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Remember anons...

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No teamates allowed.

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But what should i do IRyS....what should i do?

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ILove IRyS

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bless. IRyS love

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Hey, that'll be a $250USD akasupa fine.

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Project HOPE logo is back again.

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This is you.

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Why didn't we use this as the OP image. Bread maker, please use this one for the next thread. Thanks!

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Because I'll use it when the song is out on her channel

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He can use it later.

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You two are always hitting each other. Stop it. I'm starting to think you guys will suddenly make out or something. Also, Ame is sweet with IRyS whenever they interact. Let the teammate alone.

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It's fine anyone can lurk, just don't shit up the thread, get a soda and chill out, cheers

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>Let the teammate do his thing. It's fine.
Sorry about that

>> No.21396910

OP can barely type in English, cut him some slack.

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i only have tea

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I can accept the teammate but this tea drinker needs to go.

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whoops sorry about that, I was in a hurry

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shut the fuck up and go back to your autistic fanfic hole clockbeat.

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Should have kept that shit in the previous thread.

>> No.21397070

Is this supposed to be an attack on the sapling? what is this...

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What is a clockbeat? Kek You are sperging way too early

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It's supposed to be banter but it seems it started some shit, I'll stop. I will no longer call him a teamate even if he uses a teamate ritualpost.

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why no youtube premiere cover?

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Maybe the topic thing?

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I'm kind of getting paranoid with the amount if crazies we have been getting. That's on me. Some >>21397330
are acting like old grumpy men. Some probably are. If it's banter then I won't call you out on that anymore. I did try to be nice when pointing you out by saying you might end up making out with the teammate.

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we need a balance like in a sense that it 99% HiRyS shit we do all the time and maybe 0.5% other shit

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This is disappointing. It's a really decent song. Why can't they spend a few hundred bucks to have it on her channel? This is just BS.

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As long as he is a bottom i wouldn't mind at all, teamates are small and gay.

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Holy ESL

>> No.21397874

>small and gay
IRyS will love that.

>> No.21397945

Sorry, I'm doing multiple things at once, it happens

>> No.21397952

Is it only a few hundred bucks?

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>> No.21397982

>IRyS clad in tight leather suit dominating femboy

>> No.21398042

It can be if you are on a tight budget. They already commissioned the art for it and all

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People here would complain still.

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I'm starting to think that this retarded sperging out when someone mentions other girl is some falseflagging. I understand pointing out that it is IRyS general, but this hostility is unnessesary toward anyone that isn't deadbeat.

>> No.21398306

Anon. Where's the cheese to meet you? Mating press is waiting.

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yeah post the cheese to meet you. IRyS needs to let off some steam now

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If only there was a general where all Holos are on topic

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I'm not this anon. I just like the idea of IRyS taking advantage of barely legal college rat

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The rrat is 22...

>> No.21398691

>grooming a 12 years old
you are so going to jail IRyS

>> No.21398835

Bae is more mature than IRyS

>> No.21398838

Never have I ever wanted to be a fucking rodent

>> No.21398895

>*Draw dicks on everything in sight*
Uh huh, of course

>> No.21398918

You don't want to be mating pressed by IRyS anon. you won't survive

>> No.21399012

Only reason IRyS doesn't do that is that her manager is less fun.

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作曲(Music):山本恭平(Arte Refact)
編曲(Arranger):山本恭平(Arte Refact)
Jacket Illustration:いずみけい

>> No.21399109

i guess i have to thank omega for that

>> No.21399186

You don't really need to spend any money. There's nothing stopping them from just releasing the song on he channel without an MV, especially if they have no plan of making one for the song in the near future.

>> No.21399353

They just need to make her channel an Artist channel.

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Google japan consent age

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time to go to jail IRyS

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Didn't she had meltdown around her debiut when Kronii took her banter too far?

>> No.21399712

Bae just had her birthday. Checkmate brat.

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I love IRyS, she's a cute dork

>> No.21399805

so no MV this time? sort of weird, but ok

>> No.21399921

I hate IRyS

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Too bad that IRyS is as old as here is Hope in my heart, so this will be less than 1 year old, so they are both crabs in japanese, so they are allowed to have sex

>> No.21399976

Sex with the Nephilim

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ByeRyS then

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Nothing personnel.

>> No.21400382

Boutaheading out for a bit. Do we havean exact time for the song's release? Or that we only have an estimated time?

>> No.21400427

March 31 midnight your time.

>> No.21400554

>many prefectures also have local "corruption of minors" or "obscenity statutes” which raise the de-facto age of consent to 16-18, unless they are in a "sincere romantic relationship", usually determined by parental consent

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IRyS has been replaced in KIRA...

>> No.21401027

Wait, so no Youtube release? Bummer

>> No.21401078

I know I should be sad, but that scuffed shit is fucking hilarious ahahahahahaha. Next time IRyS, next time. 100% she has something to do.

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>> No.21401184

It's on the same date as Mori's birthday

>> No.21401208


>> No.21401289


>> No.21401453

good, finally she is going to fuck off and be absent for months and IRyS can strenghte her bonds with other members, maybe even JPs.

>> No.21401723

Her announcement could be anything... I won't get too excited about it yet.

>> No.21401832

she already said what it is, its a multiple months hiatus to go do roomate bullshit

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Prepare for the influx of deadbeat tourists.

>> No.21401935


>> No.21401957

I haven't seen that anywhere.

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>> No.21401992

Have you tried mori's general?

>> No.21402027

I’ll believe it when it happens, and not one second sooner.

>> No.21402067

who are these people and whose schedule is this

>> No.21402103 [DELETED] 



first row

>> No.21402113

Reine, Kronii, Anya, Fauna and Reine's

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Yeah, no celebration just yet. Do not jinx it now. Too bad she dropped the collab for the pink bitch, though, but ah well, what can you do?

>> No.21402160

Too far guys, you can stop now.

>> No.21402172

It's just 3 days. And it's in Hawaii. Maybe IRyS will take a break and go there with her.

>> No.21402221

I'll rape your ass, stfu aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

>> No.21402223


>> No.21402276

Spring time is here

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>> No.21402342

No, she won't be there.

>> No.21402395

Without any official function there, she likely doesn't have the time for such a trip.

>> No.21402434

Holos can take 1-2 week breaks without any issue.

>> No.21402454

>3 days
Too fucking short.

>> No.21402465

we are getting an MV afterall

>> No.21402550


>> No.21402665

Can someone catbox her song? I don't know why it isn't on Youtube Music like every other song. 10 bucks for spotify fuck off.

>> No.21402686

April 1st release? She really is a joke to them…

>> No.21402690

What the fuck is this? Everyone that's attending look like those retarded feminist fags on twitter

>> No.21402701

Yea but this is IRyS we're talking about. She normally gives a reason for whatever.

>> No.21402790

I swear to god if Lumina is the one making the MV again

>> No.21402809

It's there if you're already on the 31

>> No.21402894

Damn it I have to wait...

>> No.21402908


>> No.21403107

There's a vocaroo either in this thread or the last, is that not good enough?

>> No.21403183

I can wait guys, it's fine

>> No.21403235

>not buying all of her music
It's an easy way to support her.
A shame iTunes doesn't sell lossless music though. I'd use one of the other services but iTunes is better for EOPs

>> No.21403256

Just wait it doesn't matter.

>> No.21403298


>> No.21403334

I thought Spotify was free anyway...

>> No.21403343

free with ads

>> No.21403393

This retard doesn't know how to inspect element

>> No.21403516

Why waste time doing that?

>> No.21403655

It's pretty easy to buy
Just use a JP VPN
Ototoy is even in English https://ototoy.jp/_/default/p/1193816

>> No.21403765
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I got it on Mora though

>> No.21403774

I have access to a Japanese VPN. I'm not going to buy it twice though (I know some people do that).

>> No.21404479

So, IRyS is wearing a kimono on the new single cover. I'm assuming that it doesnt have an mv yet because its tied with the long delayed release of her new year's outfit.

>> No.21404521

Don't huff too much hopium

>> No.21404538

With Cover in mind, I expect nothing.

>> No.21404546
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>> No.21404994

At this point it is less delusional to think that IRyS will go on date with (You) than to expect that cover will treat her fairly

>> No.21405203

Damn it's just an assumption, you made him look like an asylum patient...

>> No.21405248

IRyS needs to promote more the purchase of her songs, if she can't get the views at least she should try to get all the money she can from them

>> No.21405315

She's not treated that badly; she was in 3 holofes streams for example.

>> No.21405474

do I need to wait for 3/31 in the US to buy if I don't want to purchase with vpn?

>> No.21405538


>> No.21405551

Cover should put them on more EOP stores. I know I said I won't buy her songs twice but simps will. If they put it on Amazon and BandCamp (in addition to iTunes) and simps buy from all 3 that's 3x the votes in charts (each purchase counts unlike streaming).

>> No.21405681

Journey was on more stores

>> No.21406454

They are on amazon if you search them, but most of people probably don't know. She needs to promote the "buy to support me"more than "stream x", at least with the originals.

>> No.21406540

That'll put off the casual watchers and normies

>> No.21406560 [DELETED] 

Only in Japan though. You won't find it on localised Amazon stores for example. I assume there's a logistical reason for this unless Cover is just dumb and never thought of this before.

>> No.21406683

Deleted that. You're right that it shows up if you search for it. They should fix the link on their site to redirect to the correct store.

>> No.21406697
File: 251 KB, 1200x1200, Dear Future Husband[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fpvglp8.ogg].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Japanese song
I love her but all weeb songs sound the same, there's like 3 types of songs, The world is beautiful, the world is fucking exploding and the world is cruel and lonely.

>> No.21407040

shiiiiit that sounds better than all the break up songs, doing drug songs, look at my money songs and being in love songs

>> No.21407098

I-I wouldn't mind a being in love song...

>> No.21407154

She minds. It'll be a "we're toxic and should all fuck off" song.

>> No.21407215

Is she wrong though

>> No.21407223

do you think her originals songs moving forward will still be tied to her lore of being "HOPE"

>> No.21407293

so anime version of avril lavigne XD

>> No.21407306

She's not wrong, being in love is such a waste of time.

>> No.21407321

Just saying "stream x and if you want to support me you can also buy the song on amazon" isn't going to filter anyone

>> No.21407398

being in love isn't a waste of time. it's like eating a nice meal. you were hungry before but now you're full and you enjoyed yourself. you will get hungry again and you'll have another meal in the future. enjoy what you have and look forward to the next one

>> No.21407405

I doubt she knows where her songs can be bought other than mora and ototoy

>> No.21407412

She's wrong. My love is real and sincere. She'll never understand though.

>> No.21407540
File: 574 KB, 621x617, irys loveee.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21407681

AAAAAHHHHHH. love metric

>> No.21408112

Everyday... it gets harder and harder... please

>> No.21408282

Bro, go see a doctor, erections shouldn't last more than a couple hours.

>> No.21408335

as it should be. more weight means stronger muscles. good on you for lifting heavy. stay strong brother, you can do it.

>> No.21408377

Or perform them live more often.

>> No.21408429

IRyS, don't hate us...

>> No.21408443

she say's they're hard and she doesnt have the stamina to do them live

>> No.21408490

no stream tonight huh...

>> No.21408542

They actually are like super super difficult

>> No.21408557

That too, also small trailers like Reine/Suisei

>> No.21408571
File: 195 KB, 1000x720, Hope has a gun[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fck1oub.ogg].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Some of you guys are alright...don't come to HIRyS tonight

>> No.21408582
File: 28 KB, 341x341, 1640114577827.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Time to do your reps whatever they may be.

>> No.21408612

I want to be shot by IRyS though

>> No.21408614


>> No.21408630

This one is doable. Would have liked to hear a live Flower of Hope too. I don't think HERE COMES HOPE is that impossible either.
I think there'll be one. T5 stream tomorrow too.

>> No.21408713

Are there any differences in the youtube 'tiers'

>> No.21408739

The higher ones cost more.

>> No.21408775

Woah really damn

>> No.21408802

For EN the only girl that paywalled stuff behind higher tiers was Mori, for JP I think there's a few that still have higher tier stuff like Roboco.

>> No.21408855

>paywalled stuff behind higher tiers was Mori
no surprise there....

>> No.21408895

i can't remember the last time she streamed the same day as a t5 stream

>> No.21409130

October but it was a forced collab.

>> No.21409160

listen to some real music, irystoshit

>> No.21409441

Amelia Watson is fucking cancer. Teacucks deserve nothing but derision and scorn.

>> No.21409469

We're contrarians here. We automatically dislike "real music".

>> No.21409494

Wew lad, definitely not a falseflagger.

>> No.21409515

yeah i wasn't counting that one

>> No.21409567

What does "real music" even mean? I really don't know anymore.

>> No.21409600

We already determined in her last unarchived karaoke that she should sing songs about wanting to bang dudes.

>> No.21409623

or just dont force yourself to listen to one type of music. there's plenty of good stuff out there if you take a look. except country and whatever country rap is trying to be

>> No.21409707

Yeah, me

>> No.21409720
File: 183 KB, 768x768, wha.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>country rap
That sounds like the worst fucking thing i've ever heard of

>> No.21409733

I dare you fags to post your 5x5.

>> No.21409784

your what?

>> No.21409798

"I like everything except country and rap teehee" is the most basic take imaginable.

>> No.21409802

You faggots probably listen exclusively to one of the three genres most popular with children (metal, rap, or pop).
And this obsession with lyrics about women, money, etc. only ever comes from the kinds of faggots who listen to queer shit like Radiohead.

>> No.21409817

easy. dont worry anon you'll get it right eventually, just keep studying

>> No.21409825

I like everything but pop country and mumble rap :^)

>> No.21409835

You've never been on /mu/ before, have you?

>> No.21409850

I hate everything including country and rap

>> No.21409885

rap is good. country rap should burn in fire

>> No.21409916

I can guess without ever visting it that it's a terrible board

>> No.21409938
File: 409 KB, 2143x3255, Me thinkin bout that nephilim.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Jan drew NSFW of me
Wtf man..

>> No.21410015

It is.

>> No.21410033

Reported for doxxing me

>> No.21410043
File: 310 KB, 345x489, 1639026308906.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shit, i forgot it was 3x3.

>> No.21410110

That is 20 you retard

>> No.21410121

i gotchu. this homework is easy man

>> No.21410166

Where did Jan draw this?

>> No.21410182
File: 47 KB, 720x363, 1277.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not really.

>> No.21410188


>> No.21410204

lol even gayer

>> No.21410247

Beats listening to the ones you mentioned in your post.

>> No.21410255

pffft imagine listening to vaporwave and trying to be serious

>> No.21410471
File: 343 KB, 100x100, 1638886101985.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You fags are going to hell.

>> No.21410480

How her songs sound have everything to do with which producers they choose
I really wish they'd choose more people along the lines of Kenmochi Hidefumi, Yasutaka Nakata, Aiohbahn, or Taku Inoue
Kizuna Ai's songs are mostly all great because of how good all the producers she got were

>> No.21410527

Just anyone with a modicum of talent or inspiration really

>> No.21410552

we all are. enjoy the ride and dont take yourself too seriously. also stream JOURNEY!

>> No.21410618

The composer for Sparks of Joy is the same guy that did Suisei's Ghost and everyone likes that song.

>> No.21410626

imagine being faggot enough to talk about music taste with another anon

>> No.21410639
File: 753 KB, 738x1280, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Feels like management is shooting her in the foot at every turn and she doesn't mind at all. Like she just wants to stream and sing what she's told to sing, like that's enough for her. "I just want to be clipped." You got your wish, girl.

>> No.21410648

People like Suisei's songs because they're by Suisei, not because they're any good

>> No.21410678

But Ghost is a big part of how she got popular.

>> No.21410689

>she doesn't mind at all
are you fucking retarded dude shes not going to complain about management on stream

>> No.21410734

ghost has suisei lyrics, its about getting respect as a singer even if you are a vtuber

>> No.21410742

your taste in music is shit and you eat stale hard boiled eggs for breakfast.

>> No.21410751

Clippers, i hate their guts.

>> No.21410762

and I repeat my last post
They like Suisei because she's an idol on the idol journey making idol songs, not because the songs are actually good

>> No.21410774

What? Are you not familiar with Gura math?

>> No.21410794

Kek. It's a pretty sad dream when she basically only gets clipped for yuribait or things like saying daddy

>> No.21410863

Journey on the whole was great. Out of all stuff she put out it's the best. Every song is catchy and very re-listenable. If someone who's not an ESL took a second look at the lyrics it would genuinely be a fantastic EP.
I'm talking about pushback, not complaining. She's not the one making decisions and she seems to be fine with that.

>> No.21410883

That's an EN problem in general, wish that paid clipper idea Ame tried actually panned out

>> No.21410887

>she seems to be fine with that.
Again, how would you fucking know?

>> No.21410892

In the MoRyS karaoke, their performance of Ghost was one of the best part of the whole thing. The climax into the silent part of the song is pretty hype.

>> No.21410897

it just speaks to how longs she's been in the industry. when you come from nothing and finally get success, the goals you had at the start seem trivial.

>> No.21410954

Other types of clips won't get views so the idea is dead in the water.

>> No.21410972
File: 2.76 MB, 480x269, fxo1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That actually fucking hurt me psychologically. What did you typed into search? She had much more and funnier moments where she weren't like this

>> No.21410991

back when I didn't hate pink woman

>> No.21410996

He obviously typed YabaiRyS

>> No.21411014

all clips are retarded shit like this, Irys doesn't have it worse than anyone else

>> No.21411053

IRyS has it worse for sure. (Well, if you think it's a bad thing.)

>> No.21411092

I just searched "IRyS" and it showed a wide variety of clips, anon must have typed "yabairys" or something.

>> No.21411127

Nah, it's just like that for everyone else, and Irys doesn't have any [SAD NEWS] or dramabait clips

>> No.21411134

I don't. That's just my impression. Has she ever said "this is the producer I really wanted to work with" or "I worked really hard with the songwriter to convey a specific theme" or "It was important to me that exactly this part sounds wishful and dreamy". She always talks only about singing, like a job - she showed up on time and did what was required of her. She did a good job, she can be proud of doing a good job, but it's still just a job.
And I'm not criticizing her (if she feels this way, sure, no problem, that doesn't change anything), just posting my opinion on why things the way they are.

>> No.21411175

Congrats, you are easily influenced by anonymous online schizos. you are probably a weak person in your life. "Pink woman" is fine and always has been. Tough grass faggot.

>> No.21411195

It is her fucking job
She's managed by whoever, she doesn't have any input, she doesn't write the songs
She's hinted many times that she's unhappy with things, but she can't outright complain about it

>> No.21411210

what if you always hated pink woman from the start?

>> No.21411217

Most of Journey was produced by the Myth and Roid producers, the ones that made Here Comes Hope
All in all, I think they need to explore and expand the scope of who's writing her songs or exploit and get someone that really works well with her style and stick with them.
Nene has higedriver and Towa has nikki
IRyS can stick with the Myth and Roid producers or expand to try other ones

>> No.21411220

You don't have to defend her here, deadbeat.

>> No.21411264

No more hotaru... please...

>> No.21411277


>> No.21411343

Kek, it's timeloop o'clock.
Newfags better learn from this free lecture on /HiRyS/.

>> No.21411358

She has to find what her style is first.

>> No.21411395

It's like this every time IRyS releases new music. Suddenly /HiRyS/ is full of musicologists.

>> No.21411406

She already knows what her style is, she just needs a talented musician to actually write good songs for her

>> No.21411423

What is it?

>> No.21411430

always has been

>> No.21411439


>> No.21411496

She is a great fit for the songs she's been given, like on the Journey album, the songs themselves just aren't very good

>> No.21411541

Congrats, for being a fan of a disgusting manipulative bitch who continue to support the whore through all the shit she's done.

>> No.21411553

Journey is great faggot

>> No.21411555

in her birthday stream I thought IRyS was going to cry when she said stream everything because it's my birthday. she probably put in a lot of effort to work with what she got and seeing all the low numbers hurt her

>> No.21411621

The songs people like her singing the most tend to be the ones that sound like Utada Hikaru songs or Identity

>> No.21411623

She was near crying because of the support from everyone.

>> No.21411627

It's good but it too cliche

>> No.21411648

But in contrast, explain Calli's greater control over her production processes, which includes selection of people whom she works with on her music.

>> No.21411655

ahhh a buzzword from somebody who has no idea what they are talking about.

>> No.21411672
File: 208 KB, 399x315, 1648598634599.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm looking for a certain pic. It was Gosling with this IRyS in the background. Searching archives but can't find it. Please help.

>> No.21411688

I still think she sounds better in some of her karaoke covers than on her songs. Especially on ballads. Her voice just sounds different when she sings someone else's songs.

>> No.21411715

>all the shit she's done
She hasn't done anything bad. I think you need to step away from /vt/ because your brain is being rotted away by schizo bullshit.

>> No.21411719

It sounds like an album from 2005
The stuff that they're doing has been overdone

Calli is a musician, Irys is a singer

>> No.21411739

Because Cover pays for all the music production aside from the Identity cover.

>> No.21411742

It's easy. Mori pays for it herself AND she has the drive to create her own music.

>> No.21411753
File: 175 KB, 360x344, 1641195561510.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21411777

She's ugly.

>> No.21411779
File: 2.61 MB, 2047x1348, Stream for birthday girl[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fkdx11k].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love iwys

>> No.21411781

I do think that one of the things that she isn't happy about is her numbers. It is disappointing to see other member's original doing better than hers even though she sings much better than them.

>> No.21411819

Yeah she should be less of a numberfag.

>> No.21411830

You are a dumb shit if you believe everything posted is schizo bullshit. Keep drinking that lean cuckbeat.

>> No.21411876

Not this one. It was sex edit.

>> No.21411878
File: 851 KB, 3372x2247, 1635112196823.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.21411892

It's unreasonable to expect someone not to care about not being successful

>> No.21411895

>even though she sings much better than them
this is what i dont get. the stuff from council is shit (except bae's I liked hers) but everyone is huffing their shit saying "ooh its sooo heavenly" or "mumei hit it out of the park"

>> No.21411906

See what I mean? You are creating narratives in your head because you want to be part of the "cool kids" of /vt/. Mori hasn't done a single thing wrong, is the hardest worker in EN (and arguably all of Hololive), and is super supportive of everybody. Mori has done more to promote IRyS than IRyS has done herself for crying out loud.

>> No.21411927
File: 799 KB, 1200x676, 93866343_p0_master1200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.21411941

Mumei and Bae's original songs are good

>> No.21411955
File: 1.38 MB, 1909x1080, 51347.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

its this one then

>> No.21411980
File: 2.84 MB, 2835x3614, 115a259cf82606438815cc1c67288673.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.21412001

>Mori hasn't done a single thing wrong
stop it, this is not your split, i dont want to argue bloody Mori retardation here.

>> No.21412005

Numbers are all a popularity contest
She just doesn't have as many tourists because they probably got filtered by her model or because she isn't formally in any gen
She gets relatively good views on her streams, but those are all from dedicated viewers that didn't get filtered and realized she's actually a good streamer

>> No.21412009

>explain Calli's greater control over her production processes
I don't need to explain anything, she talked about this exact thing herself. I'll try to find the exact stream and timestamp, but basically, she pays for everything, so she has complete creative control. For IRyS, cover pays for everything, cover has complete creative control.

>> No.21412010
File: 57 KB, 767x208, 1641985048761.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

These great days are long gone...

>> No.21412014

personal rrat but when IRyS said she was unhinged after watching mori's concert and streaming right after. I like to think she was upset that mori could half ass her way to several "hits" while IRyS is still struggle to hit those big numbers for her stuff

>> No.21412028

Yes, much obliged.

>> No.21412029

Depends on how you define success. She's more successful than many.

>> No.21412038
File: 2.01 MB, 4093x2894, 1644536088167.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.21412045

She hasn't done more to promote IRyS than IRyS has for herself quit exaggerating.

>> No.21412062

She sucks at shilling her songs, just like Watame. They need to become more shameless and hype it up before hand too.

>> No.21412070

She's successful as a Hololive member, her vsinger project isn't really succeeding

>> No.21412072
File: 300 KB, 2625x3375, 1644210927640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.21412083

Real deadbeat hours around here huh

>> No.21412090

she sounded like a toy chipmunk that was getting squeezed too hard

>> No.21412095

Lol no. If anything she idolizes Mori and think she's 100 times better than her.

>> No.21412120
File: 1.34 MB, 1200x836, 1645931069305.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.21412123

Watame's songs are also mediocre
You guys don't know how to tell if music is good or not, you think it's all about marketing

>> No.21412152

>It sounds like an album from 2005
That's a bad thing?

>> No.21412161

Watame's case is a shame
I think it might've been because she just released too many songs too quickly and people got desensitized to new song releases
Even though she pretty much poured her whole soul into My Song

>> No.21412164
File: 1.65 MB, 2500x3200, 1644819888233.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.21412170

I just don't see the appeal in Bae or Mumei's orisongs but I don't think IRyS' are that great either.

>> No.21412216
File: 761 KB, 1200x854, 94918821_p0_master1200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.21412217

generally you want to make something that sounds fresh

>> No.21412220

Why is it a shame? She sells a lot of albums on mora/ototoy.

>> No.21412307

Promotion is fucking KING.
Mumei teased her song on debut. She kept brining it up on the streams. Other council members mentioned it. Release was announced beforehand. It was released as a premiere. As a full MV. Others talked about it after release. And it's a decently catchy song. Bada-bim-bada boom, 2 million views.

>radio silence except "Recording today sure was something, whew" on twitter
>announcement on the day it's releasing
>no MV
Wow, thanks, love it. I'm sure it'll do like gangbusters.

>> No.21412358

Irys talked about Journey way more than Mumei talked about her song

>> No.21412419
File: 1016 KB, 753x978, StreamJourney.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No she didn't, lol. The Journey schizo was a thing specifically because IRyS wouldn't talk about it.

>> No.21412423

>5 months of hype buildup
>Announced it during the kimono reveal
>Announced it again during an unarchived karaoke with more viewers than IRyS' half-year anniversary
>Did a post-release stream where she got emotional and showed a personal connection to the song
>Front page sticky on the hololive reddit
>More retweets from HoloEN

>> No.21412429

If you only care about trendsetting, yes. I want IRyS to be successful based on the merit of her work because she is a fantastic singer with a beautiful voice, not because she releases something "fresh" that the untold masses lap up.

>> No.21412504

No, if you want to make good music it has to be fresh, it's not just about setting trends, you can't keep rehashing shit

I remember her talking about it in every stream for a while

>> No.21412529

Pre-December sure was something..

>> No.21412562

She would say "Stream Journey" in every stream but that's pretty much it.

>> No.21412581

take care guys. stream journey! and drink some water

>> No.21412599

what else do you expect
it's hard to fake interest in something, she doesn't have any genmates to shill it either
also she releases so many songs it's hard to pretend to be interested in them. Mumei has released one song. How many has Irys released? 10?

>> No.21412630

You don't know what good music is. It's okay to release music reminiscent of the past, not everything has to be "fresh".

>> No.21412658
File: 211 KB, 2000x2000, 20220122_023117.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21412691

The songs have to be more catchy and more interesting if they're going to be cookie-cutter like that.

>> No.21412711

If this new song is mostly japanese with a few random english words added in it should be fine.
All of her english songs are esl messes. Written and timed in japanese by someone japanese and not properly translated in to english because that also requires properly timing and flowing with the song.

>> No.21412744

>not everything has to be "fresh"
It kinda does actually, that's the princple of novelty and what makes people interested in things

>> No.21412874

The amount of views/growth (which are likely correlated to album sales) aren't that high even though she probably invested several more times of work and money into it

>> No.21412944

Not everyone can be on top.

>> No.21413153
File: 408 KB, 533x533, 1646987806477.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

/r/ing Mario Kart "oh shit, Im coming" YabeRys.
I know one of you fucks made it.

>> No.21413164

Good music is good, it doesn't matter if it follows a tried and true cookie-cutter approach. As long as it is good, people will listen to it and IRyS can grow and reach more people.

>> No.21413224

if you're making cookie-cutter music it needs to be better than what Journey is to get people interested in it

>> No.21413248

archive reps

>> No.21413594

It just needs to sound good. Most of the complaints from regulars /here/ centre on ESL-lyrics and how they can sometimes be awkward. IRyS does her best here though and still manages to make it work.

>> No.21413652

"sound good" doesn't mean anything, you need to dissect what makes music appealing to people

>> No.21413688

Akatsuki to Hana is good and easy to listen to and doesn't suffer from these problems but it's not a song that will get a complete tourist to fall in love with her music.

>> No.21413828

need emotional impact, viral appeal or original approach, all we can hope for IRyS is viral appeal, and that can be achieved if its attached to something.

>> No.21413883

you're just rewording the same thing without approaching what makes a song good or not

>> No.21413930

Viral appeal like Unison?
Emotional appeal like Kiseki Knot?
First one seems pretty doable, second one might be hard

>> No.21413949

Many songs on Journey have emotional impact. Yet somehow this is not enough. It's not enough to make you feel, it has to be "fresh".
She did a great job on Journey and you should all be praising her.

>> No.21413989

You're getting mad at what I said in this thread, the numbers speak for themselves, don't act like I'm the one ruining her career, I'm just playing doubles advocate

>> No.21414036

It's not my fault if people like you have shit taste.

>> No.21414121

It'll sound a bit harsh but the only time I feel like she is good at sounding emotional is at 4:10 in Yuki no Hana. Nothing else has come close.

>> No.21414153

Devil’s advocate, not doubles

>> No.21414237

I didn't say it was bad

>> No.21414274

The implication was there. Don't backtrack, you've been shitting up this thread all day now.

>> No.21414286

Man, such a beautiful voice.

>> No.21414291

NTA but oh nyo

>> No.21414304

>The implication was there
No it wasn't you fucking retard

>> No.21414329

Yeah that's why I want to hear it in her own songs...

>> No.21414331

Yes, it was. Don't resort to ad hominem by calling me a retard.

>> No.21414380

You are resorting to ad hominem by implying I'm trying to say Irys's album is bad by offering fair criticism of it
Assuming everyone is out to attack what you like is the cancer killing this website

>> No.21414406

ESL-chama, you don't know what ad hominem is. I never personally attacked you. If you think Journey is good then let's discuss its good points.
>What do you like about it?

>> No.21414436

thats not emotional impact, thats singing with emotion, those are different things, examples, towa's cover of Error, isnt just about how well she sang it, it was also about what she was going through in real life, people were invested in the narrative, that for me is an emotional impact. Dont get me wrong, IRyS can deliver a wide range of emotions while singing and i would even say thats what she does best, but theres too little story to follow, watch her explode in views if she sings one last kiss, because its a song she always sings and is already part of her story.

>> No.21414455

It's a personal attack. Assuming the worst of my motivations for no reason is an attack on my character

>> No.21414574

>IRyS can deliver a wide range of emotions while singing and i would even say thats what she does best
That's a minority opinion. The main complaint with her singing is that she isn't good at conveying emotions and I don't think it's completely unfounded.

>> No.21414581

It's not an attack on your character but an interpretation of the shitposting on display here. You need to do a better job at articulating your thought if this interpretation is wrong. You still didn't elaborate on what you like about Journey. Perhaps you can change my opinion of you?

>> No.21414625

>You need to do a better job at articulating your thought if this interpretation is wrong
No I don't. I didn't say anything that suggested it was bad. You incorrectly assumed that for no reason at all. I don't give a shit about your opinion of me

>> No.21414667

If I am barking up the wrong tree it is your fault for directing me that way.

>> No.21414712

Her songs so far definitely have story to follow, to me the problem is its not her story. IRyS and council both came frontloaded with a lot of lore, and while council seems to have gotten on fine pretty much ignoring it and doing their own thing, all of IRyS' music is still directly referencing this nephilim lore and her relationship to humanity or whatever. None of it sounds personal to her or like she has any attachment to it, so emotionally it comes across a little stunted. I think she's an amazing singer but I don't think she's released anything as IRyS that really bares her soul.

>> No.21414721

That's very narcissistic of you

>> No.21414746

"story" means a real story, not just their lore
Irys is basically a blank slate of a human being, she doesn't really have a story to follow, I think that's a problem for her
Maybe she needs more songs about being horny and watching anime

>> No.21414764

>I don't think she's released anything as IRyS that really bares her soul.
I think IRyS is just not the type of person that wants to show that to the world.

>> No.21414781

Ad hominem again. You call me a narcissist because you do not want to admit to your shitposting. You say you like Journey but you do not wish to discuss what you like about it.

>> No.21414789

IRyS has childish view on those things. She thinks that if she works hard then it will bear fruits eventually, so she is shy about shilling it
>i-it is not that I want you to listen to my songs or anything. Please don't find it, it is not like I care!
IRyS, I know you are here. What had more copies sold? Shitty PewDiePie's book, or noblist Abdulrazak Gurnah Afterlives?
Quality isn't shit if you have no marketing

>> No.21414857

I'm calling you a narcissist because you're blaming me for you making an incorrect and unfounded judgement

>> No.21414888

In my opinion it's low self-esteem or too much humility.
Baring your soul looks something like this: https://youtu.be/EpuB_c03dZ0?t=146
Can you imagine IRyS doing a similar performance? I can't.

>> No.21414905

You do not want to disprove my supposed misjudge of your character. I am giving you the opportunity to put down your pitchfork and discuss Journey and tell me all of the things you like about it. Why won't you take it?

>> No.21415046

Because I don't give a shit what you think about me
you really think a lot of yourself don't you

>> No.21415053

I think she's capable of it. If she was performing something she felt less detatched from and more personally invested in I think she could get there. I don't know what the answer is or how she genuinely feels about her current output, like if she's frustrated or totally satisfied, but I think she has untapped potential still.

>> No.21415105

You don't give a shit about Journey either, given you are unwilling to discuss it in a positive light. You are just here to stir trouble.

>> No.21415173

Why would I give a shit about Journey? It's not my album
Criticizing it isn't stirring trouble, I said nothing inflammatory

>> No.21415174

I wish she would channel her current frustrations into something creative like that but I accept that not everyone is like that. Whenever I criticize IRyS's songs and singing it's with the thought that she's still really new at this even if most people think she has a lot of experience.

>> No.21415207

It's all one-sided. You say you like it but only offer negative critique. Why won't you praise it?

>> No.21415227

Why should I praise it?

>> No.21415259

Because you said you liked it yet offer nothing of the sort to back up this statement and after all this you have the audacity to accuse me of being a narcissist.

>> No.21415313

You’re right

>> No.21415330

I didn't say I liked it, I said it wasn't bad
You are a narcissist, you think I care what you think I me

>> No.21415388

So you dislike it?

>> No.21415409


>> No.21415510

Good. Now instead of shitting up the thread perhaps consider one of the following:
>Express the praiseworthy aspects of it you hold true
>Fuck off from this thread and don't come back.
Either is better than continuing with this nonsense. I don't care which you pick.

>> No.21415546

So I should only say nice things because you'll be upset if I don't? Sound reasonable

>> No.21415558

AZKi is amazing. I really should listen more of her.

>> No.21415566

Don't make demands like that if you're trying to have a conversation. It's rude.

>> No.21415630

If you guys have complaint about IRyS's song, write a fucking letter to cover on their page instead of fighting here in this thread. All your complaints can be lodged at bad management.

>> No.21415643

Conversations are a two-way street. You can't say you think something is good after shitting on it for ages and refuse to elaborate further.

>> No.21415678

I didn't say it was good, i said it wasn't bad, you absolute moron

>> No.21415734

That's even more of a waste of time than writing it here.

>> No.21415736

Could you please tell me the antonym of "bad"?

>> No.21415760
File: 40 KB, 900x538, into-the-trash-it-goes-meme-ds8ndxkp9aiz2u0s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>management vs opinion

>> No.21415785

there exists a middle ground between good and bad, which is where most of Irys's songs are

>> No.21415791

It could be mediocre.

>> No.21415827

I’m getting bad vibes from this thread. Not reading it.

Luv iwys
Luv my wife
Simple as

>> No.21415857

How new, kek.

>> No.21415922

The bad vibes will continue until the Deadbeats fuck off. I'm trying to steer the conversation into a positive discussion about Journey but they're not having it. Can't have good public discourse here, only negative hate.

>> No.21415959

There's no hate

>> No.21415977

There's no love either

>> No.21416008

You have a legitimate mental illness dude
Just because I said Irys's album isn't good, it's negative hate, and I must be a fan of the pink woman

>> No.21416024

it'll be dead soon at least

>> No.21416042
File: 2.02 MB, 1407x2159, FPHbMJAaAAETexX.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

IRyS love!!

>> No.21416065

bread baker doko?

>> No.21416111

You just want to see blind love.

>> No.21416143
File: 245 KB, 428x361, 1638320143180.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21416190

pomf =3

>> No.21416307

I want balance. I expect when people say something isn't bad after shitting on said thing to elaborate further. You cannot be surprised if somebody misconstrues your opinion when you refuse to do so. It's already evident that you don't care what others think of you though, your only purpose here is to shit up the thread with unwarranted and one-sided negative critique. You need to tell both sides of the story.

>> No.21416422

You live in this imaginary world where you think other people on an anonymous imageboard care about your feelings

>> No.21416453

So you admit to being a shitter?

>> No.21416501

I posted critique, I didn't post negative critique
You can't tell the difference because you're retarded

>> No.21416564

personally I don't like most of her songs. She sings like an angel and music is usually good, but ESL lyrics are destroying everything

>> No.21416612

What about the Japanese ones?

>> No.21416616

Again with the ad hominem? You say something isn't bad but refused to elaborate further. You aren't posting critique but unconstructive criticism.

>> No.21416630

I don't understand them, so they are great

>> No.21416686

I posted plenty of constructive criticism
Like, find a composer who has some talent or inspiration, because the one she is working with is mediocre

>> No.21416838

Where are the positive aspects you supposedly hold? You aren't critiquing something, you're writing a scathing review.

>> No.21416857

You don't understand what criticism is, my retarded friend

>> No.21416933

You don't understand how people will confuse you for a shitter when you shit on something. We already know you don't care what others think of you though. We are just going round and round in circles.

>> No.21416966

Read #IRySJourney if you want to see the positive stuff.

>> No.21417007

The moronic way you perceive the world is of no concern to me
I have no idea why you need me to compliment the album to make you feel at peace

>> No.21417011

Well, I wasn't feeling like making a new thread but since this one is shit...
Next thread:

>> No.21417048

Don't be a crybaby.

>> No.21417052

sweet jesus thank you for putting us out of our misery

>> No.21417069

Fair point. Many an anon has loudly proclaimed that others should "go back". Usually, they do not claim that something is "not bad" after preceding to shit on it though.

>> No.21417093

I don't feel like he shit on it.

>> No.21417107

I didn't shit on it you absolute moron, I said it was mediocre

>> No.21417198

When you one-sidedly slander something, that is shitting on it. You must offer balance.

>> No.21417221

Lol no. And it wasn't slander.

>> No.21417272

You still refuse to offer any positive discussion whatsoever. You are misrepresenting it.

>> No.21417326

Criticism isn't emotional. It's supposed to be objective. It's not about how you feel. It's not about shitting on you and then telling you some nice words to make you feel better. You aren't supposed to take it personally. This is even more retarded seeing you aren't Irys, and it's not your album

>> No.21417365

The good points of the EP have been discussed to death already.

>> No.21417408

So have the negatives yet you still decided to be a nuisance today.

>> No.21417455

The fact that you consider me dispassionately saying the album was mediocre is "a nuisance" says a lot about you

>> No.21417514

The fact that you refuse to elaborate on the good aspects you claim to hold but offer no proof to the contrary says more about you than me.

>> No.21417541

I never claimed there were "good aspects"
And if I did, I have no idea why you require me to say them

>> No.21417603

You said it wasn't bad but still refuse to say how so. You then backtracked from "not bad" to "mediocre". You really are here just to shit up the thread.

>> No.21417638

not bad means mediocre
your problem is you think in black and white, that something must be good or bad
it's neither good or bad, it's in the middle

>> No.21417650

So say that then.

>> No.21417695

I did, that's what mediocre means
If English is your second language, look up the words I'm using in the dictionary

>> No.21417696

But he did, over and over.

>> No.21417698

God damn I recognize you, idiot

Just ignore him, he's mentally ill

>> No.21417731

Yes, he backtracked. He then called me a narcissist for assuming the worst of him when he has still offered no proof to the contrary.

>> No.21417778

Everything I've been said has been consistent, you failed to understand what I'm saying, that's on you, because I'm speaking very clearly

>> No.21417886

You have yet to explain how me assuming the worst of you is wrong when you have offered no proof to the opposite. You only speak in negatives. If I think only in black and white, you think only on black.

>> No.21417989

My impression of the album is that it's mediocre. If I were to praise it I'd be misrepresenting myself. Saying it's mediocre, or even saying it's bad, isn't actually shitting on anyone, it's criticism. You're assuming I want to "cause trouble" by saying this, you have no reason to believe that. I criticize it because I want her to do better.

>> No.21418037

You really should have led with this. You've said your bit, you can go now.

>> No.21418091

I don't owe you an explaination, this isn't your thread, you really are a narcissist

>> No.21418117

It's not your thread either. The likes of you only show up in drones whenever IRyS releases new music.

>> No.21418122

Dude this is not the first time you've done this. Just fuck off already.

>> No.21418148

It won't be the last either.

>> No.21418216

I'm in every thread you stupid fuck, you aren't owed an explaination of my motives just because I said something critical. I'll give you a tip: Antis will start with something that sounds like criticism and then they'll use that to pivot into an insult. Example: Fauna did this on a stream, Fauna is a terrible person and should graduate. That is anti behaviour. I insulted no-one, so you should not assume I'm being an anti

>> No.21418286

You backtrack and pivot when I call you out for refusing to discuss the positive aspects of her music. It's now clear you don't have any. You really do think that little of IRyS's music.

>> No.21418371

I didn't backtrack on anything. I think Irys's music is mediocre. You're saying that like it's some sort of thoughtcrime

>> No.21418389

>People matching the diagnostic criteria for narcissistic personality disorder also use splitting as a central defense mechanism. Most often narcissists do this as an attempt to stabilize their sense of self-positivity in order to preserve their self-esteem, by perceiving themselves as purely upright or admirable and others who do not conform to their will or values as purely wicked or contemptible.
this is actually fascinating

>> No.21418428

You backtracked from "not bad" to "mediocre". This discussion is pointless though. We should just end this. Agree to disagree?

>> No.21418488

if something is mediocre, it means it's not bad, and not good. If you can't understand English that's your problem

>> No.21418546

I don't hate the new song but it's kind of like a poor man's Senbonzakura

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