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Are they going to have to close the Indonesian branch now too?

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Wait, what happened?

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All because she didn't disavow Vshojo

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fuck RiMA
literally worse than ENMA

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ramadhan, they will be low energy for entire month

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Ollie is a fucking chad for saying that

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nothing happened

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just the indogs?

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So you ran tired of making anti-Kiara threads and now switched to anti-Ollie threads instead huh

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Hopefully the entire company goes under.

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Ollie is getting groomed by some brit. She's buying into his silver tongue. She also is trying to bridge the gap between Hololive and Vshoujo and wants a collab with them.

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Ollie is the bigger fuckup at exactly this moment so naturally she's the target right now

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not all is lost, she is not Kiara and still have time to correct her way

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Even Kiara knew better than to associate with the VShojwhores

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>just the company

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wait what did kiara do?

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Who unironically turned into an anti here after her vshojo statement? Because I am. Already unsubcribed and disliked all her videos

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go back to discord, nigger

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Just make her draw ripping ass occasionally on stream and I'll still watch her.

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Good man

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Transfer Reine to HoloEN first, and they can do with ID branch whatever they want

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Same fag as last thread

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>anti-Kiara threads
those are bad weed, they grow anywhere without effort regardless of what you do, Ollie needs nurture and care

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>Ollie is getting groomed by some brit. She's buying into his silver tongue

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She's not your girlfriend and will never be

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I was this close to membering to her as well. Reine is probably the best ID now. The rest are shit at English so fuck them.

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Purityfags sperging out, ignore or go along with their schizo rrats to stir them up if you're bored

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He's a serial groomer. Ame already told him to fuck off so he moved on to zombie

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What's Connor's appeal?
Do girls love his 2d av and like the 3d guy because of it,
do they love the 3d guy and his 2d av because of it
or do they love both
and why?

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The guy is a well known YouTube groomer

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That's right. She's mine now, until I get what I want.

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as long as she doesnt collab with those retards its fine

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>deep voice
>millions of subscribers
>i like anime lol
>lives in japan
He's every weebgirl's dream.

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qrd on these vjosho sluts and why this is a big issue?

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Anon if you didn't buy into idolfag retardation you wouldn't feel like being cucked by brit for millionth time

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>Ame already told him to fuck off
What? Holy based

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Cover can just get rid of her. The JP girls don't really care about her and 500k isn't really that big of a number in Hololive standards.

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he's not a groomer if they're all over 18, he's just flirting

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Instead she did it with Artemis lol

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If you like whores so much why don't you just watch normal Ethots?

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Jesus what a bitch

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They're all whores you dumbass. The cartoon character isn't real.

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tl;dr Ollie said she wanted to be friends with VShojo girls because she doesn't like the "rules" within the community (as she probably feels artificially gatekept) and in turn approximately 80% of the board at the time started sperging out /pol/-like rrats and doomposts on how vtubing needs further gatekeeping and immediate saving otherwise it is going to be filled with "western poison" mixed with SJW/progressive politics bullshit, and dead as a medium in result. Not even SEAniggers pretending to be other people by replying to themselves produced this amount of kino/10.


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Shit like this is why oldfags were telling people to wait a few months.

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I mean they are both pretend dykes so it only makes sense.

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she outright stated that she wants to break the rules. if cover would graduate her there won't be anyone amongst the idols to back her up.

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>she outright stated that she wants to break the rules
Meanwhile Haachama gets a month suspension for not playing enough Apex Legends

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Anon you di realize that whatever gfe shit these girls.are trying to sell you is not real right? You are nothing more than a number to them and they'd call cops on you if they saw you irl

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dont care fuck off

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>"Bu.. breaku ruru? I don't andastand ...."

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Fuck you too, Anon.

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Okay, still not subbing to whores

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Except there isn't really a rule being broken. Otherwise Matsuri would've gotten in trouble for simping for Hoshikawa.

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They're 100% right to sperg out and want more gatekeeping. If you haven't noticed, (((western))) society WILL poison and ruin anything that doesn't conform to its retarded standards. It happened to tv shows, it happened to movies, it happened to video games, and it's beginning to happen to anime. If you don't push back, there won't be anything left.

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So you arent subbed to any vtubers? Why are you even here? Find a new hobby.

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and thus the simp was forever broken. the little idea of his perfect fantasy world not being real, while tiny speck at first, slowly started growing into corruption that shook his beliefs to the core, shook them until it all collapsed. ''they... they dont even know who I am...'' he mustered at night while tears falling down his cheeks. ''Their love was never real...''

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>(((western))) society
>Posts in English
Okay kid

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This. Remove holoEN too. Its western.

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All it took was a mention of Vshojo...Oh god you're worse than the /jp/ faggots

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*Up votes*
*Gives Reddit gold*
*Hangs jaw open*

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Kiara is an idol. She is the nuclear core of HololiveEN. She fills collabs and streams with mega energy. Some people can’t handle that glow.

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probably referring to how >western society is helmed by a small number of long-schnozzed immigrants from 20th century europe, rabbi

>> No.2034345

she what? really?

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Also they should stop using (((YouTube))) (((Twitter))) and (((Microsoft Windows))) if they really want to own the westoids

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No fucking thanks.

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lmao gottem

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they cant, Gura is an international phenomena and even the Nips love her

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What does that have to do anything? If you hate Western Civilization so much you should probably stop speaking English

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the Supreme Japanese Culture, humor, and ideas.... western WHORES would never understand.... I am working on moving to Japan asap. The girls in VShojo disgust me with their sex humor and politics. I want to marry a girl pure of heart like Coco.

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schizo post

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Unironically do. It's a miracle gen 1 worked out. We dont need another gen. You don't see how slippery a slope it is to let people who think in black and white of "if you dont hold our moral standards you're evil" into an environment like hololive. Japanese culture offends the woke sensibilities and they're already constantly complaining about it. All it would take is a turncoat to start criticizing things once she has enough simps to rally behind.

>> No.2034593

anon, your early life reps...

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The only thing I dislike about Vshojo is their crude humor. Other than that I fail to see the big issue with refusing to disavow them. This is Vshojo, not some random indy.

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Fuck off

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You will never be japanese, they will always hate you because you're an ESL, you will never fuck an asian chicks because they're all workoholics, your oshi will never love you because you're a self hating weaboo

>> No.2034771

I'm too busy literally hating Calli to dislike some indog.

>> No.2034817

>hating a very radical sect of people who also hold most of the power over the west's media means you hate western culture in general
No, people who aren't retarded realize how nepotistic and self-righteous the western crazies are, and how they actually do have a lot of power despite how half the rest of the west hates them. Look at the censoring and rampant social justice in the anime dubbing scene, for an easy example.

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Be careful you get banned for complaining about that annoying wigger

>> No.2034895

pathetic lmao

>> No.2034903

What the fuck do you think retard? Stop taking shitposts so literal

>> No.2034911

No lol, she wasn't even "suspended", she just couldn't do the content she was doing for the past 2 months due to youtube and cover changes.
Hoshikawa isn't built around being a whore and that being her only personality and there's nothing stopping holo from collabing with niji.

>> No.2034923

Reminder that anti threads like these are made by deadshits to take the heat off Calli

>> No.2034929

Keep watching YouTube and speaking English lol

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lol this nigga is trolling. Japanese women are the biggest whores on the planet. 75% of adult Japanese women anonymously polled have admitted to being in JAV

>> No.2034991

Well why do you think she was suspended?

>> No.2035008

seething samefag

>> No.2035075

>75 percent of women in a country with population over 200 million have done porn

>> No.2035145

Anything is possible when you're off your meds long enough.

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>japs love pedobait
No way in hell.

>> No.2035263

to be fair vshojo is pure cringe

>> No.2035329

>Calling Gura pedobait

Found the Twitter user

>> No.2035330

Enjoy the news articles and youtube "speaking out" against all the lolicons in hololive, because it's "supporting pedophilia". Have you not seen how twitter and r*ddit are about japan? You know how many people who also think like that apply to hololive? It's literally only a matter of time, no meds required. Once one media giant like reddit takes notice, then youtube will side with them and start making statements, then twitter will fall in, too until they have no other platforms. This literally happens all the time.

>> No.2035427

>Have you not seen how twitter and r*ddit are about japan
Uh yeah Reddit sóyboys loves Japan also you will never be Japanese.

>> No.2035475

It is but for fuck sake, the fucking shizoing over them and shit is so fucking annoying.

Vshojo is blacklisted because of memory and Connor will do AT BEST one collab before he turns tail because Ollie made him feel uncomfortable.

There. The whole meltdown prevented

>> No.2035575

you have bo idea just how productive the Japanese porn industry is.

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(((American)))* society (and maybe mainstream media), if you really insist on this ass-backwards take to be your hill to die on. Except as you can see, neither Indonesians nor the Japanese care about this nonsense (provided they are even aware of it to begin with), and chances are literally nothing all that yab-inducing would happen were they to collab. I've seen roughly the same number of schizo rrats when Holos collabed with Nijisanji, apparently it was supposed to be the end of the fucking world for you all pseudo-purityfags, yet in a magical twist of destiny exactly fuckall has happened. Feel free to not take your meds, I will continue laughing at you as usual.

>> No.2035630

twitter likes pedos though

>> No.2035660

Fuck off retard

>> No.2035664

>because of memory

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I see tou know nothing about Japan. Japanese Highschool girls (Josei Kosei) dont work fastfood or shitty retail jobs for cash to buy their fashion and consumer products. The have JK business. Look it up. If you do JK business then eventually you will do a porn or two.

>> No.2035777

>Ame already told him to fuck off
You mean told chat to fuck off with the spam. You can't blame the guy when he was literally told to go check out Ame. You goslings act like he slapped Ame's ass.

>> No.2035785

Yeah they love actual pedos but go after lolis and highschool anime girls with torches and pitchforks all the time.

>> No.2035797

Yeah being a minor attracted person is considered a protected sexual orientation on Twitter

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>> No.2035835

RiMA does not do her job, she just counts the cash and lets them do whatever
ENMA is a control freak who think she is responsible for the EN boom

>> No.2035848

>people talking about VShojo being cringe because of horny and sex jokes
>these same people are fans of Coco, who made a joke about a dragon tail buttplug and regularly makes stupid sex jokes, and Marine, who often goes over the top with regards to sex stuff, and even Matsuri
VShojo is not any different from most JP agencies IMO; anyone who thinks they are either literally doesn’t speak Japanese or intentionally closes their ears when their ‘pure seiso idols’ say shit like that

>> No.2035979

Fuck off retard

>> No.2035983

Nijisanji makes the occasional dirty joke. Vshojo girls literally make sex and being whores their personality.

>> No.2035989

Then do it.

>> No.2035994

She wasn't suspended retard, she took the break herself, either because she's mad or because she's tired. Do you really believe everything you read here? This place is rotting your brain

>> No.2036008

Ingest medicine.

>> No.2036010

Frankly I think it's time they let the holos out to play

>> No.2036016

As a slav anon I can confirm that aside from westaboos and a few moral busy bodies no one gives a fuck about any moral nonsense americans ree about this week.

I'm thinking japs are even more uninterested

>> No.2036073

>He actually believes

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They have to.

She's too powerful.

Yagoo secretly fears her and knows what she has said about him which is why he turned down her friend request, not because he's just a ceo, but because she could easily dig up some dirt, turn that into content, and bring hololive ID to such a platform they'll have to shut it down before indo anti's become the same as china anti's

But of course, that's the plan, keep ollie and have her dox him one day, or kill the branch and have another anti attack, more than likely Kiara with some BS excuse she said shit about Moona

And with the stop asian hate movement happening no one can stop them and kirara's fans are too stupid to rally up like Coco's fans.

There only way out is watch her stream at max volume with headphones on until the deafness cleanses your soul

>> No.2036192

What heat?

>> No.2036213

You mean, after Kiara unfollowed and ignored Artemis?

>> No.2036244

Doing god's work.

>> No.2036249

As long as vshojo has melody it will always the company with a pornstar, it doesn't matter if she's great or whatever her personality is like, she's known as the vtuber camwhore

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educate yourself faggot. I was a weeb in my youth and did JET work in Japan in my early 20s. You don’t know shit about Japan. I love Japan, but I am not delusional. There. are no “christian” morals to be found in shintoism

>> No.2036360

I approve of it because it gets spergs like you kicked out of any community

>> No.2036449

gura was in a belle delphine video
pot kettle

>> No.2036471

twitter zealots hate anime though

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>I watched anime, I'm an expert on Japan!

>> No.2036500

>i want everything to be identical, filtered slop because it owns the schizos!

>> No.2036513

Anon gives me the impression he loses his mind when he sees a black guy on TV

>> No.2036518

nothing. indogs are just trying to deflect to defend one of their own.

>> No.2036535

Ngl owning /pol/ schizos is better than owning libs

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ZOOMBIE HATE. At least kiara doesn't want to collab with camwhores.

>> No.2036584


>> No.2036599

Vshojo is cringe because of TTS nigger who makes political statements on Twitter.

>> No.2036608

Welcome to modern society. People will shit up the entire world if it will make their "enemy" upset.

>> No.2036662

I fucked your dad in the penis you snowflake


>> No.2036676

>She actually was one instead

>> No.2036678 [DELETED] 
File: 54 KB, 1024x995, 1613442394866.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This. Ollie is making Kiara somewhat tolerable.

>> No.2036731

>pretending there's not a million sexualised comments about "loli shark"
you're not fooling anyone pedomonster

>> No.2036748

>political statements
What are these political statements, Anon? Are they, for example, ‘x type of person exists and should be treated like a normal person’? Because treating people like normal people doesn’t sound political to me

>> No.2036750

Imagine getting filtered by normie twitter takes and TTS

>> No.2036807

She just has to calm the fuck down and not set off the yab bomb. Just relax you dumb fucking zombie.

>> No.2036829

Why would I lust over Gura when there is Botan and Marine to look at?

>> No.2036910

Improvement to content while making snowflakes cry is good, shit for brains.

>> No.2036934

Imagine defending normie Twitter takes and TTS

>> No.2036986

Every time you stupid white girls open your mouth I'm less mad that our government is letting China do what it wants.

>> No.2036987

And 4chan is full of snowflakes! So clearly the best way to make content better is to go against what the majority of 4chan wants.

>> No.2037013

I just don't give a shit about it lol
Your fault you got filtered
I'm nowhere near the filter to begin with

>> No.2037020

If Ollie wants to collab with VShojo it's okay, she's the perfect guinea pig for that.

>> No.2037039

Ollie is 17

>> No.2037056

just look at these threads man
fuck these cancerous shojoshit

>> No.2037083

And they won't because...Say it with me:
"Melody got Vshojo blacklisted from working with Holo"

>> No.2037101


im a classmate of Ollie (already talk abt it in some Ollie thread), one of her weeb friend. I will try to talk to her abt it. she might be naive, but she can think if she tried.

all I can do is talk tho, she is the one who will decide. also pls understand that she is not that smart with political things

>> No.2037164 [DELETED] 

Can you punch her in the face for me?

>> No.2037191

Be careful anon, "people that are different from me are still human" is a boiling hot take around here

>> No.2037219

Typical Western poison. Westerners are truly locusts that should be exterminated.

>> No.2037256

I mean, the attempt would be noble but we are superior when it comes to those things.

>> No.2037266

Uh huh

BTW I'm Gura's dad, Korone's boyfriend and Pekora's dog.

>> No.2037267


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File: 542 KB, 487x576, connor14.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So does anyone have any evidence that he is a groomer or that he has done anything sketchy?

>> No.2037291

I didn’t even say what type of people I was talking about and you just went and assumed what I was saying
It’s so easy to rile up you snowflakes

>> No.2037296

Self hating faggots like you should hump a blender

>> No.2037338


You need any more?

>> No.2037371

>Be a groomer
>Openly interact with a 17 year old you're grooming

Yeah I don't think he's grooming

>> No.2037377

What is the zoomer fascination with larping? You all do it and I don't understand why.

>> No.2037383

Like Marine.

>> No.2037399

He's quite clearly gay whats the problem

>> No.2037429


>> No.2037431

No, but in the one trash taste I watched he said incel every other sentence and bitched about lolis in hentai so fuck him

>> No.2037448

What fucking reason do you have to ever make that statement? Because people just randomly say shit like that without any context, right? Just implode quicker already.

>> No.2037453


>> No.2037456

Forgot to mention Conners start was aimed at female weebs with his Black Butler Sebastian voice overs. He had some insane percentage of female viewership for a long long time.

>> No.2037461

yeah I will react the same way if I was (you). but I can't give IRL prove, nor that I need to.

I will try my best to convince her for reevaluate, will post the result later

>> No.2037480

Please let him be gay. Can you imagine all the mental gymnastics if Ollie's "groomer" turns out to be a faggot?

>> No.2037496

Lot of self hating white people on here good grief.

>> No.2037549

I don't give a shit what people you're talking about. It's so fucking obvious that a statement like that would follow some fucked-up shit your imploding society has done, and then you're just flinging your bullshit on the rest of us. I don't give a shit what's happening in your dying country. Keep it to yourself.

>> No.2037618

Okay snowflake

>> No.2037630

Replace the numbers with Kpop profile pics for the ultimate expirience

>> No.2037634 [DELETED] 
File: 89 KB, 255x264, 1617099700603.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

OH NO NO NO ZOMKEKS WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR MONEY?! Are you paying for her condoms again!?

>> No.2037678

>What fucking reason do you have to ever make that statement
Generally in response to people like you posting that (jews/blacks/zhangs/etc) need to be exterminated

>> No.2037679

Did you just copypaste like a faggot?

>> No.2037695

they really are no different from kpop stans

>> No.2037719

>Except as you can see, neither Indonesians nor the Japanese care about this nonsense
Haven't several jap artists been harrassed off twitter by western sjw?

>> No.2037720

>ITT: 1 (One) faggot defending awful tastes in vtubers with multiple replies because it 'riles up snowflakes'

>> No.2037746 [DELETED] 

Did you just copypaste like a faggot?

>> No.2037750

>Be a groomer
Again, where is the evidence?
>17 year old
Do you really believe Ollie is 17?

>> No.2037756

>people cant be bad
kill yourself

>> No.2037761

These are zomrades. They deliberately want to cause trouble and cause drama, as expected.

>> No.2037790

Yeah and now they're flat out sharing shit like block people with pronouns in bio and it was glorious because the same people bitched about that too.

>> No.2037802

Every male that talks with a younger girl is a groomer unless proven otherwise.

>> No.2037809

we're not larping anon, ollie's friends and family are all avid vt posters. I know this because i'm her english teacher from middle school

>> No.2037827
File: 20 KB, 481x481, festivanya.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

jesus christ, you guys.

>> No.2037832

>And with the stop asian hate movement happening no one can stop them
You mean the movement that only exists to further vilify white people? That movement? Because believe me SJWs don't give a shit about Asians otherwise.

>> No.2037842

Anon...I was making a joke about how connor is not a groomer...You dumb fuck

>> No.2037871

You did a fucking atrocious job with her grammar.

>> No.2037884

Well fuck, time to quit my english tutoring job

>> No.2037897

I've not said anything of the sort on racial or ethnic terms. But you, people like you should definitely be exterminated. You're just cultural cyanide. Everything you people touch just dies. Just because your garbage society and your garbage people are killing your black people, beating up your Jews, and curbstomping your Asians, don't subject the rest of us to lectures when we aren't doing any of that.

>> No.2037929

Never seen one this fucking new

>> No.2037946

>bitched about lolis in hentai
Yes when he is trying to fap to it but he doesn't want him to ban them like some normalfags.

>> No.2037979

Attention whores, same reason people make up fake leaks.

>> No.2038003
File: 3.66 MB, 2517x4007, 120EFD5E-E8C2-4D40-9600-B1E01AF96AB2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he hasn’t been paying attention.

Are you retarded? Do you want the vtubing medium to be filled by faggots in niggers who’s only gimmick is that they are faggots and niggers? Instead of a merit based system of choosing talents, Cover would resort to employing faggots and niggers based on what they are and not who they are. Hololive is great because of the personalities and talent within the company. Western companies have begun to hire based on skin color and what orientation you are simply to fill the void of being diversified. Fuck, this community needs to gatekeep, it’s how healthy communities survive.

>> No.2038011

Well shit, i am sorry.

>> No.2038043

Lmao because white people are perfect and have never done anything wrong, fuck off go back to /pol/

>> No.2038091

>Hololive debuts first trans midget vtuber and it's everything.
>Black female vtubers are leading a revolution on cultural narratives. Here's why it matters.

>> No.2038098

Return to reddit nigger. Hating what the west has become does not equal hating the west.

>> No.2038158

believing all cultures are equally good is the most naive and uneducated thing you could possibly do. who cares if we are all human when some humans are acting like actual animals.

>> No.2038159

Are jannies asleep again? This is a /pol/ thread now

>> No.2038194

>Posted via the English language

>> No.2038200

The fact you put more importance on grouping people when its clear that there's even a lot of difference between individuals who are closely related makes it seem like you're a political person.

>> No.2038206

>this community needs to gatekeep
What are you gonna do though?

>> No.2038248

The worst no fun allowed janny only comes out at night

>> No.2038256

You're the one that's the problem. One day you might even realise that.

>> No.2038288

If they are smart, yes.

>> No.2038292

teacher isn't friend, nor family

>> No.2038327


>> No.2038389

If your really want to BTFO the westoids you should stop using Latin based language

>> No.2038460

>latin based
Why are americans so dumb?

>> No.2038474

As long as you continue to hate women, niggers, faggots and trannies, they will continue to shit all over your hobbies. Consider all the seething that you can witness on 4chan about having this or that ruined by (((them))). Ruining your fun is obviously a very efficient tactic for trolling you guys. You went to war with these people, now you're complaining because they won't make peace with you and leave you alone.

>> No.2038517
File: 149 KB, 1024x730, AF72A931-5EC2-42F7-820D-9AEE0B4E85E8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i dont know why i want to fuck the stitches out of this little ragdoll zombie loli.

>> No.2038544

Your linguistic reps

>> No.2038546

"Some humans" does not equal a whole entire cultural group. It would be extremely unwise to judge everyone in a specific cultural group with a bias just because there are a minority who set bad examples.

>> No.2038569

thats a canadian. Americans don’t even know what latin is.

>> No.2038582

Is he for real? You've gotta be kidding me.

>> No.2038603


>> No.2038622

Just what part of Ollie makes you think she’s a loli? She’s clearly a high school aged teenager with the body to match.

>> No.2038669

there are some cultures today that as a whole do heinous things and most of the people within that culture believe it to be correct. It's not usually a minority that sets the bad example; it's the majority with the minority trying to distance themselves from it.

>> No.2038676

At its core, english is a germanic language, with vocabulary heavily borrowed from latin sources.

>> No.2038694

Having a lot of words borrowed from Latin does not make English a Latin based language you dumb motherfucker

>> No.2038703
File: 284 KB, 802x1000, 16605-Hulder.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Seconding this. I am not Japanese but I am East Asian (Taiwanese) and I can tell you for a fact that the East is not the "morally pure" holy land you guys seem to think it is. Eastern Women are actually statistically more likely to cheat on their partners than the "Western Whores" you guys compare them to. They're also just as, if not more vapid, since women here are actively encouraged not to take up masculine hobbies that might make them into actually likeable people.

I've dated Western, Japanese and Taiwanese women. Given the choice, I would rather date a western woman.

>> No.2038750

german is latin, yes

>> No.2038771

And German comes from Latin

>> No.2038799

You may be right. As long as we can agree on a reasonable case by case treatment of any individual...

>> No.2038818

You will never be Japanese

>> No.2038840

No, it comes form Proto-Germanic, which comes from Proto-Indoeuropean you mongs

>> No.2038869

Okay so it's western trash

>> No.2038893

>Americans don't even know the classical period
This is just embarrassing, even schoolkids on the other side of the planet with no connection to Europe beyond a century or less of colonisation know "varus varus where are my legions?"

>> No.2038914

you will never be germanic

>> No.2038921

loli is a personality

>> No.2038926

Non Ecclesiastical Latin uses German phonetics.

>> No.2038937

Some guy made a word up in my Geography class in highschool and decades later I still hear local kids say it. Who cares where language comes from.

>> No.2038953

Who are you quoting?

>> No.2038963

Guess it's not latin-based at all.

>> No.2038965

And hololive did shaving and masturbation streams

>> No.2038986

>masturbation streams
The only one who did that was thrown out on her ass.

>> No.2038992


>> No.2039018

i accept your concession

>> No.2039019

Guess you are still a westoid though.

>> No.2039037

I don't, but apparently other people do while lacking even surface level knowledge of the topic they're talking about, so of course I'm going to correct them.
I don't know if this was intentionally or not, but as a Nordophile whose first language is Chinese, this really really hurt my feelings

>> No.2039080

She's back doing the same shit though

>> No.2039086

You will never be east asian

>> No.2039091

You're fucking stupid lol

>> No.2039137

thanks anon I needed that :)

>> No.2039176
File: 147 KB, 337x451, EwUIS_sWQAIhmF6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>girl talks to someone you don't like

>> No.2039223

This but unironically

>> No.2039234

cry me a river chang

>> No.2039305

You guys use the Med Bvlls alphabet just accept it.

>> No.2039321

*farts* lol :^)

I added as much to this thread / conversation as all these other posts.

You're welcome.

>> No.2039369

If chimkin can contain herself from tarnishing Hololive's reputation in the pursuit of >>>, this narcistic zombie slut should be able to. Ollie can collab with the entirety of Hololive knowing Japanese, but fawns over western vultures because they show her special attention and doesn't care if shes blowing on the house of cards her senpais built.

>> No.2039382

>wants child predators and the mentally deranged to be treated as ‘normal’
>wants to imprison or murder anyone who suggests why this might be a bad idea
Every day you make Hitler look more and more like the good guy

>> No.2039439

What are you implying? Unlike hololive, Vshojo is anti child predator

>> No.2039502

>lmao because Jews are perfect and have never done anything wrong, fuck off back to /leftypol/

>> No.2039526

YOU are the shitty westerners, you are the retarded amerilards obsessed more with the politics of vtubing than the vtubers themselves.

>> No.2039528

>doesn't care if shes blowing on the house of cards her senpais built.
People say that but i think Connor knows that Hololive is very strict about these collabs and knows the real reason why Mori was allowed in a podcast so he doesn't try to push this collab. I mean at this point if all the rrats about him would be true there probably would have been already full stream collab but there hasn't.

>> No.2039579

indogs report in
defend your indog queen

>> No.2039591
File: 84 KB, 1280x720, Idol Managers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon, people don't like being told they can't do something, especially when it seems the only reason they're not allowed to do the thing is "Because I said so."

Management has its reasons, maybe they're even good reasons, but Ollie doesn't know or care about gatekeeping so the whole thing seems stupid to her.

>> No.2039607
File: 3.20 MB, 498x498, 1616635527053.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

God I love this zoo. It's peak comfy to sit around enjoying streams and observing the creatures here in their habitat. They really think their opinions are of any relevance when they make up such a marginal fraction of the viewerbase.

>> No.2039658
File: 107 KB, 294x358, Sadness Returns.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Western society poisons everything it touches with retarded political rhetoric.
>But thats only a bad thing when its the other guy doing the poisoning.

Its not worth it anon, people like this have formed an identity around a stupid ideology.

>> No.2039686
File: 97 KB, 252x254, necomaya.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm just jumping on this thread to request a dl of the deleted stream where Ollie falls asleep if anyone has it. I have a falling asleep fetish, don't mind me.

>> No.2039692

>Nekopara collabs

>> No.2039821

Apart from being a little boring at times there is literally nothing wrong with nekopara.

>> No.2039852


>> No.2039861

Kiara is annoying to some people so the rrats endlessly theorize over how much of a cunt she could potentially be irl and project this made up version of her that only exists in their heads onto everything she does, ignore it.
I don't even like Kiara and I'm fed up with the rrats

>> No.2039897

or you could just do your roommate reps

>> No.2039913

I don't even know the context but I'm just here to call you a faggot j_god

>> No.2039955

Pomf pomf kimochi

>> No.2039985
File: 2.17 MB, 1000x1785, kiara rrat gift.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sure thing. Here you dropped this

>> No.2039989

>obsessed more with the politics of vtubing than the vtubers themselves.
You need to be anon, simply for no other reason than those that seek to do harm to the landscape are as well. There's a reason it's called gatekeeping; because they are at the fucking gates.
>But thats only a bad thing when its the other guy doing the poisoning.
Oh fuck off retard, protecting the idyllic status quo (gatekeeping) is not the same thing as going out of your way to change things. Why do your ilk always have so little self-awareness?

>> No.2039997

daily reminder every board will become /pol/ if the jews wont stop destroying society

>> No.2040011

>he doesn't know

>> No.2040048

seethe, goy

>> No.2040050

I guess so. I've been banned for posting the word nigger before but it's all over this thread

>> No.2040051

indogs constantly shitting on the western branch (especially kiara) for months
now that a fellow indog gets some (deserved) shit they seethe, cope and are in panic mode
god i love this timeline

>> No.2040062

I can't believe the Jews are the reason why girls want to talk to people

>> No.2040076

Y’all niggaz need Jesus. Or maybe some pussy

>> No.2040090

doesn’t know what? That Coconuts (who appears to be a large adult female) is implied to be less than 1 year old?

>> No.2040091

>he doesn't know

>> No.2040093

Holy Shit Touch Grass

>> No.2040134

That’s the most retarded thing I’ve ever heard.

>> No.2040135

if a sapient species only lives to be 10 years old does that means it's never okay to fuck one even at the end of their life span?

>> No.2040140
File: 1.63 MB, 540x304, 9060C0DF-2E4A-4E26-9236-2708F1739A40.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i get pussy from your mother every day. And i don’t need to worship the desert kike on a pole.
I am much more interested in the future Queen of Hell

>> No.2040155

You’re right, but consumers don’t have the mental capacity to understand or affect change. Asking them to fight is a wasted effort

>> No.2040220

VShojo whores are subhuman

>> No.2040226

Ollie is probably the worst thing for Covers image. I don't care what the voice actors of the avatars do IRL. But the avatars need to stay the fuck out of politics. Ollie will ruin everything. She needs to go.

>> No.2040262

how often do you seethe about you being a white person, anon? Do you enjoy doing it? Sounds like a waste of time to me.

>> No.2040285

I would agree generally with the girls staying far from cringe western lolitics, but can someone give a good summary of what exactly she did wrong? Did she just say “I wish I could collab with vshojo” or is there more to it? Or are you saying she shouldn’t associate with them because they are political?

>> No.2040319

we’ve just seen the story play out a million times before. it never ends well
>this time it will be different
imagine the hubris

>> No.2040346

There are some many threads about this in archives. It's a waste of time to repeat everything.
All you need to know is that she is dumb, young and rebellious and wants to "break the rules" (her own words). Honestly just look it up yourself and you have material to read for hours.

>> No.2040366
File: 111 KB, 933x952, EaPoXdoXQAAVh7Q.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is the future Ollie wants and anyone saying 'YAAAS QUEEN FUCK GUIDELINES'

>> No.2040387


>> No.2040392

Say Hi to Hime for us

>> No.2040394

/vt/'s ideal woman is locked in a closet I swear to god

>> No.2040419

she is also careless as fuck. one example: she liked a tweet of Kiara's roommate without even following her. meaning she typed in her name manually to look her up. she is honestly retarded and dangerous.
the reason why people don't sperg out about this is because "lel its just kiara".
doesnt matter. its dangerous and retarded. dont fucking use your official vtuber account to retweet and like stuff of your co-workers roommate. what the fuck is wrong with that indog.

>> No.2040440
File: 626 KB, 1280x505, soopah.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I guarantee Cover gives 1000x less of a shit about this than /vt/ does.

>> No.2040462

Nekopara is pure fiction, literally who gives a flying fuck

>> No.2040474

Man that really doesn’t seem too bad to me. I think you guys are overthinking this

>> No.2040519

This is your brain on being american. You never stopped being an anglo

>> No.2040525
File: 1023 KB, 265x260, 1445298249979.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So are more people mad at Connor thing or Vshoujo thing?

>> No.2040527

So the consensus I am getting from this discussion is that the west is currently bad, therefore all things coming from the west must be bad, and Ollie liking western thing must result in her cancellation. The former is true, the west is undoubtedly corrupt. I d not believe that the later is necessarily always true.

>> No.2040545

It took you this long to figure that out?

>> No.2040558

No. Her avatar should just stay the fuck out of politics. Very simple.

>> No.2040563
File: 18 KB, 534x248, 1617026639478.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2040601

>unless you love women who lust after cocks all day and make constant sex jokes and talk about their sex lives you are a religious prude who just can't handle women!!
Brainwashing really doing its job with you, isn't it? I remember there was a time when class was an attractive personality trait.

>> No.2040610

How is not disavowing Vshojo political? I agree that Vtubers should stay out of politics but this is not a political matter.

>> No.2040635

He did though, I was there

>> No.2040647

This is fucking furry drama level of pathetic.

>> No.2040653

No, ollie shouldn't be cancelled, she should just stay as far away from western things as possible and never suggest collabing with them again. She's showing the warning signs of
>cmon guys, it can't be that bad! Haha we should be more progressive!

>> No.2040674

>>>/pol/ please go back

>> No.2040690

the livelihoods of dozens of other women rely on the group’s mutual trust and discernment. one chuuba’s poor discernment, or in this case outright willingness to break the rules and associate with high risk/low reward parasites, is threatening to everyone else who has the good sense to steer clear of deliberate ventures that would compromise the others

>> No.2040698

full of doormats who will side with twitter retards
just look at their fans man

>> No.2040700

How is she doing that? By expressing interest in another Vtubing group?

>> No.2040706

do you even fucking know what vshojo is? IT WILL get political

>> No.2040709


>> No.2040712

>she should just stay as far away from western things as possible
Even offstream?

>> No.2040742


>> No.2040743

You're not gatekeeping though, you're drawing arbitrary lines in the sand and pretending that its god. A member of the largest Japanese vtubing company, who is herself asian has said she wanted to collab with vshojo, there is no gate to keep. She is in rome and you are the barbarian.

>> No.2040745

I don't, but they do obviously. I mean, this is about lolicon right?

>> No.2040765

You haven't seen anything from vshojo? They're a raunchy collection of about the epitome of what's wrong with western vtubing, minus maybe ironmouse, who is only a little less extreme. They have an actual whore in their group. Like she was literally doing porn streams before joining vshojo.

>> No.2040786

Yes, I know what Vshojo is, and the only time I ever saw one of their members get political is when Zen had a meltdown on main Jan 6th, which was quickly shut down. Did I miss anything else?

>> No.2040790

>jesus, go outside for once in your life! These insular online communities are ruining your ability to form real relationships with people. Not everything is political, why are you ruining your own hobbies with conspiracy crap? Anon I'm really concerned about you
What did George Soros mean by this?

>> No.2040794

Fair enough; if VShoujo takes an anti-lolicon stance but they play Nekopara on stream, that's kind of hypocritical. I don't follow those girls enough to know, aside from having heard about Nyanners bitching about loli or something.

>> No.2040844

>was literally doing porn streams before joining vshojo
It's so easy to tell when someone hasn't done even the slightest amount of background research to substantiate their claims. Just parroting /hlgg/ talking points like trite cliches.

>> No.2040858 [DELETED] 

As a non Freedomistani, it's crazy to me how being "it's political" to get freaked out that congress got looted by people wanting to murder elected officials. Vtubers are people too

>> No.2040879

She did, about 10 years ago. She then called 4chan a bunch of meanies, and still people are whinging about it

>> No.2040903

You mean Melody? She actually keeps that lewd shit in her CB streams and her normal streams are pretty "seiso". And i don't really think Vshoujo is really trying to be idol group and people that watch them don't look for that.

>> No.2040917

I'm fine with HoloID being the Guinea pig for Cover to test risky thing like VShojo though. They are expendable at least.

>> No.2040934
File: 173 KB, 382x207, 1615521219949.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>nyanners is a former 4channer turned sjw who has been outspoken about anime and called lolicons pedophiles (lots of lolicons in hololive). She also constantly whines about how disgusting it is that japan "objectifies" women
>zen is a mentally ill guy with text to speech who has mental breakdowns on twitter constantly
>froot is good at acting but hangs around a bunch of questionable people. She's famous for cheating on her husband while he was deployed
>melody did sexwork and got popular with her avatar jacking off on stream for donations
>group owned by a twitch employee

>> No.2040961

Yes, she was. Ehat do you call her avatar masturbating on camera? That's a porn stream. You can watch it yourself.

>> No.2040987

One mention of them and holocels blew the board up.
Imagine the day she actually collabs with them

>> No.2041030

>Instead of a merit based system of choosing talent

oh the infinite talents of Miko, saying nigga in GTA and talking like a retarded 10 years old girl

>> No.2041031

No, the crux is she still does it. And that's how its plain as day that you are just parroting shit other anons have said.

>> No.2041039

I wish. At least Ollie-Zen collab, please.

>> No.2041045

If they're not really trying to be an idol group, why want to collab? Why do people throw conniptions when you suggest hololive shouldn't collab with them?

>> No.2041046

>hangs around a bunch of questionable people
>melody did sexwork and got popular with her avatar jacking off on stream for donations
You forgot while making other ethots butthurt. She will be always based because of that.

>> No.2041059

Yeah, I'm thinking that's the reason Cover hasn't said anything. Like selecting a small population for a social experiment. Some idolfags will see Ollie as the Trojan horse for westernization though.

>> No.2041073 [DELETED] 

i dont give a fuck if burgers start a civil war i dont care

>> No.2041148 [DELETED] 

>looted by people who wanted to murder elected officials
Your brain on CNN

>> No.2041165

>why want to collab
I never said i wanted a collab. Only one i watch often is Snuffy and she isn't even official part of Vshoujo.

>> No.2041182

Haha, don't bullshit me anon like I'm some newfag outsider and Ollie's opinion is actually the mainstream in Hololive. If she was, they'd be doing it already. She is literally saying she wants to "break the rules", nervously and defensively wondering if she is "allowed to say this."
The audience is just as important to Hololive's existence as the Holo's themselves, so fuck off with this "The only opinion that matters is the one holo trying to upend the boat" horseshit.
I'm in Rome. Ollie's in Rome. You too are in Rome. Because a senator at the forum's opinion differs from mine doesn't change that fact. The analogy is actually hilarious considering that internal turmoil was a major if not the primary reason that Rome fell in the first place.

>> No.2041282

I always hated this bitch Ollie ever since debut, and the association with vshoujo just helps me understand even better what I hate about her. She's always had this really on-the-nose edgelord personality which I fucking can't stand, and it perfectly matches someone like Nyanners or Iron Mouse.

>> No.2041334

Holy shit, for a second I thought something important actually happened, lol

Imagine discovering now that HoloID is pretty chill with collab, since they collab regularly with Indies, Holostar and even "3D" personality, something that a "idol purist" will always regard as wrong for whatever bullshit he will come out

Let the poltard seeth, their option never amounted to nothing and nothing will change

>> No.2041369

>equating idolfag purity with not wanting the essence of hololive to be destroyed in a politically correct explosion

>> No.2041387

It doesn't seem unreasonable for Cover to expect its talent to stay totally apolitical. They're constantly putting on a performance; it's stupid to alienate part of the audience, especially if you're aiming at the West where everything is still politically fucked. Anyway, I go to Hololive in part to escape from that bullshit. I have strong opinions about political issues like most everyone else but I don't need or want to know if my oshi agrees with me.

If anything, we're the Roman citizens who go on bread riots and burn shit down when we're angry.

>> No.2041447

>hololive will become 100% politically correct and raunchy sex talk at the same time
What happens when you don't touch grass

>> No.2041509

go back

>> No.2041513

Women being able to act like complete sex crazed degenerates is literally celebrated and one of the core tenets of political correctness

>> No.2041539

moreover, those who do not behave like sex crazed degenerates, and question those that do, are considered immoral

>> No.2041612

Reminder this board is a target for all sides of shills but mostly EN indies and Vshoujo discord psyops.
I have zero problems with them, but do not feed the animals. As if Nijifags JSL LARPers isn't bad enough.
Ollie should do what she wants. However social justice faggots that can't separate entertainment and virtue signalling should really kill themselves. No shit everyone will gatekeep after what happened with anime and videogames. But I am damn sure Cover knows how to filter these people from infiltrating like a tumor.
I just want to watch cute do cute things.

Just shut the fuck up already and when will vtubers play grand strategy games?

>> No.2041661

>She did, about 10 years ago.
Wasn't this in 2015? Frankly, let the whinging continue forever, it's not as though there has ever been any sort of apology. Never give an inch.

>> No.2041728

Why are you posting swimsuit pics of Gura, pedomonster.

>> No.2041860

>Ollie should do what she wants.
To a degree.
>But I am damn sure Cover knows how to filter these people from infiltrating like a tumor.
Perhaps, but it isn't that simple anon. It isn't just about letting them in, it is also about letting people who are naive enough to let them in... in. It is from within that these things happen. "What do you mean I can't do XX and X? Are you a X?" is the beginning of the end for many a company and community. The great (and tbf sometimes awful) thing about JP culture is that bringing up these things in the first place is heavily stigmatized.
As you said, we've all seen what happened to our other hobbies, and so there is a strong but unspoken desire for the Holos just not to bring potentially dangerous elements into the fold. Ollie, by this statement, has revealed that she not only doesn't give a shit about this sentiment, but doesn't even give enough of a shit to openly admit to wanting to break these "rules" that are there for a very good reason.

>> No.2041905

I didn't realize there was a giant mistrust between Vtubers and their fanbase.

>> No.2041957

It's not like Ollie's the only one in hololive to have expressed interest in/interacted with vshojo. But that's probably splitting hairs. I just don't think vshojo interactions matter at all. There has been multiple times now where collabing with outside parties has been heralded as the end-times and every time the end times never came. Collabing with vshojo won't cause hololive to turn into an SJW cult or cause them to make sex jokes or whatever it is vshojo does that is bad, I don't see any chain of events that starts with a vshojo collab and ends with the death of hololive as we know it and so whilst I'm apathetic towards them collabing and theirs certain collabs that would be awkward as fuck (namely zenreyata), I agree with Ollie's sentiment that it shouldn't be as taboo as it is and that the death of hololive is an imagined threat.

>> No.2041985

Finally a good take.

>> No.2042087

pedo means fart in spanish

>> No.2042201

Thank you, but i think she is too arrogant to listen to you, she still has time to retract though

>> No.2042356

fuck off

>> No.2042394

You only need to take a look at any American media organisation (or organisation in general) to realise that it's better to err on the side of caution in these matters. Frankly, I feel the exact same as you. I don't particularly dislike Vshojo or anything, but they are undoubtedly a vulnerability, if not right this minute, then in the future. They also have a fuckton of baggage that, for no other reason than they are polarizing, makes them not worth it. Hololive's audience don't want polarizing elements in. It is the constant refrain from even the masses that they watch Hololive specifically to escape these things.
Collabing with Vshojo is the first incline in a slippery slope that nobody wants Hololive to touch with a 10 foot pole. The desire to "protect" the Hololive experience from outside forces is strong within the community, and, again, for good reason. It's not that it's a certainty, it's just a possibility, and denying that the possibility after what we've seen in the last decade is the height of naivete.
>There has been multiple times now where collabing with outside parties has been heralded as the end-times
Japanese third parties are a whole different beast to the west. They don't completely crush their hobbies into unrecognizable pulps over there.

>> No.2042453

>talking like a retarded 10 years old girl
That's what i love about her, you are the strange one, why are you here? if you don't understand that, why do you waste your time watching vtubers? anime itself is based on voice actress trying to speak like kids, you are the foreigner trying to change this landscape, you don't belong here

>> No.2042525

If you don't mind me asking, what are your opinions on holos like Mori and Ollie actively interacting with members of Vshojo on twitter? Would that not signify that the slippery slop you are referring to has already begun? As we can see, Mori has not been negatively influenced by them despite this interaction, and I don't see any evidence that Ollie has either.

>> No.2042599

anon, i think it is you who doesn't understand, it always start somewhere, for example the Kiara anti threads are now pervading Kiara's clips on youtube, there is an increase in criticism about her in the comments sections, and KFP are desperate to quell the flames, and it was in /jp where the following on vtubers started, way before r/VirtualYoutubers

>> No.2042677

Every single holo comes here, every single vshojo comes here, the management staff, every indie. They're all here, no exceptions. We matter the most, everything is based off of the reactions of the most fringe and psychotic edge of the viewerbase because that's the best way to judge what they can get away with. A Vshojo collab isn't allowed because /hlg/ and /hlgg/ are vehemently anti vshojo. Ollie browses here and she's trying to appeal to our better nature.

>> No.2042743

> Every single holo comes here, every single vshojo comes here, the management staff, every indie.
[citation needed]
Delusions of grandeur tbqhwyfam

>> No.2042816

>Mori confirmed
>Risu double confirmed
> Ame not really confirmed but i beleb
>if x is here then why can't y
bam, hololive, all here.
>yabs noticed in threads get purged before even twitter can notice
bam, management all here.
bam, vshojo, all here.
>Theirs like a fucking hundred indies who openly admit to coming here and several more who've accidentally leaked it that I can't even be bothered to find them.
bam, all the indies are here.

Theirs your proof.

>> No.2042817

Uhhh... zomcucks, explain?

>> No.2042943

Maybe everyone in this thread is one of them and they have been arguing amongst themselves all this time O_O

>> No.2042950

That's almost certainly the case

>> No.2042966

>Good online communities die primarily by refusing to defend themselves.

>> No.2043044

history repeats, Towa incident 2.0
and she lied

>> No.2043163

Ollie let her fucker login

>> No.2043183

Sounds like her brother, whom are a 2D loving siscon but her excuse is weird

>> No.2043201

two yab in one day
sasuga zombie

>> No.2043228
File: 85 KB, 1080x1266, 97ee21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hmmm, they make a good point. I will unsubscribe.

>> No.2043257

what a lack of professionalism, she should be suspended

>> No.2043325

We already heard her brother's voice and it's definitely not him. The dude sounds more like Jaret. Always thought that he might be her boyfriend, considering how much they have interacted before Ollie joined Hololive

>> No.2043379

Jaret did show up and play with Reine and Moona towards the end of the guerilla APEX stream, everybody in the comment section also thought of Jaret when they heard the guy in Ollie's room

>> No.2043430

>would you guys believe me if I said that clearly male voice was my sister

>> No.2043452

Ollie's had more yabs this week than the last 3 months combined. Is she sick of Hololive already?

>> No.2043465

What the fuck is that logic...

>> No.2043516

Welp, mystery solved.
Now I want to believe in all the TT guy rrats, because he is much better than the Jaret guy. Connor, please, I entrust Ollie to you, save her from her shitty boyfriend and even more shitty country.

>> No.2043531

>Cover knows how to

>> No.2043544

>Fucking Jaret unironically
Jesus christ, have some fucking standards, Ollie

>> No.2043553

Is she trying to be canceled, that a beat by beat recreation of what happened to Towa, including a bad lie that only makes it worse.
She should take a few days break because she is clearly not cooping well

>> No.2043570

If chat was right and it was indeed Jaret, Ollie could have said so...

>> No.2043594

Reine immediatly gave her a quick out, but the retarded Zombie used the shittiest lie instead

>> No.2043598

Who the fuck is jaret?

>> No.2043608

>Yes, it is indeed Jaret hanging out in my room, no, of course he is not my boyfriend, I'm an idol after all haha
No, that would've been worse, honestly

>> No.2043633


>> No.2043650

Wait, the door sound was a literal door and not just some online notification thing? Ya be

>> No.2043652
File: 258 KB, 1814x1000, 1614966433323.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

pic related>>2036748
More like

>> No.2043665

Yeah, smart turkey immediately muted Ollie and gave her time to come up with excuse

>> No.2043688

Brother would been a better excuse as everyone who are not invested will go ''good enough I guess'' like >>2043183 but If it is Jaret and she is mixing business and pleasure then she deserve what she brought on herself

>> No.2043703
File: 251 KB, 600x490, 1511722642090.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>vshojo statement
what did those whores say now?

>> No.2043737

now we have food for another thread, Ollie is being generous

>> No.2043759


>> No.2043764

Just go further into the vod when he joins and compare. It's literally Jaret's voice.

>> No.2043772


>> No.2044050
File: 118 KB, 627x620, WHAT.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2044084

After saying she wants to break all the rules, doesn't respect the culture, and >>2042817 how many of you will no long tolerate her annoying inconsiderate ear destroying screams in collabs?
I won't. I hope Ame stops collabing with this yab bomb

>> No.2044260
File: 72 KB, 594x679, E53B2741-5E89-4FBC-9674-3A0527FD6B8D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ogey rrat

>> No.2044366 [DELETED] 


>> No.2044536


this is ollo voice.. she should've just said it's ollo


>> No.2044540

>Ollie literally leaked that she had a boyfriend on her debut
>everyone memoryholes this
>male voice appears
Shocked Pikachu etc.

>> No.2044624

then why go out of her way to say it's Ellie
what the fuck

>> No.2044642


>> No.2044670

>Shocked Pikachu face etc.
Go back tourist https://www.reddit.com/r/Hololive/

>> No.2044725

Prove it

>> No.2044737

Because Ollo is her boyfriend, not her brother.
Kinda like Hana's "dad" in NijiID

>> No.2044791

>"I didn't choose it because I had a fight with my boyfriend, Dang, I wish I had a boyfriend ... I want a wife"

>> No.2044808

maybe after the first yab, her manager finally warn her not to let her brother voices out
but id manager in general is too incompetent to do something like that

>> No.2044834 [DELETED] 


>> No.2044843

It was a joke you autist, Ollie probably doesn't give a fuck if people know she has a BF

>> No.2044852

wtf is wrong with this bitch

>> No.2044904


>> No.2044912

>Ollie doesn't care
>Normal high energy immediately 180s
>oh no. oh no... I don't you guys would believe but um...

>> No.2044931

>You just did a Towa-level yab
>Reine mutes the stream and screams at you in Discord "Ollie, you stupid bitch, quick, give them some excuse"
>Zombie brain fails
Iiiit was my sister haha

>> No.2044972

She could have just said it was her brother too, wtf

>> No.2045042

Reine gave her a pop fly and she still couldn't catch it

>> No.2045055

Why would anyone give a fuck anyway? Purefaggotry is so fucking pathetic lmao. No one reading this will ever date one of the girls. Why should I care if they’re dating? I guess you could say that it shouldn’t be on stream which is fair, but being butthurt about it strikes me as some niggerdom

>> No.2045076

wew, this feels like reading a 5ch thread (but with images!)

>> No.2045092

This. No males continues to prove it's worth

>> No.2045124
File: 50 KB, 877x160, BasedIdolFagExplainsWhyCuckAcceptanceIsShit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here's your (you) zomcuck

>> No.2045160

just fucking graduate this bitch already

>> No.2045177

When I said Ollie was going to pull a big yab last night I didn't mean the literal next day

>> No.2045212

>already spamming collabs with males
>wants to to force collabs with vshoujo girls
>boyfriend leak on stream

Next step is openly playing/collabing with her BF in apex

>> No.2045228

Anon... She already did

>> No.2045264

>Ollie probably doesn't give a fuck
lol i bet she will have a breakdown is she reads a little of this thread

>> No.2045300
File: 778 KB, 1773x1773, 1616212819738.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's amazing how Ollie did almost everything this site feared the HoloENs would do in only a month. She just have to say trans right or something and we are done

>> No.2045306

lmao that post is absurd anon. I’m not a cuck because I’m not with any of them, nor do I watch their content so I can coom to some imaginary GFE.

>> No.2045340
File: 53 KB, 300x250, 1614848561179.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Purefaggotry is so fucking pathetic lmao
only (you) agree with (you) here

>> No.2045346

I have news for you, anon... that voice leak was the same as a certain someone she collabed with recently...

>> No.2045356

Politics is a one-way ticket to graduation.
It will never happen.

>> No.2045366
File: 199 KB, 850x1020, 467e5ca2db74c6448f0fd5ffa866c617.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This. Apologize now.

>> No.2045367


>> No.2045376

How did loud genki zombie go from high tier to worst holo overnight? Is she trying to do a graudation RTA?
At least Towa and Watame had the consideration to not do this

>> No.2045412

Theyre not going to fuck you bro. It’s not their fault that people like to imagine that they’re their GF.

Again, I agree that it should not be on the stream. They shouldn’t post about it on Twitter or in any way publicize it overtly. I’m just saying that it’s silly to get butthurt about something like this

>> No.2045438

>She just have to say trans right or something and we are done
The sad thing is that I can actually see it happening

>> No.2045463

I'm sorry loud orange woman. At least you respect the rules and culture

>> No.2045485

Most people who are complaining don't watch her anyway, and only the opinion of those who do matters in the end

>> No.2045551

>Theyre not going to fuck you bro
we all know this, however, this is a jap
"""idol""" company. It's the complete lack of professionalism from Ollie's part it makes people mad. You don't know how the rest of internet is going to react. Gura got a notification that someone that could or couldn't be her ex ldr bf was playing animal crossing, and because of that he got harassed out of twitter

>> No.2045612

Im sorry I behaved like a shitty person and shitposted about you, your roommate might be just as bad but atleast you understand what to keep as your roommates action and what to do as a Vtuber, im sorry

>> No.2045657

I don't need to because I knew Kiara wouldn't do anything worse than what we have already seen.

>> No.2045670

Yeah I see what you mean, that’s fair enough

>> No.2045678

I watch her all the time before I go to work....

>> No.2045690

>already spamming collabs with males
I am surprised that Connor one hasn't already happened. Maybe he is not as stupid as he seems and knows that he could get in real trouble if he collabs with her.

>> No.2045711

You have to understand that this is also about protecting the guy. Aloe's ex bf got his share of harassment too.
If I was a vtuber's bf would I ever approve of the girl letting fans and haters know I exist? No. Fuck no.
Don't ask and don't tell.

>> No.2045729

Kiara only pissed people off with being orange and her European autism, but she knows her positions and boundries as a Hololive talent. If this Jarret guy literally being her boyfriend leak on stream and her lying it was her sister despite the out Reine gave to her she should be suspended for her carelessness

>> No.2045943

vshojo statement as in ollie openly talking about them on stream

>> No.2046076

Dude he plays Apex with loads of vtubers.
Just did it with one a few days ago.
They live in different countries so I highly doubt he's trying to fuck Ollie.

>> No.2046079

>Gets into hololive based on nepotism not through her merits as a content creator
>Instantly becomes the most loud and obnoxious holo
>Leaks a bf on debut
>Collabs with males nonstop
>Bad but exists in a vacuum so everyone tolerates her
Skip to now
>Constantly talks about e celeb currently grooming her of stream
>Pushes for collab with a known blacklisted group
>Dog whistles praise for the porn star vtuber that hololive is supposed to give the voldemort treatment
>Admits she wants to break all the rules and standards set for hololive that have made it successful
>Leaks bf AGAIN doing a perfect recreation of the Towa incident with even the same game
She needs a suspension to think about things going forward before she fucks up even more. Is cover so retarded they don't realize the only reason their nepotism gamers branch worked is they're all experienced and know how to play the game?

>> No.2046133

>Gets into hololive based on nepotism not through her merits as a content creator
Please elaborate, I haven't really heard anything interesting about Ollie's past

>> No.2046155

only SUPER NENECHI can stop her

>> No.2046170

ID gen 2 is just Reine's friends

>> No.2046176

>e celeb currently grooming her of stream
People are saying that but i doubt that is what is happening. Connor plays APEX with shitload of vtubers.

>> No.2046186

Is there any way to contact Cover about Ollie? Or do they only take action when you act like a fucking nijinigger?

>> No.2046200

>Dog whistles praise for the porn star vtuber that hololive is supposed to give the voldemort treatment
Wait, they can't even mention Melodys name?

>> No.2046216


>> No.2046301


>> No.2046304

It's a pretty well known fact that Reinee paid to be in Hololive ID. Well, not her, but her oli baron dad. And through that money she also got her 2 besties to be in too

>> No.2046389

Reine's, an oil princess, is besties with a high schooler and poor as shit indog, what the fuck is this narrative?

>> No.2046414

the truth

>> No.2046431
File: 674 KB, 768x768, 1611440867499.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based, we must stay aware of their tricks

>> No.2046439

Yes. Did you see Anya's behavior when she was at Reine's palace during the off colab? Just another day for her.

>> No.2046459

ok nigger

>> No.2046477

Risu was dirt poor, and yet she lived with Moona and Iofi of of Moona's pocket
It's not that rare.
ID2 knew each other through their time as indie vtubers, and got along well enough for Reinee to just buy them into the gen

>> No.2046610

>Cover giving a shit about anything until money and harassment is involved

>> No.2046663 [DELETED] 
File: 2.03 MB, 2047x983, 3341412322.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

she's not living with her dad, it seems her mom divorced with his dad
her house is pretty big tho

>> No.2046744

This is the truth and now we see exactly the reason why nepotism and bribes are bad:
Ollie is incompetent and too young for this job
Anya knows nothing about how to be a streamer and doesn't even have a good setup

At least Reine herself is pretty good, but bringing her friends into Hololive was a mistake

>> No.2046834

moona, iofi and risu is worse on their debut compared to these gen 2 tho, ollie actually had a past life of being vtuber, she's actually pretty competent

>> No.2046862

Bad phrasing, sorry, I ment incompetent as an Idol, not streamer

>> No.2046882 [DELETED] 

>she's actually pretty competent

>> No.2046901
File: 792 KB, 800x564, a2d5ffb2799cb27bfc1f3a67bffd8e10b3c55682.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2046982

>loli is pedo
hello twitter

>> No.2047185


>> No.2047255


>> No.2047280

A man can't be a dyke.

>> No.2047340
File: 553 KB, 2236x2470, 1615144303289.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2047424

I probably wouldn't be as angry if she didn't fucking lie. Been a zomrade since debut, and I'm not even looking for the GFE, but it just sucks man. These past couple of weeks have been fucking terrible with the sub-par streams, constantly talking about other content creators and how she wants to 'break the rules' and now she has a recreation of the Towa incident. It's really bothering me, to the point I'm blogposting on a basket weaving forum to people who aren't even fans of her and are trying to tear her down. I feel like such a fucking idiot.

>> No.2047484

I legitimately fear that Reine will get in trouble for buying her a spot. I don't want my oshi to go down like that.

Ollie does need a suspension. Nothing crazy, maybe a week and just a sit down with her manager to explain that being friendly doesn't mean you can cross these lines.

>> No.2047555

I feel the same. Still a member and will watch her, because I'm not seeking a GFE or even "Idol-like" behaviour, but I'm afraid she can easily bury her career and get Reine in trouble (who is 100% was her guarantor, no doubt in that).

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