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You’d put your own life on the line for your Oshi, right anon?

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>Gets a signed Hime shield
>Worn out armor
>Destroyed weapon
>No marks in the shield
>Unscratched Hime
Cool pic, Lunaitos are usually based, to answer OP' s question, yes, I'm not a pussy

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Hell no I'm not that big of a simp, but if she rewards me with sex then I might have to change my mind.

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A woman that would reward you with sex is not one worth protecting

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I'd put my life on the line for a lot of people Anon.

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The reward tho

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It is my dream to protect Lady Miosha.

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I will always value my life above hers. To do otherwise would deny her the thrill of the chase.

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I'm a man so yes, because I actually had a father raise me right and show me that if you don't care enough to die for something it's not worth caring about at all. Wishy washy loyalty, casual attachment, and lukewarm emotions are for women and eunechs.

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You would die for 4channel.org? Anon, I'm touched.

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Not really. I would try to save her from assault, but I wouldn't jump onto a grenade for her.

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Yes but I'd expect sex in return.

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>about 4chan
I'm only here to shill my oshi to people worth saving and learn about what might've missed from other faithful
This black and white ideal is an important aspect of my oshi so therefore my posts here fall in accordance with my holy purpose

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Maybe? She does more for humanity than I'll ever do, so sure.

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Okay Lunaitos, I want to watch Luna because Ame really likes her, so, where do I start
Recommend me something please!

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I hate my life so I'll put it on the line for a lot of dumb shit.

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Ame is also my oshi, and while cliche, this is what got me into Luna.

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Fuck meant for >>21961192

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No, fuck that bitch for all i care.

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My oshi is autistic, has ADHD, is in million dollar debt cause of her parents, hates indirect women, and was smashed over the head with a laptop by her father. Fuck yeah I’d die for her.

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Please do not lewd the Princess

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She's playing her electone here in about forty minutes. That's a good place to start.

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The last thing I want to hear when I die for Ame are her giggles.

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>Hime safe
>Hasn't used the shield since it has Luna's face on it

Lunaitos are pretty based.

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ohh, so that's how the deadbeat janny pictures himself when he deletes any post criticizing mori.

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Based and chadpilled

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Yes, I don't give a fuck about anything else in this clown world. If she asked me to kill, if happily do it

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Does becoming a tree count

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Without hesitation

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