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I love her...

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ILove IRyS

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Hours upon hours of girl talk

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they shold have discord sex

>> No.20057444

These whores are ruining my wife's comfy stream.

>> No.20057491

sorry to break it to you like this but it's your own autism ruining the experience

>> No.20057505

Go to your split, sapling.

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shut the fuck up cuckbeat

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I love IRyS
But I've reach dangerous levels of calliope intoxication

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fuck i am suffering

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Robert chads !
oh wait it's only him...

>> No.20057782

leave, fandead

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“Robert Pattinson in Tenet made me feel things”
Actual quote from Irys right now

>> No.20057822

La+ being adopted into holoen.

>> No.20057832

Yeah we're watching the stream.

>> No.20057838

I thought Pewdiepie was playing that Tenet character

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I love this cute dork

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That Robert Pattinson, me

>> No.20057999

irys loves white guys....how do we compete seabros....

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Is Tenet worth the watch?

>> No.20058099

no interstellar but decent enough to kill a few hours.

>> No.20058147

If you reply to me again, I’m gonna find you and kill you.

>> No.20058183

Do it fag

>> No.20058190

worth the watch so you can tell other ppl you also had no idea what's going on

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Breeding time

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hi, me

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Not this again

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this son of a bitch makes irys' panties wet

>> No.20058614

irys should hit bae
in a sexual way

>> No.20058647

I'm bae

>> No.20058663

yes, I do

>> No.20058699

Nice cope

>> No.20058740

why would I have to cope with being robert pattinson

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What do you think IRyS is thinking right now

>> No.20058814

Send a 500$ aka to confirm

>> No.20058831

Blain emty

>> No.20058848

nice try but robert pattinson would never spend money on a woman

>> No.20058859

Glad I didn’t buy her merch after she said that (“Robert Pattinson makes my pussy tingle”)

>> No.20058906

She went to the school dance, with me

>> No.20058936

is the new batman good and worth hololive's promotion?

>> No.20058952

receiving pattinson-kun's bwc

>> No.20058987

>> >>20058444

>> No.20059000

God I love all 5 of these cute girls...

>> No.20059010

It’s good but the eyouths in the audience i saw it with ruined it for me.

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who wouldn't?

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I thought we've already talked over this, IRyS isn't horny for anyone in particular, she's just horny; she's sex incarnate.

>> No.20059140

Mate I don't like you posting pictures of me without me permission

>> No.20059204

Is he bri'ish?

>> No.20059216

irys is a hot take machine

>> No.20059370

>That time IRyS wanted to watch another movie with us
>But gay chat said no way fag

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I've always wondered where that jumping SmolRys came from

>> No.20059554

The note book watch along letz za gooooo, right guys ?

>> No.20059653

I would like to watch the cheesiest, girliest chick flicks with IRyS.

>> No.20059707

>Shipping in teen titans

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i love her holy fuck

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god i fucking love IRyS ahhhhh

>> No.20060106

Umm, why do you guys have pictures of male celebrities saved on your machine? Isn't that... you know?

>> No.20060121

irys sweat...

>> No.20060175

he lacks the extension

>> No.20060209

>Isn't that... you know?
Me? Yes.

>> No.20060328

Never play this shit again IRyS

>> No.20060392

The soul healing ASMR....ruined...

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Are they having a sleepover for holofes?
>onion movie
She would be very confused by the onion 2022.

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>> No.20060693

This girl....

>> No.20060705

How does she do it?

>> No.20060728

IRyS needs my sement

>> No.20060736

That's basically her only joke.

>> No.20060762

She can have my sement any day

>> No.20060778

Wh-Whaaa? What did I say? W-What did I saaay?

>> No.20060796

this lovable airhead

>> No.20060813

i read it with bae's voice...

>> No.20060892

Same... we need to take our meds

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God she is so retarded

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>> No.20061243

Follow your wife, IRyS. This is your chance to escape.

>> No.20061283

>Converting to cat lovers
of course, cats implant a parasite in your brain that makes you love cats

>> No.20061332

I don't think anyone is going to finish a run besides Mori

>> No.20061342

dont go...

>> No.20061368

IRyS always stays until the end in these things.

>> No.20061386

cats are super cute though

t. Toxoplasma gondii

>> No.20061408

Who cares, Bae hardly has any presence in these things

>> No.20061409

Is that like how IRyS makes me love her?

>> No.20061439

Maybe Bae, but most of the girls here are in it for the pity participate anyway.

>> No.20061495

IRyS fucking sucks at this

>> No.20061601

She is currently on auto pilot mode, if you can't tell.

>> No.20061637

this anon is correct >>20061368
she's literally me and I always end up staying until the last possible moment in social situations like this so...

>> No.20061680

>I love Mimosas
They are such girls...

>> No.20061745

Only if you eat their shit.

>> No.20061810

that is not true, cohabitation is enough. something like half the earth's population is infected with toxoplasma gondii.

>> No.20061841

IRyS, please taste my flagpole

>> No.20061850

Holy fuck she's retarded, she's fucking up he easiest part

>> No.20062041

Aren't they literally supposed to be the personifications of chaos, time, space, nature and civilization? What the fuck is Mori talking about.

>> No.20062070

Oh my God someone please save her she literally isn't even in it anymore...

>> No.20062079

Death is not bound by time, duh...

>> No.20062100

they are so dumb

>> No.20062112

IRyS is opening her banana

>> No.20062164

Council lore is too autistic for me

>> No.20062166

She could have just said "Sorry I don't have any experience with this game and have no chance of clearing it so I won't join the tourney, but I
d like to join VC with you guys" and then just played a different game.

>> No.20062178

Oh no now that guy is coming back

>> No.20062219

She can't say no

>> No.20062259

too much social friction please undastan

>> No.20062271

Do you really believe game completion is the focus?

>> No.20062300

This is why everyone makes fun of American food...

>> No.20062312

So apparently it's Anya's birthday today so she'll most likely call if Anya does a totsu.

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>> No.20062362

She was over it after 30 minutes, and isn't even trying any more beyond that one stretch she got past the Kobe jump. It's not fun to watch, why even stream at this point? She could just be in discord on someone else stream.

>> No.20062389

You shouldn't watch the stream, just listen.

>> No.20062427

Girl talk. Enjoy it.

>> No.20062447

they are making fun of each other...

>> No.20062462

>Girl talk

>> No.20062495

This is going to end with a cunny joke. I can just feel it.

>> No.20062515


>> No.20062538

>both will speak nip for the whole call
Can't wait.

>> No.20062543


>> No.20062593

she finally DIED

>> No.20062648

This reminds me of my wife's chat with our friends few years ago, so yeah, I'm enjoying it. Nowadays while they still chat about cute silly things occasionally, it's hard to enjoy office or children-related talks
So yeah, enjoy it anon. Soon you aren't going to get to listen to that as your acquaintances get older

>> No.20062690

Ok, but only because IRyS <3

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>> No.20062749

She said that unfortunately M*ri said did not allow her to join VC unless she played the game...

>> No.20062750

Wait you have a wife? why are you here?

>> No.20062789

NTA but I have a wife too and she knows about IRyS

>> No.20062821

actually good advice though

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>> No.20062841

Why not be happy rather than being /here/?
Make some kids or something

>> No.20062845

Based oji-san, what are her thoughts on IRyS?

>> No.20062906

NTA but my gf broke up with me because I'd cancel our dates so I could watch IRyS...

>> No.20062930

IRyS was on the 3 cages area just now, and when I accidentally pressed 1 I got a whiplash seeing her on the same place.
4 hours ago btw

>> No.20062933

You're better off without her.

>> No.20062951

She likes her songs but doesn't watch streams. Mostly just teases me about it

>> No.20062958

NTA but also not an incel wizard
the >you're here forever meme isn't a joke regardless of your relationship history

>> No.20062963

Why date someone you don't love?

>> No.20062986

Like like like but like like but like

>> No.20062994

You don't lose the need to escape even when you larp as normie

>> No.20063009

I more i am here, I believe that more and more, kinda sad

>> No.20063025

I told you it will be like this. She's just talking with her friends and going in circles, because she can't multitask. Even Minecraft is better.

>> No.20063028

no shit Mori, this is a shit game and you shouldn't have tried to do a shitty tournament and make the rest of us suffer through this shit, you fucking bitch

>> No.20063054

No... you can't sing that... the archive...

>> No.20063055


>> No.20063098


>> No.20063203

>I am sharing oshis with normalfags
t. wizard

>> No.20063213
File: 35 KB, 188x201, ME.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

In what sense might i ask?
How does she tease you?

>> No.20063252


>> No.20063312

Council memes are so shit.

>> No.20063342

Council memes are so based.

>> No.20063350

Fakkin is actually okay but it's not Wendy's

>> No.20063360

you should look into having that massive tree branch stuck up your ass surgically removed

>> No.20063363

Don't want to shit up the thread. She jokes that I am cheating on her and if I space out accuses me or thinking of her. Shit like that

>> No.20063398

Anon... I don't think she's really joking...

>> No.20063413

>it better be good presents
Anons we can still win her over

>> No.20063429

I see, isn't wendys a part of fakkin though?

>> No.20063439

Santa is a criminal

>> No.20063450

She might have an NTR fetish...

>> No.20063481

That's extremely cute, anon. I wish you two all the best.

>> No.20063490

Make sure she won't divorse you, this isn't holo rp

>> No.20063506

Take your meds

>> No.20063551


>> No.20063615

Fakkin (First Kitchen) aquired the licensing rights in virtual Japan for Wendy's a while back, which just led to expanding the menu but it's still a different menu from burgerland Wendy's

>> No.20063685

Ahhh I see

>> No.20063884

Has IRyS never gotten genuinely frustrated?

>> No.20063914

She's just like me

>> No.20063963

A psychopath?

>> No.20064014

If you think she's a psychopath... yes

>> No.20064021

KidRyS in a girl scout outfit... CUTE

>> No.20064038

>loli IRyS knocking on your door unexpectedly

>> No.20064052


>> No.20064054

Mumei bullied by boomers.

>> No.20064058

This stream is so girly I feel like I need to go lift weights and cut down a tree with an old fashioned ax.

>> No.20064203

S-she's not gonna do SC reading after this... right?

>> No.20064266

not when she has another stream in 4 hours

>> No.20064275
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Fauna's side of things is gone, how long will this "tournament" go for?

>> No.20064304

This worse that CHADcast

>> No.20064320

Honey bunches of oats is still the best cereal. Smacks used to be amazing too but they changed the bag from the metallic one to a shitty plastic one and now they're stale 90% of the time even when newly purchased.

>> No.20064337

speak for yourself these 3 are great together

>> No.20064342

Imagine moom leaves and it's just IRyS and the other one...

>> No.20064361

irys really likes white guys...

>> No.20064382

What do you mean? I think this is better since Mumei is doing good at wrangling Mori so far.

>> No.20064396

I wish I could enjoy as well, why do you think they're great?

>> No.20064441

What was your favorite part of the stream?

>> No.20064442

I didn't watch Chadcast, so I can't compare, but yea, I can see it being worse.

>> No.20064476

The part with just Bae and Fauna.

>> No.20064485

Mumei just has really good energy and can laugh easily at things, Calli has a lot of funny comedy moments that go well with Mumei's antics. They both are making my oshi laugh so it works.

>> No.20064553

I skipped chadcats so i got no reference to draw conclusions beyond wigger bad because she is there.

>> No.20064662

>look at her drip
This girl...

>> No.20064745

I might take a nap after this one

>> No.20064893

Doxxed again

>> No.20064997

>Not just paying some guy working at the library $50 to sign the sheet for you to satisfy your hours.

>> No.20065035

Why is she at the same place she was a few hours ago

>> No.20065066


>> No.20065074

I just noticed that she has no stream tomorrow. Makes sense that she has two streams today.

>> No.20065079

Better to take a nap and just watch the VOD, not worth it.

>> No.20065085

Welcome to JK

>> No.20065088

Why is anyone even playing this game just give the prize to mori and be done with it, it's not like they are gonna win

>> No.20065143


>> No.20065169

she really is obsessed with breeding jesus christ

>> No.20065190

I'll save her

>> No.20065203

We have reached the point where we're listening to 3 women talk to the most womanly thing possible... childbirth.

>> No.20065230

I'll breed her

>> No.20065239

I already gave up, I am just existing right now

>> No.20065251

4 more years.

>> No.20065257

irys is constantly horny and wanting to breed with white men

>> No.20065260

I wanted to hear more, actually

>> No.20065263

Kek, you expect the wigger to think?

>> No.20065301

You clearly miss the point

>> No.20065381

yeah, me

>> No.20065403

The point was to have a Jump[ King tournament, which was a dumb decision because there was obviously no interest in it. They could have open VC with different, better games.

>> No.20065468

You forgot that, the person that made this "tournament" is the pink one

>> No.20065471

NTA but moomster legit reminds me of my sister so any synergy between her and IRyS does nothing to quell my delusions...

>> No.20065499

tim burton wants to fuck jonhy deep...

>> No.20065500

Let alone interest, it's hard to beat in the first place.

>> No.20065533

If the tournament was the point it wouldn't be "just jump in if you feel like it". You clearly just want reasons to hate Mori and shape your own reality to do it

>> No.20065602

The tournament was the point but no one cared so it devolved into this.

>> No.20065612

The tournament was the point though, you're not going to score any points defending what was obviously poorly organized and a bad decision. Like I said, if the point was to have open VC and fuck around they could do it in a better setting.

>> No.20065662

>better setting
Imagine seething this hard because they're not playing Minecraft

>> No.20065672

add johnny depp to list of guys who gets irys' panties wet

>> No.20065700

Nah >>20065602
are right, you just need to back to wherever they like mori

>> No.20065712

That's not really fair though, most people would be hyped to meet him.

>> No.20065727

Imagine jumping in front of an imaginary sword to defend a shitty decision in a thread that's not even for the person who set it up

>> No.20065748

>Johnny Depp, Robert Pattinson, and you are in a room with IRyS
>You must battle with strength or wits to win the babe
What do

>> No.20065750

Yeah, he seems pretty chill

>> No.20065783

OK, cuckbeat, don't forget that beating the game is the main requirement for entering this tournament.The "jump in if you feel like it" is just because no one wants to join the pink-bitch pathetic tournament, so she has to lower the bar. Now go back.

>> No.20065804
File: 34 KB, 640x480, Points.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jump King tournament, where the points don't count and the points don't matter.

Now loosen up your panties

>> No.20065833

Love how IRyS is always spoiling things lmao

>> No.20065871
File: 280 KB, 505x680, 1642655967739.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>catalog tourists this mad because they're playing the one game mori isn't garbage at
dramafags get the fuck out
inb4 deadbeat etc etc

>> No.20065875

Just go back to the Mori general faggot. You don't need to be a Mori anti to recognize that this was ill planned.

>> No.20065887

She doesn't understand that people aren't like her. She literally spoils endings for herself by reading a wiki just to make sure she likes it before finishing it.

>> No.20065903

I've never seen a mori general, does it even exist?

>> No.20065921

>irys has never heard of ac/dc, linkin park or kobe bryant
she must have spent her entire life reading manga in her room in isolation

>> No.20065950

She's almost just like me

>> No.20065960

It's true, I feel like a lot of the anime and manga she's watched/read she might not had even finished and just went half way or so before just spoiling the ending to herself(which is fine ofc is that's what you like to do)

>> No.20065965

t. deadbeat

>> No.20065966

They hide it in moonrunes because they're idiots

>> No.20065982

yes, she's basically perfect

>> No.20065986

she doesn't even know jojo characters are named after american rock bands, if it's not anime it's not real

>> No.20066007

Oh I see, makes sense

>> No.20066017

>t.eop faggot

>> No.20066028
File: 49 KB, 513x449, 1646241134017.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're expected to lurk before you post

>> No.20066040

She does undersrand and usually tries to avoid spoiling things

>> No.20066043

literally an EOP lmao

>> No.20066057

Go back.

>> No.20066092

mumei adhd is kicking in
she hates this game kek

>> No.20066107

At least he's white

>> No.20066133

t. deadbeats grandstanding
It's not hard to learn kana and the kanji for forest.

>> No.20066143

Post nipples

>> No.20066169

Wait you for real?

>> No.20066180

It's a game for masochists

>> No.20066217

Guess what? More IRyS-Calli later. Look forward to it. I will expect more of your tears later.

>> No.20066254

She is currently at part 3, and most Stand part 3 names are Tarot cards reference. Don't blame her.

>> No.20066266

>not mention anya birthday

>> No.20066273

Reminder that IRyS loves Mori

>> No.20066292

She's watched all the other parts, newfag...

>> No.20066301

I'm fine with it you stupid bitch. I'm saying the whole tourney thing was dumb. You realize you can say someone made a poor decision without saying you hate them right? Mori didn't think this jump King thing through. If they had played something better it would have been fine.

>> No.20066306

not everyone is perfect...

>> No.20066313

She's naive like that.

>> No.20066317

She's watching the parts out of order

>> No.20066329

She's love me more

>> No.20066377

finally the pink woman is gone, relieve, my headache is gone now

>> No.20066378


>> No.20066380

I know she started with part 6 (which isn't even finished yet) and went back to watch the older parts. Do you really?

>> No.20066414

I was talking about the jojo names, didn't knew that either, guess Araki really is a genius, weird genius but a genius nonetheless.

>> No.20066415

And that makes me love Calli, how?

>> No.20066431
File: 2.63 MB, 1779x2048, image_2022-03-12_140637.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bae is doing something to IRyS and Kronii is curious

>> No.20066432

For real? Thank God.

>> No.20066463

Yea? Well you can't do a thing about it other than continued bitching. You have no power over the proceedings. Anyways now shut the fuck up about it and have your piece. It'll be all over soon.

>> No.20066464
File: 337 KB, 680x680, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20066466

It doesn't. It just means IRyS hates you

>> No.20066480
File: 26 KB, 562x217, membership.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

also reminder the regular and long term posters of this thread are pro unity, quit coming here to smear shit on the walls every time mori talks to irys

>> No.20066489

No. :^)

>> No.20066491

Nice html editing nerd.

>> No.20066494

I love jojos art style especially part 7 the art genuinely godly imo

>> No.20066505

It's just ridiculous that you'll trip over yourself to defend Mori in the IRyS thread when all I said was she didn't think this through. Totally not a deadbeat though.

>> No.20066517

This is not a hivemind, shut the fuck up.

>> No.20066518

IRyS wants to stop playing but is too autistic to leave Mumei behind...

>> No.20066525

This is true

>> No.20066527

Back to mumeiRyS, i feel relief.

>> No.20066541

Again. What are you going to do about it?

>> No.20066550


>> No.20066554

It's the mentally ill deadbeat who likes to imagine what IRyS thinks of everyone.

>> No.20066589

Shhhh watch moomrys

>> No.20066593

>Cheesecake Factory
Once upon a time, this place was really good.

>> No.20066603

>calling other people mentally ill
>when you come to a thread you don't normally post in for a vtuber you don't watch just to shit on a different vtuber

>> No.20066618

I can feel my tumor healing. Thanks for sticking with her till the end, Moom. I can't believe I endured the pink women for 5 fucking hours. Anything for IRyS

>> No.20066622

I don't even mind Mori but deadbeats are some of the biggest faggots on /vt/

>> No.20066655

yea, the Deadbeats need to gtfo this thread

>> No.20066671

Feel free to go back. I'm staying here forever.

>> No.20066672

How new? Been like that since /jp/ time.

>> No.20066673


>> No.20066676

>irys and mumei have no clue how many calories they can metabolize in a day

architect bros winning good tonight

>> No.20066678
File: 49 KB, 556x210, Screen Shot 2022-03-12 at 3.41.31 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stop being a schizo that fantasizes about what IRyS thinks of the people you don't like and I won't call you mentally ill. Also I'm always in here since the beginning.

>> No.20066679

>panda express
god let me save this woman

>> No.20066685

I wish Panda didn't have such white people fried rice

>> No.20066688

I consider anyone who shits on a Holo for any reason the biggest faggots on /vt/ and a shitstain on life more than I care that deadbeats exist

>> No.20066700

I hate deadbeats so much it's unreal

>> No.20066708


>> No.20066716

>new IP
go back

>> No.20066737

Yep, ESL afterbirth like >>20062749
is irrefutable evidence that it's a select group of wrinkly, shitty little SEAmonkeys chimping out. I'd be beyond embarrassed if I were one of these "things."

>> No.20066742
File: 6 KB, 564x626, 1645172780398.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Doesn't matter, still love her and hate Mori, simple as

>> No.20066746

Moom is pretty cute...

>> No.20066758

>no one can criticize any of the holos for any reason
you sound like a holo simp

>> No.20066765

by that, you hate Connor, then Mori, then yourself.

>> No.20066775

Just focus on IRyS' voices and noises, and it will be fine.

>> No.20066777

Just like kanji, my dick needs a lot of strokes too.

>> No.20066781

I think the replies to that other post make that clear enough

>> No.20066801

She said Johnny yesterday too.

>> No.20066805

True, Cuckbeats are the worse, they need to fuck off.

>> No.20066818

I know, I was there.

>> No.20066822

I hope IRyS collabs with Mori every single day. Maybe that will cause the anti faggot tourists to leave.

>> No.20066835


>> No.20066841

Next on Chadcast

>> No.20066845
File: 167 KB, 422x680, 1644817959277.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20066849

They are a bunch of ironic weeb normalfags and TT fans. What else do you expect?

>> No.20066857

onstream yes

>> No.20066858

Need to have the next thread have the rule of all off-topic posting such as coming in to shit on other holos in what's an IRyS thread is considered off-topic and encouraged to report those faggots

>> No.20066860

>all new IPs defending Mori
Make it less obvious.

>> No.20066880

This isn't your membership, this was the membership posted by the guy who was seething a week ago about schedules and shit and it was posted before that.

>> No.20066883

t. tourist faggot

>> No.20066897

Fuck off deadbeat

>> No.20066907

I unironically found hololive through trash taste. And I never watch anime. I found TT through Chris Broad

Thank you for sending me on this journey, Chris. You are my oshi.

>> No.20066911

TT fans = Normie weebs =Cuckbeats

>> No.20066913

>Goes brrr and you start wondering if it's okay
She's so fucking cute bros...

>> No.20066914
File: 110 KB, 699x603, code M.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's time to activate code pink

>> No.20066919

GTFO, it's not about defending or shitting on Calliope Mori, it's about us wanting to just talk about IRyS but faggots have to come in here with their anti shit

>> No.20066924
File: 274 KB, 608x605, 1642037320620.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They are moving from /uuu/ to /HiRyS/, be warned.

>> No.20066944

>it's not about shitting on Mori
He actually believes this

>> No.20066951

Confirmed, now go back cuck

>> No.20066955

Interesting how /uuu/ and this thread are both in the same shitfling "gtfo tourist" "no you!" bullshit. Both threads are being raided by both antis and deadbeats if you didn't already notice.

>> No.20066959

fuck off

>> No.20066978

fuck you, mori is always hated here, at best 50% dont mind her.

>> No.20066983

Streisand effect...

>> No.20066992

literally nothing to do with this discussion, rent free
who has she shit on, be specific monkey, no blubbery little crybaby chimp noises about how she effectively shit on Kiara by not watching her music video

>> No.20066996

It's the same people, there's been discordfag shitposting for the last two days non-stop

>> No.20067003

Then help us kick out the Cuckbeats defend Mori faggot l.

>> No.20067005

the deadbeat boogeyman is the most tired shit on /vt/, drama tourists only have one response to anything that isn't a seething hatred of the color pink and it sticks out like a sore thumb, see >>20066978

>> No.20067022

How does it make sense that Mori antis would shit up an Irys thread instead of a Mori thread. its more likely some of the regulars don't actually like her.

>> No.20067038

Imagine unironically watching anime over the age of 13.
Nothing marks a more failed "man."

>> No.20067051

>drama tourists
Saying it over and over won't make it true.

>> No.20067058

>doesnt realize theres shitting on Mori here every thread
you are not fooling anyone here deadbeat

>> No.20067076

But the moon is just cheese

>> No.20067077

I know, I just want to get over there and thank Saplings and their Oshi for the ASMR. All I see is a cuckbeats infestation.

>> No.20067081

>how does it make sense that a discord would astroturf places they won't be immediately kicked out of
They tried it in other splits I'm in tonight too, the exact same posts the entire time

>> No.20067098

deadbeats and antis should just take turns fucking each other in the ass to resolve their sexual frustration instead of distracting from how criminally cute IRyS is

>> No.20067149


>> No.20067169

When your posts are easy as fuck to distinguish everytime IRyS is collabing with Mori.

>> No.20067173

This fucker just outed himself, lol. And you jerks here still don't think cuckbeats are the plague of this thread?

>> No.20067189

>replying to your own false flag

>> No.20067201

Kill yourself, and don't forget to ask your friend to double tap your dying body too.

>> No.20067228

I know nothing I say will convince you but I was mostly just lurking until that post. I'm not one of those falseflaggers, just chiming in to see the funny reaction

>> No.20067241

Do so on a better moment, right now bith threads are on siege mode.

>> No.20067261

What's wrong with Abroad in Japan? We suddenly hate him too? /vt/ is telling me to hate too many people I can't keep up

>> No.20067307

look at the chimps make their monkey noises
dance, monkeys, dance

>> No.20067330

Chris is based.

>> No.20067393

Mumei sounds like Gura sometime.

>> No.20067413

Fuck you deadbeats. I just looked out of curiosity and they're actually keeping tabs on the other splits lmao. Shit up your own thread and stop caring what other people think about Mori.

>> No.20067435

Yea, I walked away for a little bit and came back and though Gura joined the VC

>> No.20067440
File: 20 KB, 259x259, Cheerys.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20067469

drink tears

>> No.20067482

FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK You're hurting my brain.

>> No.20067484

Oh shit it's been 6 hours already

>> No.20067507

Quit irrationally shitting on pink woman and we won't shit on your useless threads

>> No.20067517

t. SEAmonkey

>> No.20067519

>samefagging this hard

>> No.20067527


>> No.20067542

Stop your pink wigger from being retarded first

>> No.20067548

He fucking admits it faggot

>> No.20067554

>irrationally shitting on pink woman
Kek, deadbeats truly got no brain.

>> No.20067567
File: 585 KB, 483x769, 1633190860621.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

and she has another stream today

>> No.20067569

IRyS has said man like 30 times this stream...

>> No.20067574

You see this? You all see this reply right here? Take a good look at it.

>> No.20067593

but you deadbeats think anything negative is irrational, thats just your excuse to come here and shit up the thread

>> No.20067597

>falseflag post
>instantly 5+ coordinated replies
i'm seeing something alright

>> No.20067621

This thread wouldn't have been shit stirred if mori hadn't show up...

>> No.20067640

>actually thinking he's a deadbeat

>> No.20067656

Sure he does, chimp.
Ook ook ook!

>> No.20067665

>mori ruins a thread again...

>> No.20067669

Good night.

>> No.20067678

Yes, I see that the cuckbeats need to go back. That is all. Thanks you.

>> No.20067690
File: 358 KB, 500x585, 1626844434858.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>wanted to talk about IRyS being cute with her friends
>have to watch a discord raid happen in real time
At least the stream was fun to watch

>> No.20067695

>SC Reading time
IRyS I know you love streaming but don't forget to freshen up for later

>> No.20067708

Christ you retards are still talking about Mori. It's actually embarrassing.

>> No.20067713

>She'll still read superchats
Sasuga IRyS...

>> No.20067716

Why does she keep doing this like holy shit is it that hard to just not ruin anything

>> No.20067724
File: 473 KB, 608x597, 1628659058819.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Multi-thread/stream ruining

>> No.20067728

I genuinely like to think no one here is retarded enough to actually believe that post.

>> No.20067740

lol the chimps are getting flustered

>> No.20067747

The stream was super cute! I still hope someone goes back and clips her moaning over Fauna's ara ara... Super comfy stream with all 5 girls having fun and giggling, I live for this

>> No.20067773

I hope she gets to do a 1 on 1 collab with either Moomer or Fauna

>> No.20067776

>ctrl + f: IRyS, 74 hits
>ctrl + f: Mori, 34 hits
you gotta learn to bite less lads

>> No.20067777

I let off a lot of stress listening to this (not a euphemism).
Thank you IRyS.

>> No.20067795

Streamwatching > Threadwatching, this is almost always true, unless a holo is watchalonging a cult classic meme movie.

>> No.20067796

Do we watch the same stream? She was on autopilot mode the entire time. Do you remember that she jumped face-first intothe same wall 10 times in the church?

>> No.20067799

>SC reading after 6 hours in a rage game
she's too powerful

>> No.20067800

Stop counting Mori

>> No.20067806

This is why she is cancer to hololive and vtuber culture in general.

>> No.20067810

Mori is the reason it happened at all

>> No.20067839

imagine being this autistic

>> No.20067850

Just go check /uuu/ since some anon mention it. 750+ reply with 90+ poster.

>> No.20067853

Am I supposed to be paying attention to the gameplay instead of listening to her have a cute conversation? Have I been watching streams wrong this whole time?

>> No.20067856
File: 206 KB, 531x300, ACB25986-3529-487C-B000-E583711D0465.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please, make it happen reine...

>> No.20067874

Mori did not invent the concept of voice chats they could've have done this in any other game, a game actually liked by more than just the pink woman

>> No.20067878

Woah, that's over twice as many saplings as usual. I guess they really love Jump King.

>> No.20067902

IRyS already did some 1 on 1 with Moomer, Fauna one day I guess

>> No.20067923

Could have is irrelevant. None of the other girls besides Mori and Ame set up collabs like this

>> No.20067960

Yeah, and the time she just jumped in a circle around the sewer and the church.

>> No.20067981

>did that happen today?
How does she never realize what she's saying

>> No.20067982

Hearing her french reminded me that I should watch the QASMR again, especially for the French portion.

>> No.20067987

They don't because Mori's an attention whore who sets things up for them

>> No.20068007

How new.

>> No.20068009

I don't really care for big collabs it always ends up with IRyS trying too hard to be yabai.

>> No.20068019

>/rrat/ in good shape
>/who/ in good shape
>/morig/ infighting as expected
Why is it shit here and in /uuu/ and not the other threads?

>> No.20068023

Based Mori for providing quality content for us

>> No.20068040

Blame Mori. If she wasn't there the collab wouldn't be as big

>> No.20068056

Because /rrat/ and /who/ ignore the people shitting on Mori and then they come here

>> No.20068058

>/morig/ infighting
It's the same people invading that split that invaded here and /uuu/ and everywhere else. It's like 3 falseflagging schizos who try to ruin every thread

>> No.20068075

They're relatively good at not biting bait

>> No.20068085
File: 1.05 MB, 952x1328, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20068088

You said that the stream was fun to "watch" and now you say that you only listen to it. Make up your mind, faggot.

>> No.20068091

Because Bae and Mumei actually scheduled this, whereas IRyS could have picked a better game if not for Mori. Fauna had her own thing going on and Mori kind of ruind a couple of good Fauna moments. Any slight criticism of Mori brings out the Mori defense force in every thread, ebcause they can't just accept that their oshi isn't perfect and not everyone will love everything she does,

>> No.20068092
File: 1.62 MB, 1280x1440, raid.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how could mori do this?

>> No.20068107

They aren't numerous enough to cover that much territory, they can do a few threads at a time.

>> No.20068130

We had deadbeats in /who/.

>> No.20068137

Reminder that Mori did nothing wrong (today). I almost ignored the thread this stream anyway.

>> No.20068166

fuck it's been months, I know IRyS said she does asmr just for the shits and giggles but I hope she does one again

>> No.20068171

>We're back to anime talk
kek, I love this weeb, I'm gonna marry her!

>> No.20068176


>> No.20068185

I'm glad IRyS chose to talk with her friends instead of doing something solo. It was a fun stream.

>> No.20068205

She stopped herself from doing an ASMR voice on purpose when Fauna and everyone else was doing it.

>> No.20068266

Because whispering is rough on the vocal chords. She even said to don't expect ASMR content any time soon

>> No.20068277

Won't the stream on the 14 overlap with Kronii's birthday?

>> No.20068301

No, timezones

>> No.20068302

She'll do it again one day. I have HOPE. It'll be when I least expect it.

>> No.20068314

I miss IRyS already

>> No.20068319

I thought Kronii said she's celebrating it on the 14 in JST timezone, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.

>> No.20068321

Yeah it kinda will
Kronii said it's going to be 14th JST during AWO ending

>> No.20068329

time to sleep for 2 and a half hours...

>> No.20068330

New thread

>> No.20068346

What if her stream on that day is that the two of them are going to have sex on stream?

>> No.20068352

trying too hard buddy

>> No.20068370

>page 7
what the fuck

>> No.20068379

She needs what? Didn't catch that last bit.

>> No.20068386
File: 127 KB, 262x260, 1645408480070.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>That secret ending

>> No.20068389

to brush up on her English

>> No.20068392

Brush up on her english

>> No.20068433

I was trying to be funny. Never mind.

>> No.20068493

don't migrate yet, slight chance that thread gets jannied for being early

>> No.20068499

/rrat/ and /who/ are self professed unity threads while /uuu/ and /HiRyS/ isn't.
Do your lurk reps or fuck off.

>> No.20068538
File: 714 KB, 1920x1080, expo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>/HiRyS/ isn't

>> No.20068558

Never has been.

>> No.20068564

I'm now professing that /HiRyS/ is a unity thread

>> No.20068604

>lurk reps
Why would I be anywhere that isn't here? I haven't heard of a bigger waste of my time unless you are a thread hopping dramanigger.

>> No.20068610

Good luck with that. I can't like everyone. I will tolerate unity in small doses though.

>> No.20068676

/who/ has a couple autists policing the general.

>> No.20068706

Yeah, no. I can put up with and welcome even the YabZombie. But not the cucks and their Oshi. And I will stay here until IRyS is no more, so good luck with that.

>> No.20068720

They went through a lot in the early days, siege mentality never left them.

>> No.20068785

That's cool and all but no one asked.

>> No.20068795

we have no self control...

>> No.20068997
File: 2.18 MB, 1884x3080, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

IRyS Love
Mori Love
HoloEN Love
I'm going to bed, later IRyStocrats! Enjoy the Eikaiwa!

>> No.20069584
File: 455 KB, 1884x3080, 20220312_020636.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20070477

If only the whole VOD was as easy to fix

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