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>4channel is filled to the brim with misandrists

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It’s a good thing there are no females on 4thchannel, so the actors must all be other men.

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Using a holo reaction image doesn't make your post on topic

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I'm stuck on Channel 4 because my TV didn't come with a remote, just a typewriter and a weird blob on a cord. Guess I'm here forever.

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Cool thread you got here anon.

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all of the sisters are in the NijiEN thread whenever the girls aren't streaming and they're incredibly horny

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Hey! Congratulations on learning a new word! Now learn to use it correctly.

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>/vt/ lashes out in a violent rage anytime a male is mentioned
i think it checks out pretty well

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The horror of this reality has grown to heights insurmountable.

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t. woman
Mne being competitive is not misandry; Only male feminists are misandrists.

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let's see how long until mods do their job

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good, men are the root of all evil.

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that just sounds like cope.

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competing for what?

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Love it or hate it, /vt/ is unironically the last bastion from sjws, twinks, tranny and the likes

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Back in 2014 this place got overtaken by reddit. It's been getting worse ever since.

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Are you fucking retarded?

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People on 4channel unironically hate males because there are males real and fictional who have things that they themselves can never obtain for themselves.

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I cant believe a person can be THIS retarded. Half the fuxking mods unironically dilate.

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I hate women, niggers, sand niggers, gooks, ching chongs, and whatever you call all the other monkeys in the world.

I never said anything about hating man.

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Silly Anon. It's 2022. You can't be discriminated as man, so misandry doesn't exist.

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the word you're looking for is misanthropist

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Anon, you're surrounded by them

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surrounded by twinks? pretty hot ngl

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حتى أنا صراحاً
>I never said anything about hating man.
Your English reps, please.

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>freaking out over the word "male"
How is that any better than sjws?

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/wvt/ is and will always belong in the trashcan
Other boards are more infested by them, relatively speaking
Go back

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Holy projection

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anonchama... the x key and c key are right next to each other. not everything is a plot by big censorship trying to take your precious swear words away.

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Technically yes but I won’t let it hold me back

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There is so much porn talk in there and doujins and fanfic, and wild and silly, and we have several anon artists too.

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