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IRyS & Mori love

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ILove IRyS

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Go back, only IRyS love.

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Post IRyS feet

>> No.20742469

don't reply to cuckbeats on this one, love you

>> No.20742475

>No sugary drinks
>No caffeine
Are they directly attacking IRyS?

>> No.20742478

Thread ruined already

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File: 1.70 MB, 2632x4096, Only IRyS[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fgd53vb.mp3].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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BGM is back to normal. It's safe.

>> No.20742558

Okay which one of you fags sent this in?

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Nobody here.

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Doxxfag ass

>> No.20742611

i will reply to all cuckbeats just to spite you


>> No.20742631

N-not me, i swear.

>> No.20742638

>doxxfags in chat
jesus christ

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>> No.20742687

comes with the timezone, SEAcrats can't help themselves

>> No.20742692

That's what happens when you stream in SEA hours.

>> No.20742728

i hope they would block that faggot after this

>> No.20742759

fuck off Deadbeat, stop ruining the thread with Mori

>> No.20742776

IRyS is into doxxing herself now that she hangs out with Mori. See the birthday and how she was fine talking about her time in Hawaii just now.

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I love IRyS, she's a cute dork

>> No.20742807

Doxxbeat Prime strikes again!

>> No.20742845

The person is actually from hawaii

>> No.20742855

Wait, that was doxx? i thought it was just rrats that she was Hawaiian-born.

>> No.20742857

oh no, is Mori influencing her to do a Kson too?

>> No.20742876

Since when was that some sort of confidental information anyway? She was kind of open about it at the beginning.

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>> No.20742937

She was not, watch streams

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I will just put this here

>> No.20742994

I take her on a date to the library one day I swear

>> No.20743027

You don't even know what that phrase means. You just repeat it like a 4yo repeats what their siblings are saying.

>> No.20743046

Boob Juice

>> No.20743059

>>20742994 (me)

>> No.20743066


>> No.20743104

IRyS your wife is inviting us to rape her...

>> No.20743173

What did she type

>> No.20743193


>> No.20743195

wtf is happening?

>> No.20743210

Ok what is going on someone spoonfeed

>> No.20743222

My guess is coom

>> No.20743228

Apparently the b and the m are very necessary.

>> No.20743262

Mori is gonna ruin IRyS...

>> No.20743264

Poo Juice?
Doo Juice?
Coom Juice?

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is it bewb juice?

>> No.20743288

There is nothing wrong with that.

>> No.20743339

>talks about in-n-out and spam
She could only be from one place in the 50 states.

>> No.20743352

>irys doesn't know coom
my pure and sweet nephilim princess...

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It was poon. She even started reading this definition.

>> No.20743408

this one right here

>> No.20743433

>Bae's poon juice
power washing the brrattt....

>> No.20743437

>She knows now

>> No.20743444


>> No.20743450

IRyS such a good shill!

>> No.20743495

They are here

>> No.20743539

>we sure do

>> No.20743569

There are lot of naughty woords with two oos.

>> No.20743579

Say something-rys then I beleieve

>> No.20743586


>> No.20743590

>mori talking about taking criticism

>> No.20743613


>> No.20743629


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>> No.20743649

Please don't waste 3D on a podcast... Maybe if it's VRchat.

>> No.20743659

It's Trash Taste. They're talking about Trash Taste

>> No.20743669

On the stream you idiot

>> No.20743685


>> No.20743711

Is this Mori's fault?

>> No.20743806

Based mature Ame, she truly hates mori.

>> No.20743934

IRyS and Bae aren't helpless maidens, they can take responsibility for her own actions

>> No.20743959

How is their premier so behind mine? I hit 0 way before them.

>> No.20744297

Ok I am kneeling so hard right now that was amazing.... Maybe Calli ain't so bad after all...

>> No.20744370

Not bad the movements can be better though

>> No.20744454

>IRyS knows Shallys
I was worried for a second

>> No.20744460

Go back.

>> No.20744499

What is that

>> No.20744508

People seem to think its mediocre at best compared to the other songs on the album.

>> No.20744544

Aki's orisong.

>> No.20744559


>> No.20744654

Why is knowing about that bad?

>> No.20744715

It's the opposite.

>> No.20744736


>> No.20744745

I think he means that it is good that IRyS knows that, anon.

>> No.20744775


>> No.20744800

elven hip man

>> No.20744864

Oh I see

>> No.20744868

Isn't it 11pm in JST? You shouldn't eat this late.

>> No.20744895

Doesn't matter when you sleep at 5AM.

>> No.20744949

True. If I eat that late my stomach would be playing up all evening.

>> No.20744967

You shouldn't eat more than once a day.

>> No.20744984

Who's calvin

>> No.20744997

Based intermittent fasting chad.

>> No.20745005

omad is cool and all but can you keep it to /fit/

>> No.20745015

>You shouldn't eat more than once a day.
you are going to die bro

>> No.20745046

This. IRyS is a good kouhai and actually knows/watches her senpais' content.

>> No.20745071


>> No.20745083

I'm working on the field bro, i need them energy

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>doxxbeats in the thread

>> No.20745132


>> No.20745164

>shipping notification
did you guys get one already?

>> No.20745169

Them tiddies

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>> No.20745235

It ships in August-September.

>> No.20745246


>> No.20745285

Bae bullying IRyS with her song views.

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Thanks for the cool podcast IRySbros

>> No.20745407

no problem! Your oshi was cute today as well! Fun podcast!

>> No.20745412

No secret ending?

>> No.20745498

Why are women... not so smart?

>> No.20745535

LOL This secret ending... dorks!!

>> No.20745540

Bae should move to Japan so they do this thing live

>> No.20745550

Please, stay in your containment thread.

>> No.20745575

>pink woman on my secret ending

>> No.20745595

were they fucking?

>> No.20745614


>> No.20745618

fuck you i'll be here all i want and make you seethe

>> No.20745635

This sucks.

>> No.20745662

I’ve also been here the whole time, does that make you mad?

>> No.20745669
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Now get out. Your oshi isn't relevant to talk about anymore.

>> No.20745686

Good, now go the fuck back to your cuck hole with your wigger Oshi

>> No.20745726

It's cringe how much IRyS shills other people's stuff.

>> No.20745734

>Stream ended
Well I can feel the shitposts coming so I'll just come back here if ever she puts up a frame for tomorrow. Hopefully she has

>> No.20745752

why... This is why people don't like you Mori

>> No.20745758

Like it or not, the three have great chemistry

>> No.20745769

Didn’t realize /hirys/ was full of a bunch of faggots

>> No.20745799
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I need this, but for deadbeats.

>> No.20745802

It's forced and you know it.

>> No.20745814

Now that the stream ended, I know all the cuckbeat are gonna shit up the thread, so see you guys tomorrow

>> No.20745815

Better than you fucking cucks, fuck off faggots

>> No.20745817

>outs himself as a tourist

>> No.20745847

You're totally projecting. Who the heck is forcing them?

>> No.20745852

Fuck off to your own thread deadbeat

>> No.20745868

Same goes with cuckbeats.

>> No.20745910

You almost held it together for the whole thing without devolving into tribal tourism, don't start unraveling now

>> No.20745919

IRyS can make anything look like good chemistry, if Mori wasnt there it would would have been better actually

>> No.20745927

did you listen to the secret ending?

>> No.20745933

Same desu I hope this anon can make some room >>20718624

>> No.20745940

>everyone including irys has tons of fun on the stream
>thread absolutely seething at the presence of the pink woman

>> No.20745943

C'mon cuckbeat can't put two-and-two together?

>> No.20745971

Welcome, that's every thread with IRyS as the topic

>> No.20745986

Why can't we just get along?

>> No.20745992

Kek, is the irys split the nesting ground for pink woman anti’s that do nothing but shit up the board? Didn’t expect that but that’s ironic

>> No.20745994

Yeah, using my oshi time slot to shill for her fucking song, the bitch should have gone down with the eathwake.

>> No.20745996

I didn't, I have a Suisei stream to catch
Do you think IRyS can't stand up for herself?

>> No.20746008

I wish Mori's fans weren't also her antis, or could at least keep to their thread when they want to be like this.

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>> No.20746041

now you know, dont come back

>> No.20746044

Where's Luna

>> No.20746045

Your oshi literally did it on her own, despite Mori’s protests. Are you retarded?

>> No.20746054

Nah the deadbeat faggots invade every fucking thread that contains even the slightest Mori criticism. If they'd just fucking let it go it would die down.

>> No.20746062

And this is how you know the faggot right here is a cuckbeat tourist.

>> No.20746066
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Iroha talked about Irys and sang Caesura of Despair in her members stream if anyone wants to go grab that. I'll post it tomorrow if nobody ripped it by then.

>> No.20746071

having mori objectively brings down the quality of the stream. It is what it is cuckbeat.

>> No.20746097

It says women not babies

>> No.20746121

damn wtf happened to /hirys/. Calliope hate wasn't this strong a few weeks ago. Where did the calliope antis come from?

>> No.20746131
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>> No.20746147

I don't know why they've picked this thread, maybe because it has the fewest number of regulars so it's easy to drown out with anti bullshit

>> No.20746180

I've been a Suisei member before IRyS' debut, what does Mori have to do with it?

>> No.20746185

>If they'd just fucking let it go it would die down.
No, the passive-aggressive seething takes place regardless

>> No.20746192

Feel free to never come back, we hate the pink bitch and her influence on our Oshi here. And just for me, i hate you cuckbeats even more than the wigger.

>> No.20746194

“Like this” we were here the whole time retard. One of us made a positive collab post which would have literally been the end of it, but instead of either staying quiet or being positive you dipshits flew off the handle like a tards having a temper tantrum. You bring it on yourself by being a bunch of colossal faggots

>> No.20746206

We liked/tolerated Mori until the end of season 2.

>> No.20746208

This thread had a wave of newfags that by now have mostly left.

>> No.20746224

This thread has a problem with ignoring bait, so of course they made this their home

>> No.20746235
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Over here bitch.

>> No.20746249

People seem to be spreading rrats about irys being a fathercon again.

>> No.20746275

No, actual /hirys/ posters are unityfags, the rest of you stick out like a sore thumb

>> No.20746302

Or just don't respond to it and provoke them. You literally wander into a other split looking for a fight and wonder why you get push back.

>> No.20746304

Sure thing fag

>> No.20746322

This post reeks of SEA

>> No.20746333


>> No.20746336

nice try deadbeat

>> No.20746345

Feel free to join with the cucks in their thread. And never come back.

>> No.20746364

Deadbeat here who came to share the collab love, we don’t blame actual /hirys/ posters. Sorry your thread got taken over. Irys love!

>> No.20746394
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>Old post time

>> No.20746413

Just you.

>> No.20746414

You can tell the tourists by how little attention to IRyS' name in their posts.

>> No.20746423

Neck yourself

>> No.20746438

Why don't deadbeats ever bother to change up their scripts

>> No.20746447

>looking for a fight
That is some next level projection when the only antagonizing posts came from you

>> No.20746473

Make it yourself lazy nigger.

>> No.20746502

>IRyS is the topic
>post about everything but IRyS

>> No.20746519

Why ppl can just enjoy the collab and stop tribalfags. If u want to tribalfags, do it on /#/ or anywhere else

>> No.20746533

Great, now they're gonna "try" typing IRyS.

>> No.20746552
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>Y-you can't dislike my queen!! It's impossible! You must be a tourist and you hate all of Hololive!!!
>real /HiRyS/ posters are like mee!!
They pull the same shit every time rumao

>> No.20746558

>can't even be arsed to type the name of the thread correctly
Leave /HiRyS/ you tourists.

>> No.20746563

I actually didn't and haven't ever made a single antagonizing Mori post but the way deadbeats crusade around the board picking fights instead of letting shit die out gets old.

>> No.20746592

Ayyy, we cool with Luna man, why add her?

>> No.20746596

Irys attracts purityfags unfortunately and Mori is purityfags kryptonite

>> No.20746604

They type "irys" on purpose. Its a signal that you should ignore the shit that spews from their mouth but people bite anyway.

>> No.20746608

Wow, a deadbeat who isn't trying to start shit or shit up the board. Sorry the other deadbeats give you a bad name.

>> No.20746625

Where did deadbeats pick a fight here? Show me where the skeleton touched you

>> No.20746642

She is an idol, you stupid retard.

>> No.20746653


>> No.20746688


>> No.20746704

She's a basic bitch western woman tbhdesu.

>> No.20746737

yes unfortunately, look at the state of tribalfagging tourists calling anyone who tells them to fuck off deadbeats

>> No.20746762

Erased again.

>> No.20746764

>ignorat to idol culture
Typical of a deadbeat.

>> No.20746788

I didn't say anything about idol culture, did you skip your medication?

>> No.20746791

at this point both side are fucking retarded

>> No.20746792

Fuck off to where ever you came from and don't come back. She's better than that and you know it.

>> No.20746805
File: 764 KB, 930x707, 1647769200765.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Remember before the stream happened today, the thread barely had any activity? Yeah, it's the Tourist that always throws the first punch.

>> No.20746819

Only difference is that she's watched a lot of anime.

>> No.20746842

IRyS in Reine's stream

>> No.20746849

But people literally call her Yabairys because of her frequent jokes about sex.

>> No.20746890

>deadbeat shows up to make positive collab post
>deadbeat confused about autistic rage over friendly post that was on-topic due to collab
>deadbeats propose that maybe they are not responsible for the problem
There seems to be some projection taking place

>> No.20746894

yeah well nobody said they had a coherent belief system

>> No.20746899

You don't even watch her, clipnigger

>> No.20746905

>2020 was the era of the orange women
>2021-present is the age of the pink women

>> No.20746908

tell me how i know you are a tourist

>> No.20746910
File: 52 KB, 566x404, 1646066331692.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sana collab next

>> No.20746913

The cucks hate idol culture and are anti-Hololive. What a surprise. Sorry if we love to watch cute girls doing cute things with no wigger language here. Now go the fuck back.

>> No.20746919
File: 2.35 MB, 320x264, 1639958391998.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just want us all to get along...

>> No.20746944

dude, throw a football

>> No.20746963

Watch streams, you'd know where she picked up that yabai energy, it wasn't for being for the same reason vshoujo whores are yabai.

>> No.20746972

Kill yourself, faggot.

>> No.20746973

You don't know IRyS if you genuinely believe that. She is more than somebody that's just watched a lot of anime. Her personality is amazing compared to your average basic bitch western woman and when I watch her I feel comfortable and at ease. There is nobody else quite like IRyS, she is one of a kind.

>> No.20746983

Are you saying that seriously? I hate yabaiRyS and still know that it's basically her whole stream personality.

>> No.20746987

She's so addicted to Elden Ring, isn't she?

>> No.20747011

IRyS watching Weine

>> No.20747024

>picked up
She was literally always like this and making jokes like this, if you're retardedly implying that Mori made her retarded you stupid SEAnig faggot.

>> No.20747025

>Sorry if we love to watch cute girls doing cute things
You love to complain about what you imagine poses a threat to you much more

>> No.20747055

I wouldn't be surprised if there's a new egg discord but for mori, it feels too consistent and the lines they use are the same, from nitpicking over not using the proper capital letters to spamming cuckbeat at everyone who tells them to shut up

>> No.20747067

Yeah, i like ER streams. She is enjoying herself in them a lot.

>> No.20747083

>you'd know where she picked up that yabai energy,
I hope you're not implying it's from mori because mori makes zero sex jokes, meanwhile irys makes the most in holoEN

>> No.20747088

It's not at all and that's why I call you a clipnigger. A 40 second yabai clip some nigger snags from a 5+ hour stream and you say that's her whole personality?

>> No.20747132

Faggot, she got all that yabaines from being a fucking otaku.

>> No.20747140
File: 451 KB, 500x500, 1642709808759.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what do you think they're doing now?

>> No.20747156
File: 56 KB, 697x338, 1621051753317.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.20747162

IRyS fucked off and went to watch Reine so not much.

>> No.20747195

Reading this thread with Mori and laughing at IRyS’ retarded “fans”

>> No.20747197

Bae is going to sleep. No sex before marriage

>> No.20747198

IRyS is watching Reine, her other wife.

>> No.20747208

>I should learn from you

>> No.20747239

She was never going to be able to resist Reine with a whip, that just isn't fair

>> No.20747292
File: 357 KB, 719x1067, 1638357936526.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hmm... What are the chances that a deadbeat decides to make the next thread. Oh boy, that would be terrible wouldn't you say irystrocucks?

>> No.20747294

Maybe IRyS can learn some whip technique for our private time.

>> No.20747303

It's her only joke and thing that makes her clippable, otherwise she just talks about the game or random stuff. That's why she can't talk about Identity ever without mentioning the titty thing.

>> No.20747320

You brought this upon yourselves by being faggots defending her on here.

>> No.20747358

They come here specifically for Chadcast because /rrat/ is too slow and self aware enough to not bite bait, and their shit gets deleted in quickly in the mori general.

>> No.20747365

“Defending” her from unityposting. So scary

>> No.20747380

ok motherfuckers we can stop now

>> No.20747381

Ok we got our tourist here. .

>> No.20747387

Wow, the fucking tourists outed themselves one by one. They clearly either don't watch her stream or are clipniggers. They don't even know that Mori is currently taking advantage of IRyS's timid nature and shy social skills to literally shill her own fucking songs on the IRyS stream time slot. The doctor's story is just one of many many examples of how IRyS has a hard time saying no directly to other people. I hope you fucker and your Oshi all burn in hell.

>> No.20747406

You didn't refute a single thing I said. You can find like one or two random yabai moments per 5+ hour stream and you think that's her whole stream? Just fuck off deadbeat.

>> No.20747407

Back to global with you.

>> No.20747419

>bump it
>bump it
>bump it
>bump it

let's get to the next thread as soon as possible deadbeats!

>> No.20747425

We know you don’t watch her streams either nigger. Go back to your discord

>> No.20747427 [SPOILER] 
File: 141 KB, 850x492, 1643943232005.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not a deadbeat but I've done it before and I'll do it again if these dramafag tourists don't leave

>> No.20747448

Even Bae agrees with me. You've seen how she imitates IRyS.

>> No.20747455

You should take your own advice. /HiRyS/ isn't a unity general.

>> No.20747469

I heard Mori takes Irys to clubs and forces her to take drugs

>> No.20747475

>I'll invite the dramafag tourists in to get the dramafag tourists to leave

>> No.20747493

irys has such a shitty model that she'll never get an outfit because of how ugly she is.

>> No.20747510

Retardchama, that's what i implied, unity belongs there.

>> No.20747517

You are the biggest faggot in the history of this thread because you are aware and yet continue to press on regardless of what it brings in.

>> No.20747520

ER guerrilla stream tomorrow?

>> No.20747545
File: 1.32 MB, 1048x1486, IRyS.full.3389344.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's okay guys, just ignore the tourist and tribalfags. Here cute IRyS picture for a change

>> No.20747548

Don't forget to put Mori in the OP picture

>> No.20747559

do it. fucking do it.

>> No.20747561

Neck yourself, I'm staying here forever.

>> No.20747567
File: 1.11 MB, 850x1080, 1640689036729.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

w-what about kronii love? is that acceptable?

>> No.20747574

and then they ask why deadbeats are hated

>> No.20747583

Hopefully. Schedule, doko?

>> No.20747584

That's stupid. Mori's like the biggest virgin who thinks sex is literally yucky.

>> No.20747585

You can find maybe 10 minutes of yabai shit in the 60 hours streamed this month, but keep making shit up.

>> No.20747594

Yeah, fuel the fire.

>> No.20747598

I'd love to see some coop.

>> No.20747600

>forced falseflag attempt
nice try

>> No.20747602

>Disliking her friends
IRyS would think you're a piece of shit if she knew what you type here. Yeah, pink woman can be pretty cringe and has a sailor's mouth, still no reason to ruin the thread like this but hey, that's just how timeloops work. Next thread please

>> No.20747605
File: 517 KB, 887x1080, 3f469dc314db01bc1e9b4a07ce33d3b8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

TimeRyS love!!!

>> No.20747630

why not? it can't get any worse.

>> No.20747637

Reine is pretty cool

>> No.20747649

Reminder that you brought this on yourselves by seething so hard over a unitypost. Regardless of your opinion on unity, you could have kept your thread clean by ignoring it instead of having a sperg rage over essentially nothing

>> No.20747650
File: 18 KB, 512x111, 1646543496605.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.20747658

Hmm this reads like a terrible falseflag... I refuse to believe someone actually took the threadreading this literally.

>> No.20747666

oh nyo

>> No.20747674

Yeah, and you see posters here trying to claim that Irys makes sex jokes because of her

>> No.20747677

She is fine, sex duo.

>> No.20747696

i'm going to post politics anon. it's going to get much worse

>> No.20747713
File: 686 KB, 1920x1080, holofes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It doesn't matter if you capitalize the letters, you're still not blending in

>> No.20747717

IRyS would probably think I’m a piece of shit for many more reasons than that, so I can live with it.

>> No.20747723

IRyS has been like that since like, her first stream.

>> No.20747731

This is 4chan, shitters come and go. Right now they're cumming a lot. It'll calm down at some point.

>> No.20747744

>her friends
Every fucking time

>> No.20747765
File: 1.52 MB, 1334x750, 5D38AAD5-3133-4EB6-9837-0F032D3BB088.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You guys ruined the thread with your constant white knighting.

>> No.20747769
File: 17 KB, 512x103, 1641655481405.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Am ready for more ER.

>> No.20747774

do it. fucking do it.

>> No.20747776

She was less vulgar.

>> No.20747777

>retarded deadbeat point no.3
i dont need to like anyone just because IRyS like them

>> No.20747786

This desu, thats why i come here so I'm here where she won't read my opinions on her friends.

>> No.20747792

Clearly Mori has been talking to her pre-debut

>> No.20747796
File: 422 KB, 2048x1556, FNLlvC4VgAQuQ86.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sure I can understand why some dislike Mori, but I see no reason to dislike IRyS almost genmates and ID girls she hangs out with like Reine and Anya

>> No.20747802

She would also think its admirable to express what we're thinking and not keep it bottled inside.

>> No.20747823

She is an idol, she isn’t interested in incest.

>> No.20747829
File: 168 KB, 351x357, 1639764934450.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>happy ending

>> No.20747839

You've been making this same post for months faggotbeat

>> No.20747859

oh yes she does.

>> No.20747862

t. tourist

>> No.20747896

it's just a fucking joke. why so serious?

>> No.20747921

Patches run tomorrow? You think she'll forgive him?

>> No.20747938

Meh no one cares about politics in 2022.

>> No.20747956

She's going to kill him before the betrayal because he doesn't sell anything

>> No.20747992

He's done the same on /ggg/ and /uuu/.

>> No.20748008

He sells the parrying dagger!

>> No.20748031

Never forgive, never forget.

>> No.20748044

She doesn't parry.

>> No.20748070

And you're the same retards shitting up those threads with antiposts. What's your point?

>> No.20748074

A crude joke only takes a few seconds. It's more about the regularity and how it's most of her sense of humor.

>> No.20748081

She was watching Reine's run so she'll know how it works

>> No.20748126

Yeah cause she doesn't have the dagger.

>> No.20748153

Better clog up the thread with loosely-related topics of politics about IRyS than talking to deadbeats.

Also, sarcasm doesn't work in text

>> No.20748174

disliking something is not being an anti, learn the differnce and stop trying to force it down everyones throats.

>> No.20748192

This is why people tell you to watch streams. It's not most of her sense of humour at all, a lot of her humour is situational, pertaining to her surroundings at a particular moment in time. She is very intelligent to be able to make jokes like this and she does it a lot.

>> No.20748214

>disliking something is not being an anti
Correct, but flying into autistic tirades the minute you see something you don't like, to the detriment of the thread, is definitely being an anti

>> No.20748245

why are you so insecure? You're shitting up the thread because you ASSUME /HiRyS/ posters are antis?

>> No.20748259

parrying daggers aren't very japanese so she won't be taking that, it's probably not even folded 1000 times

>> No.20748269

An update to my explosive diarrhea after eating that red dragon fruit The seeds of the fruit seem to not completely digest, so now I'm shitting out patch after patch of seeds. It goes ratatatatata like some fucking machine gun. And since it is diarrhea, it splashes everywhere. And yes, my shit is still red. It is not my blood, it is just the color of the fruit... at least I think it is.

>> No.20748280

"Jokes about sex" is a pretty broad thing. IRyS is known for being very idol-like (remember, she never even says any bad words) and unintentionally doing something off-color here and there, which is endearing because it's unintentional. You're making it sound like she does Nyanners-tier content, even though she's the most idol-like EN.

>> No.20748287

>IRyS delivering hope to Ukrainian people in their dark time

>> No.20748295

>stop trying to force it down everyones throats
everybody does it /here/. Why have order in 4chan?

keep spoonfeeding anon, you're making progress.

>> No.20748311

Is this a post from last July?

>> No.20748342

anon pls

>> No.20748347

Nigger can you read this thread?

>> No.20748352

Every single fucking time you cuckbeats crawl out of your split and invade others and start artistically screaming about the evil "antis" if anyone even so much as criticises your ping goddess. Is it so hard to stay at your split. Why do you feel the need to pick fights and shit up threads

>> No.20748360

50% are accidents, 50% are teasing, she is never direct about sex ever, her "Yabai" is greatly exagerated.

>> No.20748365

Can you not bring politics into this?

>> No.20748390

>he outs himself as a thread hopping dramanigger
You know no one else would know this unless you go around shitposting in other generals like this? Retard you just exposed your discord's method of operation

>> No.20748422

>pick fights
You said this before, I'm still waiting for proof that deadbeats started this. There is none because you retards did

>> No.20748428

It might get mod here. I'd rather have no IRyS thread until her next stream than this shit.

>> No.20748467

he doesn't anon.

>> No.20748468

I'd rather have no IRyS fans than you shits

>> No.20748473

it only happens when deadcucks show up, there is your proof

>> No.20748474

Ironically that made me laugh

>> No.20748504

So the problem is with you and your response to them, then

>> No.20748505

Want proofs? Read the fucking thread and leave.

>> No.20748510

Time to *hope* next thread is at least a microcosm more stable.
And for the implementation of flags and IDs for the love of all things sacred in this world

>> No.20748523

>reached bump
Are we done?

>> No.20748554

Ok retard. Here is the post that started ALL this. Hope it was worth it

>> No.20748557

Not until we hit page 10.

>> No.20748560

>page 4

>> No.20748577

Why even bother? Just range ban SEA.

>> No.20748584

please no. i'm a SEAnig but i have done nothing wrong

>> No.20748585

then take a clue, and dont show up at all

>> No.20748589

You niggers are worse than troons at this point. Forcefully shoving what you like at everyone's faces and autistically screeching at anyone that doesn't like what you like

>> No.20748593

I watch other holoENs and live in their threads, nothing wrong with that, take /who/ i live there too and respect their thread culture. Unity is a minority in threads like /HiRyS/, /uuu/ and /ggg/ where deadbeats are not welcome.

>> No.20748609

There is literally no other fan base that visits this general that brings in as much shit as the cuck.Now kys,

>> No.20748619

Just making sure to keep a lookout the next OP image for the /hirys/ thread.

>> No.20748631

Mori is the most controversial HoloEN member, by a pretty long shot. Not saying that she's evil or whatever, just controversial. She likes saying and doing really dumb things that anger a lot of people, I don't think anyone in Hololive ever had a moment similar to Mori's cuckbeat reply on Twitter. That's just facts.
IRyS, on the other hand, is one of the most seiso idols in EN, on the same level as Ina.
Being surprised that people who watch IRyS don't like seeing Mori in her vicinity is pretty natural. It's like watching an honor student hanging out with a delinquent, you can't help but wonder how things might go wrong.

>> No.20748637

SEA will tell you to range-ban the Amerimutts.
Flags would help to clear up who is constantly shitting up these threads.

>> No.20748666

What? They don't like my oshi in thread that's not even about my oshi? I better go defend her to the death instead of just ignoring it!

>> No.20748668

>most seiso

>> No.20748675

This desu.

>> No.20748702

She is the most seiso member of Project HOPE.

>> No.20748723

I mean all the identified stuff on facebook and discord are all clearly SEA run and not mutts, so they don't really have a leg to stand on.

>> No.20748724

why are deadbeats like this? I don't see other fanbases come to other threads to troll or shit it up. You guys are just like your oshi, any slightly negative thing is an attack and means you're an anti.

>> No.20748725

Iroha's CoD.

>> No.20748735
File: 202 KB, 1080x1413, 1644815102260.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this. mori is just potentially dangerous. it's a little too soon to have something like this again.

>> No.20748737

also, ill force her in by stealing the OP image next thread!

>> No.20748747

No you don't understand if you don't like Mori and Unity then you're shitting up the thread because cuckbeats like me don't know how to stay in out split. We must visit every split our oshi interacts with to get validation that others love her just as much as we do. Who cares if their split gets shit from it

>> No.20748756

ayy thanks

>> No.20748775

god i hate you concernfaggots

>> No.20748777


>> No.20748784

>come to other threads to troll or shit it up

>> No.20748800

Fucking saved, thanks.

>> No.20748806
File: 619 KB, 979x872, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Actually, I'm disappointed at IRyS' clips.
>Cute IRyS screams
barely anyviews
>IRyS notices a dick
C'mon youtube...
I don't care if you hate Mori like she's the devil or whatever. You're allowed to dislike whatever you want. But pretending IRyS secretly dislikes Mori and is only forced to hang out with her is peak projection.

>> No.20748845

>cuckbeat infiltration
>anti infiltration
Can both just leave already? The pathetic white knighting of cuckbeats and obnoxious hate boners from foaming catalog antis are both cancers.

>> No.20748864

This is all Sana though?
IRyS is known for being 1. yabai and 2. horny. That's it.

>> No.20748867

To be an idolfag is to be like a father seeing his child grow.

>> No.20748868


>> No.20748883

That's not the point idiot. Could have just ignored the responses and moved on, accepting that not everyone likes your oshi. Instead you choose to stay and shit this thread up for over an hour. Surely that will make us like her more right?

>> No.20748889

>It's like watching an honor student hanging out with a delinquent, you can't help but wonder how things might go wrong.
That's a good dynamic, very cute.

>> No.20748898

Oh, the Ninja isn't a bad singer.

>> No.20748904

Irys isn't a child and you certainly aren't her father

>> No.20748918

>page 7
c'mon baby

>> No.20748927

there's always going to be that view gap because people that enjoy the non-clipbait moments are more likely to watch streams, same for just about every vtuber

>> No.20748940

Spell her name correctly.

>> No.20748953

>post mori
>i dont like her

>> No.20748968

>Could have just ignored the responses and moved on
>Could have just ignored the positive post you didn't like
Projection, endless insecure projection

>> No.20748975

shit i'm going to post politics for real.

>> No.20748979

I know you wouldn't get it.

>> No.20748983

I did

>> No.20749004

Why do you always post the exact same way?

>> No.20749017

>Surely that will make us like her more right
I don't really care about your opinion of her, I just want to make sad, miserable people even sadder and more miserable. Maybe it will push you over the edge and I'll be making the world a better place

>> No.20749020

New thread.

>> No.20749029

People dislike and do not welcome cucks here, so keep telling yourself that fag.It is you who keep forcing Unity and the white knight cuck that started all this. At the very most, we'll only tell you cuck sto go back. It is your choice to stay and pick a fight.

>> No.20749039

I get that you're a mysognist who infantilzes women, that doesn't mean I don't think you're a faggot

>> No.20749045

IRyS is a child, my daughter and my wife so you're wrong there.

>> No.20749048

>starts a war over a nothingburger and destroys the thread
>wonders why people start to hate Cali and her deadbeats
Its almost like they're trying to create antis

>> No.20749055

too soon

>> No.20749061

Cute Ninja cover

>> No.20749062

Her name is spelt IRyS or アイリス but not "Irys".

>> No.20749063

Thank god this thread is almost over. You people are a disgrace.
t. IRyStobeat

>> No.20749085

Cute. I do want to see more interaction with HoloX. They seem open to it, and they are kind of kouhais, so maybe she will be less nervous about it?

>> No.20749088

This is the IRyS thread. Go defend Mori in her split. If someone in another thread doesn't like her just get the fuck over it and get on with your life instead of stirring shit up. It's that simple.

>> No.20749094

just do it. stop teasing anon. no one is gonna give it any (you)s anyway.

>> No.20749135
File: 16 KB, 304x317, Screenshot 2022-03-21 100033.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kek not even page 10, I can respect it. I had mine ready anyways

>> No.20749150

I understand you might be new to English, but spelling doesn't cover capitalization

>> No.20749191

You're all arguing here, you didn't even notice IRyS' cute tweet. Fucking state of this thread.

>> No.20749203

I cried with gura while we watched her performance in holofes, there are no words to describe the feeling of seeing someone you root for achieve one of their dreams.
Next holofes i will cry with IRyS too, i might not be their father but i sure as hell am proud of them as if i was.

>> No.20749216
File: 122 KB, 500x500, 1630718913439.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20749292

I'm sorry but, it's true.

>> No.20749294

IRyS' dream is to be clipped.

>> No.20749310

Yes, it does. Do you spell iPhone like iphone (this is highlighted as red by my browser's spellchecker, by the way)?

>> No.20749334

/morig/ posted it 20 minutes ago. Guess they love IRyS more

>> No.20749353

I don't spell iphone because I'm not a faggot

>> No.20749371

This thread was abandoned to SEA until they get tired. We even said we would be doing that before the stream was over.

>> No.20749376

Something we can both agree on then, hopefully you understood the point I was making. Capitalisation matters.

>> No.20749417

no it doesn't

>> No.20749419

Yeah, they aren't being raided by IRyStocrats shitting up their thread, deadbeats could learn a lesson.

>> No.20749456

Your thread was filled with shit way before we showed up faggot

>> No.20749490

It does for names. She literally has IRyS imprinted on her birth certificate and you are choosing to shit all over the way her name is spelt.

>> No.20749498
File: 381 KB, 768x768, file2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no come back. i'm lonely......

>> No.20749526

Why are IRyStocrats such white knights?

>> No.20749535

Irys can spell her name like a cringelord if she wants to, doesn't mean I'm going to do it too

>> No.20749553

imagine too poor to afford another monitor for his oshi's twitter and other activities

>> No.20749621

It's spelt just the way DadRyS wanted it to be spelt. You can choose to be an asshat that ignores the cultural significance of people's names if you want to. It doesn't make you a good person though.

>> No.20749625
File: 22 KB, 253x253, 1637997083033.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i donated all my money to charities. don't even have enough to afford merch

>> No.20749641

because they're amazing at being whiny bitches.

>> No.20749649

It only shows your lack of commitment to your oshi, go back tourist.

>> No.20749655

Yeah, I'm a bad person because I don't correctly captialize someone's name

>> No.20749670

Don't give money to charities...

>> No.20749682

I'm glad we've finally found common ground. Can you fuck off now?

>> No.20749699

What are you? A fucking Christcuck?

>> No.20749710

I'm 100% sure she doesn't give a shit

>> No.20749742

but...but those kids, they look so pitiful....

>> No.20749753

NTA, but provide proof and I’ll agree with you.

>> No.20749755

You've picked a very strange thing to be upset about

>> No.20749771

She also doesn't give a shit about what i think, that's not the point here.

>> No.20749785

Help yourself first fag.

>> No.20749796

I was trying to deflect from the mori discussion. Did it work?

>> No.20749811

Next time she does a Q&A stream I'll ask

>> No.20749819

JESUS FUCKING CHRIST Is it so hard to use the fucking correct capitalization

>> No.20749859
File: 45 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he's absolutely seething

>> No.20749887

Nope, and I'll make a point out of calling her Irys from now on just to upset you

>> No.20749897

Go away tourist

>> No.20749904

it's all about the proof. Why can't you just believe what I say.

>> No.20749943

I’m just a big dingus like that, I guess..

>> No.20749984

Totally not a baiter, definitely a true IRyStocrat.

>> No.20749999

Collapse and ignore all badly capitalized IRyS posts.

>> No.20750006

You are not allowed to enjoy IRyS if you can't even be bothered to spell her actual name right

>> No.20750029

holy cope

>> No.20750064


>> No.20750093

Only a SEA would think capitalization relates to spelling

>> No.20750124

I'm a rebel, I break the rules
Girls like bad boys

>> No.20750151

Only niggers can't be bothered to capitalize correctly

>> No.20750182

guess i'm a SEAnigger

>> No.20750228

>62 IPs
love IRyS
hate pink woman
simple as

>> No.20750232

At last, all eyes are opened...

>> No.20750240

Better than being a cuckbeat at least

>> No.20750303


>> No.20750485


>> No.20750494

I love iris

>> No.20750516

You don't.

>> No.20750532


>> No.20750649

What did Koyori do to you?

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