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So, how do we deal with the fact that one day, someday, your Oshi, will be gone and stop making any more content.

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Despair at the inevitable and incessant passage of time

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>what if thing ends
Are you new to anime or media content in general? This site is for adults

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Get myself a dog a name it Korone

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Unlike anime which can be rerun on streaming sites, once they graduate, the videos are gone if they aren't archived.

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What sort of mindless zoomer depends on youtube for their archiving? Make your own archive.

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Mono no aware
Don’t be sad it ended, be happy it happened in the first place

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Volunteer at hospitals and find my own Koopa

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It's been 211 days since Mano Aloe "graduated"
I'm glad that she's alive and happy that she's working hard to accomplish her dreams but lately her mental health has been an up and down battle and her recent family problems have messed up her life even further.
I hope everything goes well for her and that one day she can live in a better home environment.


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Was that from today's stream?

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But don't they only delete all videos on the channel in the case of a forced graduation? Kira's channel is still up with the videos
Also this. Archive what you love, internet is a bitch

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I'll fondly remember the time well spend and hope that she will be successful in whatever she will be doing next, duh.

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Hope that her graduation happens on her own terms, and be happy for her when the time comes.

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by drinking bleach, obviously

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>Is young
>that doesn't even matter because she doesn't age
>there's an entire generation of young simps
>there will probably be another generation of young simps after them
>makes a lot of money off of simps

What leads you to believe any of them will quit any time in the near future?

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Everything has its time and everything dies. Did you not learn that when your hamster went to the farm upstate?

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Muh creative freedom.

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>My Oshi is younger than me and plans to go the Masako Nozawa route
Can't relate

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Yep, shit goes on, and it isn't always a bad thing

And btw, if there are still people who still mourn Aloe after 211 days, without even bothering to check out Delta, they are a lost cause

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One life, one encounter. Hopefully their roommate will go on to better things.

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Unironically: Move on to the next thing that entertains me.
There way too much interesting stuff in the world to wallow in selfpity because one the things you like ended.

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Everything ends. Always be prepared for anything to end at anytime.
The less you are concerned with something's finality, the less it will impact you, and the more you will enjoy it while it lasts.

I've found that what people fear the most is not the end of something, but not having enjoyed that something enough before it ended.
If you truly partake in the moment, the memories that remain will be a source of happiness for you, as opposed to sadness.

This can be applied to literally everything in life btw.

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either their will be new suitable replacement or you'll be more concerned with civilizational collapse than a fucking YouTube streamer

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By the time any of them voluntarily move on, you will probably have moved on yourself.

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I mean, every generation before us had their hard time, like Vietnam war or WW2, collapse of communism party.
They must have felt as if their world ended, but lives went on.
Everything is like that. Since the day you born, the only thing that is certain is one day you die. We’re destined to death. And that’s why we think of God, Korone, which makes us better people.
In other words, you may say your oshi will be there forever if you marry her, but even if you do so, your happiness lasts only for a couple of months
>pekora: you may find her annoying because you notice she’s a bit self centered, good at excuses and whining and staying home 24/7 making ear harming screech.
>Watane: often you feel offended by her not telling you what she thinks, because she is afraid of hurting your feelings too much. You tell her it’s ok to you but she doesn’t listen to.
>Korone: You’ll find that she’s actually an abuse addicted psychopath.
>Okayu: your brain become dysfunctional within 30 minutes because of an overwhelming amount of happiness hormone.
>Kiara: you may find her to be an ideal wife material irl.
We’re human and need to be a good human. Holos are our catalyst to improve our humanities.

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I find it hard to believe how so much shit taste can be condensed into a single post

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Hold a party, i wish my oshi graduate soon

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There are so many of them, I'll just watch others.

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I don't Lamy literally told the Yukimin she will be together with them forever. Man do I love Lamy so much you have no idea.

I believe Polka did the same... and don't even get me started on Delta and how she is literally married to her fans.

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Looking forward to dying first and being buried with an audio recording of my oshi being played in my coffin/urn for all eternity

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I've accepted it. I just hope she leaves on her own terms and it isn't because some controversy or bullshit. The time will come for us to move on too.

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>mentioning God and Korone in the same breath

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Once my oshi graduates I'll spend the rest of my life bullying all other vtubers into graduating.

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tfw the dog dies

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>OH NO I'm die thank you forever

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There's a wise quote from a former member of Nijisanji named Moruru. She said "Please don't forget about Moruru until you forget about Moruru".

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Find another one. Simple.

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Please dont fuck your dog

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How do we deal? I already had to do that with Gibara

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I can't live without shuba

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I don't see why they'd graduate. They pretty much print money at this point.

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I just want a yab nuke to destroy her and her being the poster child for everything wrong with vtubing. My problem is that I don't think Okayu has that ability.

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I cope by not having an oshi. I still don't know if that's good or bad by now, being a year into this kind of thing

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Probably because they know her path won't be the same one as the other girls in holofive.

As well as the fact she'll never be able to collab with them on stream without people bringing up her old persona back, Never.

Best answer itt.

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Don't be sad it's over, be happy that it happened.

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How can she will gone? She live with me in my basement

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Steal a shrine maiden from japan and make it play video and perv on women

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Now, you made me feel sad.

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Easy on the memes, pedro.

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how do you deal with the fact you'll die, and/or your friends will die? memories and continual action are all we have. do something now and it'll have ripple effects.

i live because my great grandfather was such a great man that he deserves a good great great grandchild. he also deserves a great grandson who is kind and just. in the end i live for him and i hope someday my future will live with the love i give them.
maybe it's biology but it gives me peace, seeing myself move onto the next and know i did right by that old man. at the end of the day you have to find your own reason.
i intend to live on through children. i do not desire not existing in the great gene pool.

in answering the above you might find peace in pursuits such as v-tubers, which serve to build the present.

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Someone I really liked already announced her graduation and it really feels like shit.
The kind of feeling that makes you want to quit the hobby altogether.
If my oshi graduated I would for sure just go do something else.

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I'm fine if she's moving for better stuff or if it really is her own choice. But I'd be sad if she is "graduating" because of some "yabe" that's actually just japs/idolfags sperging out for nothing.

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Personally i feel that anyone that would feel anything worse than "sad because an entertainer i enjoyed is retiring and stop making content" is already way into the deep end and needs to come out as fast as possible

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From 2018 I already decided I'll quit vtubers entirely when Mito graduates, this won't change for a long long time.

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Definitely healthier than obsessing over it but i don't think there's something wrong with having a favorite artist between a group of entertainers

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There's online personalities that I started following in middle school that are still at it, I don't think their careers are going to be as short as you're implying.

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Why Mito?

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Lots of reasons, I saw her from near the beginning (the grass eating meme that got spread around mid 2018), liked her interest in 00s subculture, and simply grow more and more attached as time goes.

I like her experience report format a lot, and I admire her for always trying out so many new things. Also her voice is very very pleasant and distinct for some reason. I think her mid-2020 ukulele karaoke stream is still my favorite karaoke stream ever.

She played part in cleaving the path open for nijisanji and probably many other Live2D vtubers and I respect that a lot, especially with how vibrant the scene ended up being.

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I'm going to save this post and read it every time I feel like shit

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Wise words

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You see this goblet?

‘For me this glass is already broken. I enjoy it; I drink out of it. It holds my water admirably, sometimes even reflecting the sun in beautiful patterns. If I should tap it, it has a lovely ring to it.

But when I put this glass on the shelf and the wind knocks it over or my elbow brushes it off the table and it falls to the ground and shatters, I say, ‘Of course.’

When I understand that the glass is already broken, every moment with it is precious.'”

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Monoe's been gone and it took this long for me to realize that she's my oshi

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>But don't they only delete all videos on the channel in the case of a forced graduation? Kira's channel is still up with the videos
It depends. In my experience it's rare for channels to not get purged upon graduation. I assume it has something to do with rights and money management if it was a corporate account. Indies might still nuke their videos for online hygiene (some creep will at some point crawl them for stalker information, for example).

Backup channels are rare and will eventually disappear too when the uploader moves on or gets harassed by crazy people into "respecting wishes".

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also poetic

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Got my gun ready. I'll just exit this life.

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>suisei graduates
>it's been 3 years since
>hear about a new big singer in japan
>you recognize her voice

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>My GFE graduates
I'm hoping to get good enough to not need to rely on her emotionally as a life substitute by this point.
As long as it is on good terms I'll wish her luck and tell her to have a happy life

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>Kiara: you may find her to be an ideal wife material irl.
kfp it's ok to admit to flaws in your oshi

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just enjoy the ride