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the shining star of holofes

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She’s the Moon, you retard

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she sure made my dick blast off

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please stop posting this... Ive already came to moona 4 times today Im afraid I might do it again

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Her moves were pure sex

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This is who you're lusting over.

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Also post the game on jiggle anon

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God that's so hot

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post her skin

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I'm a diehard teamate, who endlessly posts rrats about other girls, and make up shit to support ame.

Even I have to admit, Moona mogged the hell out of EN. And all of JP, if not for Suisei to save them.

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You should post this too anon

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Based Moon, I kneel.
I'll do my reps of High Tide later.

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Uoh, thats... that is.. i would do her.

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Today I busted a nut to a dance performance.

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I want to pewpewpew inside her if you know what I mean.

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kys falseflag schizo

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>her name is literally 'new star'

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More like TWO shining moons

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Even Suisei got mogged.
Hoshiyomis would tell you otherwise though.

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>Not posting the superior one

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I liked both. I had hoped we got a Suisei and Moona duet, but I guess it was impossible.

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She's possessed by a Moon goddess fucking tourist. Her name literally means Star Star. 星=Star and Nova https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/nova

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you didn't have to start a fanbase war anon

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big mommy energy fr, love u ag bro

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is moona in Japan though?

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>Name is literally Moona
>Apparently is not the Moon

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wtf how

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And now we know she can do that with her whole body.

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She's gotta have double finger joints or something. I'm trying to do it now, no luck

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Hell yeah

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>Moona = Moon
>Hoshi = star
>Nova = A nova is a transient astronomical event that causes the sudden appearance of a bright, apparently "new" star, that slowly fades over several weeks or many months. Causes of the dramatic appearance of a nova vary, depending on the circumstances of the two progenitor stars.

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forget JP, do your latin reps

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Yes, yes, well done, Moona. Well done, Moona. HOWEVER.

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So, she's a new star but also the Moon, which doesn't make sense because a Moon cannot be a star

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still makes sense tho since there are two souls inside her body one of them named Moona while the other named Hosinova

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She was just a normal university student who joined hololive to become an idol in her original lore, the moon goddess and dual personality is something she added along the way.

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But one-half of her is a human, not a star.

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Fucking kill yourself

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Found one

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Fuck off.
You all just got hypnotized by her boobs and waist. It will wear off the next day.

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imagine getting mogged by a thirdworlder, JPs and ENs are a cucks

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>hoshityomi using pekora against moona
absolute state of (You)

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why are you replying to yourself moonafag?

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>n-no u
do better

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eeew, indogs

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I'd racemix so hard

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>no denying
of course

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>Twitter trending
>gura 3d
hm?where is your indog star?

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>t. burgertard

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she won
i fucking kneel

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just say you are losing and kneeling, how hard is that

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My autistic moon can't be this cute.

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Noob question:
How is she able to do a live performance in 3D when she is based in Indonesia?

Isn't it that all of the Hololive 3D equipment is only available in Japan?

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They rented out a studio probably

>> No.20576957

Now if they could actually give them good models

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Wife material

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>chumfucks be like

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I haven't seen the live performance but I want to ask :
Were the any lags or latency?
Internet quality in Indonesia can either be hit-or-miss depending on the time-of-day....

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I've been able to do this ever since I saw John Fugelsang do it on America's Funniest Home Videos. Not otherwise flexible so it must be something else

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AFAIK Cover already has a studio in Indonesia

>> No.20577373

not really, in fact the whole concert is suprisingly pretty smooth

>> No.20577387

None at all. Her performance was perfectly smooth.

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Oh wow
I heard that Cover had difficulty in doing 3D sessions for Holo ID Gen 1...........because they had to send them to Japan.
But due to COVID travel restrictions in Japan, this was put on hold.

So technically all of Holo ID would be able to do 3D live from Indonesia?

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Absolutely beautiful.

>> No.20577733

They only said they "found a way" to do 3D without going to japan, either they rented a studio or what the previous anon said.

>> No.20577752

i dont think so, it would make more sense to rent a studio space for the event then wait for the entry ban to end for their formal 3D debuts

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>So technically all of Holo ID would be able to do 3D live from Indonesia?
Well, yeah. Although, there's that disadvantage of not being to do 3D events with their senpais as their guests.

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Yes, its been said by the ID girls on stream several times, its the entre reason cover got a Studio there

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I'm no hentai protagonist anon, my balls aren't infinitely making sperm

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anon one thing I gotta say is lets be happy about Moona and stop involving chumbuds here.
They are literally minding their own business

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See >>20574402

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Perhaps it symbolises her past that want to be an idol but got duped and want to take a new start hence hoshinova

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i though her model looked great 2, though they could have made the blonde part of the hair a little more shiny

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I need to travel to Indonesia and marry Moona, now. Holy fuck

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Gives me such joy to see Moona over the shit that is BTS.

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first generation id is way too good and talented.
hololive really struck gold there.

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Yeah no, once Stellar Stellar hit Suichan mogged everyone

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Fucking wow

>> No.20582209

you bros shitting on her for 2years and suddenly love her today wtf

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Fly there with me anon, O'Hare to Jakarta with a layover in Istanbul. We'll be home.

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Risu hasn't performed yet.

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Those midnight burgers going to the right places.

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EN and ID performances were prerecorded, only exception is Calli since she is in Japan.

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Please post Moona lewds, I need to masturbate now

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Yes? I love this autist

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