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What does /vt/ think of Bahroo becoming a Vtuber?

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Literally WHO?

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This is why we need gate keeping.

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>he isn't part of the hivemind
get a load of this fag

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Is he the panda or the girl/effeminate boy? Seems like a vtuber avatar is become an avenue for Westerners to figure out their identity rot.

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what the fuck

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No way this isn't just an April Fools joke right? He's just a day late. Used to watch his content like 4 years ago

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He better be the panda.

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I think I watched that guy once. It's gotta be better than Pokimane's one at least. I guessing he's going to make the panda one talk and move and girl is just a prop (like they should be in real life OOOUUUUHHHHH). And people said that vtubers were a fad and would die down. It's going to be crazy when NijiEN and HoloEN2 comes out.

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Could be but it could also be real; I saw multiple mentions of his actual rig being made and I don’t think he’d commission something worth like 1K for an April Fool’s
Either could be him, maybe even both; still, it’ll be fun to watch

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He's the panda.

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maybe gatekeeping wasnt that bad of an idea after all

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>April Fools

But the joke will be that he's the panda.

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That's actually a pretty good gimmick.

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Bahroo just seems like such a bugman to me. A child fanbase having funko pop collecting streamer. It truely irks me to see alot of normies get into vtubing. Especially the ones that stream 50% IRL and 50% Vtube.

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since he never put his cam on, now we'll be able to see a mouth move.
And for everyone asking this is far from being a joke, they were even multiple streams of the rigger making the live2D on twitch.

Also, it doesn't change a single thing for VTUBER.
The community you like in japan and the population of twitch are so different it won't change a yota.
Now if you wanted to talk about real problems like VSHOJO daring to talking to KizunaAI...

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He has never been interesting and his emotes are absolute fucking shit tier. Seeing them in every stream I go to doesn't help. Its been years. I want to take his little panda mascot and smash its head on a curb. Absolutely ant-based.

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His emotes are cute.

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First time even hearing of this guy. Fuck you for making me aware of his existence.

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>he is serious
what the fuck

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Honestly, I like him. Creative design for his model

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I just got hit with a sense of deja-vu, like I seen this exact thread and order of same replies before. Really weird.

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Sovietwomble vtuber when?

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I kind of thought of doing something similar as someone that'd be a male vtuber. Have a male model and maybe a fair or some side character that is a girl, you'd at least pull in some of the coomer crowd even if by little

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Literally who

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Remember watching him when he used to play borderlands 2 and he was the biggest cunt along with that faggot gothalion.

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I used to watch him before falling to the rabbithole
and yes he did talk about statistics once, and how animated panda on the screen with sub counter increased his income by a noticeable margin.

I guess the avatar bring adds something to his streams, considering he has been cam-less all these years.

also fat&bald guy having a cute 2D avatar for the kekw effect, I guess

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real shit? i watched him alot during my warframe phase

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I feel like Vtubing is a good solution for people who don’t actually want to show their face (like, for instance, Corpse Husband) but people feel too attached to it and don’t want it to go mainstream in the west (which it already is to an extent; the Vtuber Boom is immense and coming)

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okay give rrats wtf, did he think that he could just casually join the fad for shit and giggles?

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Gatekeeping it is silly, even if it becomes "mainstream" there's no reason why the current vtubers would need to change anything.

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Unfortunately, people think ‘normies need to stay out of my hobby’ not realising that Vtubers are already basically normie culture in Japan.

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