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Is it true that IRyS has more goslings than every other EN member?

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yes, I need an IRyS gf like you wouldn't believe

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No, she's just a tease whether she realizes or not and we lonely weeb types love it

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Don't believe her lies

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All me

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Ame has more, if not in percentage than at least in pure numbers
Teamates are crazy

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Yes please take that title from us so we don't have to deal with the Gosling hater snapping turtle anymore.

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If she gets an updated model I might actually gosling her

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I love her more than anything

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hell no.
I don't know where all the love is coming from, her solo streams are boring af.

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Ok fag, go back to your shit stain of a fanbase

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She has her own concrentrated set of goslings that's for sure
I wouldn't call her having the most goslings though

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Most? No.
Highest percentage of her fanbase being ones? Yes.
Are they the most deranged in holoEN fandom? Yes.

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>Are they the most deranged in holoEN fandom? Yes.
have you seen hoomans?

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t. catalogfag

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Can't wait for her to collab with males so the goslings could kill themselves.

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Get better bait

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I don't know but she is a fucking temptress that has her fanbase wrapped around her finger

Myself included

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They were pretty pleased with the stars collab she did. How do I say this without getting banned... Hoomans are a soft, understanding sort.

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hoomans are pretty normal, they just have the nightmare face shit. they're no kronies.

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With that face? Doubt it.

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Yes after she decided to be a GFEtuber to salvage her career

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I would hesitate to call kronies "people" anymore. They are sentient piles of coom that can emulate human speech.

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She just is so easy to love, and fall in love with

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why are these subjects always Councilrelated?

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Ask the management

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Well, what are you waiting for, anon?

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How come?

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What kind of streamer is she? I don't watch her stuff.

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Ever tried watching her stream? You'll know why

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It's yellow fever

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Eh she's hapa and peak american millennial but replace the influences of the past decade from american pop culture and memes with anime, so it's not really about the nip part

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holy checked
this guy loves irys

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Time for a beating kid

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I need an IRyS gf like you wouldn't believe

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Don't waste your time on that retard anon

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I literally can't function on days that IRyS doesn't stream. She usually streams late night for me since I'm a burger so I've made it a habit of going to bed with IRyS. If IRyS isn't streaming I have a hard time falling asleep due to anxiety.

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If only I could go back to being a gosling

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No. She dropped her goslings to pander to coomer tourists that will drop her the moment they have a new toy to play with.

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No, she's enjoying us just being on the palm of her hand

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I hate that I feel the same way but I can't help it. Ultimately it's our loss

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She panders to both

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To me the latter devalues the former

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Shes in this world, not the other world, anon. She's alive and real here.
but she will never be yours.

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Because she's already mine

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I have a hunch that IRyS goslings are mostly of nostalgia sort, ppl yearning for good old times. From my personal experiences Brrats and Tako goslings are closest to unironic full-on parasocial goslings out there.

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Takos? Really?

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It's a toss up between irystocrats, teamates, and kronies

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I can't speak for anyone else but I am in love with IRyS. It hurts how much I love her

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just me

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Watch them meltdown in real time each time Ina takes a break or anything somewhat emotional mentioned, you'll get the picture.

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this is not reddit, stop talking like a retard

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She has many qualities to become a top-tier Holo but too bad she got debuff by bad model and poor handling music by management.

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That's cope

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It is an awful model. Just cuz if that I could never go gosling on her

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Idk. She's too boring for me to stick around her streams long enough to find out.

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She wouldn't be top tier with a different model unless she acted totally different

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There is a reason Ina's CCV is second highest next to Gura's - takos have formed a parasocial relationship, but one thats more like what you would have

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There is a reason Ina's CCV is second highest next to Gura's - takos have formed a parasocial relationship, but their goslings are more like what you would have with a therapist than the traditional virtual girlfriend variant.

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The fallout when she has a yab like Stevecat will be amazing.

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Gura has more goslings than irys has viewers.

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I don't think she'll ever have a yab

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>has said her actor crush is Robert Pattinson
>Pattinson browsed anime forums 20 years ago
>hollywood actors have already interviewed with hololive over their movies
Oh it's coming, you'll see.

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If you were a tako you'd be crazy too.

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You're dead wrong

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Every time I call them what they are I get banned. hoomans are tame, grass eating sissies. Not a single schizo bone in their bodies.

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Irys would never do that

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Never say never. Her best friends are Mori and Bae and they're into that

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Come on now.

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Her sugary sweet and hyper girly personality attracts a certain kind of male brain that is intensely possessive and clingy.
It's why her general on /here/ is the most hostile of any of the big chuubas. Her fans literally hate everything that isn't her, including themselves.

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Teacucks are a blight that must be purged.

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She is wholly and unapologetically girly in every possible way.

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>whether she realizes or not
Come on anon, you can't possibly fall for her act right?

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Many of her ESL fans seem to fall for it

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This, she sounds and acts like a literal princess and I have completely fallen for her. I would be more engrossed listening to IRyS talking about how she painted her nails than I would be about any other chuuba talking about anything else.

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Honestly, among the losses GFE fags and goslings have taken?
>cucked by an alien (Rushia)
>cucked by random assholes from their past lives (Amelia, Mumei, Fauna, possibly Towa, possibly Matsuri)

Being cucked by a honest to goodness celebrity feels like it would sting the least.

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I know that I'm one

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>Ame, Mumei, Fauna
I don’t know enough about Towa to say, but I think I can safely assume you’re wrong about her too

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What exactly does being a gosling for a chuuba entail? Can someone explain it to me like if it were a dictionary word.

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Girly weeb, kind of a bimbo but underrated gamer, has a good sheltered yabai thing going on where she says a lot of sexual innuendos without trying to or on purpose

>> No.22339108

These days it's just some "deez nuts" jokes

>> No.22339279

>Being cucked by a honest to goodness celebrity feels like it would sting the least.
I agree. If you're cucked by an action hero you just kind of accept "I can't compete with that and never had a chance".

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>t. threadreader

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IRyS herself doesn't think she's teasing that much and resents being called yabairys. She likes teasing but doesn't like being called a whore.

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You've got to feel it in your kokoro, anon.

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>resents being called yabairys

>> No.22339491

don't fall for her lies anons... it's obvious that someone with her demeanor has had multiple boyfriends in the past, hell she probably has one right now. it's quite literally impossible for someone as likable as her to be single

>> No.22339513

Council exists to pave the way for EN3/StarsEN, with girls who are very interested in collabing with males.

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t. hasn't watched her recent streams

>> No.22339648

You have to have 80 IQ and the last time a girl showed affection to you it was a second or third cousin at a wedding when you were 5 years old and you never saw her again.

>> No.22339727

She didn't crack any deez nuts or very blatant but shallow jokes like that recently though?

>> No.22339734

When she got upset when she was in a chat with the other girls and she was defensive of being called yabairys. She even said Bae was being yabae for thinking IRyS was being yabairys.

>> No.22339752

>Nooo, don’t call me yabairys~! I didn’t say anything~!
Ignore him. It’s probably one of /hirys/‘s two autismos.

>> No.22339779

read, nigger. GFE fags AND goslings. Ame, Fauna and Mumei don't do GFE, but they have goslings out the ass.

>> No.22339801

>cucked by a construction worker
I should have... become a tradie.

>> No.22339811

She told Mumei it was fine to imitate her by saying yabai things and she told Reine she wanted to learn yabai phrases in Indonesian during their classroom collab. She fully embraces it

>> No.22339872

She did in the Mario Kart and Overwatch collabs and in her last Elden Ring stream

>> No.22339911

>these days means this week only
I don't even watch her but your logic is retarded.

>> No.22339987

Ah I memoryholed it, I'm watching old vods rn

>> No.22340013

>She even said Bae was being yabae for thinking IRyS was being yabairys
this is actual autism on full display

>> No.22340138

>She dropped her goslings to pander to coomer tourists

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she isnt my oshi but she's in my top 3

>> No.22340332

The early goslings were mostly over her seiso personality and her singing while the current ones gosling over her twitter space where she talks about washing her underwear

>> No.22340790

Watch streams.

>> No.22340882

But she has always been like this.

>> No.22341026

I’m not denying she said it, I’m denying your ability to understand what she meant.

>> No.22341079

Not really. She's said it herself that she was censoring herself a lot during her debut months.

>> No.22341273

And most anons don't like being called schizos even though they are, so what?
>doesn't like being called a whore
Most women don't just because of stigma even if that's really what they are
PL info indicates she's obviously acting, which is fine, but don't act like she doesn't know what she's doing given her history

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The member's only Q&ASMR stream she did created the current IRyStocrat gosling. She literally made thousands of people fall in love with her with just one stream. Then the Caraoke stream solidified them as loyal to IRyS for life. I should know since it happened to me.

>> No.22341437

unless she's a literal -1000/10...but I've seen her roommate pics and she's at bare minimum average looking so yeah you're probably right

>> No.22341566

What kind of relevant PL info do you have?

>> No.22341650

Yeah, except they're all me

>> No.22341794

she’s my wife, dumbass

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The funny thing is that I'm actually responsible for half of Gosling posts on /hirys/. There isn't any more or less than in other generals. It is just me unironically

>> No.22341898

You realized she was a chuuba before holo right?

>> No.22341909

That’s funny because you aren’t me.

>> No.22342066

Sure I saw some of her content but I don't know what that anon meant when he said she's obviously acting

>> No.22342140

So where's her kimono outfit?

>> No.22342209

I’m starting to think >>22339752 is partially correct. Are you an aspie?

>> No.22342229

any man that does so doesn't really qualify as a man anymore

>> No.22342326

Acting about what? I don't think she's pretending to be anything she isn't.

>> No.22342386

IRyS's design has grown on me. Starting to think she's the best looking EN

>> No.22342400

All me

>> No.22342490

Answer the question, fuckwit.

>> No.22342614

No and I'm not the anon your post was referring to anyway

>> No.22342662

her solo work is kinda meh but she shines on collabs

>> No.22342892

Yes, because each individual sperm in my balls counts as a gosling.

>> No.22342961

She's still good at solo
For casual viewers they should check qasmr or caraoke first though

>> No.22343098

I really liked her at first but she went several directions I really don't like so I dropped her. However, one thing I don't understand is everyone who thinks her whole thing is an act. I mean, she has to be the best actor in the world in that case. And frankly, her chat is easily one of the worst. Half the time they are pushing her into believing she's a whore when she said something totally inocuous.

>> No.22343200

It's mostly not an act. Everyone here is just cynical.

>> No.22343301

She has a hot voice so everything she says is intentional. If she didn't want to rile people up she should just shut the fuck up and do silent streams.

>> No.22343345

No one calls her a whore. They just spam the blush emote and say "YA BE" or "AYOO WHAT?"

>> No.22343382

Even that tts memba stream got IRyStocrats acting up
She is just a natural succubus

>> No.22343521

Not really, she was just being cute in the TTS stream

>> No.22344024

Pretending that she isn't aware what she's saying could be seen as lewd/perverted/sexual etc.
That if she says something yabai, she's doing it unknowingly.
PL indicates that is an act, just as saying "I've never played this game before" when they clearly have.

>> No.22344278

She doesn't really do the pretend act anymore so that's why I wasn't sure what you meant. When it's unintentional she really doesn't know what she's saying. Like when she was talking about Netflix and chill during her last stream while not knowing the meaning behind it.

>> No.22344392

It's not necessarily acting for other reasons, it's for kayfabe. She is first and foremost playing a character (or what is left of what omega wrote up), with obviously herself or her default internet persona leaking through.

>> No.22344470

>it’s not acting, it’s kayfabe
whose gonna tell him

>> No.22344505

I've got bad news for you anon.

>> No.22344525

That's why I said for other reasons? It's definitely not what cynical reasons some anons think

>> No.22344598

But where's the acting? She has no problem talking about sex by referring to it as Monopoly or making dick and balls jokes openly.

>> No.22344606

This actually explains a lot if true. Im extremely possesive and protective person.

>> No.22344707

Oddly specific. Big if true.

>> No.22344769

This actually clears up a lot

>> No.22344793

>iRys would never do that

>> No.22345167

The fact that you genuinely believe when she says "daddy" she is pandering to all the faggots in her chat and not referring to her biological father is mind-boggling. That you simultaneously believe she's just your standard whore but that she's also a top-tier actor is confusing, HoloEN is full of whores, they are not capable of acting otherwise.

>> No.22345232

This is the 3rd or 4th time I see this /HiRyS/ schizo saying shit about that general while trying to promote the girl.
Who hurt you man... go watch Watame and heal

>> No.22345447

The daddy thing is one example where she's not pandering and she made sure to tell chat that they were being inappropriate.

>> No.22345487

I’m not him, but I know the pain of liking IRyS and being hard filtered by the autismos in her threads. This thread’s arguing about whether she’s knowingly lewd is only a small taste.

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What qualities does a chuba need to attract goslings? What does Ame have for example?

>> No.22345610

she is perpetually cuter than when you last saw her

>> No.22345654

She's the first chuuba I watched and what attracted me to her is her teeth.

>> No.22347888

Goslings love!

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>> No.22350191

they are all my bf/gf

>> No.22350277

Nah that's /∞/fags

>> No.22350685

Nah, I'd say the IRyStocrats are more deranged than infinity. The /infinity/ people are indeed deranged but they are otherwise friendly, welcoming, and nice. /HiRyS/, on the other hand, is deranged and hostile and will lash out at a moments notice. Very angry.

>> No.22350728

thats because theyre all seaniggers
say something retarded about Indonesia or the philippines and watch them say shit like "dont say shit about my country you dont know anything about"
this is why people say irys is an amazing vtuber with one of the worst membership bases of all popular vtubing

>> No.22350745

Try it there

>> No.22350778

What's the difference between a gosling and a gachikoi?

>> No.22350819


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File: 30 KB, 690x704, calvin klein more like calvin kill me now.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

gosling is characterized by the melancholy feeling you get after the chuuba stops streaming, in particular the contrast between the illusion of the gfe and the shattering reality of being alone when the screen turns black or waking up to an empty bed. Gachikoi is more just the feeling, of loving the chuuba, itself.

>> No.22350891

I'd definitely say IRyStocrats are far less deranged than the /infinity/ guys that made autism their trademark. It's not even a competition anymore with how much off topic, hornyposting and self loathe Kronies spam their general. However /HiRyS/ is the most hostile general. The ancient greeks were right by condemning the concept of hope as it naturally leads to dispair and anger.

>> No.22350907

You are talking to more than one person. It is demonstrable she likes making dick jokes. It is also demonstrable she becomes a little upset when she's not talking about dicks and people assume she is, even if she stoked this 'expectation' from her retarded chatgroids.

>> No.22351025

>all fat nerds wearing cuckmuzzles
Pictures like this always just make me want to improve myself. I never want to end up like them bros.

>> No.22351068

Its just funny because IRyS herself is pretty much the biggest sweetheart imaginable.
Just a big dummy full of energy and joy.
However her general is full of the most angry motherfuckers I've seen on /vt/.

>> No.22351262

I dont know, but for me its Ina > Gura > Irys.
Irys could be way higher if she had a better avatar.

>> No.22351340

Only towards tourists, which makes for easy bait. Regulars are pretty friendly when they are commiserating over their love of IRyS

>> No.22351462

As a regular of /HiRyS/ its because we get so many faggots in the thread. IRyS actually made me a happy person for the first time in like 15 years. I was miserable and defeated but watching IRyS showed me that I can still love and there was still hope in this world.

>> No.22351476

Go to sleep schizo.

>> No.22351532

>We can't be bad people because IRyS makes us happy
>We aren't rude and if we are it's your fault
Maybe you're a little more deranged than I thought.

>> No.22351574

It's been over a half a year of the same timeloops. Certain topics have worn out their welcome.

>> No.22351624

Nah, I've been reading that general since the succubus started streaming ER and the only weirdo is the Irys piggy schizo.
Meanwhile over at /infinity/ I see anons simping namefags, wtf kronies.
I haven't visited the teamates yet.

>> No.22351779

The piggy schizo exists because IRyS has a habit of eating while streaming and he fucking hates it. So he spends every thread calling her a fat big for audibly eating on stream.

>> No.22351821

>piggy schizo
It's one single shitposter. Same posting style with a shit stirrer. The guy lives for (you)s and is also a greytard.
There was an anon(s?) who were autistic but was a net positive to the thread back then. Nowadays it's basically overran by caraoke tourists, not really a bad thing.
Bunch of older regulars are still hanging around and are more normal or typical in the /vt/ splitfag sense. Ones that clamor for the comfiness or older thread culture like back in October.
The sense of 'anti-unity' can be traced back to shit stirrers as well because at most IRyStocrats are pretty neutral towards the others, although some do indeed share the sentiment.

>> No.22351921

The anti-unity thing is becoming even more prevalent though. I guess I can kind of understand it with Mori since the entire board hates her even if I think its fucking stupid. However, when a bunch of people in the thread were telling somebody to fuck off for bringing up Bae, the person IRyS is closest with, is when I realized the thread was probably too far gone. I still go there because IRyS pulls me in and doesn't let go but it has become more hostile.

>> No.22352201

Goslings don't like chuubas who collab with males and the fact that IRyS' 2 closest friends in Holo do is a problem.
Again, it's been timelopped so much some people just try to shut it down before it starts.

>> No.22354190

It's a unique case of solo debut, design filter and gigastaciness that attracts the worst of goslings. /HiRyS/ is exceptionally isolationist while their oshi actually tries to come out of her shell more.

>> No.22354301

There's definitely a bunker mentality but I find if I talk about IRyS without repeating the same tired talking points, all the replies are cordial.

>> No.22354306

Wrong. Its her voice, talking about red pilling other members, calling other members shills, and her non-stop YabaIRyS clippable moments. Its hard to watch her without a chubby.

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File: 2.40 MB, 1920x1080, 1649571279619.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like IRyS but I don't like going on /HIRyS/ since they shit talk all her collab partners. They are the kind of people that would disallow their girlfriends from having friends other than themselves

>> No.22354445


>> No.22354507

My wife has friends. They are all female and I barely had anything to do with that. I'm not a gosling but I do hang around /HiRyS/ a lot and understand why certain topics are gatekept.
For example, no one will bat an eye if you make a good faith post about Reine, or Sora. It's mostly Mori and sometimes Bae that come with a lot of baggage and trolls. Kronies are weird but Kronii herself is general liked by the thread

>> No.22354982
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Reminder that this is the type schizobullshit running through the minds of the people that call /HiRyS/ "mean"

>> No.22355374

/HiRyS/ is just notoriously bad about responding to bait in general which gives them their current reputation. Then there's the autists in the thread who can't tell the difference between good faith posts about Mori or Bae over the bait ones and just automatically react with hostility to everything instead of just ignoring it. Being an IRyStobrat can be a pain sometimes, /HiRyS/ goes into weird timeloops every so often and makes the thread unusable and /rrat/, while way comfier, crawls at a snails pace.

>> No.22355436

sounds like /ggg/

>> No.22356224

So you’re saying that anon who kept complaining about getting raided by /who/ on April Fool’s might not have been a falseflagging schizo himself, but an IRyStocrat who was too new/stupid to recognize one?

>> No.22356593

There's definitely a few IRyStocrats in /HiRyS/ that can't identify falseflaggers even when they're painfully obvious.

>> No.22356977

>Tako goslings are closest to unironic full-on parasocial goslings
I fully intend to marry Ina some day

>> No.22357335

Irys is an unironic succubus. She knows what she needs to say to sucker in lonely males. Once you get to know her though, you realize she is just a dumb bimbo.

>> No.22357383


>> No.22358359

>Meanwhile over at /infinity/ I see anons simping namefags, wtf kronies.
Sounds like /hlgg/ with their thread celebs

>> No.22358501

Stay in your containment thread with your fake ass unity shit globalfags. Never going to simp for your whores no matter how much you try to ruin other threads.

>> No.22358764

Why did you reply to me, I'm not even forcing unity

>> No.22358915

Collateral damage. Never ever give unity fags an inch. They want to bring down the rest of hololive with their shitty whores likes Mori, Fauna, and Mumei because they are outsiders who hate idol culture.

>> No.22359015
File: 432 KB, 575x600, 1634249664762.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nice bait anon. you did really good

>> No.22359037
File: 91 KB, 1011x219, 1649449515462.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22360761

I posted this

>> No.22360866

Does she actually have fans? Even on global I can't remember seeing a single person that had irys as their oshi.

>> No.22361086

you're not even a threadreader
they're usually at global on 11-6 JST

>> No.22361128

Yea me, I leave and breathe IRyS

>> No.22361161

Completely irrelevant timezone and I'm not going to bother looking it up. Either tell me what it is in a real timezone or admit she has no fans.

>> No.22366600
File: 607 KB, 938x885, 1632309494720.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22370647

Was that comment actually in her stream?

>> No.22371158


>> No.22371294

her terraria streams were kino

>> No.22371458

doubt, nobody views her as gf material
they just want to mating press

>> No.22372877

idol culture is not unicorn culture

>> No.22373086

kill yourself cuck

>> No.22374205
File: 87 KB, 266x171, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Keep trying to rally people into your retarded mindset, it won't happen. Unicorns like you are not the target audience. Everyone wants to see you gone.

>> No.22374410

Did Watame heal? Or is she still often crying because of her past?
I wanted to send her a letter to help her last year, but feel like it would be a waste of time because you can't force someone to change against their will.

>> No.22374580

you are dumb as shit, the unicorns are the ones paying the idol industry to keep it going

>> No.22374633

Speak yourself. Unicorns are less numerous and less annoying than collab beggars and people who people who whine about "idol culture".

>> No.22375185

The japanese idol industry is now a sad niche local market that depends in retards like you. The koreans figured out how to avoid that trap and truly go global. Vtuber idol culture is different and new: now you can get a row of hags from around the world to stand on a cheap digital stage and they get simped just as hard.

You are not disagreeing with me. Unicorns are nothing and don't deserve anyone's time. The data says that Rushia's top paypigs represented only 5%-10% of her total SuperChats.

>> No.22375264

No, Gura.
Unless you're talking in percentages, Gura wins by sheer volume.

>> No.22375335

What I disagree with is saying everyone wants unicorns gone. I am fine with them existence and fine with chuubas that want to cultivate that kind of audience.

>> No.22377214

I'm not a unicorn, but they pay for my entertainment.

>> No.22377934

No they don't. Their pocket change is a small fraction of the money your oshi makes. Don't let them delude you with their gimp thinking.

>> No.22377947

If the worst you can say about IRyS is her model, that speaks tons about her abilities as a streamer.

>> No.22378053

She's mediocre and rarely tries to do something unique so there's really not much to say about her content

>> No.22378392

Girlfriend material, she hits the emotional spots inside of you.
And not just sex thing I wanna sex.

>> No.22383120


>> No.22383444


>> No.22383935

You might see me simping for cunny gura or Shion, or saying I'm hard for Reine and Fauna and such, but deep inside IRyS has always been the one chuuba for me.

>> No.22384136

Sheep stills cries a bit on every stream. Almost always for being grateful towards the warm words from chat.

>> No.22384394

This is so spot on and I wish these types would fuck off.

>> No.22384537

Irys is too good at the yabairys thing for it to be accidental

>> No.22388603
File: 65 KB, 128x128, suiseiSticks.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i don't even watch her and she seems cute. this is why her divegrass team won, it was justice

>> No.22389437

Weren't you here for Valentines? She slayed that thread with no survivors.

>> No.22389635

Kronii gets anti threads all the time, it's no wonder her split would be the way they are if they have to deal with idiots who keep peddling dumb global rrats, whereas IRyS goes largely unnoticed by that particular group.

>> No.22389882


>> No.22390188

Create /hirys/ someone please

>> No.22390278

Actually lets take a breather for like a few hours

>> No.22390320

Pick one

>> No.22390857


Agreed. I feel that most of Council and Irys are pretty weak when it comes to solo streams. They're very one dimensional.

Also, I feel like Irys is pretty week in colabs as well, always relaying on the "Lul I said something yabai but I'm going to act like I don't understand" shtick.

>> No.22390974


It's 100% on purpose. She knows she keeps idiots wrapped around her finger by doing it then playing it off like it's not intentional. She's repeatedly used the same yabai phrases even after being told their "real meaning" so yeah, it's an act.

>> No.22391084

Frankly all it does is make chat spam a bit faster and more retardedly and it produces a few clips but I guess she likes that kind of attention

>> No.22391148

>councilschizo once again rears his tiny brain

>> No.22391162

Her model is 10/10 and I'm tired of people saying it's not

>> No.22391318

Hi redjuice

>> No.22391412

I agree it's fucking hot

>> No.22391437
File: 176 KB, 381x246, 1240664432946.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>opens thread
>mfw its an echo chamber of newfags and threadreaders shitposting with schizos

>> No.22391740

>opens thread
>can’t even bother reading before calling it an echo chamber

>> No.22393194

>muh boogeyman cope

>> No.22393443

>"IRyS isn’t so great"
>"yeah I agree by the way council is awful"
lol ok

>> No.22393758

Not what he said, retard

>> No.22394095

Not sure if they're all the same antis but a couple months ago a bunch of hate threads about IRyS kept popping up and there's still a schizo saying one of the Niji's sings better than her