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What if your general was not just a general but a nation, devoted to your oshi and their will? Enter this general where the fanbases and generals of /vt/ are reimagined as rival nations fighting bitter battles for the glory of their oshis.

2x Map: https://files.catbox.moe/7l45om.png
EX Map: https://files.catbox.moe/2v0vvs.png

>The map size is 54,000 x 27,000 pixels
>It is highly advised to "Right-click > Save target as" this image
>It is the largest filesize catbox will allow (186MB download, 195MB on disk)
>This map is to facilitate hamlet/village/town/city/etc. placement


>Note that the current map isn't set in stone.
>Greentexts of your generals lore in /vt/ land are much appreciated.
>Flags made for the region your oshi rules over are also appreciated.

>/∞/: !XcNdwMsONs
>Ayakkayoli: !!S9vZSg00/Br

Ocean Currents
Weather Systems
Climate Analysis




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Anchor post for any additions to the map/lore. Please reply here for archival purposes.
If you will be using a rentry link, please use
instead of .co, as the latter is filtered as spam.
Thank you!
Please also report if there's outdated/duplicate lore in OP!

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What does the average Joe wear daily? Any formal dress impacted by tradition/culture? Fashion being split by class or regional differences? Climate or other fantastical wackery making certain attire a necessity? Paint us a clearer picture of who you'll see walking through the streets!
What crops do your people grow for consumption? What about the food you import, and from where? Do you have unique delicacies? What are common snacks or meals for the working class, or the rich and powerful? Any food reserved for ritual purposes? How about etiquette when eating? Any special practices during mealtime?
What kinds of entertainment is popular for your people? How important are they seen as part of life? Do different class people have sufficiently different tastes? How much does the chuuba gods play a role in these entertainments?
What religious rituals does your nation have to worship its deities? What's the religious structure look like? What's the official stance on other faiths?
>Alcohol and Drink
what do your people drink and what's is it made from? what sort of culture is there around drinking in your split?

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Previous: >>20098159

Active votes:

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I was updating the OP rentry and someone made one with no subject line or previous...

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you forgot to put /vtwbg/ as the subject.

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Probably should change Ayakkayoli to /clg/, so that people who haven't read their lore still know where the thread rep is from.

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I think /nasa/ has a plan to make both refrigeration and cryogenic freezing work using chuubanite energy transfer. All we need now are filters and tanks to separate oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, and impurities. We still need to break down hydrogen from water. Shouldn't be too hard as we do have parts for that. Whether or not they are in working order is up in the air.

Perhaps we can make fuel in less than 3 months instead of 9 if we're lucky.

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Is the whole world based on /vt/ or just this part of it and the whole world based on 4chan?
Also is the world hollow?

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We're the whole planet from the look of it, not sure if it being hollow is logical or sureful

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wtf autocorrect

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I don't think I want to live in the same space as the anons in my general
One day I might learn to accept who I am

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Which general?

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All anchored posts from >>20098159 should be up to date. /who/'s chuubanite text is not archived as requested in >>20169385
I should probably rewrite my chuubanite lore to fit with other's style

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Along with the shipment of wheat and sugarbeet sugar for the ports. /nasa/ has brought the caravan from /who/ a baker's dozen of preserved bread. Now preserved bread needs to be heaten up before being eaten to get the most flavor. What does /who/ think of /nasa/'s bread?

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Surely, with such modern techiques it's proven itself to be the best in the world! This is the kind of stuff that kingdoms fall for!

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We chose these samples to be made by hand as much as possible. These samples are brick oven baked. The only thing we did differently from hand bread is mix the dough in a hand cranked mixer. Also we made a wildberry smothie with our hand cranked blender prototype using ice, apple juice, and wildberries.

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About chuubanite. As i have stated /risu/ uses it to accelerate the growth of their trees and give bountiful harvests of nuts. And the nuts themselves contain magical essence. Now risuners replant every tree that they chop down so take that into consideration. Also i just thought of a brilliant idea but im gonna cliffhanger you all and wait until tomorrow to post it. I saw some talk about how the chuubas would interact with the world and it only makes sense with the lore i came up with that it be this way. Anyway goodnight from the risu rep. Cant wait to tell /inf/ of our official trade negotiations and to travel by land down to meet /mep/

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dear god, so sugary, so delicious! You'll become the kings of the world with not a single shot fired! We need to get this thing everywhere.

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Oh ya. If the /nasfaqg/deadbeat wanted to go ahead with with the stuff he brought up in/morig/ he should. No other deadbeat responded so I figure you're good to go

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I know /risu/ can't have ice cream. But they're welcome to try fruit smoothies in /nasa/. We're looking for bananas, nutmeg, and walnuts to try out a strawberry banana nut smoothie.

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Some kind of slash-and-char method? I imagine even /risu/ probably can't make use of 100% of a tree, so there'll always be some leftover biomass (and chuubanite-mass) that can return to the soil.

/meat/ has some of the material if /risu/'s interested... although /risu/ can probably grow many of them locally if they prefer so. Would you like me to look into it first?

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/nasa/ discovers that the taiga forest they pioneered not far from the crash have chuubanite anomalies.
The trees can regenerate back to maturity from a stump within a moderate time meaning with proper selective logging and methods they would have a steady flow of timber for urbanisation

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I have suggested 4chan being a continent off the current map but on the same planet, just to reduce the size of the continents/countries while keeping the planet earth-sized, but other anons are saying the rest of 4chan is an alternate dimension so I guess this is it

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Careufl you don't deplete the local Vitubium soil supply

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I imagine it as the norse 9 realms
At the top you have Asgard, the garden of the gods aka the vtuber network itself
Going down and we have the other realms like the surface level communities (reddit/twitter)
And then /jp/ realm. Until some aeons ago went through a metaphysical mitosis apocalypse abortion creating /vt/ realm

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The forest must have been a branch of of /uuu/'s great forest at some point. First we have to make a sawmill. For that we need metal and gold. The gold is to comission blacksmiths to forge the steel blades from iron.

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>>20189808 (Me)
Looked into it anyway (probably should've done it first admittedly):
Both /meat/ and /risu/ should be able to grow banana due to their tropic/subtropic environment and rich soil, especially now that the poles are off the map.
Walnut (and strawberry, for that matter) is more suited for warm to cool climates, so neither place will have it. Probably should look into somewhere mid-latitude and close to the coast?
As for nutmeg, both /meat/ and /risu/ should be able to grow it, although /risu/'s position further away from the Equator (and pretty close to the Northern Tropic) might mean it has a more pronounced dry season that could hurt nutmeg production. It might be partially mitigated by monsoon, but we'll need climatebro for a more accurate estimation.

tl;dr Would you like some /meat/ nutmeg?

>> No.20191303

Nah we can't make use of it all. We just gather the nuts and any other food them use the wood for construction. Also /meat/ and /nasa/ are now added to the risuners potential trading partner list. We welcome your arrival.

>> No.20191550

Strawberries can grow in the greenhouses just fine. As long as the nutmeg is sterilized it should be fine. Same with cacao and chocolate. Though we won't need chocolate orders until summer when the bakery at the port is done. We should also have our gearboxes made by /infinity/ finished by then as well.

>> No.20192143

When we get more farmland ready /nasa/ can trade cool crop vegetables like spinach, kale, carrots, sweet peas, cauliflower, and broccoli. We have an area south that we can farm. We're also slowly trying to build up our tolerance to allergens. Medical has allergy therapy kits (that may or maynot include MRNA vaccines) that should help our workers build up tolerance to dust, pollen, and sometimes food allergies.

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In-universe lore I guess
Since /meat/ is in the same tropical 'mediterranean' region as risu, your western coasts are in our raid routes, and our people still practice old customs despite adopting urbanism, maybe trade and communication wont be too difficult as historically we're familiar.
It'll be like the berbers and and balkaners meeting each other

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>MRNA vaccines
>In an exploration age period
A bit overkill

>> No.20192440

Well its a good thing we can't make more now can we?

>> No.20192877

You know
This setting reminds me of Endless Legend/Endless Space. Science Fantasy stuff.
Godly beings that can be subjected to deicide? (The Lost and Vtubers) Check
A magical substance spread all over the setting that came from said gods and empowered by them? (Dust and Chuubanite) Check
A space race marooned on an early modern low fantasy world? (Vaulters and /nasa/) Check
A crazed group trying to become gods/become closer to them? (Isyander's Academy and /asp/) Check

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Since the issue's that /risu/ is probably too hot (heh) for strawberries, greenhouses would not help with that unless you have some ways to cool it down. /nasa/ seems to have the chuubanite for that, but I'm not sure if they would trade. You might also import ice from /nasa/ or (admittedly inactive) shishilamy to help with cooling, but that is probably going to make it much more expensive.
For nutmeg and cacao, they're as sterilised as any other foodstuff, really. They likely contain some /meat/ chuubanite, which likely would have the effect of promoting growth and healing, so that might be of additional interest. The same is true for chocolate, although /meat/ is not the only producer of it, just in case you want to trade with other places like Anya-Petra.

I don't think mRNA vaccine can help with allergy? Might be more useful to have some allergy injectors around instead, since I assume even on the space station, allergy towards things on board might still be an issue, in the same way some modern people are allergic to shellfish and such.

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What would /ringo/ be like?

>> No.20193654

they are alchemists. they have been here for a while, you know. look through the archives.

>> No.20193787

The thing about /nasa/'s greenhouse is that it was made for deep space travel. So the greenhouse has both cold and hot sides to grow crops with sub sectors at varying humidity and artificial lights. Plus /nasa/ station is currently in the tundra. So its still pretty cold on the outside even during summer. /nasa/ station also has an artificial climate that controls the breathable air and temperatures of the entire station.

As for allergy I said may or may not include MRNA. I'm a dunce when it comes to medical sadly. My interest in college before dropping out is business with a side of gardening and cooking.

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Same. I just thought OP had died

>> No.20193894

OP forgot he was OP for a moment
False alarm

>> No.20193989

I know there's Rosebutas but are the Rosebuds humanoid-like people?

>> No.20194351

Yeah, my brain decided to stop working when I was writing that post, so I thought you were /risu/. Sorry about the confusion.
For allergy, currently there isn't really a way to cure it easily as far as I can tell (at least outside of completely gimping the immune system). The best one can do about it (apart from not touching the allergens in question) is to inject yourself with stuff that reduces the effect of allergy (like antihistamine). Supposedly allergy shots work as immunotherapy to reduce allergic effects, but it's a years-long process that absolutely sucks in the meantime.

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Rosebuds ARE Rosebutas! Just different names for the species. Rosebuds, Buds, Rosebutas, Butas, all the same thing. Basically, there are no humans in /rose/. In fact, there are no other species at all.
We're very territorial with our goddess and so if you worship her without being a Rosebuta, you're seen as whatever is worse than a criminal. But the flip side is that Rosebutas are happy to convert new worshippers into Buds. There's an actual process, essentially feeding you into a giant rose that melts you down and grows a Rosebuta, that I'll expand on later. But it exists!

>> No.20194817

Can't wait to read more about that! Reminds me of that asteroid plant thing in Sanitarium.

>> No.20195079

Ah, I just got confused. I like being a space man with a pettable bread dog. So I don't think I'll be worshipping Rosemi. Sana is good enough for me.

Allergy therapy will be required anyway. Especially if it means taking your helmet off won't kill you.

>> No.20195271

I think proper allergy therapy would probably be reserved for individuals whose role require constant contact with other people (diplomats, maybe merchants?), since /nasa/ isn't going to manufacture new shots any time soon (and the process is both lengthy and potentially dangerous). The rest might have to rely on a (similarly non-renewable but more abundant) supply of anti-allergy medicine?

>> No.20195505

/meat/ would more than happily assist you in the development of medicines that could help your diplomats and merchants survive, just send a few people our way and we'll assure their safe return.

>> No.20196047

/nasa/'s got too much shit to do this summer. We need all the people we have to keep working. Perhaps in six months we can talk about experimental medicine.

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I wanted to refer back to these posts pertaining to /morig/'s application of chuubanite. I know we haven't really gotten around to discussing the nitty-gritty outside of the rentry post, but I wanted to make sure this isn't out of line.

>> No.20196449

/nasa/ isn't trying to be a dick to /meat/. Its just that /nasa/ has priorities with getting their station out of the crater so we can begin to repair it on top of growing crops, processing crops, R&D, etc. Its a busy time while we still have the most strength to do it.

>> No.20196614

it's ok. you can come when you're ready.

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Wow I waited several hours for a new thread and it turns out it was because it had no subject...

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What does the chuubanite bond with to become copium?

>> No.20201024

In /morig/'s case, I think maybe Mori's chuubanite has a higher affinity with copium, so they bind more easily and the end result is more potent, with the unique effects as described in the relevant posts.

>> No.20202029

Chuubanite varies from chuuba to chuuba?

>> No.20202197

It seems to be the case according to https://rentry.org/buk5e, see starting assumption 3, types of chuubanite, and chuubanite meta interactions for more details.
I think currently the assumption is that chuubanite of all forms share some common attributes, but beyond that every type of chuubanite (correlates to the vtuber it is associated with) has their own characteristics and effects, which contributes to the difference between countries/threads.

>> No.20202590

Not a deadbeat but does a sect of /morig/ worship ritual self-flagellation, since they believe their goddess "loves their faces of despair"

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>> No.20203382

Maybe they crucify themselves like in philippines

>> No.20204539

>The Passion of a Deadbeat

>> No.20206562

Since people have been writing chuubanite effects, I've decided to frame an older lore of mine into a more in-universe version. let's hope they won't be stopping future study trips to /meat/
I don't think I can fully encapsulate the same feeling from the other story written by the gentleman from /inf/, but I tried my best.

>> No.20206694

I dont know if this is useful but there are rumours that the realm of /rbc/ have golems that can lift heavy objects and levitate.
Maybe you could hire them? Unless the golems are not privately owned by guilds

>> No.20207561

Proposal: Chuubanite isnt just mined/harvested from the ground like ore
It'll be like Dust from Endless Legend and spice melange from Dune. The world is filled with the stuff.
From plants, water, in the air, in living beings, in magical beings like ghosts.
It's all over the place.
But its availability depends on which vtuber it's naturised with.
You wont find Hololive aligned chuubanite in the indie continent
Chuubanite aligned with tranquil/calm vtubers cannot be found in hot plasma forms
You cannot find chuubanite aligned with schoolgirl themed chuubas in ocean water, they can only be harvested from flower fields
Basically if you stand still in a single spot you can discover at least 6 different types of chuubanite. In your body, in the air you breathe, in the grass youre standing on, in the ground, in the water droplets.
The reason they dont interact with each other and cause a chemical domino chain is because of their magical properties that requires an outside interaction

>> No.20208188

I think currently the lore's that most, if not all things has at least some amount of chuubanite. It's just that the majority of them (especially in raw form that isn't in the ecosystem yet) are buried underground, which seems reasonable since most matters on a given planet are in the ground. There are likely ways to harvest chuubanite from existing sources, as suggested in the aforementioned writing where chuubanite-enriched flesh is used as fertiliser to give the plants chuubanite. However, as long as the exchange is not lossless, the amount of chuubanite within the system is going to constantly decrease unless more is introduced from underground.

>> No.20209681

Having other ways of acquiring chuubanite would also raise the creativity cap so everyone isnt defaulted to mining operations
Maybe in the deserts of /voms/ the people filter chuubanite from the winds and morning dews, deadbeats get theirs from bones and undead creatures, some would have their farms double as food and chuubanite sources

>> No.20209800

>Wearing a barbed chastity belt that pierces your dick whenever you get an erection
>But the pain actually makes you diamond

>> No.20209902

Yes, but when you think about it, chuubanite in those things ultimately have to be introduced from some other sources, unless we decide to make it a renewable resource. Basically, as long as chuubanite is both non-renewable and decay naturally (accelerated by active use), you will need a constant source of new chuubanite to be introduced to the system. For our case, it would be either from underground, where it didn't interact with the surface ecosystem before being mined out, or from outer space.
Basically, there is chuubanite in wind, dews, bones, plants and animals, but eventually the origin of the chuubanite will be from underground. Wind carrying chuubanite particles, bones coming from food we eat, animals from the plants (or other animals) they eat, and plants from the soil.

>> No.20209920

that's not what self-flagellation means but still pretty hot

>> No.20210270

I think the meta-interdimensional aspect of chuubanite is what creates it
As long as belief in a vtuber exists, it will be created. Now I say belief not existence because if a chuuba dies it doesnt necessarily mean the chuubanite runs dry.
Coco still have followers who watch her VODs, people still draw fanart and other media, and /vt/ just had a Mynthia VOD watchalong
It's not the number of believers, but the impact it left behind.
Coco may be gone from the heavens but her powers are still available for those who follow her
Rushia might left with a bang but her chuubanite still exists. just extremely volatile and unstable atm
Tsugu chuubanite still exists during the hiatus, just less powerful and dormant

>> No.20210786

>meta-interdimensional aspect
The what?
>As long as belief in a vtuber exists, it will be created.
I think one of the points of chuubanite being a limited resource is to prevent it from being the predominant resource of this world, as we've voted on it being a low fantasy setting. Currently, it seems more like chuubanite's stability and behaviour is affected by what the related vtuber does, but it doesn't generate new chuubanite out of nowhere. Personally I'm fine either way, but I feel whether chuubanite should be renewable should be something decided by the thread as a whole.

>> No.20210978

My headcanon is that chuubanite behaves like Warhammer's warpstone
the vtuber realm is the source of all magic and it crystalized when it entered our world

>> No.20212850

In roughly 6 hours I get to do more shit for /risu/. Have fun lorebros

>> No.20214121

what do you all think of /ag/ worship being the cause whenever a chuuba says she has gained weight?

>> No.20216302


>> No.20216555

Did I ever send you the original file? If not, here you have Risuner.


t. Gramps.

>> No.20218759

You won't die on my watch /vtwbg/. Bump.

>> No.20220200


>> No.20220201


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I was waiting for a response from you, but the thread went into stealth-mode and I couldn't search it by "worldbuilding" or "vtwbg".

How do you suppose business negotiations should go? Settling on key points first and then either focusing on the details or leaving it for people who'd wish to write lore?

>> No.20220899
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So was chuubanite tuned into Phazon?

>> No.20222965

Ok i've looked over the initial post again >>20037154 and I completely glanced over the land rent part of the request. I'm completely fine with investment into docks and warehouses, obviously so they can be at your disposal and exclusive use but I'm not comfortable with land-leasing an entire port or section of land into your control. If it creates a section of /morig/ that is completely out of our control i'm just inherently opposed to it. That said if you wanted to invest in a piece of land, or fishing village or port for exclusive use o the docks, warehouse , perhaps even work force depending on the location, freedom from any tariffs for goods moving though that port and also a lack of searching and enforcement on any of the goods moving though there, I'd be comfortable with that even though it gives us almost no control over what you're doing and still leaves us with ultimate responsibility. Its just more appealing to me personally than an entire city no longer being our responsibility or in our control. That said if any of the other deadbeats have other ideas they should speak up

>> No.20223651

I was thinking about it more in the term of a long-term rental, where the land would still be subject to /morig/ laws. Rather than the Honk Kong lease (where the territory effectively followed British laws), think moreso like Essen with its Krupp family (which was essentially owned by them as they invested in the housing, amenities, and industry of the city, creating something that's called a company town). The idea with the city had to do more with the need of an organized workforce than the need of an unregulated territory.

The offer with exclusive use of the docks with freedom from tariffs and lack of searching/enforcement of goods is very appealing, though. Essentially, let the /morig/ laws and authority apply to the city, but treat the docks (and headquarters) as company property in the purest sense, free from tariffs on goods but still subject to taxation-based income on special terms, of course.

>> No.20224832

Is /cig/ supposed to be Luna's thread ?

>> No.20226204

Using chuubanite as radiator fluid is a no go. Meaning we're stuck with 1700s ice trade. So I guess /nasa/ will have to figure out how to mine and export ice in the winter. Even then we still need to build a port if we want to ship ice by sea. /nasa/ just needs money.

>> No.20226304
File: 184 KB, 1039x1325, BusinessBoros.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Even then we still need to build a port if we want to ship ice by sea
>/nasa/ just needs money.
You called? I was just a moment ago thinking of approaching /nasa/ on this matter

>> No.20226644

/nasa/ lacks the materials and manpower to build a proper pier. But /nasa/ also lacks the gold to buy the materials for the pier. /nasa/ doesn't want to sell land because we're still prospecting for materials. Also more Sanalites have taken interest in the project so I have to bring real estate deals to them.

>> No.20226657

Are Kroniis also incredible rich? So much so that they can invest in other nations ?

>> No.20226751

That is Chronobank anon if I'm not wrong.

>> No.20227078

Yep. You guys even have a flag and some lore in the archive if you want to take a look at those for inspiration.
Geez, they weren't kidding about /nasfaqg/ being monetary bloodhounds.

>> No.20227091

Taking out a loan means putting up collateral. In /nasa/'s case that means putting up either technology or land. And if we can't pay off the interest and principal of the loan then those assets are forfeit. Then the assets get seized for collateral. /nasa/ is quite familiar with the usery game in their hisory and how the great reset happened to create neofeudalism that killed the space age.

>> No.20227127

The next time the map is updated can it just be titled Luna or Himemori? No one calls it /cig/ if anything it would be /cij/ but most the thread is just the Himemoir Luna thread

>> No.20227264

Sure thing. I'll add it to the list of changes to make.

>> No.20227332
File: 289 KB, 558x591, 1647046661237.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

HOW CONVENIENT. /risu/ just happens to have a population growth and we lack the ability/knowledge to build piers and big ships. But we got lots and lots of trees and all the manpower we could ask for.

>> No.20227491

/nasa/ needs money before we can import workers and materials. The bank is offering a loan for money to do that. That said we're averse to banks because they killed the space age in our history.

>> No.20227528

Since /nasa/ is sort of low on manpower and materials, I figured that there is a chance they would not have a proper port and / or infrastructure necessary for the loading and supply of large trade ships. Seems the assumption was in the right direction.

I'm trying to trade goods between /nasa/ and /infinity/ as a part of our (infinity-nasa) trade agreement (the details of which are still pending, mind you), so it would be in the company interest for /nasa/ to have as functional a trading port as possible.

I was thinking of negotiating a deal. The company funds and helps build a small port at a location of /nasa/'s choice, and in exchange the company is given the right to use the land nearby for the building of warehouses, lodgings for crews, and other buildings necessary for the storage of goods, temporary housing of sailors, and the resupply of medium to large trade ships.

The port would naturally be subject to /nasa/ laws. It is your land after all.
I'm not interested in your mineral resources, so if any are found on the land, /nasa/ can have them. Neither am I interested in your tech.

I would like to have a guarantee that the company is allowed to use the port and it's infrastructure for trade and storage of goods as as well as resupply and repair of ships. Preferably, the company goods flowing through the area would have lowered tariffs, or be free of them.

Additionally, and as a part of a separate agreement, if /nasa/ can acquire ice for sale affordably, I'd like some.

Nasfaqg, but also a kronie

>> No.20227671

When Archivebud shows up talk to him, pretty sure he wants in on this (and we have to finish approving the deal with the Chronobank, sorry).

>> No.20227700

The trade agreement mentioned in
>I'm trying to trade goods between /nasa/ and /infinity/ as a part of our (infinity-nasa) trade agreement (the details of which are still pending, mind you),
Refers to infinity-chronobanks agreement, not infinity-nasa agreement.

>> No.20227740

If neither of you have decent ships then you're probably too far apart to really communicate and make a deal happen.

>> No.20227744
File: 566 KB, 688x515, risustonks.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Speaking of ships. I hear that /inf/ has big ships, hecc we seen them before. Theyre even made of metal not wood! And they also want to build a road through our land connecting the east and west. Well we at /risu/ just thought if they want to use our land to expand we can simultaneously use their knowledge to expand and explore as well. Since we will be chopping down trees to make a road we can use those for materials. How convenient indeed that everything works out. So /inf/......do we have a deal? Teach us how to make big wooden boats and you get your fancy road and port cities?

>> No.20227946
File: 109 KB, 1177x634, risusmug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good point. Only /inf/ has confirmed made contact with risu. /towa/ is inactive so nothing to the north and /mep/ i believe is coming soon. Either that or were on our way to /mep/ anyway.

PS our currency is nuts, wonder how well that will go in negotiations kek

>> No.20227962

At the moment we're using /who/'s ports to ship /nasa/'s agricultural goods. We don't want to build a port just yet because /nasa/ took out risk to help build the bakery in /who/. Plus I'm waiting for the thread to respond on their opinion on taking out loans. I like the idea of /nasa/ owning the port instead of /infinity/ owning it. Plus if /nasa/ owns the port with no risk of losing the territory then we can wire the port to the station's power grid which would be more useful than not.

Anyway I'm waiting for the response of the other thread before we say yes or no to things.

>> No.20227964

I think its fair to assume you are in contact with nations bordering you

>> No.20228298

Do note: I'm not negotiating for infinity, but a singular company in /nasfaqg/
No loans would be involved, and /nasa/ would accumulate no debt. A guarantee for the rights to use the port & possibly to get a discount on goods or have them be free of tariffs is enough payback.
And as mentioned, /nasa/ would own the port minus the warehouses and other property which would be essential for the company. These warehouses do fall under the laws of /nasa/, and the mineral resources under then would belong to /nasa/, if they so wish.

Is the /who/ port a free port for all traders or is a separate agreement needed for the rights to dock and trade?

>> No.20228901
File: 2.71 MB, 2340x2340, breadgirl.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Should be a free port since we're an exporting nation.

>> No.20228905

You have no idea. There's a reason why every respectable /nasfaqg/ merchant will put profit over power or influence, it's easier to imagine them as dragons hoarding gold and assets than people who want to actually exchange the money for goods, services, or status.

>> No.20229269

>it's easier to imagine them as dragons hoarding gold and assets than people who want to actually exchange the money for goods, services, or status.

>> No.20229306

>Using chuubanite as radiator fluid is a no go.
Is there any particular reason why? Assuming this is about /morig/'s application, which you didn't even directly respond to, "making things colder" seems to be within the bounds of the chuubanite proposal's guidelines.

>> No.20229427

Buying a hat is barely considered spending considering their prices. A cosmetic item worth 0.003% of my total net worth on average.

There's a reason why the shadowy Devs tried to introduce money sinks to handle the sheer amount of money the traders of /nasfaqg/ sit on and failed miserably at containing their ever-growing riches.

>> No.20229441
File: 119 KB, 1280x720, risuhi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just checked the map of how close /morig/ is to risu. Never really noticed them there but now since reps are here i might wanna talk to them. Assuming they give a shit about us. Also what would be a good tool to outline roads, villages, landmarks, etc? I want to detail all the inportant parts of /risu/ like /anya-petra/ did

>> No.20229488

We in /infinity/ could help you get in contact with other nations tho

>> No.20229542

If we want to get real science nerd about it, the first refrigeration cycles (invented in the 1800s) simply used liquid ammonia as the working fluid.
Liquid ammonia can easily be distilled from certain bodily fluids, thus my proposal:
/ringo/ are the foremost refrigeration specialists of the world.

>> No.20229584
File: 188 KB, 406x316, 1645904459924.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Whatcha need?

>> No.20229602

so /nasa/, fancy cooling down your things with piss?

>> No.20229722

/nasa/ is going to have to hold off on loans until we raise the station out of the crater. We cannot do much of anything else until the station is set upright and we have a mining quarry. With the mining quarry we can use the stone to build workshops necessary to process lumber and iron. Also since the bakery won't be finished until the end of summer the focus will be on chuubanite research and rebuilding cryotanks for rocket fuel.

>> No.20229741
File: 114 KB, 850x1202, mori elegant dress.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Also, I responded to your concerns about the trade deal in case you might have missed it.

>> No.20229882

Step-by-step instructions: https://youtu.be/yYIw4qV42Eg

>> No.20229897

doing my reps.

>> No.20229994

The announcement is ready, Archivebud is MIA... I don't to post it for him, it's his duty...

>> No.20230007

>The offer with exclusive use of the docks with freedom from tariffs and lack of searching/enforcement of goods is very appealing, though. Essentially, let the /morig/ laws and authority apply to the city, but treat the docks (and headquarters) as company property in the purest sense, free from tariffs on goods but still subject to taxation-based income on special terms, of course.
Ya thats exactly what I was thinking of. I just wanted to avoid any issues with a wealthy town in our territory but that we had no control or real influence over. The kind of situation where wealth would flow into it and out of /morig/ but we'd never really get any or much of it flowing back in. I guess another deathbeat has concerns as well though

>> No.20230017

/∞/ is in the best position to help /nasa/ build a port and facilitate navel trade since /∞/'s ships can be outfitted with ice rams or or deploy an ice breaker ship, assuming /nasa/ has the resources to maintain them given the distance between the two countries.

>> No.20230252

Oh that wasn't me. Must have been one of the other deadbeats

>> No.20230306

Debating if I want to give the chuubanite meteorite Sana gifted us to have "gravity-like" properties. It'd be useless outside the station. But inside the station there can be a near zero-g environment. Also this environment makes the station just "light" enough that we can move it without too much fuel. If /voms/ has teleportation magic then very little gravity manipulation is possible.

>> No.20230320

Wouldn't /who/ be in the best position to help since they're neighbors?

>> No.20230361

I've got a question for the thread. Is there any issues with writing lore of two threads? I'm active in both fanbases and I'm not interested using that to either threads advantage, that'd even be very hard to do given one thread is very isolationist for real. I just have some ideas for them and I want to flesh them out so the inactivity can't be taken advantage of.

>> No.20230400
File: 10 KB, 180x200, 1631073791377.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well, he was replying to me, and I'm also not that guy. Wait
How many of us are there?

>> No.20230438

I'm the /nasfaqg/ deadbeat. There might be a second /nasfaqg/ deadbeat, but I'm not sure if he posts here or lurks occasionally.

>> No.20230475
File: 88 KB, 1080x960, crop.jfif.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Three or four. I was just the one discussing the port/trading deal with him. Hes not really repping /morig/ here though

>> No.20230483

They lack the technology, unlike /∞/ since you cannot make an icebreaker with a sailing ship. Steamships can though.
However /nasa/ would need to have a supply of coal to keep whatever /∞/ sends fueled.

>> No.20230529

Aren't /infinity/'s steam ships specifically ironclads that can't enter the deep sea/ocean ?They don't seem like they've be very effective for icebreaking

>> No.20230547

I represent the Republic of Kuzuha, we nuke all of you nerds and dunk your heads in the totilet.

>> No.20230561

Ideally you would run the ideas by the threads. If they agree to the lore then I can't see any issues. If they're really not interested then you could always post something but leave it as a lore suggestion rather than making it official. Repping two threads at once on the other hand might be a problem.

>> No.20230598

Ironclads and steamships are completely different things.

>> No.20230644
File: 512 KB, 600x600, 1642926635456.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>dunk your heads in the totilet
>niji bullying

>> No.20230646
File: 309 KB, 352x387, 1644134543316.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Skeleton King Leoric!?

>> No.20230910

Ya i'm going to run it by them but I'm not expecting much interest

>> No.20230942

>I guess another deathbeat has concerns as well though
Ignore this part. I misread the conversation

>> No.20231080

Uhhh /nasa/
I have a solution for making a bootleg refrigerator
Just fill a pipe with concentrated chuubanite water, then find a priest/mage whatever that worships a chuuba with a cold heart. VERY cold
They should tune the chuubanite to gain the properties of their deity and voila, it should start absorbing heat and cool things around it

>> No.20231397

Holy water fridges IKZ!

>> No.20232009

Sana is space and gravity. But feel free to try making your own ice houses.

>> No.20232319
File: 787 KB, 857x863, 1620925496824.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Globeanon is also a deadbeat.

>> No.20232410
File: 517 KB, 2564x3821, mori bunnygirl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Those are some really spherical Mori's Moris. Nicely done.
A lot more deadbeats here than I expected.

>> No.20232548 [DELETED] 

/nasa/ Principal's Log:

Just got wind of disturbing news today. It appears that the meteorite we secured has lost mass. I quickly rushed down to the lab to see what exactly is going on. The meteorite appears to be the same size as we left it. So we ran a density test. In conclusion the meteorite did not lose mass. Instead it lost weight. Strange. The only way an object can retain its mass and lose weight doesn't make sense. Unless there's something going on with the gravity. Its clearly not /vt/'s gravity that has been altered. That said if somehow the meteorite can manipulate gavity fields then we do have a few theories on applications. /nasa/ is no stranger to artificial gravity. Though we could only achieve gravity on the outside of the station. Perhaps if we have more chuubanite we can create a material that can synchronize with the meteorite's power. For that we need Sana. If we are to make such a project then we shall do so in Sana's name. Chuubanite is a coveted material with many different forms. Perhaps taking the advice to use chuubanite spiritually instead of scientifically might be what we need. What else do we have to lose if we can't return to space?

>> No.20232608 [DELETED] 

Forgot to anchor like a dumbass.

>> No.20232731

Deleted the log because it got disapproved by the thread. Apologies.

>> No.20232778

By thread I mean /nasa/.

>> No.20233733

uwah... Forbidden alternate reality lore...

>> No.20234000

I got another Sanalite writing a solution to the space station problem that's better at physics than I am. Should be available soon.

>> No.20234021

>navel trade

>> No.20234423

Tummy trade...

>> No.20234484
File: 255 KB, 950x1344, 1630393416317.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My navel fleet...

>> No.20234546

>Receives shipment of human torsos from /meat/

>> No.20234570
File: 1.66 MB, 455x372, 1616027190057.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20234617

We don't talk about them.

>> No.20234675

Turns out, they're probably at the bleeding edge of refrigeration technology because of easy access to ammonia. >>20229542

>> No.20234688
File: 104 KB, 1279x955, 1646247827623.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kronies offering up their bellybutton virginities...

>> No.20234793

i dont know anything about /ringo/, and at this point i'm afraid to ask

>> No.20234825

They've got the best alchemists in all of /vt/ world

>> No.20234958

I must lick

>> No.20235873

im just gonna use MS paint and be lazy about roads and stuff desu. gimme some time ill have /risu/ more fleshed out

>> No.20235986

Hello from /haha/
Have you all decided on the number of your nation's population?

>> No.20236447

Let's say that we have a product from our priestess we want to sell to Ringo and its not milk...

>> No.20237052

/meat/ believes chuubanite is the blood/life force of the gods, and that making them bleed can bring more of it into our realm. This is an interesting idea that I would support based on all the other properties of chuubanite, but the amount should be small.

>> No.20237054

Kronie diarrhea?

>> No.20237628
File: 33 KB, 112x112, risupat.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

/risu/ dont know shit about chuubanite and just think "forest is magic we must protect and give our oshi nuts once a year"

>> No.20237697

meanwhile, here i am, a /nasa/ autist, trying to fit our chuubanite "magic" in the existing laws of physics KEK(kill me)

>> No.20237764

/nasa/ could make nut butter out of nuts. Almond, hazelnut, peanut (technically not a nut), etc. with their hand cranked blenders.

>> No.20237815
File: 340 KB, 1448x2048, 1646944522668.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

/risu/ go brrrrrrrrrr magic nuts. KEK

>> No.20238036

Honestly, i envy you guys. >>20237585 look at kind of fucky shit i have to come up with just to move a fuken space station out of a hole in the ground.

Now, we could just say that our chuubanite just controls gravity, but that can create problems further down the line. Can we eat it to gain flight? Why even bother using anything else if you can just use chuubanite to fly through space? can we just coat a tank with it and make it a bomber? etc.

>> No.20238396

At least you got technology. we use wood for everything. houses, boats, hecc we dont even know how to build big boats yet and need foreign help to teach us. We are total opposites we have all the resources and manpower we could ever want but have 0 idea how to use it. Meanwhile you know what to do but from what ive seen your kinda poor. Feels bad man

>> No.20238433

Singularity manipulation is not high fantasy, but it seems rather high sci-fi kek. And just having a singularity, donut-shaped or otherwise doesn't really help you move a space station. This is only my opinion, but I think the approach of making a sort of chuubanite-powered rocket is less unwieldy and prone to loopholes and messy worldbuilding.

>> No.20238695

We only have one meteorite. Once its gone then its gone. And no we cannot make more meteorites as this one is a gift from god. The only gift from god we're going to get to help us get started.

>> No.20238785

And to add to that, even if refinement of chuubanite to that extent would be possible, it would take centuries and quantities that we coundn't even imagine. So yea, this is a one time deal, once it's gone, it's gone.

>> No.20239029
File: 123 KB, 1920x977, 1626054685427.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The idea I saw bounce around a couple threads ago was for meteoritic chuubanite to be used more like nuclear fuel than combustible material.
Basically, chuubanite is constantly emitting some heat, amongst other properties. And as per a lore post that was quite popular, the intensity of this heat can be moderated using glyphs or something similar.
So instead of burning chuubanite, what you do is that you pump some other gas (hydrogen would provide the best velocity impulse, but any will do) into a heat exchanger made of highly activated meteoritic chuubanite, which would heat up more effectively due to its higher purity.
Then, the gas gets superheated to insane temperatures, and expands out of the rocket nozzle, providing thrust while consuming minimal amounts of radioactive fuel.
To keep the radioactive analogy going, the chuubanite would have an immense power density in this way, and smaller quantities would be able to be used for a long time without need for refueling. And the working gas can be replenished.
Well, it's an idea, seems less "soft magiccy" than the wormhole thing and might fit better with the "science and engineering division" vibe of /nasa/. It's up to yall in the end.

>> No.20239085

As always, I applaud your autism. Makes me jealous, honestly.

>> No.20239235

Do we have the tools and resources to make this type of rocket now? That's the question. If not now then how soon? If we don't then the wormhole maybe the better immediate solution. Even if it means destroying the meteorite. That said we can make that rocket out of mined chuubanite either from the ground or in space via asteroids.

>> No.20239276

Why do nuclear engines suck so much in KSP

>> No.20239701

We don't have any actual numbers yet

>> No.20239728

It's a rather brute-force, unrefined propulsion method, so even if precision manufacturing capabilities are lacking, it should be able to be done. The main concerns would be:
1. Running refrigerated gas on the cupola to prevent it from melting. (Basic refrigeration cycles are achievable with current tech and potentially /ringo/ ammonia)
2. Making the chuubanite reaction chamber out of a temperature-resistant material (Modern metallurgy is lacking, so ceramics will need to be used)
Other than that, you can just kind of make all this with basic steel-working and mechanical contraptions. It won't be optimized, efficient, or clean, but it'll work.
The wormhole would just work if you want it to work, but it's kind of the scifi equivalent of just casting a teleportation spell.
The NERV engine is designed to be extremely high efficiency but low-thrust, since it's meant to be used for long periods while in orbit, not when lifting off from the Earth. Ya know, otherwise you're kinda spraying radioactive material over the whole continent. But the physics of the system would allow you to engineer a low efficiency but high thrust rocket nozzle instead.

>> No.20239995

I did say that /risu/ have witches about but theyre a very rare sight and their magic power is unknown.

>> No.20240044

Question, how you deal, if you do, with the Risu/Ayunda personalities thing.

>> No.20240170
File: 749 KB, 1920x3413, 579656.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Footage of /infinity/ deploying a /meat/ mercenary to kill /ouro/ separatists in the north

>> No.20240586

Very good question that I have yet to deal with. Ill have to think of something.

>> No.20240749

Maybe in mythology she's depicted like Hecate or Janus?

>> No.20241993

>The wormhole would just work if you want it to work, but it's kind of the scifi equivalent of just casting a teleportation spell.
Ah yes, I can picture it now.
>/nasa/ finally manage to fire off their wormhole and manage not to annihilate the planet in the process
>the space station begins slowly rising into the air, getting pulled towards the event horizon before suddenly vanishing in a flash of light
>instead of getting pulled out of the crater, their space station is sent hurtling thousands of miles away
>cue spacemen freaking out trying to figure out what went wrong and where their base ended up
Meanwhile in the /voms/ desert...
>nomads curiously investigate this new gift from the fallen goddess
>bread dogs yap excitedly at all the new people
>the spacemen that were inside the station are desperately trying to keep the situation from spiraling further out of control
>just as they've managed to get things calmed down, an /infinity/ ship is teleported on top of them and crashes down
>the bread dogs start barking all over again as sirens blare, echoing throughout the desert like a beacon
It's tough being a sanalite.

>> No.20242108

Lets avoid this timeline.
No teleporting the station

>> No.20242611

Kek, nice blurb. Yeah, the big thing with wormholes is how the hell do you figure out where the exit ends up. The hard sci-fi method (Seen in Xeelee iirc) is to create both ends together in a controlled environment, and then you just move one of the exits to wherever you want to go, but that requires you to carry the wormhole conventionally all the way to where you want to go, which is a bit of a problem if you want to go somewhere you can't get to in the first place.

>> No.20242626

How do you guys handle wars?

>> No.20242682

dont think there has been any yet.

>> No.20242774

How would you handle them then?

>> No.20242778

I don't think we've had a really big one yet. Hopefully it doesn't get too heated kek.

>> No.20242813

Through children card games

>> No.20242844

Pissing contest.

>> No.20242955

we don't, population numbers and demographics don't exist yet anyways

>> No.20242977


>> No.20242997

Teleporting anything with metal is bugged atm. It's like paddling upstream with a waterfall behind you.
If you just go with the flow you'll end up in the /voms/ deserts

>> No.20243347

How would that even work?

>> No.20243500

See the last arc of Mahjong Legend Akagi: The Genius Who Descended Into the Darkness for reference.

>> No.20244282

Death to mahjong

>> No.20244618
File: 1.74 MB, 1600x1142, big three mahjong.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We have thread reps, get ready for Mahjong thread reps.

>> No.20244847

We don't. The only way to do something like that would be to turn this into a risk style game like the ones on /qst/ or /vst/, but that would require a GM to do all the work, and no one would want to be a GM for a project where you would have to deal with a bunch of schizos and timeloops.

>> No.20244944

A yugioh match to decide the fate of the world. Just like ancient egyptians did

>> No.20244949

I would rather prefer this project no to become a war game.

>> No.20245000

We can arrange historical military events where the anons setup the outcome amicably, making actual competitions would be pretty complicated.

>> No.20245137
File: 360 KB, 469x515, 1643939960132.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>A yugioh match

>> No.20245241

No Game No Life rules, baby! Bring it on!

>> No.20245451

We'd be happy to accept this deal with trusted allies such as your people, /risu/
haven't been feeling well. Could you give me a QRD in our thread on what I missed

>> No.20245536

I will TL;DR in our thread.

>> No.20245900

Also, how is the deal with /nasfaqg/ Kronie going?

>> No.20246520

Thanks for the reminder.
As per polls within infinity, we are happy to announce we will be giving shipping rights to Chronobanks Company of /nasfaqg/.

>> No.20246988
File: 3.10 MB, 3452x2388, Reines_PMC_[sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2F9wuso1.mp3].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If a war does break out, /mep/'s Military Forces are prepared to protect our land and our Queen and are willing to give assistance to all of our allied countries if needed.

>> No.20247088
File: 167 KB, 874x461, 1626379784516.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20247105

Given the recent independence of /risu/, the people of infinity will not pursue the construction of a canal there, as per their request. However due to our alliance, they have gracefully given us the privilege of other projects within their territory.

Given that, we want to announce a new proposal: a road to facilitate trade with the western end of the continent, bolstering relations and trade with them for us, /risu/, and the whole region.

>At each coast of Risu there will be a port, and land roads will be made for the goods to travel between them.
>A checkpoint, midpoint to the ports already mentioned, will be made with the objective of easing the travel and also to be a possible nexus for trading southward with /mep/ and Anya-Petra
>The ports and checkpoints be guarded by Kronie navy and military, fortifying the region and protecting caravans and ensuring safe travels. They will under no circumstances interfere with /risu/ natives, but will offer aid to them if needed.

This is also a very ambitious, but more grounded, project. We seek assistance for its development. We know this project my disturb the /nasqfag/ nation given the importance of the south corridor for their profits, so we open a invitation to them in particular to join us in this venture. Of course, all our existing allies, who stand to gain from both projects, are invited.

We remind the world that we are quite novice in this kind of project given our geographic and cultural history as isolationists in the past. /∞/ will be grateful to any who help us and will offer them special trade deals as thanks.

Glory to the Kroniissiah. Thank you for your time.

>> No.20247263

Yeah, about that... what about Infinity propose of alliance between you, Risu and Anyapetra (we will approach them again soon). We will have a good defense army between us, look at the map.

>> No.20247565

We're very open to an alliance with all worshippers of members of KIRA and Council.

>> No.20247617

We are very much interested in having an alliance that would benefit all of us. Like I've said previous thread, there have already been talks of equal partnership between us and /inf/.

>> No.20247795

Ah, you must be the /mep/ representative. The /mep/resentative. What details of such a union would you like?

>> No.20247861

/nasfaqg/ merchant here. Would you be able to assess the length of the road required (take into the account that it would not be a straight line, especially given the tropical climate) and comparing the average travelling time of a caravan (50 km/day) to roughly averaged out travel time of a ship with meh winds (assume 11 knots so 500 km/day; likely closer to 12-14 knots)?

Basically, the question is how much time would be saved, roughly, to see the commercial viability for this route. Last time I checked it decreased travel time by several days but added logistical difficulties (ships on both ends, loading/unloading)/travelling through jungle, so it'd only make sense in cases of tropical-climate secured perishables or "express" low-volume cargo. That being said, this was napkin math done by me, so I'd be interested to see what its impact would be.

>> No.20247872
File: 142 KB, 688x448, 1643834713398.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I had watched her YGO clips. I know how to counter her!

>> No.20248019
File: 187 KB, 1228x1228, __rosemi_lovelock_nijisanji_and_1_more_drawn_by_samu_sugu__7acc304057a426a989dd93b16ce6dd76.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Maybe you can counter her, but can you counter ME?

>> No.20248186

To be perfectly honest, I have no idea in mind at the moment so please give me time to think of some and to hash out the details with the rest of /mep/. But if you have any offers in mind, I am willing to bring them up in our discussion.

>> No.20248200

Understandable, but you have to put on the balance that we (Inf & co.) are trying to form a trade area between three countries and a island. Nasfaqg could, if our actual and potential allies want, trade in block to the whole alliance. One deal to a four country market...

>> No.20248832

I'm just asking to assess profitability of such route before considering putting in capital. It'd have utility, but the question is if that utility would also be commercial, realistically, and if, what kind of goods would benefit from it. Things like postal messages definitely would: express, low-weight, some people would wish to pay extra cost for the travel time to be cut by 5-10 days. As I said before, likely also high-value perishables that could survive the jungle.

Besides, I see no reason for the plutocrats not to trade with countries in that block regardless of whether the land corridor exists or not.

Also, don't forget that /nasfaqg/ has essentially no government. You're never making a deal with /nasfaqg/ as a whole, although there are some issues on which the traders would put a collective front over (and then, as the representative chosen by the thread, I would notify about the will of the whole general rather than a single individual).

>> No.20248986

Basic concept for the Chuubanite stuffs in /yeah/, super barebones, suggestions and ideas would be welcome.

>> No.20249056


/nasa/'s Principal Log:

We have had quite a discussion on how to pull the station out of the crater. Including the possibility of creating wormholes. In conclusion it all comes down to not having enough force to push or pull the station out of the crater. It is futile to repair our current rockets as the main engines. Therefore priority will be shifted to finding the weapons vault. We are going to have to rebuild our rockets from scratch using a new engine developed from vitubium, the more purified element of chuubanite. The design we have chosen is a NERV engine. Fortunately unlike nuclear energy vitubium will not scatter radioactive particles across the continent. Using our previous discovery of vitubium we have invented a new design for cryogenic points to liquify atmosphere. Fortunately we have the appropriate filters ready in the engines. So refueling will be easy.

That said I do not know if beasts of burden will be enough to haul all of the relevant rocket parts from the vault to base. Perhaps the vault will have working vehicles we can modify for the snow to haul. They'll have no fuel. So we'll have to grab some fuel cells from base. Nevertheless I am comitted to pull this station out of the crater so we can unfold it back to full operation.

Anchor: >>20176864

Christ what a hole.

>> No.20249208

All me.

>> No.20249220

We can talk about this in our thread whenever my rep feels better, today doesn't seem to be his best day healthwise, what do you think? I think at least some particular trade deals that look profitable to some nasfaqg traders are possible. We can present proposal from both sides of what can every side bring to the table.

>> No.20249468
File: 622 KB, 220x165, yo-hi.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes, in fact

>> No.20249629
File: 54 KB, 395x410, 1643499896055.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Uh oh, my poor adamancipators...

>> No.20250074

Adamancipators are quite dangerous ngl

>> No.20250107
File: 5 KB, 180x200, 1631073479850.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Motherfuckers out here using chuubanite to reignite a nuclear-powered space station and I'm not allowed to use it to make a fridge.

>> No.20250247
File: 1.23 MB, 1295x436, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sounds nice, any details on what the roads would be like?
While I don't think the previous conversations about /meat/ contribution in the canal project went anywhere, I think the reception is generally positive enough that it should translate into support for the road project. Given the new latitude of /risu/ (roughly between 20 and 30 N), its southeastern position and /risu/'s existing lore, I think it's safe to say that the majority of the roads will be built in some kind of monsoon/seasonal forest (picrel, I suppose the seasonal change makes it more photogenic than year-long green desert), potentially with regular flooding during the wet season. (some mangrove forest might be present in the southern part of the eastern coast, but I digress) As such, I think the most valuable resource /meat/ can provide would be guidance and suggestions on how to build the road through such an environment, especially with help from /risu/ locals - they naturally knows the terrain better, but /meat/ is likely more skilled with infrastructure building in such environment due to /meat/'s own climate. /meat/ could potentially provide medicines and drugs that can keep tropical diseases off personnel from more temperate climates, and the fleshgrafting technique can also be handy in some industrial accidents if the recipients are willing.

Looks quite nice so far, although there are some points that might be worth considering:
>Kosakan Fur
Luck manipulation might be deemed a bit too strong due to it technically being something on the scale of probability manipulation?
>Alou Feather
Do you think it would make sense for its effect to be enhanced senses? That might allow the ones affected by it to pick up omens that might not be felt otherwise. Think it also ties well with the origin of /yeah/ religion. Then again, I don't watch them often, so I don't know if that fits her lore.
>Millie Pad
Is there an in-universe reason for it to be made into hats (apart from mimicking Millie)? Might be interesting to consider how that ties into the rituals.

>> No.20250336

To be fair, if you already had a working fridge and were just missing an outlet, then chuubanite might be able to be rigged up as a power source.

>> No.20250387

I like your funny words, merchants.
We don't have the exact scale yet last I checked, so I don't know how long the road would be. Even if we did have that information, ask /risu/ for the specifics since they'll be handling the wood clearing.
Of course, take your time. We'd be interested in setting up a road that leads into /risu/ territory, meaning south from the middle checkpoint mentioned in our road plan. This would facilitate trade for you, us, and /risu/ as well.

We're also interested to know what good you have for trade to begin with. And we'd like to know if you're interested in a military alliance.

>> No.20251117

We're not reigniting a space station. The space station already has power. We just need rockets to move it out of the crater. Also I feel your pain. Refrigeration without electricity got shot down here too.

>> No.20251685
File: 2 KB, 125x125, 1646952779812s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oof. I guess ill be mapping things out tomorrow as well as keeping up with the thread. Suddenly had a lot to do today but tomorrows my day off so ill be able to get started on all the things i want to do, including making a more detailed map of settlements and where the forest is (it covers a majority of /risu/) But for now i bid you all a good night

>> No.20251781

Do it at your own pace, don't worry. It's not a work, have fun!

>> No.20251806
File: 159 KB, 512x512, roseWave.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bye! Sleep well, bud!

>> No.20251871

Good night! Also, >>20250247 might be of help when it comes to imagining how /risu/ might look like. Some parts of the country (like the eastern shore) might be more evergreen than the rest, although dry season will likely still be present if in a shorter length. Might want to consider the possibilities of wetland and mangrove forests too if you like those!

>> No.20251981

>/∞/ will be grateful to any who help us and will offer them special trade deals as thanks
While this project does look interesting, I'm having trouble seeing the utility of it. Unless you're trading directly between /∞/ and the Mythical Bay, it doesn't seem like this route would be any better than those already existing. Having to unpack everything and carry it over hundreds of miles and then repack it all on an unfamiliar ship isn't very efficient for your trading partner. And even if /∞/ is trading at the western coast of /risu/ and taking care of the goods from there, that just makes trading much more expensive for you.
I'm surprised /meat/ is having such success with trade and alliances considering all their officially sanctioned kidnapping and sacrifice of other nations' citizenry. How is /meat/ regarded by other countries, especially those being raided regularly?

>> No.20252017

>*seduces your soldiers*
>*seduces your queen*
>*seduces your oshi*
Not sure if that's the greatest plan

>> No.20252064

Despite being exhausted for writing out /nasa/ lore this past few weeks I'm happy knowing there are other Sanalites interested in the project. Whether I want to or not I feel like I need a break.

>> No.20252132
File: 13 KB, 85x199, FIKeIVXakAApI_f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't know about other countries, but /rose/ is pretty indifferent to /meat/. I imagine they've only very recently revealed themselves to the world, but their home would be so difficult to raid I can't even imagine /meat/ trying. And, since they're so new to the world, they're a pretty clean slate when it comes to opinions.

>> No.20252267

It probably made more sense in earlier periods, where isolated coastal settlements could get raided before local authorities noticed, and decentralised state structure makes it less likely for the central government to react. For the current period, I guess it depends a lot on how centralised a given country is, and maybe how much they care about the fringe population. Ultimately, it's a question that falls to the other threads. That said, given /meat/'s cordial relations with /inf/, and /inf/ with /risu/, it's likely that /meat/ would abstain from raiding /risu/ should that provoke an armed response from either countries.
Given the location, I imagine /meat/ raids would be more common in the south holo sea and northern neutral continent, so farther countries like /rose/ and /who/ should be safe. Of course, there is always the possibility of /meat/ cults within them if the threads are fine with it out-of-universe.

>> No.20252595
File: 436 KB, 1800x2160, 1641697042561.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think /yeah/ probably has an extremely small /meat/ cult among the Kosakans. Otherwise, since we are on the other side of the Nijicontinent and we aren't really going to be hit by raids, we're quite neutral towards them

>> No.20252805

/meat/ having cult cells around the globe would explain some peculiar things like
>Countries not counter-invading even after getting their people raided/ships pirated
>Countries still using the same trade routes in /meat/ controlled waters
>The worldwide trafficking of human cattle going strong even after numerous investigations and arrests
>Deicidal tendencies where non-/meat/ individuals would cheer and celebrate when a god falls from the heavens (retires/terminated)

>> No.20252813
File: 143 KB, 409x409, 1633362789695.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

/meat/ tried to lay a claim to part of /morig/ early on and were driven off. Death is a ceremonious and precious thing on the island, so the way they go about their lifestyles would be considered pretty appalling to the deadbeats. We've got lots of big black pokey throwin' sticks if you try any funny business our way.

>> No.20253188

"Sir, this is the fifth time this quarter we've been having /meat/ viking raids on our coasts. The coastal towns are being abandoned, our fishing industry is stagnating, and our navy is losing morale"
"Wow. What a predicament. Anyways increase migration subsidies to those towns."
"But... we're just repopulating them. Lambs to the slaughter! We should construct batteries and forts to deter future raids!"
"Now why would we do that? It's a waste of resources and manpower for something that happens once a month. All that gold and chuubanite should be used for something more productive like... enriching our water supply with fertility medicine. You know. For repopulation and future growth."
"But.. but... but..."
"No buts, squire. Carry on your duties lest you'll be stripped of your position. Now if you'll excuse me I have some trade caravans to manage."
"Sir... these caravans are going through slave trafficking routes."
"Now you're just overthinking".

>> No.20253223

>I'm surprised /meat/ is having such success with trade and alliances considering all their officially sanctioned kidnapping and sacrifice of other nations' citizenry. How is /meat/ regarded by other countries, especially those being raided regularly?
I assume the Luknights, being the other super soldiers of /vt/, think of /meat/ as disgusting, uncultured savages. This would be because being a feudal culture their knights are highly disciplined and forged though extensive training. They'd also find the idea of eating a chubba or the idea of being able to become one of the chubba gods to be sacrilegious and as a result they should be purged. Loyalty and Glory to Luna being one of the core points of their culture and religion so as far as they'd see there is no peace with such creatures. Now that all said the land of Luna is isolated in the north and if they ever had contact with /meat/ it would have been at least a century ago

>> No.20253511

I think that's something given to /meat/ by an early mapmaker before being removed, so its canonicity is questionable - as raiders, /meat/ probably won't want that patch of land in /morig/ in the first place.
That said, if >>20202590 is canon, /meat/ might develop some degree of appreciation for /morig/, even if the feeling's probably not mutual.

Life is not always black and white, but a million shades of grey, after all.

I imagine most of /cig/'s experience with /meat would be through (harrowing) tales from the southern lands (does /cig/ have penny dreadfuls? I suppose if it has a medieval theme, then bards might be the ones carrying and embellishing the stories), unless /hlgg/ has declined enough that /meat/ can actually dream to raid that place, like the Siege of Paris or the Siege of Constantinople.

>> No.20253842

/wg/ sees all kinds of fetishes walk through its doors, so I doubt they'd bat an eye at what /meat/ is doing. And having our origins in abuse threads means that we are no stranger to the pleasures of suffering. We're also located next to /asp/, so we're familiar with those who would try to make gods out of mortals. In fact, I daresay that /wg/ and /meat/ could be good friends so long as they aren't attacking us.
>Given the location, I imagine /meat/ raids would be more common in the south holo sea and northern neutral continent
Well, we're southern neutral, so I guess we're good to go. What do you say? /wg/ would like to put in an order for some chocolate. We have plenty of writing supplies and stories if you're interested.

>> No.20253923

>be /ggg/ sailor
>your hometown just got raided last week
>your sister abducted by /meat/ vikings
>demanded the admiralty to execute a counter attack and intercept their party while they're en-route home
>local duke says it's nothing of concern as they already have the situation under control
>says the merchant guild insists on investing development in raiding hotspots even when it'll be a long-term loss
>suspicious of his decision, you decided to investigate into your superiors
>discovers duke's personal prayers room
>shockingly the icon on his altar isn't that of the shark goddess, instead it's a gruesome pink haired being with blood-shot eyes
>still cunny tho
>found a ledger detailing departure and arrival of civilian transport ships
>being a sailor you were able to notice discrepancies
>ships are leaving during dead hours, skeleton crews thrice the size than usual, ports that are not part of the official migration route
>and most shocking of all, their dates coincide with raids
>this was a list of trafficking vessels
>human trafficking
>you try to flee the duke's chambers to find him waiting for you at the door
>dagger in hand, adorned with holy sigils of /meat/

>> No.20253986

>That said, if >>20202590 is canon, /meat/ might develop some degree of appreciation for /morig/, even if the feeling's probably not mutual.
I assume this is close to being canon since hes referencing that one image you see spammed all over the place. I assume most deadbeats aren't interested in adding that to be part of their lore
I still have no clue what this is supposed to actually stand for. The land of Luna has likely heard of and perhaps even fought the savages of /meat/ before likely as I said a century or so ago. There is enough knowledge for there to be prejudices but they've likely had no direct contact with them recently. As for Bards they exist but they're less likely to travel extensively due to the harsh mountains and cold the land is founded in. (though I can't find any map with mountains my memory says there is some there.)

>> No.20254070
File: 2.41 MB, 960x540, Luna Laughs For 38 Seconds Straight [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fc6hfd3.mp4].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>still cunny tho

>> No.20254115

>I assume this is close to being canon since hes referencing that one image you see spammed all over the place. I assume most deadbeats aren't interested in adding that to be part of their lore
Sorry but I fucked up. I mean to say I assume this isn't close to being canon

>> No.20254232

Given the population of /vt/ that usually posts this, it might pop up in the schizo wastelands lore kek.

>> No.20254439

So an international /meat/ cult collaborating with raiders, directing trafficking, and selectively weakening the local military actually falls perfectly in line with their doctrine.
/meat/ said their military is quality over quantity with a heavy dose of espionage to target important people like generals and command centers.
/meat/ would not have a large standing army/navy, but they have agents serving in foreign governments for their benefit

>> No.20254702
File: 1.58 MB, 480x498, 1618944459330.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>/meat/'s foreign policy is being a parasite
>implants agents into powerful positions abroad
>civilians are led into trafficking rings
>navy ignores raiding parties
>while spreading their influence through cults
Fuck this sounds like a hollywood illuminati thing

>> No.20254734

They're also baby eating cannibals

>> No.20254870
File: 4 KB, 180x225, 1635188245434.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>/morig/ is the jews
>/inf/ is the jews
>/meat/ is the jews
Look, we can't all be the jews.

>> No.20254872

Sounds good to me! I'll double-check with the thread once it's up again (as it happens). I don't know what /meat/ would import from /wg/ in significant quantity yet, but we can work that out later. /meat/ will be exporting chocolate as asked, and I think some in /wg/ might be interested in trying /meat/'s chuubanite-enriched drugs. Mixing them with /wg/'s own chuubanite probably will let them see *interesting* things. They might also just come along to see how /meat/ do things for more earthly inspirations.

and that /meat/ member stream...
I wonder if that translates to /ggg/ having /melt/ cultists in its inner circle. Anyone here from /ggg/ that can enlighten us on that?

Yeah, fair enough. I imagine the most likely chance for /cig/ and /meat/ to fight, barring possible /cig/ expedition to the south to help defend the nominal holo Empire would be some kind of past raid in /hlgg/. That actually sounds kind of cool ngl.

We do have that one veal poster...

>> No.20254911

>soldiers spread stories and propaganda about /meat/ vikings being illiterate barbarians that should be genocided off the face of the earth
>without realizing their commander is a /meat/ agent all along
All according to keikaku

>> No.20255007

The true extent of /meat/ is terrifying....

>> No.20255076

Look at the silver lining. They dont want to conquer your homeland.
Plus if you're on their good side, like /infinity/ did, they won't do trafficking and raids

>> No.20255194

Yeah but, /infinity/ now have /meat/ronies
Still the cult but minus the secrecy

>> No.20255542

/infinity/ doesn't get raided because they willingly ship themselves to /meat/ to be eaten/sacrificed in droves.

>> No.20255554

Be friendly with /meat/
>Get cocoa and other tropical goods
>They won't raid and eat your people
>No /meat/ agents in your government
>You have eldritch mercenaries demanding payment in blood
>Allowed to visit their free trade tourism-pilgrimage island off the coast of /ggg/
>Their cult gets popular support

Be enemies with /meat/
>Are there any?
>Your court/council/parliament/senate having /meat/ agent infestation
>No cocoa
>No free trade
>Raids and trafficking
>Secret /meat/ cults

>> No.20255604

No we don't

>> No.20255645

>Be enemies with /meat/
Ya you get to kill slaving, raping cannibals. its actually the only moral choice and any nation that allies with /meat/ is a traitor to humanity, their chubba, since meat would eat said chubba if they could, and a traitor to decency

>> No.20255708

So what I understand of this is that /infinity/ was ahead of the curve befriending /meat/ before other Council generals or even Holo generals

>> No.20255738

Imagine how funny it is that if a country changed their relation with /meat/ from hostile to friendly, the next day more than a quarter of their government officials resigned meaning they had a huge infestation all along

>> No.20255768
File: 2.82 MB, 1440x1440, 1621605085483.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pros: you get an excuse to bolster your own shadowy secret police to hunt down subversives.
And secret polices are based. Mori loves her buddy cop flicks.

>> No.20255795

You do now. Enjoy your bed.

>> No.20255821

I don't think they would quit after the government change their stance on /meat/. Someone has to maintain that new stance, after all... although some might see it fit to make their worship public once it becomes public permissible.

Yes, and /meat/ is quite open to new followers. Like they said, if you can't beat them...
That said, on a purely tactical and operational level, defending against /meat/ raid is not too difficult. Given /meat/'s raiding party design, they can probably overcome earthworks, palisade, and Roman forts, so something like motte-and-bailey castles would be a good line of what /meat/ raiders can sack. Medieval castles would be tough enough a target to deter /meat/ raids, let alone more advanced forms of fortifications designed in the age of gunpowder.
As such, if you want to make sure no one in your coastal area is taken like lambs to the slaughter (heh), all you have to do is build and man castles by every settlement that can be reached by sea, so that the entire population of the area can take shelter in it when a raid is spotted.
Of course, for pre-modern states, it will mean a significant investment in resources, possibly more than the protected settlements can ever compensate... and it would also provide local authorities with durable fortifications and arms that could threaten the control of the central government in the region, just like how local lords in medieval times (in a feudal setting, at least) can resist perceived unreasonable demands from their kings. With these concerns, perhaps the alternative is more tempting... it's not like /meat/ raids will fully depopulate the region, just like farmers won't kill all their animals. Plus, a weakened local authority will be more reliant on the central government for protection against these /meat/ raids.

t. advisor who may or may not secretly be a /meat/ cultist

>> No.20255854

>He thought being friends with the slaving cannibals wouldn't require payments of bodies to maintain the alliance

>> No.20255956

>We now have a shadow government deep state war between the /meat/ CIA cultists and whatever Chekia-NKVD-KGB in enemy lands
Damn this is getting fun

>> No.20256037

>Was worried about /infinty/ abusing their power to enforce a hegemony and while they are making power plays, apparently meat already has complete control multiple governments and super solider warriors
Man do I feel only slight dumb

>> No.20256069

Excellent! We would indeed be interested in /meat/ drugs. Surely mixing chuubanites won't have any disastrous consequences, right? There are also definitely some citizens who would like to see your rituals up close and personal, so visitors might be expected from time to time.
That's the best part, /wg/ follows no singular chuuba. So long as some are spared, we will be there to write about the survivors.

>> No.20256168

To be fair, ultimately /meat/ cultist presence in foreign countries is only as strong as their respective threads want it. I also won't say their elite warriors count as super soldiers, since their main advantage is being able to heal more fully after campaigns, not any inherent strength or supernatural abilities.

>> No.20256172

So far they're only interested in redirecting resources to their homeland
Until /meat/ declares an official expansionist policy, we'll just have to fund more counter-intel. Since this is religiously motivated, I imagine something among the lines of the Spanish Inquisition but with the ferocity of Soviet KGB to root out these freaks

>> No.20256191

If you're caught by /meat/ronies, either
>join them
>be a part of them
There is no winning move

>> No.20256241

you could also try to boil the /meat/ away

>> No.20256319
File: 52 KB, 641x1247, 1629835543130.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There are probably some ronin deadbeats who could make a name for themselves by hunting down undesirables for a price.

>> No.20256457

Developing an official economic relation with /meat/ would be the lesser evil. They'll stop eating your people and you get to trade exotic goods with them
Morally it's not the best choice. But pragmatically it's the only way to stop losing population.
This is what the Byzantines actually did with the Huns, Goths, and Vikings. Literally throw gold at them to stop raiding your land.

>> No.20256464
File: 101 KB, 1024x1024, 1609818577793.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I assume given the likely history of /morig/ having been raided by /meat/ for a long while /morig/ wouldn't be willing to consider them allies after all of the harm they might have inflicted on the island ?

>> No.20256558
File: 130 KB, 1240x1181, 1634484098252.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wouldn't say open hostility, but a very clear disdain for their way of life. /morig/ is welcoming to outsiders, but heavily resistant to change from the outside.

>> No.20256609 [SPOILER] 
File: 56 KB, 227x222, 1628471011088.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Deadbeat here, the idea that /morig/ has a long embittered history with raiders rings true and seems fun. It would also explain our lorepost's martial tradition.
Thank you for coming to try and kill us, /meat/. You help make us strong. Now let's have another purge of government officials, smells meaty... PURGEBEATPURGEBEATPURGEBEAT

>> No.20256627

Depends on how /meat/ conducts it's raids, if it's barbary style then they operate under a limit where most ships and port towns will fight back, and their raid zone is more like an open battlefield, presumably they wouldn't completely raze towns to the ground but instead damage the ports, steal shipping and commit kidnappings.

>> No.20256635

Oh no worries then. That's what the civil war enemies are for

>> No.20256679

A deaadbeat following a /meat/ cult is an oxymoron. Why would an undead being glorify deicide?

>> No.20256746

What could possibly go wrong in mixing magically-enriched drugs?
As for chuuba gods, according to /meat/ tenets, they won't all go extinct. Just like how all of them will eventually die, the cycle of life means more will be born to maintain the balance of the cycle. If anything, it means the end goal of /meat/ would, in theory, means a higher rate of new gods and thus material for /wg/.

I don't think /meat/ will have an official expansionist policy. If anything, it probably is against its own expansion in a permanent and military sense. Owning foreign lands would be more a burden than a boon, since I imagine non-/meat/ probably won't like living under /meat/ much, and the land would basically be the prime target of whatever neighbours it might have. Even if we assume the world as a whole will evolve to the point where raiding is no longer practical (like if the countries decide to go full Barbary War on /meat/), its new approach would likely be based on secret cults rather than open warfare (maybe a push towards allowing the secret cults to not be secret?).
Funding some kind of inquisition will probably be the most effective counter to it, plus it makes good stories even if it's (hopefully) not reflective of how a thread operates here.

/meat/'s open to trade with all countries, although given the likely icy reception from /morig/, I feel they would probably try to source imports from non-/meat/ countries, and /meat/-unique exports probably won't be too well-received there either.

Yeah, I'm on board with that idea as well.I guess you can say it gives the world more meat.would some of the purgers like to remove the B?

>> No.20256752
File: 370 KB, 697x630, meatmap.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Consider /meat/'s raiding routes.
/morig/ being the local anti-/meat/ power makes sense

>> No.20256875
File: 80 KB, 934x911, konma.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>its new approach would likely be based on secret cults rather than open warfare
So basically we have a backup plan just in case piracy and raiding is stopped for good? I like it. From hard power to soft power, but it's still the same goal

>> No.20256902

Deadbeats aren't undead they're just skeletons puppeting flesh like everyone else

>> No.20256929
File: 1.10 MB, 853x1280, 1643958960998.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Speaking of, my next lorepost is probably going to be about our government or proper lack thereof

>> No.20256942

How about both?
Worship of Mori means over time your body absorbs more Mori chuubanite. A deadbeat can evolve into a lich-undead thing

>> No.20256972

>A deadbeat can evolve into a lich-undead thing
because thats fucking magic now.

>> No.20257001

Yeah? Since we have magic

>> No.20257012
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Heh, deadbeats are the mark that would provide the least /meat/ to /meat/ raiders, makes sense that we'd be their sworn enemies. They'd have to get to our marrow to get their money's worth.

>> No.20257019
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Overexposure to Mori-affinity chuubanite just gets you high as fuck, dawg. And really cold. or maybe not. Still salty about the fridge thing

>> No.20257068

Why did /morig/ want fridges anyway?

>> No.20257070

>/meat/ priests arguing on how to deicide a psychopomp death god like Mori

>> No.20257075
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Nice, I think my next one is going to be on the deadbeat intelligence core and the reputation deadbeats have as infiltrators. I'll post it in the thread to get some feed back first

>> No.20257296

Ya I've been thinking of writing something about how /morig/ and the deadbeats have the responsibility to protect the costal countries behind them, specifically mep, risu, towa, holox and kfp, but I don't know enough about military to write something satisfying

>> No.20257347
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If there's one thing you can trust us /meat/heads is that we are by the rules. If you make any alliances/agreements with us we will never betray them. When we promise we'll stop raid and do subversive espionage, we mean it

>> No.20257467
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My proposal for Mori-affinity chuubanite's unique properties is
1) hallucinogenic: in reference to how Mori drives people crazy, either crazy in love or just plain schizo crazy. This extends to being able to harness it for drug production (medicinal and recreational), aphrodisiacs, perfumes, and chemical weapons
2) coldness: because of the "Death" and "Underworld" association. The Underworld (the holy site on /morig/) is cold for lore reasons, but to give it a rational explanation, I thought it'd make sense to use chuubanite. And the easiest way to apply a cold resource would be to harness it for refrigeration, which would just so happen to make a lot of sense for us since we're a merchant nation. Furthermore, I don't get why electricity is required in this case when the whole point of chuubanite seems to be being able to perform feats based your resident chuuba's affinity?

>> No.20257742
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Bone marrows are actually pretty nutritious and delicious. Indeed, for a hypothetically pure carnivorous (or cannibal) human to maintain some semblance of balanced nutrition, bone marrow (and internal organs for that matter) will be a necessary part of the diet. Plus, the remaining bone makes good musical instruments too (picrel)

That's about right in my mind. /meat/'s main spoil will always be humans (or sufficiently similar equivalent), with ships, wealth and tools being more a pleasant surprise. Even then, they might not kill/kidnap everyone in a town because of limited carrying capacity, not everyone being ritually equal, and that depopulating a place means it might not provide future spoils. If /meat/ raiders have to raze things, it would be against mostly military targets, like barracks, forts, watchtowers and such. That said, if the target turns out to be too fortified for the raid, they might set the emptied villages and farms ablaze, both to send a message and to reduce the land's productivity to make the aforementioned fortification a bigger drain on resources.

Would you be interested in reading how /meat/ use its chuubanite? I think there's some overlap in the hallucinogen department, funnily enough.

>> No.20257779

Hmm, well I'm not sure what the initial counter-argument was, but IRL electricity is not a pre-requisite to refrigeration. Fridges were conceptualized and built in the 1800s, which is admittedly a bit newer than our target tech level of 1700s-1800s, but electricity was not needed for them to function, just some kind of mechanical input to run the pump.
Though I guess here there would be no refrigeration cycle, just activated chuubanite drawing heat away instead of generating it, so it's more similar to a Peltier cooler.

>> No.20257802

>Bone marrows are actually pretty nutritious and delicious
deadbeat soup...

>> No.20257908
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Yeah, well you better hope you've /meat/ed some brittlebeats, ya ain't getting into my steel-hard bones without an angle grinder with an aluminum-oxide cut-off wheel.
dedicated deadbeat bone crushing facilities uwah...

>> No.20257947
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Oh, I didn't realize there was a discussion going on. Would now be a bad time to share the short story I wrote for /rose/?

>> No.20257992
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>I'm not sure what the initial counter-argument was
There wasn't one. I just asked earlier this thread if the proposal was within bounds, someone indirectly responded by saying it wasn't possible, then didn't respond when I asked for clarification. I guess the Sanallites got told no already, but again, I don't see how or why not. It's not like I'm trying to make a modern refrigerator.

>> No.20257997

We just hit bump limit, so it might be better to wait for the next thread.

>> No.20258033

>steel-hard bones
Excellent material! It would be pretty great for /meat/ if we actually manage to capture some deadbeats alive(?), since /meat/ make use of human parts regularly, and bones as hard as steel will work great as material. despite the name, fleshwrights are experts in breaking and healing bones to twist them into desired shape
Also a fun trivia while I'm researching: the average length for human femur bone is pretty close to alto recorder, which means a deadbeat flute will share some interesting connection with their goddess' instrument.

It's fine, we often have multiple things happening at the same time anyway, but as >>20257997 said, it's better to wait for the new thread that should be around in an hour or two if you can wait.

>> No.20258045

Speaking of chuubanite, proposal for naming system. This is just an idea you can change yourself
In Japanese, yoki (容器) means vessel or containment, japanese is used since vtubing started as a japanese platform regardless of language the chuuba is.
Chuubanite species are named after their nature/affiliation + yoki (容器) suffix
Some examples. Vtuber and name
Hololive Gura = Sameyoki
Phase Pippa =Pipipiyoki
Indie Kiki = Pyonyoki
Holo Risu = Nutyoki
Cyber Lumi = Wonderyoki
Vshojo Nyanners = Pinkcatyoki
Indie Akira = Sandbagyoki
Niji Emma = Maouyoki
Holo Korone = Doogyoki

>> No.20258113

I think if we want to do refrigeration, we should do like Carl von Linde and use /ringo/'s finest piss-distilled ammonia instead of relying on pansy magic.

>> No.20258147
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I will not bow to your demands, alchemist

>> No.20258404
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I might be asleep by then, but if so I'll just post what I have in the morning.

>> No.20258432

In that case I'll quickly make the new OP

>> No.20258526

New thread: >>20258451

>> No.20258622
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I think it's a good compromise. There seemed to be somewhat of a consensus that chuubanite would be used for special things, due to its rarity. The /nasa/ rocket is a one-off made using a literal divine gift. The are nanograms of chuubanite found diluted in the Risu forests. Using it for a fridge seems more like magitech, and you'd need a shitload of it if you wanted to equip everything with chuubanite-powered fridges, just seems like it would cheapen the material to use it for something so mundane.
On the other hand, the piss-powered fridge is far less controversial regarding changes to the chuubanite lore, and also way more autistic from a science standpoint.
Mori chuubanite could still make the land around Mt. Mori cold, because of a low concentration of it in the soil and such.

>> No.20258722
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I feel bad making you make a new thread just for me, but thank you. I'll post my short story before passing out, hopefully it doesn't come across as complete shit.

>> No.20260100

i strongly oppose this proposition.

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