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Mating press.

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ILove IRyS

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>brrats raid

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Only IRyS :)

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I love IRyS, she is a cute dork

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forgot to add, the jersey was a bit of an afterthought last time because so few players wore one, planning to do kit coloring this time so I want to re-design it from the ground up if anyone has ideas or sketches

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Shut up with the stupid questions.

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Do you think nips will call her "artist" like they did that with Myth and ID1?

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you mean Moona? no

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I miss IRyS

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Why do they need to call her anything?

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Heresy, there is IRyS on this one >>20676092

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Sasuga, IRyS gave hope to Ferrari

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What was it?

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I Love IRyS! She's wonderful

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I'm surprised you caught that anon. Do you have twitter at all times?

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It's still up, twitter just does that sometimes

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You probably just have Mori blocked.

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Oh, that.
Yeah, guess that's why.

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>Mori mention
I guess I can post this. Imagine this with IRyS' 3D looking like this.

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No you can't, go back

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If you wanna be the guy with all the deleted tweets, tweetdeck is for you.

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Kek, was it really that bad?

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Like with IRyS' model, it can look weird in some angles.

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it's just a reference to THAT picture, how did they get away with it?

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Look, I just hope the guys in charge of ID or JP 3Dis working on the IRyS 3D model. Whoever is working on Myth can go and work on Council.

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Schedule soon

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The "fuck my shit up" meme?

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no the double chin

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Oh, i still think she looks like this.

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I think that's just the "shadow" of the model.

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ahh the schedule, schedule. you know the schedule? the nooo one. i always, i always make the, the stream. stream schedule and without schedule. i always make the schedule and without schedule. schedule! i like schedule, yeah. i always, i always make the, the gta- gta stream. ahh how can i explain? i can explain by my drawing! i always stream like the minecraft that it has pokemon on here, this part, the stream. stream of pokemon. and then, i make- wh- when i make schedule, the karaoke- it always have a schedule on h- on a top, but i pick up these... away! cause i don't stream it. and then i stream the minecraft pokemon karaoke. okay? you understand? understandable! schedule! yes.

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how would you rank irys' closeness to each EN member

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You're asking for trouble. So no.

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Doubt it

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IRyS thread, post IRyS!

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I'll do it.
>Most of Council
8/10 Close
>Mori & Ina
>Gura, Ame & Sana

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the rest<<<<<<<sana<ame<kiara<gura

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Nevermind, get ready for the usual wave of tourists

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Mori forced her to put the frame up early.

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Daily reminder that you can skip it and do something else instead of replying to bait or shitting up the thread.

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Why do irystocrats hate deadbeats...

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It would have been better to keep the CHADcast on mori's channel.

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Just post IRyS. Simple as that.

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because i dont like, drugs, alcohol, man, shrek, nigger culture, TT, vshojo, nijifaggots, jump king, shall i add more?

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don't cut yourself with that straight edge

>> No.20679415

hey now, shrek is a great movie

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IRyS needs the song trailers for streams like this

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>not being a degenerate is now edgy

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>>20679415 (me)
>hey now
that was accidental

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That's basically true.

>> No.20679532

Almost a good take.

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It's a good movie but you shouldn't make it a big part of your personality.

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it's not too new, there was a whole attempt at a manufactured subculture in the 2000s from whiny moralfags wanting to look "badass" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Straight_edge

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here (you) go. Hope that helps.

>> No.20679651

it reminds me of ugly bastard hentai, cant stand it

>> No.20679732

Didn't know that, huh.

>> No.20679798

They already do. Marine tried to say she was an artist to like Towa and IRyS back when they the three teamed up in the MK Practice. Towa was essentially saying "bruh" to Marine. IRyS tried to compliment Marine by saying she likes Ahoy. Sora basically called IRyS a singer and herself an Idol.

>> No.20679969

>They already do. Marine tried to say she was an artist like Towa and IRyS back when they teamed up in the MK Practice stream. Towa was essentially saying "bruh" to Marine. IRyS tried to compliment Marine by saying she likes Ahoy. Sora called IRyS a singer and herself an Idol.
lots of mistakes. just woke up.

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JKRyS my love

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My wife is so beautiful.

>> No.20681020

>XX years after her graduation
>how long have you been waiting?
>let's go
>i can't wait to watch my kouhais on stage
>hope they're having fun just like me back then

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A short guerilla at the usual hour please IRyS

>> No.20681929

she may play elden ring today i bet 3.fiddy

>> No.20682003

Yeah right.

>> No.20682069

>short guerilla

>> No.20682095

>was it really that bad
No, just faggots cherry picking shit as usual.

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>> No.20682345

god, I hope this is the final episode of this trash

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Doubt it, i really don't care anymore. I'll skip it anyway.

>> No.20682522


>> No.20682537

I might do that too. It's at a bad timeslot anyway.

>> No.20682595

>tried to cherry pick other EN or ID
>mori's still the worst

>> No.20682751

yea, I will skip it, time slot is terrible, but probably will skip even if the timeslot is good.

>> No.20682849

Glad to know that I'm not the only irystocrats who barely give a shit nor like this Chadcast bullshit

>> No.20683124

how do you do fellow irystocrats, can't wait to talk about how much we totally hate calliopi mori today

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All I can hear is the sound of rattling bones

>> No.20684060

IRyS/Sana collab soon

>> No.20684137

why though

>> No.20684316

Why not?

>> No.20684342

IRyS wants to collab with everyone. That's one of her stated goals.

>> No.20685530

she will collab with me soon

>> No.20685854
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Yeah, me.

>> No.20685895

Yeah, me

>> No.20686093

baels hakos, IRyS & calliope mori
hakos irys aka H.IRyS confirmed

>> No.20686169

I wrote all of these

>> No.20686869

>asking advice from a weeb, an alcoholic, and a zoomer
I hope they just roast the people who ask for advice instead of taking it seriously

>> No.20687936


>> No.20687997

Now that you mention it, what the hell were they thinking.

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File: 1.18 MB, 1000x1436, 1647043911478.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.20690198

>a weeb, an alcoholic, and a zoomer fielding questions from SEArystocrats, kekbeats, and aussies
this has the potential to go off the charts in cringe kino and I'm all for it. well, the VOD anyway since there's no way I'm waking up earlier enough to watch it live

>> No.20691992
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>long toenails
Uwaaaaaa, EROIRYS!

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>> No.20698222


>> No.20698223

I wish I could see Irys on the big stage..

>> No.20698317

Next year.

>> No.20698516


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>> No.20701997

My Okinawan wife!

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I'm actually kind of curious what exactly are they planning but yeah it could be fun, with this only Fauna left for the entire Council on a 1v1 collab achievement, also is kind of cute how Council isn't that fond of the "&IRyS" meme

>> No.20705072
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>> No.20705226

I'll keep taking more ideas through the week, just going to put down what i've gotten so far to keep a record going
>like expected, everyone seems on board with replacing henry stickman with stick irystocrat
>got an off-thread suggestion to theme the stadium after the destroyed city in the CoD music video, more suggestions and sketches welcome
>nepolabo reference will be something to do with the audience
>still need suggestions for the final boss team and a new uniform, even if you draw something shitty I can mock up a working outfit

>> No.20706144

11 more hours before I can see IRyS again

>> No.20706713

Tweet in an hour, guerrilla in 2 hours.

>> No.20706762

i am losing hope...

>> No.20706775

Unlikely, she's only streamed twice in a day like three times before.

>> No.20706780

She won't do a guerilla. You can screenshot this.

>> No.20706850

No guerilla it is too early for her :^)

>> No.20707013

Shut up IRyS, i have hope.

>> No.20707131

Wait guerilla? Fauna about to do a birthday stream no? Feel like she not gonna stream anything for like the next 4-5 hours

>> No.20707161

There's no way she streams twice today. She'd have to really be in the mood to spoil us.

>> No.20707294

Fauna's birthday stream is for tomorrow anon...

>> No.20707297
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Fauna's BD is tomorrow.

>> No.20707427

What are the odds, she really likes ER so I'd expect her to use anything as an excuse to play it on stream again.

>> No.20707733
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Wait today is 21st march no? Or it's just me being retarded not understanding how timezone works

>> No.20707798

It's 20th here in the burger empire.

>> No.20707892

She's going to celebrate in burger timezone.

>> No.20707927

22 hours from now

>> No.20708019

it literally lists the date and timezone in the image retardchama

>> No.20708456 [SPOILER] 
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No guerilla on her usual time since she needs to rest her throat. She still had a recording yesterday that's why she missed the start of holofes day 2
This is my cope so the wait for her next stream isn't that hard

>> No.20708566

Yeah I'm actually retarded, my bad yall

>> No.20708604

*yawn* Well, I'm heading off to bed. Sure hope nobody streams without me...

>> No.20708816

Did Minecraft cancel?

>> No.20708879

It seems like it, we're still waiting for her tweet apologizing like she usually does when this happens.

>> No.20708881

Holo Fes 4.

>> No.20709135

Nvm, she has her technology excuse Tweets. 100% things work tomorrow.

>> No.20709891


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If you are bored stream HCH, almost 1 million
And don't forget See the world

>> No.20712536

too big

>> No.20713421



>> No.20714375

i'd tap that

>> No.20715271

Tweet something you lazy nephilim. We miss you

>> No.20715402

Fauna's birthday is on 7am JST, do you think IRyS will be able to call?

>> No.20715590

She's streaming today already.

>> No.20715648

she can't wake up at 7 lol

>> No.20715689

She'll call into any totsu she gets invited to regardless of the time.

>> No.20716201

No we don't miss you, don't tweet anything

>> No.20716205
File: 1.85 MB, 3079x4096, FDDMFw8acAAc171.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

we will see, but yeah is likely she will show up, even if is in zombie mode like Kronii has done so a few time

>> No.20716266

She just need to properly set up her alarm.

>> No.20717236
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Where is IRyS? Is she still alive?

>> No.20717360

She had a recording last Saturday, and will have a stream later in the evening so let her rest.

>> No.20717627

She streamed four times in the last 8 days, let her rest.

>> No.20717716

>Halloween 2011

>> No.20717742

Any moment now

>> No.20717890

If you're bored you could try to find something to do, anything that you find fun to do works, anything besides being on social media 24/7 that is~ <3

>> No.20717906
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5 actually, unless you are not part of the Nephamily

>> No.20718091

I count four? 3/12 to 3/20, I see Elden Ring, SC reading, Elden Ring, member stream

>> No.20718162

Jump King

>> No.20718365
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>> No.20718380

She showed up in 3 streams yesterday.

>> No.20718403

It's 12th in her timezone.

>> No.20718414

Three pre recorded segments

>> No.20718624
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Well, no guerrila so I get to sleep early. See you lads in two threads, stay safe and don't reply to tourists

>> No.20719390

streaming Identity to hear IRyS say Titty

>> No.20719853
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>> No.20719979

el diablo....

>> No.20720108


>> No.20720757
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I think IRyS is cute!!

>> No.20720791

Oh just wait for ChadCast

>> No.20722208

Yeah is almost time anyway

>> No.20722946

Any screenshots of the IRyS mannequin with costume?

>> No.20722947

There is high chance that she spent all night chatting with Council after watching HoloFes3 yesterday and is now just about to wake up. If she's going to play ER today, she might do it offline.

>> No.20723200
File: 2.30 MB, 1536x2048, 1647703694051.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.20723288

Chadcast in a few hours.

>> No.20723919


>> No.20724032

My only complaint is, they could have used better materials or could adjusted it so it would fit the mannequin perfectly.

>> No.20724079

Is the mannequin flat-chested?

>> No.20724127


>> No.20724256
File: 1.33 MB, 3955x2143, FOK067qVQAEFCiR.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20724396

It's definitely low quality compared to council's and HoloX' costume. They just used a patterned spandex instead of a multi-layered corset.

>> No.20724693

Damn right.

>> No.20725617 [SPOILER] 
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>> No.20725834
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>> No.20728026

HiRyS, JW*
what happened

>> No.20728034
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I'm a one fucking lazy IRyStocrat

>> No.20728064

Nothing at all

>> No.20728096

Beautiful, I wish everyday was like this, Only IRyS and nothing else~

>> No.20728110

Don't be mean, you're lying.

>> No.20728739


>> No.20729385

Whenever Irys isn't streaming, the other members should be asking "Where's Irys?" randomly throughout their own streams.

>> No.20729606
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Thread is slow right now... Feels good.

>> No.20729750


>> No.20730075

Today is a good day, thanks IRyStocrats

>> No.20730433

...Am I missing out on something?

>> No.20730479


>> No.20730563
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>No timeloops
>Thread still around
>SEAniggers are somewhere else

Wish we could have this every day.

>> No.20730594

That's 3 hours from now

>> No.20730614

Don't jinx it, shhhh, Praying to IRyS right now

>> No.20730878

Reine Elden Ring at the "Indiana Jones" part.

Noting, IRyS did not think of running on the right side to dodge the giant boulders. Then again, neither did I.

We are....

>> No.20731754

who's the chad?

>> No.20732090
File: 767 KB, 1080x1199, 1647684970400.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20732332

The truth is that SEAniggers are always here, just have absolutely nothing to do or talk about except wait for IRyS. So today IS a comfy day.until 2h from now, lmaoAlso i miss her.

>> No.20732508
File: 44 KB, 1000x1000, bait.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All it takes is two anons with different views just to start seething at each other to get this going.

>> No.20732836

None of them are

>> No.20733105


>> No.20733244
File: 361 KB, 1448x2048, 20220304_075456.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This honestly, IRyS is based but definitely not a chad. Mori and baelz are cringe.

>> No.20733257
File: 283 KB, 971x1500, IRyS.full.3389345.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pretty interested in the upcoming chadcast. If it's holofes-focused, which I hope it is, then we'll probably see the audience POV of holofes, and the performer POV of it.

>> No.20733346

Zoomer wtf, can you define all of the terms you just used there

>> No.20733491

>zoomer wtf
Are you the zoomer?

>> No.20733553

Not as zoomer as you apparently

>> No.20733574

Is 'zoomer' supposed to be offensive or something...

>> No.20733679

I'm 28yo, how the fuck am i a zoomer.

>> No.20733766

I'm just asking for the definition, no need to get angry...

>> No.20733855

Come on man, you have google and urban dictionary for that. How new must you be to not have an idea of what those terms mean?

>> No.20733927

Alright alright, I'll do my reps, I thought chad and being based was the same thing though

>> No.20734140

Can't blame you, seen a lot of shit like "absolutely based, what a chad" and since Im retarded I thought the same too

>> No.20734774 [SPOILER] 
File: 809 B, 16x8, TinyRyS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

IRyS for ants says:
Keep it chill

>> No.20735063

Are you me? Without an IRyS stream to wake up to, I have done nothing but laze around all day. Feels good.

>> No.20735507

Damn I kinda do the same thing, I only wake up because of IRyS, she's the reason I literally wake up everyday lol

>> No.20736130
File: 138 KB, 253x317, IRySoScared[sound=files.catbox.moe%2F7r1fuj.mp3].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20736139

I just wasted my whole day away doing literally nothing because she didn't stream. I dropped my previous hobbies because I have no time to do them anyway when she does stream.

>> No.20736210

I had no hobbies to begin with... I win!

>> No.20736248

Final episode?

>> No.20736258

Learn to draw and draw her something

>> No.20736368


>> No.20736395
File: 573 KB, 954x534, 1628764816325.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey guys, let's get along again today!

>> No.20736412

Let's ignore everything that bothers us today!

>> No.20736459

a bit huh

>> No.20736500

They're having sex....

>> No.20736556

____, ____ __

>> No.20736570


>> No.20736589
File: 23 KB, 441x120, 87564212168748.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.20736608

Currently having explosive diarrhea

>> No.20736658
File: 137 KB, 600x797, 1617810641087.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So mean...

>> No.20736705

She's making her fake already... she's never gonna kiss us ever again...

>> No.20736739

>ep 10

>> No.20736753

Why is 4th special?

>> No.20736773

IRyS is so cute, in the expo artwork.

>> No.20736799

Your nihongo reps...

>> No.20736849

"Four" sounds like "hope" in Japanese. Mori is stealing IRyS's special thing and bragging about it.

>> No.20736876

Ohhhhh, but wouldn't 42 be more special... but I hope we never get there

>> No.20736887

Red dragon fruit makes it seem like I'm shitting blood, but luckily I'm not.

>> No.20736912

wtf anon

>> No.20736932

Please this isn't your blog please stop

>> No.20736977

Fuck off shitter, for those that might actually fall for the lies 4 in Japanese sounds the same as death

>> No.20736984

Rrat: smol ame is just some random dude that just walked in with a costume

>> No.20737010

>defending Mori
Fuck off

>> No.20737011

how did they manage to find some dude that small?

>> No.20737021
File: 173 KB, 900x900, FN-9O7KaMAYHki_.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'll probably watch this later. Hopefully nothing massively interesting happens.

>> No.20737023

Don't think anyone fell for it, it's fine

>> No.20737052

*cum on you*

>> No.20737066

IRyS doesn't have any other clothes... IRyS was stripped... naked

>> No.20737076

Thank you. I was trying to figure out what they were on about and how し or よん sounds anything like hope.

>> No.20737102

no Bae, the child mannequin is what make it hot

>> No.20737156

Bae and IRyS aren't using the opportunity to shill their mugs....

>> No.20737196

Doxxing already... Mori...

>> No.20737371

OK, faggots, here is the plan. I'm going to break in virtual Japan, put a baby in her, awaken her mother instinct, and she won't hate the baby anymore. Stop me, TRY AND STOP ME ABE.

>> No.20737422

Good luck on your arrest sex offenderchama!

>> No.20737434

Keep your shit up-to-date ladies. Software updates are ironically the one thing in life I'm on top of.

>> No.20737462

I haven't updated windows in 3 months because i have no storage space

>> No.20737469


>> No.20737567

No, 4 means death.

>> No.20737618

What happened?

>> No.20737619

She's a fucking retard

>> No.20737656

My fucking ears

>> No.20737663

time to mute

>> No.20737688

Mori ruining another collab.

>> No.20737692

...Is this what lean can do to your brain?

>> No.20737732

Oh good, the drug dealer's gone now.

>> No.20737743

Makes sense... :(

>> No.20737788

I will never do drugs ever

>> No.20737797

IRyS your lolicon side is showing.

>> No.20737826


>> No.20737845

I feel you bro, I wish I could rip my ears off

>> No.20737875
File: 145 KB, 1200x748, __mori_calliope_hakos_baelz_and_irys_hololive_and_1_more_drawn_by_jan_azure__c440e4be54e54479c2530000b0b1fc38.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm glad IRyS is having fun

>> No.20737890

>another episode of bitchass mori
Wake me up when there's something good

>> No.20737891

At least rap with your voice, Calli....

>> No.20737924

>cuckbeats deflecting: Hating mori = hating IRyS' happiness

>> No.20737949

Why does this talk feels like /vt/ sisters.

>> No.20737957

I wonder if IRyS could even manage an idol step

>> No.20737973

For a discussion stream, the chemistry of these three are on point

>> No.20737977

I have HOPE, I believe

>> No.20737989

ignore the schizos

>> No.20738024

I meant the girls.

>> No.20738047

>Yeah... you did your... rap thing...good

>> No.20738054

They really bounce off each other well, when Bae goes to Japan it'll be amazing if they all end up doing an off collab with beer and/or liquor

>> No.20738091

well, Mori is /here/

>> No.20738098

>off collab with beer and/or liquor

>> No.20738135

Fuck off.

>> No.20738136

Focus on the stream, Mori

>> No.20738156

I like mori and irys

>> No.20738169

Me too anon

>> No.20738181

>no one like mori's color...

>> No.20738189


>> No.20738192

I love IRyS.

>> No.20738200


>> No.20738231

So she IS here...

>> No.20738276

More like we know the faggots that can't handle alcohol

>> No.20738294

Hi mori

>> No.20738311

Tell her to go eat shit for me.

>> No.20738316

>mori talks like a /vt/ thread reader
what the actual fuck, im ashamed of being here

>> No.20738344

I am alcoholic and i hope she avoids drinking as much as possible.

>> No.20738387

She does that anyway, no need to tell her that anon

>> No.20738393

ID for identiddy

>> No.20738447

That's a fucking you problem, most adults can handle their alcohol without letting it control them

>> No.20738507

whats so good about alcohol anyways, poisoning yourself to be out of your normal mind, bet you would eat shit too if it gave a high.

>> No.20738523

She just said Risu sang like Celine Dion which, coincidentally, is like >>20724230

>> No.20738532

It'd be best to not drink at all.

>> No.20738564

Isn't that just from what Suisei said?

>> No.20738578

yeah and the whole ID > EN bullshit from all the seaniggers threads.

>> No.20738618
File: 44 KB, 670x430, 1647653867281.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.20738629

Eh? L2D announcements?
I feel like I've missed something important.

>> No.20738642

It's nice for productive members of society so they can let loose after work and fuck around with friends

>> No.20738662

Can you say the same to the wigger? Lmao. Please just let her have some fun, PLEASE. Also, people who defend alcoholics like you faggot, don't see what alcohol does to people's health in the long term.

>> No.20738675

Live2D 3.0

>> No.20738685

Mori... oh no

>> No.20738686


>> No.20738746

IRyS is excited for that new homo gen!

>> No.20738753

Ah I haven't watch her take on Holofes so I thought it was from /here/ thanks anon
Anon, Psilobins are literally grow on the top of shit....

>> No.20738770

She didn't sound exited at all.

>> No.20738777

IRyS Just straight doesn't care up lmaooo

>> No.20738816
File: 120 KB, 850x607, __mori_calliope_and_irys_hololive_and_1_more_drawn_by_felutiahime__sample-5b4f9a37c3fe02957bc0d4e451db6e18.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.20738834

Did she say the group name wrong? Lol

>> No.20738837

excited but it would have been great if she'd exited the room.

>> No.20738854

IRyS just straight up does not care*

>> No.20738860

>>20738753 (me)
*psilocybin mushrooms

>> No.20738877

more like weak people who need chemicals to numb their brains from their issues.

>> No.20738885

She knows her fanbase... there's a reason she doesn't talk about dudes on her stream.

>> No.20738910

ikr lmaoo

>> No.20738976

They will call other people in the podcast

>> No.20739029

aqua milk!

>> No.20739072

They use cum

>> No.20739084

You don't drink cereal with water do you IRyStocrats?

>> No.20739087

>suggesting onions milk
Terrible advice from the wigger.

>> No.20739120

>expects good advice from that thing

>> No.20739125

I only eat eggs for breakfast.

>> No.20739129

REAL MILK. FROM A COW. Who do you think we are?

>> No.20739137

How the fuck did s o y get changed to onions

>> No.20739147


>> No.20739180

board word filters.
Say soi not onions

>> No.20739199

Whole milk like a real chad, if i had cows nesr me I'd get that milk instead.

>> No.20739252

I forgot about the word filters...

>> No.20739254

I spent a couple of years using only half and half. It was fucking delicious.

>> No.20739301

I will violate some cows just to get some milk if I have to. Ngl

>> No.20739314

I'm lactose intolerant so I don't drink milk, unless it's from IRyS' tittties

>> No.20739384

Can't lactose intolerant peps drink goat milk?

>> No.20739417

Does goats milk not have lactose?

>> No.20739523

>chase your happiness
Bad advice...

>> No.20739547

It's called a noose, it not a bad idea

>> No.20739554

damn her boneitis

>> No.20739574

Wigger begone.

>> No.20739579

awful advice. If I could chase my happiness don't you think I'd be doing that?

>> No.20739596

Bully time

>> No.20739614


>> No.20739648

Did you not listen to the rest of it? Chasing your happiness doesn't mean dropping everything else

>> No.20739659

>american pronunciation of greek/latin words
Actually, of any foreign or loan words.

>> No.20739686

What did you expect anon

>> No.20739705

The problem is that if you chased your happiness you'd be shooting up heroine all day long.

>> No.20739714

I don't have an "everything else" to drop. Chasing your happiness requires a base-level of happiness to carry your chasing.

>> No.20739747

>diogenes the god of something
Fucking kill me...

>> No.20739765

That's a completely different issue from the question

>> No.20739784

... and they are making fun of IRyS

>> No.20739818

I love smugrys

>> No.20739828

fyoo-tile is the correct british pronunciation.

>> No.20739860

>no one said d-o-ujin-s

>> No.20739868

It's not her fault, if she was supposed to know about diogenes they would have made an anime about him

>> No.20739964


>> No.20739986

This is painful to watch...

>> No.20739987

How is she getting all of these wrong...?

>> No.20740016

She didn't though? Maybe half.

>> No.20740020

IRyStocrats, your oshi, she's ... You know ...

>> No.20740041

Americans REALLY should stop defaulting to pronouncing "i" as "eye" in every single word.

>> No.20740045

I'm pretty sure I've heard similar pronounciations in anime...

>> No.20740077

Of course she knows Aphrodite... she's her.

>> No.20740099
File: 115 KB, 1280x1095, Loverys.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That makes her 10x cuter I LOVE MY DUMBASS WIFE

>> No.20740112
File: 744 KB, 862x647, 46862.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this hurts the younger ancient greek/roman myth nerd in me. good things shes cute

>> No.20740149

She needs to stop consuming Japanese media

>> No.20740187
File: 122 KB, 426x473, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is a "herm" by the way
>Male Genitalia

>> No.20740191

Nah she's doing the right thing

>> No.20740217

She needs to keep consuming Japanese media, and stop consuming American media.

>> No.20740233

not english words and
she defaults to japanese pronunciation like the way she pronounced Zeus

>> No.20740252

This is so funny love these three!

>> No.20740267

So, who's gonna SC them that fact?

>> No.20740287

Japanese is usually closer to being correct, because they transcribe loan words phonetically.

>> No.20740319

Maybe i will in other stream, not in this one.

>> No.20740322


>> No.20740350

I haven't stopped smiling, these three are amazing together

>> No.20740360

And besides, she isn't ESL.

>> No.20740397

Drugs talk...

>> No.20740399

Doctor gave her lean its canon

>> No.20740408

>IRyS sleeps at 6am and wakes up at 12:00

>> No.20740478

Watching something on my phone in bed usually has the opposite effect on me. I can hardly finish watching a video before I start nodding off and falling asleep, compared to when I stay up sitting in my chair.

>> No.20740484

Kek, she got prescribed DPH.

>> No.20740528

not for me. If I'm on my phone it's because I couldn't get to sleep in the first place and have given up.

>> No.20740529


>> No.20740601

Those nightmares are from his time in the war IRyS...

>> No.20740609

The pressure on the chest makes it harder to breathe, limiting the oxygen flow to the brain, making it harder to stay awake.

>> No.20740615

>bae wants to be embraced in bed as she tries to fall asleep

>> No.20740625

(you) will save DadRyS

>> No.20740698

DadRyS sleeps in the classic coffin pose... DraculaRyS

>> No.20740718

By being his, son-in-law yes

>> No.20740743
File: 162 KB, 900x900, Marinech_new_icon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20740749

Just like a soldier.

>> No.20740759

>if you can't sleep then don't sleep

>> No.20740768

This is good advice from IRyS, I do the same thing. If you can't sleep just stay up and then you'll be shattered by the next day and be able to correct your sleep schedule.

>> No.20740797


>> No.20740803

IRyS is giving solid advice.

>> No.20740810

Yep. I used to work the night shift and this is exactly how I used to do it as well.

>> No.20740817


>> No.20740819

I do that too

>> No.20740843

Ok goodnight then

>> No.20740878

I work night shifts and it's ehat i do because I'm PST and the girls stream around the time i go to sleep (5PM).

>> No.20741004

This is a terrible advice. If you fall asleep in the afternoon next day, you'll wake up at night. That's not fixing your sleep schedule, that's how you fuck it up.
There's no magic solution to fix the sleep schedule overnight. What you should be doing is fixing your lifestyle. Basically you have to be active enough during the day to get tired and fall asleep at night. I understand, that's not something NEETs are used to, but some physical activity, even light exercises throughout the day should help.
But you should be limiting your physical activity towards evening. When your body has nothing to do it will try to go into a literal sleep mode on its own.

>> No.20741031

>Mori's a double edged sword
That was unintentionally really accurate

>> No.20741079

I still can't believe IRyS is supposedly self-taught singer. She MUST have at least some sort of background in music and singing. Like being in chorus at school or something.

>> No.20741100

Nah, it's solid advice for us neets. Normies can do what you said in that mucho texto post.

>> No.20741111

>When your body has nothing to do it will try to go into a literal sleep mode on its own.
that's why you stay awake. I can push myself to do that. I know my bodies limits and how far I can go without sleep. By staying awake I can choose the right moment to fall asleep.

>> No.20741138


>> No.20741164

Yes, that's the word, thanks.

>> No.20741172

She doesn't do anything that can't be explained by 10+ years of practice.

>> No.20741174

>she is going out with you know who

>> No.20741188

>used to work with drug/opium related stuff

>> No.20741190
File: 30 KB, 800x450, paragraph.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20741194
File: 89 KB, 1000x1000, 1647748126208.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just drink some lean, it'll put you right out

>> No.20741213

the weed shop again..

>> No.20741232

Is codeine a sedative?

>> No.20741249

Based arab baba trying to teach white girl shit she should know.

>> No.20741285

What kind of hell hole did she live in?

>> No.20741308

The US.

>> No.20741341

I think they've talked about that shower steam thing in every chadcast so far.

>> No.20741353

I love when she gets excited about mundane stuff

>> No.20741367

He was right.

>> No.20741390

I think iroha is singing IRyS songs, can't wait to check that out

>> No.20741406

Mid east US.

>> No.20741407

they're having shower sex after every chadcast and not even doing an ASMR, aaaaaaaaa

>> No.20741410

There's only been two thus far.

>> No.20741431

AngRyS cute

>> No.20741435

This is the third one.

>> No.20741445

IRyS is so nice

>> No.20741458


>> No.20741471

Haha... imagine having someone like that as your dad... haha...

>> No.20741484

It's one of the reasons we like her. She's such an amazing person.

>> No.20741492
File: 588 KB, 1269x710, image_2022-03-21_191555.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ohhhh hopefully it's archived

>> No.20741512

>suggesting to pussy out like a coward
Typical mori advice.

>> No.20741528

She will hold that grudge forever

>> No.20741547

As she should.

>> No.20741572

This doctor is right about the previous doctors.

>> No.20741575

Ah the state of the thread when that happened

>> No.20741580

Whenever she describes it it doesn't sound that bad.

>> No.20741614


>> No.20741649

IRyS... you have to understand you are dumbRyS

>> No.20741664

IRyS is a sheltered little princess.

>> No.20741688

It's cuz she's white

>> No.20741700

Damn they're really talking like cliques of girls I used to hang out with when I was still in college kek

>> No.20741748

Japanese people forget that white people wrote their constitution

>> No.20741762

too late, i already dealt with him a month ago

>> No.20741772

Doctor unironically gave IRyS a character development arc

>> No.20741773

Baelz, that shit was added by leftist snowflakes...

>> No.20741779

It's actually insane how petty women can be.

>> No.20741805

Stream content material at the very least.

>> No.20741865

"my life is normal, how would I know?"

>> No.20741866


>> No.20741867

>rape your woman if she wants to divorce

>> No.20741896

>premarital Monopoly

>> No.20741916


>> No.20741932


>> No.20741958

Man Calli is kinda cute... How come nobody told me this before...

>> No.20741965

Speed up your stream to catch up.

>> No.20742011

Fuck off cuckbeats

>> No.20742026

*heavy voice* NO!

>> No.20742031

>30 minutes of promoting Mori's stuff.

>> No.20742053

Something is wrong with your head.

>> No.20742095

Please seek help, It's ok to be retarded, don't stay retarded

>> No.20742121

Its fine. Im playing the long game of her being successful enough that it gets into her head and she graduates asap

>> No.20742144

You're supposed to ignore that bait. Engaging it is the reason they won't leave this thread.

>> No.20742196

I will now commit sudoku

>> No.20742200

its a reminder to tourists that we don't like mori here

>> No.20742207

I'm an IRyStobud and biting bait is in my blood.

>> No.20742252

Are "they" in this thread with us now?

>> No.20742271


>> No.20742307

Yes. They have a hateboner for Mori. They want you to respond to them like that.

>> No.20742316

Next thread:

>> No.20742320
File: 421 KB, 649x685, 1647786248607.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20742330

tell me when they stop talking about Moris album

>> No.20742342


>> No.20742346

When the stream ends probably.

>> No.20742364

I don't hate this song...

>> No.20742378

I drink caffeine all day everyday. I won't stop.

>> No.20742470

Those fucking dorks, I can't.

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