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Eat your heart out, shitposting dragon.

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Marine coming from the rear.

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>7 out of 10 are hololive idols
>only 2 nijinggers
Nijiniggers btfo

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no, hiro is 8th

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you'll never guess the last of the 10

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wheres the 4chan vtuber you lazy faggot?

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inb4 the usual copiym about them not having SC enabled because they don't need ut ciz the make gazillions from merch and sponsorships

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he is the vtuber

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They lie all the time expecting you not to call out their bullshit. Nijifags tried to cope by saying Mito never enables SC roru.

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Kiara number five, I'm more suprised by Lamy number 4 though, does she do GFE, or is it all the ASMR?

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Dragon took her number 1 spot again...

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I always knew that Rushia and Coco are the best in Hololive

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Literal lottery winners

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Lamy is pure GFE

>> No.2097375

The lottery was the opportunity, the rising to the top is a bit of talent.

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>Kiara actually rose in her rank

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Why does Kiara numberfag when she's Top 5?
Or is she only Top 5 because of numberfagging?

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None of this is a lie. How the fuck do you think Ichikara makes more money than Cover in 4x? By donations? By the air? No, because they have sponsors and they have merchandise, not only merchandise but with their own store and distribution center, so no third party to get part of the revenue, which goes directly to the vtubers and ichikara itself.

You all seething over merchandise, ask about Pokemon which thing makes the most money for the franchise in 25 years and 90 billion. THE MAJORITY. Wake the fuck up to the reality of the world. Superchat is nothing, both for Ichikara and Cover, which never would be able to sustain themselves with just that as business.

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so eventually the jp vtuber style kiara adopts makes a strong fanbase in the west as well.

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Lamy at #4 is impressive.
I had no idea.

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that's cause she jumped 10 places this month

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The real question is why Mori started choking so hard at money making. She used to utterly mog everyone.

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Fandead genuinely scare me

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Soon kiara 1#

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Wow. Based on what?
Maybe I need to tune in more.

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she doesn't stream enough

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she's been doing more ASMR and she had two full roster gen 5 collabs on her channel in march

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That's some really advanced KFP falseflagging you got there, OP.

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what false flagging? those are the real numbers for march

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And people will still concernfag about Cover not managing their talents properly. They're doing better than they could have ever dreamed of, they don't need your pity.

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Mori's got a whole album coming out that'll more than make up whatever she lost in SCs.

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the combo of seiso/calm and hardcore personalities. same with rushia. both are very good at breaking their own seiso limits to entertain an audience.

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it amazes me how those people brush merchandise from nijisanji but also criticize cover for them when Ichikara releases new merch every week and has an entire site with diverse types of products and prices. Only ignorant can't see the reality on how the quality is superior in that front and how all of this give them advantage in revenue.

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Mori was the #1 earner in SC (by considerable margin) when she barely ever streamed and only shat out 1-hour low effort shit when she did.

>> No.2097608

which month was this?

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Or you know, she could stop being a wigger and fully commit to Hololive which would easily make her Top 10

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Gotta love it when the deadbeats reward laziness.

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choose one

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>barely ever streamed
>1-hour low effort shit

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idk but id say again its because kiara adopts the jp vtuber style which probably makes her audience want to stay there long. like you keep playing a game with your friend. her streaming style is pretty similar to holo jps while other holo en members arent really.

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>Sells new voice packs every couple weeks, resales of old voice packs, voice dramas, misc. voice content
>Far higher volume of physical merch sales like tapestries, clear files, bags, watches, shoes, birthday merch
>Snacks and drinks collaborations
>Collaborations with stores like cafes, baseball teams, convenience stores
>Sponsored streams
>Have their own storefront, removing the middleman cut
Cover gets a smidgen of the amount of money Ichikara makes on merchandising and collab events. It's true that Hololive talents make way more on superchats, but Cover is far more dependent on superchat revenue than Ichikara, where Nijisanji talents can choose to stream without turning on monetisation.

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why do nijifags feel the need to always say how better they are compared to hololive

>> No.2097994

because they have no identity of their own

>> No.2098025

ironic considering that whole posting chain started with hololive fans comparing themselves to nijisanji

>> No.2098041

how about stop biting the bait

>> No.2098098

Maybe, just maybe, because someone began to make the comparison in the first place, retards

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it's funny how they proved this poster right >>2097147

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I can't watch Rushia because the constant flat jokes are grating.

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The most manipulative and insidious GFE oot there. Shit is probably detrimental to her gachikois' ability to live.

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Lamy runs a cult

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Yeah, next time you're going to get asked how you make money and if you say you make with dollar instead of real or yen, you're coping. What kind of mindset is that where merchandise and sponsorship iss nothing and superchat is? What kind of company is going to value it over an enterprise where there's no middle man? Think for a second faggot

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>muh merc
i always see that people throw this statement but i never see the numbers
for all it could be only merch of the top 10 is selling and everyone else are in dust

>> No.2099217

then what are the numbers?

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>no asmr garbage
>yuribaits so hard, actual lesbos love her
>absolutely no effort in gfe shit
>goslings are dying from malnutrition
>plays same two boring games for half a fucking year
>not a massive fan base
>every KFP owns at least 2 guns and a shotgun
>still rakes in fuck you money
How does she do it?

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B-but she made 10 original music in 6 months!
She works 12 hours a day insert doxx hereanon

>> No.2099290

By being the most based
She's too simple to play a character so she's genuine

>> No.2099333

While she definitely inserts a whole lot of real life her she still plays her character and minds her lore

>> No.2099412

The rabid antis unironically are a great boon to her because they give her visibility and reinforce the conviction of the KFP cult. Thanks for working so hard to push Kiara to the top, /vt/!

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There aren't ever going to be any numbers for most of it because it isn't public information. There are three examples i can think of that demonstrate how much money merchandise can bring in though.

Nijisanji released a blu-ray of their concert tour near the end of last year it cost around $170 and sold 8,276 copies in the first week on sale raising roughly $1.4 million.
The album they released in the same week sold about 32,000 copies at around $35 for another $1.1 million.
We have the figures for these because they are tracked by Oricon.
The crowdfunding they did for merchandise that one time raised around $650k for one lot of merch for a few members of varying sizes.

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I don't even watch Rushia. What the fuck does she do to get that much superchats? At least Coco's tricks I'm aware of.

>> No.2099508

>so she's genuine
your brain on kusototard

>> No.2099515

GFE with little sister / yandere tendencies.
Also streams nearly every day and has long superchat readings

>> No.2099530

What are Coco's tricks? Isn't she just a comedian?

>> No.2099605

Watch her and find out.
She is just a funny and hardworking girl.

>> No.2099633

Also spending a lot of time chatting and reading superchats.
And somehow managing to get a wall of blue with occasional yellow/red during bathroom breaks for flushing.
And "selling" Asacoco with a price tag on the ads.

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Where would Ina be in this chart? Asking for a friend.

>> No.2099666

Zero unless she starts reading superchats and committing harder.

>> No.2099768

How do Korone and Gura do on supas, as the two Holos with the most subs?

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Not surprised since hololive is just a hobby for ina and rather have the takos spend their money to improve themselves than fill her gacha addiction.

>> No.2100133

23k is still pretty high, man. That's like executive level salary

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Man, they really do the money

>> No.2100799

Is that before or after cuts though?
I'd expect both youtube and cover to take a significant cut out of that.

>> No.2100872

Reminder this is an idol group, Cover takes 100% cut and then distributes it as they deem necessary

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>> No.2100984

She's insanely cute, she plays up the jealous girlfriend act over the top enough that you also see the genuine caring girl underneath. I'm lucky I only understand half of what she says or I'd be broke, even with my limited understanding I spend most of the stream just smiling, laughing out loud and feeling happy which is something I never do in real life

>> No.2101081

the regular distribution is 30% to youtube, 35% cover, 35% talent.
having said that, super chats are not their full revenue, the girls get a regular paycheck, they also get a much larger cut out of merchandise.
iirc their cut from merch is around 70%

>> No.2101377

Didnt Lamy say at one point that she negotiated her contract to get a higher cut of SC?

>> No.2101411

She has been streaming less this past month for some dumb reason.

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Damn, I had no idea Kiara was the breadwinner of holoEN, that's based as hell

>> No.2102407

Is this all of youtube or just vtubers?

>> No.2102531

all of youtube but not include twitch

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>> No.2102664

Jesus christ where are the human's at, crying on twitch because they can't compete?

You'd think someone with tits would least be up there somewhere

>> No.2103036

Popular streamers are all on Twitch, Youtube is pretty barren aside from vtubers.

>> No.2103213

so where I can look a top of twitch earners?

>> No.2103273

you cant

>> No.2103320

Show proof that they're making more money than Cover.

>> No.2103328

I can find news articles but nothing that measures up like youtube, get your adblock on


Or for the top earner
>The cow is back, and despite being known for toxicity, hot takes, a recent cheating scandal, and a pop-off or two, the former pro Overwatch player has hit a huge stride in 2020 with his streams soaring in viewership and leading to almost $2 million dollars in income thanks to an increase in ad revenue, which he was the fifth-highest earner in. Earlier this year, when Among Us REALLY exploded, xQc was at the forefront of the game with streams that featured many massive streamers alongside him.

He also has not been quiet on the drama front, entering into a blood feud with Ninja and his wife/manager at one point as well. xQcOW can boast the highest earnings from subscriptions, with an estimated total of $1,595,167 a year from 55,246 subscribers which seems to only be going up throughout the year. He also had the tenth most bits and cheers this year, earning about $80k from people donating on stream.

That’s it for the top Twitch streaming earners for 2020, but who do you think will top the list next year? Tell us about it on Twitter @CheckpointXP, and let us know who YOU think will reign champion.

>> No.2103384

Is this YTD?

>> No.2103392

Do people enjoy watching streamers be a shitty person and cause drama all the time?

>> No.2103422

Elaborate please, I've never watched her streams.

>> No.2103424

Hololive is popular isn't it?

>> No.2103570

Besides the GFE stuff, she's an entertaining streamer. Same for Lamy.

>> No.2103578

>we have more dumb simps than you guys!

imagine donating and getting nothing in return except MAYBE your name being read

>> No.2103614

Drama in general is more entertaining, those reality tv shows never go on without some sort of bitching, likewise news puts drama at the front.

Want an example, google up a "news for people with depression", no drama, all happy shit like cat being saved from a tree.

>> No.2103663

YouTube and cover take about 60% of that number, putting it at about 13grand. That amount of money per month means she theoretically makes about 165k a year which is still fucking insane.

>> No.2104155

Theoretically. We’ll see if numbers go up or down after people go back to their jobs and stop dicking around at home all day

>> No.2104260

Got any INDog numbers?

>> No.2110457

Lamy has always been a heavy hitter more than mori and kiara before janny yab, literally in the third place in sc in her 2nd monthsary.

>> No.2111043

Oh, Kiara makes more than Gura and co.

>> No.2112051

Look at this board and you'll have your answer

>> No.2113930

so what's her appeal?

>> No.2114587

Either is all the ASMR, or zhangs trying to get Coco down from #1

>> No.2114988

GFE, relatively unique design.
That's...kinda it from what I've seen.
I have no idea how Rushia doesn't get shit for her content.

>> No.2115764

She is not Kiara.

>> No.2116246

She's a dumbdumb at games that you want to see her all way through and backseaters are kind of welcome at times because she literally ask everything and squeal whenever she found something new that amuse her it's cute

>> No.2116564

>1.4 million
So one BD release or one album being released makes about the same in one week as coco does in superchat in the whole of last year. Surely superchat must be a drop in the bucket for the money these companies make.

>> No.2116612

Wow look at that, Botan's position on the list matches her age.

>> No.2116663

Manufacture and distribution cut heavily into that figure

>> No.2116752

I doubt it's anywhere near comparable to 30% on superchat though. It's a $170 BD that probably costs pennies a piece to manufacture being sold through their own store primarily.

>> No.2116892

She GFE plus entertainer. She has some paypig gachikois that send her at least one 50K yen every stream. I popped into her stream from earlier and the whole top bar of SCs were akas of $100 and up. Ramy is quality over Coco's quantity.

>> No.2116928

Many of the overseas bros couldn't care less about her music. I don't but I respect her grinding.

>> No.2116988

Go Ange.

>> No.2117025

You got a source on that? That would be explosive to say that publicly on stream, especially when there's surely senpai getting a smaller cut.

>> No.2117112

Are you baiting or is your confirmation bias that strong ?

>> No.2117131

And also thinking about it more that's just one piece of merchandise we are talking about here. Admittedly we don't have figures for the rest of it but it's one piece among probably thousands that get released yearly. Even if they weren't making anywhere near as much as that BD on all those other items I find it hard to imagine given that context that merchandise doesn't bring in a lot more money for both companies. Especially given that most of it is just bits of different types of plastic with a character on it.

>> No.2117388

From a casual glance, they seemed pretty low besides Ollie. Seemed liks they were all below Haachama (who streamed 4x over the entire month, one of which was members only)

>> No.2117442

All but Ollie were below Haachama*.

>> No.2117642

maybe they're saving for her birthday. just look at the spike on new years.

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File: 86 KB, 907x645, screenshot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Moona: $2071
Iofi: $2143

>> No.2118431

>20$ album
>probably like 5$ from that goes directly to her
>she's already on top for preorders on CD Japan
if she sells like 40k copies she already gonna lap her entire SC earnings for the last 6-7 months

>> No.2118548

Holofags care more about how much money a talent makes instead of the quality of the streams

>> No.2118550

There's a thing called 30% cut and taxes. You're also acting like this BD is the only thing Ichikara releases.

>> No.2118588

is it wrong to be happy for your oshi?

>> No.2118658

lol risu

>> No.2119063

I wonder if that many extra people would buy something because its physical?

>> No.2119102


>> No.2119294

as a collector's item that's the first physical record released by HoloEN?
probably a decent %

>> No.2119321

Just I remember seeing the digital releases for some of her previous stuff on oricon around 2k. So 20x more people?

>> No.2119401

It also has a bonus track that is exclusive to the physical CD

>> No.2119452

she collabs with men, suck's their nuts off figuratively, and is too focused on roommate content. What's there to say? American gachikoi are just as Jealous as Japanese gachikoi, just embarrassed to admit to their jealousy. So they act like ironic cucks, but they don't want to actually be cucks, so they put down less and less over time..

>> No.2119764

you tried that line of reasoning the last time and yet her 1M celebration stream was the 5th most SC'd stream in Hololive
won't you feel kinda dumb when it happens again? like at some point of moving the goalposts just gets embarrassing

>> No.2119952

Yeah I guess that should sell some more copies.

>> No.2120000

>probably like 5$ from that goes directly to her

my god, don't reproduce

>> No.2120128

Anon, you are thinking of someone else, this is my first time discussing mori.

>> No.2120240

Absolutely based Ange in the top 50.

>> No.2120254

guess it'll be your first BTFO then

>> No.2120335

That's not how cuts work

>> No.2120396

I'm open to being educated, but Cover seems to be offering pretty good splits and in turn it does fuck all to actually support the release with anything but their name

>> No.2120439
File: 2.87 MB, 1758x2475, __yukihana_lamy_hololive_drawn_by_sanuki_you__9b51b30c2ea521b8df34f3c7210a72e3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ignore him. Lamy is good for your soul. She is pure healing and makes the day easier. She is also pretty darn entertaining especially when she gets hyped about something. Also 1 hour Members Heartbeat ASMR.

Lamy Love!

>> No.2120475

Roberu earns more than Ina?

>> No.2120493

musicians are usually payed up front by a publisher/record label, and then get a VERY small royalty off of sales

>> No.2120517

isnt that just a one off because of his 3d?

>> No.2120570

What a cope.

>> No.2120635

Good for her - I never expected Lamy to grow so quickly

>> No.2120770

Anon he already tried it years ago and it was a failed project.
He made a post on this board a few months ago with a link to the attempted 4chan vtuber project

>> No.2121542

am I naive for thinking this is a scam where dummy accounts send money to themselves to encourage people to spend. theres no way people spend$100 a stream to talk to an anime right?

>> No.2121553

can a setup like this function with Cover tho? despite all the memes, they are a pretty small indie tech company not a media publisher, and it's probably easier for them to stay within operational costs by simply splitting the gain/risk with the girls

>> No.2122034

Cover doesn't self publish the hololive music. JVCKenwood Victor Entertainment does. Cover sells the rights to sell the music to this record label for some amount of yen that they then split with the talents. How much a CD sells isn't really directy relevant to how much the artist makes unless you're selling a fuck ton and topping charts. Sales only really relate to how much a publisher is willing to pay you next time you make an album.

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>How much a CD sells isn't really directy relevant to how much the artist makes unless you're selling a fuck ton and topping charts.
even if she didn't sell all that much, this is still hilarious

>> No.2122128 [DELETED] 

yes but those again aren't CD sales. artists don't get royalties for music streaming service plays dude. The streaming service pays a set amount to the publisher for the rights to stream the music dude.

>> No.2122165

yeah hopefully it'll give Cover a better rate for the other members too

>> No.2122244

Isnt cost of living relatively low in Indonesia? Adjusted for purchasing power ID probably isn't doing as badly as it looks like

>> No.2122246

Yeah the real money is made in touring and merchandise

>> No.2122637

Are these numbers before or after Youtube's cut?

>> No.2122657
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Reminder that everyone making less than Kiara in super chats is doing something wrong.

>> No.2122665


>> No.2122854

I kind of feel like having visible haters can be good for superchat. Especially if you can sometimes show a little tiny bit that it effects you. Pulls at the heartstrings of those sympathetic and helps to convert fence sitters into donators and gets those already donated spending. Look at how whenever Coco has faced difficulty and shown a chink in the armour people have come out to show their support with lots of money.

>> No.2123081

I don't even know why did I keep watching her beyond the horrible first month, but it sure paid off.

>> No.2123238

they split their donations between youtube and steamlabs. That's not the total number for any of indonesia

>> No.2123668
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holofags talking about nijisanji in superchat like their vtubers aren't making more money than most of you in just a money even counting the agency/youtube cut and as if a lot of them aren't above many hololive and holostars.

>> No.2124332

Touched a nerve, huh?

>> No.2125240

When idiots talk about shit they ignore, sure

>> No.2125464

who in their right mind is giving these people all their money

>> No.2125781

1 to 6 is pure Holo, keep coping.

>> No.2125828

>why does she numberfag when it gives her money every time?
gee I dunno, that's a thinker

>> No.2128652

yeah, why aren't they giving this money to ME

>> No.2130061

there will never be one because no one will work for free

>> No.2130117


>> No.2130207
File: 1.03 MB, 1200x1697, 4562C38D-EDF0-4FE6-8E1E-74A80F479442.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How could you forget about Koopa like that

>> No.2130220

having over 100 chuubas, only 2 in the top 10 and one of them was there only because she is graduating, sad truly sad

>> No.2130303


>> No.2130434


>> No.2130459
File: 57 KB, 347x318, hlgg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.2130511

No this is only for March

>> No.2130520

Why the fuck would you need an elaboration, these both state why Lamy is earning so much, clear as day

>> No.2130530

I don’t think of it as donating I think of it as paying to post something that Ame will read, the fact that she reads my username and says thank you in that cute thank you voice of hers is a bonus

>> No.2130538

before “janny yab”? What does that mean

>> No.2130580

Ah thank you for posting Ame’s rank, I was curious where she stood, kinda low on the leaderboard for my liking... I’m sure that’s just because these last two months have been so sparse in streams because of her moving

>> No.2130630


>> No.2131374

She isn't an official 4chan vtuber

>> No.2131559

This'll also happen to Migochi and Marine on their first streams back for sure.

>> No.2131984

This is all a competition for you when in the real world those people are making over 5-k10k per month even at the position of 200.>>2125781

>> No.2132502

>probably like 5$ from that goes directly to her
We are talking about a japanese corporation here

>> No.2132998

Stay away from the succ bro, it's for your safety, I told you guys this since last year.

>> No.2136303

Who cares

>> No.2139403

How long did she even chart for? an hour?

>> No.2139434

Fuck you, retard. Let this shitty consolewar thread die.

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