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What if your general was not just a general but a nation, devoted to your oshi and their will? Enter this general where the fanbases and generals of /vt/ are reimagined as rival nations fighting bitter battles for the glory of their oshis.

2x Map: https://files.catbox.moe/7l45om.png
EX Map: https://files.catbox.moe/2v0vvs.png

>The map size is 54,000 x 27,000 pixels
>It is highly advised to "Right-click > Save target as" this image
>It is the largest filesize catbox will allow (186MB download, 195MB on disk)
>This map is to facilitate hamlet/village/town/city/etc. placement


>Note that the current map isn't set in stone.
>Greentexts of your generals lore in /vt/ land are much appreciated.
>Flags made for the region your oshi rules over are also appreciated.

>/∞/: !XcNdwMsONs

Ocean Currents
Weather Systems
Climate Analysis




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Anchor post for any additions to the map/lore. Please reply here for archival purposes.
If you will be using a rentry link, please use
instead of .co, as the latter is filtered as spam.
Thank you!
Please also report if there's outdated/duplicate lore in OP!

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Anchor post for any additions to the map/lore. Please reply here for archival purposes.
If you will be using a rentry link, please use
instead of .co, as the latter is filtered as spam.
Thank you!
Please also report if there's outdated/duplicate lore in OP!

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What does the average Joe wear on the daily? Any formal dress impacted by tradition/culture? Fashion being split by class or regional differences? Climate or other fantastical wackery making certain attire a necessity? Paint us a clearer picture of who you'll see walking through the streets!
What crops do your people grow for consumption? What about food you import, and from where? Do you have unique delicacies? What's common snacks or meals for the working class, or the rich and powerful? Any food reserved for ritual purposes? How about etiquette when eating? Any special practices during mealtime?
What kinds of entertainment is popular for your people? How important are they seen as part of life? Do different class people have sufficiently different tastes? How much does the chuuba gods play a role in these entertainments?
What religious rituals does your nation have to worship their dieties? What's the religious structure look like? What's the official stance on other faiths?

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Do we even know what /risu/ is? More than the map shows it's all sea level land and I assume the right conditions to grow acorn trees.

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as long as she's not picky about the type of acorn

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Want to add something but not sure im brave enought

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do it!

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I don't speak for the entirety of /mep/ but I'm not opposed to a union nor to the canal. My oshi already has positive connections reaching all the way to /zomg/ and /hirys/, but the canal could open up easier communications with /uuu/ and /who/.
I trust you to go forward with the project, as meps not maps are not my forte.

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Infinity is grateful for the approval. Hopefully you guys get a representative to finalize a union with us, and what kind of union it'd be

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If /mep/ allow you, you could become their representative and speak on their behalf. Then you can make decisions like this and also submit lore about /mep/

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Sounds good to me. It's fine if your thread isn't interested in this project, although you're always welcome to contribute if it ever fancies you!

Anchoring >>19936317

That said, it might be better if /inf/ can focus more on making allies and trade partners instead of protectorates in the future (even if those threads are fine with it), so that it won't turn into a Scramble for Inactive Splits situation.

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Agreed. We prefer an alliance and trade partnership with /mep/ over a full protectorate deal.
Would that be to your liking?

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Yeah, I said that because /risu/ became a protectorate and >>19934602 asked if /mep/ is interested in becoming another protectorate first, so I want to raise that point first just in case. If more threads are getting more protectorates, then we might have to limit that kind of interaction with countries representing threads not active in this project. I mean no offence, though.

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Right now /nasa/'s priority is to repair the engines in the station so we can move it out of the crater. By using what we learned about this chuubanite we think we may have a breakthrough in how to apply chuubanite safely to fuel. We may even invented a new and better form of fuel. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. Building the canal is going to take months of planning and years of convencing to make it happen. It is a good idea on paper. But we may lack the resources and technology to make it happen at this time.

>> No.19937076

The ideal situation would be alliance and partnership, then funding alone. Protectorate status should've been the last option, and Infinity apologizes for that error.

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By union I did mean that our nations would likely be on more equal ground, not as a protectorate. As Reine would say, we love peace.
Much appreciated, and well wishes.

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Excellent! This was what I was hoping to hear. If you guys decide what you'd like to trade, just let us know and we'd be happy to negotiate. Thank you very much!

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Coming from risu and probably the only person that would care about the map as most risuners are just horny posters. Holy shit risu is kind of in an important area no wonder you guys asked.

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>as most risuners are just horny posters
shared culture.

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I checked out nijiID to see you guys posting in our thread but I wonder if you guys ever asked yourself where would /pagi/ would be located in the map? that thread really looked like its going to be a longstay in this board

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I vote against this because that makes the game dull diplomatically wise.

If we got dead generals, you might as well let countries vie for them. However, they're only allowed to take them as a protectorate if the general is still around and it can be confirmed that the people there really don't care about the game. If the general is dead, the country is turned into schizo territory that will be transferred to whatever new split shows up with new vtubers.

And also put a limit on how many other splits you can annex or turn into protectorates. That way you don't have to worry about /who/ annexing the entire western part of hololive, or /infinity/ turning themselves into the Great Britian of the world by having protectorates around the globe.

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Tell me these aren't the nuts you guys have. >>19936619

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Counterpoint: it'd be easy to falseflag

>infinity rep goes to slow general with no lore and asks about /vtwbg/
>infinity rep on his phone answers theyre not interested
>infinity rep asks if they're like to be a colony to protect them
>infinity rep on his phone says sure definitely

And yes I used myself as an example so as not to imply anything about anyone else kek

>> No.19937905

If you have the balls to attempt that, I'll give you the general you attempt it in, assuming that it doesn't blow up in your face if an actual member of the general shows up to expose your false flag.

Also it's why I say there should be a limit to how many countries you can do it with.

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I visited /zomG/ once. Its a place with a bunch of living zombies going "uoh sex with zoombie".

>> No.19937980

It is, would that information change your stance on the issue?

Yeah, I'm not saying we should have a complete ban on interacting with threads that don't participate in this project, just that some kind of limit on how many protectorates a country could have might prove necessary in case the active threads here pull a Scramble for Africa on the inactive ones, hence me suggesting the /inf/ rep to try not to make more new protectorates/vassals out of them in the future. (sorry for the run-on sentence)

>> No.19938063

Yeah we don't want more protectorates, which is why I'm glad /mep/ is more open to an equal union. That being said I support a limit on colonies / annexations / protectorates, but trying to get more generals interested in /vtwbg/ and offering and alliance is more interesting than more "we don't care about this autism, go ahead take our land". It's just that /risu/ was very disinterested.

>> No.19938078

That's why I say there should be a cap on how many countries you can annex or turn into a protectorate at this phase of the game.
And for further balancing, there has to be some logical reason for it happening. /infinity/ annexing Risu makes sense because the canal there would greatly boost their trade influence.

>> No.19938210

The mods nuked every single m******o thread and cleared out posts about it on /#/. The thread hasn't been made since February 27, almost three weeks ago now, and that was a falseflagging anti OP. You could argue that any of >>18991875, >>19046294 or >>19234048 were the last thread.
With the death of its goddess, so too did the nation, and they have all migrated to the parallel world of /jp/.

>> No.19938220

I think mep annexing risu could make a lot of sense personally.

>> No.19938294

Maybe, but /inf/ negotiated with /risu/ first and they're on friendly relations with /mep/ so it doesn't matter.

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This was posted on risu a bit after you guys asked so do what you will with it. I'm gonna get some sleep so have fun you guys. As the one autist whose interested I'll be checking up on here when I have time.

>> No.19938552

I'm told she's looking to have a new avatar eventually. Anyone who watches her can confirm or deny that?

>> No.19938553

Rest well, Risuner.

>> No.19938573

It was specifically quoted that a redditard made it.
Also that's /infinity/ 2.0, them getting annexed makes even more sense.

>> No.19938656

That's not /vt/
In fact there's not even a single /vt/ culture represented here. Only the normalfag redditor culture

>> No.19938684

>Frostpunk-inspired country protectorates Risu and turns it into Papers, Please

>> No.19938694

>a fucking leaf

>> No.19938723

She's uncertain right now, about many things. She also said she doesn't have the budget for it right now. It could take months and she may well end up a mixed chuuba/non-chuuba streamer. We don't even have a new fan name yet.

>> No.19938768

>she doesn't have the budget for it right now
Where did the #1 YouTube earner money go??

>> No.19938828

YouTube and Cover's cut and from there bad decisions.

>> No.19938896

She probably blew it up on useless shit

>> No.19938967

Don't forget who pays for the covers, too.

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Dont forget that despite the panama canal being mostly just a pre-existing lake, it still took that long.
I dont think inifnity or anyone else will be building any canals there in the foreseeable future. It would be a massive waste of resources since it wouldn't even save that much time or money.

>> No.19939906

"No, don't worry, we keep fighting amongst ourselves and are total isolationists, so we can be 150 years into the future in tech"
And all of you wondered why I said that it isn't an actual nerf, since they could just do that

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Just saw the post in KFP. While I'd like to agree to it for reasons of being on very good terms with the Kronies, realistically there's no geopolitical/financial incentive for us to do it. It will cost us a lot, and will not especially benefit us either, in fact it could be actively detrimental to us. We have are on significantly better terms with the Nijis than most other Holo splits, and we have a certain understanding with the Pomudachis who have agreed to let ships baring a /KFP/ flag through unmolested, which has given us an effective monopoly on that trade route.

HOWEVER the winds of change are coming. We understand that if this project goes through this little niche for ourself we've made will disappear, so I believe that it is for the best that we help, but on a condition. We will assist in funding as long as we are given reduced tariffs when moving through the canal.

>> No.19940147

Of course! All who help fund the canal will have reduced tarrifs in accordance with their contribution. You won't regret this, KFP. Thank you very much

I do hope now that it's so much easier to get to one another, you'd be open to an alliance that would see even less tarrifs for you, as well as new offers of technology. Honestly I just love Kiara and KFP, I already included a KFP-based unit in our police force lore kek

>> No.19940183

Either bump the entire world to 1850's tech or blast /infinity/ back to 1700's. They, unsurprisingly and as before, went against their word.

Also, it was said multiple times that no, you cannot build the canal. The tech and the land doesn't make it feasible, and you also lost your justification for being ahead in technology in any capacity.

>> No.19940254

Land is flat, and we already have magic so it doesn't really matter if we bump anyone up or not
>as before
What other deals did they back out on?

>> No.19940289

Forgot to say, since it doesn't matter because of magic, I'm open to bumping people up.

>> No.19940301

None. Just wait and see how he brings up the island timeloop again.

>> No.19940502

>land is flat
They are trying to build a canal approximately the length of Japan, 2000 km. Panama canal is 80 km long, and half of it consists of preexisting rivers and lakes. This doesn't even mention that the terrain appears to be "flat", but "flat" on this map can still mean hills or elevations up to 400-500 meters, probably, given how few colors the map has.
People said that it was a project for decades, but with your tech, it's a project for centuries and unimaginable upkeep. You've clearly had the idea and pushed for the thread to agree that building the canal is feasible/good idea anonymously, despite having zero justification for it. You've abandoned your previous pleas, those that made people accept your tech in the first place.

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Oh you flatter us clockfriend. We would be incredibly happy to have an alliance with you, as one of our longest running trade partners and as a culture that shares much in common with yours

>> No.19940613

We were told we couldn't be isolationist and a trade hub at the same time, so we chose the latter. I'm fairly certain it was you who said so too. So what's the problem exactly?

I'm open to everyone being bumped up. The only reason we wanted to have a tech advantage was because we wanted to be post-Industrial Revolution, not vice versa. We invite the rest of the world to join us in the 1850s, it's cozy up here.

And we have never gone back on our word before. If anything we are very autistic about people keeping to their word.

And also we all have magic man the fuck you mean we can't terraform a canal given time and effort

Whatever we do you will be opposed to it. I cannot fathom why, but it's very obvious this is the case.

>> No.19940712

Magic wasnt supposed to be used as a "fix all" solution to everything. It should be a rare and valuable thing, not something used in everything and everywhere. Turning chuubanite/magic into /vtwbg/ version of "A wizard did it!" is just lazy writing and incredibly boring.

>> No.19940766

yeah alright, that's a fair consideration. I don't have an issue with Infinity going for some punky a-historical tech, or even being a little ahead, but building a canal that big would be drudging work unless we're going to retcon in a bunch of lakes to Risuner, which is one map change I'm not actually willing to support since it really doesn't make any sense thematically.

>> No.19940810

You being isolationists was the reason your island was to the east to begin with. There's a very easy fix to this - move the island westwards. I can't believe we're at this timeloop again.

Everyone already /was/ bumped up by approximately 300 fucking years. And this is just because of a single fussy general out of 90 fucking threads which drove a shitton of other generals away and now is trying to capitalize on the inactivity /they/ have caused.

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File: 1.97 MB, 6010x3010, political_orthographic_large.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I threw the political map into G.Projector and reprojected it into orthographic centering it on the poles. (This is assuming the original map is equirectangular, which matches climateanon's assumption.)

>> No.19941038

>I can't believe we're at this timeloop again
You are the only one restarting that timeloop

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Question: How open /infinity/ is to trade with a /nasfaqg/ plutocrat, especially if that plutocrat also happens to be a kronie and someone who goes to /infinity/?

>> No.19941216

The majority of the thread voted in favor of us having our island in the east like we wanted. Apparently only you and perhaps Neufag wanted it to be different. We got this island as was given to us ages ago

You are the only one bringing up this timeloop.

And we wanted to be fully fledged steampunk, we downgraded to a more realistic and grounded pre-light bulb era. You act like we have never made concessions.

And do you know how dumb it was to have a fully mapped world set in the 1400s?? You should be thankful we bumped everyone uo to the exploration age to open up inter-hemisphere diplomacy.

>> No.19941298

Excellent news! Thank you so much, Mountain Enjoyer. Let me know if you wish to know what we have to offer to our close allies. Kronies will fight to protect you and your interests, KFP
Very open. What would you like to discuss?

>> No.19941317
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While I agree withy our point about the impracticality of the canal, I feel you're being unfair to /infinity/. They had a vision of what they wanted to be LONG before a setting was even imposed, and even then it was basically universally agreed that the setting should be loose to allow threads like /Infinity/ to have their aesthetic without it clashing with the rest of the world.

I also find the accusation that this is /Infinity/ trying to capitalize on lack of activity incredibly unfounded considering that they went to 3 other splits to ask for their consent on this project, which lead to the two of those threads (/mep/ and /risu/) getting reps where they previously hadn't.

>> No.19941369

Personally, I would rather not have the base tech level of the world bumped up again (at least while keeping the general low fantasy setting at the same time), because it's already starting to strain plausibility to have /meat/ be in the 1700s, and later inventions up to the mid 19th century will make it even hard to accommodate than before.

>> No.19941570

Thank you, Mountain. What's more is, before the acquisition, I personally have been going to other threads that didn't have much lore and inviting them to /vtwbg/ and offering to help them get up to speed. Even tried it with /uuu/ first.

>> No.19941581

waaaah we went back 50 years but forced everyone up 300 years waaaaaaah we made concessions

>> No.19941646

I always imagined /meat/ chooses not to use anything beyond a certain level of development, because they have a focus on their culture first and foremost and because using guns might mess up the meat of the target and make it harder to potential capture sacrifices alive

>> No.19941664

Epic shitpost bro
You probably don't even have a country.

>> No.19941703

Address the rest of the post now, I'm sure you can do it if you tried. You still haven't told us where else we've gone back on our word.

If you like, you can tell me what general you represent and we can formally cut all ties and be done with this.

>> No.19941803

You're correct about using guns, and out-of-universe at least I'm more interested in developing the culture. That said, the issue is that while I think I think accommodate it while still having /meat/ able to raid for captives logical with 1700s technology (due to the lack of effective range for guns at the period, as well as generally lower centralisation and state control), the period between 1700 and 1850 see significant improvement in both regards, so porting what we have for /meat/ when it comes to military to 1850 will make it rather unlikely that /meat/ can actually succeed in taking captives for sacrifice. While some use of chuubanite might be able to compensate for that, I'm not sure if that would fit under the predetermined low fantasy setting of this world.

>> No.19941911

Damn, I didn't think of that. Sorry meatbro. I rescind my statement about the world catching up.

Would you guys start learning guerilla tactics or something similar when the world, inevitable, progresses? Kidnapping and human trafficking? Adapt away from overt violence into intrigue and stealth? Just curious since I love your guys' lore

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>> No.19942118

How is vague ambivalence combined with a "wait and see" approach for the borg cube "majority of the thread voting in your favour"?

I'm bringing it back because it's relevant. The location of the island does matter if you wish to be a "trade hub" - there's a reason why New Zealand isn't a bustling trade hub like the Malay Peninsula.

You are ignoring all the other generals who already made their aesthetics align with the world, or those generals that would benefit from medieval/renaissance aesthetics. That being said, it is unsurprising since you don't give a rrat's ass about the project from any other perspective than circlejerking /infinity/.

Also, don't do historical revisionism, as most Kronies tend to do apparently. The initial age of the world wasn't exploration, it was Renaissance, 1500's. It was then bumped to 1700's, at which point inter-hemisphere diplomacy was very much viable.

The response they got from Risu was "we don't give a damn take our land". They are basically abusing indifference of other threads (Risuners have posted here before the dama, mind you) to score cheap "gains" before the world is even set up.

Not me. Also, I assume that /infinity/ is now aiming to "cut all ties" with anyone who disagrees with them trying to impose themselves on /vtwbg/ now? Anyone who calls you out for utter bullshit?

>> No.19942268

I think /meat/ has always been into asymmetric warfare (which also includes guerrilla warfare), but the issue of that is two-fold, at least in the way I see it.
For in-universe, the main issue is that guerilla more or less requires knowledge of, and support from locals, which is most probably not going to happen when /meat/ is targeting other countries. Granted, kidnapping and human trafficking will still work, as another part of /meat/ lore is that there are cultists in other countries spreading their practice. It is still possible to rely on those for sacrifice, or just opting for domestic /meat/, but that brings me to the other part of the issue.
For out-of-universe, part of the /meat/ aesthetics is its raiding (as found in Vikings and Aztecs, both being /meat/'s main source of inspiration) foreign coasts to bring sacrifice back to its altars. That is also how /meat/'s military and, by extension, Mai's blessing is designed around, so if we're to adopt a more stealthy approach, those elements will no longer be viable, which I would rather avoid if possible.

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File: 840 KB, 2260x3654, Businesstime but jpg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mostly ships, shipping, and storage.

I'd like to hammer out a contract between infinity (hereinafter "you") and the Chronobanks company & it's extended partners (hereinafter "we"), concerning the rights of storage and carrying of goods.

I propose a deal where we are allowed to buy and store goods which you are trading with other nations or factions, and sell these goods back to those factions AND ONLY those factions. In short, I want shipping rights, not exclusive shipping rights (unless that is what you are into. Would allow you to keep your isolationist approach since technically it wouldn't be you doing the trading), just shipping rights.

I believe this deal would be beneficial for both of us. You wouldn't have to risk your ships on the stormy and pirate-infested seas, there would be no risk of losing profits since you get paid in your home ports. Additionally, I can promise you that /infinity/ ships and their crews will have a safe and affordable place to stop by, refuel, re-stock, and relax in the Serene Republic for as long as the deal holds up.

Oh and I want to buy some of the goods you produce for personal use.

The exact details of the contract can be worked out later, this is merely a proposal to begin negotiations.

>> No.19942459
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>"wait and see" approach for the borg cube "majority of the thread voting in your favour"?
We were waiting for Neufag already we had the island design and desired placement. It was not "wait and see" it was "what do you guys think" you damn revisionist.
>I'm bringing it back
Then don't say "I can't believe we're in this timeloop again like it isn't your fault entirely.
>That being said, it is unsurprising since you don't give a rrat's ass about the project from any other perspective than circlejerking /infinity/
Just a few posts above you bro I know you can read.
>The initial age of the world wasn't exploration, it was Renaissance
That's exactly my point. You literally don't even read the post before you reply.
>The response they got from Risu was "we don't give a damn take our land".
We reached out to /uuu/, /wah/, /HiRyS/, /mep/, and Anya Petra to get them involved and offered to help. Not once did we abuse their inactivity. But because /risu/ OFFERED to let us take their land, suddenly that's all we do?
>Also, I assume that /infinity/ is now aiming to "cut all ties" with anyone who disagrees with them
No, just people who keep lying and revising history about us that anyone with archive reps can disprove.

>> No.19942460

Different anon from the conversation but I'm gonna nip this in the bud before it spirals into another autism arc.

>The majority of the thread voted in favor of us having our island in the east like we wanted
False. Kronies were originally granted that island by silence/lack of people going against it. Due to Zone autism was a thing happening at the same time. Not by popular vote. (If we are talking about original grants)

Neutralfag made a proposal to put the same island in the West just so the placement matched the rest of the maps, then kronies harassed him out. Nothing to do with isolationism or the island. The eastern placement was defended with the desire to be isolationists and no requirement to be close to the gens. (Which technically there is, since most other placements were made with that logic, according to Neutralfag anyway)

The concessions kronies had to make was literally for your own island, something no one else got. You don't get to say "we made compromises", when your compromises was to make your idea fit in the first place. It's only plural when it fits, and further comprise are made post fact.

>And we wanted to be fully fledged steampunk,
See >>17220560 for start of conversation.
This is a literal timeloop of frostpunk influence or not, tradehub or not, isolationist or not.

The anon you're replying to is making blatant accusations, but please don't muddle the facts and argue in bad faith.

The situation:
>/inf/ is in the east for isolation
>/inf/ doesn't want to be isolationist anymore
>So why are you not in the West is a valid question.
Being put the West would be a compromise, anything done before the finalization of /inf/ island is just buy-in and shouldn't be counted as consessions.

>> No.19942595

theres a problem right now where threads that have not invested nor even care about this project letting others to do whatever they want with their section of the map
>we dont care about your dumb larp/never asked for it
>do whatever you want with it
feels bad

>> No.19942621
File: 516 KB, 1000x1426, Screenshot_20220310-184737_Firefox.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

See >>18804212 and the results in the post above you, and pic related.
>hen kronies harassed him out.
Yes but ever since the /yeah/ incident we know that was a falseflagger sitting shit for the sake of it. And while he was successful, I and a few others called for more civil disagreements.
>The eastern placement was defended with the desire to be isolationists
It was defended because it was promised to us. Sorry, "promised" is what we said at the time but we've been corrected to say it was "given" to us. It's not for isolationism. It's because it was the area given to us waaaay back with the invites.

>> No.19942800

Enough of the timeloop now. No one in this argument ii going to change their minds no matter how many deadposts and screenshots I pull up.

Infinity wanted the island and the Borg cube because that's what was given to us in the invite.

Neufag tried to change that, twice, after the fact and I made a poll to see if people were in favor of us having what we wanted. They said yes.

A schizo falseflagger stirred up infinity into harassing out Neufag even when a few Kronies such as myself tried to keep him on board and be more civil about our disagreements.

End of fucking discussion now drink some tiddy milk and eat kimchi with me

>> No.19942825

>See >>18804212 and the results in the post above you, and pic related.
Where does it say West/East? The poll preassumes the location that was never debated on the floor.

It was never promised or given outside of no one disagreed (because at the time the floor was occupied)

I am assuming this is you? >>18920928
Because at the time you agreed West/East wasn't decided it was just there and you worked with it. No poll said you had the right to be in the east by popular vote

>> No.19942844

we already do both of those things. if the world were 300 years into the future, one solution could be to make our magic more powerful, however we already were forced into conceding that our magic is basically just a background sort of thing. we get hurt, we go back to a medic out of combat, and maybe we'll get a month's worth of recovery out of a weeks, but if our head gets disconnected we are irreparably dead. if we said this was no longer the case, and that we could heal more accurately to the source material, that could definitely help us in dealing with this problem, while still not making us overpowered since anyone who knows how it works can kill us for good. this is all hypothetical, of course.

>> No.19942848

I like your funny words, merchant. I'll ask infinity about it, then poll them their opinions. I'll get back to you in 24 hours or so.

>> No.19942863

Oh yeah, a poll made by Kronies after Kronies drove most posters away. Wow. Impressive evidence. What an overwhelming majority, too, 18 votes for yes and 10 votes for no, with no option to actually select "island to the west".

Age of Exploration coincides with Renaissance but takes place slightly before it. Renaissance is a cultural term, but in this case it was agreed to be 1500's, which is later than early age of exploration that took place in the 1400's.

Where is the lie? The poal you have shown demonstrates nothing since it doesn't even have the option to yeet you guys westwards.

The ones who tried to take over the thread, drove off most of the posters including the neutral arbiter, revise history, and then tried to mold the entire project solely to their liking are Kronies. And this is exactly what anyone doing archive reps will see.

>> No.19942904

Context clues. This was when the tripfag put infinity on the mainland on the west. The poll is if people agree infinity should be an island on the east or not, and most people said sure.

>> No.19942949

The poll was made before Neufag left. Read the thread from the crosspost.

I'll do as my representative asks and stop feeding this timeloop.

>> No.19942968
File: 7 KB, 277x271, e8e.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Oh yeah, a poll made by Kronies after Kronies drove most posters away
What data are you using to make this statement? Did you make a census?

>> No.19942998
File: 922 KB, 2048x2048, __takanashi_kiara_hololive_and_1_more_drawn_by_frog_froggo1000__89333566b35634394ce7b8118b62da4e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It was given to them originally before western position was suggested. my memories foggy on it, but I'm fairly certain they also didn't want to be put with their own gen due to reasons of them not feeling especially close to them, which is in all honestly quite fair. using my own split as an example, I'd say we have more cross post with Mep, Duck, and the Pomudachi part of Lazulight than we do with anyone in our own gen.

On top of that, moving them West, or to the mainland, at this point would be destructive, and would serve only as a mockery ritual. both me and the infinity rep have written a good amount of lore that's contingent on them being where they are right now, so moving them would uproot all of it.

don't argue in bad faith. The fact they went to them in the first place shows willingness to cooperate, and we did actually get a Risuner in the thread because of it.

>> No.19943045

Unrelated to the discussion, but thanks for the art

>> No.19943108

Other threads also wrote good amounts of lore that relied on the world not being in 1850's as a whole. It apparently wasn't a problem for infinity before, why would it be now?

>> No.19943109

I always knew we could count on KFP.

>> No.19943113
File: 141 KB, 1754x1754, __takanashi_kiara_hololive_and_1_more_drawn_by_kuroeart__95b40e8631096e8d9f6c5fdb26aedff1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fair. At this point humouring the timeloop is more trouble than its worth.

I'll start cooking up some more /KFP/ lore and fluff. we haven't done entertainment yet.

>> No.19943150

The debate was island or your spot inland that Neutralfag put on you based on the Original council claim
Can you point to where the East location is discussed?

>> No.19943156

LotR re-enactments let's gooooo

>> No.19943252

>Can you point to where the East location is discussed?
"Desired location" in the poll options clearly refers to the Borg cube in the east.

>> No.19943427

Maybe as time progresses, /meat/ further refines and improves their magic. Maybe because of more and more chuubas graduating. So in the future you guys will have that level of magic again

>> No.19943429

>It was given to them originally before western position was suggested.
The western spot was first for "Council", The eastern island was given by silence and a map anon just placed it there with no debate due to Zone autism. Which is what is being discussed over and over again and historically revised over and over again. So it's best that this is definitively settled now.

>my memories foggy on it, but I'm fairly certain they also didn't want to be put with their own gen due to reasons of them not feeling especially close to them, which is in all honestly quite fair. using my own split as an example, I'd say we have more cross post....
Fair, but then all placements have to be reevaluated, the current map was placed with Neutralfag's logic. No one brought up a stink due to Neutralfag's granted authority that has not been replaced.

>On top of that, moving them West, or to the mainland, at this point would be destructive, and would serve only as a mockery ritual
Can say the same about dropping the isolationist policy and the canal.

>> No.19943476

Yes, but the issue is that this thread also voted for the world to be a generally low-fantasy world, and thus relying further and further on magic to maintain our aesthetics might push us too closer towards high fantasy.

>> No.19943482

that's kind of what i was thinking.

>> No.19943489

Alright alright new idea
We start over
Generate a new map, new continents, new everything
Only this time, no OC DONUT STEEL landmasses
Pick whats there. No 'hurr i want an island' autism

>> No.19943496


>> No.19943508

no, we've already started.

>> No.19943521

See >>18920928
It's there in the east because it got put there and was never discussed. /Inf/ worked with it but now that we have something concrete it should be decided post fact and not disingenuously claim it's there by popular vote as if people agreed it's in the east. The poll was brought up as a mainland or island debate. It just so happens to be mainland west, or island east.

>> No.19943535

i should have said.

>> No.19943585

No! This is the worst idea ever!

>> No.19943640
File: 133 KB, 1280x720, willy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oi, why is /infinity/ trying to cut off the defining trait of /nasfaqg/ and /#/, which is trade? What is this?

I claimed our location basically before anyone else, pretty sure that only /meat/ claimed their land before us. At that point in time, I thought we'd be in the centre of the Hololive continent due to zoning, but then the continents flipped. While the current position isn't as good as before, trade and money is still basically the defining trait of /nasfaqg/, so I object to it being hamfistedly taken away by /∞/ just because, with the canal.

Besides, the canal would likely not be worth it there. Extremely long, which means high costs and upkeep, but also very slow transit. When travelling through canals you need to periodically pass through water locks, which makes the travel much slower. For example, in the Panama Canal, traversing it takes about 10 hours despite how short it is, five times slower than on the open sea. If the elevation of Risu's nation is uneven, it'd take even longer, and the strait you're trying to avoid is not only rich in different trading spots for generals, but also much, much shorter of a trip than going around South America.

>> No.19943711

Hmm, maybe it will be flexible. As we progress into modern times, maybe /meat/ will be able to heal themselves in the field without having to run to the medic, but it's still mortals taking time to recover. As we progress into the future, when its getting close to high tech nanomachine healing blood or whatever, /meat/ will have an edge by being able to heal from deadly wounds without recovery time.

Once we get to the 41st millenium, you'll just straight up be Nurgle worshiping Chaos Marines

>> No.19943791

Yes, but the point is still that the more we rely on chuubanite to patch the growing problem, the more it becomes high fantasy (40k is definitely high fantasy despite its SF trapping, given all the BS that can be pulled from the warp, but I digress), and I *really* don't feel like asking the rest of the thread if it's fine to change both the tech period and the fantasy level of the setting at the same time (I don't think we ever decide on if the world will progress OOCly). Also, see my points on >>19942268 for other, some more meta reasons against the tech advance.

>> No.19943837
File: 55 KB, 728x434, Hotline Vienna.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the time period was voted on and discussed. We AGREED on punk history/floating history set sometime around the Victorian, the same way we agreed to have low fantasy and Chuubanite.
On top of that, moving forward was in the interest of threads OTHER than infinity. Nasa and RBC would function worse in the 1500's than the Luknights would in the 1700's. AND it requires very little technical effort.

On the other hand, moving infinity would require more work in photoshop, would uproot a ton of pre written lore, and benefits literally no one. No one in council especially cares about it, I don't want it, infinity doesn't want it and climate anon would have even MORE of his work invalidated. The only reason to do it would be to let you feel like you got one over on infinity.

go start a NijiEN hate thread or something. I'm not humoring you anymore after this post

>>On top of that, moving them West, or to the mainland, at this point would be destructive, and would serve only as a mockery ritual
>Can say the same about dropping the isolationist policy and the canal.
while I agree that the canal should probably be dropped due to it being impractical, I don't believe your comparison is at all fair. Infinity coming out of isolationism would be incredibly messy, but it would lead to more lore being created without completely destroying things that were previously written, since its a chronological development. China, for example, often swung in and out of isolationism.

Moving infinity island would, however, effectively retcon a lot of what me and Infinity have written, and put a lot of what Council have written for themselves on shaky ground.
Once again, doing it would serve only as a mockery ritual.

At this point we should do what we can to work with what's already present and make changes where they're requested by threads. If a threads wants to move its borders, then we consider it, but saying "well why can't other threads move" when no other thread currently wants to move is pure whataboutism

and start back from square one with a new set of messy conflicts? fuck no.

>> No.19943880

Gonna go to bed, so I'd like to sum up the items on the floor

>/Inf/ wants to drop the isolationist part of their lore and wants a canal
>not being isolationists loses part of their Eastern claim, so this has to be decided and finally be put to rest.
>The canal is disruptive to other generals and lore.

So if /inf/ wants this change, they have to defend both points.

The Eastern Claim
>Evidence presented: Popular poll
>Counter: was not clear enough, was assumed East from the ZoneAutism grant.

Compromise/debate away, I'll note down the results when I wake.

>> No.19943910

This, I called it along with you, and here we are.
I give these threads at most until June before who, meat and/or inf start waging wars
>but we're peaceful
We'll see about that won't we

>> No.19943932

>Infinity coming out of isolationism would be incredibly messy
NTA but it would be nice if we can see that part of their lore being developed

>> No.19944148
File: 77 KB, 1280x720, specerijen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just keep the status quo. The tech isn't that big of an issue if we're going with punk history, but the canal would be both unreasonable and disruptive. Moving the island is an alternative (since eastern position was argued using isolationism), but if /infinity/ doesn't want it nor do other posters, it's pretty much moot.

Just give /infinity/ a civil war or some nice lore about Black Ships over isolationism, so we get some good stories out of it.

In other words:
- Dropping isolationism: Aye, although some other threads (including mine) will likely increase the tech level.
- Canal: Nay. Hard to argue for using contemporary tech, likely will face technical difficulties/would be unfeasible IRL, and in-thread would debilitate several other threads reliant on trade.
- West Island: Abstain, but it seems /infinity/ doesn't want it. It's just a potential solution to the trade woes.

>> No.19944187

What other details could be ironed out? Asking before I present it to my home thread

>> No.19944218

>since eastern position was argued using isolationism
it was argued using "we were given that cube we want that cube"

>> No.19944300

Well, it doesn't change that it's not really a good solution if no one wants it. I think that East-West question is perfectly valid if /infinity/ wanted to move to more trade-inclined positioning, but this isn't some kind of a try of resurrecting that past debate.

>> No.19944310

Do you have any requests or additions to the deal?
The actual deal and its precise terms can be ironed out later, I could write a larpy contract for it

>> No.19944325

not going to read all this thread. What happened now?

>> No.19944377

I'll ask infinity right now, then get back to you in 24 hours so as many kronies as possible can vote. Thank you!

>> No.19944435

You were never given the cube...it was "I'll put this here for now, we'll discuss it later after we solve the zoning crisis"

The position has to be justified another way that makes sense to everyone. Isolationism was the solid foundation, but if that's dropped it needs another solid foundation. /Infinity/ Civil War seems like a good compromise

>> No.19944500

actually can you explain in layman's terms what this deal entails? only dumbronies up tonight myself included
we always have and probably always will be in constant civil wars. not sure if that's a good enough reason for some people.

>> No.19944507

I've already expressed most of my opinions >>19943837 here. but I'll briefly summarize my stance so its on the record.

>Dropping isolationism
Abstain. I think having INF be a dynamic regional power that people worry about would be cool and lead to a lot of very interesting writing, but I don't want to speak for other threads that could potentially take issue with it, or want time to establish themselves and write their own fluff before being put under the hammer. My personal compromise is that /infinity/ can start to open up, but they have to write lore that justifies it first.

Nay. the techs too contemporary, and actually looking at how much land we have to move its kind of impractical.

>West Island
Nay. I don't even know why this is being considered. saying it creates more problems than it solves puts is putting it lightly.

>> No.19944518

I'm fine with /inf/ dropping the isolationism, but like what >>19943932 and >>19944435 says, it's better if we can see the consequence of that decision in lore/story
I'm more against the canal being built, mostly because of >>19943640

>> No.19944536

While i would support a canal but the stretch of land is bigger than Panama and Suez

>> No.19944797

>West Island
I think it's more of dropping Isolationism opens up the West Island debate since West Island solves both the "not Isolationist" and "Canal" change.

If /inf/ wants to drop isolationism, they have to come up with why they are in the East and not just historically be non isolationist. As another anon says. Eastern Claim can be defended with a civil war lore entry.

>> No.19944908

Disregard if my own opinion doesn't count.

>Dropping isolationism
Like others said, it'd be more interesting to write us as having been isolationist but slowly coming out of our shell. Like Japan without the Commodore Perry.

I will let kronies decide if we push through or not. I want to minimize my use of veto power as much as possible.

>West Island
This is the equivalent of God Himself scooping up Japan and dropping the archipelago off next to the USA after the Emperor decided to open up the ports to America. It's ridiculous.

>> No.19944944

The Eyrie Canal in the USA began construction in 1817 and first opened in 1821 at 584km length. That's 4 years for something longer than the Suez Canal (at 164km at the time)

>> No.19945381

The Erie canal was also a bit over a meter deep on average, it handled riverboats, not ocean going ships. The Suez canal by comparison was over 8 meters deep at minimum and that was still barely enough, ships constantly grounded trying to go through until they expanded it.

>> No.19945573

I hadn't considered that!

>> No.19945605

40k is a great model to work off of. for some reason, few people seem to know that warhammer refers to two entirely different time periods. one medieval fantasy, the other sci-fi distopia. we have been having a problem with how /inf/ is so advanced, lets have a good understanding of the progression /inf/ took inorder to get where they are, and where they will be going. /meat/ is probably the easiest since we started as one of the most primitive societies due to us basically being the first to do any lore at all, not because /meat/ is inherently a bunch of savage, primitive barbarians. see our first green text and look for any prior if you can and the end result will be nurgle chaos marines i'm the guy who made the spoilered mai-chan post, a bit after posting that, i compared us to plague marines, your welcome but i'm sure others have an idea of how their cultures progressed. we also, agreed to have multiple timelines, which i think we should use more often to solve some of these problems. the solution to the grandfather paradox is realizing the timeloop can be fixed by creating two separate instances, two different universes if you want to see it that way. otherwise it just repeats ad nauseum.

>> No.19945761

/meat/ here. we have always waged raids, we have no intention of a full-on war, but others might not like the raids we go on, and might wage war on us, so we'll see.

>> No.19945850
File: 896 KB, 2113x1668, BAFB5745-E937-4B64-BA76-7CCB9A4D2029.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anchoring; also foreign trade routes, diplomatic missions, or naval military aid against the /ahoy/ privateer menace are always welcome!

>> No.19945856

Extremely small tonnage (1/100th of Suez, 1/250th of Panama), extremely narrow and shallow, uses preexisting rivers and lakes (which Risu lacks), very slow speed of ships on it (6 km/h). It wouldn't be the grand trade route you think it'd be, going through the tropical (and rainforesty) climate of Risu, more like a paved dirt off-road compared to an interstate highway.

>> No.19945952

I never thought making flags would be so hard

>> No.19946126

Infinity hopes for friendly relations and trade with your people, Anya-Petra. (One of) your oshi(s) is great in KIRA, one of our favorite collabs.

>> No.19946188

That's admittedly another issue with the tech level bump, even if it is more sociological than technological - as time goes on, and as countries become more centralised, they're less likely to tolerate people who keep raiding their shit (even if they're not doing that out of the goodness of their heart). That's why the time between RL 1700 and 1850 saw events like Russia capturing the slave port of Caffa (which was a major port for serf-turned-slave to Ottoman Turkey), and USA beating the crap out of the Barbary states (which were the main source of maritime piracy in the area). Relying more on punk history can be a solution, although I reckon it relies on other generals seeing us doing that as plausible.

>> No.19946423

Punk history already won a few polls a week or two ago.
All reps in favor of punk history say aye?

t. inf

>> No.19946584

I mean, as long as other threads are alright with this implication of punk history, all the better for us even if it can feel handwave-y at times.

>> No.19947036

>>/Inf/ wants to drop the isolationist part of their lore and wants a canal
If they decided on it then I guess, sure, not like voting against this would change their mind. However, and especially since >>19943837 mentioned China and isolationism and >>19944908 mentioned isolationist Japan, refer to my post from a couple of weeks ago >>19245505, in response to >>19244310. I am publicly calling out inf for going against their word. The whole claim of being ahead in tech but not using it for military purposes because you're isolationists is thrown out the window, as I predicted. You even have a protectorate on the mainland, which they waltzed up to with steam boats and an army. Do you still blame others in this general for having concerns about your policies, current and future?
>>not being isolationists loses part of their Eastern claim, so this has to be decided and finally be put to rest.
Nah moving them is too much trouble, same as the making a new map suggestion. They made the claim early and deserve it, not to mention all the lore already written. Though one of the core reasons the island was put so far out in the ocean to the east was isolationism so I'd like to see a convincing lore explanation for this instead of "Starting from today we're not loners teehee ;>".
>>The canal is disruptive to other generals and lore.
Nay on the canal. It would be difficult, expensive and time-consuming to build with our irl current technology, nevermind 1900s tech, even if we try to use Vitubium to ease the process somehow, not to mention the upkeep. It would be on the level of a world wonder, and wouldn't bring much of a benefit in the area even after the long years it would take to build.
Refer to the post I made in >>19427400 with all the votes. It seems like the eras voted were 1650-1850 averaged at 1750 (roughly), punk/floating history with low fantasy elements. This would likely be around the time when raiders start getting suppressed.

>> No.19947188

The one risuner here who just woke up. Hello everyone I looked through the thread and saw that for the most part risu on the map if mostly fleshed out apart from a bit of canal discussion. Anything you want from me in particular? I doubt anyone else on /risu/ will contribute desu

>> No.19947254

Good morning. Maybe you guys want to draw on the map your settlements, landmarks, any rivers or hills, etc?

>> No.19947457

I'll see if I can get on it soon. If not give me like 8 hours cuz of work today then when I get home I'd love to contribute. I have a few ideas as well but we can discuss this later

>> No.19947690
File: 96 KB, 512x512, roseGIGA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>nip this in the bud
Woah there, be careful with that wording!

>> No.19947905

Looking forward to it, whoever you are, kek

>> No.19947959

We're not using it for military purposes still. In the lorepost about the deal, it was not an army but a survey corps guarded by soldiers. Any smart civilization will send armed guards with diplomats and surveyors in case of conflict. We did not conquer /risu/ by force, you can even see the discussion as it happened. Pure negotiation - not because of our diplomatic skill but because /risu/ just didn't care.

You're confusing three things.
>"we want to be isolationist"
>"we want to be more advanced because of civil war"
>"we want to be in the east of the continent because it was given to us in the invitation"
In your head they've become one statement
>We want to be in the east and have high tech because of isolationism.
Which is simply not the case nor was it ever, at least not by me, the thread representative.

Do note I can't quite read your linked posts because I'm on my phone.

>> No.19948000

Before I head out I do want to add this. Risu has been very fond of her witch outfit and I know that there is a small presence of magic so I believe /risu/ should have that element in limited numbers. Also thinking it would make sense to be a quiet and closed off community in general of low tech tribalists who don't interact much with the outside world unless they come to us.

>> No.19948280
File: 2.10 MB, 6000x3000, 1633240497979.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i like this map more. It's lacking /infinity/ though
Nuetralfag did this and a vintage version of it

>> No.19948306

>Drop isolationism
Aye, if they want to
Mixed. I'd be okay with the canal building project being ongoing, but not with it being complete any time soon. I think that the project would give opportunity for some interesting lore, from both those that are against it and those that are for the canal existing. I do question the point of such a project though. Like >>19943640 said, it would be extremely expensive, and the amount of time saved would not be significant, if any time is saved at all. The canal would be a vanity project at best.
>West island
An absolutely ridiculous proposal. Nay.

>> No.19948349

Currently, magic in this world is powered by a substance called chuubanite, which works by binding with other materials for different effects. If you want /risu/ to have magic, you might want to see if that can be worked in, perhaps leaning more towards alchemical and medicine-making than the usual magic which I reckon is also closer to Ayunda's lore

>> No.19948382
File: 3.34 MB, 6000x3000, 1646262836172.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

vintage version by Nuetralfag. No /infinity/ still

>> No.19948426

How does this differ from the current map? Other than colors that is, and the lack of inifnity?

>> No.19948445

i put this here not because I want people to use those maps, but because they are a nice example of colors and vintage.

>> No.19948587

here are all the versions, including a map with the climate map overlapping

>> No.19949018

i should've labeled them. Anyway, there it is

https://torako.wakarimasen.moe/file/torako/vt/image/1645/06/1645061880842.jpg darkened version

https://torako.wakarimasen.moe/file/torako/vt/image/1645/64/1645640319203.jpg normal version

https://torako.wakarimasen.moe/file/torako/vt/image/1645/41/1645414322976.jpg normal with climate map overlapping

https://torako.wakarimasen.moe/file/torako/vt/image/1645/23/1645233688753.jpg vintage version

>> No.19949094

>Any smart civilization will send armed guards with diplomats and surveyors in case of conflict
Yes, obviously, though one could just as easily predict they would send a force with intent to impress and/or intimidate the nation they're visiting. Since you mentioned boats of iron and smoke, which are I assume steamships and not ironclads, this can be interpreted as a show of tech superiority, nevermind that prisuners didn't give a flying nut about them. The size of the force wasn't mentioned either. The point isn't if you attempted to take the land by force or not, obviously that's not the case. The point is that not only did you send army outside your island, it now has an excuse to stay in /risu/, as I would assume you'd place army there to protect them since they've become your protectorate. Let me make the point clear, this means you have army on the mainland. Again, do you see why this would raise concerns?
>>we want to be more advanced
>>we want to be in the east of the continent because it was given to us in the invitation
Because you asked for it. For lore. For isolationism lore partially.
>>We want to be in the east and have high tech because of isolationism.
That is not what I'm arguing. My argument is that your claim of "we want high tech society and army, but won't use it offensively because of isolationism and civil war" is, at least partially, invalidated.
>Do note I can't quite read your linked posts because I'm on my phone.
You can open warosu and other archive sites on phone, copy the quoted posts and see them though? It's not that hard. I'd now, I phonepost more often than not, and keep a warosu tab open just for these instances.

>> No.19949716

Note: i would like to propose that bread dogs can act as recorders, listening whenever their partner wants to make a journal entry or just get stuff out of their chest.
So whenever these journal entries for /nasa/ happen, we are actually talking to the doggo, not just into a microphone.

[Begin log]

Hey buddy, been a while since we sat down like this, huh?
The station has been buzzing the last couple of days, ever since we recieved the signal from our Goddess,
and boy do i have things to tell you!

We had a major spike in power before the signal was recieved, but before we could react to it, we... we were raided.
It was unlike anything we had seen before, seeming more like and endless invasion than a simple raid, and many of our own were lost...

Huh? No, no i'm okay...we survived, and that's all that matters. It only goes up from here.

While we aren't up to 100% yet, not anywhere close, we have been able to get more systems up and running
over the last few days. The research boys are all huddled up in their labs, drooling over the meteorite that crashed
near us when the raid happened. From what i understood, they speculate it might be the missing piece that will get us
out of this hole we were stuck in the last couple of months. Seeing them this excited after this long does make me smile.

Oh, and it seems the power spike jumpstarted some door lock systems that were previously completely offline. Not many, but we did
get access to some sectors of the station that were previously locked shut. The bakers and farmers were able to put up a few more
greenhouses because of that, and traders that departed south are apparently returning with more of this land's produce.

The top brass also decided that now that the station has more power, some could be redirected to the systems on the bridge.
Me and the other navigators have been sifting through all the navigation logs, and trying to pinpoint where our weapons vault
crash landed. The fact it broke off during our descent was a blessing in disguise, otherwise it would have been buried and destroyed
completely during the crash. We do think that a big part of it might be ruined along with the weapons inside, but we still need it.
the last raid showed us that.
The scout teams should be able to find it within weeks once we have the general location. I just hope that it didn't crash too far north...

But it's getting late, and i should get to bed. Tommorow will be another busy day again. But should all go well, we will be in the warm
embrace of our goddess up in the stars soon, just you wait buddy.

Now come here, you deserved some headpats for helping me through last couple of weeks. Really... thank you.

[End log]

>> No.19949928

Risuner here. Ayundas lore states she is from a magical forest. What that implies im not too sure since im not that massive into fantasy but i was thinking since alchemy does exist that /risu/ would be very skilled at using plant based herbs and shrooms for various means or more what i was thinking would be the trees grow magical nuts.

>> No.19950034

>I assume that /infinity/ is now aiming to "cut all ties" with anyone who disagrees with them
Tell us who you really rep and we'll let /inf/ test your assumption.

>> No.19950227

If it means anything to you, I'd be happy to write that the civil war worsens now that we're not isolationist. So instead of our nerfs being "isolationist and in the middle of civil wars" it's now "so many civil wars we just can't think to use our military offensively". Maybe we have a new faction of extremists who want us to go back to isolationism, and since they had power and influence back then, they're more organized and dangerous than the other factions that were more akin to domestic terrorists.

>> No.19950228
File: 97 KB, 1207x911, risureps.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

To anyone who asks here is the whole convo with /risu/ i did your reps for you

>> No.19950280
File: 940 KB, 1920x969, 1638215839700.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>They are trying to build a canal approximately the length of Japan, 2000 km.
Did we mess with the world size again? This is the only map that shows distance. And if what you say is true, everything is 4-5 times bigger now.

>> No.19950281

Great read, /nasa/. I really hope this ends nicely for you guys. Loving this log / journal type stories.

>> No.19950386

Very cool. What do the nuts do, do they have any effects when consumed or broken? Hoping to see more.

By the way we do have an anchor at the top of the thread. If you want to submit your lore to the archive you can reply to it with your lore. We also have a prompts list in case you don't know what to flesh out next about your country.

>> No.19950469

Ok Risuner here again with the last post before i head out to work. I really like the idea of a magical forest since this is risus actual lore and would justify why /∞/ wants us as their protectorate. You guys can come up with whatever and after my shift ill read up as much as i can and start discussing stuff among everyone. Later lads

>> No.19950554

Take care.

>> No.19950652

work is overrated See you later!
As for the magical forest, I would like to suggest that the forest soil is enriched with chuubanite, hence everything growing on it (and everything that eats the result) has some sort of magical power. Seems to go well with the tribalistic society, and can even play a role in /risu/ religion given Ayunda's lore.

>> No.19950662

Risuner, before you go, I'm a /inf/ anon that likes to make flags, if you like you can show your people this one I made for Risu. If you like it you can use it.


Obviously if Risu start doing mapping you can throw it out whenever you want.

>> No.19951375

>a single anon replied
>only waited 3 hours to make a decision
Inf, since you wait 24h for your polls in your own thread, don't you think it would've been fairer to wait more than this to make a decision? Maybe ask for more posters to reply? As the other anon that seems to be representing risu has appeared, and seems to not mind the end result, it's fine, but it's still something to keep in mind alongside the immediate proposition of a protectorate. Again, it's these actions that raise eyebrows, and you've already been warned about taking rash decisions with the whole /yeah/ matter.
While it does sound like an interesting idea, I was and still am of the opinion that isolationism and civil war are not valid excuses. However, the thread has disagreed before, so other reps should give their own opinions as well.

>> No.19951507

I'm more receptive to isolationism and civil war in exchange for that, as long as it's being written more about. That said, it does make one wonder if that put a serious strain on trying to maintain /risu/ protectorate on top of the potential canal project. Granted, I don't think there's enough opposition in /risu/ to destabilise the land, but it's still something worth considering.
I do agree that it might be prudent to wait longer, even if the thread's generally not interested in it. It's not like we're in a hurry, after all.

>> No.19951652

It is a day like any other. Nothing of interest is happening. Trade deals are going on, poor people gonna poor, rich people gonna rich. All of a sudden, a ray of light shoots down from the heavens. It's a wide-angle disintegration beam. The Rushia nation vanishes without a trace, leaving a hole in the map.

>> No.19952644

Looking at the thread itself.
if /risu/ cared, someone else would have posted to say no. And to /infinity/'s credit, they didn't immediately announce they took over /risu/'s land before the ink of the agreement dried so if anyone there had objections, they had time to raise them. This also reduces the claim it was just /infinity/ talking to themselves because if /risu/ was interested in playing they'd have immediately exposed the plot.
Likewise I'm against holding a poll after the fact because the whole deal is now public and people know what /infinity/ is plotting. So it's a given third party groups will now vote to influence the outcome since all eyes are on /risu/

Finally, it's not an end all sitution, /infinity/ can't even do what they intended without spending decades of resources, assuming it can be done at all.

My opinion on the isolationism and civil war is mix them. The ruling government wants to open up /infinity/ whereas there's a conservative faction that wants to maintain /infinity/'s isolation, so they are constantly attacking /infinity/ and its interests to hurt the ruling government and their standing in the world.
Didn't someone from /infinity/ stage a false flag that tricked them into attacking a Nijisanji split? That's a perfect lore piece for that. We can even combine this to where the isolationists constantly target the canal project which further delays it being completed.

>> No.19952694

It doesn't have to be that extreme, also a hole in the map there would mess up a lot of things, including the climate.
What was suggested before was, since the Rushia nation was an area full of storms, after Rushia's fall from grace, one or multiple supermassive storms raged within the nations borders, wrecking it. I'd suggested things about deaths=people leaving the hobby, refugees=people waiting out the shitstorm, immigrants=people changing oshi's etc, but I don't think we've decided on anything. We're still kinda waiting to see if she reincarnated, like kson.

>> No.19952778

So /∞/ has their own version of The Troubles?

>> No.19953770

An infinity anon here that is very into the work done here, I'll tell you all that Archivebud, our representative, is offline right now but all the things you're considering about us we've been talking about it. Infinity is kinda slow on the uptake because we debate a lot, poll a lot, a let thing sleep a while before posting it here (so our lore about we being in constant chaos is warranted). Have a little patience with us, we're trying to work all the issues raised here.

>> No.19954340

/infinity/ has unironically ruined this entire community effort, holy shit.

>> No.19954468

/nasa/ anon here, and while i can't speak for our rep, i strongly support a lore development like that. Would also make the canal project really interesting imo, with the isolationist faction making backroom deals to obstruct it, all in an effort to drain the government's finances and bring more people over to their side. If /∞/ decides to go with this, it would make for really interesting lore - a canal that might ruin a country.

>> No.19954857

Hey /wbg/, /3/fag here who has lurked for a while, I'm thinking of giving a try to sculpting our little world here, how finalized is the map? Seems like it's been set for a while now.

>> No.19954901


>> No.19954923

I'm sure something can be worked out. Welcome aboard.
You can find maps in the OP. Be sure to give the lore archive a look too!

>> No.19954952

man good thing i slept through these timeloops.
from reading all that, i think this anon makes the strongest point.

>> No.19955122

Thanks and nice, will do. Has any thought been given to the latitude of the top and bottom of the maps? I assume they're some distance from the poles, since the most northern and southern parts of the continents aren't too deformed.

>> No.19955215

not really. At least I don't remember any discussion

>> No.19955240

Nearly all of the maps are in the archive that's in the OP, you can check that out to help you out, nothing about the poles has been decided yet thought

>> No.19955253

Climateanon's ocean current map ( https://rentry.org/rvqz9 ) includes latitudes.
As for the deformation of continents due to map projection, I do not know anything about it. I'd say to not worry about it much.

>> No.19955338

YBC anon here
Every time I open this thread Kronies are at the center of some controversy, it's like you people are unable to sit the fuck down for two seconds.

No. You cannot feasibly buildd that with your tech, and even if magic allowed it somehow, it would represent no gain.
It would also absolutely fuck over with the identity of the trading threads like /nasfaqg/ for what? A vanity project?

Hard against. Idon't care if Risu or whatever thread allows it, it will very quickly turn into a power creep and /infinity/ seems very eager to spread their influence.
Which leads me to:

Wasn't the whole point of giving you an island like you wanted, away and special, so you could stay there and be happy among yourselves? What's with the sudden need to expand and trade and influence other places?
I'm against moving your island again because I want the map to remain stable, but you really need to stop and take a look at yourselves.

I can see why people dislike you so much now, you have no idea what you want to be, but are also unable to look anywhere else but yourselves.

I beg of you to reconsider your approach to this game. For your own good and the thread's too.

>> No.19955376

Alright, Climateanon does great work so I'll make sure to respect his content.
I'll start by projecting the map onto a sphere in various ways, see if there's a setup that doesn't turn /rbc/ into a backyard-sized country due to mercator projection size distortion.

>> No.19955599
File: 323 KB, 834x775, ᗜˬᗜ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

From /who/
>Dropping isolationism
They used it to justify having a technological advantage, now that they've got boots on the ground others have taken issue with it, also, civil war can spill over into other countries now that they've got a land border, so basically, they should really reconsider some of their lore and technology if they go ahead with it.
>West Island

>> No.19955687
File: 1.50 MB, 6000x3000, 1632784239227.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

pay attention to THIS map. It's more updated than the others, but still Hoshiyomia and /who/ borders changed once more, and this map lacks those changes

>> No.19955728

Is there a most up to date version of the topographical (elevation) map? That's what I'd use to do the sculpt, borders would come later on.

>> No.19955778

I think its the one used in the OP
Minus the fact that it is missing the volcano for /morig/

>> No.19956583

Cool, thanks. Smaller features like volcanoes, specific mountains and canals (?) will probably be added later, after the general shapes of the continents are in.

>> No.19957497
File: 2.60 MB, 800x800, 1636109414688.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do we feel about this projection?

>> No.19957543

>"we want high tech society and army, but won't use it offensively because of isolationism and civil war" is, at least partially, invalidated.
I actually want /inf/ to defend this. The claims given to the Kronies built on each other (east island, higher tech, and isolationism) and since 1 of the claims is being invalidated (isolationism), the matter has to be resettled.
>Kronie: can we be on the east? Map anon gave it to us!
>/vtwbg/: No, that was never properly discussed
>Kronies destabilized the whole project
>Kronies: "can we be in the east? Let's all move on from this. Being in the east fits us more thematically as isolationist"
>/vtwbg/: fine
>weeks later
>Kronies: so we're gonna change our isolationist stuff....
>/vtwbg/: but the east.....
>Kronies: timeloop! You gave it to us!

It's too much work to move the damn island now, but FFS, what's the point of fucking over the project to get the Eastern Island, if you won't follow through to why people gave it to you in the first place.

I don't think the island should be moved but /inf/ should be given a penalty card and put on notice for demanding a change, justifying it with something, and then removing that something later on.

>> No.19957600

/wg/ rep here. This shift against isolationism is precisely why people took issue with that being considered one of /infinity/'s drawbacks. Civil wars being a nerf have the same problem: they can be written out too easily later on if the split changes their mind about that facet of the lore.
I don't mind the canal being attempted, but clear limits have to be set now. As others have stated, such a project would likely take decades and be extremely costly and labor-intensive. It also does not provide that much of a time save compared to going through /ahoy/ and /nasfaqg/. If /infinity/ wishes to proceed with putting so much of their limited resources into its construction to avoid those splits, then fine, but it shouldn't be an easy undertaking.
I'm not a fan of nations expanding their influence so early on. The game hasn't really started yet and the majority of splits are still unaccounted for. If things are going to keep moving at this speed, then we should send out another round of invites to the inactive threads asking if they want to participate. The fates of any nations which don't want to join in can then be discussed here in this thread with everyone instead of reps seeking out certain threads and taking apathetic shrugs as a blank check to move in. I'm not saying that's what /infinity/ did here but I don't want that to see that become an issue.
>moving /infinity/
No. I don't want to enter that timeloop again.
>floating history
I think having a looser system will lead to bad actors getting away with more. We can still have fantasy elements and the like, but clear limits need to be in place.
All that being said, //wg/ acknowledges /infinity/ as fellow keepers of the written word and would gladly accept its visitors on our shores.

>> No.19957729

Seeing all these globe projections made me realize an oversight
We dont have a proper map of the north and south poles. The projections all get weird there

>> No.19957822

Guys remember
We have magic lmao
We specifically have a dump site in the /voms/ desert for teleporting any kronie steamships to

>> No.19957888
File: 56 KB, 863x866, 1623736180634.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think it makes sense.
1. The general has focused on nations and people, and no people could survive long-term right on the poles.
2. As you say, poles get deformed as fuck on Mercator projections, which is what the general is using, makes more sense to cut off at a given latitude.
It would be useful to decide whether each pole has a polar ocean or an Antarctic-like continent.
Also, here is the worldwide Goomba alternate universe.

>> No.19957970

If it has any weight on the matter, the ocean currents map was made with the assumption that all landmasses on the planet are visible, aka, polar oceans.

>> No.19958103

It could still be reasonable to extend the Schizo wastes above /nasa/ into a polar continent and keep the south pole as a polar ocean.

>> No.19958257

Let's go for that then, less work for me. The north of the Holo continent does get cut off, so there's gonna be something there, might be more like the northernmost parts of Greenland than Antarctica.

>> No.19958413

Well, the south is ocean while the north has land
A reversed of our planet's

>> No.19958696


>> No.19959010

I am going to have to say hard no on the canal. The technology we have right now is impossible. I can't see the canal sooner than 21st century technology because we need machines and explosives to dig through the hard bedrock. Plus we would need walls for the canal so the dirt doesn't collapse in on itself. And we would need pumps connected to powet plants to raise the water in the middle of the canal to get it going. Have you ever dug a mote for your sand castle on the beach only to find the water doesn't reach the back unless you dig really deep? That's one of the big problems we face with this canal.

>> No.19959053
File: 3.68 MB, 3300x1500, 1630372308402.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Okay, I was expecting issues with the agreement between /∞/ and risu, but I'll try and bring some more clarity to what happened.
You can call me /∞/'s diplomat, I'm not /∞/'s repm Archivebud, but I'll do a better job of explaining the sitution given I'm the one who negotiated risu becoming a protectorate of /∞/ and I was given authority by Archivebud on diplomatic matters. So let me try and clear up misconceptions given our past behavior hasn't been doing us any favors.

First off, the conversation between you and Archievebud is distorting facts by claiming that Risu become a protectorate as a result of a military incursion or gunboat diplomacy. This is clearly not the case, if you follow the records. Specifically the first contact post.

>I didn't see any lore for your thread, so j wanted to see if you guys were interested in joining [/vtwbg/].
The first question was if they were interested in joining /vtwbg/. If they said yes, that ends the discussion and we get another player.

>If not, would you mind if you become a protectorate of /∞/? You're still your own country, but we'd make sure you aren't conquered.
The second question was a direct question and why. No coercion or deception. Again, risu could have said no and the discussion would have ended there. But said they just didn't have anyone who would have the autism to take part. So this lead to a conformation question.

>Then could I get your approval for /∞/ to turn Risu's land into a protectorate where they'd run it for you in game?
Which again, Risu could have declined, but they responded by saying /∞/ could do what they want. In this sitution, one could argue /∞/ could outright annex risu, however /∞/ stuck to the original agreement. /∞/ also intentionally delayed making the announcement of the agreement to see if anyone else in risu had an opinion. But no one did.

So that is how Risu became a protectorate of /∞/.
Also for transparency, I asked in the previous thread as well, but only got the response 'Lore". So I made a second attempt to get a definitive yes or no on if risu wanted to get involve in /vtwbg/, and if not, if they could become a protectorate. No pressure, no show of force, just asking if they wanted to get involved.

>Moving the island to the east.
It was always in the east, this was always the agreement, the fact you are trying to use this as an excuse to open old wounds and time loops makes me question you motives.
However, if it's over the isolationism, it was one of the original justifications, I won't deny that. However the second reason, internal conflict, not only more than makes up for it, but recent events show it's 100% legitimate for how /∞/ still manages to not be a world threat. In fact making risu a protectorate could inflame domestic tensions like >>19952644 >>19954468 suggested.

>advanced technology
Which is now a completely moot point with the introduction of magic and Chuubanite.

As for the canal, It's very clear this will be a multi decade project and I like the idea of the isolationist extremists conspiring with any government that is against the canal's construction attempting to sabotage it, you have to admit that is a good world event. And it would be great to have an event that is not war.

However, I am curious if the world is in 18th century technology, how does everyone nation already know about the canal plans? It strikes me as odd that there's 21st century communication in this game. Can I get a reasonable in game explanation given we're in an era where it takes weeks and months for messages to be sent?

Or the fact why /∞/ constantly gets singled out for everything action they take for the crime of staying involved. When /who/ announced they took over part of /uuu/ and /uuu/ ceased to exist >>/9687899 and /cgl/ openly their declared their plans to conquer their neighbors. >>19299826 it was met with crickets. Consistency would be nice.

>> No.19959280

And I fully agree with the suggestion that there be a hard limit on how many other countries you can annex, turn into protectorates, or colonize.

>> No.19959286

>muddling the water this much trying to justify an immediate imperialist turn after lamenting for a month about how peaceful and isolationist they are
I am asking for the Final Solution of the Kronie Question.

>> No.19959323

Wait no, that's not fair, we're the jews! Don't steal our niche!
t. deadbeat

>> No.19959326

Answer the question, why is straight up annexing or planning to declare war on your neighbors fine for anyone other than /∞/?

>> No.19959329

We blockade infinity island
Considering their size it'll be like blockading australia but it's worth it

>> No.19959400

Sorry deadbeats, you might have your jewishness as a joke, but actions speak louder than words, and kronies sure are loud.

>> No.19959418

I got an idea. Instead of a canal why don't we have a road? It probably won't go into fruition until we can build a steam engine train. I was thinking you can sail to one end. Then load goods on a train. Then have another boat pick up the goods at the other side. We're going to have to wait for another century but building a road is more practical than digging a canal.

>> No.19959569

No one is complaining about the acquisition of /risu/ by part of /infinity/ and multiple generals have stated how moving the island is useless.

What others have been questioning you was on how that makes your isolationism a moot point, it all comes down to technology once again, /infinity/ wanted to mantain their technological advantage and used the points of isolation and civil conflict as reasons for why they wouldn't break the world order by just existing, now they just simply declared that they are not isolationist and will act in world affairs.

Magic from the get go is not a full on solution to technology, but a way to supplement those nations that are lacking in it like /meat/, this is why the 1700's was chosen in the first place, as the last time non industrial societies would not be instantly crushed by those that are.

What a headache.


>> No.19959580

>Deadbeats are scheming jewish-american bankers
>/inf/ is Israelis
There, fixed.

>> No.19959677
File: 155 KB, 987x1600, 908289360983.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

/meat/ here
Considering we have magitech, instead of a canal I propose semi-flying caravans. Maybe floating jsut over 1 meter off the ground.
On flat plains like /risu/'s geography, having caravans is much more efficient especially if we give them floatation magic.
So, instead of a canal the size of china which is a resource sink and waste years of effort, I propose we invest in magitek caravans.
/risu/ can profit off this and their environment wont be permanently destroyed, the triumvirate /nasfaqg/-/#/-/ahoy/ monopoly can be curtailed, and /infinity/ wont have their fingers in other people's cookie jars.
No offense to our historical partner but your proposal is leaning towards intervention and it might upset the geopolitical balance of influential spheres. And this is coming from us with legalised sentient being trafficking.

>> No.19959759

>Or the fact why /∞/ constantly gets singled out for everything action they take for the crime of staying involved...
Not infinity and I gotta say, thanks for pointing that out. Its extremely hypocritical of anyone complaining about infinity expansion if they do not also complain about those.
>Which is now a completely moot point with the introduction of magic and Chuubanite.
I'm still against the idea of Magic and Chuubanite being a fixall solution to everything.

>> No.19959778

Because from the get-go they announced that they wish to be a militaristic nation, developed their lore in such a way, never demanded advanced technology or special treatment citing "isolationism" as if it was a "concession" or they were "nerfing themselves".

In other word, they are just a militaristic nation, who at this point just write a ton of army lore without invading anybody.

Infinity, on the other hand, is a two-faced, lying cancer of a nation that's seeping life out of this very thread. It's very clear that you cannot trust Kronies, since the so-called "isolationist" thread is the single most militaristic and imperialist thread in this world right now, mass-meddling in affairs of other threads.

I saw you discuss in /infinity/ how you shouldn't say that /infinity/ won't get any more protectorates since you had hoped /mep/ would also fold due to inactivity. I saw you turn this entire endeavor into an "us vs. them" affair. I saw you openly discuss creating a fucking /risu/ terrain map that'd have a lot of rivers and lakes JUST TO BUILD THE FUCKING CANAL.

I agree completely with >>19955338's statement. Reconsider your approach to this thread, or get the hell out, for the good of all of us.

>> No.19959948

>/nasfaqg/-/#/-/ahoy/ monopoly can be curtailed
Why is trade-oriented nations having large volumes of trade passing through them a problem again? Especially since /nasfaqg/ announced they'd have nearly nonexistent tariffs.
Besides, I'm pretty sure that they can just make regular caravans work with a road. The bigger issue is having ships on both sides of the landmass,

>> No.19959957

The canal is impossible until 21st century. Before then it would be more practical to build a railroad to carry goods to the other side instead of trying to dig bedrock with steel. And railroads are impossible for a century. We can clear land roads to carry goods by oxe and wagon, but it'd still be faster to sail around the peninsula. I've been dealing with logistics crisises since I took interest in this project for /nasa/. The only advice I can give is focus on research and development for land vehicles instead of wasting resources and man power digging out a canal. Work smarter, not harder.

>> No.19960007

Given /infinity/ should have access to steam engines, they could make locomotives and create the trade route you suggested.
It would avoid destroying risu

>> No.19960092
File: 44 KB, 156x210, 657678.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fun fact: this mofo proposed nuking the gulf stream in an attempt to freeze Britain.
Climate anon, where do we drop our megaspell magic nuke to permanently freeze /infinity/ island?

>> No.19960134

The locomotives were given a large, resounding "no" from the thread before, and steam engines were questioned because of the locomotives.

Remember when /infinity/ argued it can have the steam ships because they are super-isolationist and won't share the knowledge with anyone else, nor build more of them? Yeah, I guess that's another thing to add to "/infinity/ going back on their word" list. And they wonder why everyone is paying special scrutiny to everything they say.

>> No.19960196

>people rejected locomotives
Why?? We can still have magical trains if you wanna keep it thematic

>> No.19960243

it's honestly just asking for more timeloops, things like wagonways would still exist but actual locomotives are bound to cause conflict.

>> No.19960256

And now we're in a problem with time loops where everyone else doesn't want to be in the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution is the beginning of globalization where everyone relies on nations with machines and factories for goods and weapons. I can see both sides. Advancing the age is going to demolish independence of smaller nations or else they embrace technology. Chuubanite is suppose to prevent industrial grade tech. However if Chuubanite is going to cause another industrial revolution then we're going to have to nerf Chuubanite to no longer be a fuel source.

>> No.19960283

>It was always in the east, this was always the agreement, the fact you are trying to use this as an excuse to open old wounds and time loops makes me question you motives.

Dunno to who this was addressed too, but I feel like I fall under this category (me >>19942460), so let me explain my position. I am not advocating to move the island, but question the "agreement" that the island is to be there.

I've already made my case, it was a placeholder, the "popular vote" cited is not placement but for mainland/island, and the last time it was brought up Neutralfag was forced to resign, the OP had an explanation of events, and then the matter was dropped entirely. If there is further development/discussions on island placement I'd like to hear it.

>However, if it's over the isolationism, it was one of the original justifications, I won't deny that.

This is why I'm bringing this up. It's because other people brought it up. They made the Western placement proposal in exchange for isolation and canal. /infinity/ tried to shut down with their evidence that I feel is disingenuous (see above).

That's why the West/East should be on the floor, so it can finally be discussed (in good faith) and have actual non disingenuous records of /infinity/ being in the East.

>> No.19960383
File: 935 KB, 1280x720, 23532.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he doesnt want magic trains
You guys are no fun

>> No.19960431

Half of /vtwgb/ is willing to spite themselves if it means keeping /inf/ from getting what they want.

>> No.19960486

The general vibe was that Chuubanite was supposed to be this extraordinarily rare substance to create artifacts/unique items or buildings and such. It was never supposed to be a McGuffin that'd turn the world into magitek.
t. Kronie

>> No.19960516

Sorry, could you make your points clearer?, I'm having a hard time understanding them.

>> No.19960536

Well, I guess at least the "isolationist" part holds up then.

>> No.19960562
File: 486 KB, 700x1000, 1011092428.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's just skill issue then kek
Weak ass bitch niggas complain and seethe
Real chads come up with creative solutions
Imagine if /nasa/ got their shit together and wants to use their actual game breaking space tech to conquer everyone, you think a UN slap on the wrist gonna do shit? Time to get the brain juices flowing

>> No.19960680

I wish /infinity/ just said 'fuck you' to everyone telling bitching and then say 'try and stop us' when they move forward with whatever schemes they have instead of being pussies and trying to negotiate. It would certainly make this thread more fun than the constant bitching.

>> No.19960745

Well, as I've said before I now declare my thread has ICBM nuclear missiles. Don't worry, they are only for deterrence, we're a peaceful and isolationist nation. Besides, there's massive discord in the country which always debates with themselves whether to use it or not, and don't worry, I promise I won't write away either of those fake debuffs in a single day. It's okay for my thread to have them, after all it's punk history and /infinity/ apparently is on the upper end of it all the time, so I'm fine with my thread being a little behind but having one 1950's tech. Oh, you ask me to scale it back? Okay, they are now medium-range submarine-loaded missiles. That's my final compromise. You want me to abandon this? Why? It's just defensive and we're isolationists who definitely will never meddle or share this technology, which means you want to invade us, which only justifies us having them.

>> No.19960754

I was actually playing with an idea like that in my head for if we eventually find our weapons vault. Imagine 40k space marine grade power armour and spider-like armour for bread doggos with railguns attached. But since we are chill and don't like making enemies, avoiding conflict wherever possible, we wouldn't expand, just sit there, in the cold north (after clearing our northern border clean of the schizos ofc) like an unmovable bulvark.

>> No.19960768

At that point I think a lot of anons here would straight-up ignore Kronie posts and lore and literally write them off the collaborative writing effort altogether.

>> No.19960788

>In true schizo fashion, /vtwbg/ splits

>> No.19960837

That would be such a bitch nigga move to pull just because you're getting outplayed.

>> No.19960858

You do realize to build 2/3rds of /nasa/'s tecnonolgy requires people we don't have right? We're talking about tens of thousands of people not a few thousand.

>> No.19960890

its not a "game" where you can "outplay" people. Its a fucking cooperative writing project.

>> No.19960917

They could still worldbuild individually on /infinity/ in their little circlejerk, just keep them away from the thread itself.
If it's just one thread, it'd be like getting Trotsky'd out of the picture.
>in a collaborative writing effort
I'm all for removing bad actors from it if they hinder the worldbuilding for literally everyone else, which is what would have happened if they straight up said 'try and stop us'.

>> No.19960930

Then why are you all being whiny little bitches?

>> No.19960959

I'm fairly sure the thread is just getting falseflagged at this point.

>> No.19960980

its been explained multiple times already
are you actively trying to make kronies look bad? I think they mentioned there was a schizo like that around.

>> No.19961012

No you didn't, you're just upset that the kronies are willing to play the game well.

>> No.19961040


>> No.19961047
File: 287 KB, 363x362, 1644373386764.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'd believe it. This is a mess.

>> No.19961062


>> No.19961093

If it wasn't a game you wouldn't be so upset over getting outplayed.

>> No.19961113

Most likely the case.
DEFINITELY the case.

>> No.19961121

In a stunning feat of /pol/itical unity, /pol/ka suddenly unites and gets over its isolationism to fire ICBMs at /infinity/, thus once again providing a solution to the kronie question and completely removing the island from the """game""".

Damn, they just got outplayed.

>> No.19961215

/infinity/ built a giant underground bunker to weather any nuclear attacks and the nuclear fall out irradiates all of /pol/ka making it uninhabitable.

Damn, /pol/ why you so dumb and outplay yourself?

>> No.19961252

>The Borg cube map was done by MapAnon and was never a general agreement to have /infinity/ in the east
>The poll that was cited as "agreed to have in the east", contextually is a debate of mainland west or island east, never about west island or east island.
>The last time west/east island was discussed it was never brought to consensus, it was dropped (Neutralfag Incident)

>> No.19961268

Thank you for your efforts and cooperation. Please dont mind the few anti-kronie schizos or the falseflaggers.

>> No.19961314

Can we all agree to not give the falseflagger the attention he wants anymore? Please, i don't want this thread to go to shit.

>> No.19961354

It's 3AM in the Philippines, it's going to be a good while until we can get the corncerns acknowledged by the Kronie representative..

>> No.19961512

I got a compromise for /infinity/. I think we're going to have to remove the combustible elements of chuubanite from the world completely. Yes this also means chuubanite can no longer be used as rocket fuel for /nasa/ and we're stuck in the crater. However /infinity/ can create mechanical wind-up mechanisms that have "time dilation" thanks to chuubanite engraved springs. This could give /infinity/ the ability to use wind-up clock technology like fuel. You can freeze time for the wind-up clocks when not in use so you can have better control of your ships and locomotives. And to refuel you wind the clock back up and freeze time. To activate time stops on the gears you need to understand rune programming. Such technology would be restricted to the church as much of runes require prayer to use.

As for /nasa/ we're just going to have to figure out rune programming on our own to manipulate gravity to move the station. This means we're looking at 6 months to a year before we reach breakthroughs on how to move the station.

>> No.19961562

Please. No. Thats even more broken than combustible elements to anyone with even a bit of imagination or knowledge in physics.

>> No.19961608

Oh now that's some good usage of functional magic, the wind up of the clockwork would still require inmense amount of manpower and that acts as some sort of nerf, althought this means giving chuubanite reality bending abilities, which I'm not so sure about, this means that the chuubanite proposals will have to be revised, I'm kind of glad i haven't tried writing anything about magic yet.

>> No.19961617

>>19961252 (me)
>I am not for moving the Island
>I am against invalid evidence and historic revisionism which is being done by citing the "Island Evidence" (see previous) against the anons who want to invalidate the Eastern Island when /infinity/ dropped Isolationism.
>Let's all just vote on it and put it to rest to officially have a record of Eastern Island and end this.

So far consensus: is to keep it there because it's too much trouble to move it. However /infinity/ cannot just drop Isolationism from there lore without explanation.

Which I think is the most fair thing to do.

I'll compile the floor votes/arguments later.

>> No.19961620


>> No.19961673

Hello, I am Doctor Dea D. Beta in Schizo Sciences at the University of /森カリオペ/.
My laboratory has been researching a variety of "Falseflagging Phenomena" for years, so I offer some expertise on the topic. I can concur that the current upheaval of /inf/ negativity seems to be driven in part or fully by either bad actors on both sides seeking to discredit the project and/or /inf/, or driven by atypically autistic anons, even by our already adjusted standards.
I advise "Taking a chill pill", attempting where feasible to "Stop being retarded", and also to "Touch Grace and Get Maidens".

>> No.19961750

Now thats how the magic should be utilized, creative solutions instead of just "lmao it just works"
the only problem is giving chuubanite reality bending powers which would be incredibly broken

>> No.19961753

Alright i think i get it now, you want an official settlement on the island matter, we don't really need one thought, no one wants to move them from the east island. Right now the bigger matter is technology timeloops (again)

>> No.19961828

So a compromise to chuubanite is that it can "store energy" but it cannot be burned anymore. Clockwork can be made with chuubanite gears that it seems like the gears can stop time with the right design. Rosestones gave me an idea for chuubanite to store all kinds of energy. So I figure it can store kinetic/mechanical energy as well.

>> No.19961862

That seems like a creative solution, now we need to rubber duck it's potential limits on the energy that can be stored

>> No.19961886

>kinetic/mechanical energy
The long chuubanite proposal had something regarding those too.

>> No.19961932

>by claiming that Risu become a protectorate as a result of a military incursion or gunboat diplomacy
I didn't say that, in fact I specifically said this wasn't the case, reread the post. What I said was that it can be *percieved* as such.
I've told kronies before and I'll say it again, it doesn't matter what you call your actions, other nations of the world will perceive them in their own way. USA invaded however many countries in the name of freedom, and you've all seen the memes sprouting for that. This will *especially* be the case if said nation is already known to be ahead technologically, meaning they have an edge over others, meaning they are dangerous. I was and still am giving you the benefit of the doubt, that you won't attempt to expand militarily, but you're making this hard.
The argument we're pointing out, and this goes out to you specifically since you've introduced yourself as the diplomat of the negotiations, is that the immediate alternative suggestion was a protectorate. No alliance, union, border freedom etc, but instead reduction of their status.
>Also for transparency, I asked in the previous thread as well, but only got the response 'Lore"
Can you clarify this part, which previous thread?
>not only more than makes up for it
Sorry, but I disagree. You said the exact same thing about isolationism and it was written out. This point has lost most of its credibility.
>Which is now a completely moot point with the introduction of magic and Chuubanite.
Not completely, you have access to chuubanite/Vitubium we should have a vote for the name btw too, you know? What it does is help nations that are further back behind the world average age, ie 1750, have a fighting chance for survival if they write the lore for it.
>how does everyone nation already know about the canal plans?
A vessel of an unnamed nation saw your fleet of "boats of iron and smoke" approaching risu, took interest, followed you, anchored a bit after you, overheard your conversation, left after you, went to their nation/nasfaqg as their interests were in jeopardy, informed them, then informants were sent to other nations in the hopes the project gets backlash (hint: its working). Does this work for you?
>Or the fact why /∞/ constantly gets singled out for everything action they take for the crime of staying involved. When /who/ announced they took over part of /uuu/ and /uuu/ ceased to exist >>/9687899 and /cgl/ openly their declared their plans to conquer their neighbors. >>19299826 it was met with crickets.
I hope this is an honest oversight, but I would appreciate if you did not blatantly lie.
I was one of the first that argued with /who/ against their initial claim on Hoshiyomia's coastline. They worked a compromise out between them however, so I had no say in the matter. I, and I believe one or two other anons, also called them out on their expansion of land with the acquisition of /uuu/, as well as on their attempts to leech technology from both /nasa/ and /inf/.
/cgl/ I believe stated in their lore they were militaristic, unlike you who claim the opposite, and they struck a deal with one of the nations in their path. I was waiting to see the development of their plans to gauge an appropriate reaction, but I believe they haven't posted an update since. They may have been dissuaded by the amount of timeloops caused by certain posters, may ring a bell, or, well, clock.
>Consistency would be nice
I once again implore you to think about the things you post, and the specific wording you use. This line can be interpretated as you asking for leniency against you as your percieved lenient treatment of other nations. However, it can also mean that you are asking the thread to be as restrictingly harsh against everyone else's suggestions as the percieved harshness against you, and it is the latter point shitposters will use to go to other threads and blame you for aggression against them, like what happened with /yeah/, not to mention it would make you look like children throwing a tantrum.

I've repeated previous posts of myself a lot in this one post, not sure if you've been ignoring them or just forgot. In any case, let me clear up one more thing, again:
The shitstorms caused during the island timeloops, no matter if you are blaming a (couple of) schizos or not, have tanked your credibility. You are supposed to be building it back up. Removing isolationism, one of your key arguments on why your island is where it is today that you were defending during the timeloop period, from your lore, only further damages your credibility. Then you have the gal to say you are being unfairly treated. Please, look a bit inwards instead of shifting all the blame on others.

>> No.19961984
File: 618 KB, 2000x2000, 1646516715060.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That works for me. That means I can harness Chuubanite and Rosestones for separate uses. Sweet, time to throw around some rocks.

>> No.19962019

while i would have to read up on the chuubanite proposal(kill me now, that thing seems complicated) to really flesh it out, we could go with this:

When the upper limit of energy storage is exceeded, chuubanite just starts to degrade, eventually completely dissipating from whatever material it was fused into.

>> No.19962031

We need one to finally end the damn discussion. I don't know if people saying move /infinity/ are trolling but /infinity/ cannot just dismiss their arguments out of "it's already been decided" (it hasn't).

Since Isolationism is part of the reason the thread allowed them the East. It's valid to discuss it again (at least in my opinion, even if it's just to finally have an actual agreement)

The current topics on the floor:
>/Infinity/ Isolationism
>/Infinity/ Canal
>Island position

The technological loop is caused by the Canal and is part of the floor discussions.

(Will make a summary later)

>> No.19962073

It could be why chuubanite bonds with anything easy. Its energy solidified as matter. Gunpowder can still work as the combustion from the saltpeter can activate the chuubanite grains to release their energy but the chuubanite doesn't burn. It does nerf your guns where you have to clean them more often. I'm not sure how this can be used for rocket fuel as that's made with liquid oxygen. Perhaps we can use chuubanite to store magnetic fields instead and hover the station out of the crater.

>> No.19962214

I'm guessing you are Sakuran's representative?

>> No.19962319

/meat/ could also potentially use it as a sort of easy health pack, if they get hurt then they pull out some chuubanite rocks that have stored plant and animal cells and stick them in their body to help it and promote faster natural regeneration.

>> No.19962609

Principal's Log:

We have successfully recovered the meteorite that landed north of /nasa/ station. Fortunately for us the atmoshere burned away the impurities of the Chuubanite... Or so we thought. It turns out this meteorite is unlike the chuubanite ore /who/ and /infinity/ digs up where it bonded to metal. Our scientists theorize the impact itself purified the meteorite, not the burning of impurities.

This dramatically changes our plans. Rather than discover a chemical component that we can mix with anything. So rocket fuel is no longer on the table. What we have is an energized rock full of energy. This could be why the last sample we had in the station exploded. We over energized the stone with lasers. Still this is a fantastic opportunity to study the kinetic potential of this chuubanite meteorite. We're going to have to talk to other nations on how exactly chuubanite works.


>> No.19962610

>So a compromise to chuubanite is that it can "store energy" but it cannot be burned anymore
How could this work for flamethrowers? I was waiting until we finalise its properties before writing lore for it, but I was thinking something along the lines of finding Vitubium bonded with rocks leftover from lava from our volcano, processing them into a combustible/flammable material, and expend it as fuel.
Would this change make Vitubium rocks/crystals be unmeltable/indestructible, and used as a form of natural battery of sorts? In such a case, would they still combine with other elements to make different minerals or be their own pure rocks/crystals?

>> No.19962686

>The Borg cube map was done by MapAnon and was never a general agreement to have /infinity/ in the east
No one ever raised issue over the territorial claim at the time.

>I am against invalid evidence and historic revisionism
The facts are
>/∞/ claims the territory to the eastern coast of holo
>/∞/ requests a three island archipelago in the west be moved to their location in the east but it's never done
>/∞/ became inactive as a result of the zoning timeloop
>nuetralfag gets involved and started assigning territory to splits to jumpstart progress. (He originally didn't assign /∞/ territory, but it after a third party anon mentioned it.)
>/∞/ is made aware of what happened and they submitted their own island which was created by a different art program and huge
>They took multiple criticism and modified the island, including shrinking it 3 times before the thread had a general agreement.
>Nuetralfag was away for this time and states he prefers /∞/ abandon the island, for the location he charted out.
>However nuetralag appears fine with the agreement over the island and requests that it be recolored to match the map more.
>Nuetralfag then creates his own islands for /∞/ and moves it to the wast and tells /∞/ they must choose what they want.
>This creates a major backlash which was further fueled by the fact Nuetralfag shrank the island further
>Backlash ends with Neutralfag resigning.
>/∞/ finishes their island and it's located in the west, but their reputation is severally damaged.

>Let's all vote
Now would be a horrible time to do that given how everyone is both heated and we have shitposters fanning the flames. Plus moving the island again would disrupt the established climate systems and create unnecessary work.

>> No.19962738

The rocks are very hot. You can use the rocks as pilots to ignite the oil of the flamethrowers. You can probably take /rose/'s idea and smack two rocks together to create a spark or explosion. And if you wrap the rocks with gunpowder and shrapnel then you got some nasty step mines.

>> No.19962801

I think moving the island is definitely something being pushed in bad faith or by a shitposter, that wouldn't really accomplish anything at this point.

>> No.19962860
File: 88 KB, 1280x720, 1645028462727.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Or you could always just trade for some Rosestones! Those might work!

>> No.19962988

I think rosestones should need sun catchers to recharge. Think of sun catchers as a magnifying glass and the stones as ants.

>> No.19963008
File: 54 KB, 300x202, 300px-Gas_Core_light_bulb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Chuubanite could be used to create something similar to closed or open loop nuclear fission rockets, where the heat of the uranium is used to superheat and expand some gas.
In fact, chuubanite as a kinetic energy storage can be readily swapped in anywhere fissile material is used in IRL technology, though this will be useless for most things until steam power is developed.

>> No.19963035

And that said shitposter couldn't even state his thread of origin so he isn't even a representative.

>> No.19963182
File: 135 KB, 512x512, roseCOOL.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They do need sun catchers to recharge, but they still work well! If you made a flamethrower with it, you might be able to just refuel it with some sunlight or something like that.

>> No.19963196

>No one ever raised issue over the territorial claim at the time.
Already brought up why this is the case. Silence is not consent, and it was silent because it was buried under Zone autism.

Okay with the facts, minor corrections
>Nuetralfag then creates his own islands for /∞/ and moves it to the wast and tells /∞/ they must choose what they want.
It was a proposal

>This creates a major backlash which was further fueled by the fact Nuetralfag shrank the island further
It was an accident as per Neutralfag's statement

>Plus moving the island again would disrupt the established climate systems
It was already established climates remain unchanged on the Western position.

This wouldn't have been brought up if /infinity/ didn't want to drop their original isolationism lore that they used to justify the Eastern Position. It's not being brought up just because. It's being brought up because of recent changes being done by /infinity/ that contradicts their original defense of their Eastern Position.

>> No.19963254

God not island timeloops again

>> No.19963322

>The rocks are very hot
Vitubium-core sexy golem girls when
Also this idea sounds easily exploitable to create an early nuke, not sure if I like that
>find large Vitubium rock and large mass of small ones
>drop it/them onto another large Vitubium rock/mass of smaller ones
>the whole capital explodes and the land is a wasteland that turned to glass
I appreciate the offer, but this would be something defining to our nation, so it'd have to be made from local material. Also rosebuds cute, you're almost making me want to watch a Niji stream.

>> No.19963402

>Already brought up why this is the case. Silence is not consent,
Actually it is given how these boards operates. The map was posted multiple times as well so there was ample time to complain.

>It was a proposal
Given how it was stated by nuetralfag, it was not perceived as such.

>It was an accident
Then we'll amend to include he claims it was an accident.

>Climate is not affected
It would make several states like /nasa/ colder, they suffer enough.

Forcing the restart a timeloop and blaming /∞/ is not productive for anyone.

>> No.19963425

nta but whats the point in forcing infinity to move to the west? there is no gain in doing so for anyone.

>> No.19963454

Maybe how much energy can go through chubanium depends on its purity. So the meteoritic stash /nasa/ has is uranium-tier, but the impure stuff mined on the planet can only have flamethrower-tier levels of power density. And the technology to purify it further would be like 21st century chemistry, still completely inaccessible.

>> No.19963480

That could potentially be solved by having the rocks hold very small capacity for heat, once they hold enough energy instead of exploding they just degrade and deform to dust, so large concentrations of chuubanite would be very rare or not existent at all.

>> No.19963566

Honestly, it's just to spite the kronies because there are still some anons here who really like Nuefag and are still pissed he got driven out.

>> No.19963597

Not the anon that suggested the move, just the one against it's dimissal. But I believe the reasons are:
>The West solves the isolation and canal problem
>If you made a racket to be in the East for "muh Isolationism", you can't just decide to not be isolationist anymore.

I think a loreposts solves the latter, but waiting for the original proposer to comment

>> No.19963605

What do you think of the section on heat in the chuubanite proposal?

>As mentioned before, I propose chuubanite would passively lose energy by radiation. A portion of this radiation would heat the chuubanite up to a certain limit, not much higher than the human body temperature. In addition to this passive heating, there would be a way to cause a piece of chuubanite to heat up even more, up to some limit. This could be used in the making of chuubanite based heaters or even chuubanite powered forges, depending on what temperature the upper limit to this heating is set to be. This limit should be below that which would melt chuubanite.
>If the system is glyph-activated, there could be a set of glyphs that each set the target temperature of the chuubanite object to a certain value (One should not be able to stack heating glyphs to exceed the maximum temperature limit).
>If the system is contextual activation, the upper temperature limit could be either dictated by the activator substance’s ability to withstand heat, or it could be set to some arbitrary value. For this, I would propose that the state of the element is important as well: Element in a solid form will produce a different reaction from the same element in liquid or gaseous form. This is so that one cannot abuse the system by enclosing the activator substance inside a vessel of chuubanite, which would then cause the chuubanite to heat up indefinitely. Now the chuubanite would only heat up to the point where the activator substance is about to start melting, and then stop.

>> No.19963723

Actually the island itself was the reason for the isolationism. So if you're serious, you'd remove the island rather than just moving it.

>> No.19963769

An /inf/ anon here, if you want to believe me if I am.

We have a proposal for the canal issue, just that our representative should make the presentation as not to be doubted of false-flagging. He is sleeping because of his time zone. We don't want to derail the thread, can't you work on other things meanwhile? We are not going to to be headstrong about this, we will try to search for a solution for all the perceived problems, ok? We're trying to be part of the world and create fun things on it, that why we're revisiting our isolation stand, we're not playing a war game, we don't want to be imperialist.

I wrote this because it seems to be some false-flagging happening and derailing the thread, please, wait for our representative. We make mistakes, but we are trying to work them out. It's not fun for us to generate turmoil here.

>> No.19963809
File: 699 KB, 645x777, 1644647930778.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fair enough! I wish you luck then, bud.
And shucks, you're too kind! We're just doing what we do, but we'd love it if you decided to watch a stream or two.

>> No.19963816

you should seriously just wait until your representative shows up, canals are still going to be dropped however.

>> No.19963820

My better guess would be that he just didn't want to invite a herd of schizos to his thread.

>> No.19963836

I'm the first anon, and I kinda love this. This basically makes chuubanite uranium where you swap in neutron moderators for activator glyphs and even have the same concerns of melting your moderator material which would stop the reaction, a neat proposal.

>> No.19963887

that's real interesting, but we'd still have to rubber duck it, coming up with examples would help illustrate the point further.

>> No.19963909

If you haven't already, I recommend giving the whole text a read. It has some other interesting ideas in there. https://rentry.org/buk5e

>> No.19963923

>historic revisionism done by the Kronies again
They just can't help it!
>It's not fun for us to generate turmoil here.
Maybe not for some of you, but the thread as a whole behaves horrendously. It's just just a single schizo, and it's not just a couple of bad faith actors.

>> No.19963965

It's not when people just believed it to be a placeholder to be discussed later.

>Given how it was stated by nuetralfag, it was not perceived as such.
>Hello /infinity/, I have come with a proposition for your island. First, I plead that you guys will at least be willing to compromise on the placement of /infinity/.

>Then we'll amend to include he claims it was an accident.

>It would make several states like /nasa/ colder, they suffer enough.
It wasn't deemed a heavy impact though .... >>18897316

>Forcing the restart a timeloop and blaming /∞/ is not productive for anyone.
Not trying to restart timeloop, I've said it multiple times. The evidence for the East is not enough to dismiss the Western claim. So we should just vote it to the East and end it there. Trying to re-defend the past dismissed evidence is restarting the timeloop

>> No.19963983

So your complaint is the process and not the end result. We've already fully explained how things remained balance since we're always at internal conflict and this works with our lore given the amount of schizos there are. So you're clinging to isolationism as a reason is irrelevant.

As for all your other claims, I was not involved in them, including whatever conversations with /mep/ occurred, but given they're now participates in this general, that's also a moot point and as i mentioned before I am in favor of limiting how many countries we can turn into a protectorate.
The 'us vs them' is something you are creating and others are currently exploiting with unfortunate results. As for your final claim, show us it and if it got any support from /∞/. It feels like you're trying to portray us as some group scheming world domination when we're just staying dynamic with events. Unless I'm being kept out of the loop, and everything /∞/ wanted was accepted, we'd just be trading among our allies and chilling with our steampunk tech knowing we can protect ourselves and our allies.

Pandora's box has already been opened and I'd rather we reward creative thinking. Plus for all of the stuff we've done, it's still grounded in science.
The only reason we'd experiment in magic would be to create counter measures, since I don't like the prospect of having kronies teleported into a desert.

No matter what, people are still going to perceive the worst case scenario for /∞/ so no matter what they do, people are going to have a grievance. As for the argument of the process, risu could have easily said no at any step.

>Can you clarify this part, which previous thread?
The previous risu thread.

>This point has lost most of its credibility.
The current timeloop and current thread activity discredit you.

>Not completely, you have access to chuubanite.
We'd have to discuss how it would be used, but given our steampunk tech, we'd use any chuubite to create defensive measures against any offensive cubbinite. That's my personal opinion though so it has to be polled.

>I believe one or two other anons, also called them out on their expansion of land with the acquisition of /uuu/
But it got nearly as little blow back over it and every action scrutinized.

>/cgl/ I believe stated in their lore they were militaristic, unlike you who claim the opposite, and they struck a deal with one of the nations in their path.
The difference is we haven't taken any aggressive stances with our military and our one claim was done through diplomacy.

>and it is the latter point shitposters will use to go to other threads and blame you for aggression against them
Honestly, everyone needs a tripcode who interacts in this thread in order to weed out bad faith actors who are against what /∞/ does for the sake of it and those who have legitimate grievances. Obviously I won't speak for Archivebud, but I would personally do a compromise where we abandon the canal system to create a rudimentary railway system that connects the coasts of Risu since that is within our technology sphere and we can hammer out a compromise over how it's exactly done at a later date assuming it's agreed upon by /∞/ since this is just my personal opinion.

Regardless, the biggest problem is the fact that /∞/ cannot act without making any massive concessions, having to need approval from the rest of the world, or what we're seeing now, reopening old timeloops. Ironically, based on how /∞/ acts, if we were given everything we wanted, he'd just be minding our own business trading with people want our stuff, building cool things for the sake of it looking cool or collapsing into a violent civil war.

I've said my points, I'll wait on archivebud and we'll negotiate from there.

>> No.19964101

The stones in Sakuraun are lava stones. They're charged by geothermal energy. Whatever applications Sakuraun can have for sun stones minus solar energy can work with anything really.

That can work when we're in orbit. However we need to still lift the station back into orbit first. This is where liquid oxygen is necessary. Chuubanite could be experimented on for cold-storage properties. If we can make chuubanite into dry ice houses then we can make liquid oxygen.

We still need to define what glyphs and runes actually do. I touched on this as programming instructions, which is as simple as electric engineering a microprocessor. And I know there's a risk that if chuubanite can boil water then the steam engine is inevitable. I'm looking for applications that would make chuubanite more convenient than steam in some ways.

>> No.19964135

Most are being transparent and clearly stating which threads they are representing, they could get shitposters too. He is disingenuous, a coward and a shitposter.

>> No.19964197

>risk that if chuubanite can boil water then the steam engine is inevitable
Wood, oil, and coal can all already boil water, chuubanite being able to do so would not make the steam engine any more inevitable than it already was.

>> No.19964204

Most pro-/infinity/ posters, those who don't have to take that into consideration. Congratulations on creating a tiny circlejerk hugbox.

>> No.19964291

Oh yeah the clock boogeyman. You are just a shitposter who represent no one.

>> No.19964300

Are you going to ignore how he goes in depth into trying to pressure /∞/ after he originally stated he was fine with this submission >>18836140.
But the person who posted the poll in /∞/ could have done a much better job explaining things.

>It wasn't deemed a heavy impact though
Considering their conditions, it would make things worse for them. Meanwhile the current island location acts as a buffer against hurricanes that would hit the east coast of hololive.

>Not trying to restart the timeloop
You are, position was only brought up by Nuetralfag, so this is attempt to restart the timeloop that made him leave. There is zero reason to do it.

>> No.19964342 [DELETED] 

Force everyone to adopt a tripcode and make who they represent, that would end all false flags since we can ignore any posts not coming from a tripcode that has been ID'd.

>> No.19964372

All we're doing is replacing steam engines with better mechanical energy with clockwork chuubanite. Hell as long as you can boil water then you can make a steam engine. And taking away the ability to boil water means taking away fire altogether.

>> No.19964404

Lurk forever. Unironically.

>> No.19964409

That honestly is a good idea, the clock representative has a tripcode. I don't see why the rest can't have one too.

>> No.19964446

Force everyone to adopt a tripcode and also have them ID who they represent or are from, this would end all the false flags since we can could ignore any posts not coming from a tripcode and has not been properly ID'd.

>> No.19964497

As a humble /nasa/ anon, i third this idea. Things can get a bit confusing at times for my bread filled brain.

>> No.19964550

>deletes post to add the ID conditions
>we can could
>makes spelling mistake
anon...you cute pon fuck

>> No.19964574

>There is zero reason to do it.
Why are we talking in circles.... It's brought up since you dropped your isolationism stance. A portion of your justification on the East is removed.

Can we just wait for your rep? This isn't going anywhere.

>> No.19964596

The end result is that you're the only nation who's actively meddling with affairs of other countries and have taken a 150 year tech lead over others by crying "isolationism". The end result is that you're actively trying to undermine the identity of other threads in a blatant power grab that goes against the very idea of collaborative worldbuilding.

I'm also for a limit on how many countries you could have as a protectorate: The amount of countries you should turn into a protectorate should be "0".

You can literally just archive search your thread >>19940692 for evidence of trying to mold the world to suit your little project, all to create a nation that's advanced by 150 years tech-wise, a trading giant despite horrendous placement, somehow forms cohesive policy despite ""internal strifes"", is extremely militarist and aggressive, shutting down anything it even perceives as a threat.

>> No.19964688

>The amount of countries you should turn into a protectorate should be "0"
Yet you didn't say anything when /who/ did it

>> No.19964712

I am going to ignore your post and wait for /infinity/'s representative. I'd advise to all that wish to discuss it to do the same. Because holy shit this post is dumb. it's like it's designed for falseflagging.

>So your complaint is the process and not the end result.
no dumbass. the complaint is about /infinity/ just disregarding their own lore for a power play, when multiple concessions regarding technology had been based on /infinity/ being isolationist and on civil war.

>Pandora's box has already been opened and I'd rather we reward creative thinking. Plus for all of the stuff we've done, it's still grounded in science.

>The only reason we'd experiment in magic would be to create counter measures, since I don't like the prospect of having kronies teleported into a desert.
Please please please fucking wait for your representative before you make those decisions.

>> No.19964836

do NOT enforce tripcodes, this was only necessary for /infinity/ due to their horrendous schizo and falseflagging issues,

>> No.19964840

Reading replies to >>19940692 seems like that anon was essentially ignored though. Their rep even told one of their photoshop guys to NOT add rivers.

>> No.19964842

I did. I was one of the people against it. Good try, though, Kronie.

>> No.19964901

Well that's why I asked you to state your country. And why >>19964446 is right.

>> No.19964919

>everyone who disagrees with me is a kronie
no wonder you people get false flagged so easily and why we need tripcodes

>> No.19964975

The only people against tripcodes are those who want to try and meddle in affairs in secret.
Transparency should be a given for project like this.

>> No.19965000


>> No.19965005

He is only right if you want to turn what is a 4chan effort into a subreddit. If we all have usernames and tripcodes, why not also add an upvote button? A poal with every post where you can make an epic updoot. As a matter of fact, why not just move to reddit or twitter? It would seem that's where you came from, so it'd be more comfy and wholesome, wouldn't it?
t. Kronie, again, mad that they got called out

>> No.19965013

Quick question: Did infinity ever decide whether their island has had recent volcanic history or not?

>> No.19965014

>I am going to ignore your post and wait for /infinity/'s representative. I'd advise to all that wish to discuss it to do the same
This. I was thinking of replying but it's not worth the effort. This is why we voted on representatives after all.
I'm averse to using a trip code, as I've avoided doing so for my years being on 4chan and I'd prefer it stayed that way. Noone else from my thread comes here anyway. If all the other thread reps were to adopt one, however, I'd follow suit.
t. Sakuran

>> No.19965090

Been thinking about how chuubanite furnaces can work. They still need outside energy like burning coal to heat up. However they can retain energy longer than other substances. Question is can this also work in reverse. Because if it can then /nasa/ can use chuubanite to create sub-zero tanks to liquify oxygen and helium. We can also make liquid nitrogen and dry ice. Which means we can also make refrigeration possible for transporting perishables. We still need to advance to the next age before portable refrigeration is possible but we can make ice houses to store ice during the summer. Thoughts?

>> No.19965092

t. false flagger who doesn't want to be discovered

>> No.19965113

Thread representatives only at most.

>> No.19965172

Everyone who is trying to influence policy should have a trip and state which country they represent.

>> No.19965180

I'd be okay with thread representatives getting tripcodes. It makes sense. Trying to identify every single poster with a trip code only shows that you started browsing this site several months ago and that you should go back.

>> No.19965218
File: 16 KB, 130x230, 1646083673748.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

From /who/
Enforcing tripcodes is a horrible idea, I can't see any good coming from it. /infinity/ was a special case due to their "eccentrities".
I am against it.

>> No.19965249

I know we should wait for Archivebud, our representative, but this is a easy one to answer, we started discussing it then we forgot on the middle, sorry. I will tell Archivebud to add it to the to-do list when he wakes up.

t.Gramps. I firm this post because I'm a know mapper of /inf/. You can disregard it if you want, but you'll get the same answer from Archivebud.

>> No.19965264
File: 65 KB, 1280x720, 1592607052018.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>bad faith
>calling names
>le reddit
>no transparency

>> No.19965281

I'll just leave the area untouched for now then.

>> No.19965306

Question for /who/, would you like to try out a food called ice-cream?

>> No.19965343

>Enforcing tripcodes is a horrible idea, I can't see any good coming from it

>> No.19965367

It means it will make it harder for people to fling shit anonymously, and they had that.

>> No.19965379

Hello everyone. Rep of /risu/ here and apparantely the only one. Just got home and going to go read this whole thread as well as /inf/ since they play a big deal. As i had literally all day to think about this I believe I have come up with some lore for /risu/ that makes sense given the time and conditions that have been set. I just need to make sure whats been going on. I will say this though, I personally wasnt aware of this thread until recently and that was after you guys asked /risu/ and they showed disinterest.

>> No.19965418

>Everyone who is trying to influence policy should [have a trip and] state which country they represent
Start with yourselves, which threads are these? I know inf is into namefagging, so just making sure you're not kronies trying to enforce your preferences onto here.
I stated my stance in >>19965014

>> No.19965474
File: 160 KB, 343x551, hmm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hell yeah!
I think it's an easy way to turn people off from the project, in the end, people really value their anonimity in this site, telling them that they need to get the tripcode or else they can't make apportations to their lore in the general meanst that they won't bother with it, I say this because i want us to send a new round of invites after the timeloops have been settled.

>> No.19965528

>killing anonymity in a thread on an anonymous message board
>in a thread meant to represent the anonymous message board
>including the culture and overall vibe
I wonder what could possibly ever go wrong.
I'm the middle one - one of the /nasfaqg/ posters, I know there are several.
Trip codes aren't optimal for representatives, but what this thread needs right now is to have some kind of a body that could pass direction onto the project. I think they are fine for "official" posts when reps want to make a statement confirming the stance of their thread as a whole.

>> No.19965587

I'm the top and bottom poster and from /nasfaqg/. I like knowing whom I'm dealing with because fraud is bad for business.
I'll adopt a trip too if necessary.

>> No.19965635
File: 365 KB, 512x512, give me your wallet[sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2F1irdl5.ogg].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>claims to be from /nasfaqg/

>> No.19965669

>Fucking anti-clock turns /vtwbg/ into a tripfag circle jerk.

>> No.19965680
File: 1.28 MB, 1920x1080, ver8zp8o7rw71.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I agree with the/who/ representative, I don't want tripcodes

>> No.19965726

Transparency is 100% necessary given how much shitposting and false flagging has been occurring. That means tripcodes since it also makes it harder for polls to be rigged since all you need to do is change your IP and you ballot stuff one.

>> No.19965805

Also, you don't truly need tripcodes in lots of cases. Anyone knows Climateanon is climateanon because of his contributions.

>> No.19965883 [DELETED] 

I've seen many projects fall apart when people start criticizing the person rather than the ideas. This is what happens when you force people to use tripcodes. Otherwise we may as well move the project to reddit where we have to be inclusive and diverse.

>> No.19965886

>The only nation that's actively meddling in the affairs of others.
Starting off with a lie doesn't help given /who/ and /cgl/ have done or stated they'll do it. Also we haven't meddled in the affairs of others because risu agreed to become a protectorate. There was no forcing them and if they said no at any time, their choice would have been respected.

>One anon making a suggestion that was not done in the end means everyone is guilty of doing it.
Mother of bad faith arguments

>> No.19965889

>took a nap
>2 hours later
>island timeloop still here

>> No.19965907

Tripcodes won't do anything for it other than making thread representatives be able to give 'official' votes. I don't want to enforce the thread reps to post constantly using it, or make anyone but the thread reps use it, just to make tallying everything easier.

In other words: in this thread, I think there would be only a couple of posts that'd benefit from having a tripcode attached to them. If you want to make anonymous contributions, that'd still be the norm.

>> No.19965945

Removing anonymity means more ad hominems unrelated to the ideas
Which is why I hate projects hosted on Discord and Reddit, people would accuse your background as being the problem instead of criticising your ideas

>> No.19965971

We already have people getting attacked for what they're doing based on where they're from though.

>> No.19965999

Why are people STILL talking about moving infinity. literally no one but the one schizo wants it. It wouldn't fix any issues, it would hurt infinity, it would hurt everyone else, and it would give yet MORE work to climateanon. There's no benefit to it. at all.

>> No.19966003

/risu/ rep again. Gonna start writing stuff about lore in relation to how /risu/ is (which isnt much to go off by considering were all just hornyposters most of the time) and using risus actual lore in some areas. Give me a few minutes and ill have some good shit for you all.

>> No.19966016

To be fair, Kronies deserve it and they get for pushing pro-/infninity/ ideas, which is how you identify them in basically all of their posts.

>> No.19966040

good speed risuner, and thanks for sticking with us at this turbulent time.

>> No.19966044

Hi, /risu/ rep. Would you mind setting up your country as an independent state, now that you have a representative?

>> No.19966051

Also a reminder, it has to be grounded/inspired by /vt/ culture and everything your thread have been through
No reference to Risu's own memes and non-/vt/ fanbase

>> No.19966070

Hold off until next thread. This one's at bump limit.

>> No.19966081

Nice work, all you need to get started is some autism, sorry about the harsh introduction to the thread by timeloops.

>> No.19966102

no I think none /vt/ memes should be allowed if they're related to the Chuuba, otherwise there'd be very little to write with.

>> No.19966127

Hello there.
I'm diplomat from /∞/ who originally charted out our agreement

Sorry for the current condition of the thread. Unfortunately, certain individuals here really dislike /∞/ so things are not, ideal.
Currently /∞/ wanted to build a canal through Risu territory to make trade easier, but it's received massive backlash to the point we have people trying to re-litigate disputs. Yes, it's a mess.

But given you're from Risu, I'd like to not only see your lore, but I'm curious what you opinion would be on constructing a canal through your country to connect the central and eastern oceans.
Also no right or wrong answer, if you're against it please tell us.

>> No.19966217

yeah i kinda saw the shitshow. Luckily this is all i thought about at work today and yeah ill write up all my ideas in notepad and wait for the next thread. I just read the shitshow in this thread and holy fuck /inf/......anyway im going to ask if its ok to use just a bit of risus memes and lore, /risu/ tends to be slow and it wont give me too much to work off of but if thats what you all decide then i will oblige

>> No.19966228

You are from /infinity/? Get a trip, otherwise your word is worthless

>> No.19966261

>two people from nasfaq
Do you guys even have a rep? I expect it might be difficult for you guys to have one if you're decentralised politically.
Though poals are nice to see votes numerically, we can just do what we did in >>19427400; have people state the thread they represent and what their votes are, then gather the resulting posts after an amount of time. Keep in mind that neither proposals are failsafe. Due to the amount of inactive threads, if an anon claims to be from one of thread, either by saying they are the representative or even assuming a tripcode for that thread, we wouldn't really be able to tell. >>19965999
I don't think anyone is seriously considering it tbdesu, it'd be too troublesome. We are calling out kronies for breaking away from their core lore unceremoniously though

Also jannies, thread Ids when

>> No.19966275

I have a proposal, only posters from /inf/ should get tripcodes since they love them and they're the ones getting falseflagged.

>> No.19966279

I think Risu memes are fine, since the vtuber is what the thread is about.

>> No.19966295

I'll adopt one if everyone else does.

>> No.19966304

I recommend it, you still need bases on which to work from, it's ok to be flexible with things

>> No.19966310

yes fucking please.
Let me make my big lore dump and we will talk about it after. There are factors you need to consider if your going to operate in /risu/. Also desu get your canal idea straight with the rest of the thread since many seem to be against it

>> No.19966422

Why is /inf/ getting shat on anyways? Theyre just having fun being chuunis

>> No.19966434

Gramps here, another /inf/, you want to identify me search for me in the threads of /inf/. As a said before, we have been talking about the canal problem and searching solutions, but it has to be Archivebud, our representative, the one to bring them here to stop the looping.

On a personal note, if we've got Risu into this, I'm happy no matter what the rest of the thread wants to believe about us.

>> No.19966435

Fuck off then, you don't control /infinity/

>> No.19966441

timeloops, baby!

>> No.19966453

Wow, precognition. I just posted in /nasfaqg/ about this issue. It's a little bit easier than you think thread-wise, since the thread is connected to the game, which is pseudonymous rather than anonymous. As such, selecting a rep is easier than if it was completely anonymous.

>> No.19966484

Kiss my ass Anti-Clock.

/nasa/ here. We already chimed in on building the canal. If you missed it then our suggestion is to develope land vehicles to haul over land instead of digging. You can read more here >>19959010 I don't want /infinity/ to dig themselves into bankruptcy.

>> No.19966507
File: 1.81 MB, 2048x2048, 1639652442891.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Maybe some will get a kick out of this, here is the world displayed with a cubic projection, which is what I'll use to render it, to avoid cylindrical projection-related deformation.

>> No.19966541

But Iwant your feedback because it's more important than anyone elses here.
Do you think it's a good or bad idea given it's going to run through your country. and you'd have to deal with any implications and influence you'd get from the trade route it establishes.

>> No.19966574

>two people from nasfaq
It's even funnier because they both replied to a guy from nasfaqg, me.

>> No.19966676

/nasa/ is guilty as charged with memes. /nasa/ uses Sana memes with our main export being bread, pastries, and flour. We also have bread dog robots that are edible and huggable.

>> No.19966695

ok ok. one of the things i plan for /risu/ to be is a country that loves nature. If your going to make a canal then you better cause as little deforestation as possible. Risuners will definitely expect some trade in return for use of their land as you would expect. Anything else you would like to know?

>> No.19966735

/asp/ is at the SOUTHERNMOST TIP!

>> No.19966755

I blame the anti Kronii campaign that happened in the board after council debuted

>> No.19966796

Don't trust anyone who says they are from /infinity/. People have their reasons to mistrust them. Wait for the /infinity/ tripfag before making your move

>> No.19966813
File: 568 KB, 3140x4096, tako bank.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The spice must flow, brother.
To be fair, /nasfaqg/ has an in-built 'tripcode-like' identifying feature if really need be in the form of posting one's wallet. It's rarely actually needed though, only if someone wants to make a statement.

>> No.19966817

Risuner, you should wait for the actual Kronie representative to work something out, current corncernts regarding the canal is "no tech for it yet"

>> No.19966903

Risuner, for the love of god, now that you're here don't turn yourself into /infinity/'s vassal, be active as your own independent thread.

>> No.19966970

I'm still Gramps /inf/, sigh, the other anons are right, you should wait for Archivebud (btw, all my post said the same thing), he is our representative, he has a tripfag and the logo of infinity. You can also talk to us in our thread if you want.

>> No.19966984

So, are we gonna patch up the north and south poles?

>> No.19967016

If you're going to sabotage agreements, all bets are off.

>> No.19967056

Maybe next thread

>> No.19967155

I was under assumption the /inf/ acquisiton was a done deal. My mistake. There just was a shit ton to read and i got a bit confused. Until the official kronii rep appears I am taking control of /risu/ and declaring it as an independant state. Lore coming soon im writing it in a notepad document as you all read this

>> No.19967171

If /infinity/ manages to bring in an independent /risu/ to this thread, I'll consider it one of the very few positive accomplishments they've made.

>> No.19967183

It was a done deal, you're talking with antis.

>> No.19967192

No, the poles are now empty, connected as a giant hole.
Vtland is a donut

>> No.19967242

It is possible, but it'd actually require 4:1 map ratio for a toroid to work.
t. A person who has considered worldbuilding a toroid world before

>> No.19967276

My plan for now is to leave the South Pole as a polar ocean with an ice shelf and the North Pole has some land in the continuation of the schizo wastelands, though how far up this goes is as yet undecided. It's probably all covered by an ice shelf though. Should fit with Climateanon's analysis.

>> No.19967303

You'll want to talk with /∞/ given your split did sign a treaty than just voiding it unilaterally.

>> No.19967305

please don't falseflag.

>> No.19967403

>enters /vt/ UN
>sees multiple TF2 Spies disguised as /infinity/'s diplomat

>> No.19967435

the current settlement is what you left off (protectorate of /infinity/), but if you want to change that you should negotiate it directly with the Kronies and their representative, not with anyone else. That is all.

>> No.19967451

Coming only to ignore a deal that was closed off gives a bad first impression desu. You should go talk to the clock representative.

>> No.19967520

dear god today was way too fucking autistic.

>> No.19967537

Blame the anti-clocks

>> No.19967542

>toroid world
Sounds complicated but fun
I wonder how one would draw the prevailing winds for such a world.

>> No.19967630

Still Gramps from /inf/, Archivebud is not up yet but Risuer is welcome to talk to us in the thread. That being said, nothing will be official until Archivebud announces it here. We won't get too political there, annexation was never our objective.

>> No.19967726

New thread?

>> No.19967767

Proof next thread?

>> No.19967771

>Kronies rushing to defend the "colony" they took for a fool, saying that they actually cannot be independent without /infinity/'s consent
My sides.

>> No.19967834

>Just ignore any agreement you have!
That's a good precedent that will won't bit us in the ass.

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