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Why do "EOP" trigger some of you autismos? Is it a case of vtubers being your sekrit club and you don't want outsiders coming in?

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no, but you if you don't understand japanese you can't have an understanding of what the fuck japanese vtubers are saying. when you don't know what the topic of discussion is even about how the fuck are you supposed to contribute to a conversation besides shitposting? fact of the matter is you can't, and that's what a large amount of EOPs do.

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wouldn't mind EOPs if they just shut their trap

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If EOPs enjoy themselves as much as they do then their gr3-tier Jap lessons were all in vain.

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I will continue to use english to comment and there is nothing you can do about it

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The problem with EOPs are they don't understand not all chuubas understand them. I don't mind it when the chuuba actively encourages it or knows english. But when they don't or barely understand english, I hate seeing "Pablo Francisco" constantly spouting off "Hello Chuuba-chan, can you say [english phrase] please?"

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"gatekeeping bad" being a common consensus here is proof that Reddit has invaded.

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2 words: Close chat.
Or run a bot to auto-report any latin alphabets in livechat.

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I don't understand Japanese and don't really care what the girls are saying, the sounds are cute.

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I will be sure to spam English in jp streams just to upset you.

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woosh, this is now an english only patrician thread

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Pretentious special snowflakes are Reddit.

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The only JPs you watch are holo so knock yourself out. It will be like pissing in an ocean of piss.

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>Pretentious special snowflakes
People who demand to be treated nicely because they only speak English? I agree.

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desiring perfection is one of the most autistic behaviors possible, especially when it comes to japanese shit. why would it not follow that desiring a perfect place for discussion is the kind of thing that most people here would want? blue boards are for the autists, normalfags can fuck off back to their coomer boards.

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Reminder that even Kiara could learn Japanese.

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Let them whine, EOPchads. They know every relevant holo is currently racing to learn English to just appease us. Despite doing fuck all, we won, and they wasted countless days on Rosetta Stone for nothing.
Try to be sympathetic and not gloat my brothers.

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Honestly i couldn't care less either way, most chats are pure cringe anyway so i just deactivate it and focus on the entertainer, the only thing that kind of ruins this is when the streamer has the chat on screen which can distract from him, like when Izuru sings on-stream is hard to enjoy his singing while seeing all his fangirls furiously masturbate to his voice in chat

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>watch hololive
>not grooming your own personal jp indie with your chad white man's cock

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It's sad, they can't understand that they will never be Japanese.

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I dont want Kano to learn English.

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then learn japanese

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"Gatekeeping is bad" is reddit mentality

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EOP is an advanced coping mechanism for all the time oldfags spent learning Japanese in early 2020 to understand chubas and then their efforts were invalidated by an EN branch and English pandering from JP.

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>their efforts were invalidated by an EN branch and English pandering from JP
>English pandering from JP
People keep saying this. Do people really believe JOPs who can barely say a full sentence in English are eventually going to shift to doing full time content in English thanks to learning some stock sentences in Duolingo of all things? The majority of their content will always be in Japanese and unless you have a favorite that spits out memes constantly the majority of their content will be unsubbed. Duolingo is an arc like Uma Musume that'll come and go like every other arc. To think otherwise is naive.

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the hololive is a secret club thing ended with the introduction of EN, anyone else who thinks it's still a secret is a smooth brain of the highest order

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then see >>1992789

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>you will never live in japan,
>you will never make it in japan
>you will never speak conversational japanese with a japanese person

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I want to punch Haato in the face

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I will NEVER EVER learn anything other than English. English is the Lingua Franca for a reason.

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she'd like it

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The only ones who complain about gatekeeping are the ones left at the gate. IE: the ones who are meant to be gatekept.

I say this as an EOP. If I had wanted to learn Japanese, well, I've been using this site since 2004. I would have done so already. Hell, I can catch one out of every hundred Japanese words or so, from anime, naturally. Do I enjoy being left out? No, but then again I know where the keys to the gate are, and can reach them if I wanted to. I'm just lazy. Besides, I don't really want to fall down another rabbithole. I'll keep my surface level knowledge gleaned from clips, TYVM.

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Oh what's that? Everybody is still speaking in Japanese 99.9999999% of the time and only 1% of shit gets "translated" by N99 seaniggers? Oh teh noes EOP bros how could we ever cope our way out of this one?

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You type like a fag so your opinion is discarded.
I dont even care that you're on my side.

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>Endlessly spams chuuba's chat, social media and meme reviews with the same reference they got from a year old clip.
I dont know anon... I guess it will remain mystery.

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>dumb Haaton
>probably a crossboarder
lol triggered

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I don't watch Japanese girls so I don't care.

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see >>1992713
fuck off to your homeland, crossboarder.

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>I enjoy being a pleb and having to get everything through a 3rd party """translator""" who barely speaks either language.

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This is a blue board you absolute retard, that guy is agreeing with him.

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Vtubers were never a sekrit club. And I say this as an EOP in a circle of JSL friends who have been watching them since 2018

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>I enjoy spending time, effort and money to learn a language I will never actually use outside of consuming the mental illness theater of anime/vtuber culture

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Not all EOPs are Globaltards but all Globaltards are EOPs

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>I enjoy spending time, effort and money to learn a language I will never actually use outside of consuming the mental illness theater of anime/vtuber culture

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and he's not autistic enough to be posting buddy. he types and thinks like a summerfag that thinks he fits in because he gave up on trying to understand what the adults are talking about.

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Good. Money is a universal language.

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You will never actually be accepted in Japan because you're white. Too bad for you.

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Im not learning a low tier language just so I can watch vtubers I will probably never use it in the real world english is the best language for a reason its used globally

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>trying to learn a language soley to watch cartoons and cartoon streamers
Seems like a waste of time, honestly. A lot more useful languages you could learn instead!

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And the alternative is to consume the mental illness theater of anime/vtuber culture while knowing fuck all about it, like you? I can think of nothing more pathetic than that.

Ah yes, the coping EOP's prayer. Do also go around telling every casual gamer and sports player that they will never win the world cup equivalent of what they're doing? Ever thought that the idea never cross their minds in the first place and they merely want to get good at what they're doing because simply want to enjoy it more?

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imagine typing all this to distract from the fact that the culture you're obsessed with only merely tolerates you or actually despises you

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seriously the community need some gatekeeping or it'll turn into the kpop fandom

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The only time this is an acceptable argument is if you don't care about Japanese vtubers or anime beyond the most surface level. If you're spending enough time on it that you're posting on a 4chan board dedicated to the topic then it's just pure cope for your inferiority and/or laziness.

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Projecting are we, Zhang?

>> No.1993732

alright fossil go to sleep

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>3 lines is what passes for "typing all this out" these days
Read a book retard.

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It seems like most of the passive-aggressive faggotry is coming from the people who learned Japanese to consume what is basically garbage-tier pop culture in Japan rather than the people too lazy to learn Japanese.

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>if you don't waste all your time on your hobby then you're lazy/inferior
Look, i get you want to find as much ways as you can to justify your lessons, but that's fucking retarded.

>> No.1993860

They want to be Japanese

>> No.1993910

If you have enough time to shitpost here then you're objectively being lazy. If you're this far into the fandom and you still don't even attempt to learn the most rudimentary Japanese, then yes, you are objectively inferior.

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Cope your japanese lessons are useless your "oshi" will never read the comments you make with your N5 japanese

>> No.1993951

This is what maximum EOP cope looks like.

>> No.1993970

that's not why people learn japanese buddy.

>> No.1993980

just so you know for all the japanese "reps" you're doing the most you will be is a JET working under a contract that is basically two steps removed from being a student assistant at a university

>> No.1993982

The same people flogging others for learning a specific language are the same people who Goslingpost, track every last one of Mori's bodily movements, or have spreadsheets for Gura's paypigs. Such is a reality with Globaltards

>> No.1994007

>actually wanting to move to japan
anyone that actually does their reps would come to the understanding that this isn't a good idea.

>> No.1994013

It's already exactly as bad since at minimum EN debuts

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I'm a ESL and I WILL spam your oshi's chat to ask her to speak in spanish

>> No.1994062

>y-you're lazy if you don't learn Japanese to post on an English website!
That's it, EOPs fucking won.

>> No.1994084

That's not the point of learning Japanese at all dumbass. It opens up a huge segment of media that would never get translated for your EOP ass.
>inb4 everything worthwhile is already translated!
Maximum copage.

>> No.1994085

you're learning a language so you can read raw scans of cartoon porn and listen to mentally defective women so don't lecture anyone about good ideas.

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Cut them some slack they are trying to justify their wasted time trying to learn japanese kek

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You're lazy if you watch enough vtubers to be posting on a forum about it. If you care that much and still don't try to even learn Japanese to better your enjoyment of the medium then yes, you're a lazy fuck.

>> No.1994129

As opposed to you fags who read scans of cartoon porn and listen to mentally defective women through a N99 seanigger """translator"""? Who exactly is more pathetic here?

>> No.1994138

>the absolute state of weebs

>> No.1994140

I mean I also read poetry, listen to radio shows, and watch movies among other things; but yeah what's your point, it's my life.

>> No.1994167

>using weeb as an insult when you're watching vtubers
You literally cannot refute anything. Cope EOP.

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You because you literally tried to learn a fucking language for it LMFAO

>> No.1994180

>Who exactly is more pathetic here?

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so? is that too hard for you kiddo?

>> No.1994220

>it's my life.
And it's now or never.

>> No.1994222

>I'd rather suck seanigger dick and beg for translations that are wrong half the time
Ah the cope.

>> No.1994223

It's you because you're learning a language to consume trash culture from one of the most repressed, mentally fucked countries in the world.

>> No.1994236

I'm not sure what point are you trying to make, you can learn japanese at the same time you're reading manga or watching vtubers/anime so I'm wasting the same amount of time as you but I learn an useful skill

>> No.1994259

you're never gonna…


>> No.1994267

How do EOPchads stay winning every time, bros?

>> No.1994269

>consume trash culture from one of the most repressed, mentally fucked countries in the world
And you're not doing that?

>> No.1994285

and you're doing it without even understanding what's happening. you're consuming the same trash without gaining anything, talk about a waste of time.

>> No.1994286

And you're spending your time on VTuber board in a thread complaining Japanese entertainment. Are you sure you're in position to criticize somebody?

>> No.1994326


>> No.1994347

/vt/ was a mistake, you could just shut this retarded argument just by pointing the board before

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I think you guys have a misunderstanding of what it means to be an EOP.
We don't ask for anything - It's just given to us. Whether that be translated clips, or your oshi's English lesson stream, we literally just sit back and enjoy. And when we're done, instead of larping as a jap, we continue on with our lives. You had this innate gift too, but you chose to throw it away in exchange for your hobby's internet points.

>> No.1994378

>thinking knowing Japanese is a useful skill
I think that's the point he was making anon, it's useless outside of watching cartoons

>> No.1994382

Unfathomably based

>> No.1994388

More like you're getting the scraps. But do enjoy your EN chuubas, at least you can understand their live streams.

>> No.1994394

>one of the most repressed, mentally fucked countries in the world.

>> No.1994397


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>> No.1994406

you gotta wonder how many people flexing about how useful japanese is are also simultaneously hiding their power level and probably have general brain rot from their obsession with the pervert island

>> No.1994408

and this is why you'll never fit in on a blue board, normalfags just aren't autistic enough for hobbies.

>> No.1994422

>a language is a worthless skill
It's so easy to spot a neet

>> No.1994423

>shook: the post

>> No.1994425

useful can mean it gives you enjoyment too anon.

>> No.1994454

nothing wrong with being an EOP. just control your autistic tendencies and you are good to go.

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Saving this post for use later. The seethe potential for it is insane.

>> No.1994501

And if you’ve done all three of these and more?

>> No.1994507

Do retards in this thread think japan ONLY makes anime/games and that there are no businesses in japan? Japanese is in the top 5 most useful languages to learn

>> No.1994509

EOP chad here.
I got nothing to say, I just wanted to remind you.

>> No.1994526

Most if not all international business is done in English. International air travel is controlled in English. Japanese-English schools are a minted industry in Japan because they understand the importance of knowing English. Is your lack of education and unhealthy obsession with a single country the issue maybe?

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>doesn't even crack the top 7

>> No.1994561

I'd rather learn a useful language like Spanish, or Chinese.

>> No.1994574

I would be embarassed to even show that list anon, at least pretend you know about the world

>> No.1994579

my friend you look in the mirror lately, you're white so you're not going to be in japanese business. you are in fact going to be far from japanese business and probably clerking for best buy.

>> No.1994580

>some rando's opinion is a fact

>> No.1994586

Imagine being a burger and only knowing one language when there's a treasure trove of entertainment to be found if you'd spend a little bit of your time to do your reps instead of shitposting

>> No.1994589

Japan is widely known for its anime and manga otaku culture. Unless you are enlisted in the military and happen to be stationed there, no foreigner who has ever visited the country has ever been interested in it for none other than that.

>> No.1994594

then do that, but I would rather study japanese.

>> No.1994597

For what fucking purpose?

>> No.1994609

search up the most useful languages.
Japanese is literally always in 8-10th

>> No.1994610

I can respect saying I would like to learn an easier language, but literally everyone from every country that speaks spanish would tell you that learning any major language would be more useful

>> No.1994627

I mean, it's only the 4th most spoken language in the word behind the endless mandarin/hindu spawns

>> No.1994633

and those are lists for normalfags, I'm not one of them so a ranking for usefulness as a normalfag does not apply to me.

>> No.1994651

I guess you're right, none of the lists mentioned anything about their usefulness for watching cartoons.

>> No.1994665

All the countries that speak it are either controlled by drug cartels, literally in ruins, or going to become the next venezuela within 10 years, spain is doing the best and not by that much

>> No.1994673

i'm sure there are german/french pornography comic books you could also read anon

>> No.1994682

I know.

>> No.1994684

I don't care about that. I asked for what reason why would I want to learn spanish? Their culture? Visiting their countries? big kusa

>> No.1994708

of course there are. I never said that there weren't. japanese isn't the only language I study.

>> No.1994712

thats where you're wrong kiddo. Reddit only things theyre special snowflakes. they are actually as normie as a fucking pumpkin spice latte.

>> No.1994715

All of them are ranked by population, the only one that would be correct is chinese but you're subjecting yourself to being miserable forever

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EOP that JSL that forget about all of this start doing your mandarin reps we will all be forced to speak it soon better start early

>> No.1994767

And being an autistic faggots screeching REEEEE at everyone is what 4chan does. Both make you collosal faggots either way

>> No.1994775

…this has to be bait

>> No.1994787

The chinks are gonna take over the world

>> No.1994789
File: 575 KB, 3300x1956, 09bdc7b37a45871e4eebf7c6cfe8979a0679f1bf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The fact that they tolarete and despise us reassures us that their priorities are straight and we can actually trust them, unlike our own corrupt culture and government,

>> No.1994811

bro you should work on your english before you even start with japanese lol

>> No.1994824

>learn japanese
>literally no competition in any field since it filters so many people
This doesn't happen in any other language other than chinese

>> No.1994825
File: 91 KB, 534x363, amerimutt ses.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>learning bad, only English important

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>> No.1994885

I swear I've seen this exact same thread with this exact same responses, except replace vtubers with videogames and on /v/

>> No.1994895

>You will never be a video game.

>> No.1994908

it's an age old debate after all.

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Then why aren't you teaching English there instead of trying to justify it's usefulness in the US on an English message board?
Very interesting.

>> No.1994931

this is the new /v/ colony, what did you expect?

>> No.1994933

usefulness ≠ makes you money. skills can be useful for increasing your enjoyment of things too

>> No.1994977

Read what the reply was to.

>> No.1994979

Why isn't anyone explaining the usefulness of spanish despite this thread saying it's a better language to learn?

>> No.1994998

just because he's an idiot doesn't mean your argument isn't flawed.

>> No.1995024

This didn't happen back in /jp/

>> No.1995042

it did after the EN debuts.

>> No.1995097

You're free to go back any time. You can hang out in the niji threads.

>> No.1995102

getting their chuubas ripped from them and given to the rest of 4chan has /jp/ in an autistic fit, it'll probably be next year before the shitposting calms down

>> No.1995133

>learning to write and read
>not learning to speak first
retard alart.

>> No.1995161

I learned reading first for japanese, started with 羅生門 actually. read a translation and just needed to read it in japanese.

>> No.1995165

>be talking about the business incentive to learn Japanese over other languages
>uh well actually not everything is about making money!
That's a different argument now, isn't it, ESL-chama?

>> No.1995171

its much easier to learn nip if you can think in it. which is much easier if you have voice to go off of.

>> No.1995175

All the people complaining about EOP's and Gatekeeping are idiots. The real people that we should of Gatekept are the retards that Bootlick Cover 24/7. I miss the days back on /jp/ when people used to share member streams. No people care way too much about the brand and defend it no matter what. That is Reddit behavior.

>> No.1995205

I'm sure it is, but I feel like I have a much better understanding of kanji and radicals than other people I talk to at my skill level.

>> No.1995217

yeah, and I acknowledged that, doesn't mean your logic isn't bad.

>> No.1995255

to add to this I think I have much better keigo too

>> No.1995258

Every thread with a haachama op is guaranteed to be shit, why is this?

>> No.1995271

the P in "EOP" stands for patrician

>> No.1995280

Every thread on this board is guaranteed to be shit

>> No.1995283

I've been learning Japanese since 2015 to read visual novels. Pretty convenient that's vtubers is a thing. Fuck EOPs though.

>> No.1995287

no it stands for porridge

>> No.1995291
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>> No.1995303

Except my oshi's threads

>> No.1995306

My nigger you are definitely an EOP

>> No.1995316

>he's never gonna make it bros

>> No.1995331
File: 35 KB, 645x320, descartes2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

she's just the threadspam target of the week, next time it's going to be your oshi


>> No.1995338

What’s your progress look like?

>> No.1995359

that would mean you just replied to a bait thread.

>> No.1995383

She's actually pretty intelligent and hard working so no surprise there.

>> No.1995384

Start learning mandarin I warned you when the take over happens you will fall behind chinks are gonna rule all of us they started doing it in africa and soon will do it to the west unless we do something we will be forced to speak chink

>> No.1995389

I can understand basic sentences in my VNs if i read em slowly. Still have a really hard time understanding what my oshi (Botan) says 95% of the time, but it's worth the grind to not be a filthy EOP

>> No.1995421

why are you reading chat at first place anyway

>> No.1995448
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>tfw China takes over Japan next year and all the girls are forced to speak mandarin
EOPchads just cant stop winning

>> No.1995463
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>> No.1995465

>I miss the days back on /jp/ when people used to share member streams
This never happened unless you're a globalfag.

>> No.1995482

Because sometimes the girls are talking to chat directly and if you don't know what they're reading you lose half the context.

>> No.1995525

The fuck are expecting it to be lmao

>> No.1995582

This. I can't stand the Reddit holier than thou attitude when it comes to them sucking corporate cock

>> No.1995909

You must be 18 years of age or older to use 4chan. I'm 32. How old are you all?

>> No.1995963

How was your nap in between posts gramps?
Also 25

>> No.1995991

>EOP larpers were Zhangs the whole time

>> No.1995999


>> No.1996006

It was very nice, thank you for asking, lawl

>> No.2002039

Some EOPs are obnoxious retards who are proud of being ignorant, just like how some JSL schizos are walking examples of the Dunning-Kruger effect who think their elementary school-tier Japanese gives them absolute knowledge.

>> No.2003337


>> No.2003512

Why isn't this garbage thread deleted

>> No.2003551

They just want to gatekeep, which I can completely understand

>> No.2010206


>> No.2010214


>> No.2010384


>> No.2010671

I'm from the other pervert island Britain nothing the Nips do can rot my brain further than the humid climate of my native land

>> No.2011334

Joke's on you, I was merely pretending to be retarded - The thread.

>> No.2016868

Nobody thinks this, moron

>> No.2017339

At this point they're objectively right to look upon EOPs with contempt. I've been watching anime for 15 years and still haven't learned nip yet, clearly I'm a lazy retard

>> No.2018804

Because it doesn't have any, it was just a point a fag was trying to make:

>> No.2019034

What is interesting about EOP is that if we consider why people hate niggers acting like niggers in public, such as being rude, just shouting/blabbing random shit that doesn't make sense, acting or saying foolish things....this is exactly what the EOPs do in hololive chat. Therefore the EOPs in the holochat are akin to niggers acting out in public. The irony also being that the same EOPs are also the same people who hate said niggers (and rightfully so, which is why they shouldn't act like one).

>> No.2019056


>> No.2019105

Technically everyone ITT is an EOP until proven otherwise. The real problem is Globalfags and those who started Hololive with EN and still won't do their lore/reps. Some just admit they use Hololive as an outlet for shitposting and stick to clips and 4chan only for their daily dose, and those are the real chocoballs of the fanbase

>> No.2022099

It's a sunk cost fallacy.
They've deluded themselves into thinking that learning an irrelevant and dying
language is something that makes them superior.
They can't accept the reality that the countless hours they've pissed away could have been spent acquiring a skill that is actually useful.

>> No.2025250

How much cognitive dissonance does a post like this take?

>> No.2026250

Gatekeeping is a good thing you trannoid nigger.

>> No.2026466

Not when it's down by autistic faggots.
And there's no shortage of those on this board.

>> No.2028307

Reminds them they are lower than esls they pretend to hate

>> No.2029430

checkd and correct

>> No.2032072
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>types in chat.
>No one understands their message.
>has to rely on people to translate their messages.
>obviously no ones going to do that
>Oshi rolls her eyes as its another Englishfag in in her stream
The life of EOP is pathetic.

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