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You will post Lulu Suzuhara or you will die

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What, you gonna konlulu me?

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she's be mostly non-notable at first if it wasn't for her eyes.

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Has she ever made collabs with other vtubers outside of Niji?

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Sure, here's a Lulu
but no lulewds

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Yes, with her sisters (one of them, Sephira, graduated recently) and with Patra, that I know of.

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I actually only have 2 lulu images

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everyone's be mostly non-notable at first if it wasn't for their uniqueness

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We're all going to die eventually, anon.

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Creepy Lulu asides I genuinely like her soothing voice. I can't think of any other hologirl giving me the same vibes.
The only other voice I'd probably like to hear all the time is Rushia for of her strong imouto vibes, but she's kind of hazardous.

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>got baited by her stares
>stayed for said stares, soothing voice, mannerisms (both cute and creepy), endurance gaming, booba etc.

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Lulu Suzuhara or you will die

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>she now owns a sandbag and will eventually do this IRL and murder someone

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2 Lulus!

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File: 2.83 MB, 516x510, 【桃太郎電鉄 ~昭和 平成 令和も定番!】ひとりで!!桃鉄!!やってみるるよ!!【鈴原るる_にじさんじ】-dl8pTAA9nRQ (1).webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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>she's back
NICE! She's playing Little Nightmares in an hour and a half:

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File: 845 KB, 550x610, 【Good Job】このビルのてっぺんに立つッッ!!!【鈴原るる_にじさんじ】-raCfyjAYtro.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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Mogu mogu konlulu

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She got herself a cat

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Oh no! She broke her guitar!

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her voice is so comfy

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come, we are having handshake event


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How many you want ,anon? also that pic is mine

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She can do it!

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I love falling asleep to her voice

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What a CUTIE

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Will I die even if I post, if I ask if her content is as entertaining as reaction images made from her?

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I don't think so, it's more sleep content than anything.

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She had a lot of funny moments with lize , some of it is on lize lulu podcasts

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>had cat.png underneath her avatar for the entire stream

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Her streams leans way more towards the comfy tier sort of like Ina. Her biggest selling points are her unlimited stamina and her ability not get frustrated by the games she plays, so if anything her fans are attracted because of the lack of reactions. She just knows how to utilize her avatar to play along her status of being inhuman

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Why the fuck did Lulu buy a punching bag for?

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>if I post, if I ask if her content is as entertaining as reaction images made from her?
I wish it was, she isn't funny like Mito or Sasaki, she can't provide entertaining commentary all the time like Lize and her streams aren't as comfy as say, Ars or Inui. Or maybe her content just isn't for me.

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She said yesterday that during her break she got a cat, a sandbag, a ps5 and forgot what else. The artists are already having a field day

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Wrong image, i'm fucking retarded

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Sora love!

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Little Nightmares II was a fun stream and perfect first game to stream on her return. Handshake event joke never gets old.

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Did Lulu ever finish Jump King?

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She finished the main game but not the expansion area IIRC.

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never been interested in the game but was fun to watch her play it, I think I liked the school/creepy teacher part the most, also her getting baited into traps was adorable af

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Is it still hard to get a PS5 in Japan? I think they had to apply to lotteries to get the chance to buy one.

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Cant be any worse than how it is in Western regions.

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post rare lulus

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I still don't get why the japanese are so obsessed with the demon core

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It's a meme. That's like asking why the fuck are redditors obsessed with panik kalm shit or 4chan users with wojak or frogs.

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Pure soul

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You all are welcome for me letting you have her back, for now. She'll need a break in a few months as our baby starts coming in.

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Don't be fooled, she knows how to lure men. As expected of an e-

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You okay anon? Were you taken away to be bred or someth

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