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I will not watch EN vtubers.

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>ITT: eops seething

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this assumes that anyone will reply to this thread

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i will watch EN vtubers

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I will not watch JP vtubers.

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Mio does though...

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Post miosha

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But you'll keep making schizo threads about things you won't watch, further shitting up an already awful catalog full of lazy bait and genuine nutjobs.

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You do you, anon.

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I dropped EN for JP hags. I didn't understand people's lust for vtubers until I made this switch.

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there's no reason to avoid en after what uruha did

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how did you predict time anon
show me

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I WILL watch EN vtubers. English is my third language and japanese would be my fourth. I tried styding but honestly, I can't be arsed to learn it just to watch chuubas and anime. I understand them when they are commenting on gameplay but when they do zatsus I'm still completely lost.

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There's no reason to avoid jp after that bunny and bahroo did.

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Oh yeah?
>*Fucks your hag with protection and in the ass to ensure no pregancy*
What now, huh?

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old and dusty Japanese women

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Watch JP hags instead

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cute witch!

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You don't even understand Japanese.

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Based, EN is so shit compared to JP.

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Perfectly breedable

also bump

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Good. And I hope Mio stream over next EN collab