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I like the dog girl, why do you like the dog? I think she’s cute

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Mr. Koro works hard and enjoys vidya gaems.

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Korone is my princess, I love this dog so fucking much. Plays whatever trash kusoge or ancient RPG she wants for 10+ hours a day and gives not a single fuck about trend chasing, has fun every stream and is never catty or slutty. The queen of gaming vtubers hands down and the only chuuba whose merch I've ever purchased. 11/10 dog

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Because I want to save to use her dying ovaries before they are fucking gone, bro.

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Indeed, spoken truly. In these trying times where I find new problems within the company and other vtubers I once enjoyed I now look at a different angle, it seems that this little dog girl is still how I remember her. Hopefully it remains that way as a cute, adorable, and wholesome dog

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Korone never changes because she's true to herself. She's just doing what she enjoys and having a fun time playing games with everyone.

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Hmmm. Yes.

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Thank you, Anon. Truly I enjoyed this conversation, you are a good neighbor. Yubi Yubi

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Your observations are deeply appreciated. I am happy to have very kind people to talk to today.

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Cute, funny, good dancer, creepy

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There are pros where other would see cons. Make of it what you will, maybe some like that. Indeed, I do myself.

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i like when she says
>thank you
>you are welcome

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Her voice is fantastic and music to the ears.

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>dog girl
Her name is Ko'one.

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Classic retro vidja and she truly enjoys what she plays.

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I love that precious dog

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Truly breaks my heart that 5ch hates her as much as people here hate mori

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Indeed, I should’ve said that though she is both a dog and a girl so went with the most simplistic version to define her. Well besides featherless biped. But whatever name she has she is still quite adorable. Wouldn’t you agree?

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Best chuuba of all time
Thats all i’ve got to say

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May I ask why they hate her so much? I apologize that I don’t know many things, I’m quite new...

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>Wouldn’t you agree?
Yes, very very very very cute dog. Now for peanut butter on dick correction.

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I second your words, she’s nothing short of a saint.

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>Valentine's day
>Donkey Kong jungle beats
Somehow feels more like a real relationship that the others

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I can't imagine a more fitting personality and model combo out of any vtuber, perhaps ever
its like it was form fit to her very essence

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Sexy doggo has a sizable rack

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Why is that? There were a lot of dislikes when I checked one of her Banjo Kazooie streams (when you could still see dislikes publicly on youtube without a plugin), idk if that's related or not.

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I do wish to hug her.

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>Plays whatever trash kusoge or ancient RPG she wants
This reminds me: I want a Best of the Worst vtuber edition.

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when she says yubi yubi I go :)

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Spoken far better than myself good anon

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Agreeed good anon.

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korone is :3

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dog is funny and makes me smile. simple as.

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she cute, also, i like that she decided to play yakuza like everyone else but not kiwami

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I like that she simps for boxing cause I'm a mma, wrestling, boxing simp as well.

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this is really why

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I watched this woman play slots while I was drinking my morning coffee at work today. I had a really good tuesday

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This was so fucking adorable


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Can make anyone turn in a good mood in seconds.
Effortlessly funny.
Iconic catchphrases.
Great selection of games, from Battletoads to fucking Pingu.
Offbeat personality, loves creepy shit and punching people.
Iconic marathon streams.
Best duo of Hololive with Okayu, regularly do stream where they just hang out playing video games.
Notoriously shy but still able to make any collab work. Even with Mori.
Yes, Mr. Koro is based.

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posting in dog praise thread

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Goodnight everyone, this has brought my spirit up, though I am tired and need my rest hopefully you all get some as well.”even to live is an act of courage.”


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This doggo is going to be the mother of my children

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She is a dog. Okay?

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I like Korone because she’s pretty funny and plays boomer games for long periods of time

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Lucius Annaeus Seneca? WOW

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Fuck that place. They hate her for the dumbest shit.
>rrat about smoking
>hate her for deleting her NND channel when she stopped streaming
>hate her for being too tall/buff for Jap twinks standard
>complaining about her "fake" voice, when it's basically a pitch higher than her old voice
>the being married rrat

Basically a bunch of retarded shit that makes the average /vt/ anon seems well-adjusted.

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they cant handle the 156m dog?

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Nijischizos were trying to convince everyone that she didn’t have permission to plat it and that she was illegally playing on an emulator but they had no idea how much of a true gamer she is that she actually had a genuine cartridge (which is very rare and expensive) and then got BTFO’d when both the official Rare Twitter account and Grant Kirkhope (the music composer) replied to her on Twitter

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>N-Noooo you can't pirate games, that's illegal!!!!
lmao do 5ch really?

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she's like 170cm if I remember correctly

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They are much more autistic about that and enforcing the laws around it. A lot of shitslinging over there is about whether or not the laws are being followed properly more than anything else

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You don't know how autistic 5chan is, compared to this board, /vt/ is more tame than 5chan.

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Funny, cute, adorable, cheeky, her excitement is contagious and her happiness and love for the things she does is genuine. Incredibly creative, always comes up with new random stuff after all this time, never afraid to try these new things (or is afraid but does them anyway which is even better), always trying to improve her weaknesses (like the call in stream), incredibly accomodating and affectionate to her fans from releasing the first lewd dakimakura in hololive because fans wanted it to eigo learning when no one would have ever assumed it would ever amount to anything.
Mr Koro is based beyond degree and the greatest chuuba of all time.

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5chan is basically NGA for chinks. Same shit

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Doog is the best vtuber even better than Pekola

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I honestly don't know why I watch her, I don't even understand japanese

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japanese dog ASMR

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I've laughed so much at her streams and clips that I've been Pavlov'd into smiling whenever I hear her voice, no matter what the fuck she might be saying at the time. This goofy dog is God's blessing on this green Earth.

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If she ever graduates then it would mean the death of Hololive

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She's the perfect holo and it's hauting when you come to realize that.

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It's a meme from her debut

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>>hate her for being too tall/buff for Jap twinks standard

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Man everyday I can’t fucking stop about thinking how proud I am for being a Koronesuki. It’s great knowing my oshi is objectively the best in the industry.

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I like her sense of humor and taste in retro games

I also know literally nothing about her outside of clips

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She’s the perfect vtuber*

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Those two are her best qualities.
She can also get overly sentimental (watch the clip of her Monster Rancher run through where she cries over her monster's death). She always looks out for her friends and collab partners and tries to accommodate them. But above all I appreciate her professionalism when it comes to vtubing. She can even make collab with spergs like Mori entertaining despite the language barrier.

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Doog is my one and only oshi

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Fuck that annoying rabbit whore

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I've tried to dump her for other chubbas but i just keep coming back to her. Her channel is my second home

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You can praise Ko'o'ne without putting down Pekora... I like them both so this hurts my heart

>> No.20322965

It's a baby attempt at baiting, anon

>> No.20322993

Go back sensitive fag

>> No.20323021

I like PepsiCola for her dedication to her craft. I don't think there are many in Hololive who would watch twitch streamers just to research what's trending right now. I think she mentions watching Tyler1 when she's free. On top of my head only her and Miko have said anything about watching foreign twitch streamers.

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koone pubes...

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I was just walking along the street to my job every day minding my own business, when some shady people started asking me if I liked Korone sama. After a few days they took me to a compound and put some metal frame on my head keeping my mouth and eyes open. Now I like Korone sama.

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I want to fuck Korone's roommate until pregnant.

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You should be ashamed, anon. Doog wouldn't want you to do this.

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i hate Korone

>> No.20324355

She is nice, funny and I like videogames

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File: 1.84 MB, 1280x720, さばみそにの歌 Pollyanna(I Believe In You)替え歌Ver. [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2F9q8mga.mp4].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She just genuinely wants everyone to be happy

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brown is an ugly color

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She is the cutest thing I've ever seen. This is not the same kind of statement someone blithely makes when they see a puppy or baby animal. This is not hyperbole used to exaggerate for dramatic effect. In my 25+ years of life she is categorically the cutest thing I have ever seen. She soars definitively above even Nezuko, Kanna Kamui, or the Platelets from the cells anime. Likely cuter than my own infant daughter if I ever have one. Even when someone else is my oshi I don't hesitate one iota to claim Korone is the absolute embodiment of cute. It is scientifically baffling that someone could be this fucking cute.

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For me it's the unbelievably high level of energy she consistently brings to streams for hours, sometimes days
Also when she says something in her broken English and it briefly becomes a meme she just laughs and moves on instead of trying to recapture the moment
Also I love her dumb little drawings

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Dog appreciation thread. I hope she can find some more connections with the EN girls since a lot of them seem to admire her or even have her as their oshi.

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Risu and I think Mumei were Koronesuki before they joined, I'm not sure who else

>> No.20327234

When Korone squeals with laughter I feel joy in my heart, when she weeps over the ending to a video game I get a little misty eyed. That's pretty much why I'm a koronesuki.

>> No.20327267

Quite simply, she is the best in the biz.

>> No.20328137

any sauce anon ?

>> No.20328205

Cause she's the best rapper in Hololive

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Her model/rigging contribute more to the feeling of a stream than any webcam ever has and is the only reason I gave vtubing a chance
Skits and stream quirks like are hilarious
Constantly plays interesting games and sticks with them, I don't have to worry about month-long stagnation or assume every game is a one-and-done
Has the same quality to her singing as a musical, not a banger you would put on your spotify, but is immensely enjoyable to witness
Exception being her 3D lives when she throws an amazingly well choreographed performance out of nowhere
Weaves in more English than any other JP member, not necessarily just language, but also western culture too. Her Japanese is so basic you get the gist anyway
Following her is rewarding, the amount of music and collaborations she's gotten from veterans in the industry or big names is ridiculous
Consistently in the best group collaborations, SMOK might very well be the best comedy group in all of vtubing
A lot of duo streams are competitive, bringing out the best content in both like completion challenges and races
Takes time to sweetly bond with her audience so there's an actual connection there to become attached to rather than just consuming her for big funny
Has the best characterization in Hologra, making her a psycho was singlehandedly the best decision they could have made and it carries over well
Hilarious noises, you get why Onomatopoeia is such a big thing in Japan after hearing her
Best you can hope for in a fanbase, overwhelmingly entitled, but no GFE cringe, no politics, minimal coomers, roommate rumors paints a down-to-earth picture so deters gossip fucks, no abusive backseaters (at the very least she's reigned them in)
Just good weird fun.

If I ever feel jaded about vtubing, Korone sets me straight.

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She's taller than me...

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I love everything about Korone. I love how genuine she is. I love how she is so full of laughter and happiness. I love how she is able to make any collab work. I love how friendly she is with her co-workers. I love her banter. I love how she has a genuine appreciation for retro games. I love how she can find enjoyment in any game she plays. I love her dedication and endurance. I love how she doesn't get tired and still has fun after 10+ hours of streaming. I love how engaged she is with her fans. I love how hard she works to entertain us. I love her scuffed ASMR streams. I love how creative she is. I love how much she has grown over the years.

I love Korone. I love her so much.

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