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Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoSrY_IQQVpmIRZ9Xf-y93g
Twitter: https://twitter.com/gawrgura
Previous thread: >>2159573

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how do i get a gf with this body type?

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Be a pedophile.

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Look for smol girls, compliment them on their sexy flat chests.

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Help, I can't stop looking...

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Will never forget that moment, the sound of those naked feet on the glass...

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at the local playground after school

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Gura does not like feet

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>split thread because OP made this when the last thread was on page 6

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So gura picked a trans character in monster hunter? Sounds like gura is American.

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All the more reason she needs her toes sucked. She'd be super sensitive.

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The local school's got you covered

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But whyyyy make this thread so soon the old one is perfectly fine you stupid motherfucker

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Stop complaining, Shizo. The last thread has already hit the limit with those Sc shizo, you dumb Esl cunt

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Does Gura smell like seawater? Imagine licking her fingers and tasting a hint of salt.

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>yfw she's doing this to "Big Beef" the PC.

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Is she enjoying the game?

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She smells like ass. Her unwashed ass overpowers all other smells.

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But big beef is on her desk, not below it

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it seems like it, but I'm sure not, Monster Hunter is boring as fuck. I don't really care though it's still been a good stream because I get to listen to Gura talk. I'm also really glad she picked the deep man voice

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Gura had some cute shrieks

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Imma hit that.

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She held back on the nihilism for once damn she must really like this game

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do you guys think shes going to do supachat reading after this? it's already been so long and i have work tomorrow morning.. obviously if she does stream for 3 more hours I'll be awake for 3 more hours this is oshi we're talking

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Gura says Big Chungus 2021

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I don't think so. She's been reading the superchats as they came in so far.

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I kinda hope she doesn't read them so I can sleep at a reasonable hour but I also really want to see how she reacts to that terrible poem, If nothing is all the reaction that gets I will laugh

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Gura ASMR made me cum handsfree

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based if true

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Just quick question, is Gura at least world babby, or did she play funny with that Charge Blade i now see on her character?

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she only played on the 3DS but wasn't specific aside from recognizing lagombi, which could mean either 3U or Generations

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Its quite a nuisance but you will need to use discord and be willing to appear on the sex offender registry list

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>Monster Hunter is boring as fuck

Lmao you are a fag.

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Okay, europoor who woke up here, i kinda hoped to watch a stream where she just scrambles around and gets confused about how the fuck does she make that weapon not bounce off monsters every hit.
But if she has experience, half of the fun will be lost.

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Gwar Goombi
I watched the whole stream! I gave it a chance even though I couldn't stomach more than 2 hours of Ina stream but this game is boooooring to watch. Maybe its just because I've never played it but I suspect I wouldn't like it because I generally don't like faggot games

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So she just skipping over all the superchats about the song collab???

Wtf happened?

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yep sorry bro, theres way too many of that shiz

>> No.2197383

She'll get to them later. Maybe. Relax.

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She didn't play that far on the 3DS though, she was clearly visibly confused about everything going on still. It took her a good bit to figure out what she was doing with the charge blade and yet still played it like it was vanilla 4 CB with no red shield and no wirebug moves

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What did she mean by this

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you are a faggot so you would love faggot games

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She doesn't care

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We really need someone to do a bye count, she says it so many times every stream recently before ending, its so fucking cute

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Pretty sure that was Gura's longest stream to date. it was kinda boring in the beginning, but really picked up when she started actually hinting Monsters and ended up being yet another 10/10

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Fuck off the old one is still up after 5 fucking hours, this is getting ridiculous

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>retard shark picks most complicated ass bullshit weapon

Kek the vod should be good to watch.

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Yes anon, tutorials tend to be boring. Though to be honest all of low rank may as well be a tutorial.

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great stream, Gura really into MHR. next week schedule looks pretty packed. have a good rest Goomba, good night chumbuds

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Metroid bros she hasn't given up on us!!!

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what the fuck, everyone was in the other thread

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take a hint

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Checked for Heavenly Easter trips. Metroid Bros burn twice as bright.

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Stop being lazy and make it into a soundpost

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Checked, blessed Easter dubs today. God be Praised.

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what was that lorry shit Gura

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>gura is nopan under her panties

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Shark brain damage pls andastd.

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What's the appeal?

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That’s the million dollar question anon. Many people that want success want to understand what Gura’s appeal is.

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i have such a hard time with those questions because her appeal is so obvious to me

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goodnight bud

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Another great stream tonight, I'm still glad to see Gura enjoying what she's playing. Hopefully she has a good break tomorrow because it sounds like she has more good stream plans for next week.

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Gura said she played a lot of the sponsored rhythm game and there's no possible way for them to make her use a console this time The only thing that can defeat her is technical difficulties.

>> No.2200345 [DELETED] 

it's bandori

>> No.2200376

Ah yes because a controller wasn't hard enough for her, now she gets to play on a mobile device.

>> No.2200378

She's gonna play on her phone, it might be a disaster

>> No.2200398 [DELETED] 

people have suggested she'll run it on bluestacks. that's how the priconne gameplay streams worked. i'm told bluestacks has a way to map keyboard keys to touch areas on the virtual touchscreen.

>> No.2200422

If she's used to playing it on her phone or whatever, what's the problem? It's when she can't use what she's used to that she's fucked.

>> No.2200430

I haven't touched bluestacks in a few years but it was a buggy mess back when I did. I wondered If she would try an emulator, but I have to assume it's going to up to the sponsor whether she can or not

>> No.2200449

Hopefully she got a spare phone to wipe any chance of a random yab.

>> No.2200487

Well if she is used to it then there is no problem. I don't remember if she's mentioned playing that specific game or other mobile rhythm games but doing it on a mobile device doesn't sound fun to me.

>> No.2200504 [DELETED] 

she's mentioned that she plays it.

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Good idea

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I'm not the only one reposting this anymore, thank you.
I feel bad for making that anon draw it and barely posting it afterwards

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I used to use Nox but android emulators are shit in general like everything dependant on java

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Based and cute feet pilled

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I'm going to miss Gura.

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Don't be, Far Side + Hololive was a fun crossover.

t. the artist

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Is Gura ogey?

>> No.2206192

I hope she caught a bit of sleep last night.

>> No.2212093

Thanks bro

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Gosling post time

You guys ever think about tickling Gura and all the adorable giggles and squeals she'd make. And then cuddling with her on the couch afterwards holding her tight and watching a show together listening to her comment on everything and ask you why they were doing something even though the show will explain it later. And then noticing her fall asleep next to you and listening to her soft, calm breathing.

I need a Gura of my own...

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Surprisingly, Gura-like girls are not that rare. You will never find them tho, 'cause they hide.
The problem is Gura's voice, that one is pretty rare.

>> No.2216884 [DELETED] 

yeah, i think about that all the time. the part of my life where i looked for someone like her has been over for a long time, though, so i just try to enjoy the time i get to spend with her the way i get to spend it with her, and that makes me happy.

>> No.2216895 [DELETED] 

It is fun. It's just a rhythm game where you tap the notes, same as any other.

>> No.2216990

The one thing Gura has taught me is that I will probably never find true love because of how unlikely it is to actually get with girls like her.

Would rather be alone than settle with someone who would only make me think "why couldn't she be like gura"

>> No.2217068

How "Gura-like" are we talking about here? Very similar, kinda the same, or le meme queen gaymer girl?

>> No.2217072 [DELETED] 

you only have so much time to do something about this and if you're still in your 20s (or 30s, even) then you should probably think about putting in some more effort. but if you're like me and you didn't, then i think you'll agree that it sure is nice to get to hear her voice so often. it really makes me feel a lot better.

>> No.2217118

I'm still mid 20s and while I can't say I've looked too hard, Gura is probably the only person I've ever met that I've actually fell in love with it.

I guess I'll have to take the motivation she's given me to try something

>> No.2217554

you will never get a toupee made by gura to cover your balding head...

>> No.2217948

32 here, eternal loneliness let's fucking gooooooo

>> No.2217995

I'd say they are rare in a sense of getting SSR in gacha. only 1/100 or less will have a personality similar to Gura and if you add the beautiful voice it drops to 1/10 000 or even 1/100 000.

There are thousands of girls similar to Gura and most of them are single but there is a high chance you will never meet one.

>> No.2218565 [DELETED] 

that still sounds too common. i'm pretty sure she's one in a million.

>> No.2218783

Guys, I think I love her too much now.

I'm in my 20s and I did have a crush on a girl in the past, so I (probably) know how it feels like, but this time the feeling is much more stronger.

The fact that I will never ever meet her irl pains me everyday.

>> No.2218834 [DELETED] 

i did feel more strongly toward my first girlfriend than i feel toward gura, but not the other two i had later. it is what it is.

>> No.2218925

>You will never make Gura's toes curl out of excitement and happiness

>> No.2218942

even if you go with 1/100.000, theres like 9 billion people on the planet, half of them female give or take so thats 4.5 billion and a third of those (conservative estimate) are chinese, indian or african and thus instantly undatable leaving 3 billion. that means there are at most 30.000 guras out there and remember
>you have to meet them not only in your lifetime but before you are too old to have kids AND before your gura meets someone else
>they have to be in your age range
>they have to be close enough to you geographically and socio-economically for your two to realistically be able to connect deeply enough for you to realize she even is a gura
tl;dr its impossible

>> No.2218976 [DELETED] 

yep. i'm happy with the gura i found, just the way i found her!

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We are all going to die alone

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We have Gura

>> No.2219387

Self-awareness is important anon

>> No.2220383

damn. felt this. just turned 20, only ever loved one girl before and that was in middle school. and now Ive fallen in love with a shark that I'll never get to see irl. why God

>> No.2220408

lol yeah, almost everyone throughout history has also so It's fine!

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Well this thread got sad. But I'm also hopelessly alone, so nothing positive to add here. At least gura cute

>> No.2221047

>Switch Axe

>> No.2221069


you're right about that anon, we have Gura, and Gura cute! so its ok :)

>> No.2221279


>> No.2221306 [DELETED] 

Never really expected that HER would actually bring the best out of Gura

>> No.2221332

Yea same here. I can only hope we all find happiness eventually.

>> No.2221569 [DELETED] 

i'm still thinking about gura's pheromones

>> No.2221656

>I'm watching latest RDR2 archive
>She's too focused on the black spots and not paying attention to the Arthur/Mary scene.
>Takes too long deciding what to do so game defaults to choosing no
>Complains about people who don't give people enough time to think. It's okay to do that if they take longer than a minute though.
>I realize that she was about to take longer than a minute because she was gonna ask chat, contradicting herself
>I realize that she just missed out on a quest line that delves into Arthur's background and provides character development.
>Stops watching stream because I'm seething.

This shark is really fucking retarded.

>> No.2221703

>Takes too long deciding what to do so game defaults to choosing no
to be fair I didn't expected that either, a little timer would be nice

>> No.2221732

>I realize that she just missed out on a quest line that delves into Arthur's background and provides character development.
Doesn't seem very important if the game can shut you out of it.

>> No.2221778

Have you played the quest line? It's the most vulnerable we see Arthur before he gets TB.

>> No.2221817


>> No.2221821

she was right though mary is shit waifu.

>> No.2221840

It is a nice questline but the devs chose to have that decision be timed which obviously is streamer unfriendly for those that want audience input before they make a decision.

>> No.2221863

Yeah that was kinda annoying

>> No.2221883

I can't get mad at Gura.

>> No.2221961

At the end of yesterday's stream she mentioned she wasn't feeling too good during the last RDR2 stream, so she wants to play it again because she didn't make much progress. I'm glad she seemed to have cheered up yesterday.

>> No.2222040

Grow some balls

>> No.2222066

yep, mary is pure toxic. anyone who wants to follow that simp storyline is a braindead retard.

>> No.2222179

you're an idiot. dude, if you couldn't just sit back and listen to gura have fun being a cowboy but needed some sort of completionist run then go watch some other streamer, sure there is some twitch streamer guy who has done a completionist run of RDR2, no one watching gura play games is there for gura's gaming skills unless it a rhythm game. We're there for her jynxing herself, her silly antics and for her shreeks when something jump scares her.

>> No.2222192

My balls think Gura is cute too.

>> No.2222243 [DELETED] 

gura cute gura cute

>> No.2222268

I think you care way too much about RDR2 and don't just enjoy Gura. Maybe you need to go watch somebody else if gameplay is so important to you.

>> No.2222276

>Mary is a shit waifu
I agree, but whether Mary was a good waifu or not doesn't matter. What's important was that Mary mattered to Arthur. Having this in mind when watching Arthur talk to John about his family makes Arthur a better character.

And now all of that character development just got flushed down the toilet because the shark couldn't decide quick enough.

>> No.2222308

>obviously is streamer unfriendly for those that want audience input before they make a decision.

There's something called a pause button.

>> No.2222309

not same anon, but I can understand someone playing so wrong it bothers you even if you weren't expecting good gameplay, happened to me when ame didn't even gave DKC a chance to play it vanilla and went "savestate every jump: the game" from the beginning.

in this case I still think that the option of the response being timed is some fucking bullshit tho

>> No.2222325 [DELETED] 

what the fuck are you babbling about?

>> No.2222337

Game didn't give any indication for it being timed prior or during.

>> No.2222359

>has to pause
>during a cutscene when that skips them in many games
would it have killed them to have a timer? or just not have quest important options be timed like a sane game? that's some shit design right there

>> No.2222361

She didn't really have a way to know that it was going to pick a default choice. When she's streaming she has a lot going on, like she could be reading chat. Blame the game for poorly indicating, not the shark.

>> No.2222381

>someone playing so wrong it bothers you even if you weren't expecting good gameplay
I'm that anon, and this describes what I was feeling.

>> No.2222393

Gura seems to be playing that game like a fucking asshole so what happened seems in-character to her Gura.

>> No.2222401

this guy knows whats up

>> No.2222403 [DELETED] 

it's such a weird thing to complain about. the effect on the game is utterly meaningless to anyone except mentally ill gameplayfags, and she told us a cute story about how she hates it when people rush her in conversation.

>> No.2222422

>When she's streaming she has a lot going on, like she could be reading chat
Fair enough anon. I'm starting to calm down and I realize I'm starting to shit up this thread. I'll take my meds and leave now.

>> No.2222425

imagining Gura staring into space trying to decide where she wants to eat and her friends getting fed up with her... cute cute CUTE

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Gura bab

>> No.2222433


>> No.2222442

I understand you bro, but in this case I was just as angry and surprised as gura when the game pulled that shit

>the game then proceded to autosave so you just couldn't reload
you gotta admit that's some BULLSHIT I hate games that locks you out this easily out of content

>> No.2222456

voice crack, awesome

>> No.2222468 [DELETED] 

take all the time you need, gura.

>> No.2222470

So why didn't she call into Calli's stream? She was the only one that didn't.

>> No.2222489 [DELETED] 

she was very tired and she went to bed and it was very comfy so she slept through it

>> No.2222498

I'm happy my oshi who has sleep issues was able to sleep

>> No.2222501

shhh goora is slepp

>> No.2222502

She doesn't care about hololive, hates Mori Calliope nigger of Nip, hates hololive and was sleeping.

>> No.2222545

>She killed the guy when she lost a bet
No honor Gura, shame.
But then again Gura's a woman.

>> No.2222557

I just jumped to the middle of the MonHun archive. Supposedly she is new to the series? If that's true she either has the biggest brain or the biggest balls because she chose charge blade for her first weapon

>> No.2222578 [DELETED] 

she played on DS or 3DS or something, but keep watching. i don't know anything about monster hunter but the backseaters were wailing and gnashing their teeth before too long.

>> No.2222594

Jumping into the middle of a Gura vod you haven't seen before should be a criminal offense. It's like you don't care about Gura.

>> No.2222612

she did, and she plays it like a great sword, pretty fun stuff

>> No.2222657

Given how other holo members are spending an hour and a half making their characters, you really expect me not to jump in the middle?

>> No.2222673

There's plenty of shit design choices in RDR2, like having to go to exact spot for a cutscene to begin for no reason, forcing only way to finish quests, despite the rest of the game being a sandbox, general sluggish movement and shit inventory UI, etc.

>> No.2222678 [DELETED] 

yes, i do. i don't understand at all why you would skip it.

>> No.2222684

>backseaters were wailing and gnashing their teeth before too long
Why do you think I watch the archives and not the livestream? So I don't need to see that shit.

>> No.2222695

>Gura mentions sweating so often
She is going to have a fucking field day when summer hits.

>> No.2222700

Gura spent only 30 min on CC screen.

>> No.2222714

>Plays it like a greatsword
I've played 2000 hours on MonHun and I've never thought of that. That's one big brain galaxy stuff right there.

>> No.2222715 [DELETED] 

i mentioned that because their complaints were some kind of meaningless bureaucratic gibberish about the minutiae of how to use the weapon. i don't know or care in the slightest what they were babbling about, but it sounds like you're one of them so you'll probably notice whatever the hell it was they were seeing.

>> No.2222730 [SPOILER] 
File: 27 KB, 279x223, 1617575934941.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2222734

mesugaki whining that it's too hooooot and she's so sweaty and sticky all the time UOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH

>> No.2222740

the character creation is fun the watch tho, I don't blame you for skipping the hour long tutorial tho, that one was getting on gura's nerves too

>> No.2222773

I know you don't care about it, but fyi charge blade is considered to be the most complicated weapon in the series. There are memes and shit about it.

>> No.2222789 [DELETED] 

everything i saw in this game last night is complicated to the point of hilarity. i actually don't understand what she sees in it.

>> No.2222799
File: 92 KB, 512x512, 1wyJX5_zDMu68wTNxJO4DQ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it seems more likely you're just mad that people were discussing a game you were not interested in, I had fun discussing weapons with my global bros while making playful jabs at gura for being a gooberhead

>> No.2222813

I try to watch all the livestreams but sometimes when it's particularly bad I'll pop-out the chat and minimize it so I don't see it. MonHun seemed to bring a lot of shitters into the works, both in her chat and this thread.

>> No.2222819 [DELETED] 


>> No.2222830

i liked seeing that and I don't even play the game. Gameplayfags are only annoying when they're raging like the people actually pissed about the missed quest thing.

>> No.2222832


>> No.2222845
File: 102 KB, 512x512, 1602817840233.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wonder how switch axe users felt that she picked it up, swung it twice, and put it away. Didn't even transform the weapon.

>> No.2222927


>> No.2222929
File: 106 KB, 1200x858, d0a978e661cf7450313f4f1e1ec08fd3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just cooked up some cod and now my whole house smells like Gura.

>> No.2222968

Does anybody else miss her Minecraft streams? They were basically zatsudans and I think that's when Gura is at her best.

>> No.2222991

They're fun but I can't blame her for getting burnt out on playing Minecraft considering I am too.

>> No.2223027
File: 186 KB, 1300x1486, 1617517975594.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

not really, terraria scratched the same itch for me, but this particular week was lacking in zatsus

>> No.2223035

They were a mixed bag for me. Some were amazing, like the ocean temple and trident farm. Others were painfully boring, like some of the early sharkhat house streams and Hardcore mode. Honestly I think she'd be better off just having a real zatsudan and not getting distracted by the game every 30 seconds.

>> No.2223055

>and my eyes aren't good enough to--I'm not fast enough to see [superchats] while I'm gaming
Poor sleepy Gura slipped up and forgot her excuse.

>> No.2223088 [DELETED] 

i miss them for sure. but i'm not sure it would have the same effect if she just started doing them again. recently she's done plenty of good chatting with us and i don't think she needs minecraft to help her do that anymore.

>> No.2223159

minecraft never helped her. if anything it hurt her, FUCK minecraft

>> No.2223215 [DELETED] 

in the long run that may be the case, but early on, it was the only really surefire way of getting her to slow down and chat for an extended period of time.

>> No.2223227

>recently she's done plenty of good chatting with us.
I know, but I really enjoy having such a chill boring game in the background as she talks to us. I also think, when there isn't much going on in the game, minecraft puts her in a pretty chill mood which I really like.

>> No.2223241 [DELETED] 

yeah, i used to just put headphones on and fall asleep listening to her. it was nice.

>> No.2223258

too much drama on the minecraft community recently

>> No.2223356

3 tubs of ice cream fatty shark

>> No.2223387
File: 61 KB, 768x1024, 1606999296563.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Evidence generally seems to point to the contrary but just IMAGINE a chubby shark.

>> No.2223403 [DELETED] 

blowing raspberries on her soft shark tummy!!

>> No.2223412

tiny tubby Goomblob needs emergency ring fit sessions stat

>> No.2223523

Keep in mind she eats almost nothing and probably rarely goes shopping.

>> No.2223630

What would you do if you met her irl?

>> No.2223660


>> No.2223726

Probably ask her if she wants to go for a drive with the windows down. Maybe go to a park and pick some fruit. She seems like an outdoors girl at heart.

>> No.2223772

Not say anything and take the knowledge of where I saw her to my grave, considering she clearly wants to keep her identity a secret and would be greatly unnerved by someone recognizing her.

>> No.2223854

Probably nothing. She is a ball of anxiety and would have trouble sleeping if she knew she'd been made.

>> No.2223892

Feign ignorance.

>> No.2223909

Have a heart attack and die from forcing myself to hold back from approaching her.

>> No.2223959

How would you recognize her? I could've already passed her by long ago without knowing.

>> No.2224099

Would Gura be okay with being called princess? If not, what nickname should chumbuds call Gura?

>> No.2224101

Because of that one schizo who used to spam her irl picture everywhere.

Or voice

>> No.2224114

That's her real picture? You sure 'bout that?

>> No.2224130
File: 243 KB, 1800x1500, 1600222927372.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does it matter if we're sure or not? Either way you don't want to disturb them if you aren't an asshole.

>> No.2224140 [DELETED] 

i would quietly walk away and not regret it at all.

>> No.2224164

That sounds too much like a ddlg term, it might creep her out.
I think shark queen would be a better nickname personally.

>> No.2224165

Wait for the Princess ASMR to start calling her that.

>> No.2224199

She asked to be called chef and so we shall call her chef until further notice. Yes chef!

>> No.2224210 [DELETED] 


>> No.2224241

no she smells like cheap liquor because shes a degenerate drunk

>> No.2224242

She seems to like Gurandma fine. Or at least tolerate it, vs telling mommy fags to fuck off.

>> No.2224305

Grab her by the head and see how far I can throw her

>> No.2224315
File: 53 KB, 804x720, 1614740919939.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'd shoot my shot, without mentioning anything about vtubers if possible. I know that if I don't I'll never see her again, and it doesn't matter if I have a low chance of success, better than a surefire 0% by not trying.

>> No.2224348

I can only see her being terrified if some random stranger walking up to her and asked her out, even if they were attractive

>> No.2224381

I wish more people said goomba roomba in Gura's chat. I want a solid wall of goomba roomba and she's not reaching those numbers.

>> No.2224424

Yea maybe, it doesn't help that I'm not very experienced in this stuff either. But I've let good things slip through my fingers before by not trying, and I wouldn't want this one to be on me.

>> No.2224455

lol thats why men are bigger and stronger than women. You only get one shot

>> No.2224479 [DELETED] 

this whole discussion is pretty gross. if you respect her then that's a line you should never cross.

>> No.2224543

Based. Go for it and try and get a date.

>> No.2224551

Judging by the replies I'm pretty sure most people here understand that.

>> No.2224658

headpat and run away
just kidding, plz don't traumatize her

>> No.2224697
File: 818 KB, 726x1200, 7a860ed39042bfc9870faec10b751afb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like calling her chef. It's adorable. We need more fan art with her in a chef's hat too.

>> No.2224738

I hope calling her chef offers some positive reinforcement. I'm happy she's been talking about cooking more, which hopefully means she isn't straight up skipping meals or replacing meals with protein shakes constantly anymore.

>> No.2224786

I would love it if she did a cook along. Like post the recipe on twitter so everyone can gather ingredients and then we all cook together and send her the pictures of the results.

>> No.2225330
File: 361 KB, 1979x2048, 1836397291.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Being an autist, I've naturally already spent time thinking about this situation in bed late at night. This is definitely the only way to go about it if your goal is to hold hands with gura, but I would just feel like such a scumbag continually lying to her.

>she finally opens up to you about what she does
>you already know and have to act surprised

Saying ur a fan is obviously a terrible idea too. Best move is just stay quiet then brag about it here where no one will believe you.

>> No.2225364

welp time to rewatch a cooking stream.
Next time she does a cooking stream what should she make? Something with shrimp? Brownies? Maybe another cake for her birthday?

>> No.2225472

I'm hoping for a real cake, not of the mug variety. Muffins and cookies would be cute too.

>> No.2225530

Hopefully something that doesn't involve using the microwave as an oven substitute this time.

>> No.2225641
File: 76 KB, 1772x1181, 1586279912346.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm watching the Christmas one right now. It's so cute, I wish I had been there for it.

>> No.2225712 [DELETED] 


>> No.2225768

I mean, you could just say you recognize her voice, ask if she's Gura and say you're a fan casually. There is nothing really creepy or wrong with that.

>> No.2225776 [DELETED] 

Is she actually a virgin?

>> No.2225931

Does that even matter? I honestly advise you to not give a fuck about that bullshit. You will never know and you will never get to be her bf anyway.

>> No.2226027
File: 193 KB, 484x482, 1617343626919.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no, she's having sex every day with me

>> No.2226038

just don't give them the (you)s. The same rotation of questions gets asked here every other day just to stir shit up

>> No.2226055

Gura should stream making whatever she would normally make. We watched her make a mug cake, we will watch her make ANYTHING.

>> No.2226088

>we will watch her make ANYTHING.
Haachama collab when? Gura said she thought tarantulas were cute. Haachama likes tarantulas too.

>> No.2226104 [DELETED] 

Without going too deep in roommate stuff. Yes

>> No.2226106

Can't wait for the collab where Haachama cooks and eats Gura's pet tarantula live on stream!

>> No.2226125

She should have gotten a jumping spider. They're cuter and too small to eat.

>> No.2226194

Yeah, it's just such a bizarre question to ask, especially about vtubers. I wouldn't care if my actual gf had sex before me, and I can't even imagine giving a slightest of fucks if a vtuber's roommate did.

>> No.2226231 [DELETED] 

i think it would be really cool if she used the 3DIO for her cooking streams. imagine the sound of her chopping vegetables through it.

>> No.2226267
File: 123 KB, 425x400, 1604423123368.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hope so too. I'm really excited for whatever she uses the 3dio for next. It's really fun to listen to.

>> No.2226378 [DELETED] 

Doubt it, where did you even hear that.

>> No.2226401 [DELETED] 

I went looking for roomate stuff, there is very little on Gura and certainly not anything about dating, much less sex life.

>> No.2226408

Its because some people have some strange obsession with females being pure. If you're willing to drop someone just because they've had sex before than you should be reevaluating your life

>> No.2226441

It's because he's baiting by larping. Believe what you want, but it's not something worth getting caught up on either way.

>> No.2226450

>I went looking for roomate stuff
Get the fuck out of /ggg/

>> No.2226458

Because most people here are misogynists and incels. Just got to ignore them

>> No.2226485

Autism. No one fucking cares.

>> No.2226516 [DELETED] 

Sorry about the autism, apologies.

>> No.2226540

>meidos actually policing individual threads
Nice, I thought just /hlgg/ would take all their attention, there is always something yab going on in there.

>> No.2226615
File: 2.28 MB, 1900x1963, 1617111544136.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

In other news, Gura is cute.

>> No.2226648
File: 1.40 MB, 1305x1710, 1dvlrgwi7zn61.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gura is the cutest in the world and that is a fact!

>> No.2226654 [DELETED] 

using the report button helps

>> No.2226679

anyone got a timestamp for jokes don't become funny if you say them twice? I like when she calls out chat

>> No.2226774
File: 189 KB, 1383x1902, 1617519389551.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It was known for months, anon. The news is that she's only getting cuter.

>> No.2226786

If you did that she would just deny it anyway and it'd probably flare up her anxiety, so best not to.

>> No.2226807
File: 250 KB, 1447x2047, 1617515546564.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is true and it was scientific proof!

>> No.2226823

If she denies that, you just apologize, say you're mistaken and drop the topic. You know, just read the room.

>> No.2226836

I believe it was near the beginning of the Lagombi fight, don't have an exact timestamp though

>> No.2226854

If you did have the opportunity to meet her in real life, it would probably be best to treat her like a regular person and as a stranger rather than as Gura.

"Roommate is not relevant to vtuber" also goes for real life.

>> No.2226929

Gura is boring and grumpy now
i'm ready to oshihen to any 2nd gen EN entertaining enough

>> No.2226955

do Japanese actually say this? It's cool.

>> No.2226962

godspeed anon, hope you find your real oshi soon

>> No.2226993

the fame is changing her... I'm kinda getting tired of her bullshit too...

>> No.2227023

Let's be real
We have least chance to actually meet her than most of hololive members anyway cause of her life style
If you somehow meet her. Her social anxiety would make her step away before even start actual conversation

>> No.2227040

You guys are absolute idiots if you think announcing that you're a fan to the oshi's roommate is a good move. Then you're either a stalker who's found them or a fan to be kept at arms length.

You gotta pretend to not know anything about vtubers forever, then, if she reveals it to you, you can get back to supporting them. Any other way is a disaster.

>> No.2227058 [DELETED] 


usually when she says something memorable like that, you can search the archive and find people quoting or paraphrasing her. then just roll back a bit to account for the delay in people posting. in this case, i'd remembered her saying "stop calling him big chungus" just a few seconds before "just because you say a joke twice doesn't make it funny", but those comments were actually separated by over 40 seconds. interesting how so-called "dead air" just passes by like that.

>> No.2227062

i dont get how these work

can someone explain?

>> No.2227066


>> No.2227074 [DELETED] 

it's a browser plugin for newfags

>> No.2227111 [DELETED] 

Are you lost, deadbeat?

>> No.2227147

thanks, I find it hard to remember when the stream started to use that technique though

>> No.2227177 [DELETED] 

sometimes i do too, but usually you can check the schedule. in this case it was easy because it was burned into my memory as being 20:59:05 EDT because of the hour or so i spent keeping track of where it was in her top 5 longest streams.

>> No.2227178

>You just gotta build your whole relationship on a lie, girls love it when you reveal massive lies to them.
Dial back your sociopath reps.

>> No.2227259

By the end I was ready to get jacked on caffeine because she didn't seem tired and I had no idea how long she was gonna go on for.

>> No.2227267

Honestly the moment you become a fan you've already lost.

Introducing yourself as a fan = likely auto-rejected.

Lying and pretending to be clueless = definite problems and trust issues down the road.

>> No.2227275 [DELETED] 

there was definitely a period when i was thinking about making a cup of coffee, too.

>> No.2227289

Yes which is why you respect her boundaries and accept that you will never be in any form of relationship with her, and on the unlikely chance you do recognize her somehow, you pretend you didn't, go on your way, and never speak of it.

>> No.2227291

>Dial back your sociopath reps.
Women lie about everything all the time Anon you're not doing anything she's not.

>> No.2227339

That's why my pipe dream is to meet her by complete coincidence in an online multiplayer game where I wouldn't know its her. And by the time its revealed, we would already be good friends and it wouldn't matter.

>> No.2227356

Yup, only way to get in as a fan would be to hit the miracle and somehow become friends with her online and hit it off that way, but good fucking luck. That route comes with its own issues too even if you do it the miracle and start to go down it.

>> No.2227372 [DELETED] 

you guys are hopeless.

>> No.2227384 [DELETED] 

I'd ask if I know her from somewhere to confirm, then I'd shoot my shot. if we're at a restaurant or somewhere we can sit down, I'd ask if we could share a table or something and try to hold a conversation. if things went well, I'd confess I know she's Gura, even if that can make things awkward. I just don't like the idea of lying to her.

>> No.2227393
File: 1007 KB, 2993x2550, 84427897_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well aware of that

>> No.2227423

Yes, hello, welcome to /vt/ can I take your order?

>> No.2227432
File: 15 KB, 300x300, P_G gura.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That downside of having a cutest oshi

>> No.2227441 [DELETED] 

Just let ne say this, in a long enough timeline some gosling somewhere will eventually meet and marry their oshi, and it will be a lifelong happy marriage. Im not saying it's gonna be common, it may even only happen once, but stranger things have happened in this world.

>> No.2227448

How am I supposed to pretend I'm not a fan when I'm proudly displaying my Gawr Gura keychain?

>> No.2227474
File: 511 KB, 644x644, wheredoyouthinkweare.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2227477

This is true.

>> No.2227492

I cant help it, Gura is too cute.

>> No.2227508

I can only hope that Gura knows the couple socially awkward retards don't mean anything bad by it and isn't too disgusted with us.

>> No.2227519


i cant

>> No.2227529 [DELETED] 

Japanese manga seems to imply it’s common

>> No.2227538 [DELETED] 

She hates everyone here anon.

>> No.2227539 [DELETED] 

guys, the way that you get to enjoy her company now is seriously the only way you will ever get to enjoy it. the relationship we have with her as fans isn't meaningless. it's not the same as having a one-on-one relationship with a woman in real life, but it is still something special. the sooner you accept that and appreciate it for what it is, the happier you'll be with it. constantly wishing for it to be something else is only going to make you unhappy.

>> No.2227560

Anon I don't go shitting up your dreams, come on.

>> No.2227568 [DELETED] 

Japanese romcom manga are literary self insert coping for lonely men. They are the farthest thing from reality.

>> No.2227580 [DELETED] 

You retards already harassed HER friends TWICE because of nothing-burgers, you think she’d give a shit to the people here?

>> No.2227606

I don't know how people can see Ame and probably Kiara posting here and think Gura hates us, but believe what you like.

>> No.2227607

which browser plugin?

>> No.2227611

what was the second time? I only know about transatlantic dick

>> No.2227615

I didn't harass anyone. Don't pretend everyone is retarded.

>> No.2227617 [DELETED] 

it probably already has

>> No.2227626 [DELETED] 

Until someone takes every video she ever made (including HER), runs it into some sort of AI trainer and creates an Gura AI waifu for everyone to download.

>> No.2227628

This is probably the most depressing place in the fucking world to hololive girls.

>> No.2227650

Reminder that Gura doesn't, and has never actually come here. She gets all her meme knowledge from YouTube and KnowYourMeme. She may or may not hate us, it depends on how much she knows about all the dox stuff that happened.

>> No.2227653 [DELETED] 

it wouldn't even be as good as watching streams. you'd know it's just a program that doesn't have real feelings.

>> No.2227654 [DELETED] 

I didn't believe either rrats and was against people harrassing her friends.

>> No.2227665 [DELETED] 

It's one thing to be a femanon shitposting and laughing, it's another to then become a famous vtuber and watch anons talk about you. She is disgusted by everyone here. I don't blame her for it.

>> No.2227683 [DELETED] 

Who says AI don't have feelings.

>> No.2227684

Major of /ggg/ don't want to harm gura anon

>> No.2227689

I like to imagine Gura is thinking of us when she says things like "you like when I bully you, no one else will" or whatever the exact quote was.
Believe what you want.

>> No.2227690

at that point it doesn't even matter if your friend turns out to be her. you're dream is just to date an internet celebrity.

>> No.2227733 [DELETED] 

It's too late for me anon...

>> No.2227739
File: 46 KB, 200x200, 1604594609325.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is what no shark for 2 days does to the chumzone.

>> No.2227753

Withdrawals are some crazy shit.

>> No.2227760

you lost the chance of a real relationship when you put the person on a pedestal. that dynamic doesn't work for either party.

>> No.2227765

If you just look at the threads, they can be pretty vile, but individually your average poster will be very tame and respectful in a face to face scenario. Or so I would hope.

>> No.2227767 [DELETED] 

Point it’s guaranteed she associates this place to 4chan, and she associates 4chan to the harassment. She should hate this place, if she already isn’t, and that’s for the better

>> No.2227790 [DELETED] 

it's true that the vast majority of people here would do whatever they could to protect her privacy and her dignity, but the people here who do otherwise surely must give her a very bad impression of us. it's sad, but there's really nowhere else i can have a good discussion with other devoted fans.

>> No.2227793
File: 403 KB, 1365x1326, I have been lonely ever since Gura left.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know right

>> No.2227796

You don't really know what she thinks of 4chan or this thread though. You're not a mind reader, anon.

>> No.2227813

Until I hear Gura say it I don't believe your rrat.

>> No.2227889

Your projecting, especially if she used 4chan before becoming a vtuber.

>> No.2227893 [DELETED] 

holy shit you losers are delusional
4chan is the number one place that has done the MOST damage to her name and reputation, and it's not even close
she never comes here, and she hates you all

>> No.2227902
File: 123 KB, 993x1246, EuXG3p1VcAE5kxl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gura's next week schedule is shaping up to be very Kino once again.
>more MonHun
>more Metroid
>more RE2
>a new rhythm game
Do you think there might be a collab or membership stream too?

>> No.2227915

I'm betting that the MonHun stream will be an Ina collab.

>> No.2227929 [DELETED] 

Do you guys not use social media at all that you hope Gura would love this place and by extensnion, you?

>> No.2227938

She said there would be an EN collab next week

>> No.2227954 [DELETED] 

>4chan is the number one place that has done the MOST damage to her name and reputation
name literally one thing anons from 4chan have done to damage her name or reputation. the worst thing people here have ever done is harass a friend of hers because his name showed up on stream.

>> No.2227971
File: 224 KB, 375x426, 1615235415243.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>she never comes here, and she hates you all
for good fucking reason, this place is miserable but the funny memes keep me here. by the way everyone talks about gura you'd think she's completely fallen from fame and on the verge of graduation. HUHHHHH HER LIVE NUMBERS ARE DOWN! SHE SQUANDERED IT! WASHED UP!!! schizos, man

>> No.2227973

>new rhythm game
Its sponsored, and you know it will be short one
Also I want member karaoke stream, last one she did was month ago

>> No.2227978

Stop replying to trolls.

>> No.2227986

Public karaoke onegai...

>> No.2227992

Didn't she say something like a rhythm game collab?

>> No.2227997 [DELETED] 

the beauty of 4chan is that no one knows who I am on 4chan. she can hate this place as much as she wants, that doesn't mean she'd hate me.

>> No.2228013

Yeah, I kinda expect it to be a short stream, but I can hope she ends up liking the game so it goes on for a bit more. I've never played it though and don't have much hope for a mobage.

>> No.2228037

Was that in addition to her saying she was going to try to hunt down people for a MonHun collab? Or is that referring to the MonHun collab?

>> No.2228038 [DELETED] 

The fake browser pic. The Jay narrative. The literal schizos stalking her when she isn't streaming. These were all started here and they have breeched containment long ago. She still gets youtube comments on the regular about these events.

>> No.2228045 [DELETED] 

Sure she does ESLchama

>> No.2228056

I don't think her name or reputation has been damaged at all anywhere, anon. The only people who did any sort of damage to her are lolcow doxfags who went full autistic mode on her and her family and spread that shit everywhere. Even the current doxcords only share that same lolcow info to this day.
I don't know, anon, that's the thing, neither do you. It's very possible that she hates this place, it's equally as possible she doesn't care or even that she browses it and finds it funny.

>> No.2228067 [DELETED] 

It's just a rhythm game, with a LOT of anime OP/ED covers. It plays pretty well, and the girls are very cute.

>> No.2228072

I'd be surprised if that made its way in there considering the amount of stuff she already has lined up. Maybe as a member stream. No idea what she's planning for that.

>> No.2228076


>> No.2228100 [DELETED] 

you're a retard, there is literally no value in her coming here and other than maybe once out of morbid curiosity, she NEVER COMES HERE
stop deluding yourselves and just shitpost on your favourite board, but stop even insinuating that my oshi would EVER enjoy being here

>> No.2228125 [DELETED] 

Equally implies a 50% chance. I doubt the chances are that high considering the shit that >we done to her friends and genmates

>> No.2228131 [DELETED] 

please stop posting about that stuff. it doesn't matter whether she's here or not. there is no reason to bring it all up again.

>> No.2228138

Alright, anon, chill out. I'm not claiming that HSE'S HERE, just that there is no sure way to know unless she just outright say it or she has a yab similar to Pekora's, which is very unlikely due to her yab paranoia.

>> No.2228146

I doubt she comes here, but honestly if I was in hololive I probably would just for the sake of keeping up with recent dox posting to protect myself.

>> No.2228156

Nice, I'm cautiously optimistic then. I'll wait for her to play through it before I bother even looking at it though.

>> No.2228166

And yet, Ame still visits sometimes. I find it hard to believe Gura never does, but we're arguing in circles and should stop.

>> No.2228177

This. It's worth to check archives to see if there are any stalkers who are digging through your old shit.

>> No.2228198 [DELETED] 

And because of this anonymity, people see us as a collective. Yes they actually do. Yes it’s retarded

>> No.2228251 [DELETED] 

>and yet Ame visits sometimes
If you’re going to post “SHE’S HERE” at least used someone who actually goes here

>> No.2228272

just dont reply to him, let the chain die

>> No.2228273

This. Retards with no self control bringing attention to things they shouldn't

>> No.2228280

if you feed anything with enough intelligence and stupidity, it gains sentience

>> No.2228290 [DELETED] 

Pretty sure their managers, or at least some Cover staff actually goes here and 5ch

>> No.2228296 [DELETED] 

>The fake browser pic
haven't heard about this one, and I've been here for a while
>The Jay narrative
didn't really damage her name or reputation and I've only ever seen the boyfriend rrat talked about here, with most people, myself included, still calling it retarded.
>The literal schizos stalking her when she isn't streaming.
lolcow stalked her harder than anyone here ever did. in fact, I'm pretty sure almost all of her dox originates from there.
>She still gets youtube comments on the regular about these events.
I have literally never seen a youtube comment bring any of these things up. if they're there, they're drowned out by a sea of regular and benign comments with a few HERfags mixed in.

>> No.2228316

I really hope there's a membership stream, those are always my favorite.

>> No.2228320

Considering someone was making foreshadowing posts to the holo myth theme for like a week before the announcement, I think its guaranteed that they have at least someone monitoring this shithole

>> No.2228336 [DELETED] 

there's almost always one member stream, and sometimes two.

>> No.2228345 [DELETED] 

ITT: Cucks

>> No.2228353 [DELETED] 

Still fake though and soulless

>> No.2228362

feels good having the same birthday as Gura

>> No.2228375
File: 375 KB, 980x679, 1616883186270.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gura bab

>> No.2228393

what is true SOUL? Is it something that we solely define or what others define for you?

>> No.2228400


>> No.2228439 [DELETED] 

Soul is being able to put my dick Gura’s pussy

>> No.2228440

The browser pic is the parody of Pekora's google homepage one, where she had a 5ch and a vtuber numberfag site shortcuts. Gura version had a /vt/, /u/, and pregnancy sites. Nobody bought it, and anons immediately broke containment to tell normalfags it's a 4chan fake anyway.

>> No.2228475

That could just be viral advertising, which would mean whoever was doing it wasn't involved with hololive after the debut.

>> No.2228478 [DELETED] 

That’s all the fanbases retard

>> No.2228513 [DELETED] 

oh, sounds incredibly boring

>> No.2228534

It really was.

>> No.2228540 [DELETED] 

I’ll one-up you, I have the same birthday and birthyear as Gura’s roommate

>> No.2228571

There were no cucks here until your post.

>> No.2228574

Wtf Gura is literally HERE.

>> No.2228594

Go back

>> No.2228624 [DELETED] 

Gura, I love you

>> No.2228646

Gura marry me

>> No.2228651

I once worked at some sort of agency for a somewhat upstart singer/actress in my country. Although I was not part of such work, I remember some staff being delegated to search through websites to gauge and observe the general perception of the internet towards her. There were also some who were tasked to quash any unsavory rumors that would spread or engage in conversations with the fans to see what they like the most about her. Granted that our client was also from a wealthy family so I don't know if such a thing is the standard for celebrities.

>> No.2228724

I would be willing to be things like that are super common in the entertainment industry in the modern day.

But Cover is probably too retarded to do that or hire a firm to do it for them.

>> No.2228805

I like when Gura uses the voice she used in https://youtu.be/gGmE3SJiJaI?t=17343 , please relay that information to her Cover employee reading this thread.

>> No.2228874

I just like it when Gura uses her voice in general

>> No.2228887 [DELETED] 

i love every sound that comes out of her mouth

>> No.2228901

She liked when that one SC called her Princess Chef

>> No.2228929

I don't remember this, fuck.

>> No.2228998 [DELETED] 

If you ever had the chance to meet and interact with Gura on a personal basis, I bet she would be OK with you as long as you were reasonably chill about it and kept your whore mouth shut about her secret, so yeah guys, you're fucked, she would hate each and every one of you.

>> No.2229001

> 21:14:18 Seongmin Lee Mac Sungminson ₩200,000 I'm just gonna say it in my mother tongue cuz for me, it's a meaningful conffession to you on V-day. [google translate from korean] Guraya with pretty eyes, I really love you so much!! In my next life, I want to be born a shark and travel the sea with you. You know that I always cherish and love you? Our Princess Chef, have a happy Valentine's Day~ Because I am always happy because of you, you should be happy too
That's cheating. She loves foreign superchats.

>> No.2229003
File: 1.39 MB, 1000x1531, 37eb5e00ad5001933c704d0eb84c512d.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you meido.

>> No.2229053

I'm going to guess that the best present for Gura would be farmland as she did always say how she wanted to take up gardening once again

>> No.2229060

I bet the whole reason Coco isn't doing collabs with HoloEN is Cover checks this site regularly and knows how badly it would look for them when we sperged out against the chinese.

>> No.2229078

>She loves foreign superchats.
I guess I better go do my reps.

>> No.2229097

>he isnt going to run at her, take a deep whiff of her scent, and yell the loudest primal roar you've ever done in your life into the sky

>> No.2229164
File: 74 KB, 650x650, 1593587515435.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

is there a guide to what to report anywhere? I'm always unsure whether something is reportable unless it's super obvious. the answer is "it depends on which specific meidos are on" isn't it

>> No.2229286

yes, it depends on which meido or janny is probably lurking. But any mention of forbidden topics is much deserving of a ban or deletion. Just refer to the sticky.

>This board is for the discussion of Virtual YouTubers ("VTubers"), including those streaming in Japanese, English, and other languages. VTubers don't necessarily need to be on Youtube of course, they can be on Twitch, Niconico, Bilibili, or any other platform.

>Please note that discussion should pertain to a VTuber's streams and content, and should not pertain to their real lives, relationships, or appearances ("IRL").

>> No.2229366

>ctrl+f deleted
>86 results
I have been reading through the whole thread live and can't figure out if meidos just nuked anything they didn't like or that was one schizo ruining the thread.

>> No.2229385

might've been a samefagging schizo

>> No.2229441 [DELETED] 

>banned for saying HER and her friends got harassed by retards
Jesus Christ. You guys are actual fags.You retards really prefer to stay naive and think this place don't harass the girls at all? Where the fuck do you guys think the antis get their ammunition?

>> No.2229474


>> No.2229483

>New IP
looks like he's back

>> No.2229551
File: 3.86 MB, 2880x1620, 88851918_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2229576
File: 165 KB, 961x1400, 1600218966412.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gura cute

>> No.2229591

the antis are antis because they have a voice in this place. If they do not get the opportunity to speak and spout whatever trash comes out of their mouths, then they wont have the opportunity to be antis

>> No.2229596
File: 1.31 MB, 2568x2764, EvVx8xEXYAAPIx0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It always gets me how amazing some of this fan art is.

And yes, GURA LOVE.

>> No.2229681

>Where the fuck do you guys think the antis get their ammunition?
lolcow and yabs that happen on stream which is their fault

>> No.2229734
File: 207 KB, 1901x1069, G.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Some are even worth for desktop wallpaper!

>> No.2229756
File: 639 KB, 1200x1200, Pathetic[sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fo2wesq.ogg].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love that the superchat that caused this is still living rent-free in Gura's head. Yes, Gura, we're degenerates.

>> No.2229760
File: 126 KB, 2048x1152, Ev5cDIrVkAI66Pt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That one is actually my wallpaper already.

>> No.2229861

off-topic has never gone wrong for me besides meidos/jannies not being active.

>> No.2230054
File: 2.11 MB, 4050x2095, 1606037276451.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this pic is my fav. I havent change my wallpaper since november

>> No.2230220

I'd wear a shirt with that poster design.

>> No.2230235
File: 2.26 MB, 3840x2160, lx6bbazks3j61.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.2230243

I've had the same wallpaper on my ultrawide for the past three years and I think I need to change it now.

>> No.2230335
File: 784 KB, 4050x2095, 1606037276451.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Me too!

>> No.2230369

ETTA's art is very good. The fact that watching Gura is what made him pick it back up again only makes it better.

>> No.2230405

when Gura messed with her model to make WIDE GURA I started using a different fanart every day set to Stretch, it's fun.

>> No.2230486

The bag of The Big M in the corner is a nice touch.

>> No.2230604
File: 709 KB, 2894x4093, EyHYvorU4AI4LXh.jfif.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Schedule prediction:

Bang Dream shill (confirmed)
RE2 Part 2 (likely happening)
MonHun with Ina (hopefully)
Members Karaoke
Project Diva (non-scuffed)

>> No.2230606

Ok I've been gone a while, can someone give me a quick rundown on the anon who's posts got nuked?

>> No.2230669


>> No.2230703

She mentioned she wants to play RDR2 again so that could be in the mix somewhere.

>> No.2230706

some guy shilling about doxx and that gura hates 4chan or something, nothing valuable lost

>> No.2230724


>> No.2230776

I am an EOP (sorry) but what was the JOP's reaction to Gura singing Sorairo Days with Matsuri?

>> No.2230819

They thought it was adorable
They love her voice
The ones who know anything about music know the mixer butchered it.
It's basically the same as here.

>> No.2230829

>Project Diva (non-scuffed)
she still doesn't have the splitters or something, and guessing from her MH stream it seems the new PC didn't liked the setup she used for DJ max

>> No.2230890

SHE'S HERE vs SHE'S NOT HERE basically

>> No.2230979

she can not be here all she wants, because I'm THERE and will always be THERE

>> No.2230982

There was a supa with some suggestions for splitting the video and I think she had the stuff. If she doesn't, well, it wouldn't be the first time she placed her faith in Amazon-san to deliver in time for the stream. That said, I don't think she'd do Project Diva next week since that would be two rhythm games in a week even if one is a shill.

>> No.2231011

She put two rhythm games back to back last time (Groove Coaster and Project Diva) so that shit doesn't matter.

>> No.2231034

Ah, yeah you're right. Could happen then.

>> No.2231205

She's either going to schedule a superchat catch-up stream or play a game for 2-3 hours and then read them all.

>> No.2231243

How far back do you think she's going to read SC from? from the member ASMR?

>> No.2231274

I don't think she'll read any SC she skipped from before MHR. She did technically promise iirc but I don't think she remembers.

>> No.2231291

Who do you think she is? Gura is a responsible girl who reads every superchat these days. >>2231274 is gonna eat those words.

>> No.2231548
File: 31 KB, 197x170, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

God that's so hot.

>> No.2231673
File: 120 KB, 938x1553, 1593178705709.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2233355
File: 327 KB, 897x868, Gura Bully[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fzimvb9.ogg].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hopefully Gura had a good day off and baked herself something tasty. Looking forward to the next schedule, expecting RE2, MH, the sponsor stream, and maybe RDR2/Metroid/or something else.

>> No.2233527

Donkey konga incoming.

>> No.2233613

I remember having a blast with that game back in the day. I think she'll like it.

>> No.2233642

hoping for more terraria

>> No.2233898

Why does Gura always stream while being tired? I just can't help to be a concernfag and feels like she just streams to escape from reality or make her day a little bit better.

>> No.2233954

She has sleep issues and understands the importance of sticking to a schedule despite that. Which means she fucks up her sleep even more by using energy drinks and coffee on a regular basis.

>> No.2234000

She's not always tired, just sometimes. She was pretty energetic during MH until the 5 hour mark and I was exhausted by that point too.

>> No.2234070

Not to say her days off are full of depression, because i obviously have no clue, but she has said that when she's streaming it helps her mood improve.

>> No.2234453

as far as I can tell everyone in EN is concernfagging for everyone else in EN, if they have problems I'm confident they can work them out

>> No.2235101
File: 319 KB, 1483x689, Based Meido.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Newfag how do you think Sharkmeido got his name? Don't respond to bait and report the retards, based meido will handle the rest.

>> No.2236262

Its a crapshoot sometimes, a Marinefag requested fire support on their schizo anti in /ahoy/ more than 12 hours ago and to my knowledge his posts are still up whenthe day before that the same schizo was deleted instantly.

>> No.2236414
File: 988 KB, 1334x1668, want to be scolded.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.2237019
File: 65 KB, 1440x1080, 1609205319016.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no gura no cry

>> No.2237056
File: 151 KB, 512x512, 1611365148224.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no gura, i cry

>> No.2237098

no gura I do my reps while crying

>> No.2237171

Good night chumbuds

>> No.2237188

night buddy

>> No.2237292
File: 173 KB, 700x1208, 01.18.2020.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

gura cute

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