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I fucking love Stack, bros.

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I fucking love Stack, bros.

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bring back benoit

>> No.21853503

doki doki waku waku

>> No.21853644

Chris Rushia doxxed her family.

>> No.21853827

I can't believe we're having another stream this week!

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What did he mean by this?

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OP is transitioning into a f*male?

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If you actually don't know, it's taking the piss out of a tweet that was made by one of the people that work with Myth regularly on 3D stuff. They didn't actually know shit, but the tweet read like they might, and they didn't think about how the tweet would be read.

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But OP is already female. She's just been busy lately organizing Nijifightz, be sure to catch the stream this weekend on her twitch channel.

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The foxes are in the enclosed pool area

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OP i'm waiting..

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I fucking love Stack, bros.

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Streams doko?

>> No.21859426

DARK stream on thursday (maybe)

>> No.21859470

Dark OP still trapped in the cage

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Wait for saturday brother. OP will stream for sure.

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>OP streaming the same day Selen is doing NijiWWE
Incredibly unlikely, but I'll fucking pop off if real.

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Saturday night wars.

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Why did you guys make a thread if there's no fucking streams until Thursday at best?

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>Selen streaming at the same day as HFZ
feels like an all out war right now lol

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OP isn't going to overlap herself

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i can actually see him stream at the same time as Selens just to slay rrats, but if i were her, i'd make way for the NIJIWWE stream so /hfz/ can groom Selen's stream to adopting the /hfz/ culture (you know, spamming SYNC, JESAS, >1, etc.)

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I'm not going to watch NijiFightz because I don't know a single Nijinigger.

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just wanted to let you guys know NijiWWE has a discord server of video editors making promos for Selen's stream and they have a venting channel talking shit about the HFZ production team

>> No.21862011

Why would we care about that

>> No.21862065

Feels like an all out war right now.

>> No.21862138

will HFZ spam "IT FEELS LIKE AN ALL OUT WAR RIGHT NOW" if Pomuler enters the ring? i'd actually find that funny.

>> No.21862227

I mean, it is funny but I probably wouldn’t do so myself. Listanon will never catch me if I don’t let him

>> No.21862634

Not surprising, the same people are in both servers

>> No.21862707

OP was right to genocide the promofags...

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how much longer do you really think you can hide?

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I started to check them out few months ago so I know some of them.
Made me chuckle but I probably won't either.

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Wrestling kinos back to back bros

>> No.21864314

THIS FRIDAY? holy shit

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The stream is likely on Twitch so that Selen can flip on Subscriber-only mode if the jabronie marks get too noisy.
I know the compulsion to shitpost is really hard to fight, but this might be a canary stream that other corpos use to see if it's worth having WWE streams. Try not to break containment too hard.

>> No.21864378

She said it was going to be on Twitch since the beginning.

>> No.21864418

And NijiEN has been getting shitposts since the beginning. What's your point?

>> No.21864432

I will spam "Yeah x is not doing as well as expected" to whoever Fungus is going up against.

>> No.21864985

Promofag Genocide is a rrat. They're just hiding, waiting for the best time to strike against the public menace.

>> No.21865046


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>he's finna watch niji's sloppy shop bingo hall nodime 2k22 entrances antidraw monkey spotfest prerecorded emote enabled raped HFZ ripoff shit garbage
kek what a ding-dong diddly worked smark nijidrone bitch

>> No.21865925

>he typed out ding-dong diddly

>> No.21866041

ya finna seethe? ya finna cry?

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I'm desperate for chuuba wresslin anon, please don't think less of me

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I'm finna ding dong diddly watch Selen's scuffed nodime fanshit submitted WWE stream though

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who cares, what's the status on pomuler?

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It's gonna be this one


>> No.21866571

no dimes

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no battler no watch

>> No.21866741

Is Selen not gonna be creating the wrestlers herself?

>> No.21866750

she can't use that if she's planning on doing intersex matches, so she's going to be forced to use Pomuler.

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>> No.21867008

Selen pls no...

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nah, just one job now, going to start streaming regularly. only problem is that starting off this week my sleep schedule is off. the best time for me to stream would be like an hour from now, which i think is terrible for everyone in every timezone. or not? i dunno.
anyway, won't have s3 e7 lore done by thursday but i did make some progress on it. the advent of omegaalpha on Thursday, and then potentially more testing on saturday. time way up in the air, will have a better idea tomorrow. also let me know if 2PM CST is a good/bad timeslot

>> No.21867601

OP's old timeslot is always the best timeslot for everyone i think.

>> No.21867708

The greatest intro of all time.

>> No.21867963

2pm it's ok for me

>> No.21868307

just stream

>> No.21868412

I’m an eternal vodkek anyways, so anytime’s good for me. 2PM sounds fine, regardless.

>> No.21868491

Selen is going to crowdsource as much as she can, she'll create what she wants that is missing, or what is there but she doesn't like

>> No.21868557

>the best time for me to stream would be like an hour from now
If it's the best time, then, as the meme goes, do it faggot

>> No.21868745

Honestly that sounds like it's gonna be some ding dong diddly anti dimes. I hope she at least tries out the character creator and plays around with it first.

>> No.21869087

Can you edit wrestlers designed by other people?

>> No.21870147

She'll outsource as much as she can get away with. This is probably a good time to remind people that DarkOP and OP's biggest conflict with moving to 2k22 was having to spend hours remaking everybody. Now consider that Selen probably isn't a wrestling autist.

>> No.21870174

if that's possible, someone please replace the f*male Pomu with a Pomuler.

>> No.21870379

The dreaded 22 hours in CAW...

>> No.21872266

Hfz, NijiWWE, CBT or any other /vt/ related show - I'll watch them all

>> No.21872390

All that has to happen is they have to BOOK IT and I’ll watch. Females in 2k games are a bit of a debuff, though.
CBTbros, I miss the kino...

>> No.21872427

i've already got 90 hours in 2k22. if you consider i've only streamed maybe 15 hours of 2k22, thats 75 hours. and i've only made 32 characters.

>> No.21872759

>75 hours
>32 characters out of two gorillion to go
Oh jesas...

>> No.21873002

Holy shit

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Why is there three of you now

>> No.21876208

No, you idiot, you can only choose one promotion to watch and defend on the forums! You can't tripple dip like some bigamous!

>> No.21877542

I'll be honest I love loud music and barely audible commentators, so I'll watch NijiWWE but it just might not be as great is Selen is too vocal

>> No.21877692

>implying niji would allow literally any music used in a promo

>> No.21881935

Lmao count out

>> No.21881947
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>> No.21881955

>Gets back in the ring at 10

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>Make thread
>Have nothing to discuss
>Still keep the thread alive anyways

>> No.21882222 [SPOILER] 
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stuff is being worked on, trust meeee

>> No.21883560

i'm gonna stream about 18 hours from now
it's gonna be one hell of a shitpost

>> No.21884073

You should have seen the last nasfaq thread.

>> No.21884391

kek, vtl 3 when

>> No.21886008

A few months. Speaking of vtl3

Poll when?

>> No.21886510

in like, a month or two.

>> No.21886830

No need for divegrass poll. Here are the changes you should make:



>Comet 47 replaces Nene in the roster
>enter WEIGHT OF THE UNIVERSE as second goalie
>Change Stack to Chris Benoit with [redacted] on his shoulder
>Mori (forma de lean)
>Society to normal Polka (no one gets potemkin)

If you implement these changes we will win it all in vtl3

>> No.21887180

One look at Stack tells me she needs at least three ritual posters.

>> No.21887896

>table out
>no one gets potemkin
Speak for yourself.

>> No.21888430

Ay yo there's this male vTuber in NijiEN streaming WWE 2K22 tomorrow. Horribly early for NA, but might be worth checking out for Eurobros. Selen's will probably turn out better, but who knows.

>> No.21888734

Who is it?

>> No.21888845

Luca, right? I remember seeing those shitposts about schedules on the board and I think I saw that he had WWE on his timeslot. I don’t even know if it’s 2k22 or not.

>> No.21888917

Haha feels like an all out war right now

>> No.21888925


>> No.21889043

It's Mysta, and you're right the doesn't say 22. Just WWE2K

>> No.21889399

Ah, I guess I can’t read.
>Just WWE2K
Kek, it’s most likely 2k22, but I’d laugh if it was 2k19 or something.

>> No.21889407

>table out

opinion discarded

>> No.21889941

looks like he's doing character creation. 6am CST

>> No.21890264

seagods it's our time

>> No.21890629

>nijikeks got wwe2k permissions

holochads... we lost...

>> No.21890757

Amelia is getting 2k perms.

>> No.21890786

We really should have sniped NijiProWrestling from them

>> No.21891086

Nijisanji is more autistic than Nintendo about fan made stuff.

>> No.21891160

The Final KWAB approaches...!

>> No.21893301


>> No.21893365

>Selen bullied Mysta into doing character creation after seeing that only 2 people posted really shitty CAWs on the tag
Can't make this shit up.

>> No.21895792

>Ref is speedcounting

>> No.21896413


>> No.21898194

I, for one, enjoy the Ref and his rigging ways.

>> No.21898902

t. Ref

>> No.21900438

(you) vs. an angry Yagoo who decided that wrestling is real in 30 minute ironman match. The reward for doing it is a 30 minute ironman match with your oshi.

Do you make it to the end of the match?

>> No.21900931


>> No.21902754

Can't be helped. I'll put Yagoo over, but I'm still taking the win.

>> No.21904881

make it a one hour iron man with my oshi and maybe I'll consider letting yagoo get one pin on me

>> No.21906171

>Do you make it to the end of the match?
Maybe with a few missing limbs and internal organs, but my oshi is worth all that
Maybe she’ll remember me after I die from trauma three minutes into the second match

>> No.21907296

Here is my pitch :
>Play Apex
>John Ina

>The Hand ( aka Yagoo, replacing Comet 47)
>Year of the Squirrel (Risu model)
>King Towa (Towa KOTR model)
>Orange Woman Dimes (Kiara model)
>Sodamania (Sora model)
>The Dragon Wrestler (Coco model)

>The 2 most voted between Towa, Coco, Sora, Coexist and Nene will become the new Silver Medal
>Comet 47 will replace whatever position that is needed
>Mori to her 2k22 costume

>> No.21908115

>Stairs out
An even worse take than the other guy

>> No.21908274

Fuck off, Stairs and Error are the best defenders this team has, you just want us to lose horribly.

>> No.21909721


>> No.21909931

oh btw I've held onto this for a long time,
the chat log of stream0. I came to post the vid, but people already had that it seems.
https://mega.nz/file/ZTQWwBbS#WmGvA01aqne7Ia9CfYTV0UMg3DwA_rMBSKjTzNcPXGs json
https://mega.nz/file/tLRSRA5K#FVQGdCzIDeyitosYf4PSazzUHD39ZMdS0Q-S-WvvuEs txt

okay bye

>> No.21910413

>chat log
LISTGODS, [email protected]

>> No.21911247
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OP.... is an emotefag...

>> No.21911377

I remember that.
>majority nay right afterwords
>”don’t bother”

>> No.21911501


>> No.21911622


HoloFightZ HFZArchiveAnon HFZDark videoanon lulzmaker21 kaz0921 jeannedgame basedcringehfz

행복회로 (uzicharehu) Im_chudhead thefinalrumble Koopa_ch cnrumble Rusty_Shackleford generalcrayontastenice BeerSalad123 salsaa_aa paradoxio091 Guy_Fiati skeleturtle idiotic02 MegidolanonforEveryone polkacci reversegzv rulolus kidsaviour Haaton_SBR810 nijioutarou cream_shakes AtelierMari RobDeLaMorte pestofish sulendar_sulgalaraj mehless Lif3less randolurk3r chanclarosa TheKanMan samuraigustav Herest099 maj1ckpants Agitating_Skeleton veryverylongshort garlicaspirer straywolfx Jreedzz rodhinftw dourknight 21st_century_35p timolo711 TriangleIndividual Steelsentinel9001 Switchmd Kohaku__ Agilet Supremeusagi cringe_plus_max ソナ CuppaJo3 tartep VigridianWitch rectalexam1 fununter cspcspcsp iiijjiiji supercoolmann tomas2337 Thebigmasterpig CaliginousAntic laytuhson AluthryaBumpBox911 NobleClamtasm fayne_l jomopolis Buhazo safalo yertyyy metabyte1 Thefutureinternetwizard Ajbolt NoMadJ TinyChippo SanMartinArgentino SayApple1 TalkingSloth minik82 basedschizo Haadrian qm1289 Puppy1214 WortWortWort17 lyslsc w_ch virgimon boohoobs doctorturing savordaflavor MagnetoMaster gunlock01 metatron53 ImaToastHead2 TinyT34t5 nonodame Pancakedeity さくらみこ usadapekora_hololive

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File: 1.61 MB, 522x410, 1649243562679.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.21911730


>> No.21912104

Listanon is a mark who’ll never catch me no matter how hard he tries

>> No.21913717


>> No.21916193

i'll never make the list...

>> No.21917631

I'm not on the list anymore...

>> No.21917722

Once again you've failed listanon

>> No.21917786
File: 594 KB, 2400x3300, Reine!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ain't a tables match without the tables queen

>> No.21917924

dark stream doko

>> No.21918432
File: 23 KB, 337x94, Screenshot 2022-04-06 095928.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

...Watamage got him...

>> No.21919031


>> No.21919072

did someone made a webm of Watamage saying literally who in that divegrass hype? I need it for >>21918432

>> No.21919168
File: 17 KB, 408x338, Watamage watch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21921711


Here's the video.

>> No.21923215

thank you anon

>> No.21923835

I think still three hours to go and I will kwab before then, as per usual

>> No.21925813


>> No.21928313
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there is a certain someone missing from that list

>> No.21929488
File: 487 KB, 613x1014, 1627989358818.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You couldn't possibly mean...?

>> No.21930538


>> No.21930883
File: 548 KB, 720x540, heh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

about an hour from now
reply to this post with song requests
just as a reminder, gonna be something of a shitpost stream, althought there will be something normal toward the end.

>> No.21931054

shitpost songs for shitpost stream

>> No.21931198


>> No.21933034
File: 3.95 MB, 1447x2039, its stack.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

starting in 5 minutes or so

>> No.21933932


>> No.21934552
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>> No.21935675

>L O N D O N
My sides

>> No.21936476

>[REDACTED] relegated to female matches
A fate FAR worse than death...

>> No.21936841


>> No.21937096


>> No.21937318

New stackler

>> No.21937478


>> No.21939143

>nearly worked into a shoot by that BLUE FUCK
How dare he do that to Stack...

>> No.21939147

Combra Commander, I kneel to your sheer dimes

>> No.21939717


>> No.21940696

Imagine Stack from Season ? and 2hu invasion Stack (forma de Mokou) manhandling you the ring at the same time. I’d hate that, haha...

>> No.21941208
File: 151 KB, 720x540, cobRAAAAAAA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hope you enjoyed the stream. The Advent of OmegaAlpha part 3 tomorrow.

>> No.21943494
File: 140 KB, 295x331, 1627826041852.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's me, maskler!

>> No.21948162

Thanks for the stream. Omega sounds like it'll be megadimes...

>> No.21948473

Oh yeah, he’s going against...HIM tomorrow.

>> No.21952226


>> No.21953384

How has no one made a koikatsu card for Stack's vtuber model yet?

>> No.21954254
File: 558 KB, 1280x720, snow cold lamy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21955848

Be the change you want to be

>> No.21959772

Selen’s laughter as wrasslin’ commentary will soon be canon, and no longer just a shitpost

>> No.21960573
File: 171 KB, 597x787, 1649282843182.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Go! Go! Nippon in DARK when?

>> No.21961838

Kek, I saw that earlier. They’re both very cute, now BOOK IT

>> No.21964188

I'm legit excited to see her stream

>> No.21966529

No Pomuler and/or Enna 47, no watch

>> No.21966578

I can't wait for watamage to show her face and Selen to absolutely bust an ovary trying to contain her laughter at 2k22's shenanigans.
At this point, though, I just hope it doesn't get cancelled. I can't find anything that says why Mysta cancelled his stream, and CAW would've been easier on his cold-ridden throat than the karaoke he filled the time with.

>> No.21966925

I hope it wasn’t a permissions issue, because I’m interested to see how more chuubas interpret the jankiness of 2k. Really hoping Selen doesn’t have any hinderances.
Also, there should just be a lot more kino this week/weekend regardless.

>> No.21967321

Probably ran into issues with it disconnecting your GPU.

>> No.21969178

I found this in my recommendations


>> No.21969248

stop shilling your no dime ripoffs

>> No.21970426

>last stream: 12 days ago

>> No.21970480

I miss op uuuuuuu

>> No.21970550

>Darkchama saw E.G.G.M.A.N. and had to download him
I know Dimesman is going to bury that shitter next Shitpost Showdown, you can’t hide this from me.
SoniCirnochama would be proud...

>> No.21970784

I'm expecting Haaton vs Cooler

>> No.21972559

OP doko?

>> No.21972765

Busy making niji caws for Selen.

>> No.21972956

Dragoons heard he was going to stream on Friday and they kidnapped him to prevent this. I heard that a certain XP bear told them where to locate him...

>> No.21973045
File: 681 KB, 2792x2819, 1645858278923.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What the fuck is her problem?

>> No.21974512

I forgot he also picked up Cooler. Soon, the BTFO-ing will return..

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