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Post here why do you think she doesn't deserve 2 millions subs.

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She owes me a favor sexually

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T. Kiara

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4chan is not capable of giving constructive criticism.

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I want to give some criticism but according to jannies beat criticism = troll post

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She's not replying to my dms!!! Connor!!!

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Waiting for that other anon to post the screencaps of all the shit Mori's done.

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Oh, the 3 text walls of a schizo's piping hot delusions? Don't even bother

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if you watch her roomate stream, shes full of arrogance its just like popularity got into your head

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She doesn’t deserve 2 million because she deserves 3 million

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No this is literally the only place they can get constructive criticism as long as they can wade through the muck to find it

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>doesn't know the wu-tang clan (Raekwon is my uncle)
>low iq individual
>has gout and diabetes
>posts on the terrorist forum called 4channel
>Insider info but she is friends with very famous anime youtubers but they hate her cause she smells like wet farts

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You're wrong
She deserves 2M
What she doesn't deserve is to be above Pekora

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Jesus just stop being cringe, if she would just act fucking normal holy shit. Stop with the random noises, the fucking black-persona rap way of talking -- just fucking be normal.

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Trying a bit too hard there compadre

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if pekora wanted 2 milli that bad she'd learn english

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JPs are the minority audience in entertainment. This industry has been dominated by the West, and the numbers prove it.

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She needs to quit alcohol before it completely destroys her. But I've got a bad feeling she low key fetishizes self-destruction via substance abuse and thinks its cool. This is my only criticism of Mori.

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>person clicks on mori video
>they are sufficiently convinced to click the subscribe button
>they click the subscribe button
>this happens 2 million times

I can't say whether or not she deserves to hit a particular milestone, but her reaching that milestone before many other talents is another story. Numbers in entertainment is not a fair game, but personality-wise, stream-wise, and music-wise, I do not think she is head-and-shoulders above the rest to the point that her relative subscriber count accurately reflects her talents.

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in that case it's more productive to read criticism in yt comments, twitter, and reddit if you can filter the hugboxing

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This thread is bad and deserves a squeeb. Squeeb.

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stop pushing real girls to be as unhealthy as you you fat fuck whiteknight

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Very cool thread SEAboy. Keep up the motivation thread so Calli stay with hololive just to spike you

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she needs a thumbs up picture so i can post it here for maximum butthurt harvesting

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>they are sufficiently convinced to click the subscribe button
This is the only part I don't get. HOW?

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because I'm an unstable schizo and a micropenis

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worships male e-celebs, may as well bend over and bear them some children

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At some point you have to start wondering if Mori's entire discography isn't just a combination of coping and seething and winning imaginary arguments from the haters.
>"old friends dislike me for selling out to the anime weebs"
>sold out to the anime weebs
>"I live in antis' heads rent free"
>got so butthurt about it she dedicated three songs to them
>"vtweeters think consoomers give brands instant success"
>literally in a consoomer brand, retroactively proves them right in a month-long spiral culminating in a kanokari cuck meme tweet and a literal ao3 cuckold story
>"I'm letting go of my past life and accepting who I am"
>lurks /vt/ and repeatedly goes back to old persona shit
>"the haters won't get me down"
>tries to epically pwn a week old SEA tweet, backtracks about substance abuse, pretends/admits she doesn't know what lean is, aged faster than a president
I don't remember what the new album is about but I'm pretty sure it's about selling out to anisong again

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The wall of video clips. you know the one, we've all seen it.

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>that beast of a screenshot

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Her content might genuinely appeal to some people, others might not have strong standards for subscribing, perhaps she is the first chuuba of some subscribers, and so on. Not every subscriber is equal, but a subscriber count doesn't factor that in. At the end of the day, popular thing is popular, her audience was entertained enough to subscribe. People can shout into the void for many hours as to why people should or should not enjoy her content, but I doubt many minds would change.

I hope the original anon who wrote this updates it one day with a more neutral/objective tone. It's polarized right from the get go. If I were a Mori fan and I read this I would instantly dismiss it as some biased person since, although many of these things are incriminating, there are enough reaches and extrapolation that the overall credibility is reduced.

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It was so polarizing in fact that mods deleted it

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mori is perfect

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>arrived late to that thread
>there are 15 replies to a deleted comment
Uh oh

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why are 2views like this?

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mori, you're fucking retarded if you think asking for "constructive criticism" will make these threads go any different. just stop coming, please.

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Why Mori Calliope is the worst hololive member

>talks about alcohol nonstop to the point where it's one of the only things she sounds genuinely interested in
>applied to hololive as a joke, knowing nothing about vtubers or streaming and only because her friend Milkyqueen was applying too and showed her it, taking her spot in the process
https://youtu.be/tIU0xG-lXkQ?t=2397 (We Met a REAL Virtual YouTuber (ft. Mori Calliope) | Trash Taste #23) [126:25]
>used to heavily bait for superchats in her early days, interrupting collabs to thank red scs "BIG UPS AKASUPA"
>says hololive only takes up 5% of her actual time
https://youtu.be/lBkuqt-xigY (Mori Calliope 5%) [1:00]
>continuously trying to change hololive by attempting collabs with and mentioning anime youtubers and random men
>always late to collabs and never sets up properly
>according to kiara has overslept multiple collabs, causing them to be cancelled or rescheduled
>barely talked during 2 hour clubhouse 51 collab with Kiara, to the point where Kiara had to use the weather deck to get her to talk at all
>made nothing but grunts and 1-3 word replies during shadowverse collab with kiara
>straight up said "no" when kiara asked if she had seen her new MV
https://youtu.be/nvZcIGnCSrs?t=12222 (【TAKAMORI WATCH-A-LONG】SHREK 1 & 2 #HoloMyth #HololiveEnglish) [210:15]
>lied to kiaras face about loving her king cover (which was a rickroll joke) saying she "listened to it all the time"
https://streamable.com/t2985s (lol) [0:16]
>didn't properly setup for lethal league with ina, played and talked with fans while ina sat and watched
>acted like a bitch once the punishments game for puyo puyo tetris came up, refused to do any of them
>spoils outfits on twitter for first smol collab, does nothing for the jeopardy rounds and slams her keyboard for it
>blabs about alcohol before even introducing herself during a collab with Reine, an Indonesian who isn't allowed to drink
https://youtu.be/VX1hxP-Tmiw?t=342 (【Clubhouse 51】#DEADBEAKS GOLF NIGHT with Calli!!!【hololiveID 2nd gen】) [71:52]
https://youtu.be/VX1hxP-Tmiw?t=394 (【Clubhouse 51】#DEADBEAKS GOLF NIGHT with Calli!!!【hololiveID 2nd gen】) [71:52]
>possibly corrupting irys as she mentioned they've met a few times to drink tea
>makes myth wait almost half an hour in the ender dragon fight collab because she got lost looking for wood because she didn't prepare, then makes them lose diamond armor because she jumped into the void in the end
https://youtu.be/BwL9-tqLF3I?t=4641 (【MINECRAFT COLLAB】Calliope and HoloMyth's Long Awaited Ender Dragon Battle! #hololiveEnglish) [118:34]
>didn't call in for Ame's first birthday, called in at the very last minute for her second birthday sounding drunk with a shitty rap
https://youtu.be/tMwKQniur0k (Calli's sleepy rap for Ame's birthday) [1:22]
>constantly talks to her collab partners like they're mentally challenged children
>simps over Rikka on and off stream nonstop, they collab on Super Bunny Man and Mori can barely hold a convo in Japanese, forcing Rikka to use his terrible English
>completely ruins highly anticipated first EN meme review with Coco by being nothing but her "dorky rapper" character instead of making any good conversation or jokes, to the point where Coco asks "are you okay? you're acting like a crackhead" and "is she always like this?" to 75k viewers
https://youtu.be/YTTnA4MQkg0?t=2435 (REDDIT SHITPOST REVIEW with Calli) [61:28]
https://youtu.be/YTTnA4MQkg0?t=1121 (REDDIT SHITPOST REVIEW with Calli) [61:28]
>woke gura up early on a day she planned to stream, wastes everyones time because she only then learned the game they were gonna play is local only, makes them switch to ANOTHER local only game, didn't install the final proper game between the time elapsed switching previous games, then makes sleepy Gura wait another half hour only for their gameplay to be fucked by seconds long delay, then finally settling on Phasmophobia, disables comments afterwards
https://youtu.be/sbo8zS8otzQ (【PHASMOPHOBIA COLLAB】We Love To Not Be Alive. #hololiveEnglish) [76:20]
>caused 6 month anniversary Don't Starve myth collab to be delayed by 30 mins
>fell asleep on stream during very first myth Minecraft collab
https://youtu.be/NS3_sNTwIRw?t=10427 ([MINECRAFT] HOLO EN SERVER #HololiveEnglish) [182:36]
>told Gura during a collab that someone said her "booty stank" while working at a restaurant
https://youtu.be/WhM27pQZ_2E (Calli will NEVER forget this Review from a Restaurant Customer she got) [3:12]

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The Trash Taste drama gets its own section, as it is the longest running problem with Mori and the sole reason this post exists

>Mori collabs with Trash Taste
https://youtu.be/tIU0xG-lXkQ (We Met a REAL Virtual YouTuber (ft. Mori Calliope) | Trash Taste #23) [126:25]
https://youtu.be/h5QspNrKphM (The Vtuber Rap God Returns (ft. Mori Calliope) | Trash Taste #74) [136:01]
>guy from TT, Connor, says on Ironmouse's stream that people in hololive are popular not because of their talent but because of the brand
>time passes, Mori mentions TT a significant amount the last few months
>a longtime member in Moris member stream says she shouldn't associate with them
>Mori insults her members and lies that Connor personally apologised to every holoEN member
>"we speak to each other quite a bit, um, as friends", laughing nervously after
>someone asks Kiara about this, Kiara says she isn't in contact with anyone from Trash Taste
https://streamable.com/5a8uq2 (mori lies) [0:35]
>Mori then donates 50 subs to Connor on her new Twitch account
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ce-cR-f8TlM (Calli Surprised Connor When She Gifted Him 50 Subs) [0:36]
>someone superchats "condom money for Connor"
>Mori announces that she won't read superchats anymore without management reading them first
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxTissHo0AM (Calli won't be Reading These Superchats Anymore 【Mori Calliope / HololiveEN】) [1:44]
>keeps talking about the drama on stream
>Mori announces that she will be streaming on twitch semi-regularly from now on
>deadbeats in her comment section are upset about all of this
>everyone moves on
>days later she suddenly replies to and compliments a 6 day old Twitter post from a dedicated anti account of an MSpaint edit of her getting fucked by Connor, while her fans watch crying, insinuating her fans are cucks
>Redditors notice this and post it to the hololive subreddit
>she replies to the reddit thread "can I PLEASE just have some fun. Please."
>she gets downvoted and they shame her for her actions
>someone asks why she did it, she admits she's drunk
>deletes everything, apologises on twitter, announces break but then says she's high on lean on her corporate, public twitter account, and then tries to damage control by saying she didn't know what it meant
>later, begins collabing with holo members again but it's painfully clear she isn't interested and is faking her enthusiasm, the entire terraria stream is an example
https://youtu.be/8ZiNmfUCEt4 (【TERRARIA】Adventuring With My Friends in a New World?!) [167:29]
>goes out of her way to put "with my FRIENDS" on her Terraria collab, and again "ft FRIENDS" in the title of Surgeon Simulator collab, when she's never done so
>still won't stop mentioning TT
https://youtu.be/Zm_Q5yLdgas (Did Calli just Reference Trash Taste in her Podcast?) [0:37]

In conclusion, Calliope Mori is a terrible influence on hololive and should graduate immediately. She has proven time and time again that she does not care about her position as a vtuber.

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Nah, new album is pretty positive but that is probably because there is only one rap song.

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>Doesn't watch streams
>Yeah so? it's a free for all, stop seething nigger.
>''heavily bait'' now you're just being retarded
>Yeah, he had her roomate active, doing stuff for Holo in the background and music going on, hikkikomori-chan please get a job, her ''5%'' is way more than many's 100%
>This is a lie, so far she kept it to herself, even in the first TT podcast there wasn't any mention of her bringing her JP or EN members
>She stopped being late and now Ina is the problem for some reason
>Calli+roomate music and she barely sleeping is the reason, she'll kill herself for sure
>Watched to be sure and yes, a lie
>This is a lie too, watch the stream ffs
>LOL so what? how fucking fragile are you? this was about their yuribaiting, nothing 100% real
>Yeah she fucked up in that one, but being a little bias I wouls say is cause her autism rather than malicious intent
>A lie, her internet was shit, there's nothing you can do when your internet is at fault if resetting it can't fix it.
>Yeah, pretty much
>yeah this was retarded
>''An indonesian who isn't allowed to drink'' FUCKING KEK, you also think Indonesian girls are virgins till marriage too?
>Oh sure, her only topics of conversation are TT and how she hates Hololive, nice headcanon anon
>Nobody took offense and were laughing at her getting lost. OH NYO, DIAMOND ARMOR WAS LOST!! HOW WOULD THE RICH CHICKEN SLAVE OWNER EVER RECOVER!!!
>''Didn't call her, but she did'' which one is it faggot?
>She is just that autistic, her roomate should have pointed that out long time ago
>A lie and nobody cared and liked Rikka trying to speak english
>Yeah this was shit
>Yeah this was unforgivably retarded on her part
>Was it confirmed it was her? or we going for track records?
>Yeah, she hates the game and they were just mining a huge fucking tunnel because of Gura wanting to make Atlantis, went really well right?
I Love the shark but mining a tunnel for hours can be pretty boring.
>Anon... are you a kid? I'm really concerned right now because this point that is suppose to make me hate calli just makes me realize how lonely you are.

>> No.21113588

They have medication for what you have.

>> No.21113724

It's fr not worth arguing with these schizos, one of their examples is "called in late for Ame's birthday last minute" but forget Ame did the same exact thing for Calli's birthday beforehand calling her after she woke up in bed. People pretending to know everything behind the scenes like parasocial autists.

>> No.21113960

>Hates idols
>Brought more normalfags than Gura
>Music is mediocre
>Personality is awful

>> No.21114235

>UnAlive was mediocre, didn't listen to the rest
>Pretends to like idols now but still doesn't respect idol culture
>Sacrifices respect for her colleagues for content/numbers

>> No.21114336

>They didn't divulge into controversies, asked about her life and Hololive stuff, Connor didn't throw any jabs at Holo in those 2 collabs, slowdown your rage boner
>Point was fake it till you make it, he just went full retard and was rightfully called out by mousey
>Her audience don't mind, keep seething
>Some faggot tries to decide who you can or not hangout with, that guy was a fucking bitch. We all have friends that can be a little ''problematic'' but they're cool to hang around and no, connor doesn't spend every stream talking aobut how shit Holo is for 5 hours, hard to believe I know.
>''Insults all of her members'' another fucking lie and stretch and the ''personal apology'' might refer to him saying to calli ''I apologize to you and the girls''
>Is almost as if you schizos think that a male and a woman are always fucking if they cross glances
>Again, it might refer to Connor apologizing to all of myth to calli since I doubt he has them all on discord
>And the beta cuck who wrote the superchat came crying here, yeah I remember
>Neets have money anon, yes
>And that was a professional take on that, what came after was teh problem
>Yeah, pretty retarded
>So what?
>Yeah they were
>Did they?
>This was fucking hilarious and this shithole made it better

The rest is pretty accurate and she can fantasize about TT all she wants, nothing wrong about it unless she tries to bring it on stream with collab partners, jsut like she tried to force bae and Irys to collab with ironmouse, it was fucking painful.

>> No.21114372

because my oshi don't have this much

>> No.21114509

>UnAlive was mediocre, didn't listen to the rest
You should. UnAlive was the weakest track on the album.

>> No.21114631

Most yt will be full of yes man comments and twitter will be too afraid to critique for fear of being ratioed.

>> No.21114778

Same with this place being full of shit too, you have to look really hard for good criticism in any site.

>> No.21114887

>Pretends to like idols now but still doesn't respect idol culture
Meaning? Idol Culture seems to be one of those "thing I (don't) like" meaningless buzzwords in most of these conversations

>Sacrifices respect for her colleagues for content/numbers
The fuck is this?

>> No.21114959

She doesn't behave like an idol and Hololive is an idol company

>> No.21115278

do beats really?

>> No.21115525

zoomer spotted

>> No.21115772

She just needs to accept that she has HUGE JIGGLY TITS and stop bitching about em.

>> No.21115861

She already did autist-chama, just look for the clip, it's pretty old too.

>> No.21116107

I don't like her on the fact that she acts black

>> No.21116114

If you want to know why she doesn't deserve it, that's not gonna be constructive.
Anyway, I'll indulge you.
>doesnt'l like her job
>doesn't keep promises
>low effort on collabs that don't have her on the spotlight or don't have any of her FRIENDS
>responsible for bringing more negative attention to hololive by interacting with people who hate vtubers
>defended someone who badmouths her and her colleagues and makes fake excuses for them
>she was a shitty friend to Kiara
>when an anti insulted kiara, she gave money to mouse
>she interacts more with nijis than holos
>ame birthday
>she "used to hate idols" every other month
>her "tournaments" show how much she cares
>her music goes from shity to decent, and the part she actually does in terms of composition is shittier than what she doesn't do
>cuphead collab
>she literally sounds like she's on drugs
>hates anything related to sex, yet she actively profits from it
>she's an awful GM
>she treata anyone she collabs with outside of EN like retarded toddlers
>crocodile tears
>she hasn't played GOI after autistically screeching to Fauna to play JK (again, doesn't keep her promises, and is a bad senpai)
>thin skin
>used homostars once and dumped them like trash
>she bites the hand that feeds her (and again, she's an awful lyricist)
Think I covered everything important.

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Anon... It's even worse than that...

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learn english

>> No.21116693

as if there is anything wrong with being born at a later date, I sure fucking wish I was born in 2200 or even 3000

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>> No.21116744

I'll add some stuff.

Mori was my first oshi and one of the first vtubers I ever membered to but nowadays I don't watch streams from her.
She went from an awkward dork to being overly defensive and sensitive to any kinda criticism. Her constant references to alcohol like it's the only thing she's got left in her life, made me feel kinda bad.
Her treatment of Kiara unironically felt really hard to watch and I don't even like Kiara that much. It just felt really harsh in comparison to how she treated others.
And I feel like she needs to stop browsing /here/ because all it does is cause her to overreact.

I think she's still pretty talented, her latest album wasnt half bad. Her podcast style streams while playing jump king were actually a decent idea that provided some pretty entertaining content. She's capable of producing some pretty fun songs like Grim Reaper is a Live Streamer.

But I wish she'd stop overloading herself off stream and put more effort into doing stuff on stream. Q is an example of how quantity ≠ quality, with lyrics like "don't bite the hand that feeds if it's holding a knife" and a rap style that feels like she's trying to awkwardly cram as many words into it as possible before the chorus immediately takes over.

>> No.21116887

It's usually more of an age thing rather than a generation thing. I'm 23 and we've lived through so much progress through the internet and gaming. Imagine how much more cool stuff there'd be in hundreds or thousands of years.

>> No.21117119

she won't say the n word (nigger)

>> No.21117161

If being a zoomer means I'm not making fun of an animated png for 12 hours a day when the fans and the person themselves don't care I'm happy to be a zoomer.

>> No.21117202
File: 244 KB, 1080x1234, Screenshot_20220326-121116_Twitter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>irrational fears
She was gonna graduate wasn't she

>> No.21117366

She said in her rap that graduation wasn't on her mind. Maybe she's being schizo and it relates to stalkers somehow?

>> No.21117483

>pft I dont care about opsec
>oh god I'm afraid of being stalked

>> No.21117649

I mean desu it could be, we all know how obsessive idol culture is in Japan and in the west if you read this board for 2 minutes, and out of all the members she's the most open about keeping up her old persona. Wouldn't be surprised if someone went full schizo on her.

>> No.21117719

Are Japs actually interested in EN vtubers though? I would have thought they'd mostly prefer Japanese women.

>> No.21117772

I never understood the 5% talking point lmao. How is this a bad thing.

If Mori can get to the #2 by 5% of her attention doesn't that mean if she put in 100% she'd be #1 by a landslide like Gura?

Clearly she doesn't need even a fraction of her power to be successful in Holo. Are the other girls even trying if they can be out done by Mori's 5%??

>> No.21117907

Why are chumkeks like this

>> No.21118063

My biggest issue with her is the casual cursing honestly. I'm a chef and I hear "fuck" said less in a week in the kitchen than a single Mori stream sometimes. Kiara is also guilty of this desu. Call it a double standard, but I just don't like to hear women swear so much. Doubly so with anime girls.

>> No.21118118

She doesn't put 5% into Hololive.

She said that her time with the audience takes up 5% of her life, with the rest being behind-the-scenes prep. Unfortunately these speds are incapable of discerning shit like this.

>> No.21118155

She and Kiara both deserve 3 million subs. Next.

>> No.21118230


>> No.21118289

That'd leave Mori with only a measly 2 views.

>> No.21118353

She doesn't want constructive criticism. Just wait until the critics of her recent album have eaten their way to her and 'enjoy' the clip show.

>> No.21118624

>She doesn't want constructive criticism.
That's exactly what Mori wants, anon. She doesn't want blind praise, and genuine criticism doesn't have a negative effect on her.

>> No.21118754

>Spike you
Mori... you bitch stop putting drugs into that anons drinks

>> No.21119056
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>Talking about deserving and undeserving
>HoloLive EN has added free 10K followers to fan artists and (You) can never pluck it away from them

>> No.21119082

Some of the most sincere criticism I've seen comes from other HoloEN fans who hate her during collabs for seemingly intentionally or unitentionally acting like a turbo autist. That being said I don't know if she'd be able to wrangle her autism or whatever that easily.

>> No.21119291

>seemingly intentionally or unitentionally acting like a turbo autist
Very constructive and descriptive, anon.

>> No.21119294

>>got so butthurt about it she dedicated three songs to them
Which songs specifically?

>> No.21119398

I wasn't the one who gave the criticism. The more detailed run down has already been given by those anons but I summarised it with "Autism"

>> No.21119629

The legit only valid thing I ever hear regarding that is how she tends to talk over others.

>> No.21119798

I can't remember all the details but I heard that she also refused to do the punishments aswell.

>> No.21119864

Because she still isn’t pregnant with my child

>> No.21119875

what would this have to do with ttrpg though lol

>> No.21120174

I dont give a fuck about her subs, she could be the queen and I wouldnt care. I hate how she ruins every single colab, if it isnt something that was her idea she is pure cancer talking with people and never respects the others time to shine at all. The failure of that Jump King tournament shows it. The best of that colab was fauna playing getting over it.

>> No.21120568

she literally spergs out whenever somone points out when her audio is shit

>> No.21120662

You got a point there, aside from generals is not worth it to find a tiny amount of constructive criticism among the massive pile of shit from SEA people, spics or some kinds of schizos harder to label

>> No.21120912


>> No.21120929

Subs are a meaningless metric, there's no such thing as deserving or not deserving them. The money people send her she doesn't deserve but the problem there is mentally retarded people having legal right to that money in the first place. In a proper society they would have a guardian allocating that money to things that are actually in their interest.

>> No.21120959

Unfathomably based

>> No.21120982

You mean she makes jokes?

>> No.21121040

She has a very hard time parsing constructive criticism from places that are very bad at producing it. Instead of taking it into consideration, she sets out to prove the haters wrong by digging a trench so deep her co-workers have to pull double-shifts to pull her out. Her numbers are more influenced by her bizarre cross-audience appeal in a genre she is merely adequate in. Her ideas for big collabs frequently fall short in execution and in concept, in spite of the willingness of her much-strained clique to help.

>> No.21121101

deadbeats cope is always really funny

>> No.21121127

>idol culture
You should ask her is she cancelled the TTRPG collab because of idol culture.

>> No.21121240

She literally privated the Cuphead stream after reading constructive feedback. She also lamented over her constant lack of stream prep that's pointed out by viewers, and strived to do better.

>> No.21121334

Son I think you might be autistic if you don't think those are jokes.

>> No.21121347
File: 2.10 MB, 1474x2459, money.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good points, but then why does she seem so successful?

>> No.21121433

>good points

>> No.21121443

>comparing a milestone stream to regular streams

>> No.21122222

Popular != Good. Is capeshit good? Or any other flavor of the month normalfag show/movie?

>> No.21122381

I don't think he is saying that she is good but wondering why with all the negative points she is still successful

>> No.21122508
File: 176 KB, 1153x1650, stats.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Or not?
I was looking at overall superchats and it doesn't look like she's in decline or anything.
She makes money and isn't breaking NDAs and I assume that's what Hololive wants. I dunno.

>> No.21122632

Hmm my guess is that a lot of mori fans are normalfags who don't give a shit one way or the other about idol culture or the dumb shit she says/does.
I mean popular = good from a business persepctive obviously

>> No.21122892

The less popular something is the smarter I feel about consuming content. My favorite part is hearing people talk about similar popular content and scoffing "Oh, that corporate garbage? I prefer brand, though you prolly never heard of it" while pushing up my glasses

>> No.21123095

>Hmm my guess is that a lot of mori fans are normalfags who don't give a shit one way or the other about idol culture or the dumb shit she says/does.
I assumed there would need to be a...bridge? Or...like period of time for the West to be exposed to idol culture. It's a pretty specific type of fandom. Like, I'd be very hesitant to share the idea of it with a person in the West that wasn't already familiar with it. Even casual anime fans might not get it. It's not quite stanning, it's not quite celebrity worship, it's a very specific kind of mindset that I think comes off as very bizarre if you're uninitiated.

A person like Mori somewhat bridges things with, I think, a more atypical or common Western point of view of Anime and Japan giving the Western and mostly American audience a way to relate to Hololive. Maybe you can call her a gateway Holo. I dunno. Because when a vtuber like Gura shows up in someone's feed, there can be a lot of immediate disdain for her because of her cutesy and childlike design. Something that immediately goes over well among the Japanese audience, but is uncomfortable for the wider Western audience. Mori, on the other hand, probably feels a lot less embarrassing to talk about. I guess.

>> No.21123176

Yeah I was thinking that. It also helps she collabed with TT which seems like her kind of audience.

>> No.21123344

>Mori Calliope anti containment thread

>> No.21123618

Mori is the truest idol experience available, too real for this game which is why vt smoothbrains can't handle it

>> No.21123707

By all metrics Mori's insanely popular in Hololive. She's #2 for a reason.

Schizo's here just hate her because she's against idol culture and collabs with guys lmao.

So they rattle their little brains to come up with other reasons to hate on her because they know others don't care about unicorns.

>> No.21124162

>Schizo's here just hate her because she's against idol culture and collabs with guys

>> No.21124365

>people who like Hololive have a particular disgust with a Hololive-anti operating within the company
Nobody bends over backwards for anything, people who like Mori admit they also hate Hololive. Nobody defends her by denying the complaints against her, they just see those as good things.

>> No.21124781

>Nobody defends her by denying the complaints against her

One specific anti-Mori copypasta was assblasted for being so misinformed, and the one seen in this thread will likely get the same treatment.

>> No.21124950 [DELETED] 

>cuckbeat janny deletes posts because "muh hurt feelings"
OMG, sisters, assblasted!!1!11one

>> No.21124968
File: 37 KB, 634x356, cuc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Shits up TTRPG finale
There's no other girl interested in DMing is there?

>> No.21124997

Why're KFP like this

>> No.21125028

Constructively, I hate wiggers

>> No.21125232

The fandom at large has changed and Mori will probably never receive such genuine feedback from deadbeats ever again.

>> No.21125288

>shits up
You really can't shit up anything if it doesn't even happen. Complain when

>> No.21125336
File: 1.36 MB, 1256x1646, 1642495890745.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21125419

Of course she’s afraid of crazy fans. But she doesn’t look cool if she admits that.

>> No.21125571

Come on, you are making Mori some kinda Bond villain with deadbeats being her underlings.

>> No.21125690

If she were a Bond villain she'd actually be cool.

>> No.21125774 [DELETED] 

Deadcucks always projecting

>> No.21125875

She says a lot of things she doesn’t mean.

Mori hates criticism and reacts poorly to it. She’s traumatized from being bullied and puts on a tough front, but it’s not real.

>> No.21125882

A lot of that are kinda stupid points that don't matter in a long run.

>> No.21125917

luv hololive
luv me mori

'ate idolfags
'ate schizos

simple as

>> No.21125933

Your shitty opinion is irrelevant, cuckbeat. Go virtue signal on twitter some more.

>> No.21126007

>luv hololive
>'ate idolfags
>'ate schizos
Zero self awareness

>> No.21126115

>luv hololive
>'ate idolfags
What? I guess the
>luv me mori
puts it into context more but it's still very contradictory.

>> No.21126134

Calm down, there were some good points in that but something like "she mentioned drinking alcohol when calling on Reines birthday stream" is just pointless complaining.

>> No.21126262

I like Hololive, and, like Hololive, I don't care if members collab with men

>> No.21126347

Her "music" is absolutely terrible. She's also cringy and weird.

>> No.21126376

One of the main things that separates hololive from nijisanji or other indies is that they seem to enforce a more idol like culture. I feel you just like mori since idolfagging is pretty core to what makes hololive hololive.

>> No.21126400

Then you don't like hololive you cuck twitter tourist

>> No.21126423

You should check out some other companies. Stop worshipping hololive all the time. Actually Hololive's english branch is objectively very weak.

>> No.21126757 [DELETED] 

KFP turned on Mori after Takamori died. Chickenniggers, be greatful Kiara hasn't killed herself and be even more grateful I don't make her

>> No.21127050

Fuck Hololive
Fuck Idolfags
The only thing vtubers are good for now is bringing out the lolvcows.

>> No.21127794


Haven't been too into indies the indies I've looked into but have been getting into Rosemi lately.

Definitely not just into Hololive for Mori though, I watch some mix of Gura, Ina, Mori, Fauna, and Mumei, Mori's probably my 3rd or 4th most watched.

>> No.21128194 [DELETED] 

>reddit spacing
>wanting male collabs
Fuck off and die twitter tranny

>> No.21128313

>constantly talks to her collab partners like they're mentally challenged children
Kiara does this to her chat. She talks to her chat like they're children, or mentally retarded or something. I honestly do not understand kiara fans, how you can actually watch or like that stuff. Mori is pretty terrible as well. Hololive in general is just not very good. That's why I don't watch hololive anymore, there's lots of other vtubers out there.

>> No.21128403

>Kiara does this to her chat. She talks to her chat like they're children
In a motherly way or in a tard wrangler way? If it's the former I can see why they'd stick around.

>> No.21128461

Hololive already has male collabs.

>> No.21128464

>guy from TT, Connor, says on Ironmouse's stream that people in hololive are popular not because of their talent but because of the brand
Which is apparently true. I mean just look at Mori.

>> No.21128557 [DELETED] 
File: 205 KB, 768x1024, 1632826437907.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21128587

>Which is apparently true. I mean just look at Mori.
I'm pretty sure contextually he means that by being associated with the brand you automatically get a certain amount of followers and it's significantly easier for you compared to starting out as an indie or somewhere else.

>> No.21128612

In a "you're mentally retarded so I will speak slowly and use small words" kind of way.

>> No.21128705

Are people trying to say that's not true? I don't understand.

>> No.21128717

Didn't Mori have a similar thing going on with her teacher voice?

>> No.21128856

I get that you're upset that there's no vtuber company that's interested in catering to your interests. I'm sure one day there will be a company that bans its members from having boyfriends and collabing with men, even if there isn't one now

>> No.21128866
File: 687 KB, 1284x677, 1647181530380.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21128871

I have never watched Mori. I found her to be awful grating cringe from day 1. I was a fan of Ina because she had a nice ASMR voice I could listen to while I worked. But then Ina started doing fake-giggle shit and it ruined everything. I eventually moved on from hololive and found Nijisanji, and realized they were fucking fantastic. Since then I discovered all the small corporations, and found them to be fantastic as well. I really love Lisa the zoomer sheep.

>> No.21129040

but she did the punishments, she just exaggerate how 'punished' she felt to the point some autist thought she honestly felt uncomfortable doing some

>> No.21129084

Hololive caters to me you dumb fucking tranny, fuck off

>> No.21129105
File: 913 KB, 1284x927, 1626947035844.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21129205

I think it's because people like to take it to the extreme and say you can be a talentless hack and still get viewership. I see being in a big corpo like holo or niji similar to being born into royality. It's much easier to coast off that than it would be to start from the bottom. Especially in streaming where building up an audience is one of the harder parts. In fact a lot of people get this wrong and try streaming FIRST instead of building an audience elsewhere and then moving them to a stream. Starting as a streamer impossibly hard compared to moving to being one.
Based ASMR chad. Personally I'm more of an indie guy myself because I feel like the streamer having full agency on deciding when they'll stream and who they're gonna stream with if anyone at all is usually best. With corpos they often push collabs and can cause your oshi to collab with people they might not want to and you might not like.

>> No.21129238

Mori has always spoken like a Bad Dub, or like someone intentionally being condescending to an ESL speaker.

>> No.21129292

Me too! It's pretty cool that they have broad enough appeal that both of us can be into their stuff

>> No.21129322 [DELETED] 

Wrong, fuck off and take your leftypol shit with you

>> No.21129579

OK! I'm gonna go watch the Mumei-Lui collab. Enjoy posting!

>> No.21129776

>you can be a talentless hack and still get viewership
Kronii? Mumei? Kiara?
I think it's basically established right? There's many people out there that are much better than them, so why do they have viewers? I mean it's pretty obvious right?
>building up an audience is one of the harder parts
Like Sana somehow has 300,000 subs despite not streaming, and being terrible all around? Smaller vtubers stream 7 days a week, 5 hours a day just to get 10k subs. And that's like a huge accomplishment. Sana got 150k subs before she even debuted.

>> No.21130046

No, it got a textwall response debunking almost everything.

>> No.21130540

>There's many people out there that are much better than them
Meh, they're better than NijiEN and people generally don't like to watch 2views. What other corpo is worth watching?
> Smaller vtubers stream 7 days a week, 5 hours a day just to get 10k subs. And that's like a huge accomplishment
There's always Gen3.

>> No.21130930

She just seems so painfully insincere about everything. It's really miserable to watch.

>> No.21130984 [DELETED] 

Kill yourself tranny

>> No.21131010


>> No.21131051

Just because it is true doesn't mean you're not being a cunt

>> No.21131296

I watched some of her ER and BB streams and she pretty sincere about her liking those games even when she sucks at them.

>> No.21131333 [DELETED] 

Imagine being the nijinigger who typed all this shit out

>> No.21131400

I feel a bit sorry for Mori most times because I think she is probably just socially awkward but tries to hide it behind this strong/cool rap persona she made for herself. She seems somewhat depressed and mentally checked out most of the time. I don't think rapping or vtubing filled the hole in her heart quite like she was expecting so now she's like a pendulum swinging from going all in to not caring and it's a bit weird to see.

She is failing upwards and I feel like it will destroy her eventually. She has always been like this though. As she gets older I think she'll settle down and find a little more peace in herself.

>> No.21131427

>actually has reach outside the Hololive bubble and has influenced hundreds maybe even thousands of indie vtubers that would say they look up to her
I can’t think of why she doesn’t deserve more honestly. She’s the only myth girl with the balls to say fuck this place and knows she can make it without catering to this shithole. While also clearly being /here/ and laughing her ass off.

>> No.21131509

>I think she is probably just socially awkward but tries to hide it behind this strong/cool rap persona she made for herself.
She doesn't hide it at all, retard.
>She seems somewhat depressed and mentally checked out most of the time. I don't think rapping or vtubing filled the hole in her heart quite like she was expecting so now she's like a pendulum swinging from going all in to not caring and it's a bit weird to see.
What fucking streams were you watching?

>> No.21131673

Better vtubers, few subs. Simple as.

>> No.21131847

Classic blind Moricuck

>> No.21132037
File: 43 KB, 1280x720, sales.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21132455

>She’s the only myth girl with the balls to say fuck this place and knows she can make it without catering to this shithole.
What other Myth girl would you say is then explicitly "catering to this shithole" and how? Rhetorical question of course, because I'm interested to see what schizo ramblings you could come up with that show that every girl BUT Mori is somehow explicitly caring about 4chan.

>While also clearly being /here/ and laughing her ass off.
Sure, Mori is such a real above-it-all puppetmaster and clearly laughing her ass off detachedly all the time about how she "owned all her haters", that she lets live in her head so rent free that a single SC triggers her into such a chimpout where she makes up new passive-aggressive rules that she has to walk back, actively seeks out an old untagged cuckpost to make a (what sounded in her head) "smart" sarcastic response that only backfires even more and she has to run to REDDIT of all fucking places crying about how she needs to "be more professional" and "j-just wants to have f-fun, maaaan...", and tops it all of with an apology tweet blaming it on the lean-arino, oops I mean drankies, oops I mean I'm just a stupid white bitch who doesn't know what all these fancy hippity hoppy words mean h-haha...

>> No.21132518 [DELETED] 

Cope seethe and dilate

>> No.21132805

No need to post your daily routine, cuckbrap, but I acknowledge you admitting your defeat

>> No.21133170

>Hololive shills Mori and her 'music'
>weebs like her music because they can listen to it in public due to rap
>person has nothing else better to do due to coof

>person clicks on mori video
>they are sufficiently convinced to click the subscribe button
>they click the subscribe button
>this happens 2 million times

There you go. That explains why.

>> No.21133229

Fuck i just realised why i don't like mori's music. There's no fucking variation.
Not between songs, there's... enough difference that i can't really rag on it, but within the song itself.
I just had resting power come up in a mix playlist and I noted to myself how it, at the start, sort of had a similar vibe as a modern fall out boy song. A somewhat soft backing beat with the vocals having a bit of weight to them. Around 0:50 it goes into the typical prechorus and I was anticipating the backing track to explode into the chorus but it just... didn't? Infact the whole song kind of sounds the same.

I don't know maybe its because i mostly listen to king crimson where the songs are 8 minutes long and have 50 second interludes with a random instrument that doesn't show up again for the rest of the song but her shit is bland as fuck. At least Ye's music samples interesting shit like that one from New Slaves.

>> No.21133446

For one I said “cater” not “care” . 4chan is against male collabs yet Mori doesn’t give a fuck and does them anyway. Gives a fuck you to the superchat guy wanting to cancel Connor and pretty much 90% of this board by association because they don’t like him. She basically has the freedom to get away with way more than the other girls because there’s no image of her that can be tainted by stupid drama shit other girls would take damage from

>> No.21133940

Here's a similar concept:
>you call out sick from work several times consecutively in a month
>supervisor calls you out and you are on probation
>couple of co-workers call out sick once during your probation
>you sperge out and say they did the same thing

Not understand the whole situation is why deadbeats are known for being retarded and cucks.

>> No.21134069


>> No.21134142
File: 169 KB, 827x955, 1643360475896.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because she deserves way more.

>> No.21134191

>Brought more normalfags than Gura
This is actually true especially for /vt/. Most of the normalfags that have trouble fitting into society are deadbeats and Mori brought them here. Gura's normalfags fit into society well enough that most of them don't come here.

>> No.21134234

The thing that makes me laugh is people trying to spin her yab as some sort of prolonged grudge that keeps her awake in the death of the night, meanwhile in reality she took a break of two days and went back to stream again.
Months later she is celebrating a big goal in her career and people here wants to convince themselves she is thinking about them. I don't know if it reeks of cope or wishful thinking, it's like reading nigs whining about colonization centuries later while history left them behind. I have no idea why deadbraps even engage in trying to defend her when she just keep going forward without problems, you should learn from her instead of revisiting these same endless diatribes.

>> No.21134235


>> No.21134252

Idk, mate. You seem a little angry at pink woman.

>> No.21134304

Hahaha, I actually got deleted. Testing to see if banned.


>> No.21134347 [DELETED] 


Calli -HAS- 2 million because she is siphoning the TikTok/Rainbow baby/Wigghar brigades to get fans, and there are at least 12 million of those shits on the planet.
Most Holomems have less rabid and self-righteous fanbases than her, mostly JPniki, or decent weeaboo types.

Calli's fans were burning down neighborhoods and looting targets not too long ago. such polite people....

>> No.21134379

Did you only listen to the UnAlive album?

>> No.21134573


>> No.21134605

Not the anon you're replying to, but criticism here is more thorough and honest because people can be anonymous. On yt and twitter, you're not to the same degree so the criticism is usually filtered or buried by 100x the comments or posts compared to here.

>> No.21134612

Fuck off.

You're right, but fuck off. Stop applying logic and reason to this.

>> No.21134698

the newest album has a lot of variation though. Try the japanese version of unalive first.

>> No.21134701

It’s always the one thing they bring up too. Everytime without fail. B-but we totally owned her guys with sending her 250 dollars!!! Oh boy then she got more clout for her other account and sold a bunch of t-shirts haha that dumb bitch!!

>> No.21134716

unironically based,
she doesn't care about us at all.

>> No.21134755

I've only ever listened to Can you please RIP, Live Again, Mountaintop, and about half of the UnAlive album.
To be frank it was an afterthought i just typed up because Resting Power was sandwiched between Don't Fear the Reaper and Sundowner's theme.

>> No.21134806
File: 315 KB, 1500x1000, schizophrenia-treatments-2330662-86632e6754d0472bb5c2891d6eb94bcd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.21134853

How do superchats in collabs work? Do they all go towards the collab host or do they get split between the participants?

>> No.21134868


Haha...I owned you deadcuck...

>> No.21134883


>> No.21134933

each girl works that out with the collab partner. Like for a series game like "A Way Out" they'll do a few streams of it and switch each other stream on the other girl's channel, all views and SC to the host.

>> No.21135131


>> No.21135271

eh, yeah this is pretty damn good. It's giving me Akame ga Kill flashbacks though.

>> No.21135313


>> No.21135362

she wanted a few of the songs to sound as if they were anime OPs

>> No.21135370

Why aren't Chinese the biggest market?

>> No.21135381

well yeah, her "songs" are just backing tracks for her rapping, they're not really comparable to something like a michael jackson song

>> No.21135495

I think Mori should unironically stop coming here if it really affects her this much.

>> No.21135509

People use that to prove her disingenuous approach streaming for Hololive. She should put more time into preparation and streams for Hololive in general. Also, it's not a very bright point to assume that effort is linear to success. The entertainment industry can be very diminishing on its returns.

>with the rest being behind-the-scenes prep
She mentioned she has other things in her life that takes up her time (eg hanging out with friends, personal projects on her rm, etc). The other 95% is not all dedicated to preparation to Hololive streams as you imply. That's the issue.

>> No.21135650

If she was any good she could reflect on herself and improve rather than coming here to see all the haters she totally owned. All of her coworkers are lining up to give her participation trophies because she's too sensitive, she's going to have to figure this out herself.

>> No.21135744

nta but that faggot doesn't know what he's talking about. Also China as low per capita income just like ID which is why the branches are a debuff

>> No.21135756

Kiara spittin' dem bars, yo!

>> No.21135790


>> No.21135849

She did SOME of the punishments only when pushed by collab memberts. She gave a very low effort attempt. Her effort and energy for punishments were so low that it negatively affected the fun and playful atmosphere of the collabs. That's why people hate her 'autism'.

>> No.21135870

What inspired you to write this headcanon, anon?

>> No.21135882

Going the wrong way anon
She's #2 because 5% effort, she'd be #1 with 1% effort because there would be less of her to hate.

>> No.21135902

Preparations? Sure but you can't exatly complain that she doesn't stream long. She has been out of that 2 hour stream gutter for a while now.

>> No.21136078

>95% in rm projects
>4 songs in 2 years

>> No.21136146

Watching streams you stupid faggot.

>> No.21136176

Being thorough and honest doesn't always equate to good/positive criticism. You can be thorough and honest about how shitty someone's singing is and it would still sound like you're lighting a bag of shit on their front porch. You have to have some semblance of empathy to convey your message, along with your intention to be of help to that other person.

>> No.21136392

I don't have to do shit you faggot, go back to your reddit circle jerk

>> No.21136500

I think people were talking about her a year ago with that criticism. Yeah, now she streams longer, but still has that 'autism' as many would put it especially during collabs.

>> No.21136787

You don’t watch shit if you think mori is effected by anything here.

>> No.21136879

What streams are giving you this impression that she's still fixated on this board rather than reflecting on herself?

>> No.21137046

Oink oink!

>> No.21137504

That is true. That's why I mentioned 'thorough' which would imply that the critic would specify what exactly is shitty and why - ideally, give good and bad examples. You don't necessarily need empathy or 'have the intention to be of help'. That would mean being a nice critic/instructor and holding Mori's hand which most anons aren't going to do. It is up Mori what direction she wants to take with her music and which techniques she wants to improve on.

>> No.21138965

While you can remove the empathy from the equation, it's not as efficient. Without empathy, you may not be able to encourage the listener to listen to your advice, convince the listener as to why your advice should be heard or given the time of day, or tailor your specific message to the appropriate audience. Communication goes both ways, and if neither of the parties involved change their methods, the same recurring cycles wipl occur, and possibly the same results will yield each time.

>> No.21139357

She said on her roommate's stream a few months ago that she sees all the hate she gets, which scares me because if I get depressed reading it then I can't imagine what it's like browsing this shithole as the target of the hate. If you're reading this Mori, don't browse this place, there is no way it's good for your mental health.

I think Mori is a great entertainer and most of the shit people say here is blown out of proportion, but if I had to offer constructive criticism it would be for her to stop being so fucking hard-headed. Be open and control your anger. That superchat guy would have played himself if you just ignored it and took the money, because at the end of the day it's a hater that gave you a bunch of money. He knew he could rile you up because you sperg out over shit, so he got his money's worth in an entertaining meltdown. Though I'll say I think she's gotten better and has probably had a bunch of people get on her case about this and offer advice.

Also musically I would like to see her lean into her singing more, the rap is fine and all but it should be "oh she's a rapper too" instead of it being her focal point as an artist. Which I think she's sort of doing with her new album which I love.

>> No.21139772

Imagine being that mentally weak over words on the fucking internet.

>> No.21139859

I agree. It's easy to separate criticism from pointless hateposting.

>> No.21139947

>Which I think she's sort of doing with her new album which I love.
I wonder if there will be any backlash if she moves away from rap.

>> No.21139955
File: 563 KB, 444x458, 1644727213572.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

if mori is reading this, I think you should always remember to eat, and to eat more if you can

>> No.21140118

>I made a shitpost that mori 100% saw

>> No.21140154

I wouldn't think so. Her fanbase is pretty open that being said I definitely think she shouldn't box herself into one genre.

>> No.21140177

She won’t ever stop rapping and being known as the hololive “rapper “ and she can throw away her second outfit if that’s what she wants. But she probably will experiment more with singing and (fucking hopefully) production more in the future.

>> No.21140268

She doesn't really come here. Her once a week skimming of the catalog doesn't count. She spends all her time on twitter

>> No.21140591

mori doesnt produce tho?

>> No.21140696

>mori producing
you're a romantic, she did one production stream almost 2 years ago and only outsources now

>> No.21140947

Based reps anon

>> No.21141846
File: 709 KB, 920x887, Capture+_2022-03-20-06-30-53.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

4/10 made me reply

>> No.21142192

In my case at least I like her music but don't like her personality enough to watch her streams. So I wouldn't be surprised if a healthy number of subs are music-only watchers. Mori IS talented and can put out good content when she tries, regardless of any other complaints towards her.

>> No.21142226

She does not register the hate she gets because she believes she's in the right. Which just makes people hate her more. The cycle can't end unless she becomes self-reflective but if she did that, she'd have to kill herself so it's not going to happen until maybe her eggs have dried up or something.

>> No.21142254

I meant finding other producers that experiment more

>> No.21142297

>The cycle can't end unless she becomes self-reflective but if she did that, she'd have to kill herself
Why do you say that?

>> No.21142335

>>lied to kiaras face about loving her king cover (which was a rickroll joke) saying she "listened to it all the time"
>https://streamable.com/t2985s (lol) [0:16]
Retards still think she was being serious, huh?

>> No.21142344

Moris last album was literally about self reflection retard.

>> No.21142424

Yes, technically that's all good. Remember, we're on a site of contrarians who came up with the idea to call people "normies" because we managed to let this echochamber convince us that unpopular losers are actually the ones who know what good things are.

>> No.21142441

Her entire coping mechanism is based around being a total asshole, if she realizes that while still in the public eye, the shame would cause a complete breakdown so it's either suicide or a "I've found Jesus" type of revelation like Kanye West or something.

>> No.21142494

Self-reflection that doesn't result in change is meaningless. She can stop being a waste of oxygen at any time.

>> No.21142549

You need to be 18 or older to post here

>> No.21142595

I mean, popular culture also believes a group of unpopular loses decide what's good. What do you think awards are for? Their unpopular losers just have hooked noses and rape children.

>> No.21142820

>teh joos
Proved me right. Thanks anon.

>> No.21142908

>Yes, technically that's all good
I've already said this but, on a business level, yes it's "good". But being popular isn't necessarily an indicator of quality which is what I meant. Quality is subjective and all but I feel in Mori's case it's the fact she bridges the gap between regular streamer and vtuber better than some others. Normalfags who aren't really interested in vtubing still find her appealing because she's not really an idol. She also gets signal boosted by not only hololive but other collabs like TT.

>> No.21143011

Spot on.

Stop coming here. Stop reacting to the haters. Just appreciate what you have.

>> No.21143133

how do you type this and not immediately want to kill yourself from being such a fucking pussy

>> No.21143206

but it does not make the criticism any less true, which was anon's point

>> No.21143299

Yikes, cool it with the antisemitism bro.

>> No.21143689

That’s just like... your opinion man

>> No.21143780

She will always get shit on because she always makes it so easy, simple as.

>> No.21143829

i post some facts and it gets trimmed.
Calliope could be great. but she's not doing anything timeless: she's literally a mainstream puppet.
If Calliope really researched her own style of music instead of just pushing the "urbane coolness" button like mad, she'd be unstoppable.
Calliope does have a pretty perfect voice, the kind that just rings "i'm the protagonist"
And she wastes it on a musical style that requires minimal vocal training.

>> No.21143849

Just because it's easy doesn't mean it isn't pathetic.

>> No.21143868

Jesus Jesus Japanesus

>> No.21144049

>>straight up said "no" when kiara asked if she had seen her new MV
I just watched this clip, and it made me like Mori even more, because of how funny and endearing the whole exchange is.

Grow up, you thin-skinned faggot.

>> No.21144105

Hi mori, I would tell you to stop browsing this shithole to make your sanity better but you keep coming back anyways. Touch grass homie

>> No.21144270

That clip where she just lies about listening to Kiara's song still bugs me. It wasn't even a good attempt at a lie, like she was trying not to offend, she was barely half listening and clearly didn't give a fuck

>> No.21144339

Bold assumption to make, my dawg

>> No.21144384

Maybe if she pretended to care about hololive people would get off off her, but while shes busy sucking e-celeb cock and postponing holo projects to work on non /vt/ stuff the board is in the right to hate her

>> No.21144389

It was a joke, autist-chama.

>> No.21144457

>I think Mori is a great entertainer and most of the shit people say here is blown out of proportion, but if I had to offer constructive criticism it would be for her to stop being so fucking hard-headed. Be open and control your anger. That superchat guy would have played himself if you just ignored it and took the money, because at the end of the day it's a hater that gave you a bunch of money. He knew he could rile you up because you sperg out over shit, so he got his money's worth in an entertaining meltdown. Though I'll say I think she's gotten better and has probably had a bunch of people get on her case about this and offer advice.

Good job explaining what she already figured out months ago.

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