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Nijisisters... it's fucking over.

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Isn't that the guy who shilled Rushia as innocent & said Cover as evil?

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After all this time he's actually a hero
stay mad nipplesharts

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>HeroHei actually doing a video on Nijisanji for the first time
I'm shocked. Holofags, he's really going to go for the jugular isn't he?
Yeah and he's right.

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then you see the comment section shilling the schizos

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Sounds like they'll do it again out of pure spite.

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*Vtubers shouldn't blatantly advertise a yuribait collab between two girls at a hotel only to go "HAHA PSYYYYYCH! THERE'S A MALE HERE TOO (WITH US 2 GIRLS, IN THE SAME HOTEL ROOM)!"

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based thumbnail

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Stop shilling here you worthless faggot

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All the other off collabs had secret guests, it was a given this wasn't the exception.

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I thought he was a nijifan?

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>Watching dramaniggers ever

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And this is why I watch VShojo and other Western indies like Lily and Saruei now. Save your yabs for the dramatubers. We're always free of it.

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Numberfag deflection thread. Still in shambles.

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Please, be more obvious.

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He’s a dramatuber. They aren’t fans of anything except clickbait

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he refused to cover the nijisanji discord leak

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You're thinking of FalseEyeD.

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Oh wrong dramatuber then
i get them confused often rumao

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>hero hei

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Hero Hei really hops into every single drama lmao no matter how small it is

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the guy is an anti-unicorn the thumbnail is just a clickbait

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Why is it hard to understand that many fans don't want to see males?

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> Saruei
> Drama free

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this but unironically.

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everyone hates njijifags? based

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Isn't he the guy who literally machine translates everything and thinks he knows what's going on?

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You forgot the bunny girl and bahroo

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As a Pomudachi this is the one and only time I'll like a Hero Hei video.

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I'm a yurifan and fuck that collab

Hate pomu now

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>Nijis have to deal with the hero hei drama fandom now
I'm sorry...

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he's a faggot that switched from chuubas to genshin impact because easy numbers, you might've confused him with nux taku.

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So it's actually real? Nijis were actually upset to point they bitched about it publicly? I thought they had all accepted the fujo takeover. LMAO

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i was a nijisanji anti but now that Hero Hei made a video about it i'm pro Nijisanji, i just hate hero hei that much

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More like Hero Hei has to deal with the Uki K-POP stans now

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Also can we 404 hero hei posts I hate him that much thanks

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reminder that only femoids and troons hate hero hei

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Sounds based

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Glad to see that Hero Hei is still grasping at so much straws just for a bite of the cookie. [Spoiler] Still giving him a view though lol [/Spoiler]

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Some people with members badges got actually mad + some fake accounts from /here/

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Honestly, the addition of male livers was the best thing that could've happened to the western VTuber community, the boys filled the hole that has been left unfilled since the VTuber boom.

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Unless they want to become irrelevant, I wonder how much attention will the new niji EN girls get in current reality. Lazulight and Obsydia tricked a lot of holoEN tourists into investing in them before the faggots and chink pussy took over but audience should be pretty disillusioned at this point.

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Imagine getting mad that the girls are hanging out with a guy, that is also their friend. People are so petty and insecure. All the true fans were so happy that this collab happened.

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>dragon makes the shittiest cross collab in vtuber history and had to apologize.
>The copyright issue over her original design for Melody.
>Getting $100k to a CIA charity.
>Getting exposed by Nux for not reporting vshojo candidates getting scammed using the vshojo name and doing nothing about it until it came out.
>drama free.
Do vShitshow-jo's really?

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Uki made the stream possible with his clutch hot spot. Without him there wasnt gonna be ANY off collab.

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I'm on the boat that WE as fans shouldn't dictate how talents should be spending their time. If any of these comments are coming from English speaking fans, I'd have to say, "YOU'RE A PRETTY CREEPY CRINGEY BUNCH!!"
Talents from Nijisanji aren't even advertised as idols. What's with this stupid idol culture seeping into my enjoyment of V-Tubers..?

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Weirdos are mad because they were hoping to see some yuri action. I don’t remember anyone saying anything when Ike and Vox came into Nina and Mysta’s collab. Friends can’t even hangout baka

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I love everyone in NijiEN and i cant possibly understand how people can get mad at this. I bet the fanbase is just mad at Uki since he is Male. If a NijiEN girl would've joined instead of Uki i believe no one would've complained. But thats just my opinion. I hope that this hate dies down quickly.

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Well said... This whole ordeal gives me the incel vibes. Real fans loved this!

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Fuck you, you're just like all the normalfags who call every vtuber creepy and cringey.

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why? He hardly reported about nijis at all, only that thing with Hoshikawa and stamps comes to mind. He said that nijisanji doesn't wish to expand into West btw and he was clearly wrong.

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dude when i screamed from excitement hearing uki there i literally got a knock from our neighbor LOL
the stream was sooooo fun and it honestly made my day! i will never understand why people don't like the girls interacting with the guys, theyre friends and co workers afterall

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go back

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i feel quite the opposite, i feel bad for Uki to be there coz i know this is exactly going to happen.
and i'm pretty sure everyone in NijiEN know what potentially could happen as well.
if i were Uki, i would not even ask to join, unless Pomu and Finana invited me first.
and thinking about the poor guy having to sit there with two crazy girls doing yabai stuff and how much thing he can say without getting cancel should be one hell of an experience.
Uki going out there risking his literal (vtuber) life he should get a medal instead of getting backlash.

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>Talents from Nijisanji aren't even advertised as idols
what are they then, hooks and trannies?

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shut up slut, don't you have a dick to suck?

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Honestly unlike the most of toxic parts of the fanbase that we knew by far these ones are actually the easiest to understand
Cuz it would pretty much change the kind of content that would have been happening in the stream if uki didn't join them
But honestly for me i don't care
I just wanna see them happy and enjoy being together
That's what i like about nijisanji

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Nijisanji EN is hopefully shedding the left over unicorns from the fanbase.

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All those dudes and gals who got their dream shattered that their parasocial bullshit created in their own mind didn't go as planned lmao

It's sad that the streamers have to cope with that shit. Friendly reminder that they love their fanbase as a whole but surely don't love you as an "individual". Those who thinks so needs to touch grass.

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you talk like a women, but I don't know if this is a copied comment from the Hero Hei video because I don't want to give him a view

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I do wish vtubers would speak out on this weird and possessive behavior so many "fans" exhibit. Idol culture is already a cancer on the entertainment industry and it's unfortunately becoming even more of an issue for vtubers day by day.

And before anyone says anything; I know Nijisanji isn't idol like Hololive, however, there is plenty of crossover with the fanbases. To the point the same toxicity often comes up

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>true fans
t. clipwatching greyname

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why are fans of females like that... x:

I believe noone said Nina ruined the gay party over at their end or something like that oO;

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Just don't let Fulgur find out people are at Uki we don't need an angry cyborg

Now to the serious comment I personally believe Pomu and Finana invited Uki I don't think he would do something like show up there uninvited and all three of them seem to be enjoying each other's company I'm actually surprised no one complained when Nina Mysta Vox and Ike did there off collab sorry for the long comment I just needed to say that

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It’s been nothing but bad news for Ninisanji recently. For me, it lost its charm when Suzuhara Lulu was forced to graduate because she was constantly being harassed.

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Just because you pay money does mean your opinion matters more. What is this, the 19th century, where only landlords can have a voice?

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I'm just revving up the viewbots

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Yeah, mine

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Instead of blame fucking literally everything on "muh idols" "muh unicorns" howabout you consider that it's sometimes more about setting/contexts?

As has been said ad nauseam Pomu had promoted this as just a Finana meetup, Finana had told her own parents it was just to see Pomu etc, nothing at all indicated Uki was gonna show up. It was supposed to be a CGDCT type moment - you totally change that dynamic by throwing a dude into the mix, gay or not, and he audibly changed the entire mood as soon as he showed up. If you want something cute like K-on it's a conscious choice to leave dudes out of it and Pomu (or someone, maybe management) chose to ruin that vibe. That's shitty.

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Actually, they do matter more because money is what makes the world go round. Believing anything else is being dishonest to your own intellect.

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Tsk tsk..... maidenless behaviour....

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Not even the same anon but that's a grey cope, members will always be heard more by the streamer doesn't mean that they can control everything obviously, but they are the most present and supportive part of the audience

>> No.21414538

The Gmod collab wasn't that bad, in fact, it was pretty good, aside from the first 30 minutes of trying to get everyone on the same page (even the scuff had its funny points). If you watched the wrong POVs, then that's on you. All your other points do stand, though.

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Did a Zhang take over his channel recently? Holy shit their community posts are unintelligible and full of grammatical errors, while more often than not they barely talk and only show screenshots in their videos.

>> No.21414588

wow. such good members are attacking her then?

gray names are treating her better than her members

>> No.21414664

gray names see a drama and jump to be saviorfags just to have ''look how much of a good person I am'' points, in the long run they leave literally the most useless type of viewer

>> No.21414716

Whales can be replaced, that is the reality of the current day. There's always another source to siphon cash from.
>most present and supportive part of the audience
Apparently not. Unsupportive members should just drop their memberships and find a GFE e-girl to support if this hurts them so badly.

>> No.21414741

This. Grays have a quantifiably lower valued opinion.

>> No.21414792

I'm not gonna watch that shit...but did he mention that he's gay?

>> No.21414811

how is spending your money on your favorite e-whore “makes the world go round”

>> No.21414880

>y-you must like everything your oshi does to be a true fan!
members give their honest opinion because they care. Your woke "you go girl" twitter takes won't put food on anyones table. What made you the judge on "the right opinion" anyways? Just fucking go back already.

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Daily reminder

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Good I hope they spam report his twitter and channel and run him off every platform. He's genuinely annoying and centers his entire life around retarded drama

>> No.21415019

Let's get rid of the furry faggot and lost pause while we're at it.

>> No.21415075

>because they care.
Let me ask then, what'd happen if a group of malcontents decided to pay in? Then laid in wait for a few months before saying shit that'd lead to utterly ruining the channel. Is their coin backed words really worth destroying a career over? No.

>> No.21415076

jesus fucking christ, why are you guys scraping the bottom of the barrel.

don't cater to shills who are making a profit out of false outrage. it won't end well for you, since they always turn on the things you actually like

>> No.21415090

I'm out of the loop, can someone explain to me the recent drama with a food analogy?

>> No.21415139

Rumao even trash tastefags failed to cancel the dude

Heck he even made a video responde to the cancel attempt

dude breathes drama, even if he's the target

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I support NijiEN since day one and I'm still glad this became a controversy. Male collabs are usually fine but this sends a message that they are not fine every goddam time. It was not fine this time. Hopefully it won't happen again.

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>Hero Hei

>> No.21415339

>Hero Hei
The fag is still alive?

>> No.21415347

>Big Red Text
STFU Otakmori

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>what if what if what if
Even if anyone on the internet was as autistic as you describe, you know just as well as I do that that's not the case here.
To clarify, a member is nothing but a customer paying for a specific service in the end. Imagine going to your favorite bakery and ordering a donut. You pay for a donut but as you open the box labeled with "donut", you realize there's not a donut, but a shit sandwich inside. As you understandably go to the clerk to complain, a faggot who's never ordered at the bakery comes along, belittling you and calling himself a "true customer", because he appreciates the shit sandwich as the baker's form of expression. He wouldn't buy one himself, though.

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they were definitely happy after it was over :<)

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I'm sorry a gay co-worker is hanging with two girls makes you uncomfortable. Feel free to take your exist from this world

>> No.21415698

It's like Pomu told you that she was going to buy a burger for you. She then delivered her promise and you were excited while grinning ear to ear. You even made sure to pay her twice the price to show her how grateful you were. With a big grin in your face, you started to open your mouth to enjoy such delicacies. Then she shoved a sausage in your throat and everyone insisted that the sausage is gay.

>> No.21415751

>food analogy
you are obese

>> No.21415795

That's the exact vibe I'm getting from the comments in this video. A lot of people butting in on a community they have no investment in to give their hot takes on some boogeyman in the distance.

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Remember that image of Pomu, Finana and Uki's phones? It was ME! I even had sex with them on stream, but I moved so fast that you cannot see or hear me... And then I creampied the rest of the members of NijiEN afterwards

Holobronies your oshi is next

>> No.21415950

you reek of leddit
go back

>> No.21415953

They had sex

>> No.21415984

stream chat was overwhelming positive of Uki's appearance so you're wrong. Also you didn't actually watch the stream

>> No.21416050

>you know just as well as I do that that's not the case here.
Because people are cruel without realizing it. Groups pressure individuals into making decisions that will break off opportunities without realizing they are pressuring them. What if Pomu folded to the pressure. Currently, thanks to the new male waves, all Nijisanji EN members have enjoyed an incline. If Pomu isolated herself now to the old yuri bait, she likely would be left behind in this period of growth. The views, sponsorships, and ad revenue are more valuable than the currency of a few green names.

>> No.21416052

>hero hei
he should go kill himself

>> No.21416091

well when everyone who actually spends money on the chuubas leaves, I think they might regret alienating them

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There is literally nothing wrong with idol culture.
Fuck off reddit

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My oshi is Mori and I would really hate it if you skullfucked her so hard that she loses her ability to speak.

>> No.21416126

I’m afraid of gay men ama

>> No.21416136

>just shut up and consoom
literally simp behaviour
fans should tell it loud and clear if they dislike something
simple as
your blind whiteknighting is more harm than good

>> No.21416231

Does mirror frightens you?

>> No.21416239

Why are there so many tourists and women in this thread?

>> No.21416265

o shit

>> No.21416279

Then maybe she should drop the yuribaiting she did on Twitter before the offcollab, and not have the shipping name in the fucking title of the off-collab stream

>> No.21416284

They are replaceable. So long as Nijisanji EN inclines more viewers who do not care about males are likely replace those who do not want them.

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Attacking Nipplesanji makes him holo-adjacent, therefore based. Holochads have his back.

>> No.21416351

>go to mashed potato buffet
>all advertisements and signs tell you it's a mashed potatoes buffet
>scoop up mashed potatoes onto your plate
>go back to the table, open your phone and see that pomu and finana are doing an off collab with a male

>> No.21416368

basically yeah, they wouldnt have cared if it was another girl.
though one could argue that another girl wouldnt kill the yuri mood that thumbnail or w/e set up but in the end its them still getting pissed a guy joined

>> No.21416374

If you watched the video he calls the ones crying about this sad individuals.

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File: 603 KB, 800x688, hololive pekora fire.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can't believe he turned nijinigger and betrayed us. We gotta put him in his place, holobros.

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> Creampied Uki

>> No.21416507

>Watching Hero Hei
God you, OP and the anon you replied to needs to find rope

>> No.21416518

You spend the last several months preparing for fine dining at a high class restaurant for a special occasion that you have been told would be such, you go there, you get a bag of mcdonalds put on the plate and you get told to fuck off because you secretly don't like the chef because he is male or something. But then the next day you actually get the meal you were waiting for

>> No.21416570

This but unironically. Uki the real MVP. Holobronies were and never welcome with their idolfaggotry.

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males don't belong in vtubing and them interacting with the girls that I love ruins my watching experience
it's not that hard to understand is it?
and if your response is "they are not idols, just streamers" or "this is Nijisanji" you can fuck off right now
entire vtubing industry is built on parasocial relationships and pandering to them
wake up
Pomu herself has a history of pretty clear pandering and yuribaiting, she isn't innocent

>> No.21416910

Replaced with others who spend money. It's called getting filtered.
Like this, get filtered

>> No.21416971

Sir this a Hololive Board

>> No.21417033

Imagine buying ice cream and halfway through eating you realize it has nuts which you dislike and didn't ask for so you complain about it and corpo apologists instead blame you for being an ice cream purist when all you wanted was a goddamn normal ice cream

>> No.21417059

>All the screenshots are from here
lmao dramatubers are pathetic

>> No.21417087

HoloJP members definitely have (Suisei for the most recent example). I don't think NijiEN said anything about it though most likely because they don't want to.

>> No.21417129


>> No.21417149

as a ryuguard unironically we are totally fine about this yab but why are the pomudachi so butthurt? i get they are just disappointed then disappointment turn to righteous indignation then this shit happen

>> No.21417204

most pomudachis are exholofans

>> No.21417232

suisei is very rare expectation
other hololive girls do everything to pander to their gachis
Nijisanji is a bit different, but even they want gachikoi, for example Sara who was complaining that she doesn't have many

>> No.21417266

Fees is live

>> No.21417275

You sound like a newfag because that's not how it works. Actually gotta be depressing for pomu and finana losing their cash cows to be replaced by virtue signaling faggots who will never actually watch them kek.

>> No.21417307

Does pomufans actually mad or this is just bunch of unicorn larping?

>> No.21417379

Ryuguards already expected this kind of behavior from fees though

>> No.21417385

An Hero Hei

>> No.21417389

this entire board is one huge larp, nobody here actually watches vtubers

>> No.21417397

I ain't watching these whores, but after hearing what Hero Hei had to say about this, I'm also offended.
Fuck Nijisanji.
Why are they like this?

>> No.21417414
File: 914 KB, 1309x740, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

dudes really just reading a /vt/ comment

>> No.21417453


>> No.21417474

Both which makes this a clusterfuck of a drama

>> No.21417529

Fucking shippers ruin everything.
I think it's a big mistake for Nijisanji talents to pander to these people.
Can't they just stream and avoid all these drama?

>> No.21417547

Without any context either

>> No.21417671

>containment breaching drama baiting retard that's too lazy to make his own content
holy hell

>> No.21417708

How the fuck did you even get into NijiEN, despite people telling you that penises were an inevitability and a matter of when and not if, if you hate males so much? People on this board, myself included, warned people like you many times during the Lazulight/Obsydia days that this was going to happen; if you actually ignored it despite other anons warning you and that every other branch of the company having co-ed collabs and other such stuff that showed what to expect with EN, then you have nobody to blame but yourself.

>> No.21417794

Remember guys you wanting yuri = bad, while fangirls wanting yaoi between the males = good

If you disagree, you are just an incel unicorn holobrony...

>> No.21417805

To my knowledge Suisei, Fubuki, Matsuri, Choco (funnily enough), Subaru, Botan, Noel, and Korone spoke about it. The ones in Hololive who definitely don't and I think never will is Lamy and Chloe who go the full GFE experience.

Nijisanji varies but since this thread is EN focused I'll refer to NijiEN. Out of all the girls Nina is the one who doesn't really pander to gachis. She does fanservice but not the extra mile into GFE. The guys specifically however with Luxiem pander super hard and have lots of gachis.

>> No.21417816

And to make matters worse, you don't even particularly mind toppings on your ice cream, you just don't like nuts. You'd be down for sprinkles or hot fudge, hell, a shot of espresso if the ice cream's in one of those plastic cups, but your attempts to point this out are drowned out by everyone at the ice cream parlor calling you a dairycel for not liking toppings.

>> No.21417826

it wasn't like this in the early days
it was comf kino
you don't oshihen when you are already invested

>> No.21417832
File: 710 KB, 586x1068, 5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hope Finanas dad likes her stories about how she shared a bed with a dude after she made a power point presentation explaining how everything will be fine and nothing he disapproves of will happen

>> No.21417919

if they want to be financially stable, no

>> No.21417948

>Fubuki, Matsuri, Choco, Subaru, Noel, and Korone
they all do blatant GFE pandering what the fuck you are talking about

>> No.21417969

yuri is pure shit kill yourself /u/tranny

>> No.21418012

Pomu and Finana do balatant GFE pandering.
This shit blowing up is entirely their fault.

>> No.21418013

keep seething tranny

>> No.21418016

I do believe there's some real unicorns in the middle of the sea of falseflags, which is even sadder

>> No.21418035

>t. seething yaoi lover
Go back to /trash/ Fujo

>> No.21418070

uki wasn't staying on the hotel with them you retard

>> No.21418081

NijiEN cultivated an audience of people who like female vtubers by pumping out 3 waves of them before any males. Almost nobody knew anything about Nijisanji in the west prior to NijiEN, and those 3 waves calibrated their expectations. I'm sure there's people who laughed at the idea anyone would be upset about males, only to become upset themselves once those men started interacting with their oshi. Hearing about something is different from experiencing it.

>> No.21418084

people still make commentary videos with random gameplay in the background? jesus fucking christ, this is bottom of the barrel stuff

>> No.21418104

They don't do it at all but if for some reason any idiot felt that they did I hope this whole thing filtered them

>> No.21418151

This is kinda fucked up if it were true.

>> No.21418152


>> No.21418158

>Hero Hei
This is like posting Alex Jones, instantly kills all your credibility.
Amazing that a YouTube screencap thread is allowed to stay up for 2 hours while OP desperately bumps it over and over.

>> No.21418204

No one cares, get filtered holofag

>> No.21418210

This has to be bait

>> No.21418217

I like these channels because they accidentaly put vtubers in a worse spotlight despite their supposed good intentions

>> No.21418219

>expecting strict asian dad to care about the fine print

>> No.21418251

yes they do
but I guess for your femoid brain they should straight up say "I love you" every stream for it to be proper GFE right?
you understand that GFE can have varying degrees of subtlety right?

>> No.21418278

It's kinda dishonest on them them really. If they were upfront about it, nobody would have bothered.

>> No.21418316

NTA, but by that standard any female vtuber that doesn't start every stream with "I do not have any romantic interest towards any of you disgusting retards" qualifies as GFE.

>> No.21418317

Sorry I don't speak schizo, can you give any examples?

>> No.21418324

they wanna be a hybrid of ironlungscorp and wigga institute and pulled the switcheroo to gayfaggaronies

>> No.21418348

>nijitrannies will defend this

>> No.21418397

yes, green fish experience

>> No.21418419

I was mad that I didn't initially get the Pomu-Finana interaction I was originally expecting, but they did a 5.5hr Twitter Space after that gave the content I was looking for. If they had just switched the days they did things, I would have never had an issue.

>> No.21418427

fuck you, hotel implied orgy was not on the menu but how the girls are just twitch whores who just swears and curse like a sailor is a big redflag already

>> No.21418429

Matsuri and Fubuki are more into unity than going full GFE that's why they were the two who collabed with Holostars the most. Noel outright said all her stuff is just roleplay/a joke and that you shouldn't take it seriously. I have no idea where you got the idea that Subaru does GFE, and Choco does fanservice but doesn't try to go GFE. It's a joke in her fanbase for her to find a husband.

>> No.21418439

>The guys specifically however with Luxiem pander super hard and have lots of gachis.
I don't understand why this is 100% fine, but the other way around is idol culture and GFE and incel behavior and whatever other buzzwords you've already heard a million times.

>> No.21418457

LMAO why would you do something like that, I guess the yt comment section didn't had enough spicy stuff for his video

>> No.21418494

Doesn't invalidate what he said though.

>> No.21418504

>The ones in Hololive who definitely don't and I think never will is Lamy and Chloe who go the full GFE experience.
I mean, you're forgetting the biggest one.
Ah... Shit, neverming.

>> No.21418534

underrated post

>> No.21418549

The fags fighting against gfe are delusional and think gfe and fans who enjoy gfe don't even exist.

>> No.21418554

i like to tell her parents that she had an orgy with a male

>> No.21418559

Because fangirl/stan culture is accepted more with the titanic K-Pop industry. Yes it's double standards and I find it bullshit too but that's the world we live in.

>> No.21418572
File: 158 KB, 299x322, 1597637894981.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Hero Hei is now farming content directly from /here/
Must be a dry week for anime twitter faggotry.

>> No.21418578

t. EOP clipwatcher
I bet you believe "friend" meme genuinely and completely ignore what fubuki and girls do in their membership? Do you think that matuli streaming spaces from her bath and describing her body is not GFE? that Choco selling wedding ring is not GFE? That Korone genuinely whispering love words is not GFE?

>> No.21418581

dw, in 6 months we will have two fujobaiters plan a hyped offcollab and then get a surprise reimu appearance. It will go full circle and well see how loyal the chinks and troons truly are

>> No.21418586
File: 122 KB, 828x828, 1619583219349.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you being insecure about gay [!] males is not valid criticism.

>> No.21418608

their superchats (outside of Nina's) dropped significantly when the males showed up

>> No.21418634

So does that mean Mori is GFE by your definition?

>> No.21418639

kek she really did get offended by the condom edit and was called a whore

>> No.21418683

not him but yes unironically

>> No.21418745

I seriously think a well placed condom money for Uki supa will take this shit to the next level

>> No.21418773

actually yes. She plays the dominant gf, thats why deadbeats are soo whooped.

>> No.21418809

nta but mori does gfe off-and-on. she just gets mad and stops doing it for a few months sometimes.

>> No.21418828

The only thing of value is to make fun of this faggot for content harvesting a basket weaving forum, and clearly breaking containment.
>talking about the situations
What a fucking dramafaggot. There is no situation for the one you invented.

>> No.21418868
File: 194 KB, 850x1251, 1646843415539.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mori is always very clear that she doesn't want there to be romantic feelings between her and chat. It's not her fault that she's so cute it's difficult not to fall in love with her.

>> No.21418870

there is literally nothing wrong about subbing to a girl and wanting to see girls
offpakos with m*le in the hotel were never mentioned as a real possibility that one had to worry about

>> No.21418873

why is Uki so shit bros
he ruined the whole collab

>> No.21418875

godspeed anon, still funny that finana ironically hates being a whore

>> No.21418914
File: 10 KB, 448x249, image0-14.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Hero hei
How much faggot you are sharing this dramanigger.

>> No.21418940

The earliest example of Lazulight collabing with a male is the Amongus collab in June with Bobon, around a month after debut; Even then there were still multiple collabs with not only Oliver, but other Niji KR and ID males, and even other JPs (Selen collabed with Kanae, Petra collabed with Mayazumi). All of this was before Luxium, so there was plenty of time for people whose introduction to Nijisanji was Lazulight to see that they were a lot more open to collabing with males than Hololive ever were; the writing was on the wall for ages and people should've expected there to be co-ed collabs when penises debuted in the EN branch instead of the segregation that Hololive does.

As I said, people like you were warned that males and females interacting was going to happen whether you wanted it or not; there was plenty of evidence in the other branches, and many examples that people gave through streams, events and clips. It is your fault you refused to listen when you were warned, not mine.

>> No.21419085

I really hope this post wasn't written with the insinuation that this won't happen to holoEN

>> No.21419173

nah hoteru opako meta was their answer to ames offline collab, the nijijps doesnt do it either but got a pass in EN for some reason

>> No.21419194
File: 8 KB, 281x180, FB_IMG_1647564391703.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Vt SEA dramanigger really get the attention they need. They will proud anon

>> No.21419233
File: 2.75 MB, 360x202, Rushia was ejected.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He's a smug dipshit who thinks he's better than anyone else and straight up reports fake news to paint upset fans as evil. He's the definition of a grifter.

>> No.21419370
File: 195 KB, 822x718, 1640186695774.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No matter you're Niji or Holofan, sharing dramanigger like Him should be banned. Fucking jannies still mot finish Their dinner to nuke this thread.

>> No.21419473
File: 98 KB, 358x392, 1631265883689.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>subbed to nijisanji
>nijisanji is known to regularly arrange crossgender collabs

>> No.21419525


>> No.21419572

/vt/ catalog is only good for bait and schizo drama, it's ripe pickings. You could probably get wealthy on Youtube just covering what /vt/ is shitting itself over on any given day. I'm a little surprised people have such a negative opinion of dramatubers over here, in fact. Hero Hei's take here is even healthier than the average /vt/ goer's.

>> No.21419680

I agree they should have heeded the warnings. Personally, I knew what was coming, and avoided ever getting emotionally attached to any nijiens. However, the fact that many didn't should not come as a surprise.

You have to realize that a lot of people aren't willing to admit to themselves that they don't like the males in the company because it's a kind of pathetic thing to admit. They make up all kinds of excuses like "oh they're awful because they bring fujos" or "they're boring" to explain their dissatisfaction and save their pride. That cope works fine when it's just one collab every few weeks, but now...

Also, it's hard to create rrats when most of those dudes live on the other side of the planet, and really easy when they're literally in the same hotel room.

>> No.21419739

this is why nippleniggers will be forever be a joke

>> No.21419745

I don't mind preplanned and advertised collabs that can be easily ignored
this is an surprise offcollab in the hotel physically with a guy which was advertised as just girls hanging out
absolutely disgusting

>> No.21419808

>go to Selen APEX stream
>just kidding it's a stream of Kanae playing Valorant
Wow why weren't people happy for this SURPRISE? Could it be that maybe that wanted Selen streaming APEX, as was advertised, instead of Kanae?

>> No.21419856

You're the type of guy who imagines living out a full life with any girl who shows you even slightest bit of kindness, aren't you?

>> No.21419918

This is just more proof that caring about English speaking vtubers requires severe brain damage.

>> No.21419942

I don't even care about vtubers but I love that the drama hurts your simp fee fees. Pussies like you who try to turn all the boards into a hive mind should an hero with a cheese grater

>> No.21419969

Because any person that is not autistic knows that you shouldn't say that shit on the chat and ruin the mood, what were them going to do anyway? Tell him to get the fuck out because chat said so?

>> No.21419977

You order 2 scoops of icecream. You get your icecream but its mostly melted and served in a sourdough breadbowl.

>> No.21420062

Some of my favorite NijiEN streams are whenever Selen collabed with Bonbon, that duo is hilarious. I didn't watch the off-collab but I get a feeling most of the backlash is because Uki made the collab suck regardless of unicorn concerns, and unicorns just jumped on the occasion to pile on and blame the penis.

>> No.21420101

A more appropriate comparison would be a Selen APEX stream that turned out to be a Selen Kanae APEX collab, which would be fine, yes.

>> No.21420137

The collab sucked before he got there due to scuff.

>> No.21420147

No. Because two girls having an off-collab is a different product than a co-ed off-collab.

>> No.21420253

I refuse to watch the video so I assumed the drama spread to Twitter or something. If he's getting his shit from here then he really is desperate for content for his channel

>> No.21420270

We are all that guy. Don't lie

>> No.21420289
File: 2.40 MB, 337x392, 1628838880086.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this is what idolfags actually believe

>> No.21420310

I like Ike and Vox's RPG Maker streams, and Luca is legitimately fun in collabs. Uki is genuinely boring.

>> No.21420332

Wrong. Nijisanji hires only the best talent

>> No.21420359

Are you actually so stupid that you think co-ed off-collabs are identical to single-gender ones? Even outside all-male off-collabs are different than co-ed ones.

>> No.21420381

they can hang out offline all they want and I wont care, but I clicked on that thumbnail to see finana and pomu not see their faggot friend with no personality

>> No.21420407

Even outside of girls,*

>> No.21420429

this comes up time and time again. they are making their money from selling parasocial relationships, they are barely functional as entertainers. you cant have your cake and eat it too. you either nut up and fuck all the simps off, or suck it up and bow your head to the paypigs. they dont even ask for much, its not like they were forbidding male collabs. just dont spam male collabs, its not that hard

>> No.21420474

bro it's what fucking anyone on the street would tell you if you asked "would watching a group of only girls interact feel different from watching a group of guys+girls"

>> No.21420508

Even ignoring all the unicorn and sc/u/m shit, Uki was a bad choice because neither Pomu nor Finana had any established ties to him.
Luca, for example, would've made more sense due to all his interactions with Pomu, but he's down under and they get a fair amount of shipping, so the aftermath might've actually been worse than the one we have now.

>> No.21420509
File: 27 KB, 512x463, 1648440019142.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i see an offcollab with vtubers
turns out there is a surprise guest
i give negative fucks about their gender
it's that simple
the sooner you realize it the better

>> No.21420566

Bait or roastie? Won't respond further either way.

>> No.21420576

Bullypanda chads are desensitized to co-ed collabs because of Sasaki and Yashiro's Levergacha.

>> No.21420589

None is trying to dictate how the talents spend their time, what people is complaining about is about the content they watch
They can hang out offline all they want but the moment they decided to go live is no longer about "spending their time". Is their job and their job is to be entertaining and if I don't find their faggot friend entergaining I am allowed to complain

>> No.21420610

Uki was travelling with them but wasnt planning to be in the collab until tech issues hit. I guess they would have felt awkward just asking him to set up his shit and then telling him to scram but it would have been the right choice.

>> No.21420634

Personally, I like co-ed collabs. It's just insanity to think they have the same energy as single-gender ones.

>> No.21420660
File: 62 KB, 298x300, herohei.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cool thread you have here, I'm gonna make some fat stacks off these posts. Thanks, guys, keep on timelooping.

>> No.21420662

>I win by not caring or actually giving a shit about any of this beyond background noise hahaha

This is such a shit argument to make and a shit audience to aim for. Dunno what NijiEN is thinking, I guess the answer is they're simply not thinking.

Or rather, I know what they're thinking, they're thinking the girls are just throwaway cannon fodder now and every second with males on screen = more horny Chinese office lady money potential.

>> No.21420679


>> No.21420690

apparently youre talking to a femcel or a tranny

>> No.21420719


Look at their SC numbers. NijiEN girls used to beat Council in SC. They all nosedived since dudes appeared. CCVs went up but actual revenue went down. Can they survive few more months of this?

>> No.21420733

You don't get it. Like, at all.

>> No.21420752


>> No.21420765

whats the CIA charity lore? which chuuba is the glowie

>> No.21420778

This dude looks like he roofies women

>> No.21420781

There are things worth caring about and there are things that you only care about if you're mentally ill.

>> No.21420790

I mean, you're basically saying that any female vtuber acting nice towards the audience is GFE, right? Do correct me if I'm misunderstanding.

>> No.21420825

>>Getting $100k to a CIA charity.

>> No.21420826

Yet you're posting on 4chan instead of doing anything else. Curious.

>> No.21420841

>Taking /vt/ screenshots to promote your drama channel
We became too popular

>> No.21420847

Isn't Lily the bitch that copied Gura's shrimp thing?

>> No.21420868

Wait until they found out all the managers they interact with daily are men too.

>> No.21420876

I made mistakes in my teens and now I'm here forever.

>> No.21420877

>Hero Hei
>Hated/Disliked in every single Anime/Vtuber subreddit for over a year
That alone should tell you something

>> No.21420908

No, it's an atmosphere thing. It's said between words, the girl doesn't even have to be that nice.

Girls can do solo streams of potentially close-feeling games and be "nice" to the audience and not at all feel the same for GFE. Ame's Superliminal stream was what really got the gosling trend started for her aka basically right away - quite a few other Holos have played that game since, and none of them gave that same feeling Ame did at fucking all. Ame wasn't trying hard to be flirty or anything either, just playing the game.

>> No.21420961

yea why cant they cancel him

>> No.21420968

It's amazing the things you miss when you go a day without watching vtubers. This sounds like the most nothing event I've ever heard.

>> No.21420979

Dunno anymore because I don't leave my house and don't meet any girls.
However, I can still differentiate between GFE and fanservice, which is more than I can say for the retards who think that, say, Furen is GFE.

>> No.21420991

>can't be a yab anymore if their entire content is based around being yab :)

This is a reductionist argument and also junk. Like going "you know what I'm just gonna live in a septic tank now instead of be afraid of shit splashing on me"

>> No.21420999

I don’t know how anyone can watch this faggot. He never knows any of the details of what he’s talking about. He just jumps on drama for views.

>> No.21421010

>Vtubers are only worth caring about if you're mentally ill
Then why are you here?

>> No.21421043

Where do all you reddit spacing offsite tourist niggers come from
Seriously fuck off, go back to thinking this place is full of child porn and pedophiles, nobody likes you fucking gossip queen underageb& retards.
Go fucking jerk off in your safe space bubble discords, you're a cancer wart

>> No.21421089

Caring about vtubers is fine if you understand they're not your girlfriends.

>> No.21421114

I'm not interested in male vtuber content, as soon as Uki showed up I closed the stream. With that same breath I also dont think every stream or content creator needs to meet what I want in a stream. Pomu is fine for collabing with males I'm just not gonna tune into those streams.

>> No.21421118
File: 209 KB, 1024x576, 1641213348083.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So, is it communicated through tone? Subtle movements of the Live2D? Telepathy?
Also, Ame was definitely being flirty, I was there kek. She was just being flirty tradwife-style instead of horny.

>> No.21421143
File: 851 KB, 1194x964, 1624779568584.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They're just streamers. Virtual Livers. The fact that many of them are good at singing and have lots of originals does not change a single thing. Go to Hololive for idol vtuber experience.
Not everything you disagree with is a bait, anon.
>background noise hahaha
I never said that.
But I'll ask you one thing - were you seething when there were more guests in that latest Nina & Mysta offpako?
Is the gender of your vtubers really that important? If yes then Nijisanji is definitely not for (You).

>> No.21421189

I'm not part of this argument but why are you avatarfagging?

>> No.21421197

Mostly larping and shit-posting.

>> No.21421226

He doesn't actually give a shit about anything. He either takes the popular position of his current viewers or pretends to be neutral. Now that he has a bunch of Genshin fans watching his videos, his new position lately has been a pro-SJW one.

>> No.21421232

A twitter space isn't really a stream nor is it as accessible

>> No.21421236

I'd also consider that the Pomu GFE feel also was apparent almost right away, as she was close and personal-feeling with the audience during her first MC streams. Not flirty, just cared about what they said and felt relaxed and comfortable. I'd say, it was the feeling of exploring things together, instead of the audience watching a static video. I'd also say GFE feelings either pop up pretty early in a chuuba's career or don't.

The first impression matters A TON and an initial pull of attraction can make fans put up with years of bullshit afterward - it's way way harder to get it going the other way around and get off on a wrong foot and then later become good. Why? If you first knew someone as being boring, or a bitch, or too slutty as a turnoff etc that image basically is permanently written in your memory as "this is what this person really is" and it's very hard to shake that feeling no matter what they do afterward. The inverse is true for "I know her, she wasn't really like this" etc and hence the impression is "pomu fell from grace" rather than "pomu never had grace and won't get it now."

>> No.21421312

It was a stream on twitter, and is accessible
Just hit play

>> No.21421486

VTuberCringe hopped on it.

>> No.21421539

Yeah, people are quick to brand everyone a malding unicorn incel if they don't wanna watch coed collabs when it's easily more like they just don't wanna watch guy vtubers.

Straight males who watch female vtubers 99.999999% are there because cute girls are pleasant to be around. Male vtubers are not cute like a girl is, and just cannot be. It's biological, physiological. Putting dudes into a cute girl space pollutes it.

>> No.21421563

>Relying on Hero Hei for news
>He use a comment that only get 22 likes

>> No.21421597


>> No.21421664

For a weeb dramafag he can't even read proper Japanese.

>> No.21421670

>Free of yabs

Anon did you just wake up from a coma or something

>> No.21421710

Bahroo already running away and hide (as usual) and he's still a small vtuber not many care about. No tear will be shed if Bahroo graduate tomorrow

>> No.21421715

her being a snobby cunt isn't a yab, that's just her being herself

>> No.21421720

I'm 100% that people that watch him have never seen anyone he talks abot, they just like the drama.

>> No.21421735

is this a case of being not a true fan(tm) if youre not following their twitter?

>> No.21421774

The comment he pointed out only got 22 likes, compare that to highly liked comment that got hundreds. Hei really scraping the bottom of the barrel.

>> No.21421799

most of the people who are being dramatic don't really sound like the "I'm just not gonna watch" type though

>> No.21421831

He's skilled in making baiting title and baiting thumbnails

>> No.21421837

So he makes videos for /vt/ SEAniggers?

>> No.21421846

>Hey Pomu could you have told us before hand this dude was gonna show up, or just tell us any time before hand if someone not in the thumbnail is coming

>> No.21421848

kek my screenshots from yesterday getting used

>> No.21421923

I just watched it and it's on the same level as the generic trash you see here everyday.
literally made a video about a youtube comment and a /vt/ post

>> No.21421945

who are you quoting?

>> No.21421984

>A post I replied to got screencapped
So close!

>> No.21422077

the average nijinormie

>> No.21422096


>> No.21422164
File: 407 KB, 1280x720, 1645702475706.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

vtubers are not just streamers with anime avatars

parasocial aspect is integral to sny vtuber, everything else is cope
guess where the term "oshi" originates from

>> No.21422215

>They make up all kinds of excuses like "oh they're awful because they bring fujos" or "they're boring" to explain their dissatisfaction and save their pride.
The fuck are you talking about, thats explicitly admitting that you dont like someone. Theres no pride bullshit, hidden meaning or coping.

>> No.21422266

>That comb over
He's balding isn't he?

>> No.21422287

It's called talking around the issue instead of just saying outright "I don't like them", it's making up an excuse to not say the word "hate"

>> No.21422331

>guess where the term "oshi" originates from
From cabarets/whorehouses, the client would pick a favourite girl and always com back to her.

>> No.21422357

No good intentions here. Dude just wants anger clicks

>> No.21422397
File: 2.24 MB, 640x640, 1601741949319.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>make tongue in cheek obviously shitty larp post about vtubers I know nothing about but stoking the drama pot is fun

>> No.21422415

Dramaniggers? Good intentions?
Meanwhile one is facing years of jail in Japan?
You're serious right dude?

>> No.21422461

Thats a lot of projecting

>> No.21422501

No it's not, everyone on this retarded fucking board speaks like the world's shittiest politician

>> No.21422633


>> No.21422903

The NijiEN general is getting destroyed by shitposting right now, it's unusable. When this board whips up a yab and the jannies give up, the results are just plain beautiful.

>> No.21423050

Disgusting greyname EOP don't have any rights in any chuuba chat. You guys are in the bottom of the Vtuber hierarchy.

>> No.21423201

You didn't have a problem with Nina & Mysta inviting more people

>> No.21423224

Getting destroyed because Finana admitted that the whole trip and off-collab (including Uki's involvement) was all Finana's idea, so eggcord is on suicide watch

>> No.21423430

>Nothing at all indicates that uki was gonna show up
This is disingenuous as the recent and previous offcollabs included surprise guests so people picked up on the trend. Most nijifans we're expecting Petra, Selen, or even beatmario. Also this has nothing to do with management, idk why fags keep parroting this shit. It's all entirely on the talents. I do agree with your other points though.

>> No.21423434

More fags joining doesnt really change the dynamic. Yurifags were finally going to be given a crumb and had it taken away.

>> No.21423529

They like dick you stinky lesbo. Deal with it.

>> No.21423659

Yeah man anyone can say they like dicks in an online persona but in reality they like pussy instead.

>> No.21423733

are you just secretly fishing for info? Mouse has teenage niece.

>> No.21424558

Honestly as a massive AkuShio fan if they were having an offcollab stream and say for example Nene dropped by as a surprise I'd be a wee bit upset even if I like Nene a lot. Akushio teetee is better experienced when they are alone.

>> No.21425252

Don't care who he is or what he's done but if he's shitting on nijinigger then we're good.

>> No.21425314

How do i delete this herohei guy's existence? He's literally just parroting the niggers here and calls it a content like what the fuck?