233844

>yet another retard doesn't realize twitter is a public space, opens his mouth and gets canceled

>> No.2233858

If Calli were caught in this kind of situation, how would she handle it?

She's tell anyone to just fuck off.

>> No.2233906

Cover will force her to kneel and there is nothing she can do except leave the company

>> No.2233920

stupid fucking mistakes man

>> No.2233951

Anyone that turns iconic alpha straight males characters into homos deserves public execution by firing squad!

>> No.2233956

Immediate ten-second apology and ignore everything afterwards.

>> No.2233962

Her roommate has made grand virtue-signalling gestures before, and the primary audience for those has the same membership as the western cancel mobs. She would backpedal like mad, even if that never works.

>> No.2233964

Tick tock tick tock.
Verify your clock.
The clock has struck midnight.
Hail the nightmare.
It's graduation time.
God save Hololive, for no one else can.

>> No.2233966

And paint Hololive fanbase as a yakuza gang for this? Not worth it, unless it's chinks.

>> No.2233984

Talk shit, get hit. Shoulda tried taking it up with the boss first.

>> No.2233999

they may as well be

>> No.2234012
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She would somehow get away with it

>> No.2234022

is this ""about"" the artist for HoloAlt or is it something new I've somehow completely missed <if it is even an apology stream or something along those lines>

>> No.2234029


>> No.2234034

>any SnK character

>> No.2234035

All over one fucking faggot who want to copyright his doujin over someone else IP.

>> No.2234061

Its an author who wrote a BL manga and miko and marine made a joke about it on stream and he/she got mad and the fujofaggots got mad and here we are now

>> No.2234084

They've beaten up at least ine guy already and this isn't even the actual Yakuza that are fans.

>> No.2234101 [SPOILER] 
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We already know who’s responsible

>> No.2234103

The fact that this inane faggotry is even up for debate is completely beyond me. When you say that sentence out loud, any sane human would say, “yeah, fuck that artist. what the hell is their problem?” Slowly losing my grip on what sanity I had left and any faith I had in humanity.

>> No.2234130

It is not Capcom and their DMCAs, it is not Taiwan and the bugs, it is not the Jannies and their low wage salaries, It is not Haachama and her DARK STORIES, it is the fucking FUJO and their BL butthurt that will get the first victims.

What a time to be alive.

>> No.2234140

Imagine if the original IP holder was a Miko/Marine fan and went scorched Earth on the artist's ass.

>> No.2234147

oh the one where Marine read it on stream or someshit, lmao fujo fans will always be assmad, cover better not kowtow or capitulate

>> No.2234186

this post depresses me to no end
fucking homos destroy holo
it's poetic, and not even because it's an alliteration

>> No.2234235

good let the vicious beatings continue

>> No.2234236

The joke wasn't even about the manga, but, rather, the manga was put in an unexpected place. They didn't even make fun of the manga. Keep that in mind. Fujos are literally this shit.

>> No.2234359

>paint Hololive fanbase as a yakuza gang
Fear is a great way to secure some peace for yourself.

>> No.2234361

I lost hope to humanity a long time ago. At least Gura give me good nihilism talk

>> No.2234400

Maybe we should be. Everyone else around us acts like it. There is no benefit to being the only honest person in a room full of thugs.

>> No.2234451
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>> No.2234470

Have you seen what happens to those who insult watame? The least sexy guys could do is a little old school piracy

>> No.2234500

Revolutionary doujin reading permissions for Hololive!

>> No.2234512

when we do that it will either make people avoid Hololive or attract the wrong audience that makes this place more toxic. I don't want either

>> No.2234540

Stop LARPing, you all look stupid.

>> No.2234542

I remember they nearly murdered that one chinese anti of hers, watamates are hardcore

>> No.2234564
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I await of the fujo wars and the casualties it generates. Never underestimate the pointlessness of Japanese autism

>> No.2234581
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Redpill me, what happened?
Some fujotranny artist copyright striked them?

>> No.2234589

It's unironically not all larp. WE personally are probably not doing shit. There ARE crazy holofags doxxing doxfags and beating on deranged antis.

>> No.2234594

>gatekeeping will let the wrong crowd in
Yes, open gates have worked well so far.

>> No.2234600

Do your reps

>> No.2234610

please record yourself saying this out loud and upload it

>> No.2234619

If something stupid happens to my oshi I'll fucking cover

>> No.2234623

Less so, it's just a twitter drama blown out of proportions because the fujoshit has rallied other fujoshits online.

>> No.2234625

Gatekeeping is objectively a good thing, if you don't do your best to keep harmful elements out, then they will abuse the openness of your community and change it to suit them, instead of you.

>> No.2234637

I would choke the artist mysel if I had the chance.

>> No.2234639

ape brain breakdown
elite play joke on pirate
BL placed in freezer
pirate think funny, make joke
BL writer stick up ass and big head
rant on bird site
other bird people see
also rant no reason

>> No.2234647

The people doomposting are the same EOPs in the waiting room spouting misinformation and making westerners seem worse than chinks, endless gray names going "lol what happened" or "wahh cover apology graduating noooooo"

I hate you fucks so much

>> No.2234688

>pls dox urself
Fujoshit die.

>> No.2234699

>Miko brings a BL rape doujin to her marine offcollab and hids it in the fridge as a prank
>they read the description and have a gokd laugh
>some vtuber anti tells the author they are reading the entire thing on stream and the retard spergs out on twitter before checking beforehand by themselves
>antis smell blood in the water and go full anti

>> No.2235213 [DELETED] 

Nice way to white wash miko and marine. They laughed at someone’s hard worked and so be punished for it.

>> No.2235234
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>> No.2235238


>> No.2235248
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Fifteen more minutes

>> No.2235254

If they graduate this is it for me. I will join the anti brigade to completely and utterly kill Hololive. Cover never backs their talent, they're better off going indie or joining a better company.

>> No.2235270

I'm not even mad. This is just... shit. Wonder much longer before birdland just cancels itself for being toxic af.

>> No.2235278
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>> No.2235280

Miko started

>> No.2235322

>still no translation

>> No.2235338

Based vengeful, bloodthirsty, unforgiving, ruthless Nenechi

>> No.2235356


>> No.2235377

If Marine and Miko retire because of this. I will make Hiroshima and Nagasaki look like a fucking joke.

>> No.2235380
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>> No.2235407
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Guys I know what is..........
>stream starts
>black screen
>a thin beam of blue comes up
>black fades away
>Miko wearing a hood holding a lightsaber appears
>May the 4th be with you

>> No.2235413

Unironically kill yourself. You're a useless waste of space that no one has ever wanted.

>> No.2235428
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Cover actually forcing them to apologize to fujofaggots its over

>> No.2235433


>> No.2235471

Found the faggot

>> No.2235475
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>Make an insignificant mistake
>have to make a big deal apology as if you fucking murdered a whole village
Japan is so cucked holy shit.
There's nothing wrong in reflecting upon mistakes and apologizing, but these faggots take it too far.

>> No.2235477

I honestly thought Miko and Marine had thicker skin than this. They keep apologizing for fucks sake just ignore the haters you fucking retards.

>> No.2235484

>fans and anti's have made it worse by warring with each other and going after the author.

>> No.2235486

So they made fun of a doujinshi and have to make these melodramatic apologies for it? What a fucking joke.

>> No.2235496

anon think for a fucking second
you think they're doing this of their own volition? Cover told them to.

>> No.2235501

>Miko just reads a script

>> No.2235505

They are japanese

>> No.2235507

Shit yourop date format I thought screenshot was from a eop would've been a good joke

>> No.2235516

They didn't even make fun of it, the BL author is just an asspie sperg.

>> No.2235520

Because with that, when you make big mistake, you will just need to apologize again and people will think it's like the previous small mistakes before.

>> No.2235525

More than that
>Cover has new conditions for discussing any IP
>We need to get permissions for it

>> No.2235530

It's not really up to them whether they apologize or not.

>> No.2235532
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>yakuza gang
That's right, Nijishiters, Changs, and Fujishiters shouldn't be fucking with us to begin with

>> No.2235534

They might not give a shit but Cover does

>> No.2235548

It'll be fucking terrible once jewish "anti-racism" fully takes hold in that country, you'll get apology videos for something like the Miko GTA incident soon.

>> No.2235550

fuck the author "waaah I didn't do my research and went after some people after a couple twitter randos said they were infringing my copyright. and now people think I'm the bad guy? waaaah"

>> No.2235556

the problem is that a bunch of no-life retards went to attack the doujin author because of the "incident". it's not Miko's or Marine's fault, but it ends up being their burden to take responsibility for it

>> No.2235558

A few fake snuffles and as somber as her in-character voice can get really tricks the EOPs.

>> No.2235562

>migo begging her fans to leave the author alone
>retards here larping about harrassing her more
Absolutely the anti board

>> No.2235576

back to pol

>> No.2235587

>She's apologizing for having a normal stream after the incident

>> No.2235590
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You too would do anything to protect your only source of income. Especially when you don't have an education or a career outside of entertaining like these girls. Use your head, you underage faggot.

>> No.2235591

this happens with literally ANY celebrity

>> No.2235592

I want to split my head open this is all so fucking retarded

>> No.2235593

They didn't even make fun of it.

>There might come a day, very soon, where Miko is literally fired and ostracized because of her use of the n-word she copied in a game that she didn't know the meaning of.

>> No.2235606

As soon as overseas travel opens up again, I'm heading straight to Comiket and flipping over this doujin faggots table.

>> No.2235614

I'm going to harass the author right now FUCK fujos

>> No.2235623


This is not what she said

>> No.2235638

This is what I'm saying, if anyone cared about her they would stop this talk of going to war. Be mad but be mad in a place where no one would get hurt. This wouldn't happen if people didn't escalate. Retaliate and more trouble will happen. That's the way the world works.

>> No.2235645

Cover should release a public apology on their accounts not make these two constantly apologize.

This thing hasn't hurt their subs at all

>> No.2235655

Become a buff gigachad first.
If you look imposing and badass then it will be a chad move, but if you're a fat neckbeard loser then you'll just make Mikofags look bad.

>> No.2235659

He’s still correct, regardless.

>> No.2235661

We won’t forget this, Cover. This will have consequences.

>> No.2235665

What is Migoti saying

>> No.2235679
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>> No.2235683

If this happens, female gorilla Peko is going down with her. Mutually assured destruction.

>> No.2235686
File: 1.32 MB, 1280x720, 7806-2021-04-05-18;11;12.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2235687

they always been like this since forever bro

>> No.2235694

Fujos deserve all the hate they get, they have been the worst kind of people for fucking DECADES.

>> No.2235698

yeah but who fucking cares, this is the vtuber board

>> No.2235700

Fujos and bugs won.

>> No.2235703

>makes up false accusations
>forces cover to apologize for things that didn't happen
nah, I don't think the author learned their lesson yet

>> No.2235704

she is saying "ENMA HATE".

>> No.2235706

It's Japan. Even victims apologize despite being a victim. Happen to some NGT48 idol who got attacked at her place.

>> No.2235707

boring. Could've just graduated for entertainment

>> No.2235712

the n-word

>> No.2235716

Cover should grow a pair and protect their talents from bullshit non-issues like this.

>> No.2235720

Fuck I want to know too but Im an EOP

>> No.2235722

Wow its fucking nothing

>> No.2235731

whens the graduation

>> No.2235736
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>> No.2235740

Got that shit on lock, anon. I watch all my Holos whilst at the gym.

>> No.2235742

If I was a schizo sperg I would absolutely harass cover and this faggot artist for making me sit through these apologies

>> No.2235743

meant for >>2235475

>> No.2235763

>no graduation
>no suspension
oh no rrats

>> No.2235773 [DELETED] 

Papa dad is cool and all, but this seems off topic anon.

>> No.2235798

>"I'll continue streaming tomorrow again"
alright, back to business as usual. Miko love!

>> No.2235800

what the fuck actually happened

>> No.2235810

Isn't the issue that despite smoothing things out between the 3 of them, people are still attacking each of them?

>> No.2235813

What did you except nigga ? Her dropping the act at the end and say "How was it guys ? Yeah I know, fuck this no name author, but the staff wanted us to read some scripted apology letter"

>> No.2235815
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>> No.2235822


>> No.2235855

Im laughing at retarded dramafags

>> No.2235857

Miko bought a BL doujin and hid it in Marine's fridge as a prank. The author got pissed.

That's it. That's literally the entire thing.

>> No.2235858
File: 395 KB, 400x640, 8D736307-CF72-4516-8214-7DB1CFAC153C.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Random elite noises

>> No.2235859

She read a preprepared apology script with a fake somber voice. She apologized for the incident, for going about her life after it, and for how it hurt people.
The exact bog standard formulaic corporate apology I was expecting.

>> No.2235861

I like to imagine that Cover told Coco to do an apology video like this and she just said "lol fuck no"

>> No.2235893

>"Why you are training so hard recently anon?"
>You would not understand

>> No.2235898

So it's all because the fucking cumbrain fujo went full tard without knowing the whole context why am I not surprised

>> No.2235901
File: 887 KB, 817x857, 1613410235712.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's not all about the subs. Look at Coco and how hard the anti bullshit has hit her in terms of doing her actual job. Limit your chat experience to avoid spam, limit the amount of colabs you make due to fear of your coworkers getting harassed, the doxxing etc. You don't really know how it feels to have a specific group target your ass all day everyday. It takes a toll on you, even if your job is just livestreaming. We are not programmed to handle that type of thing. Even the biggest hardasses on the planet would eventually throw the towel. Or they would just go full schizo like DSP and some other rejects. They wanna end this whole saga as soon as possible. If that means apologizing 5 times then so be it. Let's move on from this shit.

>> No.2235903

>doomposters and rrata on suicide watch

>> No.2235910

Nah, fuck you miko seriously. You bent over to the mob

>> No.2235920

Based if accurate.
>even if not

>> No.2235930

I'm a grown ass man and I will run in there dressed like Senchou, kick his table down with my hairy tree trunk leg, and then beat him with a nerf sword so hard that the metal core leaves welts.

>> No.2235933

That's almost exactly what happened.

>> No.2235935

You forgot the one step that actually mattered.
Twitter got mad and started emailing advertisers who work with Cover.

>> No.2235936



>> No.2235939

Heh Cover actually don't fired Coco but destroy my Tia instead.

>> No.2235940

so it's basically the idiotic fans who spun shit out of context and harassed an artist in their name. the vocal minority of every fandom fucks it up for everyone else.

>> No.2235960

A nothing burger with autistic fujos and antis.

>> No.2235972

>Or they would just go full schizo like DSP
lol, QRD?

>> No.2235992

Tia was a traitor who lead attacks against Coco and Cover

>> No.2235996
File: 1.40 MB, 566x666, 1588762154558.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cover is probably afraid that the author neck herself because the Japanese mind is so fucking weak

>> No.2236008
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>sad and serious Marine

>> No.2236010

I'll join in. I've lost some muscle mass but I should be able to regain it

>> No.2236012

Marine can you sound any more robotic and scripted?

>> No.2236016

but like is this a graduation or is she just clearing the air?

>> No.2236022

Sounds like the author is a faggot

>> No.2236026

Japanese companies and personalities will always bend the knee espeacially in this case where their income relies on having a good public image.

Also even if we didn't apologize, it's a society where some nobody doujin freak can still play the victim on the internet even if he is in the wrong because "OHHH NOO, THE BIG CORPORATION IS BULLYING THE LITTLE GUY" and morons will still take his side. The company has more to lose in terms of face and followers vs the literal who who has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

>> No.2236033

Imagine sperging out to anime girls with millions of autistic followers and not expecting to be vilified for it.

>> No.2236034

Yup. This is not our fault. no siree. it's all the bug's fault. stupid bugs. lol why don't they copy us? we're peaceful. Cover should market to us overseasnikibros.

>> No.2236052
File: 83 KB, 452x410, 1592428014947.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Isn't it weird how a doujn artist would have so much sway? One click of the submit tweet button; instant graduation of an idol

>> No.2236055

Why are japanese companies such fucking big pushovers?

>> No.2236063

Who is the author?

>> No.2236064

Should've enabled SC

>> No.2236069
File: 2.74 MB, 432x245, 1617358981202.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If cover is willing to apologize to fujofaggots they will literally bend their knee to anything kek

>> No.2236074

Fujos should actually neck themselves really. No one likes them and everyone finds them to be annoying at some point.

>> No.2236081


>> No.2236083

This is the final formal apology demanded by Japanese corporate culture required to go back to normal. There are no yabs other than the offense American individualists are taking to a formal apology over a nonissue.

>> No.2236091


>> No.2236093

It's almost like she doesn't want to apologise for doing nothing.

>> No.2236123

>cannot take jokes
>always butt blasted, literally
>likely pozzed into infinity
Why do they struggle so hard?

>> No.2236125

Shut the fuck up already.

>> No.2236126

I’m not saying I wished something more drastic happened. Hell no. I’m happy this is it. But it just dawned on me that I stayed up until 4 AM for a 10 minute apology stream.

>> No.2236158

>implying it's only japanese
just look at US companies

>> No.2236161

It's the nijiniggers! They took advantage of the situation

>> No.2236165

Based captain cutting her stream off just before she apologized lol

>> No.2236172
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>five minute scripted apology
>cuts off stream as soon as last word as read

>> No.2236176

>33k people watching Marine apologize over a fucking nothingburger because a couple of twitter morons got triggered over a doujin artist

>> No.2236182

They don't understand because in the west you will be fired even with an apology, there is no forgiveness. In civilized cultures you go through the motions and get your life back.

>> No.2236184

I know Japanese, she’s graduating tommorow alongside Miko

>> No.2236197

I'm sorry bros, she graduated from virginity, I had to do it.

>> No.2236198


>> No.2236200

Marine's is only like 3 minutes, with an abrupt end.

>> No.2236206

Senchou really didn't want to do this shit, she sounded so annoyed and cut the stream right after saying the last word of the script, based as fuck

>> No.2236208

dude what it's 5pm in japan

>> No.2236212

for an apology that was pretty based. 3 minutes, sounded like she didnt mean it one bit and pretty much cut it off mid word

>> No.2236214

I love this buttpirate.

>> No.2236226
File: 853 KB, 1080x1920, Gengen going ham.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gengen yiou were fucking right you absolute legend why didn't we listen?

>> No.2236229

God I can't wait for her stream tomorrow

>> No.2236248

When the holos realize this, you get Coco being no nonsense about how the company fucks up and Haachama just ignoring her managers and doing what she wants.

>> No.2236249

Looks like Marine might've had technical problems

>> No.2236266

>tranny hate

>> No.2236270

If the artist had any braincells in the first place she? would have just laughed at the prank they did and gained some new fans from the whole thing, but instead went full fucking social media retardation mode and probably ended up ruining her whole art career to some degree.
Imagine if people werent so fucking upstuck and full of themselves and instead learned to just laugh some things off.

>> No.2236271

You THINK, you know Japanese because she said she's resuming normal streams tomorrow

>> No.2236282

"technical problems"

>> No.2236293

imagine postponing all of your actual content for weeks and to dedicate an entire day solely on an apology all because a couple of morons on twitter took a couple of tweets and spun it out of whack without any fucking context

>> No.2236299

go back to your bug hive thread, chink
you know full well what that snake did

>> No.2236311
File: 21 KB, 367x186, marin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2236314

>they apoligize over and over again
>memberships keep pouring in
I don't see the problem. Why aren't they showing their live2D for it though? Would it be inconsiderate to do the closest thing they can do to show their face while they apologize?

>> No.2236320

Not just that, author complained why they are making money easily while she? is a poor fag.

>> No.2236323

Yeah kinda ironic, like how said artist is one call to Sunrise and it's their "graduation"

>> No.2236329

>Marine cut mid stream


>> No.2236338

>the author does not wished to be attacked
yet you let your shit fujoshits to attack Marine and Miko. Go fuck yourself you trash human

>> No.2236354

>No one likes them
The fujos market is similar to the otaku one in size nowadays, there is less of them but they spend more money on the shit they like, that's why they want the fujos to stay. Especially cutting the ties with the Chinese

>> No.2236371
File: 23 KB, 400x400, F6E00791-0155-43D7-AF2C-6988ECC47C8B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2236372

They'd just be looking down reading a script the entire time.

>> No.2236375

zhang hands typed this

>> No.2236383
File: 1012 KB, 336x498, 1591470622870.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Marine, who is a massive fujoshi herself, just told the BL author and all other fujoshits to go fuck themselves by cutting her apology stream short.


>> No.2236388

Im fluent in Japanese, Marine apologised for the homophobic remarks she made about the doujin and the rude way they treated the doujin. They’re both graduating with the consent of the artist.

>> No.2236396

>non issue
>formal apology was needed

pick one

>> No.2236398 [DELETED] 

kill all zhangs

>> No.2236403

So does the retarded author not know about the concept of reviews?

>> No.2236420

Even the slightest smirk would cause a shitpost hurricane, and I don’t think they’d risk that on a potential error on the tech’s part.

>> No.2236435

>no one likes them

>> No.2236436

I pick "Japanese Autism"

>> No.2236450
File: 441 KB, 1106x811, 1598319817215.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So many people who've never even done so much to watch a clip of the actual """"""""controversy""""""""".
Unironically do some simple searching on youtube you retards, stop relying on the stupid faggots who twist actual facts here

>> No.2236456

no one likes them

>> No.2236458

The better way to handle this would have been for marine and miko to do a little cross promotion for the author, maybe a non-ero sketch from each girl for the authors next book. Right from day one show there was no bad blood, and throw some good publicity at them instead of bad.

If the author was set up for it, invite author for a drawing stream with marine doing fun silly art (no mic for author, just their digital pen). Hololive have done drawing collabs with ero artists before, this would be nothing new.

>> No.2236460

Holy basado

>> No.2236463

The virgin 11:40 explaining vs the Chad cut off mid sentence

>> No.2236471

So how much money did cover lose because they wanted to capitulate to that fucking fag then force apologies

>> No.2236473 [DELETED] 

It's not over yet.
For the author that is.

>> No.2236498

I think Japanese artists nowadays need to realize the kind of power they now hold on social media, they need to be more sensitive

Heck, they're supposed to know this much. I'm not even Japanese and even I'd be afraid to try starting shit like that

>> No.2236505

that's all? fucking niggers I swear to God he will get anally raped by some holofan by the end of the week.

>> No.2236507

Wouldn't surprise me that she did that. She's been taking jabs at both Cover and Yagoo.

>> No.2236518

None, they profited

>> No.2236519

The ~correct~ thing to do according to JP social norms would be to show their faces while apologizing, yes. But that simply isn't possible in this case, and due to the inherently cartoony nature of vtubers i assume some, especially people that aren't into the hobby, could see it as a mockery of a proper apology. So its better off to go avatarless,

>> No.2236525

There's a lot of dishonest posting in this thread, doing their damnedest to keep the fires of conflict stoked

>> No.2236532

Nip art types like artists/writers are all fucking menheras that at worst become like the KyoAni arsonist. They are just looking for reasons to lose their shit and the moment they think a company is even slightly infringing on them, they sperg out.

>> No.2236534
File: 111 KB, 750x777, E6CC9FCC-36A3-4DC1-B8B0-2F005E76578B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Unrelated to the topic at hand but
>33k viewers
>94k views immediately after the stream ends
This is definitive proof that the YouTube viewership counts are bugged as fuck and there’s actually a huge amount (far more than what is displayed) of people watching these streams, right?

>> No.2236536

This is fucking bullshit. Why is it Miko and Marine who have to assume guilt? Where is the apology from the author for publicly blowing up with no insight into what happened?
Btw I looked up the doujin on Sadpanda it was SHIT and I rated it one-star

>> No.2236538

I'm not sure the number amount but at least a weeks worth of SC from both Miko and Marine.

>> No.2236540

the author sperging out about not getting money (for their IP infringing fanfic novel?) from Miko talking about it on stream is what caused the problem in the first place.

>> No.2236542
File: 40 KB, 500x500, 1297.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bros. I've.. I mean someone I know has been spamming gore to the author with multiple twitter bots. Was this last apology all, uhm, his fault?

>> No.2236543

If I were based like her I would also feel the urge throw up and just end the stream, reading a scripted bullshit apology for a nothingburger.

>> No.2236572

Yeah it was, keep going my dude.

>> No.2236581
File: 429 KB, 680x785, 1570993284985.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fujos are rabid beasts, holy shit

>> No.2236584

Because a fucking Nijishiter waiting for anything they could use went to the author and told lies.

>> No.2236589

it's always been that way anon. please understand, Alphabet is a small indie company that doesn't have the resources to dedicate to fully developing a webapp like youtube video viewer counts

>> No.2236603


>> No.2236615

At first the author had second hand info though, they hadn't seen the stream and had just been informed they were made fun.

>> No.2236617

Dressing as senchou will be associated with marine. Dress as a chink so fujos will attack the bugs instead

>> No.2236631

I can't believe i'm saying this but i think a bit of western corporativism would be good here. You know, the good old "fuck off our talent is right and isn't apologizing we're a company with a lot of money" followed by masking the whole thing and drawing attention away from it. Of course, the Japanese would never forgive anyone for doing it.

>> No.2236636

They made that apology to get more MONEY. retard. Just fake a sad tone and read a script and boom money.

here's a tip: don't think of hololive streamers as people, think of them as actors/strippers getting them sweet tips.

>> No.2236643

I think he was talking about the numberfags who screencap midstream viewers and use that as gospel truth of viewcount.

>> No.2236648

Hey psst
What app

>> No.2236654

Miko and Marine had to apologize for their fans harassing the author, you morons.

>> No.2236657

Like a wise philosopher once said:

>> No.2236658

I'd take that over a potentially prerecorded script reading, but then again...
I guess I can't argue with it being the safe unambiguous option.

>> No.2236663

The author is a retard but the problem lies with the nijiniggers that blew up the drama by spreading the authors comments and the out of context clip.

>> No.2236666

Youtube has always been a fuck, its better to not try to get too into stats and such and just accept its a dumpsterfire.

>> No.2236667

>You know, the good old "fuck off our talent is right and isn't apologizing we're a company with a lot of money"
That doesn't happen anymore though?
A modern western company would fire both of them, prostrate before the twitter mob and donate 500k to some LGBT AIDS charity.

>> No.2236673

May be I am weird but shouldn't the author be happy to be advertised by big streamers for FREE? Unless they ripped the shit out of the doujin, but even then I have seen cases of indie movie makers publicly thanking reviewers who brutally criticized their works

>> No.2236682

Oh, I am not defending Japanese corporate culture. I'm also the same person who called it Japanese Autism. I just want the rrats around here to learn about Japan before constructing their narratives.

>> No.2236683
File: 138 KB, 1280x720, marine punch luna.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Miko apology stream
>Marine apology stream

>> No.2236685

t. EOP who doesn't understand cultures of other nations

alright, that's fair. i'm drunk as shit and was worried about this, but it turns out to just have been another routine 'Announcement' type video, so i'm a little on edge.

>> No.2236697

You talk as if this is exclusive to fujos, but you'll find that by digging up the lowest of the low in any JP fandom you will find the absolute worst dregs of humanity. Vtubers fans included, mind you.

>> No.2236698

BASED no deranged fujoshit will hurt my oshi ever again

>> No.2236699

>Marine sounded sad.
Get your ears checked.

Don't be fucking retarded. It'd be prerecorded either way. Even this one was.

>> No.2236702

They're both done with their secret one week apology and are back tomorrow
Schizos and nijiniggers will be going into overdrive trying to make this seem like a big deal.

>> No.2236703

why doesn't the author just delete their twitter if they don't want to be harassed? are they really that desperate to hold onto 2500 lousy followers? imagine making an entire fucking corporation bend over backwards to kiss your ass and apologize a half-dozen times just so you don't have to go through the trouble of deleting your shitty twitter.

>> No.2236722
File: 82 KB, 277x316, 1614543261189.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>apologystream any% speedrun

Marine has no chill and no fucks

>> No.2236730


It was a "tech issue"
aka Suck my fat fucking ass fujoshits

>> No.2236733

No worries anonchama. Eat something bready and have a nice big glass of water then hit the sack. You deserve it.

>> No.2236741

This is why Marine is still my favorite Holo, she did the bare minimum while Miko was close to tears, elite my ass fucking pathetic drama queen

>> No.2236742

>no, see, it's not just us
Yes, it's fujos and bugs, so far. Those other "dregs" have good enough social graces not to ruin everything.

>> No.2236749 [DELETED] 

i will be tagging the author every tweet after this
im from 9gag btw

>> No.2236758

Do they though? As a company sure, but think about individuals. Big musicians, actors hell even youtubers get away CONSTANTLY without properly apologizing, by twisting the story as if they were the victims and rallying people to their side.

>> No.2236763
File: 219 KB, 1280x720, 1593692226596.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based Senchou

>> No.2236764

There's a looooot of youtube channels dedicated in reviewing and even roadting doujin and mangas. This should be nothing

>> No.2236766

How is it based that they're upset over their fanbase acting like this?

>> No.2236776

Rate the apology!

>> No.2236778

People with adblock don't get counted.

>> No.2236783

Doesn't matter,Nijisanji has enough on their hands with Tokyo Ghoul fucking RIndou

>> No.2236792

You mean like how Johnny Depp got cancelled for his drama with his wife or how Gina Carano got fired from Disney fro expressing her opinions?

>> No.2236793

More like "I apolog" and cut off her stream before she said the whole word. heh

>> No.2236794

Right now twitter is the only place you can reliably advertise freelance drawn phonography.

>> No.2236797

how does someone making a parody of an actual copyrighted IP have any sway whatsoever? Isn't this like if some loser threatened to sue over someone copying his harry potter fanfic?

>> No.2236798

>fujo fucking dies by her own hand

>> No.2236799

Corporations react differently, you know how much they want to be inclusive to all audiences.

>> No.2236806

You say that yet >>2236542 exists and probably countless more.

>> No.2236807


>> No.2236810

>I think people in general nowadays need to realize the kind of power they now hold on social media, they need to be more sensitive

>> No.2236814

Is Miko and Marine instigating violence? Stop copying trump you fucking retarded bugs.

>> No.2236817

No shit dipshit but did they make more money now compared to a week of streaming/supers? I doubt it.

>> No.2236818

>2/3 of users have adblock on
that would make me happy

>> No.2236829

lol I remember you from previous threads
You should just stop, dumbasses like you might think you are helping or satisfying your own self righteous sense of justice but in the end you are just making matters worse for the girls you think you are defending.

>> No.2236831

What pisses me off is that a lot of the people who were getting mad at this weren't even antis for Miko and Marine specifically but antis for vtubing in general. The Japanese have this weird habit, and this doesn't apply only to vtubers, where they seem to think that celebrities don't deserve their money and this should constantly be apologizing for their success. Jealous wage cucks should be put in their place.

>> No.2236837

Depp was the victim!!!!

>> No.2236840

Youtube hates vtubers, fucking with the live viewers to get them out of the spotlight is sounding less and less like a narrative. They went out of their way to manually age restrict Gura's RE2 stream.

>> No.2236845

what's the beef this time?

>> No.2236848

SuperNene Based Pirate Speedrun/10

>> No.2236850

Do they? I stand by my point, Japanese fans are on a completely different level from western ones. I mean Japanese idolfags are notorious for being downright murderous at their worst. The guy who burned down kyoani was also a big otaku. I think Japanese society has something about it that makes the most obcessed among them absolute nutcases.

>> No.2236852

I don't blame Miko for doing the apology the standard industry way. Shit is done and now everyone can move on.

Marine is based for not bending the knee though but that is the exception and not the standard.

>> No.2236856

>Enter Taiwan Live
>Haachama of gen 1 does a heartfelt apology on her return, cries.
>Coco: "Fuck you and never come back."
>Enter Fujoshit
>Miko of gen 0 deeply apologizes after the controversy arises.
>Marine: "I'm sor-"
Unbelievably based

>> No.2236862


>> No.2236869

Miko: 3.5 out of 10. Too long winded, too much bad acting to pretend to sound sad.
Marine: 9 out of 10. Short, concise, "technical difficulties" cut it short.

>> No.2236880


>> No.2236881

>and probably ended up ruining her whole art career to some degree.

>> No.2236886

>Not for me

>> No.2236893

Still got fired by Disney and lambasted in Britain by dumbass old politicians, if I remember correctly. Meanwhile rumor has it Amber's going to the Star Wars franchise.

>> No.2236896

I guess.

>> No.2236900

If Depp was at the peak of his carrer and not a broke, washed up druggie he would have gotten away scott free, yes.

>> No.2236908

A pointless effort. Fans are not employees, they don't follow orders, they do what they want.

>> No.2236911

Didn’t Marine used to work for a legit black company? I imagine that her ability get through this quick comes from that experience.

>> No.2236914

I'll follow her to the end of the world. I have no doubts now about it

>> No.2236918


>> No.2236922

Hololive needs a traditional conservative no-nonsene American media manager.

>> No.2236927

Yup. 100%. Not even meme'ing.

>Western fans are better.
Bruh. Not even a tiny bit true.

>> No.2236929

yeah kinda shitty how a literal fucking cockroach can have this amount of influence on a company's actions. japanese culture is so different from the west
based marine tho get fucked idiots

>> No.2236950

What isn't their beef ? jealous of the success of Cover , still butthurt about Aloe "saying slander about Chitose", game permissions those fuckers will use literally ANYTHING. Don't give them a single fucking inch.

>> No.2236952

Coco apologized you dumb fuck

>> No.2236962

I have a friend who works in corporate relations and the first thing he was taught at the job was the you never, ever apologize for shit. It doesn't matter if you're in the wrong, you simply never apologize to a client. Give an inch they take a mile.

>> No.2236970

>Marine: "I'm sor--
>Marine (after stream cuts out): "-e from all the masturbation to your tears."

>> No.2236972

I don't see the author apologizing to Miko and Marine for his fujoshits harassing them.

>> No.2236975

Applying western morality to a Japanese corporate situation is utter retardation.

Yes, she was a cleanup artist for a BL tankoubon publisher.

>> No.2236979

Sure, it's more comon in Japan but you'll find people who think like that pretty much anywhere in the world. I think it might be more prevalent in countries where corporativism is stronger, since for your average wageslave looking at a girl 10 years younger than you pretending to be an anime girl on the internet an seeing her earn more in a month than you make in an year must be soul-crushing.

>> No.2236986

It's their ability to incite a mob on Twitter while also playing the victim in the eyes of the public. Social media gave a voice to people but that also means mob rule is more prevalent now and the mob will always view the individual as the underdog that must be protected from the evil corporation.

And unfortunately Cover and the girls rely on places like social media for their jobs

>> No.2236987

> traditional conservative no-nonsene American media
That's even worse.

>> No.2236989

I love the pirate, she has probably gone through enough bullshit as it is in her life before joining this to put up with this kind of shit

>> No.2236997

we'll know if it was actually a tech issue if she decides to do it again.

>> No.2237002

Non-apology from author. She played victim.

>> No.2237013

Guys what if she's just saying she's sore from all the BL masturbating

>> No.2237014

They will make new records of money when they stream tomorrow. See Coco post Taiwan incident.

>> No.2237018

That's even worse.

>> No.2237033

I'm not sure i agree with you, but i do feel constantly frustrated as a fan by how little Cover does for the girls. They never defend them properly, they never give them the correct support in these situations, the girls have to do so much shit by themselves. Cover are an embarassment of a talent agency.

>> No.2237038

You people are going to be the end of hololive when you piss all of Japan off

>> No.2237043

2/10 no naked, no avatar...

>> No.2237046

bro just hire a fucking cod player on fiverr

>> No.2237049

I lost a lot of respect towards Miko after this.

>> No.2237051

That's WAY worse. Fuck no.

>> No.2237052

I don't see what's funny. Shien had to tell them to shut up in his chat a few months ago. Fucking Shien of all people.

>> No.2237055

Coco returned with an Asacoco and her brand new ending card and apologized next stream.

>> No.2237059

Please stop using adblock on our girls
or any indie vtubers
if your not going to be member or send SCs, at least watch 5 seconds of ad

>> No.2237061

>Cuts stream quickly
>This thread

>> No.2237069

>average wageslave looking at a girl 10 years younger than you pretending to be an anime girl on the internet an seeing her earn more in a month than you make in an year
Celebrity scandal culture is 100% based on this. It's all about jealousy. They do this with young girls more often too, I guess they feel they are undeserving.

>> No.2237074

cope Zhang

>> No.2237084

1/10 no hair shaving

>> No.2237092

Based pirate cosplayer.

>> No.2237105

>post criticism
>get called ANTI
rent free

>> No.2237109

No one likes them.

>> No.2237124
File: 145 KB, 800x789, 1594797593151.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no need to shit up Hololive with worthless Americans

>> No.2237134

>t. Fujofag

>> No.2237143

I can't think of a single group of people that tolerate fujoshits

>> No.2237145

I have a better idea. Why don't you just donate again to pay for my lack of ad watching?

>> No.2237155

Fucking ironic that aloe only complained about harassment from fans causing chitose to quit and they proceeded to harass her.

>> No.2237161

I'm not disagreeing, but because of the drama surrounding him, he lost alot of prospective roles and jobs and had to hide from the public eye.

>> No.2237164

>deflect all bug accusations
you earned your 50 cents today Wang

>> No.2237167

can someone explain this to someone who doesnt watch vtubers

>> No.2237176

What were they saying to Boss?

>> No.2237185

Miko, as the senpai, did her apology first with more details. Marine literally started hers with "Miko already explained the details, I'll just give you a quick summary"

>> No.2237192

I think a lot of people go trough it. I've had that thought sometimes you know. Sometimes i just hate hard working and/or talented people. I hate them for doing things i'd like to be doing, for being so sucessful. Sometimes because i can't have it, i don't wish that happiness on anyone. But i also think its important, it's what keeps you human rather than plunging you into the depths of sociopathy, that you recognize that these thoughts are nothing more than you trying to deflect your own failiures. It's easy and it feels good to blame the world and curse everyone for the state your life is in, but in truth you should direct your energy towards improving yourself. Then again, even knowing this i can't say that i'm strong enough to keep these thoughts away every single day.

>> No.2237196

imagine if Cover made her do an apology stream for her apology stream lol

>> No.2237200

what happened?

>> No.2237221

Fujoshit anons, fujoshit

>> No.2237225

As if I would watch Miko

>> No.2237229

Fujos are the only group hated more than KFP, and they're even hated by KFP. If they keep this stupid shit up, they might actually unify this board in hatred.

>> No.2237236
File: 10 KB, 229x220, 1600931679556.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>brain auto translates to bugs

>> No.2237246

I buy their merch since it supports them more directly. I do turn off adblock (bitterly) for vtubers without merch though.

>> No.2237261
File: 686 KB, 500x281, bug spray.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2237274

Man. This is the most prominent thing to ever happen to that artists career.

>> No.2237277

Not even just corporate relations. Even in just regular old customer service I was told "Apologize for them having to deal with a problem, but never apologize for the problem.".

>> No.2237282

Get an avatar and voice changer. If it's so easy they can do it too then.

>> No.2237297

Alternatively, if your oshi has a roomate who is an active personality on the internet (Matsuri, Towa, Noel, etc) donate to their roomates instead. I'm not even joking, it's so much better for the girls since Cover doesn't get their take (and even if you care about that don't worry, a few hundred people donating this way won't make Cover bankrupt)

>> No.2237301
File: 206 KB, 322x272, 1616075519116.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anything that hurts /vt/'s feelings is probably a great idea

>> No.2237306

>streams return tomorrow
So can we just move on?
I don't care about your fake internet wars, and I do think the artist was kind of retarded to not use all the free promotion instead, but my oshii is back and I want things to continue like this.

>> No.2237307

>he's not denying the chinkery
Don't worry Zhang just because the fujos stirred the honey nest this time we haven't forgotten.

>> No.2237312


>> No.2237320

They can't because their only talent is to do the same tasks over and over for long hours while getting chewed out by a middle manager.

>> No.2237322

he's gonna get Kyoani'd

>> No.2237331


>> No.2237337

I'm stealing this.

>> No.2237349
File: 69 KB, 499x500, 1593448505247.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

take your meds pedro

>> No.2237356

>So can we just move on?
>403 / 49 / 139 / 3
We still have 7 pages to go anon

>> No.2237373

Then ignore it. No one cares what you want.

>> No.2237375

Yeah, my friend's twitter bots have ceased hostilities already.

>> No.2237377

This, the most you ever do is some common courtesy apology like "sorry for the inconvenience". You never fucking prostate yourself like this not even if you just burned somebody's house down.

>> No.2237378

>Uh, I'm sorry the joke wasn't to your satisfaction my sir. Your boy isn't that well versed in gay shit, you see. Now, moving on...

>> No.2237410

>Your boy isn't that well versed in gay shit, you see.
Yeah, tell me another lie, Mori.

>> No.2237413

I see a reasonable post, but I still want to pretend to be angry so I'll call you a faggot instead

>> No.2237440
File: 49 KB, 765x388, Wlgu5vd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Marine is worried that hololive fans will firebomb the entire city block

>> No.2237465

Well, we might. Good thing she called us off. Phew. You got LUCKY this time FUJOSHITS.

>> No.2237474

You don't need an excuse to desire justice, the author got off way too easy.

>> No.2237540

To anyone that wanna blame Cover for this:


You're becoming part of the problem. Past and future. This is literally helping nobody in the end. Just stop pointing fingers because your favorite had a bad time.

>> No.2237541

>got off way too easy
I don't know man, I prefer the girls out there streaming
I mean, we ended up in this situation exactly because of this

>> No.2237548

Did the author even apologized for her knee jerk reaction? Fuck me, it seems like Miko/Marine copped the most hate if you ask me.

>> No.2237585


>> No.2237591

To me it's more of moms apologized for their shitty kids instead.

>> No.2237616

Shut the fuck up you bunch of weebs. Everytime one of these yabs happen its the east with pitchforks and torches.

>> No.2237625

i can't even afford to send SCs faggot that's why the least i could do is watch 5 second ads for them

>> No.2237638

It wasn't even an apology. Basically said they talked with Miko and was saying they don't want to be harassed. There was no apology, just accepting Miko's.

>> No.2237658

She posted an apology on her twitter burner account and miko retweet it

>> No.2237664

Who or what are you even quoting? No, really?!

>> No.2237670

Shizo, no one is saying "THE WEST"
wtf are you saying

>> No.2237671

falseflagging fujoshit is worth it for gold like this
I had my fill
and here I thought vt being the reddit outpost was just a joke

>> No.2237675
File: 680 KB, 900x669, 878625.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is this correct?

>> No.2237716

Risu looks more of the 0 fucks given kind

>> No.2237763

No one gives a fuck about cover except a very few, same for the few retards on 5ch who care about nijisanji enough to create a drama to hoshikawa. And he was talking about the beef with mikoto and kuzuha retard.

Chitose never was harassed you fucking idiot., She quit to be a singer as she received a offer from a record label. Aloe herself talked about that shit from 5ch info, which shows how much she knew about that shit.

>> No.2237774

You think an Asian corporation is gonna defend their employees for an honest mistake? I work for one and even something as bad as a slightly wrong spelled email, I have to send an apology to every recepient or my boss will get mad over fear of "misunderstanding".

>> No.2237798

I guess we are Reddit huh?

>> No.2237824

I guess we really were the Reddit Shitposting Review

>> No.2237834
File: 3.79 MB, 3152x2932, 1603676369569.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>pic related is what will happen if marine and miko graduated

>> No.2237835


>> No.2237838

>an adult still can't proofread his own work
They're not worried about a misunderstanding. They're pissed and embarrassed that they're saddled with the low-IQ burden.

>> No.2237845

Take your meds, but in the literal sense.

>> No.2237851

In the circumstance they'd read his doujin on stream with super chats enabled, they'd be profiteering off his work and he'd receive no compensation even though the content being livestreamed would not exist if not for his work.

Thus there's an incentive for an artist to be protective over their IP. Also drawing takes time, it's not necessarily about increasing your wealth but respect too.

If people value your effort enough to pay for it, that's also a form of respect.

>> No.2237856
File: 161 KB, 1300x1755, two.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Two... two... weren't enough. Ah ah ah ha.

>> No.2237858

Can you redditors make a fucking book for normalfags on how to not fucking destroy your career in 5 seconds on the internet already. Fucking circa 2021 internet and people still be actin like they are in fucking AOL

>> No.2237870

its not nukes bro
its actually Tokyo

>> No.2237878

>their IP
See... this is where you fucked up.

>> No.2237892
File: 464 KB, 642x940, Laeria7832648638547543.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The absolute state of Holocucks

>> No.2237902

>but my oshii is back and I want things to continue like this.
No chance. There's blood in the water now. Antis got a big win here, forcing Cover to cuck out over shit that didn't happen means they can just create a new lie and get Cover to roll over again.

>> No.2237913

This. How long will it take before they run another scam? Month, tops?

>> No.2237922

clap clap

>> No.2237939

unwashed fujo hands typed this post

>> No.2237956

Cover needs what many of the Japanese need,a fucking backbone. If they weren't so dedicated to screwing her over they could learn a thing or two from Kaichou

>> No.2237974

Cover probably does this deliberately because they know they'll get a flood of superchats when they return.

>> No.2237984

Move Pavolia up one level and Luna down one. Fabuuki goes ups one. Shuuba up two. Otherwise good.

>> No.2237997

Doujinshi are just self published works, they aren't necessarily derivative fan works

>> No.2238004

>Coco giving 0 fucks
Really giving 0 fucks when she was crying her eyes out on stream because some chinks were meanies.

>> No.2238033

The one in question was not an original IP, anon.

>> No.2238050

To be fair she probably gets more hate than even pewdiepie at this point. Didn't youtube say she was the most spammed streamer in the platform?

>> No.2238076

Coco didn't cry because of chinks, she cried because management had it out for her.

>> No.2238132

wait a fuckign minute. this is all because of a BL artist? is he a big shot in a fujo world or why the hell should holo care?

>> No.2238139

That, and her mods turned out to be chinks and she couldn't connect with her fans (they mass banned a lot of people and she had to clean up the mess). The chinks meant nothing to her.

>> No.2238161

Not a big shot. Not even their own original IP. They weren't even made fun of. No one should have cared, BUUUUUUUT...
Antis contacted the artist and convinced them "she" WAS being ridiculed ("she" didn't verify it "her"self) and she spearheaded some bullshit. Everything escalated from there.
Fujos are the worst. Dare I say it? Worse than KFP.

>> No.2238169

Jesus christ, take your meds, thin-skinned anon...

>> No.2238172

It's an actual literal who, it's hard to believe this became as big as it did.

Any sane company would've just ignored it and moved on but this is Cover we're dealing with.

>> No.2238188

I did take an aspirin earlier because I have a slight headache.

>> No.2238195 [DELETED] 
File: 34 KB, 512x288, kyotoanimation-e1563461249629.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is it time to burn down the With everyone inside?

>> No.2238230

>post a meme
Uh, bro, you alright?

>> No.2238244

should have known better. did cover cucks learn nothing over coco case.

>> No.2238256 [DELETED] 
File: 34 KB, 512x288, kyotoanimation-e1563461249629.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is it time to burn down Cover with no survivors?

>> No.2238275

I saw that

>> No.2238297
File: 40 KB, 750x500, 1615521779101.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Haachama now gives zero fucks since the bug incident.

>> No.2238299

It's likely they didn't investigate the matter either.

>> No.2238310

>down the With
Anon, I...

>> No.2238392

and then months later coco still is spammed, cried in stream and can't collab with EN.

>> No.2238430

Makes me want to start streaming, make a VTuber, earn a sizable following, learn to sing, give it all up to apply to Cover, earn it all again, then demand I get to collab with Coco and make her feel better.

>> No.2238506

Step 1) Be a woman

>> No.2238534

May the tears Senchou cried lube the pussy she'll finger tonight

>> No.2238610

considering she never formally apologized to Atlus, doubt

>> No.2238750

So a jew?

>> No.2238757

Botan too high, Polka too low, haven't you seen the Aloe video?
Ina way too low, is this based on anything? She feels like the most stable one out of EN by far.

>> No.2238792

>All the fujo hate in this thread
You guys do know that Marine and Miko are fujos too right?

>> No.2238798


>> No.2238830
File: 47 KB, 1080x1076, AAAAA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Ate Cover for being cucked
>Ate retards blaming Cover for doing something that's expected in their cucked society
>Ate faggots defending Cover for being cucks
>Ate antis, chinks and fujos for losing their shit and having hate boners for fucking chuubas
>Ate faggots for creating rrats
>Ate dumb motherfuckers that believe rrats

I just want to watch and enjoy Hololive without going a day hearing about dumb shit that Cover, antis, chinks or whatever the rrat of the day is.
>just watch Nijisanji or indies if you want to avoid this stuff
I already do and no, they dont scratch the itch that Holos do for me and aren't suitable replacements.

>> No.2238849

Not after this they arent

>> No.2239342

They are elite fujos. In other words: they like men.

>> No.2239475

Why are you talking like AdmiralBulldog? Just say hate, you racist asshole.

>> No.2240343

Is it a member of this forum who is slandering BL authors on Twitter?

>> No.2240518
File: 228 KB, 1079x771, IMG_20210405_155443.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All me

>> No.2240933

Fuck that.. Ad money is literally nothing. I'd rather support them directly with SC or Memberships.

>> No.2241730

A man with a mission

>> No.2241762

>1 second apology apology stream

>> No.2242170

Move Mori down 1 tier. Move Chama up 1 tier.

>> No.2242683

Fitting for an ojisan to be into horse racing, he even has the outfit for an spectator.

>> No.2243037

Falseflagging nijiniggerhands typed this

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