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She's like Gura and Pomu combined.

Gura's singing talent and cuteness, with Pomu's weebyness and personality.

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One of those 'the whole is greater than the sum of its parts' situations.

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>OP thinks thats a compliment

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>Gura's singing talent
Can your shark do THIS?: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/vPavWi_qsJ4

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can you fuckers stop posting this nasally snorting vtuber on this board

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but that's the best part

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Oh and she plays the guitar, that's fanatastic!

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God her snorts are so fucking hot

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I hope her old va is doing okay

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Gura Killer

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where did this rrat come from anyway

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terrible design and rig

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People compared her first few streams with her latest ones and noticed her voice was different, but without checking any of the streams in between where you can hear her voice changing over time

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She's nothing like either of them

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Everyone knows shilling this hard is the way to net schizos, so I imagine it’s not even a bucko making the threads.
tell her to apply to holo, slugma. Her and miori would definitely make the cut.

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her design and rig are the only horrible things. GOD I LOVE AMIYA

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That's cute, just schizos schizoing, like always.

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Miori would fucking suck in Hololive. She wouldn't be able to do any of her normal streams. She'd be reduced to non-drinking zatsus and video games.

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But Miori couldn't do 10% of what she does in hololive. I think she should stay right where she is. I think the fans should move to them.

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This board doesn't have a monopoly on schizos

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Don't you ever dare to compare my Oshi to these two whores, nigger.

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She plays good games. She and Pomu are both playing MGS1 right now and it's been fun watching the different reaction

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She’s clearly miserable trying to make it in a small company, despite her love of the people in it. She’d bloom more than you fags expect with the freedom holos cash flow would bring.
Never said it did, just that the repeated shill threads would bring some to her.

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Them and a lot of other smaller chuubas would be completely gimped under the big corpos, and probably a lot less happy too.

>> No.20918136

and thus, she was cursed...

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Nonsense anon. I think the solution is for fans to stop being such corporate loyalists and start watching other people that aren't members of the big corporations. As you yourself admit, there's lots of good people out there.

But your solution is to centralize everything under the big corporations even more. And in Miori's case, that would actually dramatically lower the quality of her streams. You want the cancer to spread further. No thanks.

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How? As a matter of fact don't members of HoloEN drink on stream? I don't think they'd stop her from doing that.

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>Yesterday answering marshmallows
>gets tripped up by the inevitable 'What's your type?' question that every female vtuber is supposed to be ready to side-step
Slugma, looks like your girl needs a little bit of coaching. The gears turning in her head were almost exposed.

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>Fans to stop being loyalists
Not going to happen anytime soon, there are tens of thousands of people that only watch Hololive and that won't change any time soon. Therefore the only option is for my favorite non holos to become holos so they can have success and interact with other girls I like. It sucks but that's the way things are.

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There's a really good chance that Mio wouldn't hit her current subs even if she was a Holo. Council got a lot less than Myth, and the next probably even lower.
She's close to overtaking Rosemi even so Niji doesn't even sound like an option.

Hello Mio I know you're /here/ we're all talking shit on your behalf and have no idea about anything

>> No.20918577

Huh? Her design and rig are both super cute. Love the way she tilts her head when thinking about stuff.

>> No.20918627

> stop being such corporate loyalists
Not going to happen. Identity is based on consumption these days and if you don’t consume what the majority does your an outcast. Unless they manage to leech their way to the top off of the big brand, they’re dead and just waiting to be buried.

>> No.20918667

It's not just Amiya and Miori, there's dozens of good people anon. Lisa, and Lumi, and Yuuka, and Pippa, there's dozens of good people. The fans need to stop being such corporate pigs and check them out. I think over time, this is happening.

>> No.20918778

what's miori doing that's so special? never watched her

>> No.20918810

It is happening to a degree but at best maybe three of those will hit it big. Lumi already gave up on her corpo. I'll just hold out for a few to get into Hololive.

>> No.20918839

>if you don’t consume what the majority does your an outcast
It isn't that way with videogames at all. There are popular games, but there's also tons of indie games that become big, and smaller game studios popping up all the time. People basically play the games they like, without caring about the sales numbers. I think the solution is to encourage people to broaden their horizons more.

>> No.20918867

>close to overtaking rosemi
Because she’s doing something she absolutely hates to get subs and cash. She’s coomerbaiting and ruining her community and enjoyment of streaming in pursuit of pleasing her parents enough to drop out of medschool.
Not even a rrat she flat out said it.

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I'll root for the day when hololive becomes less popular and people watch what they want without being loyal to a corporation.

>> No.20918959

Didn't it become that way since the big brand AAA games became irredeemable dogshit?

>> No.20918994

Because there's only so many hours in a day. I'll never understand why this is so hard for some people on this board to understand. Not everyone is a hikkyNEET like you and can spend every waking moment watching vtubers and actively trying to discover new ones. In my mind what's weird is framing this as some sort of fucking Pokémon game where you want 151 really cool fancy obscure vtubers that you claim to watch instead of having 1 or 2 oshis that you support whole-heartedly. Fucking sluts.

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Gaming the algorithm with music shorts and coomerbait shorts.

>> No.20919101

Tell people about other vtubers, and they'll check them out. It's that simple.

>> No.20919282

I liked this stream

>> No.20919344

Anything put out by the big publishers (Activision, Ubisoft, EA, and so on) are formulamatic games designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Ubisoft is even famous for re-skinning the same game over and over again (open world game with shit but very easy combat, collectables, and towers you need to climb to uncover the map).
Hololive feels the same way to me these days. The days of Erolive are long gone. They do more zatsus than anything since they aren't allowed to play anything. Drawing streams are few and far between. No creative streams outside of drawing. They've become stale and boring.

>> No.20919634

As a holobro I have to agree and this might be the reason why I find myself watching vtubers less and less these days. Probably why some of them seem so unmotivated too. Not gonna name any names because it always ends up in mudslinging, but yeah. I need to branch out badly.

>> No.20919919

This is 4chan, so what actually happens is: You tell me about your two view, I laugh at you, and the cycle continues from there

>> No.20920002

Enjoy your Elden Ring stream #26

>> No.20920100

I'd tell you to enjoy whatever one view you're watching but I'm sure she'll retire in a few months since she makes no money doing this so.

>> No.20920106

But....isn't that the complete opposite of most 4chan boards? Why is things like that on this board? 4chan is all about finding niches and small undiscovered things.

>> No.20920129

Shit, you have a point there. On the other hand, hololive really starts feeling like >>20919344 describes it and I don't know what's the optimal course of action anymore

>> No.20920178

You know the reason.

>> No.20920279

Because they have a massive shilling operation on this board?

>> No.20920314

Dead company

>> No.20920355

Isn't it the most profitable small corporation though? And the oldest western vtubing corporation?

>> No.20920369

Desu this is a fair way to view it, but I think properly exploring your options means that anons have a better chance of finding their one true oshi. There's a lot of people who simply stick to the first thing they saw, become bored of it and then drop vtubers entirely.

>> No.20920429

It doesn't get more views than Gura so /vt/ considers it dead.

>> No.20920446

All EN small corpos look bleak to me.

>> No.20920488

kek, dead on

>> No.20920511

Because they are. Slow growth in a fast market like streaming is the same as a slow death.

>> No.20920616

Or because they're bigger and therefore have more fans? Because that's kind of how it works? Nah, that's simply impossible.

>> No.20920617

I think you haven't tried watching them anon. I took the plunge and haven't gone back. I'm watching Pippa in 20 minutes. And she will be reading my name in chat.

>> No.20920701

I think the shilling operation has more to do with it. This kind of extreme corporate loyalty doesn't exist anywhere else on 4chan. It's actually really shocking to see it.

>> No.20920707

>Rent free /thread/

>> No.20920718

>one of the most profitable small corpos
No it's in the red but so is every small corpo

>> No.20920733

Honestly this wouldn't be so much of a problem if the EN big corpo vtubers actually interacted with the wide market more often. But even the girls in Nijisanji EN only really talk to the most popular ones like Miori and Shiki at best. If they could all just mix together more, we wouldn't have as much of this begging for small vtubers to get into holo/niji.

>> No.20920762

Or because hololive fans are mentally children. Have you heard how Myth talks to their chat? Both Gura and Ame says "Ooooh you guys are soooo smart!" like they're talking to six year olds. Mori's fans call her dad. Kiara talks to her chat like she's teaching a class. Watching their streams feels like I'm in a fucking kindergarten class. But of course, the fans love being treated like a little kid.

>> No.20920796

I noticed that. Kiara literally talks to her chat like they're a child, or they're mentally retarded or something.

>> No.20920801

Phase Connect was inclining hard there for a while but seems like they've stalled again. Market is probably too saturated at this point for smaller groups to be viable. It's fucking insane how many vtubers there are right now if you look around.

>> No.20920854

Holo and even Niji can only take in so many people. I think the EN side just needs some time to develop. Over in JP you got a good spread of Non Holo and Niji that do very well for themselves. Actually, I wonder if JP shitposting boards also make posts like
>I wish Nose was in Hololive
>That oni from Noripro is made for Nijisanji

>> No.20920860

Not everyone at the small corporations are good. But there are indeed some really good ones. And I'm not shy telling people about them. Amiya is definitely one of them. She's golden.

>> No.20920906

>Both Gura and Ame says "Ooooh you guys are soooo smart!"
That's called sarcasm. I know it's hard for you autistic people to understand stuff like that, but with time and proper guidance I'm sure you'll be able to wrap your head around it eventually.

>> No.20920966

Then they're really bad at conveying that, since it's usually after they ask for help with a game.

>> No.20921022

Agreed, Ami is way too good to be stuck at her current level. Ironically she'd probably suffer in Hololive or Niji though because it'd be difficult for her to get perms for her games etc.

>> No.20921026

Funny you say that, ami feels like a kindergarten teacher to me.

>> No.20921072

I always feared that Niji would follow the closed garden strategy. Can't blame though, it clearly works for Hololive and they have enough to sustain it.

>> No.20921206

Nta but nah it's pretty obvious sarcasm. You genuinely might be on the spectrum

>> No.20921258

I mean it makes no sense from a business perspective for a big vtuber to collab with a 2view. It's literally just charity work at that point. We need to remember that Anycolor and Cover are actual corporations, not some hobby project.

>> No.20921281

The bigger they get, the closer they'll get to walling themself off. Especially when the ACCELERATE method makes it so they have so many talents that they don't need to look outside.

>> No.20921298

They got stricter management recently. It's sad.
Mysta often shows up in the chats of much smaller vtubers though. He's a good guy.

>> No.20921307

fuck off you small company shillers, stay in your own threads and fuck off, this is a Hololive board

>> No.20921371

Lisa is live right now actually.


>> No.20921484

Him, pomu, and Millie frequent some of the smaller corps.

>> No.20921585

It's not so much that they're closed, but it's mostly >>20921281. They have so many members that they already collab with, it's hard to find time to look outside.
NijiEN still collabs with other vtubers but they focus on the more popular ones like the vshojo crew, Bao and Amalee. The most they've directly collabed with the small corpos are two small ones with Shiki.

>> No.20921981

The Gura Curse

>> No.20922032

>pomu's weebyness
more like age

>> No.20922073

come on man she doesn't even have that many subs

>> No.20922206

I used to like her when she had a deeper voice. Idk why she had to pitch it up, but I hate it now. literally unwatchable

>> No.20922756

this is /vt/ not /hlg/

>> No.20923059

Cool but her voice does not fit her model AT ALL Quite possibly the worst mismatch of voice and model I've ever witnessed so far. That shit is fucking rough.

>> No.20923212

To me she looks like somebody's cute short mom and sounds like somebody's cute short mom, no mismatch

>> No.20923355

Her tastes in games and music indicates she's an absolute hag. Playing as a loli. Disgusting.
At least own up to being a hag.

>> No.20923475

To me she looks like a loli and sounds like a stern amazonian business woman

>> No.20923798

>sounds like a stern amazonian business woman
You need new headphones

>> No.20923883

Don't you mean best of both worlds?

>> No.20924236

More like the worst. Much like taking parts of Gura/Pomu to create something inferior.
She's like a conglomeration of everything that could have gone wrong while designing a chuuba. It's a spectacle, if nothing else.

>> No.20925119

Hopefully she gets a model upgrade sooner or later because holy fuck.

>> No.20925987

wdym, that's a very cool model

>> No.20926065


>> No.20926098

The initial pictures of her were promising, but she makes Gura's shovel face look like a fully rendered 3D model.
Can she even turn to her left?

>> No.20927185

I just feel like this is another case of an artist who has an art style that doesn't work for vtuber models.

>> No.20928246

I think they are weebs in different ways.

>> No.20928419

Is Pomu's alternate account known? I've only heard about her dropping in on Miori's stream.

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Is this the next girl people are gonna be obsessed with until she has some kind of yab in the near future and gets completely memoryholed by this board?

>> No.20928996

why is she so white?.. she looks like fucking Michael Jackson DAMN

>> No.20929397

>Gura's singing talent and cuteness
> Pomu's weebyness and personality
why you dissin Pomu like that lol

>> No.20935500

nta but streaming to a really large audience and a small one is not only an entirely different experience but also requires a different skillset

>> No.20937424

she's supposed to be a white spider, notice the legs in her back

also, she has the most piercings out of any vtuber, IIRC

>> No.20939101

She has shown up on Hylo and Isla's streams as Pomu
If NijiEN was a closed garden they wouldn't have been giving Shxtou as much free promo as they have. I mostly think they kind of don't want to deal with corpos after the Wactor disaste (Laila getting shitcanned and Misopa being put under a tighter birdcage), and thus mostly play with indies like Amalee, Girldm, Bao, and Vshojo.

>> No.20939185

>finally notice the spider legs

>> No.20940179

...you know, I don't think I've ever seen her turn to the left. I think she can, but there's nothing there for her to look at so it's just never happened. Goddamit, now I'm going to be thinking about that during her next stream

>> No.20940330

Oh, now you get my attention.

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not to worry anon, they are crab legs

>> No.20946866

Literally nothing. Typical "tee hee" girly behaviour, a lot of chat interaction and drinking streams. If you take away her ability to act like a thot, which hololive would probably do if she got in somehow, Miori would fall apart.

>> No.20947668

amiya is cute!
come join us in >>20735026

>> No.20948207

> Amiya applies to Holo
>Can't do her Castlevania series
>Can't play Metal Gear Solid
>Was thinking about playing Life-force or Gradius
>Whoops can't play that because all previously mentioned games are Konami games
>Due to Covers autistic way of getting permissions she might not even be able to attain permissions for the MSDOS games she has been streaming
We don't even know how aggressive EN management would be for getting permissions, and I don't think the vtubers themselves can try to acquire permissions as well.

>> No.20948671

Isla Coleman? That's interesting. On the other hand I would have never known since I never have opportunities to watch her over her genmates.

>> No.20948879

I've come to realize that it's not healthy to wish for all my favorite 2views to join Hololive, unironically the chat interaction and smaller community makes them much more enjoyable. Also Hololive fans are brutal towards anybody who doesn't perfectly fit their mold, and I don't want to deal with retards like that. I've tried shilling Sara Nagare on the catalog multiple times and it devolved into schizos shitting on her every single time. You should appreciate Ami as she is now and realize joining Hololive isn't all upsides.

>> No.20949161

>spider legs
>ribbons attached to her skin like a weird torture device
i love amiya but her design is scary

>> No.20949202

why did cover lose their konami permissions?

>> No.20949435

She sounds like a generic white woman, no thanks.

>> No.20949518


>> No.20949655

what was her answer?

>> No.20949811

Good luck with that, because that ain't happening

>> No.20949887

Because they didn't ask for game permissions. It came to bite them in the ass later on with mass privating videos. It also took them awhile to mend relations with various game developers, obviously not all developers since they can't secure Konami permissions.

>> No.20949992

Nobody wants to join HoloEN anymore. EN3 is going to be a complete disaster.

>> No.20950038

Fuck off joining Hololive is a downgrade.

>> No.20950140

Stop shilling Amiya like this, you're making us look bad

>> No.20950674

I thought you were being dramatic but damn does her voice not fit the loli model at all. She would fit better in a big titted dorky model.

Next time you retards shill her don’t beg the lolifags, they’re only going to shit on her.

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