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What if your general was not just a general but a nation, devoted to your oshi and their will? Enter this general where the fanbases and generals of /vt/ are reimagined as rival nations fighting bitter battles for the glory of their oshis.

2x Map: https://files.catbox.moe/7l45om.png (embed)
EX Map: https://files.catbox.moe/2v0vvs.png (embed)

>The map size is 54,000 x 27,000 pixels
>It is highly advised to "Right-click > Save target as" this image
>It is the largest filesize catbox will allow (186MB download, 195MB on disk)
>This map is to facilitate hamlet/village/town/city/etc. placement


>Note that the current map isn't set in stone.
>Greentexts of your generals lore in /vt/ land are much appreciated.
>Flags made for the region your oshi rules over are also appreciated.

>/∞/: !XcNdwMsONs

Ocean Currents
Weather Systems
Climate Analysis




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Goals for this thread:
>Decide the nature of chuubanite as a battery or as a fuel source.

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Anchor post for any additions to the map/lore. Please reply here for archival purposes.
If you will be using a rentry link, please use
instead of .co, as the latter is filtered as spam.
Thank you!
Please also report if there's outdated lore in OP!

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Wait a minute
If this world is around earth sized and /risu/ is as wide as Japan
That means /uoh/ is a giga Everest as wide as Texas!

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Saw that people were asking about the poles last thread, looks like people might have missed the post I made in >>19940847 showing them. To answer them:

- To >>19955122, climateanon assumed equirectangular, so top and bottom are the poles. Obviously that can't work with the map as is, but here we are.
- To >>19957729: see >>19940847, or you can just download G.Projector like I did and do it yourself.

Does anyone know what >>19966507 assumed was the original map's projection? It looks like they've put a full 30 degrees unmapped at the poles -- if we do that we'll have to redo the climate analysis.

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Reposting prompts for visibility

What does the average Joe wear on the daily? Any formal dress impacted by tradition/culture? Fashion being split by class or regional differences? Climate or other fantastical wackery making certain attire a necessity? Paint us a clearer picture of who you'll see walking through the streets!
What crops do your people grow for consumption? What about food you import, and from where? Do you have unique delicacies? What's common snacks or meals for the working class, or the rich and powerful? Any food reserved for ritual purposes? How about etiquette when eating? Any special practices during mealtime?
What kinds of entertainment is popular for your people? How important are they seen as part of life? Do different class people have sufficiently different tastes? How much does the chuuba gods play a role in these entertainments?
What religious rituals does your nation have to worship their dieties? What's the religious structure look like? What's the official stance on other faiths?

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I always imagine /uoh/ screaming or yodeling on the mountain tops like "UOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH"
Imagine if that could just be heard for miles around the mountains.

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File: 3.38 MB, 3010x1510, heightmap_orthographic_medium.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

While I'm here, heightmap centred on the poles.

Actually, does anyone have any suggestions for what to use instead of G.Projector to generate large maps? I'm having problems getting 6000px wide images out of it.

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Could make a doujin about the /uoh/ resort if I didn't live in Texas.

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I'm /3/fag working on the ball! I assumed it was a mercator (cylindrical) projection clipped at the top and bottom. The reason for that is that as you can see if you simply project the current map as equirectangular with no adjustments, the parts of the maps at the pole get aphysically distorted. I think there's probably a compromise where the polar parts of the map but the changes to the climate map are not too significant.

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Its their battle cry. They yodel it to eachother to signal the start of a raid. they then charge down the mountainside in search of cunny

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>the polar parts of the map are not too distorted*

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Next time don't forget about the anchor post, wait for it before posting

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My proposal for Poles
South Pole: Frozen ocean
North Pole: Try to connect the northern continent from the rest of the map it was made from

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Ah, this reminds me we still need to update Hoshiyomia-Republic-/uuu/ borders.

>> No.19968899

Im sorry to mention this but, you used to wrong map in the OP. yours is missing kfp mountains and the infinity island. Its still incredibly cool, so thanks for your work.

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So now we have to deal with the diplomatic incident of people interfering in treaties they are not apart of.

The world is much smaller than that based on this map >>19968833

>> No.19969056

But why would they raid for cunny when they already an entire country with a stable population growth of new cunnies?

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No worries, just swapping a texture in and out takes me a second, I haven't gotten a solid response on the "One true Canon elevation map", seems like they're all missing something or other. I'll wait on that before I start posting.
This seems like the general consensus that was going around in the previous thread, so I guess we just gotta figure out what exactly the land under the North Pole ice shelf looks like. I had something like pic rel in mind, obviously not set in stone.

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Priority: Calculate the actual size of the world and its regions based on the dimension provided in >>19968833

>> No.19969181

Im okay with that
Adding a mysterious new continent at the pole would be pointless since it'll be offmap and cant be interacted with

>> No.19969220

Reposting the debate topic to gather more inputs >>19943880
Current Proposals on the floor:
>/infinity/ is allowed drop their isolationist policy in their lore
brought up so /infinity/ can have more interactions with everyone

>/infinity/ is allowed to have a canal
brought up so /infinity/ can have more interactions with everyone, implications being the tech gap.

>/infinity/ island is officially definitively, in the East. No matter what lore change they do.
Brought up since some people believe they are in the East because of their isolation policy (being dropped), and there isn't a hard evidence that everyone agreed they are in the East. So if there's actually good arguments to not give them the East, let's hear them now.

>> No.19969297

No, fuck off. Now it's time for another discussion

>> No.19969346

Fuck off with this timeloop

>> No.19969429

Who knew that /nasa/'s solution was staring at them this whole time? /nasa/ just needs enough cold to liquify oxygen. Now the question is how do we process chuubanite into a heat sucking material?

>> No.19969454

Yeah, seems like most of the "game" would be actualized through the map, so off-map stuff should probs not be too important or central.

>> No.19969540

/Risu rep. Here is my idea of what /risu/ is like
>Food- Nuts being the main food. It is also used for many other things such as alchemy. The magical forest provides us with an ample supply and any trees we chop down get replanted as risu is one with nature.
>Religion- Our religion is dominant throughout the land. We all worship the magical squirrel. Every november we give all our nuts to her as she personally comes to every village and settlement and collects them from us. This effectively resets the economy and ensures she is always in control. Any other religion is considered unacceptable and outsiders must be mindful and respect our ways.
>Entertainment- Risuners are very horny and fuck like rabbits. We also spend much of our time tending to our nuts while dreaming of the month of november when we will finally be able to give the squirrel our nuts.
>Clothing- Im still working on this one so will update when i have something
Also /risu/ and /inf/ are effectively starting over and im negotiating with some of their reps. I did state there will be no canal due to deforestation issues and risu holds their magical forest to extreme high regard considering the nuts they grow to be our food/currency/alchemy ingredients. Trade is very common

>> No.19969610

is it okay to incorporate /uoh/ into anya-petra military? lore-wise I think some of them are willing to be some sort of vangarian guard for the two cunny diarchy, or is it to far-fetched considering the distance?

>> No.19969627

I'll leave the pole mapping to you then. Hopefully we can fix up the climates and currents after that.

The map in >>19968833 is 4 km per pixel. Map in OP is 3000 pixels wide, so keeping the same scale gives a circumference of 12000 km (probably a bit bigger since the continent is some way north of the equator). Climateanon assumed same scale as Earth, which is what I prefer personally, but I don't know how realistic the heightmap is in that case.

>> No.19969630

>Let's move on so we can say "people agreed by not saying anything"/"Silence is not consent" again
Compiling everyone's greivances and having them addressed is all that I want to do, so we don't have a repeat of the ending of last thread.
Thank you for understanding.

If we can't have that, then maybe we do need to start tripfagging.

>> No.19969696

>If we can't have that, then maybe we do need to start tripfagging.
Do that instead so we know who's behind all the whining.

>> No.19969731

Don't forget to add to reply to the anchor

>> No.19969735

Don't forget to anchor it, I'll do it for you this time

>> No.19969789


>> No.19969818

/Risu/ rep again. I want to say this as well that our land is dominantly forest. We would have beaches and other areas which i will work on once the map gets finalized but we have many trees. As I stated before its a magic forest and we hold it dear to us.

>> No.19969915

ah my apologies. Ill make sure to do so from now on. Ill be having some food now but when i get back ill drop a few more details. Good luck finalizing the map.

>> No.19969943

There is an issue I'd like to address: Indifferent threads not-involved with the project giving the greenlight to do whatever we want with their share of the world.
It doesnt feel right. Sure they just wanna watch chuubas but it feels empty

>> No.19970089

We need to deal with the current issues before we move to that, having the rules and setting already defined is key to invinting them properly, once that's done we ought to sent a new round of invites, and guidelines for it should be established so that the "scramble for africa" doesn't happen.

>> No.19970139

Or better yet, don't restart old time loops given the last time someone tried to do, we lost our GM.

>> No.19970211

I agree. I have regained some respect in /infinity/ I've lost through the canal/protectorate issue seeing how they are handling the /risu/ thing now back at their thread, though.

>> No.19970239

While neutralfag is a loss I do agree that some of his decisions are a bit weird
>thread wants a small piece of land
>gets half a continent
>thread wants climate A
>gets sent to the tundra
Oh well no use crying over spilt milk. Lets just make the best we could out of his decisions

>> No.19970441

How is compiling the arguments for/against /Infinity/'s changes restarting time loops? The only one is the island position, which I think needs to be re-settled since some people feel /infinity/ dropping their isolationism is foul play.

>> No.19970499

Also is it wrong to think of /risu/ as squirrel people with ears and tails?

>> No.19970554

Because you're only doing this to get at /infinity/ and we already had them shit up the thread enough today. Drop it.

>> No.19970652

Nope. Non-human races are fine if they want it like /rose/

>> No.19970712

why do /inf/ needs a canal again? trade route?

>> No.19970732

non-human races are OK as long as they arent somehow magically superhuman I think

>> No.19970742

Gotta be careful about bread dogs chasing after /risu/ people. Even dog AI likes chasing squirrels.

>> No.19970811

No canals, you are not allowed to have them

>> No.19970849

Except I am not, Their rep wakes up in a few hours and I rather /infinity/ and everyone is presented with the feedback in a formal manner that can be addressed as oppose to the people who were just trying to derail discussions the last thread.

>> No.19970901

my /thread/ owns half the world and its culture is endless 24/7 orgies with everything from babies to corpses. the race are demigod hyperdemon-angels that gain powers from watching every vtubers all day
technologically we are a Class X civilization with control over the universe every other faction are our pets in petting zoos we kept alive for procreation recreation

>> No.19970902

But it still ends in you trying to force your idea.
I fail to see how this is fair.

>> No.19971134

What idea do you think I want to force?
I am compiling the list of everyone's opinions.
So far I have:
>the isolationism has a compromise to "explain in lore",
>the canal is a hard no,
> the island is "too late to change it now"
>Side note anons want to flag /infinity/ for the lore drop after using isolationism to justify their tech bump

I can cite each statement as I have in my previous summaries.

>> No.19971211

If everything is settled, why bring it up again unless you have a desire to re-litigate and find ways to punish /infinity/?

>> No.19971229

We are having talks with Risu in our thread. We will inform about the resolution of it through Archivebud when he wakes up.

Obviously the Risu representative can also make a proclamation about it when s/he is ready too.

Please, do other things will we sort this out. And, of course, all the other discussion pending about us will also be taken care, but please wait for Archivebud.

t. Gramps from /inf/

>> No.19971324

>And, of course, all the other discussion pending about us will also be taken care, but please wait for Archivebud.
This. There's no discussion to be had right now, just wait

>> No.19971339

The real issue now is technology, /infinity/ used their supposed isolationism and civil war to protect their advancements, now that they've dropped it they lost one of the reasons to keep it.

>> No.19971402

>Reposting the debate topic to gather more inputs
It has only been ~12 hours
I want as many people with legit well formed arguments as possible so the compilation can't be dismissed as "didn't see"

>> No.19971427

just wait for now. baby steps, after the risu/kronie talks then you can talk about tech and stuff. what's there to talk if /inf/ rep not here right?

>> No.19971435

We promise we will talk about it in our thread, I'll personally will bring it up to Archivebud in there.

t. Gramps from /inf/

>> No.19971542

>/infinity/ is allowed drop their isolationist policy in their lore
I'm ok with this happening eventually, but only after the splits around /infinity/ are developed enough for such interactions to be more than one sided, and they need to write reasoning for them to come out of their shell. Forcing /infinity/ to sit in the corner forever is retarded, and having /INF/ interact with less splits around them could make for fun and dynamic interactions.

"But there'll be a power imbalance"
Yes, that's the point. Stagnant worlds are fucking boring, and a world in which everyone is equally powerful is stagnant.

>/infinity/ is allowed to have a canal
I'd rather they not. Making a canal that big seems too far ahead of our time.

>/infinity/ island is officially definitively, in the East. No matter what lore change they do.
Moving the island would retcon a lot of /KFP/ and /Infinities/ lore, and would put a lot of councils into question. moving it is out of the question.
I still don't know why this is even being humored.

>> No.19971589

/risu/ rep just reading up the past threads and making sure there isnt any information i missed (such as anchoring). And im talking to /inf/ as some of you know. Does anyone have a flag made? I know that was something people wanted from everyone if im not mistaken

>> No.19971664

That's just code for 'I want people to help me revive this time loop and shit up /vtwbg/'.

>> No.19971705

We made a /risu/ flag back in /infinity/, let me search for it

>> No.19971748

>I still don't know why this is even being humored
It's the lore change. Kronies got a lot of things through citing isolation as part of the justification, such as the tech advancement and the island.

If Kronies are just gonna change the lore after they've gotten their stuff, that seems like the isolation is just "a dupe".

>> No.19971885

I made that flag (wait for the other anon to post it, I'm not in my PC now) when things were going the "protectorate" way, you can use it if you like it or throw it away if you don't.

>> No.19971933

nice. lets see what you got.

>> No.19971948
File: 44 KB, 800x600, nih8dj.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think it was this one?

>> No.19972019

Don't care, moving the island doesn't help anyone and creates more work.

>> No.19972104

I don't understand what evidence you have to suggest I have ill intentions, but let's agree to disagree.
I'll post my compilation tonight and be off.

>> No.19972222

ooh i actually like it. very simple and shows that our culture is literally around nuts

>> No.19972491

We are well verse in horny and nutting in our thread as well, as you have to witness while we were having talks. Glad that you like it, you own it now Risu representative, do what you like with it.

t. Gramps from /inf/

>> No.19972522

Moving the island creates more work, and moves /infinity/ to somewhere they've repeatedly said they don't want to be. Moving them to a location outside the borg square only serves to antagonize /infinity/.

>> No.19972599

>which I think needs to be re-settled since some people feel /infinity/ dropping their isolationism is foul play.
Not to mention every else is against it because it was already settled, and would create a needless timeloop.

>> No.19972620

Stop this timeloop, idiots. Don't fall for the nigger trying to bring it up again

>> No.19972690

Since we have demi-humans and non-humans now I wonder if there's lore justifying evolution of non-human and hybrid species.

>> No.19972784

>>19972491 are the natives from /inf/ horny as well? risu tends to be very lewd and horny and considering risu can make nut milk as well (even though the primary interest is the nut itself) I can see a very beautiful.....friendship developing.

>> No.19972789

/Rose/ has gone into a shocking amount of detail into the biology of the rosebud, although nothing in the way of evolution yet to my knowledge.

>> No.19972943

My dude, yall must be insular as fuck to not know Kronies are the horniest fuckers on this board, it's honestly a bit frightening.

>> No.19972992

We are very, very horny. So much the narcotic we produce is milked directly from the breasts of our priestesses

>> No.19973036

Does KFP have phoenixes? I thought about an idea where phoenixes burst into flames when they molt, burning off their old feathers for new ones. They don't really die, but that's the myth.

>> No.19973078


>> No.19973120

kek. i literally only watch risu and reine. I dont know shit about anyone else for the most part. >>19972992
Thats hot

>> No.19973238

Oh, we do share a lot of... culture... Risuer. Check our lore ;)
And welcome to vtwbg~!

>> No.19973241
File: 48 KB, 184x178, 1621962955929.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah the Kronii Milk is from breasts but currently we've been writing some lore about other products made from bodily fluids

>> No.19973330

Why are kronies like this?

>> No.19973340

/meat/ here
If /infinity/ have any priestesses that are out of commission please ship them here

>> No.19973414

Give them a foot and they take a mile

>> No.19973452

>Kronies get their milk from oshis giant tits. >Risuners get to nut inside their oshi every year.
Holy shit we are alike. I sense a beautiful friendship incoming.

>> No.19973463

Sorry, priestess are sacred, even us can have anything with them. But our commodities are "based" on them, so check our list of trade items /meat/ our friend.

>> No.19973625

I am aware, which is why I said:
>The only one is the island position....
However it was brought up by a few anons + 1 identified Sakuran, so I think it needs to be on the floor.

>already settled
I've dugged through the archives and could not find this. The last discussion was the Neutralfag fiasco and it was never decided officially post fact.
Here is my results of all evidences and my view on the matter >>19961617
If I missed some please feel free to cite it.

Our goal is to get it recognized so this Island matter is never brought up again. No historic revisionism. I appreciate any help in the matter

>> No.19973630
File: 362 KB, 800x863, 1644904227776.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>shocking amount of detail into the biology of the rosebud
Oh my dear friend, if only you knew the lengths I've been writing to in my time away. Once it's complete, I'm going to drop something massive on this thread.

>> No.19973663

Not even the 50 years old retired priestesses??

>> No.19973752

/nasa/ is horni for Sana all the time. Sadly we'd perish under our own weight if we were to jump straight into Sana's Jupiters. Also an update on our prime directive: /nasa/ is forbidden to breed with natives of alien worlds. So no cute squirrel waifus nor shark waifus. I think Atlantis in /ggg/ are skark people.

>> No.19973758

Yeah and even then, the priestesses wouldn't do much without the Snake Fang

>> No.19973809

Sorry, unless our lore changes, no dice /meat/ my friend.

>> No.19973878

risu would only breed with the ones that collects sufficient/best nuts. Its survival of the fittest for who is allowed to breed our oshi once a year.

>> No.19973978

New mission unlocked: Obtain /risu/ner Nut Milk

>> No.19974060

Join us and we'll fill the world with milk exports.
t. Gramps from /inf/

>> No.19974198

NTA, but the person who originally put it forward designed it be a compromise and not a forced vote like you.
You're oozing of bad faith with this and I'd like to know who you represent.

>> No.19974364

Let archivebud take care of it. Desist, this will become a loop again.

>> No.19974496

I'm the anon who put it forward first and who was given a (You) from the cross-thread reference. I also wrote >>19971181 which is what applies here, I think.

I see this as just a matter of formality. I can see why someone would want for this to be done right so /vtwbg/ can move on and truly say it was "approved by the thread". You saw what a lot of other thread reps were saying, they are defending your position in the East right now.

>> No.19974532

Question: is chuubanite able to change the biology of plants and animals?

Context for this question: /yeah/ has a forest called "Bunch of Forests" forest. Underneath this forest are chuubanite deposits that caused some local flora and fauna to mutate and inherit abilities related to chuubas /yeah/ worships. This chuubanite deposit also causes the forest to constantly regrow forest to protect the creatures inside. This is regrowing trait of the forest is exploited by /yeah/, and that allows it to have a large supply of wood it can export.

Is this something chuubanite can do?

>> No.19974709

/risu/ rep here. If chuubanite can do this then this would explain the magic forest we have. Or perhaps small traces of it are in our nuts.

>> No.19974724

/meat/ here, we use a very similar concept, so i would say yes. we could even say we use the same process if you want i know a few of your chuubas have some /meat/ tendencies, even if your thread doesn't

>> No.19974850

>Force vote like you
I made my stance clear
>Let's all just vote on it and put it to rest to officially have a record of Eastern Island and end this
If we have an official statement then it cannot be brought up again. Since again, there are others that cried foul, not just the original Western island compromise for the canal.

I am the rep from /rrat/ and the acting historical archivist to prevent historical revisionism in /vtwbg/
Some of my previous compilations:

I am not a bad faith actor, I want events clearly documented. I have brought up the lack of substance for Eastern Island, which gave ground for anons and the Sakuran anon to challenge /infinity/'s placement in my view. So I say we finally bring it to rest and get it documented.

I've cited my review of the evidences in >>19961617

If I have missed more "defacto" evidence then please point it to me kindly. I've asked multiple times and only received criticism in return.

>> No.19974966

this is still going on? i thought we agreed to wait for the tripfag from /inf/.

>> No.19975003

Everyone should just adopt trips so we can avoid these timeloops.

>> No.19975092

The answer is yes, but it takes millions of years. Chuubanite isn't some mystery mutagen that gives you superpowers overnight. The plants that absorb Chuubanite particles evolved to do so over millions of years. Same with the animals that eat the plants that have Chuubanite in them. Same with the animals that eat the animals. Think of Chuubanite's existence as creating an alternate path of evolution. Could explain why we have fire breathing dragons when earth does not.

>> No.19975095

not everyone. maybe one or two representatives have trips, but enforcing trips on 4chan is a terrible idea that will cause a bunch of people to reject this project.

>> No.19975100

I am, which is why I haven't posted the compilation, however people are insisting to stop the discussions on the floor >>19969220
Which is critical to continue for the compilation to have any merit

>> No.19975166

Letting people anonymously shit on ideas or rig polls is equally bad.

>> No.19975300

If tripcodes are enforced, I will stop contributing to the overall lore of the world and stop giving my opinions and ideas

>> No.19975379

Holy fuck no mandatory trips please! We're not a discord server

>> No.19975385

You don't even contribute.

>> No.19975421

Since you're the rep from /rrat/ could you let your monks know that /nasa/ sends an offering of bread, sweet buns, and dried fruit and vegetables to /rrat/? And we do have wheat beer if you want some.

>> No.19975472

You don't know who I am

>> No.19975561

Not anyone important.

>> No.19975592

YBC anon here, against tripcodes.
The fact we had to assign one to /infinity/ was (like in many other cases when it comes to these people) a special case due to their raging autism.
Let's not play on the assumption that every thread is as neurotic as /infinity/

>> No.19975618

>Error: Our system thinks your post is spam. Please reformat and try again.
i can't say anything. i don't know why. what i said was basically that it would disenfranchise people, and cause way more problems that couldn't be avoided by just ignoring nontrips. fuck 4chan's systems, i guess.

>> No.19975700

Yes saw your post for the gift basket in the thread the other day. Was planning to bring it up later, we just have to time it so the lorefags can see it and comment. The other half kinda thinks we're all faggots. (Which is why /rrat/ lore is vows of silence)

>> No.19975717

/infinity/ being an autistic neurotic menhera makes my dick hard
t. /rrat/

>> No.19975852

>Forcing people to put names to their criticisms or ideas disenfranchise them.

>> No.19975989
File: 436 KB, 1800x2160, 1641697042561.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i am well aware of their /meat/ tendencies

>> No.19976002

Would you like some wheat beer too? Or do you have a code of temperance? Seeing that your similar to space Aussies I figured you might like beer.

>> No.19976192

I think it is time to seriously discuss the removal of /infinity/ as a participant thread from /vtwbg/.

>> No.19976238

Hmm, don't think we fleshed out temperance. We were mixed with "various tribes joining the order"/ "Arabic coffee growers"/ and the standard European monks (which are known beer makers).

Definitely have to bring it back to discuss

>> No.19976270

>+ 1 identified Sakuran
Dunno why but that remark sounds funny to me lol
In any case, what I was saying wasn't to move the island, its pointless, destructive to lore and troublesome. I didn't even bring it up, you did and I said no for the aforementioned reasons.
What I am asking for, is that /inf/ provides adequately detailed lore on why they decided to not be isolationist overnight, and cause another shitstorm.
This will also be strike two on my personal note of "why /inf/'s actions should be scrutinized", after the first island shitstorm. I'm taking this chance to remind them, these shitstorms are staining your reputation. Again, you may not like it, you may claim innocence and shift blame to schizoposter falseflaggers, but that's the fact. Refer to this as the reason you are "unfairly treated". Again, I have nothing against Kronii or kronies, and I admire your creativity, but your past behaviour and current proposals are forcing my hand.
Now, towards the /inf/ rep when they come back, or other kronies lurkers here currently, you can take this next matter to your thread now or wait until the rose/isolation matter is settled, but I want you to discuss: if (when, refer to >>19245505 about stability) you eventually get out of your internal conflicts, what will your next justification for high-tech-that-deffinitely-won't-be-used-aggressively be?

>> No.19976312

>forcing people to identify themselves on an anonymous image board will disenfranchise people who came to the anonymous image board to be anonymous
you have to be acting in bad faith at this point. doesn't matter. by your own standards, the representatives have already overwhelmingly voted against this "solution" so it shouldn't matter if you continue to ramble for a bit. if someone without a trip has a good point, the representatives with trips can back them. those tripfags will be the ones involved with democracy, though representative democracies aren't always the best system, it is far better than direct democracy, especially when it is forced.

they have a few false flaggers, the rest are reasonable, stop making things worse.

>> No.19976499

Forcing people like >>19976192 to tripcode to know who they represent would cut down on false flagging so much

>> No.19976533

I would say it depends on what kind of change we're talking about. We know that chuubanite likes to bind to things, including living organism, and its effect can manifest within one generation in the case of shroom effect (>>19459028). In this case, if the suggested change in biology is based on how the host make use of the additional properties created by chuubanite binding with its molecules, then it will require evolution to do its work and thus take a long time. However, if it is based on the additional properties themselves (as is the case of it binding with psychotropic molecules in shrooms) without requiring the host to adopt to it, then it can manifest rather quickly.

We kind of already do that; see fleshgrafting in https://rentry.org/dbohc for more details.

>adopting tripcode
It's part of the extension on the idea of thread representative, as a way to avoid other impersonating them. /inf/ is kind of a special case in that due to falseflagging around them, we know impersonation is bound to happen without tripcode, so their rep ends up needing one so that we can ignore others claiming to be representing what /inf/ thinks in case disputes happen. I don't think the situation is nearly as bad for other threads for now, so while their reps are welcomed to adopt a tripcode if they wish so, it's nowhere near mandatory for now.

Do you think some of /yeah/ might be part of a secret /meat/ cult because of that?

>> No.19976600

How come they are the only thread with falseflaggers? How come these falseflaggers never pretend to be one of the inactive threads here to either support them in their dellusions to make them look bad, or antagonize them?

I'm sick and tired of pretending it's only a few bad apples. That thread clearly isn't united nor stable enough to have a unified idea, and proof of that is in their latest venture of dropping all pretenses of isolationism in favour of actual trade control.

Let's just cut the issue outright, and have a /vtwbg/ that isn't 90% explaining Kronies why they can't just "do X"

>> No.19976655

>Now, towards the /inf/ rep when they come back, or other kronies lurkers here currently, you can take this next matter to your thread now or wait until the rose/isolation matter is settled, but I want you to discuss: if (when, refer to >>19245505 about stability) you eventually get out of your internal conflicts, what will your next justification for high-tech-that-deffinitely-won't-be-used-aggressively be?

Gramps from /inf/ here, noted, will bring it up to our threat when Archivebud is with us and work on it. Then Archivebud will bring updates about it to /vtwgb/. Thanks for the patience.

>> No.19976744

Again forcing people like this to tripcode so we know which country is in favor of doing this would be a perfect for actual transparency.

>> No.19976750

>We kind of already do that
yeah, but now there's an even better reason for it to work now.

>> No.19976757

I think the thread is unified in voting aye+lore, nay, nay to move?

>> No.19976837
File: 699 KB, 645x777, 1644647930778.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just identify myself by using pictures of Rosemi. It's not like I'll run out of them and I'm the only /rose/ anon here so it works perfectly for me.

>> No.19976881

Is this some sort of advanced samefag to prove a point?
I'm not tripfagging ever. I didn't do it for my thread when we organized the divegrass team, and I won't do it here.

t. YBC

>> No.19976947

I kind of assume it's working unless someone from either /meat/ or this thread disagrees with that.

Yes, to clarify just in case,
>dropping isolationism
>moving /inf/

She's more adorable than any tripcode, that's for sure.

>> No.19977017

desu, it might be good to identify (you). it looks like you, and the guy you are responding to if not samefagging are the only ones who are continuing this pointless timeloop. no tripcode mandate, stop antagonizing kronies, both(?) of you, shut up already.

>> No.19977075

>/nasa/ brings /infinity/ out of isolationism.
What hell did we unleash upon this world?

>> No.19977104
File: 109 KB, 1177x634, risusmug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how is rosemi? i hear shes very sweet and innocent and a lot of memes go right over her head.

>> No.19977126

To be fair, they do tasty bread.

>> No.19977146

Good morning /vtwbg/
An ancient myth of our Takeshi ancestors, from before the worship of the Kroniissiah came to us

In ancient times, there once was an almighty snake owned by the Goddess called Boros that dwelled within the cavity of the mountains. One day, it was enraged by the new inhabitants of the island (humans) as they disrupted the once peaceful island by recklessly affecting other beings' way of life. It burrowed a deep hole all the way to the center of the /vt/ Earth to find peace and in the process caused a volcanic eruption. The humans of the land were mortified by the sight of the eruption, many had died, and had to begged for forgiveness for it to stop. It also got to a point where the native beings of the island were being killed off at an alarming rate. Boros being able to feel the humans' sense of guilt and remorse, as well as its realization of the harm that it did to those it intended to protect, decided to seal off the hole that it dug, effectively stopping the eruption. Boros now lies in deep slumber in the deepest parts of the earth, free from any disturbance. The humans and the island's native beings had learnt to coexist.

Boros was a pre-Kronii deity of our ancestors. When the Kronii faith was developed, the character of Boros became a servant of Kronii, taking her name and becoming Ouroboros, who is seen as a protector of the island just like Boros.

>> No.19977195

And into the fire we go!

>> No.19977200

Ojisan bait

>> No.19977290

Backreading a little and I can tell there was a timeloop about infinity, again, in my absence, again.

We are currently discussing in our own thread alternatives to the canal. Even if we do get a canal, it will take years and years to finish, so it's in everyone's interest (both pro- and anti-canal) for an alternative to arise.

>> No.19977302
File: 365 KB, 512x512, hachi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm not reading the upcoming shitstorm.
Have fun, see you tomorrow /vtwbg/

>> No.19977309
File: 522 KB, 645x927, Kiara (touhou).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

KFP are humans, however they do raise a unique breed of especially fat white feathered chicken. Perhaps having Phoenixes be a species of brightly colored bird native to the mountain forests of /KFP/ could be really cool though and I am totally stealing that yoink thanks for the idea dude.

Actually we're already sort of trading Phoenix feather to infinity, so I should probably flesh out Phoenixes a little.
>Phoenixes are a species of omnivorous gamebird native to the mountain forests of KFP, comparable to a vulture in size. While capable of it they are poor fliers and spend the majority of their life on the ground, using their wings largely to assist in jumping and sparring.
>Their poor flight is attributed largely to their feathers being coated in a unique wax. Phoenix wax is flammable, and burns slowly, producing a distinct turquois flame. A Phoenix is capable of igniting this wax at will using a unique set of electricity producing organs at the base of its beak that produce a small electric spark when flexed. To put itself a phoenix will simply stop producing wax and let the flames die down, however this doesn't always work and it is not uncommon for a phoenix to die from heat exhaustion simply by being on fire for too long.
>Phoenixes largely use their self immolation as a display of good health towards mates, however it has also been seen to be used to scare off predators.
>Despite being a bird with little flying ability they have no natural predators due to their large size, sharp beak, vicious claws, and horrifying ability to self immolate at will

Phoenix commodities
>Phoenixes, despite their fierce nature and relative scarcity, are in fact farmed, although very scarcely: there are few phoenix farms (12 located in across /KFP/, with one more located a little over a mile across the border in Duck)
>Phoenixes are farmed mostly for their feathers and wax, which both possess unique and sought after properties. Phoenix meat is rarely consumed due to its price and it being taboo to do so: in KFP consumption of Phoenix meat without the Kaiserin's expressed consent is legally recognized as an act of treason. However it should be noted that Phoenix meat tastes incredibly good, tasting like chicken with a distinct citrusy, cinnamony, undertone
>Phoenix feathers are highly in demand for their flame retardant properties and distinct orange coloration. Phoenix feather barb is often cut off, dipped in alcohol to dissolve the wax off it, then woven into a fabric to fire proof it. alternatively feathers are sold simply as expensive decorative items, however this is less common.
>Phoenix wax is typically dissolved in small masses of ethanol, producing a 50% ethanol 50% wax mix. This sticky fuel, often called phoenix oil, is used across KFP for everything from lamp fuel to firework dye.
>Phoenix wax can also be refined and compressed into dense orange cubes, called the Kaiserin's butter. These are, however, highly volatile and expensive, and are rarely (if ever) used outside of the military, where it is are packed into cannon balls to act as incendiary.

>> No.19977364
File: 275 KB, 359x485, 1646012043625.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's true! She's my darling dumb and bratty daughter who I love very much. An absolute sweetheart who doesn't even understand how a deez nuts joke works.

>> No.19977368

>Making other splits mald
That's how you know you're in /vtwbg/.
I want to see them annex another split just to see everyone lose their shit.

>> No.19977378

Alternative: Respect your own lore and stay in your island that was made specifically to cater your lore.
You don't get to just drop stuff now that you got what you wanted.

>> No.19977398

>Even if we do get a canal
Bud... read /infinity/ we already talked with the risuner about that

>> No.19977575

Forgot to say, this myth is to explain that we once had volcanic activity and why it stopped. So to that tectonic anon, yes we once had volcanic activity, but not anymore.

>> No.19977590

I feel like if this general was run by Nijisanji and not hololive, things would be more fun.

>> No.19977599

>I didn't even bring it up, you did and I said no for the aforementioned reasons.
Haven't compiled everything yet but I brought it up since the counter evidence for >>19942118 was insufficient.

I believe this is WestProposal Anon that has now deferred(?), but there is still a lack of substance to officially grant the East Island. A vote to finalize it is my goal so it doesn't hurt to be on the floor.

Your stance has been noted in >>19971134


>> No.19977794

Do the generals here not have to right to change policy or relations in lore instead of retroactively? feel like that stifles a lot of creativity, not to mention /who/ annexed /uuu/ in lore instead of retroactively always having that land.
On it. Just got online, whoops

>> No.19977832
File: 225 KB, 485x450, 1645103618606.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I say we conduct a Nijisanji continental census. How much of your population are beggars our top statisticians really want to know.

>> No.19977972

How are phoenixes farmed in /kfp/? While there aren't any signs of them being sapient in the greentext, I'm not sure if the mental image of them being confined in farms like their more mundane counterpart would be suitable both because of how important phoenix seems to be in /kfp/ culture, and how their byproducts tend to be flammable.

Sorry to bother you, but is there any feedback to the /meat/ resource list I posted a while ago? I'm interested to see what on that list interests /rose/.

>> No.19977993

The phoenix's down must feel extra soft. Also would be cute to pet phoenixes.

I wonder if Rosebutas and Risunans will get along.

>> No.19978078

depends. risuners are very horny and make lots of innuendos. We also are pretty cultured with memes.

>> No.19978319

I have to keep the bread dogs on a leash when visiting /risu/. Bread dogs do chase squirrels. They mean no harm.

>> No.19978345

They're kept in a similar manner to a bird of prey, and are largely kept free range. They're sedentary animals, and will not move their nest unless the old one is destroyed or taken by another Phoenix, so cooping them up is largely a waste of time and effort as they'll sleep the same place every evening anyway.

They're revered the same way cows are in india, and are treated with immense respect.

>> No.19978451

yes that would be appreciated thank you. Just be aware that risu is extremely devoted to our oshi and were not afraid to toss people into the chambers if things go wrong. But we only do that if you shit talk our squirrel queen so you should be fine. Oh and we have magical trees/nuts

>> No.19978506

>Kaiserrin's Butter
Greek Fire but with KFP? Sick.

>> No.19978511

Why take part in a dumpster fire?

>> No.19978524
File: 40 KB, 535x568, 1644887655835.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oops, I actually completely forgot to get back to you about that. Well, I've got answers now, so no worries! Hemp, cacao, rosewood, vanilla, aloe, coffee beans, and tobacco are the items that interest us. The most important of those would be aloe.
I would love to get along with you guys, though a lot of innuendos might go over our heads. As a nation we're fairly on the isolationist side, since we live underground in a frozen tundra type place. But we've recently been looking to make friends!

>> No.19978636

They are also intelligent enough to be trained, although obedience is a massive issue as Phoenixes are fairly conscious of their physical capabilities.

As for flammable materials, phoenixes are generally kept in brick birdhouses rather than wood. also said flammable byproducts are actually what's being farmed in this case.

petting a phoenix would be SUPER fucking risky considering that they can self immolate

>> No.19978930

underground in a tundra? well damn its gonna be quite a big change when you see our big forests. What kind of food do you guys have btw we have some top tier nuts.

>> No.19979125

I'm sure you have some nice phoenixes that love attention. Also one more thing. /nasa/ is preparing flour and sugar for shipment which will be ready Monday. The bags will be wrapped in waterproof packaging. All we ask for you to return the wrapping and tarp when you come back. We can't make more plastic without petroleum but we can recycle.

>> No.19979373
File: 401 KB, 454x439, 1645133372366.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We have lots of meat! Most of it is sheep or cow meat, but we have rat meat as well. A few of the colonies even have... Pork. We also make a lot of salads and have a decent range of fruits. All of it is the remains of long ago brought underground, carefully kept alive and thriving by our faithful gardeners! Nothing tastes quite like /rose/ food!

>> No.19979854

Meat is always nice. As long as your able to do 3 things primarily we would love to have you visit.
>no deforestation or disrupting nature, especially on a large scale
>Be respectful of our ways and traditions as we are seen as an odd bunch
>Under no circumstances try to convert us from our religion. While we respect outsiders, anyone who tries to steer us away from our oshi shall be thrown into the geese chanber.

>> No.19980091

Awesome, I'll take notes of that for records then!

I took the liberty of looking up what kind of plants /risu/ is likely to have. Feel free to make use or disregard this information to your needs!
Based on the climate, /risu/ probably will get the majority of acorns from ring-cupped oaks (subgenus Cyclobalanopsis). They might not look as archetypical as usually depicted, but apparently it's fairly rich in starch and is used for food and alcohol beverage alike (although you might want to get rid of the tannin first). They also have clustered acorns, so that might be a good thing when it comes to harvesting as well.
For non-oaks, /risu/ would likely have camphor, teak, and potentially mahogany and sandalwood (which also have nuts; Australian aborigines supposedly eat them). Groundnuts should also be abundant, and cultivation of cassia should be possible too.

>> No.19980467
File: 135 KB, 512x512, roseCOOL.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not an issue! Despite how our living conditions make us appear, we have no quarrels with nature! And not to fear, Rosebutas actually dislike it when other races worship their goddess, so we wouldn't even think about converting you! And for odd, who isn't odd in this world?

>> No.19980500
File: 2.05 MB, 2282x3189, 1645213466111.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Considering how many cosplayers there are among fembeats and KFP waitresses, is it fair to conclude that /kfp/ and /morig/ are known for their women?

>> No.19980705
File: 911 KB, 2300x1900, 1645857299306.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh god, don't remind me of the fashion review fembeats... My bone still hasn't recovered from that...

>> No.19980739

Damn wtf? Im actually very tempted to anchor this, beats the hell out of anything ive posted relating to the types of nuts we have other than them having magical properties/very small amounts of chuubanite. Good shit anon

>> No.19981055

Feel free to anchor and/or incorporate info from it in your lore writing old map atlases are surprisingly good for worldbuilding due to all sorts of info they have

>> No.19981161
File: 432 KB, 602x612, E7W2QmmXMAEkMlU.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Say, you know, on the flip side of that /rose/ would also be known for some very feminine cosplayers. Only difference is that ours are very girly men, the cutest femboys and traps in all of /vt/! Remember, it's only gay if you touch his penis.

>> No.19981200

For crops /nasa/ should have wheat, sugarbeets, but also some cool crops like peas, carrots, onions, collard greens, turnips, kale, radishes, broccoli, and cauliflower. We do have beans in the greenhouse but we can't cultivate beans outside. /nasa/ can process wheat into both flour and beer and sugarbeets into sugar. We also have some maple trees. However its too early for a syrup harvest since that's in the winter. I don't know if we can ship vegetables without refrigeration. Would /risu/ be interested any of these things?

>> No.19981392


>> No.19981451

how many pics of rosemi do you have? my god your dedicated to your oshi and i respect that.

>> No.19981514
File: 104 KB, 251x239, 1645051407435.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Classified information, bud. But I save every new image I come across and I make my own pretty frequently.

>> No.19981908

Would /rose/ be interested in trading with infinity? Your tight next to /yeah/, one of our trading partners, so it's definitely feasible. For perishables we have cabbages, potatoes, and coldwater fish. We also have coal and vodka, and many blessed products with special properties.

>> No.19982549
File: 55 KB, 379x394, 1645680171583.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We might be! I don't think your perishables would interest us much, we don't really need coal as our Rosestones do most of the work that coal does, and to be honest what kind of Russia-based nation would we be if we didn't produce our own vodka?
But blessed products sound unique! We like special things.

>> No.19982871

risu can offer you knowledge in the ways of memes that could go over your heads. i could imagine some risuners and rosebros getting drunk together. brb unless someone knows. is there any alcohol or beer that can be made from nuts. Never had a sip in my life so my drinking knowledge is non existant

>> No.19983203

Everyone wants the body fluids...
Here is a list of those blessed items and their effects.

>> No.19983318
File: 618 KB, 2000x2000, 1646516715060.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Knowledge is power, we'd be happy to learn! And happy to drink as well, as long as Rosebutas get to do so in the name of our goddess of course. We drink because she cannot. As for nut based alcohol, of course! Nut liquor is an entire sub category of drink, if I remember right.

>> No.19983465
File: 60 KB, 250x350, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Basically anything that contains sugar can be used to make alcohol, and that includes acorns (with their starch). It's definitely an uncommon choice, but apparently people have brewed liquor and beer from it before, so it definitely can be done. The tannin from acorns (assuming they aren't removed beforehand) would give the product a drying sensation (as they call it in red wine), as well as a bitter taste (partly why beer taste bitter). I can't attest to its taste (and I guess it's not something that can really be conveyed accurately with words), but some people describe acorn liquor with "wonderful aromatics reminiscent of bourbon, Madeira, and plums", so take that of what you will.

>> No.19983497
File: 285 KB, 363x362, 1644785674444.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>body fluids
I didn't think about the blessed products being that, for some reason. Um, I think kronii water is the least weird of those, and the strength/endurance boost would be really good for Boars, so we'll trade for that then.

>> No.19983701

Awesome. Would we be able to trade for rosestones? If that's off the table, what could you offer us?

>> No.19983835

Oh and btw
are you the same rosebud that frequents infinity or do all rosebuds have the same reaction image database

>> No.19984233
File: 2.73 MB, 1024x1957, 1645292421154.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We could offer Rosestones, we could trade in weights if you'd like. Say, one kilogram of rosestone equals two kilograms of kronii water? Rosestones take a long time to grow and are usually in short supply, so that's why the exchange rate is doubled.
Rosebuds do share a collection of images between each other, yeah! But I might be! ;)

>> No.19984615

If anyone is interested /nasa/ has dug up and polished meteorites. I wouldn't use them for forging. But they're quite pretty when you polish them up. Also meteorites are rare to find in tact. So they have some value as a commodity.

>> No.19984805

Honesty its fucking hilarious and its begining to make me a anti-kronimite. Can't trust them to keep their agreements so next i'm expecting them to just become a war monger

>> No.19984898

A minor note regarding nut liquor: they aren't very suitable as the primary fermentation material due to their relative lack of sugar (although some types of nuts might fare better in that regard), and so most alcoholic drinks with nuts are made by mixing it with either other fermentation material (acorns work as per >>19983465, but so do many other more common food crops) or brewed alcohol to give them additional flavour. Chuubanite enrichment can change that, or give the result even more additional effects, but that's mostly up to /risu/ to decide given that it's explicitly magical.

>> No.19985011
File: 187 KB, 1228x1228, __rosemi_lovelock_nijisanji_and_1_more_drawn_by_samu_sugu__7acc304057a426a989dd93b16ce6dd76.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Honestly I'm not too worried about any warmongering from any nation. If they try to attack /rose/, it gives me the opportunity to teach them a valuable lesson about invading a nation that thrives in the cold.

>> No.19985034

/nasa/ has sugar. They're from beets. Once you grind the beets into sugar then it never expires if you keep sugar dry.

>> No.19985171

beetroot wine sounds interesting ngl

>> No.19985193 [SPOILER] 
File: 269 KB, 962x2349, MergedImages.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19985374

Is acting for alliances bad now

>> No.19985552

well./risu/ rep here gonna head off to bed. night everyone. And for those wondering me and those at /infinity/ are working things out so pls no more shitstorms? ill most likely have a revised/updated lore dump tomorrow as well that ill anchor so goodnight vtwbg

>> No.19985555

More like rum actually. I think /nasa/ has a recipe for rum cake somewhere.

>> No.19985619
File: 159 KB, 512x512, roseWave.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sleep well bud, have a good night!

>> No.19985876

Good night and see you later!

I think if you make rum out of beet sugar, then the result's usually called beet(root) wine (even if it's not strictly wine). If you brew with extracted sugar, the result's called Kilju (in Finnish at least). Kilju is usually considered cheap alcohol, but I reckon its relative lack of taste beyond alcohol makes it a pretty good base for adding stuff in.

>> No.19986037

>were isolationists and thats why our massive advantages are pointless and we'd never use them to dominate our relationships with other nations
>lol guys we now have protectorates
god fuck kronies. Last time I was in their thread they were discussing giving themselves lee-enfields, a fucking late 1880s gun that was used in world war 1 . I didn't bring it up here because I didn't want to start drama but fuck kronies

>> No.19986213

On one hand I'm bummed that we can't move the station as soon as I want to. On the other hand I guess we could get a head start on refrigeration technology. Now the thing about creating a freezer is that you have to actively "pump" the heat out of the freezer by transferring the heat via fluids (liquid and gas). I don't know if chuubanite can obtain a liquid form without energizing it so much that it melts. That said perhaps we can try to invent a conductive material that can use chuubanite's ability to absorb energy (heat) away from the chamber and expel it via radiator or vent. Sadly /nasa/ does not have enough information on how to work chuubanite into materials.

>> No.19986447

Don't you know? If you're a Kronie, anything you do is bad.

>> No.19986495

You can always bind it with a liquid to be used as refrigerant, although I'm not sure if that's too related to Sana, which seems to be a common factor in deciding what a particular chuubanite variant does. Personally, I think you might be better off using more low-tech iceboxes for that purpose.

>> No.19986529 [DELETED] 

>people say we shouldn't be isolationist chuunis
>infinity stops being isolationist
>this is bad

>people say infinity should not be now advanced than others
>infinity starts offering to share their tech

>various nations form alliances
>infinity wants to do the same
>this is bad

>/clg/ openly discusses plans to conquer their neighbors
>no one cares
>people still fearmonger infinity will go to war with others

>/who/ annexes /uuu/ outside of this thread
>infinity protectorates /risu/
>only the latter causes a shitstorm despite no proof of this

This is fucking ridiculous.

>> No.19986653

>people say we shouldn't be isolationist chuunis
>infinity stops being isolationist
>this is bad

>people say infinity should not be more advanced than others
>infinity starts offering to share their tech
>this is bad

>various nations form alliances
>infinity wants to do the same
>this is bad

>/clg/ openly discusses plans to conquer their neighbors
>no one cares
>people still fearmonger infinity will go to war with others, despite no proof this will happen

>/who/ annexes /uuu/ outside of this thread
>infinity protectorates /risu/ outside of this thread
>only the latter causes a shitstorm
This is fucking ridiculous.

>> No.19986750

Fuck off. Thats bullshit. If I had my way my thread would attempt to push against /infinity/ influence to prevent them from dominating but they're a thread on /vt/ so they have a claim here

>> No.19986778

yeah we got it the first time

>> No.19986803

They agreed to make it manually loaded instead of magazine fed as soon as someone pointed out the advancedness of the Lee Enfield. The representative even chided the person who suggested the Lee Enfield in the first place

>> No.19986853

No need to rev up your victim complex this much. I think the only thing that is really widely considered problematic is the highly anachroni(heh)stic canal, and everything else is grievances that got brought up as a result.

>> No.19986854

It had typos.

>> No.19986950

Reading this thread, several people take up issue with a lot more than just the canal. Even other representatives last thread with the cals to move us back to the west and force us back into isolationism

>> No.19986962

this has got to be advanced falseflagging

>> No.19987014

Fuck, now I think you're posting in bad faith. It's basically one super autist who wants to move the island, everyone else is pushing against that. In particular, no representatives have said they wanted that.

>> No.19987248

Read the last thread when people were saying Yay, Nay, or Abstain. Shit, read this thread. More than one person wants us to just leave this thread. You mean to tell me it's all one guy?
It's my genuine feeling right now going through this thread.

>> No.19987305

Ice boxes will be simple because what we need is insulation. Insulation will keep heat out of the boxes which is how ice stays frozen. Chuubanite could keep the ice boxes cool by absorbing the heat of the sun during the day and then have that heat radiate off the ice house's roof. But if /nasa/ wants liquid hydrogen then we need sub-zero temperatures. We do have some cryo storage for the fuel we have. But we lack the means to make more fuel. Maybe if there was a nation that uses freezing and ice technology we could visit them. For now we can only research with what we have.

As for the hypothesis of liquifying chuubanite... It comes from an observation when we foolishly tried to clean the ore using a mining laser. The laser must have overcharged the chuubanite until it became a gas and exploded. Maybe we can use a not-so-high powered laser to see if we can energize the chuubanite until it melts. From there we can see how the liquid works. The liquid might not be useable as fuel. But liquid chuubanite could be what makes runes and glyphs work. The liquid may give us the energy transferring properties we need.

>> No.19987336

Oh thats kind of based, good on them. I looked though that thread and then the next and didn't see that, though in the thread afterwards there was no lore discussion just fucking timeloops about tripfags and twitter fags it was fucking horrible. Might have damaged my perception more than anything thats happened in this thread

>> No.19987440

It's just a bit of shitflinging. Man, why are Kronies so emotional? It's all the gay shit you guys do, has to be.
Despite that, I love ya and don't want you to leave or to move your island, and I'm pretty sure the people arguing otherwise on those two specific points are a minority.
Fuck the canal though kek.

>> No.19987457

Ah one of the 2-6 kronie schizos

>> No.19987523

Maybe the chuubanite can be dissolved instead of melted? Get up to some chemistry shit. Salt metal solutions tend to have interesting properties.

>> No.19987573

>get singled out every time you do what others do
>get mad
>"why are you so emotional lol fag"

>> No.19987587

Don't forget they're stalking /infinity/ too to find stuff to complain about.

>> No.19987637

It's hard to tell all the banter from the genuine hatred. We're not leaving and don't worry, I don't think our rep wants us to push through on the canal.

>> No.19987706

If you're from /inf/, I feel it's probably better for you to air your grievances in your own thread and let archivebro relay it here. It's probably better for everyone (including /inf/) here. Also should note the difference between wanting /inf/ out and keeping /inf/ around but moving the island (be noted that I'm not saying I support either).

Isn't the reason /nasa/ station get a surprise renovation and crashed here being the experiment with chuubanite? Not sure if it would be a good idea for you to try purifying and exciting it for now lol
As for cooling iceboxes, I think normal ice (probably the only thing /nasa/ doesn't lack in quantity) should suffice as far as transporting perishables go.

>> No.19987747

I was just checking out the discussion about guns because people said you were talking about good ideas for clockwork guns and I was disappointed in what I saw. Its not a big deal at all now, I just missed the Rep pointing out how ridiculous that was

>> No.19987761

In the end, it always comes down to technology timeloops, it's always been about technology

>> No.19987821

I mean, getting emotional about any thing at all in this thread is remarkably silly. Shit, getting mad about anything on this board is pretty silly.
Just enjoy.

>> No.19987823

We can't even reject bad ideas in our own thread without damaging our own reputation. That seems a touch unreasonable, no? What do you want us to do?

>> No.19988073

Maybe it can be both. For cryo we need a gas that can also liquify at cold temperatures. For electricity we can use copper wires. As for dissolving chuubanite into a solution we need to make sure the dust doesn't stick or clog the system. I just thought about using chuubanite as part of radiator. I'm kinda spitballing ideas at this point.

>> No.19988113

Nigga I just told you its fine, don't get so emotional about it.

>> No.19988122

You're stalking splits to find stuff to complain about.

>> No.19988207

>It's probably better for you to air your grievances in your own thread
I'm sure one of the stalkers schizos will just leak it here anyway.

>> No.19988431

Go tell it to the schizos getting mad at us in the first place.

>> No.19988447

I was honestly just interested in what the clockwork gun discussion might have been. I didn't even bring it up here when it happened because I figured I'd wait for you guys to finalize it and then do it. sorry for brining it up this time but I'm glad to find out the idea was discussed a bit more

>> No.19988497

Learning from a catastrophy gives us more knowledge on how the material works and what not to do. We didn't know what the material was when we first discovered it. Now we have some insight on how it could work. Also the experiments will be done outside the station at a very safe distance.

>> No.19988501

Anon, I'm a deadbeat, I know my schizos. The best you can do is not to engage with the obvious ones, and correct misconceptions genuine anons might develop, there's nothing else to it.

>> No.19988519
File: 75 KB, 581x330, 1442461689485.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It has been 24 hours since derailment, so let me sum up the past discussions as best I could.
Unlike before I am not fully disconnected so let me cite my biases, and there's a lot of wall of texts this time around so I may be oversimplifying.

On re-establishing gravitas:
>I am/was the /rrat/ rep
>I have historically called out historic revisionism that happens in /vtwbg/
>Significant works from me are the Zone Autism Event (>>17441139)
>Also the Neutralfag v /Inf/ Event (>>18925120)
>The Isolation/Canal lore change caused a bit of a stir and I saw some inaccuracies in the evidence presented by the Kronies
>This is in regard to the island matter, which was dropped halfway when Neutralfag left and everyone just wanted to move on
>An Anon (WestProposal Anon) suggested if /Inf/ is not an isolationist anymore, why can't they be in the West (>>19940810)
>/Inf/ rep did not like this (>>19941216 >>19942459)
>I cited the current status of the island matter (>>19942460) which led to a lot back and forth
>My position remains the same: "If Isolation is dropped, so why are you not in the West is a valid question."
>My reasoning for why the past evidence for Eastern Island isn't sufficient so we should finalize it and actually make it official(>>19961252, >>19961617, >>19962031)
>Needless to say I got some disingenous assertions on my motive...and had to re-explain my stance....a lot... I apologize, but it is my belief this has to be settled officially so there's collective agreement.

The Coming Storm Side A:
>/Inf/ makes a lore post that its not isolationists anymore (>>19915765)
>An Anon cites this throws /Inf/'s tech advantage out the window (>>19915840)
>/Inf/ rep says they will only share with allies, so their advantage makes sense(>>19916004)

Meanwhile Back At The Ranch:
>Some Anons suspecting /Inf/ wants to build a Canal (>>19932218, >>19938078)
>This is dismissed as impossible (>>19932299, >>19939883)
>/kfp/ rep shares the plans to build a canal (>>19940031)

Here we start:
>Anon notices both plays and cites /Inf/ cannot build a canal or the whole world is tech bumped to make the canal feasible, also /Inf/ is backing out of their word (>>19940183)
>Some anons think it's okay to be bumped up, because magic (>>19940254, >>19940289, >>19940301)
>Anon brings up how rediculous the canal would be (>>19940502)
>/kfp/ rep agrees and backs out of the canal (>>19940766)
>/Inf/ says it's okay for everyone to be bumped to 1800s and the canal is possible because of magic (>>19940613)
>/meat/ rep(?) disagrees (>>19941369)
>WestProposal anon brings up they got the island because of their isolationist policy and they can fix their canal problems by moving west(>>19940810)
>/Inf/ cites timeloop and the island was agreed East by the thread(>>19941216)
>WestProposal Anon(?) cites how many things were given to /Inf/ already (>>19942118)
>I cite /Inf/'s claim for the Island is false/Incomplete (>>19942460)
>This starts a pretty big time loop, I can make a highlight reel, but I am not an impartial party in it this time. Nothing no one has read before.

The /vtwbg/ floor Session I:
>I sum up the topics of debate so we can all come to consensus(>>19943880)
>Isolationism y/n
>Canal y/n
>The Eastern Island y/n

Floor results Day1: (>>19943880, YBC: >>19955338, KFP amend: >>19971542)
/Inf/ Isolationism:
>/nasfaqg/ Aye (just explain it in lore) (side note: also WestProposal Anon?)
>/kfp/: Abstain, (maybe lore of the start of reducing isolationism), okay so long as other generals are developed enough that /Inf/'s power is not one sided - it might also be fun to have imbalance
>Anon: Aye, it's okay so long as it's lore'd properly
>/Inf/(personal): Aye - it makes for better lore
>/SakuraM/: Aye (just explain it in lore)*
>/YBC/: Kronies need to decide what they want, they made so much noise to be an island and isolationist, now they don't want to be.
>/who/: Abstain (?) Isolationism was used to justify their advantage, but now they are non isolationist and still have that advantage - it needs to be heavily balanced
>/wg/: /Inf/ shouldn't be proposing drawbacks that they can just write out later.

/Inf/ Canal
>/nasfaqg/: Nay, it will destory other threads reliant on trade
>/kfp/: Nay, tech too low to maintain one of that size
>Anon: Aye, would make some nice scenarios with other generals
>/Inf/(personal): Abstain - not impartial
>/SakuraM/: Nay - it doesn't make sense to maintain even if we are in the 1900s
>/YBC/: Nay - it's impsossible and fucks over trade states like /nasfaqg/
>/who/: Nay
>/wg/: Aye - but it has to be limited to make sense

/Inf/ Moves to the West Island
>/nasfaqg/: Abstain, it was an alternate suggestion - to canal and isolationism
>/kfp/: Nay, too disruptive
>Anon: Aye, they have no ground to stand on to be in the East if they aren't isolated
>/Inf/(personal): Nay - it's rediculous
>/SakuraM/: Nay - moving them is too much trouble*
>/YBC/: Nay - it will destabalize the map
>/who/: Nay
>/wg/: No - dear god no


>> No.19988583
File: 8 KB, 225x225, 534534435.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The Kronii Rep matter:
>/SakuraM/ would like to bring up that the thread made consessions to /Inf/ on the grounds they are isolationists, dropping it after they got what they want leaves a bad taste (>>19947036)
>/Inf/ defends itself, isolationism, tech advantage, and eastern islands were different requests at least by the thread rep(>>19947959)
>/SakuraM/ brings up how /Inf/'s lore consessions of "strong army but isolationist and civil war", can just be written out of the lore so why should people trust /Inf/ (>>19949094)
>/Inf/ says they can make more lore consessions (>>19950227)
>/SakuraM/ says other people should give their opinion first
>Anon says /Inf/ should be given a penalty card for the Advantage they got and writing out their concessions (>>19957543)
>Anon, clearly anti-Kronie and pretty toxic, brought up a good point so I'll simplify it
>Kronies demanded a military/technology and then they "nerfed themselves" only for them to "unnerf themeselves later", there's also discussions on /inf/ on expansion plans (?) (>>19959778)

Mini events:
Risu debates
>Anons cite how Kronies are taking advantage of threads not interested to gain land
>Kronie defends with the discussion (>>19950228)
>bit of a back and forth about sample size..
>From what I understand this is now being re-negotiated

>Might need to bring this to floor as well, some are for it, some are really against it.


>> No.19988705

>engage with schizos
its like pottery

>> No.19988805

Duly noted, wosebud. We accept this trade. We hope this brings our nations closer.
Don't forget I changed my mind on bumpjg everyone up after /meat/bro said it brings up problems.

>> No.19988818

Nah, this one strikes me more as a genuine fragile autistic anon, not a malignant schizo.
I won't deny we have our times of weakness though kek.

>> No.19988972
File: 13 KB, 220x280, 20210929_162818.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Everything is going according to keikaku.

>> No.19989028

I don't know, my T.deadbeat senses tell me that hes just playing a role to try to shit up the thread.

>> No.19989034

/yeah/ would like to extend an offer to /rose/. Given that most of /rose/'s coastline is polar tundra, this does not put you in the best position to participate in maritime trade. However, to remedy this, /yeah/ wants to offer /rose/ the use of its ports, to grant /rose/ the ability to participate in maritime trade. Taxes will not be levied fot access to our ports, and we will not restrict /rose/'s ability to trace with other nations.

>> No.19989129
File: 258 KB, 1024x1024, meimei.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

impressive autism /rrat/ rep, I'm kind of kneeling a little bit
It's another case of "gotta wait on developments before i write lore again".

>> No.19989185

Thanks for the summary, and I'm in favour of bringing the subject of tripcode to the floor as well (not to be confused with supporting that proposal). I should also add I'm >>19941369 (nice), and while I'm from /meat/, we never get around establishing a thread rep both because we don't have many in this thread (I can count 2~3 long-term contributors) and the tendency for us to get nuked and banned by jannies. If it proves necessary, though, we can work on that issue in our own thread before it gets pruned again.

>> No.19989449
File: 37 KB, 395x341, 1641971965319.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Some Anons suspecting /Inf/ wants to build a Canal
>This is dismissed as impossible
>/kfp/ rep shares the plans to build a canal
Art imitates real life, it's like the Ukraine situation/ Cuban Missile Crisis
SSG Kronies!

>> No.19990163
File: 119 KB, 512x512, basedmlady.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good to hear! I'm happy our transactions are successful!

>> No.19991118
File: 2.12 MB, 800x800, 1628925564728.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tweaked pole positions a bit more, and using a more up-to-date map that includes the /inf/ island. Lemme know if that version has any errors, it's the one from the OP. I also changed it so the equator was properly at the equator, and got the cut off poles as small as I could, any smaller than that and the lands at the edges really start getting borked out.
I think I'll try to use a purely heightmap-based workflow, this way it's easier to amend and more friendly to possible collaborative efforts.

>> No.19991380

Looks cool

>> No.19991415

Looks quite good! What's the latitude of the cutoff point?

>> No.19991418

Until /nasa/ has the man power to build their own port we're going to need to ask /who/ if we can use their ports for loading goods. Since we're building a bakery there we can combine land shipments of bakery and ship cargo over land to save time. Thoughts?

>> No.19991654

Certainly, /who/ is very willing to aid you with our ports and with trade protection, since you're already establishing a bakery in our cities it should be relatively easy to get you on the logistical system

>> No.19991996

I suppose if there's one thing /nasa/ can do is assess logistics. Also we're experimenting with beetroot wine. As for the bakery would it be close to the port?

>> No.19992231

I haven't placed the cities yet, but i guess the port would also have a city around it, if /nasa/'s interested in exporting then it's probably the better placement.

>> No.19992551
File: 2.31 MB, 2048x2048, 1633644247323.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks! This is just a projection of the existing map, I've got bigger plans for this.
Thank you, I got it down to 22.5 degrees. That is still a significant area, so I think adjustments (climate) may still be necessary, hopefully not too world-changing.

>> No.19992892

We can still have the bakery inland. I figure you would make more profits feeding hungry sailors. Implying the bakery doubles as a restaurant. We can even make stews with the cooking stove.

>> No.19992979

Nice, just to be sure, the main port would be somewhere around in the peninsula we hold.

>> No.19993262

Has /infinity/ figured out the cost of the gears /nasa/ asked for yet? We can handle the assembly when the parts arrive. /nasa/ can pay in gold if necessary. We'll have to scrap some boards.

>> No.19993567
File: 1.77 MB, 1850x943, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Should be fairly similar based on my (very basic) new current draft, with the main general shift being that places are generally warmer (which makes sense since everyone is closer to the Equator now). The ones most likely to have a change in climate zones should be those near the 30 and 60th parallel both before and after the change, but it shouldn't be too drastic.

>> No.19993585

/who/ does hold important steel production and capable smiths, if you provide the design we could work something out while cheaping out on import costs.

>> No.19993673

Nice, doing god's work anon.

>> No.19994143

The gears are delicate and need more precision to cast than by hand. They're pretty small.

>> No.19994325

Who in the nations connected to /hlg/ are normal humanoids ?

>> No.19994781

How valuable are the meteorites you're offering? Infinity is willing to give you a little more gears parts than the meteorites are worth, to help you in development of your infrastructure. Of course we trust you not to trade

>> No.19994787

Molds could be arranged, /nasa/ would have to be very precise in their specifications, so direct help might be required to make sure everything is in order

>> No.19994837

*them with others

>> No.19994977

We should have let /inf/ try and build the canal, either their autism wills it into existence or they bankrupt their own country.

>> No.19995011
File: 80 KB, 170x263, 1644735946506.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm heading to bed buds, I'll have something real big finished up for you tomorrow. I hope you liked learning about Rosebuta biology, because there's going to be a whole lot more of that!
And then I'll get to finishing the first chapter of my Rosebuta story, which will give insight on how /rose/ operates on a more intricate level.

>> No.19995573

We managed to find a 9 kilogram meteorite. We polished it up. You can see the iron and nickel patterns. It is a space rock that survived impact. Not sure how valueable that is compared to gemstones but it is a rare treasure. We also have some gold to trade. We just need to melt the gold down into bars first.

>> No.19996252
File: 220 KB, 1200x1132, pallasite.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Scratch that. We found another meteorite for you. This time its Pallasite, which has peridot in it.

>> No.19996688

>The inhabitants of /Morig/, the deadbeats, are physically quite an odd specimen when compared to the human and demi-human inhabitants of /vt/. /hlgg/ Empire physicians have dissected deadbeats and found that perhaps unsurprisingly their bones are incredible dense and strong. This is largely offset by their flesh and muscle being weaker than the average humanoid though it does leave them on the stronger side of the races of /vt/. The most surprising thing about their physiology is that their nervous system is entirely contained with in their bones and many of their internal organs appear connected to their skeletal structure. Many of the internal organs also have a hard layer white layer that protects them that appears to be bone as well, though currently the college is loath to apply this label. This combined with the density of their bones leaves them with an incredibly well protected nervous system. Some members of the imperial college have suggested that the flesh is infact more of a puppet that the skeleton controls. This explains the old deadbeat saying “There is a deadbeat inside all of us”. The consensus of the imperial college rejects this hypothesis though that may be because the idea makes them uncomfortable. The functionality of this leads to deadbeats being able to survive grievous injury, the level of which would normally kill say a hooman from bloodloss, as well as maintain functionality so long as the bone is not significantly damaged. That said heavy injuries to the head are fatal as are generally heavy wounds to the upper chest. This dissection explains why, when though the machinations of the imperial electorate, deadbeats are thrown into some of the worse military operations, the brigades they provide come out with success for operations that were intended to be diversion. They suffer terrible losses and injuries but are able to keep pressing forward due to their unique physiology.

Hopefully this works. I couldn't see any /hlgg/ lore posts but form what I remember being discussed they were functionally like the holy roman empire so I went ahead with that idea in mind. I also wanted to have deadbeats be basically humans but also have the skeleton in control and I'm hoping thats not taking the human/demi-human aspect too far

>> No.19996825
File: 294 KB, 427x312, 1624549777838.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Remember to anchor >>19968496

>> No.19996916

Ah my bad. Its been a while

>> No.19996934

Interesting! But I don't know enough about these to put a price on it. How many gears do you need?

>> No.19997265

I don't know the schematics. The gears are for making hand cranked blenders and mixers. We need enough parts to make 5 blenders and 5 mixers. We can print the relevant blueprints for the gears we need. We will handle the assembly ourselves because there's other parts we have to make.

>> No.19997412
File: 1.03 MB, 5000x3000, vtwbg flag.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anchoring this design as the /vtwbg/ flag since there didn't seem to be any objections when I first proposed it.

>> No.19997554

As for the pricing of the meteorites I did a quick search online. Depending on the contents of the meteorites they range from worthless to small fortunes. The silica meteorites are about 50 cents a gram. While Pallasites can reach more than 400 dollars a gram. A dinnerplate slice of Pallasite could be thousands of dollars. Not sure how that would translate to gold ounces in this world.

>> No.19997775

Might want to hold it off for a while, since there're plans to make it so that the map truncated part of the polar to avoid distortion near the map's top and bottom (see >>19991118).

>> No.19997854

Would it be possible to give us the blueprints so we can send you the exact number of parts in increments? And then you can just send us meteorites as you fnd them. We're more interested in helping you than turning a profit off of space rocks we don't quite understand yet

>> No.19997877
File: 4 KB, 180x200, 1627584530154.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The weird-ass peninsulas forming a claw around the North Pole does look pretty sick, though

>> No.19997953

This is an autistic nitpick, but then this project is a pretty autistic endeavour. But the north pole here is not aligned with the north pole indicated by the circles in the background.

>> No.19998169

We already have the meteorites secured. We found them while digging for scrap. While we can't send the blueprints for the completed device because of the prime directive, we can send schematics for forging the gears.

>> No.19998184

Fair enough. I'll just wait to see how the map changes then and submit a fixed version.

>> No.19998193

One man's sick is another man's immersion breaking... But that gives me an idea to make the extrapolations of the schizo lands, /kson/ and /ppt/ shaped as draconic claws clawing at the pole, could look neat.

>> No.19998286

What did you use to generate the flat earth style image? I could provide you with an updated version.

>> No.19998616

Once you have schematics, send them over so we know how exactly to make them, and we'll send them over.
Basically this is an offer to send you as many as you need ASAP, but you don't actually need to come up with exact numbers. Just saying we'll help as much as we can and as fast as we can

>> No.19998686
File: 537 KB, 3000x3000, polar.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I couldn't find a program to convert to the map projection I wanted automatically, so I ended up doing it in photoshop following some advice I found. The steps used to create pic related was to rescale the map to a square and then go to filter->distort->polar coordinates. From there I just rotated it to look nicer and slapped it on.

>> No.19998745
File: 504 KB, 6000x3000, coastline map.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

With this being the map I started with.

>> No.19998793

Gotcha, then I'll follow the same steps.

>> No.19999042 [SPOILER] 

Hello! Dragoon here
I want to know about the people living on the nations... you see, we Dragoons have official mascot (Little dragons with different forms).
My question is, Is the population made up of humans who worship their oshi or by official mascots?

>> No.19999103

When you arrive to pick up the flour, sugar, and beer I'll have the schematics printed by then. The gears are actually the size they are on paper in case we have different measuring systems. We will be using /who/'s seaport for loading goods. A few Sanalites are there overseeing the construction of the bakery. They'll have the goods.

>> No.19999142

It varies by author. Personally, I don't see the practical difference in most cases. If it can accomplish the same things a human can and goes about its life in the same way a human does, it's a human, as far as I'm concerned.

>> No.19999158

Either works, it basically depends on which one the thread prefers. The majority of the threads seem to prefer being more or less humans, although exceptions (like /rose/buta and deadbeats) are accepted as long as they aren't too OP.

>> No.19999201

Oh thank you!
I will try to use my brain power to do it the official mascot!

>> No.19999235

I think for the most parts the "populations" are at least humanoid, though some are non-human. KFP are humans who keep a lot of chicken instead of being chickens, but Rosebuds are weird plant people. So up to yall really.

>> No.19999301

In /nasa/'s case its both astronauts and bread dogs. The bread dogs are actually robots. Some nations are demi-humans like /risu/ being half squirrels. And then there's the Rosebutas which are pig people.

>> No.19999361

https://rentry.org/fdows has more details on /rose/butas for those interested. I do quite like how it's written.

>> No.19999425
File: 244 KB, 720x720, 1639513287333.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based on this description, am I right in assuming deadbeats at least appear outwardly human in this setting? That's more or less what I had in mind to begin with.

>> No.19999500

We'll keep it in mind, spaceman!

>> No.19999542

Maybe don't make Kronies the victims and you won't see posts like this.

>> No.19999548

I'm imagining them as really thin, bony, pale humans.

>> No.19999635
File: 360 KB, 413x908, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Then we're on the same page, then. Based

>> No.19999711

deadbeats are outwardly human but the skeleton is in control. That was my intention with this >Some members of the imperial college have suggested that the flesh is infact more of a puppet that the skeleton controls
thats the truth but it isn't known or accepted

>> No.19999723
File: 276 KB, 1080x752, Screenshot_20220311-154936_Firefox.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fucking kek

>> No.19999725

Some are completely human and others are almost inhuman, it's all up to (You)

>> No.19999735

>the skeleton is in control.

>> No.19999764

fuck off. this isn't a dram thread. Take your screenshot of your own post and go to the kronies now

>> No.19999778


>> No.19999849

Stop being a whiny bitch then.

>> No.19999867

Please don't imply I'm a kronie again

>> No.19999880

Greetings, I am a wealthy merchant from the serene republic of /nasfaqg/. Could I get a qrd on these so called cute femboys you talk about?

>> No.19999917

>inb4 kronies turn to discord to privately discuss their plans

>> No.19999975

I didn't mean to. I was calling you a dramanigger who is creating posts and then taking screenshots of them to try to further create drama

>> No.20000291

honest question though, whenever someone disagrees with the Kronies, the thread turns to shit. Wtf are we gonna do about it? "Just ignore it and move on" isn't working since man it took a lot of effort to prevent that stupid ass world breaking canal.

>> No.20000502

The ideal solution so far is when /inf/-related disputes occur, /inf/ will be exclusively represented by, well, the thread rep. The idea's that it will reduce the chance of people stirring shit either as Kronie or impersonating one. Of course, that hinges on people ignoring said other people, which admittedly does not seem to work very well so far, but I can't really think of an alternative (that will keep /inf/'s presence here, which is what I prefer) so far.
I guess the only thing I can say is *please* wait for archivebro when things light up for /inf/ again.

>> No.20000583

Genuinely, I think one of the only ways to prevent the threads from devolving every time someone tries to do something controversial is to establish a head arbiter to mete out decisions impartially. Obviously nuefag didn't work out, but maybe having a committee of the thread representatives which can vote to veto anything game-breaking would work.

>> No.20000678

What's the point of a committee when they're no more or less qualified than anyone else in the thread? Barring some falseflagging that goes on, if a bunch of people dogpile on your idea for being shit, it might just be shit.

>> No.20000737

like what this anon tried >>19969220
and proceeded to boo'd out as a bad actor?

>> No.20000739

>A committee of Nuefags

>> No.20000772

It didn't need anything from vtwbg to kill the canal. If risu says they don't want it we won't push it.

>> No.20000773

It would hopefully keep things civil and somewhat official, so we can point at the results and say, "look there's the decision, now let's move on" instead of filling up multiple threads arguing about it.

>> No.20000776

Discuss anything involved the Kronies in their general, and then the representative gives the final solution here. Everytime the kronies are involved in something, there's a problem
Also, meanwhile >>20000000

>> No.20000787

>committee of the thread representatives
That's kind of what we have so far, see the latter half of >>19988519 for an example. I would say it's better than empowering a single individual as arbiter to reduce the chance of personal bias influencing the arbitration.

>> No.20000803

hopefully a kronicaust
is just joke

>> No.20000828

>people say we shouldn't be isolationist chuunis
>infinity stops being isolationist
>this is bad

>people say infinity should not be more advanced than others
>infinity starts offering to share their tech
>this is bad

>various nations form alliances
>infinity wants to do the same
>this is bad

>/clg/ openly discusses plans to conquer their neighbors
>no one cares
>people still fearmonger infinity will go to war with others, despite no proof this will happen

>/who/ annexes /uuu/ outside of this thread
>infinity protectorates /risu/ outside of this thread
>only the latter causes a shitstorm

>another nation has internal discussions for creating things
>no one cares
>infinity has internal discussions for creating things
>this is bad

This is fucking ridiculous.

>> No.20000853

That's what we do already. Then while I was asleep there was a massive timeloop here caused by people who will hate anything and everything we do.

The solution is to not talk about Kronie developments when I'm not on, basically. But others writing lore involving us (either positive or negative light) should be fine I think

>> No.20000883

The same post is in this same thread, relax.

>> No.20000886

Nuefag died for our sins
Kronies are the Romans in this scenario
is also joke

>> No.20000888

>multiple people have different conflicting opinions
>changing things to meet these conflicting opinions
>this is bad
this is fucking ridiculous

>> No.20000890

I still think a railroad in a half decade later would be a better investment. But that's just me.

>> No.20000920

>this is autistic

This is fucking ridiculous.

>> No.20000924

That's a good example of the problem though. When /rrat/ anon tried to get a commitee to discuss, people just accused him and he quit. We lost the GM, and we lost the Stenographer to Kronies, who's next?

>> No.20000931

>The solution is to not talk about Kronie developments when I'm not on
It is what it is

>> No.20000944

MAYBE railroad in our own country. And that alone would take ages. But setting up a railroad in foreign land? And that doesn't even take into account the request not to fuck up the forests, which a railroad would do.

>> No.20000950

Isn't /infinity/ in the American Civil War era? Just let them have a railroad instead of a canal if risu allows it.

>> No.20000975

>If risu says they don't want it we won't push it.
and if Risu said they're okay or remained indifferent? Then what?

>> No.20000983

Wait, what? The /rrat/ recorder of events quit? No one even got mad at him this thread or last.

>> No.20001014

Then we will push forward with the canal which will take over a decade, maybe even decades, to complete for sea-faring vessels. No one will see any change in the world economy for years.

>> No.20001059

I'm just saying my opinion. Neither canal nor railroad is going to happen if Risuna doesn't want it. Its Risuna's land after all.

>> No.20001061

The canal is a no go since you don't have the technology to make it.
But you could do a railroad which is far less invasive to the environment and faster to make.

>> No.20001090

That's what I got
From earlier:
From his post:
>I am/was the /rrat/ rep
>Needless to say I got some disingenous assertions on my motive...and had to re-explain my stance. a lot

>> No.20001105

Kronii here. Please no, they keep taking over entire threads with your map autism, contain yourselves here if you please.

Sincerely, fuck off and die forever, we just want to watch vtubers.

>> No.20001141

>Kronii is /here/ confirmed
Based, I love this sexy gook.

>> No.20001143

Yes, definitely.
Yesterday there was a ton of compplaints about railroads before we even thought to propose it as an alternative.. Either way, we won't do anything /risu/ doesn't want.

>> No.20001150

/rrat/ tried to keep pushing for infinity to move their island even after everyone told him it was a retarded idea and not to restart the timeloop given the incredible damage the last time it was attempted.

>> No.20001154

Hey Kronii. Love your tits.

>> No.20001179


>> No.20001194

I had a question about /infinity/. How committed are you guys to being a "trading hub" ? I'm not saying you should move because I don't think you should but your island makes being a major trading hub a complete implausibility. Its just a incredibly implausible thing to set up given the size of your population and island location. Even assuming the canal happened ( I know no one is really advocating for it now ) there is no reason for most nations to go there because of how far away it is. Is just being traders the goal or being a trading hub? I just can't see why other traders would go there to trade none /infinity/ specific goods but I could see how /infinity/'s traders are able to trade wares far and wide.

>> No.20001201

he was pushing for a final decision since the discussion was dropped when the GM left. We even had a "wtf happened" post in the OP for a bit that was eventually removed without a true solution.

>> No.20001225

I don't know what to get from that. Is it my fault for saying "fuck off"?

>> No.20001234

not at all. very few of us wanted to be a trading hub. i guess i could poll them now that we're not isolationist, but as far as i can tell we dont want to be a trading hub, we just want to be able to trade and trade easily.

>> No.20001246
File: 5 KB, 180x200, 1631073479850.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You know what is a trading hub?

>> No.20001252

Not a Kronie, but I disagree. Don't forget the planet is round, the right side goes to the left. Kronie island is in a better position to trade with the western continent than most of the Hololands.

>> No.20001272

So uh, opinions on this?

>> No.20001296

Thats true I was thinking about that but at the same time I assume there is also alot of open ocean there which given the lack of any landmass would make it also very dangerous but that is the direction they'd be most viable for
no unfortunately I'm a dumbass

>> No.20001301

Anon sent this to me last thread and I think it's pretty based.

>> No.20001332

>/rrat/ tried to keep pushing for infinity to move their island
and thus historic revisionism starts, how many times do people have to explain it >>19974496
It was finalization since your evidence and records were crap

>> No.20001352

i apologize this keeps happening to you, /rrat/ man

>> No.20001359
File: 10 KB, 180x200, 1631073791377.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Deadbeats are mercantile people.

>> No.20001361
File: 3.65 MB, 3000x1500, 1643137755575.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Im sad that these two islands just got redacted

>> No.20001364

This thread stresses me, not a good sign. I might quit

>> No.20001369

It seems like a battery is the direction we're going with. If traditional fossil fuels exist then there's no need for chuubanite to be combustible.

>> No.20001382

by the god empress restrain yourself you old man.

>> No.20001444

had the same thought for a whiel because of falseflaggers and schizos. but they're just that, falseflaggers and schizos. we can't let them scare us out.
hopefully you don't leave, who ever you are.

>> No.20001445

But the Kronies also got called Jews.

>> No.20001448

>Original anon comes up with a compromise for the sitution
>/ratt/ fag clearly says he's trying to re-litigate the island's potion and then tries to use the 'some people say' to deny he's the one pushing it.
Revisionism eh?

>> No.20001481

shut the fuck up, now YOU'RE restarting the timeloop.

the /rrat/ is just talking about things others talked about

>> No.20001496
File: 3.55 MB, 518x417, 1607096792581.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Deadbeats are also fucking gay
so have deadbeats. During one of the loreposts one of the posters was actually pushing for it

>> No.20001503

And then kept pushing it when no one else wanted to hear it. It's his fault.

>> No.20001532

Yeah, that was the joke.
Gonna steal that watame, too.

>> No.20001533

>>20001496 (me)
>so have deadbeats. During one of the loreposts one of the posters was actually pushing for it
A poster responding to the lore posts was I mean. I see the way I wrote that was really unclear

>> No.20001538
File: 54 KB, 500x523, 1622488176713.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We have done literally nothing wrong here

>> No.20001552

ignore the schizo trying to restart timeloops and blaming others.

>> No.20001571
File: 2.24 MB, 1500x2100, 1625340451056.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well, I'm definitely gay for my boy.

>> No.20001588

>Neutralfag is not neutral
>/rrat/ recorder is not honest
stay kronie by kronies

>> No.20001610
File: 998 KB, 1043x829, 1609580775057.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Wanting to do intimate things with your boy
Thats fucked up, anon

>> No.20001679
File: 279 KB, 2048x852, 1617038736370.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's not my fault, this reaper is too much of a dork.

>> No.20001706
File: 2.59 MB, 374x720, CanIHaveThisDance[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fek83s7.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ya/my boy is pretty fucking perfect its true

>> No.20001790

English isn't your strong suite huh. It's resettle since the previous settlement was inconclusive, kronies, on record, chased the guy off. Now the 2nd guy who picked it up got chased off. At least there's a record now.
Stay in your thread and talk to your rep

>> No.20002500

New thread: >>20002446

>> No.20002815

Thanks, I can now actually continue working on the area

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