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Post both abuse and general fictions of your favorite Chuubas in this thread

Collective works so far:
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1r_e1ah3KTvhBMhclgbvKbLzhCBw7xF-b6yqoeOx8dug/edit - Compilation doc by kind buddy with links to previous threads

>Isn't this just you fuckers writing fanfiction, eh?

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Requesting you being pushed too far after being bullied by one of the holos for a while culminating in a fight

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Resulting in hate sex

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>Will never have Metal Gear Rising music playing during the fight/hatesex with your oshi
Why live?? I'm glad there was an entire thread of Anons sharing their creative works with one another. Here's to another one.

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wouldnt it be funny if all writefags were canadian eh?

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I can see this happening with someone like Shion

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There were works from the end of the last thread in case anyone missed them

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>Continuation of the Manager-san/Aqua Story Shorts from the previous thread
You sighed as you stood in front of a familiar door to Minato Aqua’s house, who had called in sick earlier today due to having a high fever and fatigue. You’d warned the girl to not play so much APEX Legends and drink so many energy drinks, but of course, she didn’t listen. Although you knew it probably wasn’t serious, in the back of your mind, there was that that little voice that you couldn’t shake. You had called earlier to let her know you’d be coming over to give her a check up. Aqua had actually given you a key to her house in the case of an emergency, so you used that to unlock the door. It was another sign of the deepening bond between you and the onion-haired girl. After that trip to the amusement park you had gone over and hung out with her more often than before. Now that you thought about it, combining your leisure and work time, most of your current life revolved around the dorky idol. Not that you minded, as almost every time you were around her, something interesting was bound to happen....

…And it seems the process would repeat itself again.

You stepped inside the house and looked around for her. Kitchen? Nope. Living Room? Not there. Bathroom? You knocked on the door and received no response. From those options, you could only assume that she could be in one place. Her bedroom. You walked up the door and gave a loud knock. No… response? You knocked again, but got something a little… different… than silent noise.

“Uhhh….” you heard Aqua’s voice moan from behind the door. Your mind went limp and your body stopped in place. Just… Just what was she doing behind that door?! As much as you didn’t want to.. Interrupt anything, you wanted to make sure she was okay. You gently pressed open the door…

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… And was greeted by the site of Aqua, who was currently straddling the giant plushie you won for her at the amusement park. Her entire face was flushed red and she was sweating profusely as she rolled around the bed with the plushie in her arms, saying your name as she rubbed her head against the stuffed animal. When you muttered her name, she immediately turned her head to you and gave you a sweet smile and giggled.

“Hehehe…. Manager-san… my head feels… funny…” mumbled the perplexed girl as she stopped rolling and kept her eyes one you. That sultry look she gave you made your mind pause and face burn in embarrassment. Just what was wrong with her?! You hurried over to the side of the bed and pressed your hand against her forehead. You ignored the heavy moan she gave and took an informal temperature. Hot! Hot! Her skin felt extremely hot. Aqua was running a high fever, so you guessed she was having fever hallucinations from what she was saying. You told her to stay put as you went to the bathroom to wet a towel with cold water. She only gave a few giggles in response as you left the room and sped to the bathroom. When you returned to her room with the cold towel in hand, you saw that the idol was now sitting upright in the bed, but still had an arm wrapped around the plushie. As you walked up the bed you told her that she needed to lay down but she just gave you a pout instead.

“But Manager-san… I don’t wannaaaaa…” whined Aqua as she puffed out her cheeks. You sighed as you were about to press the dampened cloth against her head, but then something truly unexpected happened. She GRABBED you by the collar of your suit and pulled you towards her. Your face was buried in her chest as she wrapped her arms around your head and kept you anchored in place. You felt the hotness from her face burn the top of your head as she pressed it into your hair. You wanted to push her away but didn’t wish to hurt her as she was still sick and physically weak, so you begrudgingly decided to play along until she released you.

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“Hehehe.. got you now, Manager-san…” whispered Aqua as she rubbed her face in your hair from side to side. You felt your own face burn up as she continued the motions. This was wrong! This was very wrong! If anyone saw you like this, you’d be fired for sure!

“Your... looooove you, Manager-san… I just wanna keep us like this… forever…”

As the girl said this she moved her hands around your face and pulled it up to meet hers. Her light purple eyes stared into your own as if she was trying to hypnotize you with those beautiful orbs. She then started to pull you forward as she closed her eyes and puckered her lips. Was… Was she trying to kiss you?! The thought crossed your mind for a moment, to just close the distance and… No! No! Bad thoughts! Aqua wasn’t in a right state of mind! You would just be taking advantage of her! If she found out she would almost certainly hate you, and you didn’t want to break the friendship you’d formed over the time you’ve spent with her. You gently pushed Aqua back to the bed and placed the wet towel on her forehead. In response she pouted at you again and let out a loud noise.

“Mouuuu! Manager-saaaaaan!” complained Aqua. You shook your head and continued to treat the girl until you felt her fever go down a bit. You asked Aqua if she was hungry or needed water, but she shook her head. Seeing that she would at least be fine for a while, you told her that you needed to get home and that if she needed anything to just call you. When she complained about not wanting you to leave, you threatened to not play any games with her for a month if she tried to force you to stay. This seemed to get her to comply as she reluctantly nodded to your request. You said your goodbyes to Aqua as you left her house and began your trek back to your apartment. As you recalled the day’s events, you learned yet another thing about Minato Aqua…

...That she cared a lot about you.

More Aqua fluff for you all to enjoy. Might have to scratch my torture/abuse story itch after writing this much fluff... https://pastebin.com/bqh3SSfB

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I eagerly await the day these two get married.
Oh dear. What do you have in mind?

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Can't wait for more abuse stories from you writer anon!

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God the fluff is too much for my heart.
Now make an abuse story with Aqua

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Might make an non-canon OVA where Aqua gets fed up with manager-san's denseness and goes full Yandere

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Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it.

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Anon, you're too good for us.

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Holy shit yes.

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Pls pretty pls

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as a newfag, what are some good vtuber fanfics so far?

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Check the OP and take a look at the archives. It's all subjective.

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Just browse the archives for a chuuba you like anon, there’s almost one for everyone in hololive and even a few niji girls too Mind you there’s a bunch of abuse ones so beware if your not into that

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Isn't a yandere aqua going to be a very bad yandere.

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just found some nsfw kiara shit, comon we need some realism here. dont stuttify girls for the sake of sluttifying

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>in stories about phoenixes, grim reapers, shark girls, fox girls, angels and demons
Terrible bait, have a pity (you)

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If you don’t like it then write your own fic, write anons can do whatever they please

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Requesting a needy gura story, always waiting for you to arrive from work, make her favorite food, netflix n chill. Or else HOOCHA, off goes your arm.

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That was a fun read, good job!

god why can't this happen to me

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that story is kino though

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>make her favorite food
"Aren't you forgetting something" asks the girl
"B-but Gura-sama, it's not right" you try pleading with her but...
"I decide what's right and wrong" the girl proclaims loudly
You can feel tears flowing down your cheeks as you reluctantly place the pineapple slices on the pizza.
"Make sure to remember this next time, or..." the girl's eyes turn towards your arm, her smile showing her sharp teeth.

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any futa fanfics?

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When you woke up, your body felt heavy and your vision was blurry as you tried to look around. What the hell happened?! Last you remember you were in Aqua’s house playing a match of APEX Legends. Upon trying to move your limbs, you found that they were tied up by rope to each corner of the… bed? Wait… why did this bed seem so familiar… As you peered across the sheets, you could see a familiar stuffed animal at the head of the bed. It was the plushie you won for Aqua… wait… this was Aqua’s room! Did something bad happen to her?! Were you both being held hostage?! You felt your worry begin to grow as you heard footsteps approach the door to the bedroom. You braced yourself for whatever was about to happen. But when the door finally opened…

...It was just Aqua standing there. No burglar, no criminal there to make demands… just that dorky idol holding a knife in her hand. She had a sickly sweet smile across her lips as she slowly approached the bed, playing with the blade in her hand as if it were a toy. This had to be some sorta joke, right? There’s no way your stupid onion would do this? That knife had to be a toy-

“Manager-saaaan… Aqua has been trying to get you to notice for soooo long…” cooed the onion haired girl as she stopped at the bedside. She leaned down and pressed the knife’s edge on your exposed arm. The material was cold and heavy… it wasn’t a toy! She was holding a real knife! You tried to reason with the girl by saying that her little prank was going a bit too far. But the moment you said that, the smile disappeared from her face and was replaced with a shivering cold gaze.

“Oh…? You think this is.... a joke? My love for you… is a joke? Mouuu, your very cruel, Manager-san… It seems Aqua needs to show you her love, so you can understand her pain…”

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As she said this she raised her knife above your body. She sliced downwards that left a large wound on your arm. You screamed aloud as blood began pouring from your wounds and a content look befell Aqua’s face.

“See? This is the pain Aqua feels when Manager-san wont give her attention…”

Aqua then stabbed you in the leg.

“This is the pain Aqua feels when Manager-san ignores Aqua’s feelings…”

Aqua twisted the knife that was embedded in your leg which made you howl in pain. She removed the bloodied knife and pressed it against your throat while she reached around with her other hand and cupped your chin. Her empty purple eyes gazed into your own, striking fear directly to your core.

“This is what Aqua feels when Manager-san wont accept her love... It feels like she’s going to die. When she stayed over your house, when she went to the amusement park with you… it felt like she was going to keel over and die on the spot…”

She removed the knife from your throat and began tracing it across your body. She made lines and indentations across your clothes and skin. Your mind was still shaken by the pain from earlier. What had happened to the Aqua you knew?! That fun loving, tripping over herself dork that you had come to know. This certainly wasn’t her! There was no way she could love someone like you… or maybe you were just that blind? Your senses were drawn back to reality as pressed the knife against the center of your chest.

“But that doesn’t matter now… I’ll keep you here… forever. Just the two of us. No noisy people, no other girls in your life. Only me. And you. It’ll be perfect!” she said with a giggle and she closed her eyes. She leaned forward and gave you a quick kiss on the lips before she pulled back.

“I love you… soooo much, Manager-san…”

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>Alternate end
>“Oh…? You think this is.... a joke? My love for you… is a joke? Mouuu, your very cruel, Manager-san… It seems Aqua needs to show you her love, so you can understand her pain…”

As she raised her knife, you noticed her hands begin to shake and she gritted her teeth. As she was ready to slice down, she accidently slipped on one of her toy animals and cut through one of the ropes holding you down. Aqua let go of the knife as she crashed into your torso with little force due to her small body size. Thinking quickly you grabbed the knife with your free hand and removed the other bindings holding you down. You grabbed Aqua and held her in place as she began to sob.

“I… I’m sorry, Manager-san… I just… I just want you to love me… to accept me… I guess im to stupid to even be a yandere...” cried Aqua as she fell to the bed in a dejected state. Aqua… loved you? Were you that dense to truly notice? You sighed and tossed the knife away. You pulled the crying girl into a hug. This seemed to shock the girl as she let out an ‘eep!’ and tried to jump from your grasp. But you continued to hold her still and began rubbing her head. You told her how much you loved her. How much you wanted to be with her. She looked up at you with astonishment in her eyes.

“R-Really?! Do you really… mean… that?’

You nodded in response and smiled at her. Happiness took over her face as now tears of joy went down her face and flashed that same bright smile at you.

“I love you too, Manager-san!”

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You poked Aqua awake as she slept in the Hololive offices break room. She had overslept for an hour! You told her not to stay up so late again! She eventually stumbled awake, but when she saw you, she squealed and jumped from the chair. Her eyes were wide and she was shaking as you walked up to her. You asked her if she was okay, and she slowly shook her head.

“It was all... a dream…?” mumbled the girl with a confused face. Ah, so she must have had a nightmare. You told the girl that you needed to get back to the recording studio for the newest Hololive anime episodes. She shakily nodded, but as both of you left the room, you noticed an odd look of dissatisfaction whenever she looked at you. For the rest of the day, this look remained and she even went the mile to avoid you. It was then you learned another thing about Minato Aqua…

…That she was a strange girl.

Damn that was fun to write. Hope you all enjoyed it. Wanted to write one for my inner sadist and another for the fluff that I also enjoy https://pastebin.com/DLAHtzzP

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>Autistic onion will never keep me docile with a healthy dose of APEX to burn out my brain and knifeplay
It was cute. Even when the Onion is being menacing, there's an alt. ending for the fluff lovers. Thanks man.

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I’ve got some Polka fluff in the works. Look forward to it.

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Polka fluff? I AM looking forward to it.

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Oh nooo pineapple on a pizza, you monster!
Though this was really funny for a short piece, thank you anon. Hoping someone makes a long one with a cute gura.

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Prompt bump: You confront Sora over her stalking you and it turns out she was not be a yandere, but out of interest towards you.

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So like the stalking is more innocent then it seems?

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>Nyanners kidnaps you and forces you to listen to her horrible jokes

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>Welcome to my piss dungeon
>Are the ropes too tight? Wanna know what's tighter, eh?
>poo poo pee pee

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Serious AND baqua yandere? Wonderful.
It was all I hoped and better, we really don't deserve such a good anon.

>> No.2119592

why do i really want a fic like that to exist now?

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>There was another of Mio that I missed
Thanks to the anon that's compiling everything.

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Their probably referencing moments on the holocraft server where sora will just randomly stalk the other girls on the server but doesn't prank whoever she's stalking


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The black division fics are quite good, I want to read through all of them. Are there any others besides the ones for Botan, Polka, and Reine?

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How about a Yandere vs Yandere situation with (you) at the center of it? Bonus points for Poruka.

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Oh yeah this definitely could make for some real good fluff

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Just mention buying underwear, and she’ll go catatonic

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I think I've got an idea, I'll see where it'll take me

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Oh well I wish you good luck then anon

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No one asked for it but Suisei yandere fic.

I don’t know how long I’ve been down in this basement, days, weeks, months or maybe a year; I really don’t know. All I know is that time has just become one big blur to me. And despite spending an alleged long time in here with nothing do to other than bask in my own thoughts most of the time; I still can’t fathom why it has come to this. I love Suisei, I still love here even to this very moment, even if she is the one responsible for my captivity. I still love her as much as the day I met her. But even now I still lie to myself to keep her image pure in my head. I obviously know why it has come this, I knew the second I woke up in my confinement. I’m just severely blinded by my love for her and suffer a terrible case of Stockholm syndrome. I can acknowledge my problems but I choose not to confront them.

As much I hate to admit it, Suisei is not sane, her nickname ‘Suicopath’ is scarily accurate, it’s not an act exaggerated for the sake of her stream, it’s reality. I saw signs of it early on in the relationship but honestly they just seemed like endearing acts to me. She was insanely clingy, always at my side when she could be, always making physical contact when she could, whether it just be clutching my whole arm when walking then switching up to a bear hugs when we were stationary. She also was very territorial around me. She was always around when she could be when I was talking to other people, especially around other girls.

I remember one time when I first met Kanata. The meeting was normal although Suisei was surprisingly quiet during then and I remember her wearing an uncharacteristic dead pan expression throughout the whole conversation but other than that it was normal until the end. I suggested we shake hands before parting ways to commemorate the start of a new friendship but just as we were about to do so, Suisei smacked Kanata’s hand away as if it were pure filth and uttered in a cold dead tone ‘What makes you think you have any right to touch MY boyfriend?’. I will never forget the absolute bewilderment that was on Kanata’s face. Thinking on that just brings up more and more instances where Suisei was acting completely out of line and psychotic. In retrospect I probably should have tried to correct her behavior but I couldn’t because it was addicting for me to witness her like that.

Her actions were bad for sure but the intentions behind those actions were full of unconditional love for me and me alone. I never had anyone that fawned over me like the way Suisei did and her love was a drug for me, it was downright intoxicating. I always craved more. I actively encouraged her behaviour by doing things that I know would make her jealous. I always tried to get more chummy with other girls just to watch her shoo them away with insults and threats and it would always give me such a high. I loved it, I still love it.

But I guess she eventually got fed up with me being in contact with other girls so often and decided to take matters into her own hands and so here I am. I don’t blame her, I egged her on too much and these are the consequences of my actions.

And just as I was thinking about her, I hear the door unlock and open to reveal my beloved. I don’t know what we’re going to do today but another thing I do know is that I never want to leave here and her.

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Deadpan, silent volcano of sheer murderous emotion Suisei is something I need more of.

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Suichan wa... kyou mo suicopath!

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I sure hope this can go here

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Pekora is in jail now, somebody post raep

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Requesting a needy Gura keeping you captive

>> No.2130093

Taking advantage of Pekora in jail until she is mindbroken

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pekora becoming mindbroken and taking advantage of you with this compassionless look in her eyes
and genuine joy in her smile from the feeling finally possesssing something

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>Hewwo are you there anon, please respond i love you

>> No.2132166

How do you even write gura as anything but something just barely connected to the conversation at all times? She'd try to be threatening and see a moth or some shit and do a complete personality 180 to focus on it

>> No.2132689

>gura as anything barely connected to the conversation at times
So writing her as someone with adhd?

>> No.2132800

>"Now anon you'll never esca- oh look at that moth, how'd it get here?" Says gura with a face full of wonder, already having shifted all her attention from you to the moth. "Gura, wait, don't leave me tied here!" you shout, but to no avail. You see her retreating figure become smaller and smaller as she goes chasing the moth until you can't see her. No doubt she'll be taking about the moth at a later stream, and by then she'll already have forgotten she left you here... Speaking of leaving things, you see an entire loaf of bread nearby, having gone past molding and adorned with a lot of fungi. This must have been the bread gura displaced long ago, how forgetful can she be? In any case, (You) won't be having dinner tonight, and will have to spend a whole lot of time getting out of your bindings, getting home and catch a wink of sleep before getting caught by gura again.

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>Soda-chan Request
You walked down the street of your neighborhood, enjoying a stroll on a warm summer evening, but you had a strange feeling in your gut. A sensation that you were being… watched by someone. But every time you looked around you saw no one else on the street. Just as empty as any other night. You had a good guess as to who the culprit was though. You sighed as you continued to walk. You had no idea why SHE would just follow you everywhere. To your apartment, to the Hololive studio, to almost anywhere you could imagine, you found a trace of her there. That certain seiso idol with too many nicknames to count. When you heard the sound of a twig snapping, you turned and saw the glimpse of brown hair disappearing down a nearby alleyway. That was it. There could be no mistake, that had to be her. You decided it was time to confront her and get to the bottom of this mystery.

You called out her name. You told her that you knew she was there, and there was no point in hiding anymore. After a few brief moments, you saw the idol leave the alley and present herself in front of you. That idol being Tokino Sora. You were her assistant, a salaryman with no interesting qualities or titles within Hololive. What could she possibly want with you? If it was something work related, it could just wait till you were both back at the office. This must be for something else.

“Y-You saw me? And here I thought I was a good ninja…” muttered Sora as she continued to approach. You felt nervous as she continued to walk towards you with wide eyes and smile across her lips. Here you were, being stalked in a deserted street with no witnesses or visible cameras around… was she going to hurt you!? Kill you maybe?! You saw something glint in her pocket as she passed a street light. You instinctively began to inch backwards as she advanced on you. But as you moved back, you hit the front of a car and was stopped in place.

“Why are you moving away from me…? I just want to talk…'' softly spoke the idol as she stopped in front of you and reached into her pocket. There was no possible chance of you running before she did whatever she was going to do. You gulped as you braced for whatever she was going to do to you. Was she going to stab you?! Or maybe-

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Your thoughts paused as she just merely pulled out her phone. She was a lot more timid than her normal self. As a worker at Hololive, you had seen her as the confident idol that everyone in the company looked up to. She always kept a cool head and friendly, polite and steadfast demeanor befitting her status. Just what did she want? You asked her this again and you saw a blush from on her face.

“I-Im not good… with these sorta things… I just…” she began fumbling her words. She then shook her head and turned to face you directly.

“I… I like you!” yelled the idol as she closed her eyes. You felt your mind take a pause and everything froze around you. She… likes… you? B-But how could someone as high class her like a lowly salary worker like you? It was like a queen admitting they liked a peasant! Asking her this she just blushed even more and held her face.

“I saw you after one of the concerts… the way you were helping everyone made me happy, the way you helped me… it made me feel something like I’d never felt before… so… are you… available?” timidly asked Sora. An idol was asking you out. THE Tokino Sora, was asking you, someone who you admittedly had helped a lot during your time at Hololive, but still didn’t lessen the impact. You asked if she was really sure about this, like what happened if a fan found out about their relationship?

“Don’t worry, we can keep it a secret… unless you want to make it public?” Sora said with a mischievous wink. You felt incredibly sick at that statement, the thoughts of thousands of angry NEETS attacking you filling your mind making dizzy. She let out a giggle as she reached out to you with her hand. W-Was she really meaning it? This wasn’t a prank or anything. When you asked this she only gave a simple nod and a sincere smile. You could only do one thing in the situation. You accepted her hand and began to stroll through the streets to discuss your newfound relationship. You wanted to ask why she went through all the trouble of stalking you, but you didn’t want to ruin the moment. You just figured that just the way she was. The idol you now loved. Tokino Sora.

Enjoyed writing that piece, now back to writing Manager-san/Aqua shorts https://pastebin.com/RPCqQ0gV

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I can't believe I love Soda now wtf

>> No.2135042

Thanks, now I have diabeetus from all this soda.

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>> No.2137079


I'm now craving sweaty thighjobs from Kiara. Maybe while on your shift at KFP when she thinks nobody is looking?

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Do Noel please.

>> No.2139532

I hope someone does something with Pekora's new outfit, especially with those yandere/ dead eyes that she has with that outfit

>> No.2140161
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A short piece of Cover Black Ops, this is my first time writing at this general.

--Excerpt of a seminar given by [REDACTED] on Operational Targets and Handling Targets.--

While most of our targets are NEETs and single men, there's a noticeable minority. For starter, Phoenix frequently requested elimination ops of females claimed to have messed with her eons ago. There's also procurement ops of juveniles-

Oh, you guys are surprised? Yes, Black Ops snatch kids off the streets and bring them to the Talents for the reasons we kidnap Talents' viewers from their home. Hollywood celebs can do whatever they want to young boys and girls and Pizzagate is real. But the thing is, we are morally better than those fuckers. If you wanted to talk about moral ramifications, consider this:

Most of the targets are orphans and kids living in the street. We offered them a new home, clothing, food and we delivered. We hired private tutors for their education and in a few years will hire them as interns in Cover. The only cost they need to pay is to serve Talents. Of course, they are not going to run somewhere, we are inducing Stockholm Syndrome at these kids and it's working. We are still humane, you know?

You in the grey shirt. I will give you all a clue. Comet has forced two boys to stroke each other's genitalia while she watches. Cheerleader is cuddling a girl right now in her bed. Reaper is requesting teenage boys due to the shortages of midgets. You are free to think that these Talents are the p-word or as some like to call it, lolicons and shotacons. But, at the end of the day, Cover is still a proper company and there are rules that they must obey. They are not going to break the contracts and move to another agency. After all, which Virtual YouTuber company could provide "special" services like us? Be glad that your job is to snatch kids and not getting blown up by IEDs in the Middle East.

>> No.2141873

>Writer's block
Seconding. It's time for rabbit abuse.

>> No.2142024

Requesting an abusive Kanata

>> No.2142749
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i know there's already some time travel stuff with Ame, but now alternate timelines are on the table

>> No.2143281

>ywn get a date with Ame
>ywn drive your car with her by your side
>you car Will never broke right there
>ywn ask for help to a truck's driver
>Truck Ame Will never rape You and principal Ame and make You two have the wildest sex

>> No.2143336

>Will never get extorted by Principal Ame sexually for good grades so you don't get held back a year

>> No.2145364 [DELETED] 

Are there any nijisanji stories?

>> No.2147063

There's a lulu one where she scares (You) but it's just lulu.

>> No.2147065

There's a short honma one

>> No.2152051 [DELETED] 
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Botan special ops anon here, got the first dose of the vaccine today. Taking a little break from writing while I wait for the side effects to go away. Figured I'd drop a little preview in the meantime so nobody thinks I'm dead. Hope 4chinz doesn't fuck up the formatting - I'll repost if it does.

You grunt and wheeze as Botan sets you down on the cave floor, just a few meters inside. It was dark, frigid, and uncomfortable. You weren’t sure how much blood you’d lost, but the fact that the cave kept spinning wasn’t a good sign. Botan had drawn a pair of medical shears - she had the foresight to bring a kit before you dusted off - and was scrambling to cut her way through your clothes so she could have a better look at the gunshot wounds. Despite the fact that you knew this was standard procedure for emergency first aid, you couldn’t help but feel your embarrassment rear its ugly head again. You heard a soft gasp as she tugged away your vest and underlying clothes, exposing your bare chest to the chilly air of the cave.
“What… What is it…?” You ask with a wheezy voice, your breaths starting to get more and more ragged.
“N-nothing,” Botan replied in a rather unconvincing tone, suddenly slowing down as she continues shearing her way through your trousers and disrobing you unceremoniously. From your awkward angle, you could see her silver eyes becoming more and more frantic as she worked. There was a brief blush in her pale cheeks as she tore your clothes off, leaving you in just a pair of plaid boxers, partly stained in blood. But what got you worried the most was that her breathing was becoming faster, more panicky.
“Anon… I know I wanted you to save your breath, but… Talk to me. Please. Keep me distracted,” Botan finally said as she pulled out a set of tweezers and a pack of gauze.
“Distracted…? From what?” You ask, your heart throbbing uncomfortably beneath your ribs.
“I’m a lion. You’re drenched in blood. And I…” Botan begins to explain, then trails off as the red flush in her cheeks momentarily intensifies. Was she holding something back? “C-c’mon, you can put two and two together.”
You’d never seen Botan lose her cool like this, and you only knew her for a few weeks. But it made sense after you thought about it; she was part lion. One of the strongest, most fearsome predators on land. Seeing blood probably puts her in some kind of frenzy, and here she is, doing what she can to stop you from bleeding out and potentially becoming her next meal.

>> No.2152140
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Botan special ops anon here, got the first dose of the vaccine today. Taking a little break from writing while I wait for the side effects to go away. Figured I'd drop a little preview in the meantime so nobody thinks I'm dead.

You grunt and wheeze as Botan sets you down on the cave floor, just a few meters inside. It was dark, frigid, and uncomfortable. You weren’t sure how much blood you’d lost, but the fact that the cave kept spinning wasn’t a good sign. Botan had drawn a pair of medical shears - she had the foresight to bring a kit before you dusted off - and was scrambling to cut her way through your clothes so she could have a better look at the gunshot wounds. Despite the fact that you knew this was standard procedure for emergency first aid, you couldn’t help but feel your embarrassment rear its ugly head again. You heard a soft gasp as she tugged away your vest and underlying clothes, exposing your bare chest to the chilly air of the cave.

“What… What is it…?” You ask with a wheezy voice, your breaths starting to get more and more ragged.

“N-nothing,” Botan replied in a rather unconvincing tone, suddenly slowing down as she continues shearing her way through your trousers and disrobing you unceremoniously. From your awkward angle, you could see her silver eyes becoming more and more frantic as she worked. There was a brief blush in her pale cheeks as she tore your clothes off, leaving you in just a pair of plaid boxers, partly stained in blood. But what got you worried the most was that her breathing was becoming faster, more panicky.

“Anon… I know I wanted you to save your breath, but… Talk to me. Please. Keep me distracted,” Botan finally said as she pulled out a set of tweezers and a pack of gauze.

“Distracted…? From what?” You ask, your heart throbbing uncomfortably beneath your ribs.

“I’m a lion. You’re drenched in blood. And I…” Botan begins to explain, then trails off as the red flush in her cheeks momentarily intensifies. Was she holding something back? “C-c’mon, you can put two and two together.”

You’d never seen Botan lose her cool like this, and you only knew her for a few weeks. But it made sense after you thought about it; she was part lion. One of the strongest, most fearsome predators on land. Seeing blood probably puts her in some kind of frenzy, and here she is, doing what she can to stop you from bleeding out and potentially becoming her next meal.

>> No.2152750

Fic where holos control you via microchip implants when?

>> No.2154309

Waiting with bated breath for the full story.

Grats on the vaccine!

>> No.2155312

It was good knowing You anon, hope that your death is painless

>> No.2155374

Thanks! I hope this preview is sufficient for now.

They already control us, anon. They live in our heads rent free.

If I die, I hope I see Botan on the other side. At least before Calli reaps my immortal soul.
Just having a sore arm and fatigue so far. Everyone says the second dose is the one that really kicks your ass, but I'm definitely feeling more tired than I usually do.

>> No.2155691 [DELETED] 

It's sad that now You Will never have Kids

>> No.2155817 [DELETED] 

Makes it easier to live out my impregnation fantasies without actually having kids. They're expensive af.

I do hope you're being facetious though. It's just an mRNA vaccine, not a sterilization kit.

>> No.2157064

Glad to see some of it. Can't wait to see the full thing, man.

>> No.2157724 [DELETED] 

>He doesnt know
They literally used to tell the retards that take the vaccine that they can't have Kids for 2 years, and every other thing is confidencial, also it gives You cancer

>> No.2157821 [DELETED] 
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Take your meds

>> No.2158107 [DELETED] 


>> No.2158258


>> No.2158290 [DELETED] 

>Turn on the tv
>Another nurse die the next day after taking the vaccine

>> No.2159600 [DELETED] 

Just a coincidence.

>> No.2160796

How about a prompt? Gives people ideas.

>> No.2160893 [DELETED] 

>it's "just" mRNA

>> No.2162051

Yandere love triangle, in which Noel is the yandere.

Backstory is You, Noel and Flare have been best friends since childhood? Noel has a cold attitude towards you due to her bullying?

>> No.2162195

Is Noel Yandere for you or Flare?

>> No.2162214

Noel is in a state of Denial for You.

>> No.2162548

Maybe I'm maximum retarded here but a bit more clarification could help. About you being with Flare? Or feelings for you?

>> No.2162612

I think they mean that Noel does have feelings for you but doesn't want to admit it to herself for whatever reason.

>> No.2163472

Pretty much this, except she's confusing her romantic feelings for you and projecting them toward Flare.

>> No.2163826

Where does the bullying come into play here? Maybe being incredibly distrustful of men because of the tit obsession?

>> No.2163863

I actually imagine this to be a four or five parts, which each part the bullying increasing.

>> No.2163903

But is there any reason for bullying and cold attitude and why the bullying gets worse?

>> No.2163950

Wait, now I'm getting confused. Noel is being bullied, right? Not the other way around?
>Tfw no strong knight to headlock you because she loves you

>> No.2163991

Oh, I'm sorry for misunderstanding. I supposed the bullying is sorta represent her crush on you? Like kids in a sandbox. Her cold attitude is a combination of men being pervs and you interacting with other people, especially women. The bullying getting worse is just her frustration and emotions boiling over.

Don't be afraid to add scenes with her trying to use her breasts for advantage, like when she has you with a headlock.

>> No.2164016

Lemme try to help, Noel is bullying you because she blames you for getting bullied for her tits when she was young but she actually loves you instead of Flare but doesn't realize it.
Personally i just wanna see my fluffy Manager/Aqua or mindbroken prison bunny

>> No.2164447

Ah ok I get where you're coming from. Thanks for clearing it up. I'll try my hand at a first part for this.

>> No.2164501

culminating with noel one day seriously injuring you(like breaking one of your bones or suffocating you until you faint) then instantly flipping her shit and try to get you to a hospital, belatedly realizing she's done it this time and you'll probably hate her afterwards.

>> No.2165179
File: 2.59 MB, 2650x3390, AquaSwimsuit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Aqua/Manager-san writer anon here, working towards the next entry, pic related Not a beach episode just yet though

>> No.2165380

>Dumbass Aqua will never kick your door open saying you need a lifeguard at your beach while you're in the bath

>> No.2166182

>She'll never mean it 100% because she's never taken a bath alone, her handlers were always afraid she'd drown herself
>She's always had female handlers
>she's never seen a naked man before

>> No.2166306
File: 169 KB, 1242x1323, 1614624652643.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not exactly how this ones gonna go but I'm definitely gonna make something like this into an OVA now

>> No.2169732
File: 1.62 MB, 1070x1646, AquaSmile.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Continuation of the Aqua/Manager-san Story Shorts
“Manager-san! How do you think this looks on me?!

When you heard these words you sighed as you turned to face Minato Aqua, the airhead idol that you managed for Hololive. You said the purple shirt and skirt she was wearing looked good on her and she let out a small giggle and a blush. She had brought you out for a shopping spree after the long awaited payout from Youtube, spending her super chat money on new clothes, shoes and everything in between. At this point you guessed that the two of you had been to at least a dozen different stores. And you had the luxurious task of carrying most of her bought items, though you were that you were lucky in the case of Aqua, since she wasn’t exactly that large...

“Mouuu, Manager-san! T-There's still one more store I want to see! L-lets go!” whined Aqua as she left the changing room and had returned to her original clothing. The idol had practically dragged you to the sales counter to buy the shirt and skirt before leaving the department store, noticing the clerk giving you a sympathetic look as you passed through the door. Just what was this last store that she wanted to go to soo bad that had filled her with so much energy?! When you asked this however, instead of giving you a direct answer, she just turned her head away from you but you saw the blush on her face intensify. She dragged you by the arm across the sidewalks and streets, receiving strange looks by other pedestrians as you passed them by. You wanted to slow the onion hair girl down and get a proper explanation from her, but you also didn’t want to cause a scene in public with her, so you just went with it. Eventually after all the twists and turns, the two of you were standing outside of what appeared to be… yet another department store. But when you peered through the window, you saw rows of certain clothing... S-Swimsuits?!

“H-Hololive’s going to the beach to film stuff… S-So I wanted to get a nice s-swimsuit!” blurted out Aqua as she pulled you inside the store. Being the only male in the store bought you uncomfortable stares as Aqua went up and down the aisles looking for a swimsuit she wanted. Bikinis, one-piece swimsuits, and everything in between... just the thought of seeing her in any one of them made your head spin. After all that's happened between you both, you couldn’t start to help but see all the more… womanly characteristics… of Aqua. Her slim body, her large breasts, her shapely thighs… she was practically the living definition of a shortstack girl. Ever since when you helped Aqua when she was sick, when she pulled you close to her body and stared at you with those hypnotic purple eyes, you couldn’t shake these dangerous thoughts from your mind. Maybe a part of you didn’t want to...? No! You… You were her manager...you shouldn’t have these thoughts about the one you cared for! But as you had your internal conflict, it was interrupted by Aqua timidly pulling on your sleeve. Looking down, you saw her holding a swimsuit in her hand and a shy look across her face.

“I-I think I like this one… I want to go try it on…” she mumbled in a low voice as she pulled you across the store to the changing room. Before you knew it she had disappeared behind the curtain and was left alone. You awkwardly stood there as you waited for the idol to finish changing. You didn’t know why she insisted for you to come into the store with her. She just wanted to find a nice swimsuit to impress the other Hololive girls, right? She wasn’t going herself in the swimsuit to you… right? Another thing you had noted that she hadn’t had an incident yet that day…

>> No.2169768
File: 659 KB, 905x1280, AquaSwimsuit2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

...But of course with Aqua, if there was a will, there was a way.

You heard her make a noise from behind the curtain and the sounds of her frantically moving inside the changing booth. You yelled through the curtain to see if she was alright, but she didn’t seem to hear you as she continued to thrash around and make noises. Seeing that Aqua was in some sort of peril, you moved on instinct to see what was wrong with her. You pulled open the curtains to the changing room to see a strange sight. There Aqua was, dressed in the striped swimsuit… but had somehow caught her legs on her discarded casual clothes she was wearing prior. This caused her to fumble around the small changing room trying to untangle herself from the clothes. But as she turned to see you, Aqua turned a bright red and began thrashing even harder.

“M-M-M-M-M-MANGAER-SAAAAN?!?!?!” Aqua screamed loudly as she began shaking. Your mind blanked as you took in the scene, the image of her exposed body being imprinted in your brain. But as she became more spastic, she eventually tripped forward and slammed straight into your body. Despite her small body, the girl's antics had shocked you so much that you couldn’t prepare for her unintended attack as you fell to the floor with her in your hands. As you hit the ground, you felt her soft breasts press against your chest as your mind tried to comprehend the situation. You could feel your face starting to burn from sheer embarrassment as you continued to hold the girl. When she recovered and looked straight into your eyes, her face turned as red as a tomato and her lips began trembling. Tears formed at the edges of her eyes as she basically jumped off of you and ran straight back into the changing room, squealing all the way. Luckily for both of you no one was in the general area of the incident and when someone rushed over to see what the commotion was, all they saw was you laying on the ground. You explained to the shop clerk that your friend had an ‘accident’ and that the situation was now under control. The clerk gave you a blank look for a second before giving a sigh and mumbled something under her breath before she left. You stood up and decided to wait for Aqua to finish her changing and explain what happened to her.

>> No.2169801
File: 873 KB, 1247x1500, AquaBlush2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

After a few minutes a fully clothed and fuming Aqua exited the changing room and stormed right past you. You quickly followed her to the counter where she was already paying for the swimsuit, somehow the embarrassment of the situation overcame her fear of strangers. Grabbing the shopping bag with the swimsuit inside it, she quickly went past you and left the store without a word spoken to you. Not wanting to lose her, you quickly ran after her out of the store and caught up with her. You told her to wait and that you wanted to talk about what happened, saying how you were sorry. This seemed to calm her down a bit as she stopped moving and stood still. When you stood in front of her you saw tears running her cheeks and an ashamed look on her face.

“I-Im sorry Manager-san… You didn’t do anything wrong… You opened the curtains to see if I was ok, right?” Aqua quietly said. You gave a nod as you wrapped the girl in your arms and she sobbed. You told her that it was ok and that it was fine for her to be embarrassed, that you should’ve thought before you had opened the curtain and she had done nothing wrong. These words seemed to bring her out of her depressive and brought a smile to her face as she wiped the tears from her eyes. Seeing that she was fine, you let her go from your grasp and decided now was the best time to end the day's shopping extravaganza. But before that, you decided to tease the onion a little for causing you so much trouble. You turned to her and smiled, telling her that she looked very cute in her swimsuit. This had the intended effect as she began to sputter and her face flushed red before she gave you a deep pout and ran off ahead of you. You could only chuckle as you watched her retreat out of view, noting that you would need to give her all the things she had bought the next day as you were still carrying them. But that day, when you looked into her eyes and felt her body press against yours, you learned yet another thing about Minato Aqua…

...That you had deep feelings for your dumb idol.

Damn that was long. It took a while to post this because of normie life and also I had a different idea but scrapped it half-way through. Hope you all enjoyed it https://pastebin.com/kBg23PGA

>> No.2170008

Every day I wake up hoping these two finally kiss.

>> No.2170540

Good job writing this one anon. I always look forward to your works.

>> No.2170553

Everyday i wake up hoping they would just fuck already.

>> No.2170606

These just get cuter and cuter every time. Good work.

>> No.2170757 [DELETED] 
File: 548 KB, 2000x2985, a0fjz77bvwv51.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You’ve been friends with Noel and Flare for as long you can remember. You might have even come out of the same womb for how long you known each other you joke often. But despite the wealth of time spent together, there has always been one underlying problem that only you’ve been able to spot. Well you wouldn’t really classify it as a problem but it could potentially turn into one. And that problem being Noel.

Not the entirety of her, just her behavior and not her behavior in general, only her behavior towards you. Noel has always been exceedingly cold to you exclusively. Whenever you would feel down, Flare would always be there to comfort you while Noel kept her distance and often made snide remarks. Whenever you found yourself hurt or sick, Flare would always be there to nurse you back to good health while Noel would always make fun of you for being weak and frail. Noel would take any chance she could to insult you.

But none of that actually phased you because that’s how you’ve always known Noel to be. In fact, it would be weird if she started being nice all of a sudden. And It’s not like you hate her. You actually value and love her just much as do with Flare because despite all she does, you have had good times with her and you can look back on them fondly. You also understand that she has had many problems in the past and still has problems to this day with men being creepy making her rightfully weary around them, you just wish she would loosen up around you a little.

Although there is one thing that slightly bothers you which is how she treats Flare. The difference in attitude is literally night and day. Noel practically worships the floor Flare walks on. She fawns over her like crazy. And whenever that does happen it always makes you feel a little bad inside as to why there has to be such a difference in treatment but you never let it get to you too much.

Recently though it seems her attitude towards you has gotten a lot worse. The insults just never seem to stop coming now and they’re full of pure vitriol. You believe you’ve got a strong tolerance for these types of things but her constant verbal abuse is slowly starting to whittle you down little by little. Who knows how much more you can take? Who knows if you might start to hate her if this continues?

So with the development of recent events you’ve decided to take a little break from contacting Noel to let her cool down. You give her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she’s going through something that is causing her to act this way and she’ll be back to her slightly less mean self in no time. It might be a little lonely not talking to one of your best friends for a while but it’s for the best. Besides it’s not like you have other friends to hang out with anyway. All you have to do is wait a little while and it will all be back to normal, right?

[Spoiler] I know it's pretty tame on bullying side but I plan to ramp it up a lot in the later parts. It was fun to write this first part. Hope you enjoy it. [/Spoiler]

>> No.2171107
File: 137 KB, 1791x797, EhZMlIqUwAAlSRp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You’ve been friends with Noel and Flare for as long you can remember. You might have even come out of the same womb for how long you known each other you joke often. But despite the wealth of time spent together, there has always been one underlying problem that only you’ve been able to spot. Well you wouldn’t really classify it as a problem but it could potentially turn into one. And that problem being Noel.

Not the entirety of her, just her behavior and not her behavior in general, only her behavior towards you. Noel has always been exceedingly cold to you exclusively. Whenever you would feel down, Flare would always be there to comfort you while Noel kept her distance and often made snide remarks. Whenever you found yourself hurt or sick, Flare would always be there to nurse you back to good health while Noel would always make fun of you for being weak and frail. Noel would take any chance she could to insult you.

But none of that actually phased you because that’s how you’ve always known Noel to be. In fact, it would be weird if she started being nice all of a sudden. And It’s not like you hate her. You actually value and love her just much as do with Flare because despite all she does, you have had good times with her and you can look back on them fondly. You also understand that she has had many problems in the past and still has problems to this day with men being creepy making her rightfully weary around them, you just wish she would loosen up around you a little.

Although there is one thing that slightly bothers you which is how she treats Flare. The difference in attitude is literally night and day. Noel practically worships the floor Flare walks on. She fawns over her like crazy. And whenever that does happen it always makes you feel a little bad inside as to why there has to be such a difference in treatment but you never let it get to you too much.

Recently though it seems her attitude towards you has gotten a lot worse. The insults just never seem to stop coming now and they’re full of pure vitriol. You believe you’ve got a strong tolerance for these types of things but her constant verbal abuse is slowly starting to whittle you down little by little. Who knows how much more you can take? Who knows if you might start to hate her if this continues?

So with the development of recent events you’ve decided to take a little break from contacting Noel to let her cool down. You give her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she’s going through something that is causing her to act this way and she’ll be back to her slightly less mean self in no time. It might be a little lonely not talking to one of your best friends for a while but it’s for the best. Besides it’s not like you have other friends to hang out with anyway. All you have to do is wait a little while and it will all be back to normal, right?

I know it's a little light on the bullying but I plan to ramp it up later on. Hope you enjoy.

>> No.2171955

Nnnice anon. Remember making noel do something she cannot take back and will have to atone for.

>> No.2175923 [DELETED] 


>> No.2178502

I eagerly await for the other parts, anon, and thank you for doing this.

>> No.2181508

Nothing cute about an autistic girl, anon.

>> No.2184394 [DELETED] 

That’s because you have shit taste.

>> No.2184742

Aqua isn't even remotely my favorite girl, but thanks to these fics, she's earning a special place in my heart. Good writing can sway people.

>> No.2184786

Amen to that.

>> No.2187153
File: 548 KB, 2000x2985, a0fjz77bvwv51.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It’s been about a week since you’ve cut contact with Noel. She hasn’t tried to initiate any contact herself which is a little sad but there is not much to be done about it. Flare however did pick up on the fact that she hadn’t seen the two of you together for a while and you could only tell her a shoddy excuse but thankfully she didn’t press any further than that. Flare really is an angel.

Other than that, you’ve actually been really happy within the last week. On the weekdays you just played games, watched movies and just did whatever you felt like doing in the moment. During the weekend you met up with some friends and did the same exact thing with them. A rather uneventful week but you carried a smile day in, day out. It has to have been happiest you been in a long time. Maybe happiest ever. You were stumped as of why this week was so different as you didn’t really do anything particularly extravagant or exhilarating but the answer couldn’t be any more apparent.

You didn’t have someone constantly hounding you with a barrage of insults for the first time in your life. For once you weren’t beat down verbally. No one tried to ruin your mood, even remotely. You can’t believe it took this long for you to realize that maybe having someone as toxic as Noel in your life could negatively impact your life. It’s laughable in fact. But it’s also pretty saddening at the same time. Even now you still love Noel, you cling desperately to the good times you had with her and the fact that you spent the majority of your life with her. But you can’t let this realization go to waste. You need to talk to Noel about this. If you want this happiness to continue in life, either Noel changes or you leave her behind. A tough ultimatum however it’s for the best.

Just as you’re about text Noel, you’re interrupted by the doorbell. You weren’t expecting any visitors nor did you order anything so there is no clue to who it could be. All you know is that they’re incredibly impatient as they mash doorbell button like there’s no tomorrow. It’s incredibly annoying. You head over to door as fast as you can just so you stop that incessant ringing. You open the door and it’s the last person you expect but the first person you wanted to see.

Noel. As soon you open the door she barges past you into your apartment without so much as a greeting. It’s almost eerie how she showed up just as you were about to confront her but that makes things easier and quicker so you aren’t one to complain.

You follow after Noel into your living room where you see Noel sprawled on your sofa. She’s wearing a skirt so you can see her panties clearly but she doesn’t seem to care.

“Noel it’s so great to see you! How have you been?” You ask. “Cut the bullshit small talk. Why have been avoiding me?” She demands answers in a coarse tone. She is definitely very angry right. Better tread lightly.

You explain to her that how’s she been treating you recently has taken a heavy toll on your mental health and how you want her to be less mean to you and treat you more like a friend. It’s incredibly scary doing so as she does not make so much as a sound when you explain your situation to her, she only stares deep into you with dead piercing eyes.

After you finish talking there is nothing but silence. It’s unbearable. She is still staring at you. A cold unwavering stare. She’s obviously in front you but somehow it feels like she just isn’t there, like the lights were on but no one was home.

>> No.2187308
File: 208 KB, 945x1332, EhlhlHaWsAEc8zY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Only after what it seems like an eternity, Noel makes a move. She stands up and approaches you. Noel is a lot shorter than you but that doesn’t mean she can’t be intimidating; She’s down right horrific. You can’t help but shudder as she approaches slowly.

She stands barely an inch before you. Her knight cup breasts as she likes to call them squish against you. In any other circumstance that would be extremely arousing but you’re to petrified to even think to react to the simulation.

She finally breaks that seemingly infinite silence. “Who the FUCK do you think you are?” You don’t respond, you only try to back up but your back is already up against the wall. You are trapped.

“Do you really think you can break off a relationship just like that? HUH HUH?” She roars. “No, Noel I’m just suggesting- ““I don’t care what you’re suggesting! I won’t let you do this!” She takes a step back and turns her back to lament, her hand on her forehead. “You are SUCH a pain in the ass.”

It’s now or never. If you don’t say anything here. If you don’t stand your ground, your chance at a happy life will be gone. You can’t go back to constant abuse after getting a brief taste of freedom. You gotta stand the fear, overcome it even for a few seconds just for the sake of a better future.

Mustering all the little confidence you have left you shout “NOEL!” She turns to face you, shock spreads across her face. She must have not expected this. “I won’t Stand for- “You didn’t even get to start your grand statement as you feel her knuckle drive hard and fast into the center of your face, blowing you backwards in a daze.

What? What the fuck? What the actual FUCK? How could she hit you? Doesn’t she have ANY respect for you? How could she pummel you? Her supposed best friend without a of shred remorse or hesitation. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH HER? You’ve never felt such unbridled rage towards someone but also such sorrow. You want to cry not just because it hurts. It hurts like a real bitch, your nose is broken for sure, no doubt about that and blood slowly trails out covering parts of your lips and chin in a red hue. You want to cry because you feel betrayed. Just how could she do that? Verbal abuse is one thing; you can stomach it no matter how gross it may be but physical abuse? There is no coming back from that.

You look up to face your assaulter. She is absolutely mortified. Not the look you were expecting but you don’t care how it looks.

The monster slowly approaches you. It reaches out a hand, not a used to commit malice but a hand to comfort. You’re confused but it’s action for a mere second before your eyes widen. This brings back the fading rage and turns it into a violent eruption of fury.

“WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM!” You scream. You slap its hand away with all the force you can gather. Your throat is coarse, breathing is heavy and everything aches.

It recoils in reaction to your words and actions before returning its arm back to its side. Another silence only this time you couldn’t care less.

It finally takes action again. This time it rushes toward the door, seeking exit. You start to hear wailing from outside the apartment, until it slowly fades into the distance.

You back slides down the wall and you meet the floor. Why did this happen?

"I hope this is good enough. It was very actually very hard to write after write 'The lights were but no one was home. Made me laugh every time I read it.

>> No.2187467

Dramatic and scary. I really like the shift in the text as you go from referring to Noel as a girl to a monster. It's the subtle thing that really catch the essence of her transition in the viewer's eyes. Well done!

>> No.2187473

oh fuck yeah, thank you anon

>> No.2187496
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Fanfic gang

>> No.2187642

happi end pls

>> No.2187706

Though normally a full force punch by noel would kill the average person or at least floor them unconscious. I really love this!

>> No.2188212
File: 1.74 MB, 1280x720, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>you will never accidentally get knocked the fuck out by Noel
>she immediately goes into regret mode and does what she can to patch you up and make sure you're not dead, constantly whispering apologies to your unconscious figure while she tends to you

>> No.2188340

Or call flare because noel only knows how to destroy

>> No.2188744

no, no happy ending. We ride this to the end.

>> No.2188884

Yeah, could you imagine if you and Flare bonded while she healed the injuries Noel gave you and ended up "stealing" you from Noel by telling you things like how Noel doesn't deserve you, you deserve a nice girl, someone who aids you in your time of need?

>> No.2188932

good stuff, thank you writefag

>> No.2189193
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pls I need happy ending, I'm not deep in enough to enjoy angst with no relief

>> No.2189256

im sorry anon, but we are going to suffer and (You) will like it!

>> No.2189792
File: 397 KB, 985x751, pepehands-transparent-pic.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2190003

Bad end for Noel and good end for you and Flare

>> No.2193578 [DELETED] 

Reported for low quality. Twitch and/or r/thedonald memes are not welcome here.

>> No.2193943

You know, would it be too much to ask what's going on with noel after this? A mini chapter of just her and what's she thinking after hitting you and him driving her away.

>> No.2198043

I was expecting that he Will punch her several times out of pure rage and She'll learn her place

>> No.2198702 [DELETED] 

Noel’s crying.

>> No.2198767

she'd be the one smashing you in the face with her keyboard

>> No.2199346

She doesn't need a keyboard, she smashed our nose with her fist.

>> No.2199736

I hope you write more anon like an explanation for why Noel treats (You) like that for example

>> No.2200502

Oh yeah that will come up. I plan to do at least 2 more parts to this.

>> No.2200694

Prompt: You are the onii-chan of one of the brocon holos (Noel, Matsuri, Rushia) and they go yandere on you the night before you get married to your gf

>> No.2200712

Noel already did that with her brother. She had a Menhera outburst during his wedding or something.

>> No.2200723

wtf for real?

>> No.2200738

Yeah. Why do you think she moved from the sticks and boonies to the city? To get away from it all.

>> No.2200883

I am aware

>> No.2200977

speaking of brocons, I suddenly thought about Ollie dying and literally only reanimating for the purpose of batting girls away from the person they love

>> No.2201269

Prompt: Either Okayu, Botan or Korone become thrilled when they show signs of pregnancy and prepare for the baby, only to get devestated when it turns out to be a psuedopregnancy


>> No.2201630

Good luck to you, anon. Hope you finish them.

>> No.2203207

Requesting a holo like okayu being corrupted into being your pet(and however far you want to take it).

>> No.2203766

Updated the pastebin archive but when putting in the Noel stuff to G. Docs I noticed something called publish. I don't really use this sort of thing a lot, but it seemed to take it to a normal looking sort of page where the text was just laid out plainly rather than being in G. Docs. Is this preferable?
Not sure how this works, if it's better or worse.

>> No.2203846

its kinda annoying cause you cant zoom in properly, but it's not a huge deal

>> No.2203862

Looks great on desktop, not sure how good or bad it is on mobile.

>> No.2204440

Okayu ain't innocent enough to be corrupted imo, it's gotta be someone like Aqua or Subaru

>> No.2206859

The Pekora arsonist one is 404'd

>> No.2207164

I ran to the archived thread to grab it.
If it was taken down for an actual reason, please let me know. I don't remember if it was an anonymous paste or one actually linked to an account.

>> No.2207290

Good stuff

Seconding this

>> No.2207500

Oh god bless you!

>> No.2216550
File: 204 KB, 1152x2048, ErxI56lVQAAgkd3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You wake up in a cold sweat. It seems like you fell asleep against the wall. Crying yourself to sleep. You feel god awful. Your back hurts, your nose hurts, everything hurts. Your clothes are a mess. Seems like you kept leaking blood even in your unconscious state and it has dyed your shirt and pants deep red. You can even taste dried blood that has seeped into your mouth, gross. You want to get up so you can clean and tend to yourself but you can’t even gather any strength to lift your arms up. There is no way you’re gonna be able to pull your entire bodyweight up. Seems like you’re going to stay in this cramped position for a while.

Only then you start to hear running water. Did you leave the sink on in the kitchen or did it? You hope not, that’s gonna make the water bill shoot up and that’s the last thing you need.

To answer your inquiry a second unexpected visitor rounds the kitchen divider wall. It’s someone akin to an angel. It’s Flare.

She closes in and kneels before you. She has a wet towel in hand and gently dabs it along the places of your face stained with blood. You have a lot of things you want to say to Flare but it’s all stuck in your throat. You can barely even produce any sounds, let alone full sentences and words. Flare seemingly picks up on your attempts to converse and reassures you in a soothing tone. “Shhhh. It’s alright, don’t talk now. Save your energy for recovering.” You comply, it’s for the best.

Her voice is enrapturing, it almost makes you forget about all the physical and mental pain you just endured.

Another silence but this time it’s comforting and warm; You’re not scared at all. Flare carries a motherly demeanor while treating you. It’s a real nice sight. She’s a true beauty.

After a while she eases the silence. “Come on let’s get you to somewhere pleasant.” She flashes a smile. Flare positions herself under your arm and lifts you up. You’re surprised by her feat of strength, being able to lift you up with no problem at all.

As she supports you, the both of you hobble over to the sofa where she puts you down as gently as she can. You sink into the sofa, it’s nice to do so after having your back against the cold hard wall for so long.

Flare sits down beside you, leaving no space in between the two of you. She takes your hand and envelops it in the warm embrace of her own hand; Her hand is warm and soft to touch. It’s incredibly comforting.

“So do you want to tell me how you ended up like this or would you prefer to do that later? Honestly I would prefer if you talk now just to alleviate my worry as selfish as that sounds. You don’t know how panicked I was when you weren’t responding to any my calls or texts and then I find all beaten up in your own home. I was terrified for you.”

Before you respond you squeak out a small chuckle. Flare has always cared for you but it’s immensely reassuring to see her do that even now. You nod as confirmation to talk.

You explain to Flare all that has been going and the conflict that just recently happened. It was still hard to talk about it due to it being so recent. Flare already knows that person could be mean to you from time to time but you decide to tell her the full extent of it. You found yourself choking on your own words multiple times and it took a long time to get the full story across but Flare didn’t judge you for it. Instead she encouraged you, telling you that it’s alright, that you can take your time, that she will be there for you as long as you need her. You’ve always known Flare to be exceedingly kind, especially towards you but nonetheless you still find yourself shocked in how she can be so kind and understanding. You are really blessed to have met her and have her in your life.

You finally manage to croak out the last detail you wanted to convey. It’s relieving to actually give voice to all the problems you’ve been facing but it took way too long to get it out there. You feel bad for burdening Flare with your word salad but Flare still holds that same lovely smile, no sign of discontent.

Although Flare doesn’t say anything in response, the silence does make you feel a little anxious as you just spilled the guts of your feelings out but you’re sure she wouldn’t react negatively. Flare would never do that to you. However, she uncoils her hand from yours, the warmth gone in an instant. You feel down, is she rejecting you after all?

>> No.2216627

Flare suddenly pulls you into a tight cuddle. Your head forced into her chest but it actually really hurt because your broken nose collides with her collarbone. You can feel blood flow through nose again staining her blouse but she doesn’t seem to notice, she only tightens the embrace. She also runs her hand through you’re already ruffled hair and strokes it. Despite the pain, the experience is heavenly; The last time you experienced something like this is when you were a kid and your mother was comforting you over whatever problem you had back then. You don’t want it to end. You wish it could just go on forever.

Then she speaks “My poor friend… You’ve been through a lot haven’t you?” She continues to stroke your hair. “I should have realized sooner that my precious best friend was going through so much pain. I’m sorry I’ve been such a bad friend” You wanted to tell her that she’s wrong and in fact she’s an amazing friend, you couldn’t ask for anyone better but it’s hard to talk with your face buried in her chest.

She then pulls you away from the embrace and grasps you firmly by shoulders. She looks straight into your eyes. Her sunset colored eyes carry a determined appearance. “But don’t worry anymore. I’ll be here 24/7 now. I won’t let anyone hurt my beloved anymore.” Beloved? Odd term to use when referring to a friend but you don’t question because it sounds nice.

“Now it’s time for you to take a proper rest. We can deal with your problems with you’re in a better shape.” She lets go of your shoulders and pats her lap. “Rest your head here.” You don’t hesitate to oblige. You kick your feet up on the sofa and plop your head on to Flare’s lap. Her thighs make for real plush pillows. She once again starts stroking your hair and starts humming a lullaby. You weren’t even tired before but the combination of her actions instantly make your eyelids heavy. There is no reason to fight it so you just go with the flow and drift into a peaceful sleep. It feels good to be loved.

Flare fluff wooo. Next part would most likely be the last part and it be about confronts Noel properly and the reason for her actions. Hope you enjoy.

>> No.2216725

Good shit

>> No.2217563

Well. Noel's dead. Or she'll wish to be after Flare's done with her.

>> No.2217635
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The animal girls have formed a gang and keep harassing every male they come in contact with!

>> No.2218423

She can Smash My broken nose with her Tits anytime

>> No.2218427

That's a pretty good idea.

>> No.2218437

All the stories here are so goddamn amazing!

>> No.2218484

There was a story about Korone grooming You to make the perfect man to impregnate and take care of all the hags, Can somebody do a part2 or a similar story where You get all the hags?

>> No.2219033

Can't wait for the next one

>> No.2219197

Which ones would work together? Besides Polka and Nene.

>> No.2220382
File: 157 KB, 2048x1535, __inugami_korone_and_mike_tyson_hololive_and_2_more_drawn_by_j_d_thunderhawk__09f7fd1801fe2d4ccf7ee5920a1569c3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Botan, maybe Fubuki, Risu, Korone

>> No.2220398
File: 969 KB, 1200x1697, 88654036_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

botan seems like a pretty nice pack-leader

>> No.2222893

Hope Noel kills Flare. She is supposed to be a yandere.

>> No.2223077

Eh I wasn't really writing Noel as a yandere. More like a person who has no idea on how to express romantic interest and feeling towards someone (especially a man) so she does what she thinks would garner the most amount of attention from the man she loves which is bullying and just being rude. Which obviously wouldn't work and because of that she just ostracizes herself from her loved one.

>> No.2223201

Oh, I thought the prompt was about Noel being yandere? Did I read that badly?

>> No.2223220

Wasn't the prompt to have Noel as a yandere, though? I'm not complaining - Noel doesn't have to be literally over the top insane in love, doesn't really mesh well with the whole bullying thing unless she's yangire - but yeah.

>> No.2223362

When I asked the anon who suggested the prompt why Noel was so mean and such a bully. They said the bullying was sorta of a representation of her crush on (You), 'Like kids in a sandbox'. So I kinda just stuck with that and came with the storyboard of how Noel is mean and a bully but one day takes it's too far and does something she can't take back resulting in her losing her chance to be with her loved one. A bad ending for her. But maybe I misinterpreted it and made her out to be more tame then she should been. I haven't started writing the last part yet, I only have ideas noted down so I could ramp up the yandere-ness if so desired.

>> No.2223420

>They said the bullying was sorta of a representation of her crush on (You), 'Like kids in a sandbox'.
Aren't there are yandere like that? I don't know why you thought it was mutually exclusive.

>> No.2223429

Plot twist: Flare is the yandere. She noticed that Noel had feelings for you and subtly planted ideas on her head about how to act around you; said ideas consisted of being a complete bitch to you, maybe in a misguided attempt at being tsundere. She planned it all so that Noel would eventually go too far and she could then swoop in and "rescue" you, thereby taking you for herself while also getting Noel out of the picture, thus leaving no competition.

>> No.2223598

I guess when I hear yandere I think of the utmost extreme like completely obsessive and controlling, an actual psychopath but very up-front with their feelings (or they could be like a mastermind behind the scenes) but show no remorse for any of their actions. Any less then that didn't really seem like a yandere to me, just some with bad social problems. But if I misunderstood my bad.

>> No.2223663

I've actually considered this scenario. Seems like it would be interesting to write.

>> No.2223890

Aren't Yandere just mentally unstable, incredibly deranged and use extreme violence or brutality as an outlet for their emotions?

Don't get me wrong, I know where you're coming but lets not kid ourselves, Yandere have strong affection for until their romantic love, admiration, and devotion that only become completely obsessive and controlling when she starts to lose control of the person she has affection to.

>> No.2223966

Which holo has the most abuse stories?

>> No.2224147
File: 284 KB, 640x640, SuiseiGun.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'd say its pretty evenly spread out but Botan, Suisei, and Kiara have a bunch, just check the archives >>2095949

>> No.2224530

I think FBK Is also up there.

>> No.2225510
File: 174 KB, 850x1053, __uruha_rushia_hololive_drawn_by_mamerakkkkko__sample-a0a3b4c7bc2595ada9a662968df1a949.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Which holos would forgive (You) after a beating?

>> No.2225726

FBK only really had 1 but it has multiple sequels. Would love another yandere FBK though.

>> No.2225923


>> No.2225989
File: 622 KB, 1280x714, 1616819449772.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2226059
File: 180 KB, 861x1135, Pain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I could see Matsrui cause her being menhera and relying on her chat emotionally so she wouldn't want them to leave her

>> No.2227771 [DELETED] 

Thank you, anon.

>> No.2228531

Really hope you do a yandere Noel.

>> No.2228771

I can see Flare already be a yandere there. The fact that she saw you all beaten up and not get freaked out and calmly stayed by your side almost feels like she knew this would happen and was just waiting for it. Kinda hoping there would be an alternate yandere Flare ending to this story too.

>> No.2231552

I think being made fun of and degraded is a lot different from getting beaten

>> No.2232258
File: 283 KB, 850x1133, sample_17e96b9949d5b7ebf268b69569b6990f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

“I love you” Rushia says as she suddenly grabs your arm from across the table “I need you” she continues.

This is a good start you tell yourself. Recently Rushia has been in one of her bouts of coldness towards you. She never explains why and you never asked after the first time you tried due it only angering her. Seems like this invitation to have dinner together is her way of making amends.

You reply with a smile “I know you do” You say as you move your hand to hold hers
“I do too.” You continue before eating another spoonful of the dinner she prepared for both of you today.

Unexpectedly her expression darkens into an angry scowl.

Did she not like that? Is there something on her mind? Is there something wrong? Did I say something wrong? That’s cute and wholesome right? All of these thoughts and more bounce around your head. You’re dreading to ask her even one of these questions.

You notice she is starting to visibly crane her head. She definitely noticed you deep in thought. You quickly move your free hand to hold her outstretched one with both of yours.

“What seems to be the matt-”

Your sentence is thrown off by her squeezing your hand hard. “You say that to everyone I imagine. You always tell them the same sweet things you tell Rushia” she says while baring her teeth.

“Ru-rushia I don’t understand” You try and reply back as you squint my eyes and smile the best you can, caressing her hand.

“Of course you don’t!” she shouts back, glaring angrily at me as she breathes heavily like a dog warding off the mailman.

You can spot her canine teeth poking out like little fangs. Even in such a tense situation you can’t help but think how adorable they are, not that Rushia isn’t always adorable.

Your concentration on her fangs is broken as she clenches her teeth and you now see the very sinister expression on her face. Gods what have you gotten yourself into.

“I-it’s fine” Rushia says smugly “From now on we’ll be together forever” She continues before getting up from her seat.

You have a hard time processing this entire situation, granted this is all very confusing but you can’t seem to think straight and all your thoughts are muddled.

“Rushi-” You say as you begin getting up from your seat too but as if on cue all the strength in your legs give way and you get sent tumbling unto the floor.

You hear Rushia’s soft footsteps as you try to heft your arms up onto the table with your remaining strength. As you finally find yourself on your knees with your arms holding yourself up, Rushia stands next you.

“Sedative” she says as she pushes up your chin with her hand, as if completely aware of how blurry your vision has become and wants you to have a clean look of her “Subtle and clean compared to-” she looks towards a corner in the room.

You crane my head towards the same corner and see a crude looking club accompanied by bow and arrows. In the corner of your eye Rushia glances at you before smiling and returning her gaze to that dreadful corner. You can only swallow nervously in response.

You turn my head to the door “Otsu-rushi-” You say before knocking over the chair towards Rushia and begin clawing yourself across the floor.

You hear Rushia tumble with the chair before it clatters across the room. A loud thud of her fist smashing upon the table and softer thuds of her stomping across the room follows her fall.

It wasn’t even halfway towards the door before your vision was wracked by a kick from Rushia sending you rolling unto your back. You feel droplets upon your skin and the droning of crying as your vision reorients the mass of green and blue into Rushia standing over you.

“Otsu-rushi” was the last thing you heard as she brought the club down upon your face.

I actually wrote this March of last year as a shitpost in a server I'm in and was reminded of it due to this thread. Enjoy my shitty writing if you can

>> No.2233046

She does say she wants to be stepped on, though.

>> No.2233309

I think it's in that softdom way and not in the
>fucking useless bitch

>> No.2236655

I planning on the next part being the last I also wanted to an alternate ending so I'll do a ending for girls.

>> No.2237419

Maybe I'm reading too much into a shitpost, but it seems to me that she kills you just to bring you back as an obedient undead who'll never leave her.

>> No.2238245
File: 517 KB, 2048x1538, telewaifus-1297134554222862337-img1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"My" is the possessive determiner for "I".
>I love Rushia. Rushia is my oshi.
"Your" is the possessive determiner for "you".
>Do you love Rushia? Is Rushia your oshi?
Also, paragraphs goddamn.

>> No.2238507

really hoping that it stays as the writing general, because I don't want to desperately try and rewrite my fanfics to be more about holos abusing the reader

>> No.2238945

My fetish is holos abusing the reader and one day taking it too far and causing irreparable damage so they're left repenting/regretting/atoning

>> No.2239305

Can i request a fic of Aqua and shion fighting over you and try to win over your favour similar to their minecraft neighbours behaviour

>> No.2240400

>Aqua plants relatively harmless traps outside of Shion's house to delay her
>Ends up getting caught in them instead

>> No.2240780
File: 35 KB, 642x699, 20200907_080501.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ah I originally wrote this with the "I/My" instead of "You/Your". I just did quick editing of manually changing it, I probably should've used something that automatically changes all mentions of "I/My" to "You/Your"

Also yeah I also just noticed right after postinghow fucking attrocious the spacing is outside of the document. Do you have any advice how to put it together more? I'm an ESL and my brain just tells me to add space everytime someone else speaks.

Well in my original drafts I have you wake up, chained up, and at the mercy of Rushia while she does what she pleases. When looking over it as I edited it to fit "You/Your" I had an idea to make the continuation of you in bed as Rushia cries and apologizes at your bedside and feeds you as if you're sick. But damn, a "I have no mouth and I must scream" version of being a fully concious and aware undead but you have zero control over body sounds amazing.

>> No.2240861

Not him but you should do both ideas.

>> No.2240945

I like the rushia apologizes and nurses you back to health one. But the You're now an undying abomination in service to rushia whether you like it or not is also good.

>> No.2241009

Do both. Fluff is good and the latter sounds amazing.

>> No.2241343

You'd have to ask a real editor about formatting. I don't want to unintentionally give bad advice. There's got to be someone around here who has done editing for fansubs, if not professionally.

>> No.2243323


>> No.2243349

You going for a Yandere Noel?

>> No.2243539

Yeah. And maybe if I feel like it I might do an alternate end with Yandere Flare.

>> No.2246030

Good luck to you, anon.

>> No.2247673

Why is he wasting his time here.

>> No.2250278
File: 1.10 MB, 1290x1543, 1617547604266.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

which holo is /fit/ enough to crush a man's head between their thighs?

>> No.2250301

Idk but muscle mommy Reine or Calli sounds very enticing

>> No.2251452

Korone, Coco (dragon strength). Probably some other predators

>> No.2251540

don't know if it counts as /fit/, but Roboco

>> No.2254607

Did the anon who was writing the polka fluff, die?

>> No.2255019

No, Polka just noticed he was writing fluff about her so she sent some Cover Corp Ops agents his way. Can't let someone who clearly loves her so much go unrewarded, after all.

>> No.2255132

One can only hope, Anon. I'm looking forward to it either way, assuming he gets back to a PC at some point.

>> No.2256405
File: 581 KB, 602x819, 1616542126724.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm already feeling the drought bros...

>> No.2257150

There are several anons hard at work!
I hit severe writer's block and cannot manifest anything. I've been trying for days. That animal gang girl story prompt spoke to me but I can't make words come out. I think I hit my hardcap.

>> No.2257194

I'm back to work on the Botan story, feeling a lot better today. Hoping to have it done tomorrow.

>> No.2257557

Oh dude I feel ya. I too want to continue my fic but I just feel like whatever write isn't good enough and it's really racking my brain

>> No.2257820
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Do your best writer Anons!

>> No.2258056
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Imagining an abuse story of Kanata trying to belittle an anon, but slips out of it halfway through because she thinks she's being too mean and gets the tables turned on her

>> No.2258397
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I'll have another Aqua/Manager-san soonish, college work eating my time with projects

>> No.2261255

Take your time, there's no need to rush. Good luck with your projects.

>> No.2261296

do it for her

>> No.2261325

I mostly think we were spoiled by the last thread, since there some kino stories there.

>> No.2261675

A cheating fic in which you, and coco live together as a couple and Kanata moves in because she has nowhere else to go and she instigates an affair with you.

>> No.2262978

Rip whatever this Peko story was

>> No.2265115

Explain this, please:


>> No.2265361

Lamy found out Botan was cheating on her with you and is attempting to break in while Botan calmly tries to explain its a misunderstanding while you hide in a corner watching all of this unfold

>> No.2266665
File: 994 KB, 1075x1518, __ookami_mio_hololive_drawn_by_ashiga_oreta__a4751f4c9ce8ae32d54ee72ed462059d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I could see something like this, can make it a series where after you have sex you can make a series where a few years later you have one-shots looking into your family with all the hags and child I'll take a shot at it


>> No.2268216

Would anybody be interested in abuse directed towards the holos?

>> No.2268476

Not sure if anyone would be willing to write that though

>> No.2268548

I'm thinking about it and was gauging interest

>> No.2268883
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I'm down for some abused prisoner pekora getting mindbroken

>> No.2271135

This did spawn from the abuse thread, so I'm sure you'll have an audience. Me included.

>> No.2271353

Not a fan of phyiscal abuse towards the chuubas but mental abuse seems interesting to try out on them. Hoping to see more of those since some of us wanna see abused holos too.

>> No.2271772

>Your views have been dropping
>You might even graduate soon
>Don't worry, even if you lose all else, I'll be there for you, I'm all you have
Something like this could work

>> No.2271859

I just want to read more stories where (You)'re left catatonic due to things taken too far and the culprit realizing their mistake and either doing their outmost to help you recover or left with unbearable regret when the plug is pulled.

>> No.2272186

Might try my hand writing an Aqua/Manager(you) story in this vein

>> No.2272666

Oh god imagining this with Aqua's already present timidness is making me feel things i should not have for my oshi

>> No.2274225
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It is a dark and gloomy evening in Victorian London, the streets barely illuminated by stench-ridden street lamps and moonlight. As you make through the wynds and steps of this section of the city, it is eerily quiet. It is only right you say to yourself. Afterall you are one of Her Majesty’s Venator Vampyr and there is only one reason you find yourself pacing through this specific area tonight.

“Hello handsome” rings out from one of the alleyways as you twist to try and meet the gaze of the voice addressing you. Mere seconds after you take your first steps towards the alleyway you hear “What a day” come from a rooftop behind you. Your instincts compel you to turn to face an alleyway where a figure lands, obscured by the darkness. “You look lonely” the womanly voice jeers at you. “I can fix that” she continues as she steps into the light of a nearby lamp revealing a woman blonde haired and blue eyed, your eyes fixated on her canines.

You stare down the vampire with learned precision as you respond. “What’s a pretty thing like you doing here? It’s dangerous to be out so late innit?” You say, hoping to turn this monster’s arrogance upon herself. The motley of newspapers and documents you collected didn’t tell much about your quarry but you hope your quick thinking is correct as always.

“Be careful, before dawn breaks you might-” Her speech is cut off by a...hiccup? No matter, you fought undignified vampires before and saw many a breaking of charisma in your hunts. “-You might end up as someone’s dinner” She continued, pouting at you followed by a weird childish screech. “Wanna play? I’ll give you the count of ten to run, your fear will be delicious!” the monster then laughs in a manner you can only ascribe to a goblin

You’ll enjoy breaking the smug air is the first thought that flies into your head as she utters “Oneeeee!”. Your feet burst into action, but not before tripping over on purpose to sell the act before picking up speed again. You’re halfway down an alleyway when the countdown ends as you hear increasingly louder screeching and goblin laughter you heard before from your quarry.

The monster breaks windows, splinters fences, and marks her claws along the chase. This one seems to enjoy toying with her food, poor manners you amuse yourself. You continue to sell the act. You shiver in faux fear, you willingly pause as if hesitating, and you take deep breaths to show you’re panicking. It’s almost fun actually, if you weren’t legitimately trying to give a monster a false sense of security.

Finally, you find yourself in a dead end and you turn to see your quarry land a jump from one of the rooftops onto a spot a few mere feet from you. You watch her glide across the alley before going into a pounce. Unfortunately for the woman, you meet her pounce with a direct smack to her face with a crucifix. She staggers in place, muttering about "This is not fair" and other angry complaints, as you bring up a shining silver bolt loaded on a hand crossbow.

“Wanna play? I’ll give you the count of ten to run, your fear will be delicious”

Same anon as the one who wrote the Rushia one. I'm working on the continuation for my Rushia fic but I just felt inspired recently to write about my ACTUAL oshi. I'll try my best to continue the Rushia one and this. I'm open to advice of course since I'm an ESL

>> No.2275087

Is it fine if I use all of the fanfiction for an AI project?

>> No.2275590


>> No.2277226
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he asked if its fine if he uses all the fanfics for an AI project

>> No.2277963

But what does that mean exactly? What will the AI do with it? Is it just language learning?

>> No.2278500

>AI project
no clue, I have no clue what use fanfiction would have for an AI project (whatever that means)

>> No.2279377
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might be doing something similar to AI dungeon and make a software for generating stories

>> No.2279409

might be cool if it can get to a point of giving them consistent character traits

>> No.2279537

hilarious thread

>> No.2280325

This is cool. I like it.

>> No.2284529
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Almost done with my story. Trying to do what I can to trim it down, but it's still about 9 pages long in Google docs. I hope I haven't overdone it.

>> No.2284691

I think it's fine to have bit of a longer fic anon. As long you feel the story is good then I'm sure the length doesn't matter much

>> No.2284720

It's content. Don't worry about overdoing it. Thread's got about 40-50 posts before it hits bump limit, anyway. Go crazy.

>> No.2284936

Thanks. I'll be ready to start posting shortly.

>> No.2285335

I look forward to it.

>> No.2285829
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This is going to take a hot minute. Or several. But I really hope people like it. I'll do my best to attach an image for the first few posts, at least.

The last few weeks have been the strangest ones of your life. Bouncing back and forth between one security job and the next, and before you knew it, you landed on a small team of operatives for some PMC you’d never heard of - Cover. You weren’t sure why you were selected, but apparently, your old boss put in a good word for you to some higher ups. But that wasn’t the weird part, you thought.

Your squad leader was a lioness.

Specifically, she was an older Japanese woman who was part lion. She was mainly a human. Pale skin like a human, face like a human, physique like a human. But atop her voluminous mass of silvery hair sat a pair of lion’s ears, one of which sported a couple of black piercings. And poking out from underneath the skirt she wore in her civvies was a slender, swishy tail that matched the color of her hair. Whenever she smiled, you could catch a glimpse of razor-sharp canines that one could only find in the mouth of a predator. It never failed to make your heart flutter; whether a result of fear or… something more, you weren’t too keen to find out.

Shishiro Botan, she’d introduced herself as, was rather easygoing and cheerful, despite the cool aura she typically gave off. She didn’t rush your squad through your orientation and training, and yet you all still came out of each challenge she threw at you with top marks. It didn’t take her long to figure out what each of your individual strengths and weaknesses were, and made sure to always set you up where you could cover each other and provide the right kind of support. Botan had to have some kind of military history with this level of tactical brilliance she showed, but you didn’t often get the chance for small talk. No opportunities to ask anything more than how she was doing.

Despite this, Botan seemed to take some kind of liking to you - you would occasionally catch a glimpse of her silver eyes focused on you during a spar or while leading you through your daily exercises. You often received more enthusiastic praise when you followed her orders compared to the others. And once, you could’ve sworn you caught a glimpse of that familiar tail darting down the hall after you’d taken a shower.

Your squad, including Botan and yourself, only consisted of four people. You hadn’t been told what you were training for, only that just last night, you were being deployed to a remote forest for a reconnaissance mission. She waited until you were alone in your barracks to tell you, an unexpected gesture.

“We’re looking for… an artifact. Don’t know much about it, other than we aren’t allowed to handle it directly,” she explained briefly. “If I knew more, I’d tell you.”

“What about Johnson and Porter?” you asked, wondering why she hadn’t said anything when your squadmates were with you.

“I…” Botan hesitated, and amid the pale flesh of her face, it was easy to spot the momentary flushing in her cheeks. “I’m not allowed to give any major details. At least not until we get there. Liabilities and all that. But… I felt obligated to tell at least one of you.”

This was the longest one-on-one conversation the two of you had yet. And she was doing it to try and protect you. At least, you think that’s why she’s doing it.

“Thank you, Shishiro-danchou,” you said, adhering to the polite and respectful Japanese dialogue that you’d taken the time to learn about for her sake. She caught you studying up once in your spare time, and found the gesture endearing.

“Just be careful. If anything goes wrong, stay close to me. And… just Botan will suffice,” she added with a wink. Her blush intensified for the briefest of seconds, and before you had a chance to process it, she had slipped away from the room.

>> No.2285897
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That was almost twenty-four hours ago. Now you and your team were on a chopper, and you were being briefed on the mission. Just as Botan had explained to you yesterday, this mysterious company, Cover, was on the hunt for an artifact of unknown origin, resembling a statue of black marble. She wasn’t hiding any of the details - at least, not to you - and that she only knew you weren’t allowed to handle it directly. Once you found it, your squad was to light up a signal flare and wait for evac. You were given an approximate location and being dropped a few miles outside of the zone. Botan explained that they weren’t expecting any resistance, but to remain cautious and approach on foot.

Before you knew it, your feet were on solid ground in a clearing. The rapid beat of the helicopter’s rotors was slowly dying off in the distance as they made their way to some far off holding pattern.

“Porter, take point. We’re heading east from here,” Botan instructed. The late afternoon sunlight glinted off of Porter’s glasses as he nodded, and your squad set off through the towering trees. Each of you were dressed in simple, thin kevlar vests, dark, baggy combat pants, and all-terrain boots. Even Botan, normally dressed in some kind of Adidas-style tank top and skirt, was sporting proper military gear that hid her tail. You double-checked to ensure your pistol was holstered to your belt and your assault rifle was strapped across your chest, and the four of you pressed onwards through the woods.

Not knowing what exactly lied ahead filled you with a sense of unease. You were used to running security detail for VIPs or guarding government lab complexes. Sometimes they were odd jobs, but this… This was different territory. An hour had passed as your squad trekked through the steadily darkening forest. Porter had clicked on his shoulder-mounted flashlight after Johnson remarked about hearing some footsteps in the distance, and you were all on high alert. Botan’s ears twitched as she stood abreast with you, her silver eyes darting left and right as you took a moment to stop and observe.

“It’s just an animal,” Botan concluded after a moment, exhaling slowly. Her lion ears were probably fine tuned for natural environments like these. Porter’s flashlight swung forward, and just ahead, there was a small clearing he lit up. Whether that was your destination or just a place to stop and rest, you weren’t sure. In fact, you were never going to be sure. In that very moment, something had descended from the trees and pinned Johnson to the forest floor.

“The fuck? Hey! Ger’off of-'' he cried out, scrambling and rolling around with a dark figure. Porter whirled around, illuminating the assailant for only a moment - it leapt off of Johnson and darted back between the trees before you could get a proper look at it. That’s when you saw the knife sticking out of Johnson’s throat. His body was twitching on the ground, his voice muffled by wet gurgles as he choked on his own blood. You scramble to draw the pistol strapped to your hip, but by the time you turned on the underslung flashlight and pointed it in the direction of the figure, it was gone.

Your blood was pulsing uncomfortably fast beneath your skin. Adrenaline flooded your brain, and your base instincts kept shifting back and forth between fight and flight. Without even looking at her, you could feel Botan tensing up beside you. The three of you continuously shifted your gazes from side to side, backing up together to form a sort of small triangle in an effort to cover each other’s blind spots. If there was just a close-range combatant, you wouldn’t be caught by surprise, right?

But you were wrong. You feel Porter shift and aim his rifle, evidently lining up his sights at some distant foe you couldn’t see. Before he has an opportunity to pull the trigger, you hear the unmistakable sounds of bullets piercing flesh. Porter’s body briefly staggers back into you and Botan, before slipping to the ground. You hadn’t even heard the gunshots. Was there more than one assailant? Were they using silencers? You twist your body, aiming both the gun and the mounted flashlight in the direction where Porter had been looking. Surely enough, there was a thinner tree at the edge of his line of sight, and you could barely make out a pair of legs standing behind it. You squeeze off a couple of shots, and you’re rewarded with the stumbling and scrambling of the distant figure as one of your bullets hits them somewhere in the ankle.

>> No.2285942
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Briefly forgetting about your orders to stay close to Botan if something happened, you make a run for it. You wanted to get a better look at whatever was evading your squad so easily, whatever had managed to bring down Johnson and Porter so easily. But you hadn’t even made it ten feet away from your squad leader when the sudden pinging of bullets hitting the ground catches you off guard. There was another ambusher, somewhere to your left. You shift around, shining your flashlight between the trees. You only catch a glimpse of the second gunman before your body is struck with a few rounds. One punches a hole through your left bicep, sending searing pains up and down your arm. Another one gets lodged in your shin, causing your leg to buckle underneath you as your body threatens to sway and drop. And a final shot punctures your side at a shallow angle, narrowly missing your ribcage as you find yourself overwhelmed in the blink of an eye. By sheer muscle memory, you try to shift your weight and throw yourself behind a tree for cover. But your body is unable to compensate for the sudden damage, and you end up lurching forward as you hit the cool, dirty forest floor.

In your several years of experience, you’d never actually been shot before.

Once your brain caught up with what happened to you, it felt as though you’d been punched with the strongest, spiked glove of pure iron. Again, out of sheer instinct, you try to stand up and drag yourself to cover. Your arm doesn’t cooperate. Your leg doesn’t cooperate. Your mind is sending off the right signals, but your body suddenly doesn’t seem up for the task. You have noticed, vaguely, that the hail of gunfire has stopped. You expected a fourth round to pierce your skull, but nothing was happening. They might have been reloading. Just as you were starting to wonder where Botan was, you felt a mighty gust of wind just over your head as something leapt over your body. You heard footsteps thundering into the distance, followed by a sound that was akin to a woman roaring in anger. Was that your squad leader, charging the enemy like a lion?

It didn’t take long for the sudden screaming and sounds of flesh being ripped to reach your ears. Botan didn’t sound like she was in pain. In fact, it was more like she was snarling. You couldn’t see what was happening from your position, but you hoped and prayed that she had the upper hand. A strange sensation of both warmth and coolness were filling your body. Hot blood was dribbling out from your wounds, staining your uniform and giving you the uncomfortable feeling of being wet. You supposed the cold clutching at your limbs was from the blood leaving your body as opposed to circulating within it. You suck in a deep breath, struggling to stay conscious, as the sounds of the fight die down. You were slowly becoming more and more preoccupied with the thought of not bleeding out, and that distracted you from how Botan had fared in combat.

A deep sense of relief fills you as you recognize her boots stepping closer and closer, followed by the familiar, heavy breathing she had after a fight. Botan drops down to her knees, carefully rolling you over as she starts to examine your wounds.

“I don’t hear anyone else,” she whispers, and for the first time, you hear a strange quiver in her voice. You can see the twitching of her lion ears. “But I need to get you out of here. It’s not safe.”

“Wh-what about our objecti-” you start to stammer, followed by a hot wash of shame - your voice has shot up several octaves as you fight against the throbbing agony that was your bullet wounds. But Botan pressed a couple of fingers to your lips, causing you to trail off in silence. You couldn’t help but notice that her hand was soaked in blood, and that she couldn’t stop trembling. There was a reddish gleam in her eyes as she seemed to be focusing more on your face than your body.

“Never mind that. I’m guessing you can’t walk… Hold still and keep your arms around me,” Botan instructs, slipping her arms gingerly underneath your body. You wince and hiss as she accidentally grazes the wound in your side, and you hear her mumble a tiny apology. With at least one functioning arm, you sling it across Botan’s shoulder and grip as hard as you can. Embarrassment briefly takes over, your cheeks turning pink as she easily hefts you into her embrace.

>> No.2285987
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And in seconds, she was darting off in a different direction, away from the clearing your squad had been approaching. Wind and tree branches whipped around your face as Botan ran, and a couple of times, you could’ve sworn more of those dark figures were peeking out from behind bushes and tree trunks. But the lioness was fast. She was fearsomely powerful, that much you were aware of now.

“Still with me?” she asked, barely breaking a sweat as you noticed you were starting to ascend. Perhaps there was a large hill nearby that she was bringing you to. “Just keep breathing. Squeeze my shoulder if you can hear me.”

Obviously, she wanted to make sure you didn’t waste your breath. Strength and blood were still draining out of you, but after a couple of seconds, you managed to clench your fingers around her shoulder.

“Good boy… Er… Good,” Botan stuttered, finally coming to a halt outside of a cave. Part of you wondered how she was going to call for a medevac from in here, but you weren’t in much of a position to question her.

You grunt and wheeze as Botan sets you down on the cave floor, just a few meters inside. It was dark, frigid, and uncomfortable. You weren’t sure how much blood you’d lost, but the fact that the cave kept spinning wasn’t a good sign. Botan had drawn a pair of medical shears - she had the foresight to bring a kit before you dusted off - and was scrambling to cut her way through your clothes so she could have a better look at the gunshot wounds. Despite the fact that you knew this was standard procedure for emergency first aid, you couldn’t help but feel your embarrassment rear its ugly head again. You heard a soft gasp as she tugged away your vest and underlying clothes, exposing your bare chest to the chilly air of the cave.

“What… What is it…?” You ask with a wheezy voice, your breaths starting to get more and more ragged.

“N-nothing,” Botan replied in a rather unconvincing tone, suddenly slowing down as she continues shearing her way through your trousers and disrobing you unceremoniously. From your awkward angle, you could see her silver eyes becoming more and more frantic as she worked. There was a brief blush in her pale cheeks as she tore your clothes off, leaving you in just a pair of plaid boxers, partly stained in blood. But what got you worried the most was that her breathing was becoming faster, more panicky.

“Anon… I know I wanted you to save your breath, but… Talk to me. Please. Keep me distracted,” Botan finally said as she pulled out a set of tweezers and a pack of gauze.

“Distracted…? From what?” You ask, your heart throbbing uncomfortably beneath your ribs.

“I’m a lion. You’re drenched in blood. And I…” Botan begins to explain, then trails off as the red flush in her cheeks momentarily intensifies. Was she holding something back? “C-c’mon, you can put two and two together.”

You’d never seen Botan lose her cool like this, and you only knew her for a few weeks. But it made sense after you thought about it; she was part lion. One of the strongest, most fearsome predators on land. Seeing blood probably puts her in some kind of frenzy, and here she is, doing what she can to stop you from bleeding out and potentially becoming her next meal.

“O-okay. Sorry. I, uh… I shouldn’t have run off like that. I don’t know what came over me,” you apologized, remembering how you’d disobeyed her orders.

“It’s fine,” Botan assured you, her voice a little more easy as she dabs at your wounds and starts securing gauze around them with tape. “I’m sorry I don’t have any morphine to give you. Once you’re stable, I can call for help and get us out of here. I just… needed to move you somewhere safe, in case more of those things came after us.”

Again with that subtle hesitation. Maybe she was just dividing her focus between the conversation and the medical procedure. But this wasn’t entirely like the brave, cool, encouraging lioness you’d come to know these past few weeks. Botan finished patching up your leg as best as she could, knowing it would be unbearable and agonizing for you if she pulled the bullet out without any morphine. Amid the dizzying sensation clouding your mind, you felt your cheeks flush for the hundredth time as she climbed further up, addressing the puncture in your side and the hole in your arm. You had never been this close to her before. But now you had a good look at her face. You could see the pain in those eyes. The tension. The occasional hint of a snarl as more blood leaked out of the holes you weren’t supposed to have. And again, the red glint in her gaze as she stared down at your body.

>> No.2286049
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“D-don’t let anything happen to me,” you found yourself begging in an attempt to keep her focused. The creeping cold was extending beyond your limbs, threatening to encompass your chest. Botan was almost literally holding your life in her hands. Blood was still dripping from your wounds, and you could feel your heartbeat start to pick up in speed. You try to move your arm out of sheer instinct again, attempting to grab Botan’s hand. You wanted something to hold onto. You wanted some kind of contact for comfort. But your limb just twitched and flopped uselessly.

“Hold still, please,” Botan chided you gently, her gaze meeting yours. A powerful hand kept your arm in place, and the ghost of a smile flickered across the lion’s mouth. “I’ll do what I can to keep you alive, but you need to relax.”

“I’m sorry. I’m… a little scared,” you admitted, feeling shame wash over you, briefly overwhelming the mix of pain and fear that flooded every inch of your mind.

“I’ve seen your record, Anon. Plenty of years on duty, but you’ve never once been shot. I guess you were lucky… until now. I feel like I’m partly to blame.”

“What? Why…? It’s not your fault, Danch- Botan,” you try to reassure her, stumbling over your words as you recall her asking you to skip the formalities.

“I’m getting too old for this,” Botan murmured as your wounds are cleaned and packed with gauze. “I shouldn’t have dismissed those sounds as nothing. I should’ve done more to protect you, I-”

“N-no, please. It’s okay,” you stammer in an attempt to interrupt her ramblings; you could see that eerie gleam of anger and bloodlust in her eyes again, and you wanted to keep her calm just as much as she was trying to keep you calm. “I don’t want you to blame yourself. I’m not upset with you, I promise. And… C’mon, I’m sure you’re not that old,” you add on at the end without thinking, causing your cheeks to flush pink all over again.

Botan’s wheezy laugh echoed off of the cave walls. “‘Not that old,’ huh? Aren’t you sweet… But seriously, an old hag like me? A man your age should be complimenting women younger than me, I’m past my prime.”

You shake your head, albeit the motion was a little too furious for you right now - the cave started spinning again and you had to squeeze your eyes shut to stabilize your brain.

“No way. I think you’re... gorgeous...” you blurt out amid your bout of dizziness. But despite the situation you were in, you realized you meant those words. You said them with the absolute strongest of convictions. When you opened your eyes, you were met with a lioness who was frozen mid-movement, her silver gaze boring straight into your skull. Botan appeared to be at a total loss for words, and her pale face was beginning to fill with color again. Beyond that, however, the look on her face was inscrutable.

“B-Botan, are you-” Was all you managed to squeak out before she dove down. For a split second, you thought she had given into her base instincts, preparing to maul you to death and turn you into dinner. In the next instant, however, you found that her lips were crushed against yours, bloodied hands clutching at your face as she pinned your skull down. Another second passed by before you realized she was kissing you furiously, and soft mewls of pleasure were leaking out of her throat from such intimate contact.

Without fully realizing it, you were reciprocating Botan’s kiss. The second your lips parted, her tongue darted into your mouth, swirling and dancing with yours as her breathing grew hotter and heavier against your face. Your heart was thundering at a frightening, uneven pace. This wasn’t an unwelcome gesture, but it was completely unexpected.

>> No.2286085
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It wasn’t until she broke away, her face hovering mere centimeters from yours, that you realized you’d stopped breathing during that kiss. The world was spinning again, and it took all of your concentration to keep yourself from passing out. As you panted and gasped, however, Botan seemed to take notice. Her fingers prodded at your carotid artery, feeling the rapid flowing and pulsing of blood beneath the soft flesh of your neck.

“S-sorry, I didn’t mean to- It’s a difficult time- I think I might be in-” Botan struggled to apologize, her mind clearly going in several different directions at once. With your good hand, however, you reached up to gently press a finger against her lips.

“Don’t be sorry,” you whisper back. You had no idea where this sudden surge in confidence was coming from, but you weren’t going to stop now. “I don’t mind giving my first kiss away to someone like you. But… You need to finish patching me up first. I’m no good to you if I’m dead.”

“Your first kiss, huh?” Botan asked, her teasing tone finally making a return as she wrapped gauze around your broken arm. “Don’t tell me you’ve never had a girlfriend… or boyfriend. I don’t judge. But you’re such a kind young man, how could you have never…?”

You momentarily avert her eyes. “Never really had the chance. I was interested in some girls growing up, but I didn’t have the balls to say anything to them.”

Botan had finally moved on to the last wound, the bullet lodged in your side where the kevlar hadn’t protected you. You were lucky to find out that it hadn’t broken any ribs or punctured a vital organ, but it was still too close for comfort.

“Either way… I should’ve been more careful with you. I’m still having trouble controlling myself,” the lioness explained. “I should’ve been clearer. It’s not just the bloodlust. I’m… in heat.”

You blink. But it doesn’t take you long to put it together in your head. “In heat? B-because of the whole part lion thing?” You ask, wincing as she packs your wound and starts covering it up.

Botan nods. “It’s helped restrain some of my bloodlust. Makes for a good distraction. But… I’ve been watching you for a while. I need… someone. Anyone to scratch that itch.” Her pauses were becoming greater and greater. Whether it was a result of embarrassment or her attempts at keeping herself stable, you weren’t sure.

“I’m sure Porter or Johnson would’ve been better,” you murmur, biting your lower lip. To your surprise, Botan takes your face in one hand and pulls it back to face her.

“You’re more my type. I’m sorry for being so secretive about it. It’s getting harder to resist, though… I-If it’s not too much trouble, Anon… I need another kiss. I need… you.”

Your pulse was rising rapidly, but this time, it wasn’t accompanied by the eerie sensation of blood leaking out of your gunshot wounds. Botan was finally finished with her rudimentary first aid. You weren’t sure how long it would last and there was still a trip to the hospital in your future. You still felt dizzy and weak, but there was a part of you that was beginning to realize just how badly you wanted to give it to her. You nod slowly.

>> No.2286120
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Botan’s lips found their way to your mouth again, and this time, there was a level of restraint in every motion now. Although from the trembling of her warm, strong frame atop yours, you could tell she wanted to let loose. Your tongues danced together, and it didn’t take long for her soft, girlish moans to well up once again. Botan shifted and slid one thick thigh across your lower body, and you let out a whimper as her leg connected with the stiffening erection beneath your boxers. You hadn’t even noticed that you were rising to the occasion, but a purr and a whisper from your squad leader left you with a sense of encouragement.

“That’s it… Good boy. If you’ve never kissed a girl before, you certainly haven’t lost your virginity, have you…? Well, we’re going to have to fix that.” As Botan’s words tickled your ear, she began to fumble with her military fatigues. In a matter of moments, she sat before you in just a black, lacy pair of undergarments. Had she really been wearing something so lewd and revealing during a mission like this? But despite her bold clothing choice, Botan’s blush had returned and she was glancing off to the side.

“H-hey… You don’t have to hesitate. As long as you’re gentle, I don’t mind,” you try to encourage her, thinking that might have been the issue.

“It’s not that. I… Did you really mean what you said earlier?” Botan asked. “Even now, with my body in front of you like this?”

Your heart lurched and skipped in your chest. Your eyes darted across her scantily clad body. The cave had been decently illuminated by the flashlights you two had brought, and even without the light shining directly on Botan, you could tell she wasn’t as undesirable as she thought. The perfect swell of her breasts as they strained against her bra was an enticing sight. There were a fair few scars along her arms, across her toned abdomen, and down one leg. She’d definitely seen some fights, but they weren’t unpleasant to look at. It reinforced how strong she was in your mind. And if you lived through this, you two would have all the time in the world to talk about it. No wrinkles or obscene blemishes in sight.

You swallowed and nodded, and if you had the energy to sit up and hug her, you would. “Botan… You’re the prettiest woman I’ve ever looked at. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you or your age.”

The old lioness’s blush intensified, and with a renewed sense of confidence, she started crawling towards you. Her strong hands, still spattered with your dried blood, tug your boxers down. Your stiff cock is exposed to the cool air of the cave, but it isn’t long before you feel Botan’s mound pushing down against it. Heat was an understatement.

“Such a good boy… Tell me if you need me to slow down, alright?” The lioness flashed you a wink, and with one hand, she tugged her thin panties aside. Botan’s hot, wet slit pressed firmly against your shaft, grinding against you slowly in an attempt to get you slick with her juices. And before you knew it, your dick disappeared between those engorged lips, spearing your squad leader’s innards in seconds.

>> No.2286149
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This was an entirely new experience for you. Your eyes rolled back into your skull as a few moans slipped out, and Botan began working her way up to a steady rhythm as she rode you. The way her walls, molten and slick, hugged and clamped down on your shaft was an unreal sensation. The intense warmth of the lion woman’s pussy was the most comforting thing you’d felt in a long time. At least, until she bent over and slid one hand up between your good one. This brave, attractive, angelic girl was holding your hand while she fucked you. An overwhelming sensation of calm and safety filled every inch of your body as Botan stared into your eyes with an expression akin to love.

She slowed the gyration of her hips long enough to slip a hand under her tight bra, and as she lifted, her huge breasts popped out. They were bigger than her clothes had led you to believe, and now they were bouncing and jiggling in perfect sync with every slap of her pelvis against your hips.

“B-Botan… I…” You moan, struggling to form the words as electric waves of pleasure threatened to make you dizzy all over again. “L-love… Love you,” you gasp out, rocking and shaking underneath her strong frame as you try to match her movements and push your shaft even deeper inside her core.

“I love you too, Anon!” Botan cried, her voice shooting up by several octaves as you felt her innards tighten up. You could swear the head of your cock was hitting her cervix by now, and that only spurred her to slam her body against yours at an even faster tempo. Her moans were muffled as her lips crushed yours again. She was practically growling as she kissed you so roughly, her free hand now digging into your sternum as she used it for leverage. This put some considerable pressure on your heart, which was throbbing almost painfully fast beneath your ribs. But you didn’t dare to ask her to stop; at least, not until you realized how close you were.

“I-I’m gonna cum. Shouldn’t you move…?” You whisper between kisses as you feel a distinct heat welling up from deep inside your body. The way Botan’s pussy kept tightening and clenching was pushing you over the edge, and you knew you weren’t going to last.

“It’s fine. I want you to finish inside me,” Botan growled, her fingers tightening around your hand as every part of her seemed to cling to your weakened body. “Please, Anon. I need it badly. It’s the only way to calm me down right now. I promise it’s okay. Just fill me with your cum, I’ve been craving it, I’m desperate, I-”

You didn’t need to be told twice. As Botan worked her way through her pleas, your hips bucked sharply. Your cock throbs and pulses on its own, your seed bubbling up to the tip as you start flooding the lioness to the brim. Her teeth sunk into your collarbone, marking you with a deep love bite as she cried out in absolute bliss. Her walls clamped and squeezed rhythmically, as though milking every last drop of cum from within your body. And in a matter of moments, the two of you were lying together in a panting, sweating tangle of limbs. You felt a gentle peck on your cheek as she kissed you, your half-limp cock slipping out of your squad leader’s depths. The exertion of your climax had taken up the last of your strength, and before you had an opportunity to tell you how incredible she’d been, the world faded to black.

>> No.2286197
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Three days had passed before you awoke in the hospital. Several tubes and wires of various types had been stuck throughout your body, and you felt as though you’d been flattened by a steamroller. There were proper wrappings and gauze patches where your wounds had been. A cool rush of sterilized oxygen filled your lungs every time you took a breath, and you realized there was a mask on your face. Bleary-eyed and dizzy, your vision slowly focuses on the lioness sitting by your bedside, watching you intently. A joyous expression washes over Botan’s face, tears streaming down her eyes as she gets up to kiss your forehead. You could get used to this, you thought dimly. Botan had fought for you. Botan had fallen for you. And it occurred to you that you were just as smitten with her, though you didn’t have the strength to say it yet. Despite failing your mission, you were alive. Alive and in love.

All thanks to her.

I hope I did a good enough job, and I hope this link works. Please be gentle, I haven't written anything - especially something this long - in several years.


>> No.2287030

You've nothing to worry about. This was well worth the wait, Anon. Great shit, sincerely. Thank you for your hard work.

>> No.2287179
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That's a relief. I always doubt myself on these writing projects until the very end. Probably why I haven't published anything in a long time. Thanks for your kind words. I hope everyone else likes it too, and I'm excited to see it added to the lists in the OP.

>> No.2287274

Added before I replied. I need to play catch up with the rest of the thread, though. Glad the Cover Ops thing could inspire more and more content.

>> No.2287384

I'm interested to see more people play with the concept!

>> No.2289974
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Great story anon, loved it

>> No.2290214
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Thank you!

>> No.2291406

Thanks, I was very nervous on how people will react to it that I didn't check /vt/ until I woke up just now.

>> No.2291572

Absolutely wonderful, stellar stuff anon.
Would love seeing more stories from you.

>> No.2291711
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Stories from me might be few and far between, but maybe I'll cook up some more stuff in the future. Could always do an epilogue to this someday, giving a little insight into (Your) life with Botan.

>> No.2291791
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I could see this, do it like the Manager-san/Aqua shorts

>> No.2291964

Requesting a story where lulu scares you all the way to bed to cultivate your reproductive instincts of leaving descendants behind to satisfy her during sex.

>> No.2295667

hololive black ops, except its just Subaru spying on her own fans

>> No.2296622

Would be nice to see how (We) interact with the rest of the gen 5 members and overprotective Botan protecting her mate.

>> No.2296995

I don't know much about the rest of Gen 5 except that Lamy is utterly terrified of everything, Polka is a yandere, Nene is an airhead, and Aloe was tossed in a memory hole. But maybe I'll come up with something someday. If you guys really liked it, this is serving as good motivation for me.

>> No.2297805

"My childhood friend is a zombie who won't let me have a love life!!"

>> No.2298945

Great stuff anon

>> No.2299784
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I really hope this isn't a sign that Kiara actually read that one mini-series of her sexually harassing you at KfP

>> No.2299891

Whoever did the "yandere" Nene, that's good shit. Just wanted to say that.

In truth, these threads have got me interested in contributing myself, though I haven't been able to write anything not school-related in years. I'd feel even weirder trying to emulate the personality of a real person. How do you guys do it?

>> No.2300115
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Best way to do this is to watch a bunch of clips/streams in order to get to know the chuuba in question better, this allows you to learn the mannerisms and way they speak in order to be emulate them in writing. This also allows you to come up with better plot premises that fit the character

Also knowing things from there IRL personalities like if they are a menherea helps too, like with a lot of the abuse fics

>> No.2300432

Oh hey, I wrote one of those Nene stories. I just focus on the obvious character traits (like, the stuff you immediately think of when you think of a streamer) and make sure those things are included, which basically covers you for making sure they are "in character".

Watch a few clips (translated if they are JPs) to figure out their speaking style, and you're good there.

Since you are usually writing about the Vtuber outside of a normal context, you've actually got a lot of flex for how their personality is portrayed.

Feeling weird about replicating a character in writing feels a little strange at first, but it passes with practice. Just imagine yourself as the narrator of the story you're writing, rather than that you're playing all of the parts.

>> No.2302098

Honestly I wouldn't even remotely be surprised if any of HoloEN browsed 4chan.

Kiara, Gura, and Ame are all some combination of degenerate/shitposter enough to do so. Calli seems more like she'd go to the very specific interest boards if anywhere. Ina maybe not, but I could see her lurking /v/ or something every once in awhile.

>> No.2302278
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Doesn't lessen the fact that I don't know how I'd feel about a chuuba reading a fic that I wrote that talks about them raping/torturing/mind breaking the reader or in an even worse case scenario showing it to other chuubas

>> No.2302421
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I'm sure they wouldn't mind it cause it is just fiction after all. Maybe some of them will even like it.

>> No.2303103
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The sound of heavy thumps and grunts could be heard throughout the gym, along with the shuffling of feet and the heavy breathing of two combatants. You and Korone were having another friendly bout in the ring at the center of your gym, and she was of course winning as she usually does. She outshines you in most aspects, and really you’re lucky she takes any time to practice with you at all, considering she’s a famous Vtuber and you’re just some schmuck she met at the gym that happened to recognize her voice and offered to train together if she wanted to. She took you up on that, though you were honestly surprised since you made the offer expecting to be shot down right away. It turns out that she had been coming here for a long time before you started, and all the regulars knew her reputation; she was just too good, and no one would subject themselves to her beatings. She only accepted your offer because she had no one else to train with, which made you a bit sad but you also felt a pang of shame for being thankful she was being ignored. It meant you had unfettered access to your favorite Vtuber any time you came to the gym.

You were still only a beginner, only having started boxing about a year ago and having a solid enough grasp on the basics but not much else. The only aspect that you stood out in was your strength, and Korone had taken a particular liking to that. She was a semi-pro it turned out, and though no one in your gym could touch her, she fought plenty of more skilled people in her matches. She had started asking you favors recently, and you were taken aback at first but obliged.

“Anon, please punch me as hard as you can. Right here” she had said, patting her stomach
“K-Korone, are you sure? ...Why?” you asked not quite understanding
“I don’t have anyone here that can land a good punch on me normally, but I need to train my endurance and ability to take a punch or I’ll get soft. You’re strong, so I want you to help me train that.” she explained

So you had gotten into a sort of rhythm with her of going through your normal training and workouts for most of the time you were at the gym, but once it had cleared out, you two started her hit resistance training. You were on the tail end of your day right now, having one last match as the last couple people trickled out of the gym. Like most other days, she was trouncing you.

“Ehehehe Anon, you’re too slow” she managed to tease as she dodged all the jabs you threw at her. She seemed to just glide back just out of your reach, but you pressed on ash she led you around the ring. “Hmmm... yosh!” She finally breathed as she switched to the offensive, swatting a jab out of the way and countering you with a right hook, stepping in and twisting like a genuine pro. You tried to lower your own right hand to swat her punch away but were too slow and took the full force right to your liver. You fold over, holding your arms to your midsection as your knees hit the mat.

“Hehe you were too focused on just jabbing, anon. You left yourself wide open for my finisher.” she teased you with a wide smile on her face. She enjoys this way too damn much.
“You’re right…” you gasp as you regain your composer. “Phew… Korone don’t you think you hit a little too hard?”

>> No.2303108
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“Anon, don’t you think you should get better at dodging?” She replies smugly while offering you a gloved hand to get back up. You take it and stand, shaking your head at her response.
“You know, when you’re this cocky I almost look forward to our special training afterwards.” you manage to get the whole sentence out without gasping for air or in pain.
Her smile widens, almost in a way that hints that she knows and that’s exactly why she does it. “Anon, do you mean you enjoy beating up on a cute girl? Maybe I should bonk you some more.”

You shake your head dismissively and wave a goodbye to the last person to leave the gym besides the two of you left in the ring. “Guess that’s our cue. Right on time, too.” You comment as Korone starts to pull her shirt over her head. For some reason she always takes it off for this special training, leaving just her sports bra on. You have to fight off a boner every time, too, and you’re pretty sure Korone knows that. Your eyes linger over her well-defined abs and her rather large bust. You never thought of Korone having a huge bust, but seeing it up close and in a sports bra really does make her seem well-endowed. For the last few months you’ve actually jacked off to exclusively art of her but you’d never admit that to her face. You must have lingered on her body too long, because she gives you a look like you just kicked a dog in front of her, and you immediately avert your eyes and start adjusting your gloves for no reason. “Okay, ready when you are, Koro-san” you awkwardly mutter

Korone leans up against the ropes at the edge of the ring, wrapping her arms around the top rope to steady herself. “Alright anon, give me a good one.” She says as she takes a deep breath and braces herself. You can see her abs tighten and her arms flex, getting ready to hold up her body weight on the ropes. You usually don’t get a decent hit in while sparring with her, but this is different, she left herself wide open, so you give her one of your best punches right to the midsection, making a satisfying slapping sound against her taught core muscles, you can almost see the shock wave travel through her body. Her head lurches forward, most of her body seemingly wanting to follow, folding over, but her arms keep their hold on the ropes and she stays upright “Gnnuh... “ she gasps, regaining her breath “Anon, that was pretty pathetic… was that the best you could do?”

Oh, she has to be doing this on purpose. You set yourself back into your stance and wind up another punch, an uppercut to the solar plexus, one of her favorite targets for herself. “KHA-” her cry is cut short as the wind is knocked out of her. Your punch landed perfectly and you didn’t even retract it right away, opting to put more strength into it, which managed to lift Korone off her feet a bit. As her feet touch down again, they buckle and her knees bend in. You can see her thighs trembling and squeezing together, with an almost imperceivable grind between them. Her arms are still holding her up, but only because they’re looped around the rope. Her strength left her completely on that one., but after a minute to catch her breath she steadies herself and braces again.

>> No.2303118
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“Anon, this time hit me lower.” She says, batting just below the belt. This is the first time she asks for something like that, so you ask her “Korone, are you sure? Isn’t that…” You want to say “isn’t that your uterus?” But can’t quite word it in a way that isn’t awkward. She interjects into your trailing off and replies “Don’t worry about that, I just need to be ready in case it happens, you know?” You reluctantly shrug and line up your glove. “Right here?” You confirm, tapping the spot with your right glove. She nods, her face bearing a look of determined anticipation. You pull back and deliver another crushing uppercut to the spot, one of your strongest uppercuts so far. Korone’s head snaps backwards as you finish delivering it, and she lets out something between a groan and a heavy moan. You fear you might have hit her a bit too hard, as her legs completely give out and she falls to the floor, falling forward onto her chest. You can see her butt clenching now, and her legs firmly clasped together. She lays on the ground for a short while, shaking slightly and moaning every couple seconds.

“Korone… are you alright?” you ask after what feels like a minute but must have been no more than 15 seconds. She pants on the ground a few more times and rolls on her back “mmhmm” she manages to get out. Your eyes graze over the sight of her body lying on the ground before you. Her left arm covers her eyes, either shading them from the overhead lights or hiding her face from you for some reason. You take in the sight of pointed mounds under her sports bra, a sweaty armpit from under her raised arm, glistening with sweat. A bright red mark is all that is left on her abdomen, though you can only see the top portion of it, the rest hidden under her shorts, which now seem a shade darker around her crotch area than before you started. You gulp heavily, having to get rid of the excess saliva that had built up in your mouth from the sight.

Her tail wags once side-to-side then stops “Yeah, I’m okay… just need one second.”
“I didn’t overdo it did I?” You ask, worried she got more than she bargained for.
“No, that was perfect… actually… could you do that again?” She sheepishly asks you
Your mind fills with impure thoughts, and your shorts start to feel tighter but you put a stop to that as best you can. “Sure, I could, but are you sure?”
Her tail wags a couple more times “Yeah, I need to build up my stamina right?”

You help her up off the ground carefully, as she winces slightly from the pain in her abdomen. You worry about punching her like that again, but as you open your mouth to protest she places a finger on your lips “No backing out! I need your help on this, Anon.” She says, putting an end to your protests. She stands back up against the ropes, but this time she extends her arms out in front of her, placing them on your shoulders to steady herself. “Catch me if I fall again” She says as she looks you in the eyes and nods to give you the signal. You look back into her eyes and nod, then wind up. She leans her body into the punch, and you connect in the same spot as before.

>> No.2303146
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Korone lurches forward, falling into your arms as you hold her full bodyweight up. Her arms curl around your neck tight and her head nestles into the crook of your neck, biting into you to deal with the pain, or so you imagine as she sinks her teeth into you.You feel her whole body tremble in your arms for a good while as she moans and pants into your neck. This time you can’t control your boner from coming up full force. It’s too much for you, the smell of her sweat, her moaning into your neck and feeling her breasts pressing hard into you. She pulls back after a few seconds and looks you in the eyes with a face conveying some sort of mix of pleasure and pain, resembling an ahegao. Your boner grinds against her as she moves,and you see her ears perk up at the sensation. She puts more pressure on that part of you and breaths into your ear “Anon, let’s go to the showers. And then maybe we could go back to my place and do some more endurance training…”

Hope you guys enjoy that, I got the idea randomly today and decided to write it out even though I'm not too familiar with Korone outside of clips here and there. Hopefully I caught her attitude somewhat at least.

>> No.2303150

they get send way more autistic superchats/ degenerate fetish art daily
I dont think they really care at this point desu senpaitachi

>> No.2303753
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honestly gen 5 has some really great dynamics with each other
it also really fits with how polka and nene are always jealous of botan being with lamy

Botan's truly the smug cat of her gen. Though she usually acts fairly modest, you can really feel the smugness when she outplays someone or laughs at someone for making a silly mistake.
Nene would try all kinds of things to get attention, and then get bratty when she doesn't get her way. Maybe she's upset because isn't allowed to have a boyfriend after a recent "mauling" incident?
I imagine Polka trying to maintain a cheery atmosphere, but also being the most likely to get pushy and invasive,
idk about the other two though

>> No.2303963

>Pale skin like a human

>> No.2304952

Good job on this one anon. This was a real good read.

>> No.2305427


>> No.2305662
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>ywn become aqua's manager/bf
>ywn lure her in with a loving act only to become emotionally abusive over time
>ywn gaslight her into thinking nobody actually likes her and she has no friends
>ywn get her to stop collabing with others completely
>ywn berate her whenever she loses at mario kart or fails to do good at APEX
>ywn convince her you're the only one who actually cares about her even though she's such a worthless, stupid human being
>ywn get Aqua to quit being a vtuber and become your live in maid wife
Feels bad man

>> No.2305910

Goddamn that's hot.

>> No.2306398


>> No.2306408

I can't help it, anon. I get the urge to hurt the things I love. I don't know why I'm like this.

>> No.2306899
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Here's an idea for the Aqua/Manager writer, Aqua is lately being pursued by Suichan and it was clearly making Aqua uncomfortable. As her manager, you can't just sit by and let your idol be harassed by her and step in to protect Aqua. In reality, its just that manager-san is jealous and doesn't even realize it himself.

>> No.2308663

Glad you enjoyed the Nene story. Watching clips or asking for help from Anons here goes a long way. I have never watched a Nene stream in my life. I only saw her autistically freaking out over dying in Mario and some of her other bits that show off her tiny brain and it seemed to work out fine.

>> No.2308675



Maybe I'll do a little something with the rest of Gen 5 down the line. My next project is more than likely going to be a "day in the life" sort of deal after (You) get discharged from the hospital and Botan insists you move in with her. Not as dramatic or detailed as the first story, but a cute epilogue.

>> No.2308696

While you're here, color me curious as to what attacked the squad. Botan seemed to infer that whatever they were, they weren't human.

>> No.2308757

Like the artifact they were looking for, it was something I wanted to leave up to the reader's imagination. Definitely not 100% human though. Maybe they're supersoldiers engineered by a rival company like Vshojo or Nijisanji. Who knows?

If there are other anons planning to make more Cover Black Ops content, however, they have my blessing to take the concept and develop it further. Put your own spin on it and come up with something awesome.

>> No.2310362

I'm not into the whole boxing thing, but damn dude. Now I want to assault Korone's womb with my seed

>> No.2311813

I jerked off to your story

>> No.2313333

new thread

>> No.2313523

Why did you make a new thread?

>> No.2313541

Bit early, even if we're on PG. 10

>> No.2313567

Sorry, I'm used to faster boards where page 10 means it's almost time to get yeeted.

>> No.2313583

Anon, we seriously have two or three hours left.

>> No.2313977
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thanks dudes, it's a special feeling knowing people got horny to one of my fics. I might do more of this sometime, I'm a huge fan of sensual beatings genre and there's never enough of it imo

>> No.2314044

While you're here, you wanna give it a name?

>> No.2314274

not great with names but I guess "Korone in Hara Pandemonium"

it's a reference to an old Victim Girls doujin that first got me into womb punching.

>> No.2314312

Thanks pal, needed it for archival purposes. Thank you very much for the contribution!