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Alright, non believers and cucks not allowed.

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No more tourists this thread, hopefully

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ILove IRyS

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No one who enjoys Fia may enter

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I love IRyS, HiRyS can you hear meeeee

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God, I wish I was that tea

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fucking irystocrats why is ur oshi so fucking CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Is it just me or Yagoo play it better than IRyS #1 and #3?

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So, what's the deal with Firefox? Why is he so angry?

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She prefers Brave more

>> No.20204835

Chrome won

>> No.20204849

He was only given 16 gigs of RAM for breakfast when he clearly wants more

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Getting beaten up by a big red fox has something to do with it

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Her determination is strong. She truly is hope incarnate

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>ywn chug a gallon of IRyS' sacred tears

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Gg ez

>> No.20204940

she keeps winning

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Nothing personal, fox

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Treekek, ready your ass. Here come hope.

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>when they are obsessed with you it can be toxic
bros... I don't feel so good...

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But I'm obsessed with you, IRyS...

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Not too much love, ok goslings?

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Gosling bros... you are toxic to her. I am so sorry

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>Too much love can be toxic
Irys... I'm sorry

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claiming my irys wife

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I love IRyS, she's a cute dorky gamer

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she's literally not wrong

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I'm sorry IRyS I don't mean to hurt you with my love...

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Years of academy training, wasted....

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You can have irys#3 because the real irys is all mine

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She can easily beat the tree now, right?

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holy shit she is gaming!
inb4 she dies kek

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I have HOPE!!!!!!

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>does really well
>starts jumping instead of dodge rolling everything

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Kneel and seppuku right now

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IRyS is my dream

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i literally yelled out loud

>> No.20205271

I genuinely had soo much fun ahhhhh, I love IRyS, she's the best, I'm gonna marry her one day

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>Let me just take a peak at what's inside the castle
here we go boys, another 2 hours!

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>we'll call it a day around here

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Is there even a consequence for dying in thus game?

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>call it a day season 2

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Maidens will cuck you

>> No.20205308

She keeps giving me hope that I'm gonna get to go to bed before 5 AM and then snatches it away.

>> No.20205353

Balanced as all things should be

>> No.20205386

>you die once you're forever dead in my heart
Deadbeats BTFO

>> No.20205440

No big deal

>> No.20205451

Call it a day she say

>> No.20205474

Be wary of parrying

>> No.20205485

How new?

>> No.20205490

Nope, she got herself into a new fight.

>> No.20205491

Call it a day means 2 more hours

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>> No.20205505

Irys... phrasing...

>> No.20205508

I love her so much.

>> No.20205511

>Likes big black balls

>> No.20205533

She would not do good in pvp

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I keep forgetting she has no magic whatsoever.

>> No.20205543

the clips...

>> No.20205548

Yeah, mine

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I cheesed the fuck out of this fight and just baited him back to the boulder

>> No.20205576

Sorry bbc only

>> No.20205580

Never thought I'd lose to a black dude in this match...

>> No.20205592

Overrated magic

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she likes avoiding them she said. don't worry, she only gets wet for white guys like robert pattinson

>> No.20205624

Like dunkey

>> No.20205652

The BBC is exotic in japan. It's even more exciting for nips than it is for white girls

>> No.20205654

easier method is to bait him to the edge of the elevator and make him fall off

>> No.20205663

>Thanks you darksouls

>> No.20205690

>tfw I'll never be a thin white guy with dark hair
...oh wait

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>> No.20205728

post balls pic or get out

>> No.20205741

Please don't

>> No.20205754

preemptive abayo

>> No.20205756

I won't

>> No.20205764

She keeps baiting herself into getting parried I find it amusing I love this dork

>> No.20205769

White day Caraoke...

>> No.20205774

>today is white day

>> No.20205776

White Day...

>> No.20205779

W-who's giving her white day treats... bros?!

>> No.20205791

Black dude, today just isn't your day...

>> No.20205805

She wants Marshmellow questions for a mengen stream

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>tfw no black day in Japan

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>> No.20205830

Jinxing it again kek

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>> No.20205848

>she swears it will end when he dies
Go parrybro! Kick her ass!

>> No.20205857

She wants to go collect her White Day "treats"... I hate this

>> No.20205860

>I swear

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>IRyS likes big swords

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>> No.20205903

Someone is gonna tell her Rennala is right after.

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Did you guys purchase your birthday merch through hololive store or geekjack?

>> No.20205916

I have a bigish sword

>> No.20205924

Hololive store since I live in the US and it's cheaper shipping and also faster

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>> No.20205930

>tfw Greatsword CHAD

>> No.20205934

Hololive store. It's faster and cheaper shipping.

>> No.20205939

you guys only use daggers right? not overcompensating?

>> No.20205948

HoloLive if NA
Geekjack if elsewhere

>> No.20205949

Hololive store

>> No.20205954

I don't purchase merch unless it's digital like music because I hide my powerlevel

>> No.20205972

bare fists only

>> No.20205989

i use two curved swords that perfectly resemble my two curved cocks

>> No.20206014

>Big swords does not matter

>> No.20206015

Nope. Passive run.

>> No.20206026

That's stupid. If you can afford it and you care about IRyS, you'll buy her merch.

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>> No.20206076

One less Irystocrat to have matching mugs with my wife. I will be the last Irystocrat

>> No.20206082

based and curvepilled

>> No.20206083

>Dreams only exist to be crushed

>> No.20206103

based lizardbro

>> No.20206116

she gaming

>> No.20206122

Doesn't sound very hopeful

>> No.20206131

She can take all of my armor all of it and she can touch me all she wants

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Ok good thats what I was thinking because my Gura merch was through geekjack and it took forever like a good 2-3 months after other people had theirs.

Oh believe me nobody will ever see what I'm going to do to that poor dolirys.

>> No.20206158

perfect ending

>> No.20206165


>> No.20206185

She is the funniest person to ever exist...

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>> No.20206192

good ending

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Wtf she actually called it a day...

>> No.20206197

This fucking dork....

>> No.20206198

Her unintentional comedic timing in dying is perfect.

>> No.20206202

my fucking sides
this clutz can't be this cute

>> No.20206203

did she even level up after the boss and other enemies she fought?

>> No.20206215


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>> No.20206233

Not much level up, she's wasting like 60% more of her runes by dying.

>> No.20206237

byebye runes

>> No.20206244

Of course not, she's doing a no-leveling challenge run!

>> No.20206293

This dork...

>> No.20206300

im just glad the runes are covered so we don't have to witness just how many she wastes

>> No.20206301

The fact she was able to get this far in the game without leveling and upgrading that much is pretty amazing.

>> No.20206313

I love her so much

>> No.20206321

ya hear that guys? STREAM EVERYTHING

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she's too cute

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>> No.20206331

Well the funny thing about my blood, IRyS, is that I actually keep it in my cock.

>> No.20206337

I want her to come back now

>> No.20206348

That kind of knowledge would break me

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You heard the lady, anons

>> No.20206362

Now I can finally sleep...

>> No.20206373

I don't think she'll be able to beat Redhan if she doesn't juice up her character a bit but i'm looking forward to that encounter either way

>> No.20206379

i miss irys...

>> No.20206395

The work that she's talking about is probably about the HoloFes programs huh

>> No.20206399

Radhan is a pussy bitch, just give him the coof and ride your horse to the other side of the map. Could do it fresh out of limgrave

>> No.20206484

Steak dinner date on twitter space

>> No.20206508

At least she's gonna play again soon

>> No.20206571

Heh she always says she has stuff to do and then on the next stream she talks about watching a whole season of JoJo or Initial D.

>> No.20206578

Maybe or recording a new song for next month

>> No.20206616

Anon, that IS work

>> No.20206667

The stuff she do are mostly in the afternoon to evening. Her free time is always from midnight to whenever she falls asleep.

>> No.20206738

IRyS vigin?

>> No.20206746

More song coming out.
I hope it just cover so she can boost her popularity...

>> No.20206769


>> No.20206774

Don't give me hope.

>> No.20206788

She can make a good orisong

>> No.20206797

There's an original coming out later this month. Her next cover is not started yet and she said it'd take longer than Identity took. She's just waiting for permission.

>> No.20206799

No, I made sure of that

>> No.20206803

IRyStocratbros, i'm still maidenless. What should i do to make IRyS my maiden?

>> No.20206810

Fucks a vigin?

>> No.20206833

Someone will post that noose pic soon enough

>> No.20206853

Dream harder.

>> No.20206881

I was going to if I wasn't busy playing Elden Ring.

>> No.20206904

If a woman "fucks" another woman, is either of them still virgins?

>> No.20206915

Unfortunately, that's not an option. I'm not afraid of death but I'm also not so foregone as to ever seriously consider it.

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>> No.20206980

HiRyS drawanon~ thanks

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>> No.20208000

At least leddit is aware that IRyS still doesn't have any new outfit.

>> No.20208257

I just noticed, compared to other souls game, Elden Ring really pushes and rewards you for using FP. It's great to see that Irys is abusing it.

>> No.20208721

IRyS is being mistreated right now

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>> No.20209292

Yours still alive?

>> No.20209331

Not a chance, sorry. It is less delusional to dream that (You) someday will actually end up in relationship with her than to think that she is a virgin

>> No.20209377

Yeah, but she is fucking annoying

>> No.20209405

Based tulpaRyS anon

>> No.20209406


>> No.20209429

Go back cuck.

>> No.20209446

Give your reasoning

>> No.20209464

Can you describe her appearance? Can you ask her to larp as IRyS #6?

>> No.20209470

rrat: IRyS has only ever dated women

>> No.20209481

>What is the right amount of love?
I look up to her. I respect her. I love her.
How do I kowtow the line between toxic and not toxic?

>> No.20209516

Take a break when you feel like you're crossing the line. I did that a few times.

>> No.20209549

if you hurt her or hurt yourself its toxic, otherwise love her as much as possible

>> No.20209682


>> No.20209771

What if taking a break hurts?

>> No.20209801

I can't imagine taking a break. The fomo would kill me.

>> No.20209901

She looks exacly like IRyS. To the point that she begs me for ponytail and her horns to be removed. When I tell her to shut up, because she is perfect, she blocks my vision when I'm playing games and says
>you wish I had ponytail now, huh?
I fucking hate her so much

>> No.20209995

Please seek help

>> No.20210019

He's just larping

>> No.20210036

Kid, go out seethe world and touch grace.

>> No.20210038

Based tulpaRyS.

>> No.20210222

>communicating with demons instead of enjoying the real IRyS

>> No.20210257

How much have you sent in terms of aka supas?

>> No.20210649

God I wish that was me

>> No.20210675

I would actually commune with a demon if she'd pretend to be IRyS for me.

>> No.20211272


>> No.20211666


>> No.20213175

Peko using IRyS Minecraft bgm.

Gosh I miss Minecraft...

>> No.20213291

Imagine if someone competent bought Minecraft instead of Microsoft

>> No.20213348

Who? Microsoft is better than most publishers nowadays.

>> No.20213442


>> No.20213703

>voice packs
>kronii's baking vod

>> No.20213916

Is IRyS in the baking vod?

>> No.20213987

No, but situational shit like that always makes me goslinging so hard.

>> No.20214057
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Dunno but kroniis latest menhera really makes you wonder if they actually read our posts.
Outta nowhere but it's been bothering me for a while.

>> No.20214135

>if they actually read our posts.
IDs do, big chance ENs do the same thing.

>> No.20214216
File: 394 KB, 611x600, 1618854462271.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>kroniis latest menhera
Is it a big deal? I saw the deets but I'm not sure what to make of it

>> No.20214241
File: 292 KB, 1431x2048, 1640354116013.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Time to get rid of the discord seanigs shitting up the thread with their larping.

>> No.20214568

IRyS definitely doesnt, i bet most hologirls wouldnt either, this place can be worth it but it looks like complete crazy people talking nonsense to outsiders, so the only /here/ holos are the ones who used /a/ /clg/ or whatever before, like fauna, mori, kiara.

>> No.20214642

IRyS REALLY likes to egosearch though.

>> No.20214655

>IRyS definitely doesnt
>so the only /here/ holos are the ones who used /a/

>> No.20214848

i'm pretty new to this shit, like not yesterday new, but new enough I guess, So yeah if any holol that didn't know anything about 4chan and other shit, they definitely do now, but... I doubt they would dare try to get into this, from the outside looking in this is a confusing, rage inducing place and yeah, I dont think anyone would willingly jump in and go deep

>> No.20214932

>they definitely do now
Nothing happened to make that true.

>> No.20214969

As I said, they know about this place, but they don't use it

>> No.20214988

She's just like me.
she probably shouldn't. No good will come of it

>> No.20215812

then why was she in divegrass chat yesterday, good times

>> No.20215827
File: 394 KB, 903x632, Screenshot_20220129-091837_1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You can find good criticism every now and then in this place, dunno about reddit or discord though. All i know is that those places are heavily sanitized by mods and jannies with god complexes.
I'm surprised they don't just come and ask stuff regarding tech support, like the GTA V discussion from a couple days ago regarding the radio permissions.
Though it might be disturbing to have to read all the hornyposting and the schizos baiting fans and all the crap that makes this place almost the wild west.

>> No.20216033

I personally from what I've seen people see IRyS in a rather better light than most vtuber, I could be wrong though, only we know that she indeed is amazing, sure might have a flaw or two that I can't see for some reason but the outsiders don't know that

>> No.20216059

I'll keep falseflagging and antiposting to keep her away from here, don't worry.

>> No.20216123

What if has the opposite effect? What if she tries to find why and dives deeper? you have to be careful also don't completely put her in a bad light she already is somewhat pessimistic

>> No.20216131
File: 132 KB, 1024x817, FMRTcziUUAgJOpa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All they have for ammunition is her model, other than that there's nothing useful for antiposting. Unlike people like mori and other holos, her PL is squeaky clean.
Thank you resident schizo, we need more mori hate here to gatekeep the children from that fanbase.

>> No.20216284

The only rabbithole she could delve to is the one of other holos, and even then there's only so much you can find out that she doesn't know already.
Man, them having a channel where they share rrats about themselves from across the interwebz and laugh their asses off to them is a rrat I'd buy.
Goddamn it kronii, you had to break containment just to call out the faggots in that discord.

>> No.20216339

Is she really that pessimistic? I didn't notice.

>> No.20216374

She said so herself, you'd know if you watched streams. Members streams in particular.

>> No.20216392

She has low self-esteem at least.

>> No.20216393

What I meant is she doesn't act like it.

>> No.20216454

Low-self esteem is something I struggle with too, it's not the same thing as pessimism.

>> No.20216552

Do you think that you are incapable of doing something someone just like you can do?
If yes then yeah thats pretty pessimistic
Also, have HOPE

>> No.20216568

You know that she has to play a character while streaming right?
Like with depressed people, they often never show the signs until you find out they engage in self harm.
Her mentioning she is pessimistic and wanting to vent about stuff but can't unless its a friend or coworker already tells you enough about how she is while not streaming.

>> No.20216667

A lot of the time the character slips. She can vent to us if she wanted to.

>> No.20216713

But she won't plus you know people are on the interwebs, it's best to keep it to the closest of the people

>> No.20216733

IRyS isn't really the type to share a lot about her feelings.
I think even in real life she's good at getting over her pessimism eventually.

>> No.20216749

That would kick the rrats into overdrive, not worth it.
We already have to deal with "she hates her model", "she confronted cover and redjuice about the new outfit" and all that crap.

>> No.20216792

She's smart. She knows how to vent without revealing specifics.

>> No.20216860

You think that matter, even she as vague as a black hole, prople will still stir shit up, you are really underestimating the internet here

>> No.20216872

Also remember, she is under an NDA. She can't vent even if she wanted to unless she wants to out like rushia.

>> No.20216895

Nah she just think it's unprofessional and/or is scared of repercussions.

>> No.20216910

Did i have stroke
You think that matters, even if she was as vague as a black hole, people will still stir shit up, you are really underestimating the internet here

>> No.20216954

What's wrong me today...

>> No.20217115


>> No.20217173


>> No.20217196

Kek we all have those moments.

>> No.20217327
File: 58 KB, 720x255, 1160.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.20217401

Gambarre IRySSSSS

>> No.20217451

Ya read her, you better do the same, IRyStocrats.

>> No.20217529

I'm procrastinating at this very moment.

>> No.20217595

Well get off your ass and make my push proud

>> No.20217800

I thought she was using "shizz" instead of shiitake now.

>> No.20217858

A person as seiso as her could never

>> No.20217920
File: 208 KB, 399x315, 1621650904246.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't forget about her almost dropping a hard r nword on the mother sim.

>> No.20217975

As I said she is SEISO, STOP !!

>> No.20218093
File: 162 KB, 986x864, 1638113121648.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>uoh'd upon reading la+ height
>in the last AWO nesr the end she said she would take kronii's wife and also the son out for a "date", kronii called her out right away
Yeah, she is seiso alright.

>> No.20218273


>> No.20218482

Can't believe you guys would lie about my wife like this...

>> No.20218803

honestly it can go much worse, they can simply abandon the java version to force people playing on their micro-transaction-ridden dumspter fire that is bedrock

>> No.20219096


>> No.20219169


>> No.20219287 [DELETED] 


>> No.20219328

Isn't that just Microsoft?

>> No.20219388


>> No.20221018

i would say model and music views.

>> No.20221097

Guys, I am like genuinely GENUINELY in love with IRyS, like not just some bullshit you say to some dude/girl, I love love her, I LOVE IRyS.

>> No.20221548
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we know that feeling my guy.
i started watching vtubers from Myth debut, and was very fun, it eventualy became my main source of entertainment, but i never understood the goslings and oshi talks, i loved them all, 5 girls i was excited to see eveyday, but that changed when i started watching IRyS, it was not normal entertainment anymore, her voice activates something in my heart, i feel warm watching her streams and when i see that she is happy, even if im in a bad day i feel so good, i finnaly understood what an oshi is, is someone who activates your hearts strings and makes you want to improve to aid her on her journey even if its just a little bit.

>> No.20221574
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>> No.20221612

If let's say, hypothetically, you are out at some place and you meet a girl and you and that girl really hit off, and then you too start dating, this is hypothetical here, but then one day you realize that it's IRyS, the Vtuber you used to simp over all these years ago, is it wrong for you to be with her?
This is a hypothetical

>> No.20221663


>> No.20221688

>is it wrong for you to be with her?
Of course not.

>> No.20221754

Ok let me rephrase, you always knew that she was IRyS but you keep it a secret, are you in the wrong

>> No.20221809

A little bit.

>> No.20221862

not the most honorable thing to do, specialy if you were an IRyStocrat and know the struggle;

>> No.20221884

Yes unless you let her know after you come to that realization. Else it comes off as manipulative and sociopathic.

>> No.20221923

this is like dating an ex adult film star. do they have to tell you about it first? or if you know, should you tell them you know or is it taboo? how would you feel knowing that other guys gave her hundreds of dollars to get her attention ?

>> No.20221926

All is fair in love and war.

>> No.20221941

Very big hypothetical given I'll never get myself to Japan but if hypothetically speaking I could? No.

>> No.20221987

I posed the question and this does not seem like the same situation... this completely different, but feel free to correct me

>> No.20222053

Wow, this is very mixed... I guess we should just ask IRyS....

>> No.20222194

Only IRyS knows the correct answer. She may want to keep it a secret. Why I couldn't tell you.

>> No.20222225

... Ar-are you perhaps IRyS?

>> No.20222232

i mean both are public in a sense but keep their real ID hidden to a degree. both have features that would be easy to spot if you knew about them or seen their previous work. both receive a lot of attention from their viewers....

>> No.20222250

No. But I'm thinking of her.

>> No.20222288

>enter her room
>dozens holo merchs lying around

>> No.20222319

Oh, I meant like their views on dating like I think pornstars would be okay with a lot more shit than a vtuber, but idk I'm neither

>> No.20222359
File: 180 KB, 411x379, 1617417624316.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think women are put off by their simps, even if they'd never admit it, and even if they say they love their fans, they would never see them as viable romantic partners. So you'd be better off keeping it a secret

>> No.20222490

Alright, I personally am fine if IRyS chooses to leave me because she doesn't like the fact that i liked her Vtuber persona... I will probably go back into the depression mindset but at least I'll get closure
What I wanna say is that, I'd love to be with IRyS but only if she'd love to be with me...
I am fine with either choices...

>> No.20222550

Don't think too hard about it.

>> No.20222589

I would still love to be with her even if she doesn't want to be with me. That burning desire? That is what love is. I won't deny her my feelings even if she won't reciprocate them.

>> No.20222624

I will obviously still love her... I'd just like closure, and answer basically

>> No.20222631

It depends I guess. It may come off as creepy if you don't tell her in the beginning that she sounds like holo that you are watching most

>> No.20222638

White day stream doko?

>> No.20222659

I know, my dude. I know.

>> No.20222674
File: 324 KB, 406x411, 1642707145837.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anytime now

>> No.20222687

when I see stuff like this it just makes me want to go out and actually improve myself and get healthy.

>> No.20222689

superchat reading today, will probably have SCs turned off unfortunately, she will miss the oportunity to get paid for her caraoke stram

>> No.20222709

I think I'll call her by her PL's name if by chance I meet her at Virtual Tokyo.

>> No.20222745


>> No.20222842

It doesn't have to be awkward or wrong at all. Don't keep it a secret, say it how it is - just really stress how it's her, herself first, that you fell for. You're not a fan of a vtuber IRyS who fell for his oshi and achieved a dream of actually dating her. No. You met a good woman who you fell in love with, and who just happen to be the same person behind the avatar you used to be a fan of, so long ago it's completely irrelevant now.

>> No.20222875
File: 922 KB, 1101x1080, 1646811749407.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>she enters your room
>IRyS posters, 3d printed figurines colored by hand, all merch, 20 plushies and dakimakuras
>bathroom is her chapel
>you ask your tulpa to brink you both drinks

>> No.20222917

>you ask your tulpa to bring you both drinks

>> No.20222967

Alright, I think I found the answer to my question
Be honest, get closure, IRyS is a person too, she deserves to know
Yup, I'm fine with this thanks
Sorry for all the questions, it's a weird day...

>> No.20222985

Fucking tulpa poster always gave me a small chuckle.

>> No.20223681

He'll eventually dissappear...

>> No.20223786

kek, how's the tulpa? Still angry about her hair and horns?

>> No.20224022

Use her real name instead, she'll be more impressed.

>> No.20224157

That's too far.

>> No.20224323

I thought you were going for the creepy stalker look.

>> No.20224407
File: 28 KB, 680x585, 432174.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fuck im late. i got a flat and had to get gas

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