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This is quite literally the most boring shit I have ever seen. Why would you ever play this let alone watch someone else play it? What's next, paint drying simulator?
Has there ever been a more retarded trendy game to exist? It's evidence that a vtuber will play LITERALLY anything if it ensures them a good viewer count.

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The Closing Shift is worse

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Arbeit macht frei!

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you can write the name of SC folks in the dirty surfaces, easy to play while reading chat. I dunno man, just consider it a zatsu with something else on screen

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>watching vtubers for the game

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It's a zatsudan game that you can listen to in the background, with the added bonus of the power wash acting as white noise.

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Heh...you kids dont know the subtle joys in life.

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*crack* *siiiiiiip*

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>Not running it as a competition to see how close you can get to WR
come on.

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Depends on the streamer/chuuba, I liked Luna's stream and Jerma's stream was great

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zoom zoom

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comfy game btw

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I think Oats did it better by making most of the areas into bets

Still it's a comfy chat stream game to do. It's Minecraft with no risk of Creepers!

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it's a SC stream, stoopid

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ever watched "oddly satisfying" videos? that's what it's meant to appeal to.

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Why not

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>he didn't edit kiara in there
Du hattest eine Aufgabe.

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Too much effort for low effort thread. plz understand

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Yeah, valid point. You are forgiven

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get some psychological help anon. you got autism.

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This game is stupid.

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