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>successfully manages to stay in holo&niji circles
>getting into jp branch due to baelz
>friend with kson’s group and kizuna ai
>has done multiple collabs with jps

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>>successfully manages to stay in holo&niji circles
ENniggers are not, and do not, represent the whole companies.

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I don't care. Vshojos are friends, unlike nijis.

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Mouse has proven that vshojo are allys despite having shit taste in content

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Holo is best for JPs and shit for ENs (with some exceptions)
Vshojo is best for ENs (with some exceptions)
Niji's just kinda shit overall

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the elden ring, pokemon& minecraft was interesting sure its react sometimes nut its not that bas

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Whatever. They can do what they want as long as they don't yab while collabing with holos.

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What is your Vshojo x Hololive dream collab?

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Myth, Hope & council enacting the Red Wedding on Vshojo.

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