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Why is Fubuki so irrelevant these days? She used to be a face of Hololive.

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Remember when Matsuri was also one of the top stars in Hololive? She was top 10.

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she can relax now after proving her worth

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She still does a lot of work behind the scenes, and her sponsors pay good.

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>used to
Guess who's sent to do tv interviews?

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Remember when Sears was the biggest retailer in the world? Yeah, times change.

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EOP hands.

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Maybe because I started watching Hololive around January of 2020, I used to see Matsuri almost as a "main character" of Hololive. It feels weird seeing her name appear a lot less in the community now.

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as if like her arc is over lol.

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worse, ESL, I only noticed "a" instead of "the" after hitting the post.

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You only think this way because you used FBK as the gateway into Hololive.

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Was only relevant because of China in the way people say Aqua was

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I literally just saw her on TV this morning.

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>Hololive talent becomes more plentiful
>Tastes change with time
>Dead subs
Gee, I wonder why.
Its almost like this happens with everything and everyone.

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kys numberfag

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Haachama is now the strongest gen1 member

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Fubuki decline is good for her, she never wanter a super large audience anyways

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Irrelevant to whom? Pretty sure if you do a top 10 list from both the JOP audience and the EOP audience, you'd get really different lists.

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fubuking wants to have fun while streaming

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>Be Fubuki
>Get popular with EOP due to Scatman
>Chat becomes toxic nuclear waste
>Toxic EOP moves on to HoloEN
>Chat becomes visibly more comfy
I'd say its probably better this way. She still has a lot of fans and when she comes up with amazing stream ideas like VOID or Oversleep Counting stream, its awesome. She does not need to carry the torch anymore because Hololive has established itself on the vtuber market.

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Anon/OP please answer, how would you feel if Fubuki comment in her stream, that she came to /vt, saw a thread with her pic, and translated your post with DeepL, and then she felt really so bad that cried?

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She just does what she wants now

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>doesn't get much translated clips
>EOP "Why is Fubuki so irrelevant these days? She used to be a face of Hololive."

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Don't use a sad face anon. This means Fubuki has more liberty to do things she likes such collabing monthly with her maid

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Good for her, she never wanted to be the face of Hololive in the first place.

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; ;

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I know you're a retard but you don't have to ignorant too


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Not OP but she so long as she cried on stream, I would feel very hard.

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Much like a structural column, unnoticed by the general population (eop) but literally holds the place up.

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So she can collaborate with whomever she wants without Idolfags sperging out. In fact she's gonna stream with holostars tonight.

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Because now she has to compete with superior girls.

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OP here, I love making women cry.

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Once you've won you don't need to fight

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Not with my Oshi.

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She is still very much the leader of the hololivers.

The 'shogun' if you will, while Sora is the emperor.

Those who have surpassed her in subs either don't have the senpai authority, or frankly don't have the temperament to lead. this doesn't even consider that they aren't interested.

She still gets 10,000+ viewers on the regular, which is actually stronger than she used to be. She's fine.

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She is still very much the leader of the hololivers. She is the 'shogun' if you will, while Sora is the Emperor.Those who have surpassed her in subs either don't have the senpai authority, or frankly don't have the temperament to lead. this doesn't even consider that they aren't interested. She still gets 10,000+ viewers on the regular, which is actually stronger than she used to be. She's fine.

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I think the anon's question is why the Japanese dont watch her anymore

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what's it with JP elitists being so bad at English?

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>JP elitist
I mean, you just answered your own question.

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She beat the numbers game and now gets to shill everything for the company. It's over, she won and isn't playing anymore and that's ok

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even your mom anon?

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She has been vtubering for a long time and has a lot of money in her bank account. She is happy with her current situation.

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Not that anon but technically speaking Sora, Marine and Fubuki could be seen as the faces of Hololive. Thus, using "a" instead of "the" isn't wrong.

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>She used to be a face of Hololive
She still is, what are you on?

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She's their primary MC at their concerts and the voice of Hololive on all TV news interviews.

She is the face of Hololive

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She never seems to be doing or streaming anything interesting

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>KFP bait always smells like numberfaggotry.
They just tried doing this shit to Korone, they got a problem with success.

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won what?

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Lmao at the people saying that only EOPs think that she's losing her relevancy. Do you even watch her streams? I watch almost every single stream from Fubuki, Korone and Lulu (although not as frequent as the first two) and let me tell you this, in every single one of Fubuki's streams her chat is literally 50% or more in english. I love Fubuki and won't probably stop following her but you people are deluding yourselves if you think her chat is mostly in japanese. Those EOPs on their chat are so fucking annoying and it makes me depressed that they chose Fubuki's chat out of all the JP girls to spam. I rarely watch other vtubers besides the ones I cited, but from what I've seen Fubuki's chat is the worst by far, filled with dumb EOP redditors and to make things worse there are always two people translating there in every single video. I think this is a reason why she lost some japanese viewers. If I get annoyed I can't even imagine how they must feel seeing their japanese oshi being spammed by english comments in every stream. It's sad, but she doesn't seem affected by it. The qualities of her streams at least didn't drop for now.

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>she's gonna stream with holostars tonight
V-Carnival day 2...

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>I get annoyed I can't even imagine how they must feel seeing their japanese oshi being spammed by english comments in every stream
imagine getting virtual cucked by people who don't even speak your language lmao

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Thanks for doing the heavy lifting Fubuki I'll take it from here. Oh and thanks for all the subs!

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This anon is a clipwatcher or a spic, Fubuki has a terrible chat, but Korone's is a lot worse, EOP are a nightmare, but SpanishOP are even worse

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She makes content for children, dude...

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At least use Marine and not the reclining one if you are going to troll with gen3

>> No.2188510

Lol bro just close the chat log and focus on the stream if you are that assblasted

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>> Fubuki chat
>> terrible chat

Do you ever see Fubuki stream?

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Korone's chat is must better than Fubuki's. You literally just have to click on any random video on Fubuki's channel right now and count the amount of english posts compared to japanese posts in a determined period of time.

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Just watch Korone in spicland primetime, it's just that you are a spic yourself or you don't understand spanish, I'm from spain and I cringe harder from SOP than EOP

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Tenga mas respeto por la espana de franco, rato

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Thanks for doing the heavy lifting Fubuki I'll take it from here. Oh and thanks for all the subs!

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Gura is the most well known
Watame did a Rock-Paper-Scissors segment on jp tv
Marine and Miko are more known in the JP world

FBK should be happy she isnt Shion or Choco tier though

>> No.2190665

Shion was popular enough when she streamed consistently.

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Fuck SOP
"Onions el unico que habla español aqui? :v"
Fuckers should kill themselves

>> No.2193334

S o y*. Shit got translated for some reason

>> No.2194589

FBK is close to Sora and Ai tier. Her YT numbers are meaningless.

>> No.2194802

>and has a lot of money in her bank account
Too bad that it's all in ARS.

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You will never be Japanese. You have no ancestry, you have no citizenship, you have no skills that would make Japan ever want you. You are a shut-in self-hating white man twisted by delusions of mythical Japanese superiority and exposure to Japanese media into a disgusting mockery of nature’s perfection.

All 'validation' you get from other people in this position couldn't be worse in making you believe that spending years of your life learning a globally useless language to a first-grader's level was a worthwhile use of your time, but one can't expect that an individual as pathetic as you will ever know the value of the youth you threw away in doing that.

Actual Japanese are utterly repulsed by you. Thousands of years of linguistic evolution have allowed natives to identify frauds from mannerisms and vocabulary alone. Even if your written text of self-hatred and attention begging akin to a stray dog's somehow passes as normal (it won't), any Japanese person will immediately cut all ties when they hear the voice and accent of someone who is not only a basic Japanese speaker at best, but worth no more than garbage in skills, accomplishments, and likeability.

You will never be happy. You wrench out a fake smile and laugh to yourself believing that watching a content creator that you understand 20% of at best is somehow superior than watching your own kind, as you project your disgusting traits onto your entire kind. However, deep inside you feel the depression creeping up like a weed, ready to crush you under the unbearable weight, and you know that. You know that all you do now is have an entirely new linguistic medium in which to be ignored, and not even the exotic trait of being foreign makes up for just how uninteresting of a person you are.

Eventually it’ll be too much to bear - you’ll buy a rope, tie a noose, put it around your neck, and plunge into the cold abyss. Your parents will find you, heartbroken but relieved that they no longer have to live with the unbearable shame and disappointment. They’ll bury you with a headstone marked with your birth name, and every passerby for the rest of eternity will know a Western man is buried there. Your body will decay and go back to the dust, and all that will remain of your legacy is a skeleton that is unmistakably Caucasian.

This is your fate. This is what you chose. There is no turning back. Hate yourself and apologize for being white to some Japanese entity that exists only in your mind while actual Japanese people put in effort to learn English for the valid reason of it being the global language.

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>'mi amor que linda la perrita, te amo koroncita'
These fuckers make me feel genocidal towards my own.

>> No.2196034

He doesn’t have a mom, only two dads.

>> No.2196084

Remember when AOL used to send out free sample CDs?

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i wonder how many holos would fail this

>> No.2196361

Not many since most of them are in their late 20s/early 30s

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Why all the spanish comments are so fucking cringy holy shit

>> No.2197714

>performing in and MCing the biggest concert of the summer
Man you guys doompost everything

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still is

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tl:dr, I got cucked by a JP girl and I have a hateboner for them now

>> No.2200667

Fubuki has a core nip and EOP audience that are relatively respectful
The problem comes from newcomers, and although EOPs make up most of it, they're also a pain in the ass on the JP side
It's always a pain to see a Foxdemon collab and see dozens of comments saying they're getting NTR or asking who Oga is

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Why do holofags act like the girls are competing against each other?

>> No.2200790

Because they are. You can only follow a certain amount of streamer at the same time. Even if you like them all, you have to choose which one are more entertaining and only watch them in your limited free time.

>> No.2200818

in your western globohomo casual market.

fubuki is the same type of vtuber as marine. who has the deep knowledge of old japanese otaku stuff and uses many such inside jokes/jargon/cliches. eops have no idea about it. they only go after marine because of those chink clips focusing only on her lewd shit.

>> No.2200855

Untrue, I usually watch around 4 or 5 full streams, I'm from Europe and I wake up early, I work from my home so I have a stream on in my second monitor, in my 6 hours of works that's enough for 2 streams, then I make something to eat and eat something watching another one, I have the full evening free, so I watch what I can because those are usually dead hours, at night I tune Ina or Towa (if she does any of her early morning streams) before going to sleep

>> No.2200897

Yeah, 4 or 5 streams
Not all 15 streams that happen at the same time during prime hours

>> No.2200968

If a girl doesn't want to "compete" she just has to stream out of primetime, there are more than enough dead hours so you are probably trying to make shit up

>> No.2200996

Since you seem to be pretty new, here is a handy resource
It shows you all streams going on at the same time

>> No.2201047

I've been watching vtubers since nijisanji gamers debut anon, I know that tool, I don't use that because my japanese isn't good enough to understand 4 or 5 people speaking at the same time, I usually focus on one stream with the utawakus as BGM

>> No.2201455

I never use Holotools to watch several streams at the same time, just to see who's currently live
It shows that it's rare for only one streamer to be live, unless it's 4AM or 5AM JST

>> No.2201573

Now only Rushi and Pekora are streaming and usually the "10 streams at the same time" only happens around 8pm to 10 pm in JST most of them get better numbers outside that time, but they still choose to stream at those hours because it's more convenient for their viewers, if they were in a cold blooded battle for the wiewerships no one would stream at the same time that Pekora, Miko or Marine stream to avoid getting viewers stolen from them

>> No.2202532

And not even a hour later, there are 5 girls streaming at the same time

>> No.2210579

Why did you stop watching her OP? You were supposed to be her friend... but I guess you dont need her anymore.

>> No.2215862

or, you know, even support anyone in any way so that they were successful.
I won't say the same for Miko, since she's an OG - but Marine, Pekora, Korone and several other holos got a bunch of help from their seniors

>> No.2221198

god korone's first stream was such a trainwreck

>> No.2222260

That's not how banks work underagechama...

>> No.2222795

imagine crying this much lol

>> No.2228434

She's still the face of Hololive. She's fine.

>> No.2228487

4 songs
EOPs won't even know what I'm thinking about but it ruins your doomposting

>> No.2229403

she's doing fine, she's not the most popular holomem anymore but it hasn't really hurt her viewership much.

>> No.2231087

Still is a testament to her being able to turn things around, considering she still uses ORAYO and YUBI YUBI to this day.

>> No.2231198

its a copy pasta, replace the work Japanese with women and you'll see

>> No.2231239

As a spic i really dont know why my kind is so fucking retarded

>> No.2231372

True. In 2019-mid 2020 she was one of the most talked. These days you barely see her being mentioned and her views are all down.

>> No.2231431

Bad bait and if it was true I couldn't care about it, She has the radio with Marine which is really entertaining and her streams are nice, friend is ok, kys

>> No.2231521

how much's the loss due divisa conversion now that you mention it?

>> No.2231745

She is still the PR face of hololive, she just host a big vtuber event.

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>> No.2233500

she doesn't care about that though

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