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A thread for the sleepy reapy who's finally sleeping deeply, Mori Calliope, and the members of her extended universe

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anyone know when the hell villain vibes is coming out??

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The view rate for capsule really is slow. IDK if it's because of the missing Ruskibeats?

>> No.21961981

Probably not for a long time considering Mori is considering doing a collab with Amalee before it comes out instead of waiting for the release. Speaking of Amalee, I still wonder why Mori decided to call her while drunk, they really don't seem that close.

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What? The view rate is great, approaching 1 mil after only 2 days.

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Mori love

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I think its on par, only Q and I think Off with their heads blow up with a million in like 3 days or so

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hope tickets to the shows aren't too expensive. would really love to go see her perform.

>> No.21962275

add EoaL, that one is among those who reached 1M in <3 days

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Maybe, it was at 699k this morning and now it’s at 767k. That’s still pretty quick. But I do remember EoaL having nutty growth. Maybe cause it was the first original since Your Mori, but this was tied to her first 3D Live.

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that night she was looking for anyone who knew her IRL and was up

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She could have just called me then wtf

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My rrat is people prefer when her songs are entirely in english. Japanese might be a debuff for her. I haven't analyzed stats to see if that's true, but a lot of her big songs are all english like Red, OWTH, and eoal.

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I still feel really bad for the Russians that are fucked out of watching it

>> No.21962480

but the Japanese songs are popular with the Japanese. Surprise.

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yeah, I think so, also didnt getcha also have shit numbers to a million but was super consistent through the weeks?

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EoL is my favorite song of hers and it was different than much of her other music. I think there might be more audience interest in her pushing that style rather than the traditional harder rap she seems to prefer.

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Yeah, Mori and Suisei's songs don't have the explosive growth like Gura songs, but they have insane staying power. People keep them on their playlists.

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Ok but really.... when are >we gonna stop putting the fucking gay ass "and the members of her extended universe" shit in the OP?

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Unfortunately Zenkichi's character peaked when he had that mental breakdown over not being able to solve the puzzle early in the Not Equals arc. The page where it showed a bunch of shonen quotes in the background while he stared at the ground defeated was great imagery. Fhe fact that his fight with Kumagawa in the Minus arc actually left him traumatized made a lot of sense.
Unfortunately, this doesn't really go anywhere. His trauma is never addressed again and the central focus of his character becomes pitting himself against Medaka. Not a bad idea in theory and it led to some interesting plot points but it doesn't really tie into meaningful character development.
When he becomes StuCo president in the Jet Black Wedding arc, you're supposed to feel how Zenkichi has matured but there's no actual substance to back this up. Also his new responsibilities are barely touched upon, even though this would've been a good opportunity to have a mini-SOL arc similar to the first arc.
So yeah I went from loving Zenkichi to completely souring on him. However I understand where you're coming from. Fortunately Kumagawa's character stayed good even after the manga went to shit.

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nice post from 2020

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It's doing fine. Just watch the long-term growth. If you want slow just wait for the songs with the sheep.

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I honestly think Zenkichi peaked on this panel and stayed consistently good until the end of Jet Black Wedding
It's still pretty relatable

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remember to love your Mori

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Why does it matter.

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I want to have sex with her

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It still feels like that didn't go anywhere either imo.

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Yes. Especially now that she's in a label called UNIVERSAL.

>> No.21963091

It's just a page accurately representing an adolescent guy having a mental breakdown over the fact he's been in love with a woman his entire life and how everything he's been doing has been to grab her attention

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It’s a trend that Mori and Suisei have very consistent week after week plays of people putting a song in their playlist. Look how long RIP has been sitting in or just outside the top 10 played originals despite it taking longer than A week to hit 1 million if I remember correctly. Template is Suiseis first 1 million in under a week ever.

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Nah in isolation I get that. I just think in the greater context of the story it wasn't great, though that's mostly the fault of the Not Equals arc being inconsistent in quality.

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Its pretty fuckin gay lets not fool ourselves.

>> No.21963297

no its cool actually. hope this helps

>> No.21963329

>lets not fool ourselves.

>> No.21963338

Very quiet catalog, all things considered.

I very much believe that the idiots siding with Twitter made people realize that they were bandwagoning a bunch of hypocrites who will turn on anyone who sides with Mori.

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My snek will one day become queen of dead hours, just you wait

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The funniest type of cope is the whole "Suzy and all the other JP don't speak English so they don't know that she's EVIL"

>> No.21963438

I'm cringe and I like it.

>> No.21963493

huh funny thing me too

>> No.21963559

>not liking the extended universe

>> No.21963582

That's funny I just want to give her a hug and say I'm proud of her

>> No.21963613

why not both?

>> No.21963632

>and then the anti-extended Universe sperg will bring up LE HIGHLANDER PROTAGONIST IS LE EVIL SO EXTENDED UNIVERSE BAD.

There, I spoiled the timeloop.

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I unironically want to be her butler

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Look at that those legs.

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[Gura News] She is not programmed to do anything

>> No.21963717

Same, except I want to be her maid

>> No.21963725

I can do those two no problem

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EoaL content-wise had a metric fuck ton of substance clear even if you’re not as familiar with Mori, while CapSule is a Mori and Suisei’s “anthem” that’s meant to be a simple and fun song. Personally I think if Scuffed Up Age or Resting Power had gotten the MV over UnAlive I’d wager that they’d have grown a lot faster. Can she even still make MV’s of her old songs now? Universal doesn’t own them, but that would be a music project made by Mori.

>> No.21963786

What is that supposed to mean?

>> No.21963823

she was getting mad at metaknight saying he's programmed and she's not

>> No.21963857

MOri said she got MVs prepared for a lot of songs in the album but they are releasing late part of the year

>> No.21963935


My guess is they want the new EP to come out before she is allowed to do MVs for the older songs.

>> No.21963940

My brain is weird. I can't process wanting to hug her and say that I'm proud of her since I see her as an older sister whose approval I want instead.
Obviously I am proud of everything she's accomplished but that kind of fantasy does nothing for me.

>> No.21963951

I agree, I still believe Dead On Arrival should have gotten the mv and been the carrier track. She could have done a cool mv in a casino like
She can, she talked about plans to release more mv's just said it would take a while.

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>Mori will never give you headpats for putting out your first banger

>> No.21964063

See now that's the kinda shit I fantasize about

>> No.21964312

I’d wager it’s more so she has a break during the summer to visit family as well as her Europe trip. J-Chad seems to have put her foot down in regards to Mori taking breaks so I imagine she wouldn’t want Mori to worry about that sort of stuff while she’s occupied with her trips abroad.

>> No.21964342

the idea of them expecting suisei to find out about connor and drop mori is very very funny at least

>> No.21964410

Or they keep saying they are jsut using Mori because she gets views.

>> No.21964455

mine is imagining being backstage at one of her gigs and she gives a PEACE to the audience after killing it and comes backstage and hugs (you) as you celebrate how well it went

>> No.21964661

Are they not? >>21963699
I would not be surprised if some of them are.

>> No.21964957

Suisei's already successful and is part of a label. Why would she be using Mori for views? Don't be retarded.

>> No.21964959

Because they're being fucking hypocrites.

They demand Mori be friends with the JP's, but as soon as JP's befriend Mori, it's suddenly "fake"

>> No.21964997

suisei fans hate mori

>> No.21965045

Generalizing fanbases is retarded. Most hoshiyomi don't hate Mori.

>> No.21965112

Are you basing that on the opinion of a few anons on this site?

>> No.21965150

Only "JP-only" posers are susceptible to that worldview. Also, may I remind you that Suzy was the "doesn't care about hololive" holo before Mori was?

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Pink suisei good?

>> No.21965494

How do we get Gura to convince Mori to do some Luka songs with her

>> No.21965515

Those aren't Suisei's views. It's the sheep.

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Did Chu-E ever draw Mori in Suisei's outfit during that halloween challenge?

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Got you covered

>> No.21965630

Did a watamate kill your parents?

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>> No.21965664

she's fucking amazing

>> No.21965733

Mori ran into plenty of people before Hololive that tried to use her, why would it be different now considering her success?

>> No.21965805

That's why myth will always be special to her. She can 100% trust them.

>> No.21965821

You could get something that helps her more, extra Mori streams in a week, or her taking real break if she trimmed the fat you know.

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He was sexually assaulted by a watamelon on /jp/ and never recovered

>> No.21965868

Look at those song collabs coming up outside of Myth.

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Hey since everyone was going though some Mori withdraw last thread I figured I'd bring some Mori to you. A suspiciously small mori happens to be streaming in the middle of the day her time which is an almost unheard of occasion.

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>Luna electone practice
Now this I can relax to

>> No.21966037

There are a few really good Miku/Luka duets that would fit their voices really well like:
or even

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I did my Elden Ring reps and finally beat Malenia blade of Miquela

>> No.21966164

You totally right and I think alot of what as kept Zenkichi as being great in my mind is that I actually started to lose interest in Medaka box as a whole roughly after the minus arc. I came back and speed read though the last arc after the series had finished

>> No.21966260

Big ups

>> No.21966437

Ya anemachi is pretty cool

>> No.21966979

finally listening to the "i got signed" zatsu and the bit where she's gushing about suisei and talking about how much time theyve spent together and how much fun theyve had goofing off is the cutest thing ive ever heard in my life honestly

>> No.21966990


>> No.21967064

I really want a casual collab between them where they play a silly game or just a chill karaoke where they goof around.

>> No.21967143


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>> No.21967170

Great, now I have to think about how we'll never get a Gura x Mori World's End Dancehall cover

>> No.21967543


>> No.21967582

kek, I thought it was going to be about the hip swinging until the text popped up.

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Kek, that's pretty much what happened anyway

>> No.21967731

that whole section with tankanashi kiara, the last prompt, Mori getting up in a swivel chair to descend had my sides destroyed

>> No.21967835

>Mori almost jumping out of a building's window for the sake of charades
Why is she like this

>> No.21967845

The moment she so much as turned her head off-screen, I knew with 100% certainty that she was looking for something to climb on.

>> No.21967859

She’s gotta prove that even if she’s double corporate she’s still real

>> No.21967902

God damn Shiny Smiley Story is so good

>> No.21967910

I'm 100% sure she is going to injure herself on stream once she has full 3d tracking at home trying to do something silly.

>> No.21967915

Look at her hand resting ABOVE the model's breasts

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>> No.21968049

Her hand is there to prevent her boobs from smothering herself.

>> No.21968129

boob physics doko...

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>> No.21968420

Her large breasts would naturally sag into her armpits when lying down but the tracking suit prevents that so the path of least resistance is to go up into her face.

>> No.21968776

Is she wigger suisei?

>> No.21968937
File: 1.10 MB, 1474x1240, Mori Calliope quiet nerdy kid lies in wait for perfect moment to unleash freestyle rap abilities on classmates.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'd like to remind the kekbeats about something that I've always noticed about Mori but I've never seen discussed:

She has a delicious, amazing [spoiler[ogey[/spoiler], and she still does to this day.

>> No.21968961

> [spoiler[ogey[/spoiler]

>> No.21968965

only thing i remember from medaka box is wondering how medaka would be able to fix a fuck up like me

>> No.21968972
File: 3.91 MB, 270x263, clown watering tree wearing noose trying to commit suicide.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21968989

>typing it out

>> No.21969018
File: 3.91 MB, 1480x2006, 38C6D31F-C76F-435D-946B-5676A9EAD0C0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There there dumbbeat have a Mori

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Clown-chama, your touch typing reps..

>> No.21969033

I usually just ctrl+s on desktop, but it doesn't work when you're not replying to a post

>> No.21969064

it works just fine I think you're just dumb

>> No.21969084

It’s okay Anon… I know how it feels to do a bit and have it flop.

>> No.21969104

happens to the best anon

>> No.21969125
File: 532 KB, 4096x3072, calli fainted mori calliope pokemon rip dead crying sad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks, Mori

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I had a dream today that I was walking through my town (slav block of <100k people), there were chalk drawings on the sidewalk made by kids, and I saw a chalk icon + title of Mori actually of the other side and I thought damn even in this dog ass town someone knows about her

>> No.21969143


>> No.21969326

Soon it will be more than a dream anon. Our boy's going places now.

>> No.21969950

Maybe if she avoids getting dragged down by bad singers.

>> No.21969981

lol she's too mainstream now

>> No.21969989

Good thing she's not calling you then

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Yall are missing out

>> No.21970024

>implying I'm not listening to the sweet dulcet tones of the electone right now

>> No.21970427

Uhhh good one, anon?

>> No.21970542

I wasn't paying as close attention during the SC reading, I know the next stream will be BB most likely, but when?

>> No.21970543

Y-you sure owned him, huh?

>> No.21970583
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>> No.21970705

Thanks anon

>> No.21970737

This is the same person

>> No.21970824

t. that one guy who hates Watame for no reason

>> No.21971047

I had one of those False Awakening streams recently. It really does feel like a nightmare except there's literally nothing wrong with what you're seeing.

>> No.21971187

lmao I meant dreams. no bully pls

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Mori love

>> No.21971418


Speaking of good news...

>> No.21971515

If that makes you feel better, anon.

>> No.21971560

Looking forward to seeing how the 2 with her perform. >>21971418

>> No.21971587
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the days to waking up to a mori stream are over
however i take solace that the days when i wake up to a happy mori in far off japan make up for that fact.
love mori
miss mori

>> No.21971615

I've said this already but less Mori streams is somewhat of a positive to me. She's been taking over my life too much

>> No.21971825

>this bitch ruins my sleep schedule
>now I'm forced to watch every IRyS stream to completion
How dare she

>> No.21972144

We need results for CapSule.

>> No.21972201
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Why are all the English speaking vtubers I enjoy the most on the other side of the world?

>> No.21972752

Wicked >>>>> Template

>> No.21972764
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She's actually gonna go 24 hours without using twitter

>> No.21972803

I disagree, Template is a serious ear worm

>> No.21972891

does mori have a current schedule?

>> No.21972936

also wondering this

>> No.21972964

there >>21970583

>> No.21972969

Yes, it's:
Sex with Aki
Sex with Kronii

>> No.21973032

working and drinking 24/7

>> No.21973059

Nah, I watched it through a proxy. I found the two new songs to be not as catchy as Getcha, maybe I'll give them more tries later
Don't, we deserve it desu

>> No.21973087

>Molested by Festival

>> No.21973116
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shinigami love

>> No.21973175

>Weaing your own merch

>> No.21973266


>> No.21973271

Didn't Mori say she's deadbeat number 1 when everyone in chat were battling to be the number 1 deadbeat?

>> No.21973518
File: 1.46 MB, 775x2574, 1605856960569.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ya she p. cool

>> No.21973707

Damn right, this whole segment killed me.

>> No.21973838

Damn American woman! Need alcohol addiction rehabilitation!

>> No.21973869
File: 379 KB, 2000x2000, __mori_calliope_hololive_and_1_more_drawn_by_yua90s__c45a515566fe2f62f76548c76752202f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.21973908

Calliope Mori I love you marry me
t. small king

>> No.21973973

The one at the end of Dead Beats is also top tier.

>> No.21973996

I want a Mori in my head telling me to get over it and make something of myself...

>> No.21974303

Reminder in the last 3 months mori has

Put out or been part of 24 songs that we know of.
Had 2 music videos
Was part of 3 live singing events
Animated a music video for someone else
Was working on the UMG EP and whatever contract BS she had to deal with
And still streamed the whole time.

She is insane.

>> No.21974378

how is she not dead

>> No.21974405

Shit I also forgot she also had a fucking surgery during this as well.

>> No.21974457
File: 1.37 MB, 1080x1920, 1626161935146.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

part of why I love her
hard working girls are just so appealing

>> No.21974579

Living on borrowed time, I'm afraid. The human body can only take so much punishment.

>> No.21974592

>Living on borrowed time
the clock ticks faster

>> No.21974622

She absolutely is insane, but god bless her. You need to burn harder to shine so bright.

>> No.21974639

That'd be the hour they knock the slick blaster

>> No.21974759

she's gonna be bigger than holo

>> No.21974878

So since CapSule takes up one of the six on Shinigami Note, do we have any hopes or expectations for the next five?

>> No.21974911

It also almost drove her to a mental and physical breaking point

>> No.21974969

Japanese Mori

>> No.21975006

There should be a collaborative deadbeat effort to try to do something similar but ONLY what Mori has told us on stream.

>> No.21975087

she's a fucking machine and on top of that she was going to keep streaming with the regular hours before the yab

>> No.21975104

She's going to push Holo even further forward into music relevancy

>> No.21975174

you now realize that the DeathStar teamup is a combo of Sui-copath and Saiko-path

>> No.21975212

I bet mori could feed a nursery with her left tit and an african village with her right

>> No.21975234

too bad she's busy feeding me

>> No.21975236

I'm more than enough for both.

>> No.21975248
File: 631 KB, 555x611, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Leaving Gura out of this
Bro come on

>> No.21975444

The other song we got a preview of gives me a RIP sequel vibes.

>> No.21975453

Was that call public and if it was do you have a link?

>> No.21975454

I wonder if her new collab song with Watame will be part of it.


>> No.21975558

NTA and not an exact time stamp but they chatted about it was during her birthday call in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcvGVVwIRfk&t=6857s

>> No.21975611

I'm going to strangle you, you little shit

>> No.21975617

I'm happy to hear that new producers are telling her to slow the fuck down
her most impactful songs are slow rap, when she tries to Eminem it up, the lack of power in female voice just makes it sound too much like parody rap
but when she hits melodic bars it's kino

>> No.21975795

You motherfucker

>> No.21975827

Watame is so sweet. I'm glad Mori is surrounded with good people like that.

>> No.21976136

EMI producer isn't going to let Watame anywhere near the EP. They want to sell music.

>> No.21976145

grudgeposters take note

>> No.21976280

I hate Mori! Why the fuck did she have to make me want to aspire for something better! I don't even know what 'better' is but all I know is that I want it. FUCK YOU CALLIOPE MORI! I love Mori

>> No.21976490
File: 1.46 MB, 1486x778, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Even the live 2D can't contain how smug she is about it, lmao

>> No.21976516

she also bought her merch first thing after the announcement

>> No.21976549

>Animated a music video for someone else

>> No.21976781

>expected to wake up to some dumb mori shenanigans tweet
Wow universal/j-chad are actually wrangling her. and hopefully she’s staying off social media and resting

>> No.21976919

She's likely recording. You'd at least get likes or retweets if she wasn't.

>> No.21976925

no one's wrangling her, she said she's gonna touch grass and she did

>> No.21977005

I really do hope we get an explanation of those dreams one day, even if its just part of a tangent

>> No.21977340

why is this a spoiler

>> No.21977840

why is she still obsessed with hatman?

>> No.21978088

You think Mori would sing Got to be Real by Cheryl Lynn?

>> No.21978240

Because she went from playing second fiddle to mogging everyone she knew at lightspeed.
Considering she basically applied on a whim, she probably feels guilty sometimes when it comes to hatman and Milky.

>> No.21978316

Nice unity.

>> No.21978323

Unrequited love.

>> No.21978688

I hope she got to go out like she mentioned, fresh air is always good to clear the head

>> No.21978732

Gorillaz collab when?

>> No.21978755

She seems to be good friends with milky but only work friends with hatman, but I doubt that will even last anymore now that mori got signed considering the way he acted up when she got into hololive

>> No.21978925

>how smug she is about i
that's make me wonder now that Mori is a top not only in cover but all vtubing industry she will become a leech magnet

>> No.21978931
File: 186 KB, 400x400, 1639489994321.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>but I doubt that will even last anymore

>> No.21979139

It's a bit hopium filled but the dude did almost nuke their entire relationship because she dared to chose someone else for a single mixing job. It's not an unsafe bet to think he'll get real mad again.

>> No.21979217

how do we know about this anyway

>> No.21979240

It was written on an Uno card I found.

>> No.21979278

I won the info in a duel

>> No.21979391

He dueled me for the Uno card, btw

>> No.21979557 [SPOILER] 
File: 347 KB, 2304x3500, bepsi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.21979594

wasn't her whole meltdown back in January related to that? I mean she talked about it on one of those... special streams she did at the time.

>> No.21979948

Just want to say that merch is just the right power level. Need more merch like that

>> No.21980062

roommate reps

>> No.21980082

i think i know whatchu mean i didn't watch that shit cause my browser lagged

>> No.21980172

Didn't he make a song that was pure seething and then liked a youtube comment confirming that it was about the pink woman

>> No.21980215

I hope he makes his meltdown public so I can laugh at his pathetic ass.

>> No.21980240
File: 223 KB, 1350x1050, 1642179754648.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i know almost nothing about that guy so this is purely based on the shit i read in the thread, but if that's true why wouldn't she cut him off
you can say adoration or something but i doubt she would put up with someone like that

>> No.21980243

wtf I hate FT now

>> No.21980254

It's kind of perfect for any introductory fans she may get from Universal stuff as well. The sweater is something they could get even early on

>> No.21980279

God she's a fatass

>> No.21980320


>> No.21980334

Anon, she still even wants to make up with the people she was talking about in EoaL, despite them treating her like garbage.

>> No.21980345
File: 59 KB, 828x754, 1640934040179.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This hit me in a place I didn't know could hurt this much.
I think I need a moment.

>> No.21980395

I remember one time a guy blew up at me after I asked him to cool it talking about future plans, we had been prepping for an art site thing and working all day, my first time doing it, and he's already talking about next year and when I say I'm not even sure if it's something I want to do he flipped the script and started shouting at me that I was ungrateful and all the effort he'd put in, I dunno he was one of the few people I COULD call up and make plans with so I thought he was a close and good friend, but even after moving on from that it was clear he was full of shit and being his friend wasn't healthy. At least for me here it was just that there was a connection and it hurt more to be alone than be around someone who didn't care how I felt

>> No.21980407

Gura looks like a babe who the fuck would want to Gura?

>> No.21980491

I would like it more if it said Mori, Mori reminds me of death, deadbeats reminds me of my dad, I know it's the "fan name" but yeah it's a word that exists. Be like Gura calling her fans just plain old simps.

>> No.21980571

they literally compose her music

>> No.21980577

I thought earlier of reading "beat" in a sense like "music beat" but doesn't feel totally right being "deadbeat" still, could use some transformation

>> No.21980600

Like it or not we wouldn't have mori without him and I think she knows that she wouldn't be where she is without him as well and feels some sort of obligation

>> No.21980601

This is a core issue our boy has which she still hasn't gotten over.

>> No.21980621

I wish I had a fraction of her work ethic. I'm a serial procrastinator and it's fucking me over

>> No.21980665

Hey #5 seems relevant to the discussion

>> No.21980739

She really likes short

>> No.21980808

god damn this is a good read

>> No.21980836


>> No.21980842

She understands that one though, hence why that "I'm not going to be able to collab with everyone in Holo all the time" speech happened

>> No.21980892

I mean, either that or there's some issues with Mori's team/Cover in regards to appearing on her album. If that's the case, she could easily release it but have it credited as "AmaLee feat. [Mori's Roommate]". It will most likely still be released as a Mori collab but who knows.

>> No.21980994


I'm talking about Hatman

>> No.21981054

When is the weight loss arc happening?

>> No.21981059

Latest music video for hatman, mean maker

>> No.21981127

Probably as we speak, no way she doesn't exercise/take lessons for the concert.

>> No.21981131

AmaLee already said it had something to do with the release process as a whole, not any specific song. There's nothing wrong with Mori's part/involvement

>> No.21981242

She's not going to get anywhere if she keeps drinking so much

>> No.21981251

When you wipe that dorito dust off your keyboard and stop shitposting on this board

>> No.21981282

Yeah and there are certain people for certain times, I'm glad the guy got Mori to go to Japan and start this journey, but if he's still in the mindset that this woman ruined his life by making quality shit for him then he should get lost before he actually succeeds in dragging her down too.

>> No.21981289
File: 164 KB, 409x409, 1638014780691.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like it when she says goodnight to us

>> No.21981295

>weight loss arc
In my opinion, being a long time studier of womenology, it's not a "weight loss" arc it's going to be a "yo-yo dieting" era. If anything she'll be fatter than ever in three years, than develop an eating disorder, and her true body (likely a chubby mom-bod) will be achieved when she's 35.

>> No.21981312

>The milder form of GSF4 merely prevents the carrier from perceiving evidence to contradict it; a carrier will refuse to comprehend that two of their friends (or two groups of friends) don’t much care for each other, and will continue to try to bring them together at social events. They may even maintain that a full-scale vendetta is just a misunderstanding between friends that could easily be resolved if the principals would just sit down to talk it out.

Honestly this is something that makes regular human interaction so hard, trying to make friends when you go out alone basically means only interacting with other alone people. Yeah I hit it off really well with person #1 but their friend next to them is looking at me like I'm planning on robbing them and I just can't man they're going to fucking sabatoge me any time we hang out, I've done this shit already

>> No.21981339

>the guy got Mori to go to Japan and start this journey
unless he paid for her plane tickets i don't gaf

>> No.21981370

Shut up deadbeat, you'll bring the horny back!

>> No.21981375

>Top comments are all about MV, barely any mention of the actual music
Bet that hurt. Absolutely poetic

>> No.21981390

>Hatman/FT is the villain
Can we please not do this timeloop?

>> No.21981448

get used to dead hours being used for loopin, there'll be a lot of them

>> No.21981451

He's publicly known as the guy who mixed OWTH and Your Mori.

Him not leaving a like, nor any retweet to Mori's progress as an artist really smells like sourgrapes.

>> No.21981453


>> No.21981472

Honestly, she has a weird facial structure (and chest) that makes practically any weight that isn't actively harmful pretty cute on her, I just want her to be fit for the concerts and tours. I think she's just a genuinely beautiful woman, no homo

>> No.21981492

That might be the case but if concerts become relatively consistent, like every couple months, she's probably going to want to maintain. I'm hoping she does and realizes it feels better and stays that way

>> No.21981498

watch how the mental gymnasts say that "she's being forced by management"

>> No.21981599

They're faggots but so are you for getting worked up over what they think

>> No.21981628

I'm gonna wear mine to the gym on leg day

>> No.21981631

it's free entertainment.

>> No.21981639
File: 738 KB, 1000x1487, FPZyDaHVIAEQhCN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

never forget hat Lui is a HEREbeat and dug out the ancient "mori is cuter than usual today" live on stream.

>> No.21981676

>mori is cuter than usual today
When is she not?

>> No.21981694

Lui is Fembeat Prime and Id take her on a date just to gush about our love for Mori.

>> No.21981714

Lui starts the hornyposting everytime

>> No.21981798



>> No.21981810

Are they also the Kratom consumer? If you are my words to you are drugs are not the key to greater insight, all they do is weaken the barriers between your own thoughts and the greater conciousness but you can get that from a good exercise or doing anything else which would make you feel whole as a person.You can get there without drugs, I promise

>> No.21981883

Nah that ain't me

>> No.21981895 [SPOILER] 
File: 867 KB, 1366x768, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.21981917

Whoever it was I wish them the best drugs are drugs man

>> No.21981973
File: 4 KB, 346x339, FGtmM3RUUAE67sT.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my mother in nature you created the fruit

>> No.21981995

Lui-tan... ?

>> No.21982000


>> No.21982042

>oranges at F tier
Sorry, but as much of a unityfag as I am, even I can't defend this.

>> No.21982052

It's the veggie one that gets me

>> No.21982065

I didn't see it, post it

>> No.21982067

The controversy, the absolute insanity

>> No.21982069

>Pomegranate D-tier
Fauna is the scum of the earth. I will now invest into coal power, simply because of this take.

>> No.21982073
File: 828 KB, 1366x768, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21982095

I'm going to squeeb, nothing can stop me

>> No.21982107
File: 75 KB, 1280x720, 325935859.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>Oranges and Mushrooms F tier

>> No.21982124
File: 24 KB, 1113x78, capsulereact.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh no no concernbeats. this has been up for 3 days and UMG didnt nuke this guy for reacting to their copyright!?

>> No.21982129

Mushrooms aren't a fucking vegetable you stupid green woman

Neither are fucking potatoes

>> No.21982163

>I still wonder why Mori decided to call her while drunk, they really don't seem that close.
AmaLee is her internet person Kamioshi moreso than whatever people use on a given day to bait about the fact she likes guys.
She's finally big enough to feel like she isn't just a desperate fan vying for attention so it makes sense the confirmation + booze would give her the confidence to hit up someone she's admired for over ten years.

>> No.21982175

>including mushrooms in a veggie tierlist
>putting them in F-tier

This is the worst plant-related take I have ever seen and I'm a dead beat.

>> No.21982211


>> No.21982215
File: 438 KB, 640x360, Decision Time! [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fncqe4j.webm].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21982246
File: 2.85 MB, 620x720, Don't Squeeb [sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fmvubko.webm].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21982294
File: 1.04 MB, 1022x589, 1646990440578.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Mushrooms F
>Persimmons D
>Oranges F
Saplings... you will have to answer for this.

>> No.21982304

Thankfully mushrooms aren't plants so I can just pretend she is referring to some weird mushroom-like vegetable that sucked

>> No.21982308


>> No.21982329

orange woman...

>> No.21982332

Reine is featuring DeathStar on her next song release

>> No.21982376

>they really don't seem that close.
Baffling post. Mori interacts with dozens of people offstream all the time and has no reason to tell us about it. Hell sometimes she secretive about which holos she interacts with offstream.

>> No.21982391

So guys, now that the dust has settled. Has Capsule or Wicked made it into your top 10? or top 5?

>> No.21982421

>Reine is the third woman!
>Insert NWO edit

>> No.21982435
File: 234 KB, 1920x1350, FG5bbIcVQAEeKKz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't have an absolute ranking but they are both on the playlist

>> No.21982450

Guess we know what that Mori + 1 she mentioned at birthday is. That's quite the W for her

>> No.21982451

Nope, but Template has. I somewhat enjoyed both of them, maybe Capsule slightly more, but I much prefer the slower stuff like Cursed Night, eoal and Resting Power

>> No.21982480
File: 309 KB, 968x2048, 1640497051497.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

don't most fruit exist because humans selected for them?

>> No.21982530

Giant Sloths selected avacados as their primary diet before going extinct, the avacado plant was also on the way out before humans chose to cultivate them

>> No.21982537


>> No.21982574

It's shocking how completely broken her tastes in fruit and vegetables are when it's the majority of her diet

>> No.21982576

I don't think I've heard Reine sing yet but I do like her

>> No.21982585

how would you guys rank the 3 songs?

>> No.21982600

She has done any social media in so long.
You know what that means.... She's somehow gotten her hands cut off

>> No.21982636

Big week for Blue Women

>> No.21982667

Mushrooms are YUCKY

>> No.21982672


Capsule has a sound like a vibrating phone in the beginning which I do not like and the MV is a debuff for me

>> No.21982713

She's pretty good, check out Love Me Love Me

>> No.21982730


Template is just way more in-line with my personal music taste and Capsule slightly moreso than Wicked. Also, midriff in MV.

>> No.21982754
File: 281 KB, 1500x1613, FPu5C3eaIAUgMEH.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

june 2022
takamori revival

>> No.21982758

>kronies had to sit through emoji movie with kronii
would you watch it with mori?

>> No.21982783

I like the idea of using live 2D in the videos I just think the suddent shot of standing Mori there with very little movement outside a head bop was poor execution of the idea

>> No.21982837

Oh yeah lmao, I know which shot you mean. I have a bit of a selective memory though so I only remember that A+ midriff.

>> No.21982878
File: 40 KB, 1000x800, 1623037657918.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No, your family and friends just can't cook them well.

>> No.21982924

If there wasn't enough resources for different single frame poses it would have been better with more close up shots, usually we don't see the full model standing there during streams because yeah it's awkward with no movement on a full body.

I think like getting the lower body into a squat pose and have a shot of her in the train between the seats would have been good

>> No.21982949

i want mori to punch me in the nose, then kiss it so it heals

>> No.21982974
File: 2.35 MB, 320x264, 1648642283865.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She's on a grass touching vacation

>> No.21982977

No. It's not the "so bad it's good" or "so bad the torture is best shared" or even "so bad it's hilarious" kind of terrible.
It's just a boring kind of referential mix of Tron & Delta Heavy's Ghost.
You want a shitty slop of IPs & references?
Free Guy.

>> No.21983057

She ehad enough brainpower left to not call any ENs

>> No.21983079


>> No.21983128

Free Guy also had an actor whose name is Ryan, which makes it an immediate 10/10

>> No.21983283

Mori is going to watch your favorite movie on stream! Hope she likes it!

>> No.21983318

Cool! Didn't get to catch Mad Max: Fury Road with Ina

>> No.21983458

He's too busy for twitter

>> No.21983481

the fuck you are manlet

>> No.21983491

And yet he does all of his promotions on there. Curious...

>> No.21983508

Half of it is in Japanese and all but the last half hour of this 3 hour movie is politics. She's gonna love it.

>> No.21983548

I don't know if it's my favorite movie since I don't watch many, but Wolf of Wall Street (cliche, I know) watchalong would be kino

>> No.21983551

>too busy for twitter
Let's not pretend that Mori herself hasn't proven that this is impossible

>> No.21983564

I already watched Drive with Ame but I'll watch it again any day

>> No.21983566

it's probably against NDA

>> No.21983594

She already did. Boondock Saints watchalong was kino

>> No.21983620

Is there an NDA against fucking liking and retweeting?

>> No.21983622

She already watched Fight Club. I might rewatch it with her now.

>> No.21983670


Robocop 1987 is always a wild ride.

>> No.21983691

Would you rather Terminator 1 or Terminator 2: Judgement Day?

>> No.21983705

Finally, someone's going to watch Howl's Moving Castle instead of Porco Rosso or Whisper of the Heart..

>> No.21983708

Holy cope. The guy is just the type to not care about any sort of post unless it promotes his own stuff. I doubt he even acknowledges DYES solo stuff

>> No.21983749
File: 470 KB, 1448x2048, C0EE918E-F9DC-41F5-A38E-085C60F41EE4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21983765

I finally watched Nausica a couple years back still need to see those two and The Wind Rises

>> No.21983777


Terminator 2: Judgement Day

>> No.21983785

Capsule one mil by tonight?

>> No.21983786 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.70 MB, 1357x2000, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fuck it, im going to doxx a fembeat

>> No.21983814


>> No.21983819

No, but it will reach 900K

>> No.21983829

That's an outdated picture, I haven't dyed my hair since 2020!

>> No.21983838
File: 499 KB, 700x873, 1611555091201.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

SHE'S GOT A GREAT ASS and I want my head up it!

>> No.21983867

Damn that’s dope

>> No.21983872

Mori's ass is probably THICC and soft and I wanna touch it no homo

>> No.21983885

Forrest Gump
Autistic person from the South finds life success through a combination of taking chances and their own talents (but also loses a lot during the journey)

>> No.21983922

Then that bitch comes back with aids after hes a shrimp gazillionaire

>> No.21983939

>loses a lot during the journey
He lost his only black friend. He was only three days away from having the N word pass.

>> No.21983962

Finally, The Seventh Seal!

>> No.21983969

I want to be spoiled and pampered by Mori

>> No.21983970

Please don't get AIDS Kiara...

>> No.21983974


>> No.21984001

I want to spoil and pamper Mori and marry her no homo

>> No.21984007

>Sometimes when people go to Vietnam, they go home to their mommas without any legs. Sometimes they don’t go home at all. That’s a bad thing. That’s all I have to say about that.

>> No.21984021

Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind? I doubt she'd like it but cool.

>> No.21984065

any source to this?

>> No.21984112

Pretty sure it's her members stream, so member to Reine or wait a bit

>> No.21984136

I remember one time I invited a girl over to get high and watch a movie, just friends, I was aware she had a boyfriend, anyways we get high and I put that on and midway through she wants to get all close and cuddle and I just look at her like wtf are you doing I'm not putting my arm around you here.

I think she left the college the next semester.

>> No.21984152

Speaking of watchalongs, I've been seeing everyone say Twitch is good for that. Any reason why? I'd prefer to not pay for a sub there.

>> No.21984204

I've not seen anything that would make it any different, maybe people partnered with Amazon/Twitch can use the Amazon services to stream their content directly on the channel but not sure

>> No.21984212

Was she hot?
Should have just smashed desu

>> No.21984294

She had big tits and an anime girl personality but I don't fuck like that

Any time I've cheated in a relationship my only thought is "man I wish it was easy for everyone to be in love, I feel bad"

I was involved with a married manager with kids at one job, we just hit it off as we got to know eachother and work together but like, 10 years older and has kids you know? As far as the husband I wish I could have loved him too but even when he was chill I just didn't really vibe with him

>> No.21984299

I don't really get the relevance to my comment (unless you're saying the movie you watched was Eternal Sunshine) but I appreciate the anecdote regardless.
Also you did the right thing. If the boyfriend wasn't the violent/get revenge type, I would've gone for it though.

>> No.21984331

Thread's hitting bump limit and I feel unfiltered

>> No.21984348
File: 565 KB, 570x628, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21984430
File: 30 KB, 453x463, 1647153135995.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>As far as the husband I wish I could have loved him too but even when he was chill I just didn't really vibe with him
Nigga what? You wanted to fuck the manager and her husband?

>> No.21984499


I didn't want to be in a situation that would make someone feel like their love with their partner was compromised. Not specifically fucking him but just being able to love him like a really good friend. I just didn't like him like that though

>> No.21984559

It isn't really. In theory, you can get it properly synced with the streamer without any effort on your part, but whenever JPs do it there is a massive clusterfuck of region restrictions. I imagine the same would apply with Mori.

>> No.21984573

As far as I know if the movie is on amazon you can sync it through twitch somehow

>> No.21984586

Pretty much this. IIRC you can easily sync up the movie with people who have Amazon Prime. Also Amazon Prime gives you one free twitch sub a month which means most Amazon Prime users who join twitch just for that one streamer will be able to do it.

>> No.21984606

Bad deadbeat

>> No.21984649

Why is it that the average nerd on the internet seems to have a prime account? Do people really order that much stuff online?

>> No.21984702

College kids get a 50% discount and I assume many people just keep their subscription even after graduating.

>> No.21984753

But I had to pay for college in college?? I don't know I don't get it what are people ordering so much that it makes sense to pay for faster delivery dates?

>> No.21984869

Uh books? Also the fact that it's 2 day shipping with no shipping and handling rates makes it more convenient than going to the store if you live at a dorm without a car.

>> No.21984941

Okay sure sure, I was able to get most of my books through the alternate means, I dunno though it's just me on this one

>> No.21984961

nice, Kill Bill or Django Unchained should be fun

>> No.21984989

I have seen neither of those and still want to

>> No.21985018

I was a dumb kid in college and it took me years to realize that it's cheaper to just buy used books from other students or simply pirate the books.

>> No.21985084

>Passed three classes without even getting one
For my major though I did have to get the books and during the last couple classes the prof mentioned the book would be used again so I bought it in full had the God damn text of knowledge sitting in my bag for a year but it was worth it so fucking worth it

>> No.21985129

Anon, she is death.

>> No.21985223
File: 1.04 MB, 1920x1080, I came here to laugh at you nanora [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fkq0fni.mp3].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>being a long time studier of womenology

>> No.21985232

yeah, mine

>> No.21985431

Anyone has JP clips of our boy, by chance? I want to know someone translated her talks about the 3d concert. Specifically, how she knows she was out of breath and she'll work on it. But other clips will be appreciated too.

>> No.21985450
File: 103 KB, 560x594, 1609815590076.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But she has no interest in the lord of the rings extended editions

>> No.21985496

I've watched that trilogy 11 times and two towers 16 times

>> No.21985554

Sorry Kiwawa...

>> No.21985607

She'll love it. Gattaca is all about achieving your dream through sheer power of will and determination. Story of Mori's life.

>> No.21985659

>Anyone has JP clips of our boy, by chance?
Useful tip for anyone looking for clips
>look at the URL of the stream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXXXXXXXX
>copy and paste XXXXXXXXX into youtube search
There ya go
Obviously if the stream URL has a timestamp in it (ex. &t=418s) you leave that part off
The first few results will be english clips but if you scroll down enough you'll start to see JP clips.

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