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>Another group ripping off Hololive
Just look at this shit
Why the fuck are these constantly sprouting up, MyHoloTV was one thing but this one rips off the logo as well!
How do we stop this epidemic of cheap knock-offs?

>> No.2083617

By having your main audience in JP instead of SEA.

>> No.2083657

>Group of EU and slavs
Do you know what date it is in most of the EU rn?

>> No.2083718

more April fools gags...

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>How do we stop this epidemic of cheap knock-offs?
they'll kill themselves after getting 10 views each month anyway

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>retard falls for obvious AF joke

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so how long until cover sues then incorporates them for this

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Nice selfpromo

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Your Japanese date reps

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Isn't that just satire?

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Nice self promo. Totally not your video btw.

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you only stream once

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>How do we stop this epidemic of cheap knock-offs?
by not giving them free advertising on /vt/

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I read that as POLIOLIVE

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I would've joined poliolive but they were too sick for me.

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vtubing is saved
thank you cover I'll never doubt you again

>> No.2092606

Eh, low effort rickroll. Seen better.

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