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>how much they deserved it

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>suffering 100
>deserved it 100

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Suffer 50
Deserved it 200

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80 suffering
10 deserved

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I guess I get this out the way before someone shit it up.

Suffer 60
Deserved 50

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Suffering 100
Deserved 90

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Request to add a date in the corner like the last one.

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Nene 75 suffering 75 deserved

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>People already putting people at way too high of a suffering level
Nobody posted so far should be above a 30 at the absolute most

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it's all relative, who's the highest out of all?

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The last time this idea was brought up it went nowhere. Vtubers are not anime characters, they evolve through the years. What's "accurate" right now, might become useless in the years
Also, people are biased af

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Ironmouse is an easy reference point.

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oops, meant for >>19857360 >>19857392

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Probably Ironmouse as the other anon said, but there are plenty of other chuubas streaming with severe chronic illnesses or in other extremely shitty situations

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see >>19857360

matuli is probably highest on the suffering since it never ends for her, but its self inflicted
Kiara, i unno, like a 40 for suffering an a 20 for deserve

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Who would get perfect 0?

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He's not suffering from the consequences of his actions and he obviously doesn't deserve it.

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latest one I could find

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Nah, she had the janitor yab.

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Hey fags, there should be at least a short explanation justifying the ratings being given.

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Suffering 90 she has SUPER BAD LUCK
Deserved 0 she got it from her grandma

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Natori 100 suffering 0 deserved, Sio 95 suffering 100 deserved

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What did Haneru do wrong?

>> No.19858300

What did debi do?

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Who's that handsome young man next to the janny?

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At least tell us the coordinates you niggers.

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You should make this a yearly tradition

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Huh, what ever happened to tranny shark?
Haven't seen her in ages

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Koronesuki. What about him?

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He’s a koala so he deserves to suffer

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Millie Parfait
10 suffering
45 deserving

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what did millie do? It's because she's a flip isn't it.

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She’s not suffering and she didn’t do anything to warrant suffering

>> No.19858831

enabling her coworkers shittalking vtubers from a rival corpo whose ID branch helped her grow during her 2view days in her PL

>> No.19858832

I will make changes if you suggest a new position and justify it

>> No.19858838

She contracted COVID and rumor has it that she was going out with Kanae secretly.

>> No.19858887

not what happened
cope holobrony

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Suffering 80 - Lost J1 League collab after months of preparation
Deserved 5

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Puts zero effort into anything and so became all but completely irrelevant

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The new COVID strain is pretty weak and even if the rumors are true (lmao if they are) it’s not that bad

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>suffering 95
>deserve it 35

>> No.19859086

Is she not going to miss any concerts this time? She's been pretty unlucky this year.

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60 Suffering
100 Deserved

>> No.19859132

That's why the charts are dated.
>vtubers aren't anime characters
Vtubing is all about being chuuni as fuck

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Mori should be lower on the suffering scale desu, around 30 and below. She has successfully locked herself in an echo chamber of sycophants and pretty much made it so any form of criticism will be "haters" and ignored. Not to mention she is currently the golden goose of Cover in the absence of Rushia and Coco which means that she'll be even more protected from accounatability.

>> No.19859157

Suffering: 90
Deserved: 15

>> No.19859167


>suffering 20
>deserve 0

>> No.19859207

Listener san was right. Doog's health was at risk and she is now literally in poor health. Change Listener's place to Suffering 100 Deserved 10.

>> No.19859234

>she'll be even more protected from accountability
That's not how it works in Hololive though. Even Pekora doesn't get preferential treatment.

>> No.19859242

because getting your chat and twitter tags spammed is totally equivalent to having to live in a plastic bubble like lol

>> No.19859260

No concerts announced recently, but she was part of that big concert that got canceled a couple of months ago. The people who got COVID during that concert or missed their chance performing the first time on stage suffered the most, not Mito

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I doubt we will be able to fill it.
Not even /a/ managed to make an accurate one and they had thousand more options than us

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>preferential treatment
Because she was denied a project that reeks of potential yab and opsec issues? Management saying no to pekol that one time was totally reasonable. Tolerating Mori's behavior is not.

>> No.19859322

Okay, then we should adjust her rating a couple of notches down.

>> No.19859334


aqua already there

>> No.19859367

Mori should be
30 suffering
75 deserving

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Inukai Purin
100 suffering
5 deserved

Hell, I challenge anyone to find someone with a higher suffering than her. Poor girl has the worst life rng.

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Suffering in which sense though. Yab-wise? or just their existence being suffering

>> No.19859594

Then we can move Maimoto
Suffering 70
Deserving 5
He lost that collaboration to no fault of his own. I lowered the suffering a little bit since I realized he's relatively successful with his career still.

>> No.19859654

OP, shouldn't we remove those inactive/retired vtubers to reduce clutter?

>> No.19859685

100 suffering
10 deserved
95 suffering
15 deserving

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15 S 100 D
60 S 50 D
45 S 55 D
30 S 60 D

>> No.19859797

Shartemis of the Loo
25 suffering
65 deserve it

>> No.19859834

What the hell is mito doing there?

Theres no way haachama is anywhere 100 suffering lol, or anyone in holo except maybe coco.

>> No.19859849

what did uto do?

>> No.19859879

(You)r oshi
Suffering 100
Deserved 0

>> No.19859886

Unrepentant whore.

>> No.19859964

tell me it isnt so

>> No.19859967

Anyone remember the names of 25,65, I remember they made youtube videos on a spaceship and probably quit before the vtuber boom late 2017

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natori already there

is >>19859154 your justification?

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I'm glad this retard is already on there.

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85 and plus suffering should be reserved for people that have graduated or had really, really shitty things happen to them.

>> No.19860253

Purin could take 15 deserved 100 suffering then

>> No.19860261

35 suffering
15 deserve it

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kanata occupied by mori


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please justify a requested change

>> No.19860611

Suffering: 50
Deserved: 5

>> No.19860690

>Ironmouse at anything below 100 suffering
And how are y'all justifying how much she deserved it? It's fucking genetic. Are you shaming a fetus?

>> No.19860704

Surely rushia should be bumped up to at least
She graduated after all

>> No.19860778

she's had sex though

>> No.19860800

I agree rushia is too low, I would place her at 90 95, personally

>> No.19860847

i know literally nothing about ironmouse
whats her deformation?

>> No.19860880

She's bedridden for life. Autoinmune disease.

>> No.19860886

That has nothing to do with anything.

>> No.19860891

Shes like retarded and needs plasma replacement every 2 weeks

>> No.19860899

Nevermind, found them. Barara & Karen. Didn't quit until 2018.

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rushia changed

>> No.19860983

She got COVID and isn’t able to stream for a while, but the new strain is pretty weak so she’s gonna be fine. She’s still a successful Vtuber so I don’t think she’s suffering. Also hasn’t really done anything to deserve suffering

>> No.19861013

who had to spend years of her life in hospital, and had her family home burn down
>suffering 5

>> No.19861073 [DELETED] 

Iron mouse, for all her suffering, 100% deserves.
She abandoned her daughter, after all.
I propose
S: 70 - She could've been faking her illness. Also she had a very successful subathon on Twitch.
D: 100 - For being a piece of shit.

>> No.19861091

Saw her manipulate her chat saying “guess nobody wants to watch me anymore” when her subathon timer got low so ya she deserves it

>> No.19861203

Genetically busted immune system > lungs turned to swiss cheese by common infection > long hospital stays and being stuck in bed atrophies her muscles

She can barely walk, barely eat anything other than applesauce, oatmeal, and meal replacement shakes, is regularly taking medicine that is damaging her hearing, needs regular infusions of donor plasma (which is in short supply) to have any protection against other common infections

>> No.19861208

Stole her design, then attacked the original artist. She's making cash out of his work and basically got away with it.

>> No.19861242

Suffering: 95
Deserved: 5
Shes been protecting nature for 4.54 billion years afterall

>> No.19861282

How is she alive?

>> No.19861293

immune deficiency, not autoimmune.

>> No.19861335

I thinks it’s some sort of immune system deficiency. Also someone here posted a clip here of her on an older account talking about how her ex-husband was abusive (or something like that). So I’d definitely put her suffering at 100.

I think
is better, wouldn’t go much beyond that given that she still has fans in spite of the great yab.

Good point

>> No.19861363

Don't take good places with meme scores.
Fauna is a 20 suffering at most.

>> No.19861401

Oxygen tube, plasma donations, a port in her chest that allows medicine straight into her heart

>> No.19861438

Also that Nux drama showed everyone how fake these vshojo girls are.

>> No.19861534

All vshojo girls are +70 deserved for sure, with Melody being the best person around.

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mito changed

ironmouse changed

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Educate yourself on scams and twitch

>> No.19861620

Right. Ironically, Melody seems to be the only one genuine there.

>> No.19861621

She neglected to tell her audience about it for a while for this reason

>> No.19861776

are you an idiot

>> No.19861918


>> No.19861954

gosling...had a hard life

>> No.19862018

hiding behind a vtuber avatar is actually the perfect defense for doing a scam like Ironmouse is doing
>can you prove your lungs are fucked up?
>dont want to doxx myself
>can you at least take a picture of the machine?
>dont want to doxx myself
>dont want to doxx myself

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forgot mito

already occupied

rushia changed



>> No.19862120

I think we should take mouse on her word regarding the level of suffering unless there is evidence to suggest otherwise. On the basis of the prior statements I’d put her at
The deserving being based upon >>19861091


>> No.19862202

What was the project?

>> No.19862212

suffering 10
deserved 0

>> No.19862235

>already occupied
It isn't though.
Towa is at 15.

>> No.19862248

Yes. Mori isn't suffering as much as she deserves or thinks.

>> No.19862327

Even in a world where you are right, no one will give a shit because you're such an asshole.

>> No.19862361


>> No.19862453

I'm not sure if she ever confirmed what it was but the most plausible theory is that it might've been something that involved fan participation so it got rejected. A /vt/ rrat said it may have been a minecraft meetup with fans.

>> No.19862480

You said 100 suffering 10 deserved

>> No.19862534

Anon, Rushia is at 100D right now, and GFE isn't even something immoral. Anyone who's not retarded wouldn't get affected by it anyway.
>Ironmouse - abandoned her daughter
>Apricot - adultery
If Nyanners is a 100D, then these two above should be worse than her.

>> No.19862540

Yes, and towa is at 100 suffering and 15 deserved, so the space below her.

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ironmouse changed

I thought you meant 100 suffering 10 deserved, but I suppose you mean 10 suffering 100 deserved. Added

Mori changed

>> No.19862626

Pochi should probably be suffering 80+ with ~10 deserves it. She basically spends her life in bed on a good day and in the hospital on a bad day. All she did wrong is giving numerous people a /ss/ fetish.

>> No.19862627

Anon, X axis is read first.

>> No.19862630

Anon, please consider my points on Ironmouse again. >>19862534

>> No.19862781

please restate your suggested position
I don't mind moving back and forth, so any "final" position should hopefully be reached by majority decision

>> No.19862808

suffering 30
deserved 0

>> No.19862900

Requesting Millie get moved to 10,10. Initial reasoning was BS as they say she deserves to suffer because she was in that nothing Discord leak and all she said was, "Glad to have you with us, Shu" when he mentioned he failed hololive audition cause they were accepting males at the time.

Sana at 100S, 60D. Back injuries are the worst but she deserves the flak she's getting for not communicating it earlier.

>> No.19862901
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already occupied by aloe


>> No.19862919
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60 D
20 S

>> No.19862931

Proposing to change Ironmouse's D to 95 at least so
S: 100
D: 95

>> No.19862972

Nobu 60S 10D. Gave up her dream job because she wanted to do covers/collabs, but management just wanted more sexual ASMR.

>> No.19863081

beatani deserves ZERO

>> No.19863113

Just put it somewhere close, 75-5

Speaking of Pochi, Reine should be 15-5. She has regular back problems but hasn't done anything wrong, is hardworking, and according to the people who have actually spoken and interacted with her, very kind.

>> No.19863130

wtf is your damage, dude

>> No.19863159

Dude she is still getting horrible messages. Her suffering is higher than 50.

>> No.19863181
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Matsuro Meru
70 Suffering
40 deserve it

>Goes into a loop of being very sweet and high energy and productive, and then dives into depression.
>Every time she does start to get out of the loop, something happens like getting sick or a family member dying.
>Often goes radio silent and disappears for a week or more.
>autoimmune disorder so she doesn't go outside much, if at all.
>Sometimes streams high as fuck. Recently did a stream so high she didn't remember streaming it the next day.
>Often gets her mother's problems thrown on her. Like when her mom bought a guinea pig, dropped it off at Meru's place, claim she needed her to take care of it for a bit, then never picked it up.
>Recently went four months of being on time and active and then yet another family member died.

>> No.19863183

She's a kusobear. She causes her own suffering by acting schizo.

>> No.19863206

Why the fuck is Towa at D100? If you're talking about her first yab, S should be higher and D should be lower. She took a pretty big hit and took a long time to recover (S should be at least higher than Nene if you compare how much each suffered for their respective yabs), but what she did isn't comparable to what Sio or Rushia did.

>> No.19863220

Having your house burned and having a heart disease is not suffering?

>> No.19863241
File: 2.04 MB, 1104x1080, 1612929966480.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.19863278

Why is Towa 100D?
She didn't do something illegal nor immoral. In fact a lot of her coworkers have only good things to say about her. Her fans affectionately tease her about being an angel.

>> No.19863335

Because holofags are dumb and can't really justify most of their scores.

>> No.19863393

WTF, where is the completed chart?

>> No.19863433

excellent chart.

>> No.19863439

The fact that most of her gachikois forgave her and she now gets to keep a higher percentage of their money evens it out.

>> No.19863444
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millie moved
ironmouse moved


>> No.19863458
File: 640 KB, 4160x3120, IMG_20220222_051223.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Suffering: atleast 60
Deserved: 0

>> No.19863524

>not 100 deserved
>suffering so low

>> No.19863546
File: 109 KB, 201x251, 11026103-8075-403E-9133-982020661390.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Almost killed by Sio and her fans for nothing
Chieri suffering 80
Deserving it 0
Also, fuck Sio

>> No.19863556

>Recently did a stream so high she didn't remember streaming it the next day.
What stream was this?

>> No.19863613

I agree with this anon. Towa suffered more than Nene. She got canceled by nips because of her voice and THAT scandal, had to be saved by EOPs so she can restart her career, clawed her way back to the grace of nips audience by establishing connections with the FPS crowd.

>> No.19863631

Why do you keep putting Ironmouse on the right?

>> No.19863633


>> No.19863636
File: 557 KB, 850x784, EyBd6jQWYAAvT6j.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

50 suffering
80 deserved

>> No.19863691

Suffering 85
Deserving 25

>> No.19863717
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occupied by aqua

see >>19858832

>> No.19863783

She deleted the Twitch vod.

>> No.19863799

If gosling is us, we kinda deserve it a bit more considering we fell into the rabbithole and didn't turn back.

>> No.19863808

>explain why it should be changed
>give me numbers
>give numbers
>explain why it should be changed
For fuck's sake. >>19863633 because>>19863278, >>19863206 and >>19863613.

>> No.19863953

Bruh we've already explained that Ironmouse's suffering has a genetic cause, that's an automatic 0 on the deserved scale

>> No.19863955

Ironmouse is a horrible person, anon. You can't have Rushia and Nyanners at 100D and Mouse getting less than that.

>> No.19863998

Ame should be moved 4 or so spaces to the right, she's kind of a bitch and a gremlin sometimes, certainly not a zero.

>> No.19864025

>Ironmouse is a horrible person, anon.
Based on what?

>> No.19864027

No bro. That disease is a 100 karma for abandoning her child and trying to cancel Nux without cause.

>> No.19864033


>> No.19864112

Much of her suffering is also self-inflicted through lack of self-control. Agree it should be a lot higher than 5.

>> No.19864133

Miko has a chronic disease of some sort that made her have to stop streaming for over 3 months
I would argue that this is a higher than average level of suffering, also considering how poorly she was doing viewers wise early

and Artemis fucking shilled himself for weeks and had a wet fart of a debut and no personality
I guess it's not so extremely egregious but the difference between expectation and reality makes one deserve more suffering i'd say

>> No.19864139

It's only to chat though and chat loves it. All her interactions outside of the role she plays is pretty wholesome and sweet.

>> No.19864165

You know the "abandoning a child" thing is literally not true, right?
And Nux had it coming.

>> No.19864213
File: 878 KB, 2199x2163, suffering chart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

forgot pomu

Towa changed, didn't see a justification to change nene

already occupied by natori

ame changed

>> No.19864220

>abandoned her daughter
How are you going to doxpost and still get information wrong?

>> No.19864247

>trying to cancel Nux without cause

>> No.19864333

>>19864033 here
35, 15 instead. Some of her suffering is self inflicted. Just because she's my Oshi doesn't mean I should be biased towards her in this.

>> No.19864335


>> No.19864371

S 10
D 80
Shion, bratty Kusogaki next to Samegaki

>> No.19864375

Mouse admitted fault in the end. They were in the wrong. They didn't know they're being recorded.
>You know the "abandoning a child" thing is literally not true, right?
If people wanna take her word for being "ill", then it's fair to believe her story about her abandoning her child.

>> No.19864518
File: 9 KB, 128x128, 1613387075035.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19864573

>bullied even by her teachers for being a haafu
>had little to no friends until the last years of highschool
>was anorexic for a period of time
>the cat she always dreamed to have had a genetic disease and almost dies
>has seen a great amount of her friends graduate without reincarnating
>got depression from magnet's graduation
>almost graduated because of it
>a relative who was like a brother to her commited suicide a couple of weeks ago, thinks she could've done something about it
probably should be a little higher in suffering
did I miss anything?

>> No.19864596
File: 908 KB, 2199x2163, suffering chart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

added, also nice dubs and trips

please suggest a position if you would like a change

already at 100S 10D

>> No.19864681

do you have a specific place in mind?

>> No.19864682

She... doesn't have a story about abandoning her child? Dude you are LITERALLY making shit up. You've got full schizo.

>> No.19864692

Suzuhara Lulu
Suffering: 55
Deserved it: 0

>> No.19864748
File: 923 KB, 2199x2163, suffering chart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19864764

Nene should be lower simply because she faced almost no consequence compared to others at the same height S as her. A little shit talking in anonymous boards an twitter with no punishment besides a scolding from management doesn't warrant being almost as high as Rushia, Aloe and Aqua. I think 35 is high enough for her. D from 75 to 80 because she made it worse herself by not admitting it straightforwardly in her apology, which increased the shitposting by a lot on the nip side.

>> No.19864814

S: 10 has a successful career so far.
D: 95
His RM history is horrible. This guy is a known pedophile according to StarBot.

>> No.19864836

suffering 60
deserved 5 or 10

>> No.19864913

95 suffering
10 deserved
Living in south africa is hell. I've never seen a streamer cancel a stream because their house was getting shot at before.

>> No.19865007

Nene Amano
Suffering: 0
Deserved it: 10

>> No.19865022

she hasn't paid for her sins yet

>> No.19865026

Seconding this. Any stories relating to her kid are unstantiated and pure shizo posting. Mousey deserves to be negative 5 on the chart for how much work she's put in to still have a life and take care of herself even with her shit situation.

>> No.19865034

>she faced almost no consequence
She almost got canceled over a nothingburger you retard. The "victim", which is her friend, wasn't even complaining at all.

>> No.19865050

Ironmouse and Mashiro should both be at suffering 100 and on the lower end of the deserving scale, that other chart had it pretty accurate for those two

>> No.19865055

Mocca at 90/65
Lauren at 85/20

>> No.19865112

What sins or are you just autistic? What am I say? Of course you are

>> No.19865124

People who claim Mouse is a saint didn't see the video. Please do you reps first.

>> No.19865126
File: 948 KB, 2199x2163, suffering chart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nene changed


miko changed


>> No.19865229

Shouldn't aloe and ironmouse be switched?

>> No.19865277

"almost got canceled" is nothing compared to the others at that height. She went back to streaming normally a few days later with her fanbase intact, holofags generally on her side and most other people are already forgetting the subject. If this turns out to affect her numbers on the long run and she has to grind for a long time to regain her trust like Towa did, maybe she should be moved higher, but for now it really looks like it ended up being a nothingburger.

>> No.19865284

If we're talking about how shitty her life has been like 95, but since her career has been pretty good and she's loved by everyone probably about maimoto and maybe pochi

>> No.19865286

Why was Artia 100/100 again? Did she get killed?

>> No.19865287

Sin of spamming this board with herself constantly.

>> No.19865309

Redpill me on mothbitch what did she do to deserve it?

>> No.19865327

Its not just her tracing incident. She's always had the debuff of being in the cursed get 5 along with very recent depression made even worse by the fact her oshi killed herself. Nene is without a doubt suffering more than the halfway point.

>> No.19865341

by tradition Anon should always be 100,100

switch with artia

>> No.19865350

she's been a bitch on her past lifes

>> No.19865399

Then tell that to OP. I was only talking about it from the point of view of the tracing yab.

>> No.19865411


>> No.19865453

I suggest you move the 3 top-right girls counterclockwise. Also, with how her life went, shouldn't Shuba be on S20?

>> No.19865490

>They didn't know they're being recorded
Except none of them were recorded. Just Mel in the userlist. No conversation with any of them.

Sure they made themselves look like retards, but really? Criticizing someone publicly is now the worst of crimes? Everyone crying about it like they'd been shot needs to go get shot.

>> No.19865501

She missed a couple of streams just right after her birthday for something that shouldn't have been a scandal. That's thousands of dollars worth of SC and merch income she missed. Also her merch got recalled.

>> No.19865511
File: 105 KB, 900x900, Pippa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Move Artia to 95/95 and put Moot in 100/100 for his recent child porn charges.

Pipkin Pippa in 90 suffering/10 deserved. We don't know her age, but most of the shit she's gone through is due to her shitty childhood much like Ame.

>> No.19865525

I wish I could reveal how I know, but god yes she's been a complete fucking diva her whole career.

>> No.19865552

Nippleman (Lauren Iroas) should be on 80/80. His suffering keeps growing, and he was retarded enough to admit to pirating the thing.

>> No.19865557

We've all seen the video, there's just one schizo who wildly misunderstood it and continues to pointlessly seethe about it.

>> No.19865566
File: 1007 KB, 2199x2163, suffering chart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


please provide a justification for any suggested changes

>> No.19865571

On the basis of
I think we should bump Subaru up to
at least

Also I believe we should put rrat-poster(s) at
Because rrats actually bring joy to the poster at the cost of misery to the receiver

>> No.19865601

>Criticizing someone publicly is now the worst of crimes?
It's not just criticizing. They were trying to kill Nux's career. I don't care for that guy, but when it was revealed that Nux was in the right, everyone backpedaled. Mouse is a scum.

>> No.19865665

90 is very high, what has this rabbit gone through to justify that?

>> No.19865671

She got more sympathy SC thanks to the yab than she would have gotten otherwise. The merch loss, she brought on herself, so I guess moving her up-right would make sense.

>> No.19865698

Mio should have a much higher suffering and deserved ranking considering she was the catalyst for the permission's arc.

>> No.19865725

So it's a "Trust me. I'm a private eye"

>> No.19865744

You do not understand the permissions arc.

>> No.19865770

Fuck off, shill. Unless you can refute that video, that's a valid evidence for Mouse being a 100D.
Also, I think Mouse should be a 50S. She went to Japan earlier. It's becoming apparent now that her disability is not really that dire cause she can travel. She is a manipulative person, we can't even trust her words anymore.

>> No.19865778

Koyori 15 15

>> No.19865852

Zentreya AKA TTSdragon
Suffering: idk
Deserved: nothing below 80

>> No.19865862

The SC she got was peanuts. We didn't even include the damage to her reputation. She should be moved upwards-left.

>> No.19865924

go white knight somewhere else

>> No.19865928

Miyabi is probably 70/15 for being the first homo and his rough debut

>> No.19865936
File: 51 KB, 800x529, 1636655886664.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pekora: S30 D10
Korone: S85 D0
Kronii: S40 D9999
Sana: S60 D60
Fubuki: S75 D0

>> No.19865985
File: 1018 KB, 2199x2163, suffering chart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

moved nene

good enough reason for anon, need to justify artia

please provide justification for suggested changes

justify artia
that was actually another man named moot
pippa added

lauren changed

>> No.19866015

i'd move aqua a little to the right because how she absolutely abandoned Coco during the taiwan yab, and put Pikamee in her place

>> No.19866025

Basing it on comparison for Ame's suffering stories. She's indie and not well known, but some of the stories hit just as hard.

One example, her family had a small pet shop, and her sister/family would just take home small pets from the shop then basically stop caring for them after a matter of weeks, and let them languish and slowly die/abandon them. Had a huge impact on her for care of animals and such.

>> No.19866074

Mouse went to Japan. From being bedridden for the rest of her live to being able to travel abroad, how does that even make sense?
I propose we should change Mouse's suffering position.

>> No.19866179

You dumb nigger, are you talking about her recent stream? Where a guy took a stream rig backpack with him and was a virtual tourguide for her while she was still bedridden some place in Puerto Rico?

>> No.19866224

Thats... honestly not that bad.
I wouldn't call it a 90.

>> No.19866251


>> No.19866274

Also, Pippa is NOT indie.

>> No.19866280

Deadbeats S 20 D 100

>> No.19866286

>>19866074 (me)
S: 60 - She can actually travel. Her sickness isn't really that debilitating, might not even be true. Also, she got 3rd for the highest amount of subs in Twitch history. That should lower her suffering points right?
D: 95 - Remain as-is.

>> No.19866343
File: 1.19 MB, 2199x2163, suffering chart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

subaru changed
rrat added

mouse changed


>> No.19866345 [DELETED] 

On the basis that many anons in the thread disagree with the validity of the assertion that mouse abandoned her daughter I propose we move mouse back to
With her moved we can move atria to
So that anon can take his rightful place at

>> No.19866359

>please provide justification for suggested changes
Also, not that anon but.
>need to justify artia
I wouldn't put her away from the corner. It'd be
>Artia / Anon
>IM / Sio
Sio should stay there now that I think about it. Artia keeps suffering but living in bugland against your will counts a little for the D axis. Mouse is getting somewhat better treatments, so her suffering is a bit less. Anon is self-explanatory.

>> No.19866502

There's nothing to refute, there's nothing in that video that's ba-
>She went to Japan earlier.
Oh. Oh! You're trolling. I thought you were legitimately crazy, but you're just having a giggle.

>> No.19866549

Bro, Mouse suffering shouldn't be 100. It's not even verified that she's really ill, but we are sure that she's incredibly rich. She even made it to Twitch record for subs count.

>> No.19866622

>because how she absolutely abandoned Coco during the taiwan yab

>> No.19866673

You've got to be fucking kidding me. Should we move Kuzuha to the right as well for deleting his tweet of support for Coco?

>> No.19866739

swap gosling out with mashiro
>bullied in school
>shit family
>had to work with corpses for some time to make ends meet
>witnessed death twice
>mom tried to commit family suicide
>the spongebob incident

>> No.19866750

dude, you just made me look like a cooldown posting nigger

>> No.19866792

S: 5
D: 85

>> No.19866834

Anon may be a faggot but he hasn't betrayed everyone he knows

>> No.19866859

I would like to posit that watame should take the spot at
Because according to posts on here apparently she had a bad father and in general she is a sensitive sheep who acts as a grief counselor for the chat. I have not heard of anything bad she has done to deserve to suffer. Also add watamelon at 0s 0d because watamelon represents shitposting bliss.

Her having all that money is a good point. I still think the immunodeficiency is worth taking at face value as many posters belieb it. Perhaps a nice 85s 85d would be good?

>> No.19866872

Sana has a broken back, she can't even stream properly. If Ironmouse gets S:100, Sana should get 80. It's actually affecting her job unlike Ironmouse who can stream like nothing.

>> No.19866894

>he hasn't betrayed everyone he knows
lmao even

>> No.19866921

>Unrepentant whore
spoonfeed me anon. i heard she had a yab with one of her outfits but she disappeared and /vt/ moved onto other drama before i could get the full picture

>> No.19866969

Idk, was Kuzuha the one being supported by Coco while he has being attacked by antis? no, but Aqua was.

>> No.19867024
File: 1.10 MB, 2199x2163, suffering chart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

justify moving sana
fubuki already occupied
others added

moved aqua
justify pikamee

oh shit it was pikamee
jesus christ this is what happens when you don't follow the format
pikamee and nene fixed


mouse moved

>> No.19867038

Coco made Ark a thing in Japan, the game which propelled Kuzuha to stardom. That should count for something.

>> No.19867172
File: 459 KB, 913x527, KitanyaGosling2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For me what puts her so high isn't even the farm raid shit. It's that on top of
>SA power and internet just go out sometimes so she has to cancel streams and sit in pitch black
>Streaming so much Minecraft and staying SFW infested her community with cringe kids that she and her mods have to babysit
>Chronic pain and other health issues that keep her a shut in
>Takes a 2.5 month break because she went to get a surgery, and the doctor fucked up and stabbed her stomach, necessitating another surgery right after
>Has tons of stories that basically end with "and then I almost got raped"
>Basically has to move if she wants a career and happy life but is stuck in SA for at least a few more years so she can graduate with enough qualifications to get a job wherever she moves.
Tanya is the perfect chuuba for saviorfags

>> No.19867199

Miyabi is the most inoffensive homo of them all so he should be D 0.

>> No.19867232

>why did the girl who's always a target avoid the fire
she would have been collateral you fucking mong
probably would have quit sooner than coco if she got involved

>> No.19867233

I ask again: are you an idiot?

>> No.19867315

>justify pikamee
really shitty life and all of this>>19864573
If I had to add something it would be how so many viewers abandoned her as soon as HoloEN was announced

>> No.19867367

what did moth woman do
i don't know enough about her

>> No.19867387

95 suffering
95 deserved it

>> No.19867400
File: 1.10 MB, 2199x2163, suffering chart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

mouse artia and anon moved

if you want someone's spot you need to justify moving them too

justify moving sana


moved pikamee

>> No.19867425

even months after the incident when everyone was having collabs with Coco again she still didn't even mentioned her.

>> No.19867529

>If I had to add something it would be how so many viewers abandoned her as soon as HoloEN was announced
That happened but I think she's better off now. Pandering to EN fanbase by streaming on Twitch has worked well for her, and she has connections with basically every corpo + big indies like Kson because everyone just loves her

>> No.19867545

le ironic weeb who hates anime fans

>> No.19867565

where should Magnet/jellyfish go? If we're going by the underage thing.

>> No.19867576

Might as well air out the dirty laundry already if you think she deserves it that much to put her at 90

>> No.19867605

Would be okay if it was just that, but she hates japanese artists too. Fuck that.

>> No.19867627

not everyone cares about coco as much as you do
i doubt aqua and coco had much of a friendship considering they're night and day
why would she mention coco

>> No.19867631

I know Purin's a flip but may i know as to why her suffering placement is that high?

>> No.19867677

Yeah she's doing better now, but she's has to work for it a lot harder than before, and she's never had a big gain of subs since like more than a year before.

>> No.19867688

I get your point but we should put more weight on the recent happenings. I'm sure lots of vtubers have a sad past.
It's criminal to have Pikamee, Aqua and Aloe get the same suffering points.
Aloe lost her winning ticket to Hololive lottery. She hasn't even have a proper career yet and she still is suffering from mental illness. Her family broke apart. And she's not rich unlike those other people.

>> No.19867697
File: 833 KB, 494x714, Me and My EX.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

65 Suffering
100 Deserve it

Unicorns are mentally ill but deserve it, due to their own stupidity and the fact that they call everyone cucks despite the ones that are truly being cucked (by mental illness, their tulpa, and Rushia)

>> No.19867737

Her family got corona recently.
She almost died.
Her mom actually died in the next room over.
They were distant and finally starting to get along.
Her dad went to jail.
Her house got destroyed by a hurricane.
She's very emotionally dependent on chat, half of them being groomers.
And yeah, she is indeed flip.

>> No.19867751

You seem upset

>> No.19867760

I totally agree that aloe should be higher

>> No.19867772

Mysta at 65/60
Noraneko at 80/20

>> No.19867778

Holy fuck...

>> No.19867786

How about bumping korone up to 90s and 0d and putting watame to 85s and 0d based on the prior reasoning in >>19866859
I’d say being rather ill could warrant a 90s for korone.

Surely unicorns suffer as much as goslings as they always end up being cucked in the end. Perhaps 95s 95d?

>> No.19867891

>i doubt aqua and coco had much of a friendship considering they're night and day
why would she mention coco
they weren't friends when Coco stood up for her either though

>> No.19867922

Sure, I'm good with that

>> No.19867963

>an extrovert acts this way
>an introvert should also
why would aqua act like coco
aqua is not coco

>> No.19867971

nakiri ayame
suffering 15
deserved 70

>> No.19868048

I would't have a problem with Pika in the same tier as Maimoto or Pochi, but the problem is that those three probably deserve 0 suffering so I would't know who should be moved to the right

>> No.19868056
File: 1.14 MB, 2199x2163, suffering chart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

justify moving anon

maimoto is there

unicorn added and moved


>> No.19868144
File: 71 KB, 588x323, aqa1011-min.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You EOPs better stop talking shit about Aqua. She was one of the holos who lost the most from the bug yab and she never stopped being on Coco's side despite that. If you want to point fingers at somebody, point them at Cover for restricting their interactions or the chinks for being chinks.

>> No.19868162
File: 1.16 MB, 2199x2163, suffering chart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

forgot korone and watame

>> No.19868182

Someone stick pippa on here for me plz. Deserves a lot of suffering. Anyone based must suffer.

>> No.19868230

I wan't asking Aqua to stand up for her as Coco did, but to atleast acknowledge her, that even the most autistic of introverts should be able to do

>> No.19868319

She was literally not allowed to. See picrel >>19868144

>> No.19868421

Pippa is already up at 90/10.

>> No.19868424
File: 3.47 MB, 2440x7171, DoNOTREDEEM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you want a joke one or a filler you can add Pajeet, the niji samefag


>> No.19868483

I don't think Haachama is suffering. She's a yab machine that always gets away with it. I'd put her as a 5

>> No.19868491


>> No.19868523

Looking good anon.

Also how about Architect posters at 0s 25d, deserving some suffering for being weird and generally being content

How about the piss drinker, surely we have to put him somewhere?

>> No.19868534

>She was literally not allowed to
No, she didn't want to.
Unlike Aqua, Fubuki went all out in support of Coco. Fubuki is the one who lost the most. Cover chose Coco instead of the chinks. Aqua was wishy-washy about it.

>> No.19868587

would rather not add individual posters
architect is fine

>> No.19868588

She constantly blames herself for Coco's graduation

>> No.19868644

She suffered a lot when she was studying abroad.

>> No.19868676

She got her head cut off

>> No.19868761

Isn’t there a piss drinking thread? Ambrosia I think, maybe that infamous image can represent them. On that basis we ought to consider the cannibals of meat and the become lamy guys (maybe represented by anon with a lamy mask or something).

>> No.19868793
File: 1.19 MB, 2199x2163, suffering chart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19868818

Anon Pekora is also an introvert and not only she still collabed with Coco but she even made her a member of her minecraft construction group

>> No.19868883

>No, she didn't want to.
She did everything she could to acknowledge Coco without going against the management's directives, Kaichou herself is also to "blame" because she tried her best to not involve Aqua in that mess (see the already mentioned totsumachi).


>> No.19868998

bump limit reached, I won't update anymore tonight but I will check the thread when it archives

I may make a continuation thread tomorrow

>> No.19869013

why does hard working bubble girl deserve it more than lazy my dog died so imma take a break and injure myself girl

>> No.19869099

and look at all the good it did

>> No.19869158


>> No.19869197

How about Choco at 25s 0d she got shat on by the YouTube algorithm and I think someone here said that jp anons have messed with her in the past.

>> No.19869316
File: 10 KB, 512x512, 1646467054353.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Discord 0 suffering 95 deserved

>> No.19869375
File: 1.69 MB, 1920x1433, __kurumi_zettai_tenshi_kurumi_chan_drawn_by_neit_ni_sei__0dc53116f76d2303dd9bc96844a82314.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gosling should be replaced by Kurumi.

>> No.19869520

Kanata S85 D10
She has an incurable disease that causes hearing loss that she has to battle to keep her passion for singing alive. Also extreme vertigo.
Possessions stolen by a close friend before debut.
Anxiety attacks. Covid.

It would be funny to put her beside Watame.

>> No.19869530


>> No.19869645

so you're retarded
it accomplished literally nothing
coco quit didnt she

>> No.19869696

Move Aqua to the left. She doesnt deserve none of her suffering. Its just literal schizos attacking her all the time for made up reasons.

>> No.19869865

>I'm not visiting my dying friend because he's gonna die anyways

>> No.19870003

they interact as much off screen now as they did back then
not even comparable to a dying friend
but keep seething ig

>> No.19870282

The most retarded poster in this thread. It's so unfair to say that to Aqua who was herself caught in the crossfire. She is absolutely excused if you know the context, which I assume you don't since you posted something this retarded.

>> No.19870891

then keep her on 0 but move her lower, since she's done such a perfect job at avoiding schizos, she definetly hasn't suffered more than Maimoto.

>> No.19870915
File: 329 KB, 1000x1000, 1642623099792.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

koopa, i'd put her at 100s 10d in place of that listener san
>slew of illnesses that keep her bed bound including EDS and the same illness ame has that can't let them eat bread
>stories of getting fucked over by doctors and leaving the offices crying
>has been in a wheelchair before
>is currently on a pseudo break because boneitis hit her so hard she can't even talk for too long without getting sick
>lost weight because she pukes most of the food out

>> No.19870964

yeah, I don't know why she was put so high up when the worst she had was some Apex antis a year ago and losing her Chinese fans, and other vtubers have had both of those happen to worse degrees

>> No.19871252

she was the first to be added so there wasn't much comparison yet

>> No.19871312

>is currently on a pseudo break because boneitis hit her so hard
Why sugarcoat this, anon?
Her career went to shitter because she fucked a fan of hers.
She never really suffered. Her potential is low to begin with.

>> No.19871341

I mean it's not just apex antis
>smash bros antis
>ARK antis
>Taiwan antis
>rushia yab schizos
There is a couple

>> No.19871400

>hasn't suffered more than Maimoto
You're delusional. Aqua lost her Chinese fans and along with it money.

>> No.19871439
File: 140 KB, 295x331, 1629852053150.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>koopa talked about her illnesses fucking her over before the summer space incident
>this nigger somehow thinks she made it all up
you are the dumbest, most seething faggot i've ever seen and i hope you reincarnate as a homosexual in a muslim country

>> No.19871444

>smash bros antis
Damn, that's a blast from the past. I'd completely forgotten about that yab.

>> No.19871495

>she's done such a perfect job at avoiding schizos
She literally gets schizos for the most petty shit imaginable anon..

>> No.19871543

>if you want someone's spot you need to justify moving them too
i think goslings not having families that try to murder them is enough justification kek

>> No.19871589

Her merch still sells like crazy though, so not really a big loss for her.

>> No.19871654

I'm pretty sure losing literally all your money is worst than losing a percentage of your income.

>> No.19871783

>Living in south africa is hell. I've never seen a streamer cancel a stream because their house was getting shot at before.
Fake and gay. Gangland shootings doesn't happen in nice suburbs.

>> No.19871926

>faggots filling up the left column

Stop listening to every single retard that suggesting their oshi suffers but doesn’t deserve it any of it.

>> No.19871990

You sound mad, schizo.
*spits on you*

>> No.19872095

>sugest to move someone slightly to the right
>another two hour schizo argument starts
yeah no thanks

>> No.19872493
File: 41 KB, 330x330, tsrnmz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

AZKi needs to be shifted
Suffering: High
Deserved: Low-mid

>Suffered from design debuff for her first 2 costumes
>Was once part of upd8 (from the same company who mishandled talents like Kizuna and Nobuhime)
>INNK debuff instead of Hololive buff during essential growth periods
>As of today still part of Hololive Production and not Hololive like the rest of the female JP talent
>Many of her 40+ original songs have <200k views, some don't break 100k
>Has to watch the songs of every newer Hololive member eclipse her every time, still tweets positive comments about them despite the reverse rarely happening
>The coof killed her live show momentum
>Extensive networking throughout the scene, but most Hololive viewers have never heard of her
>(You) probably forgot she existed
>Has to work a day job that she hates

>Doesn't leech off Hololive members more often
>Chooses to take the VSinger route instead of the Hololive streamer route

>> No.19872540

>ignores how the reasoning was kinda bull

>> No.19872607

What the fuck is this absolute bullshit placement of Sana? She should be just one spot left of the Deadbeat.

>> No.19872657

also she uses her position to elevate lesser known vsingers (dont stop the music, collabs, opening acts on her lives)

>> No.19872736


comments referring to placement in

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