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I have a mission for you, since I have failed miserably at it myself.

Find me a small english vtuber with a personality more advanced than "I'm horny XDD"

Hard mode: less than 1k subs

It doesn't have to be great, I'll be happy if it isn't just a copy of all the others.

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here you go

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Why even

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On right now

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>not horny

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>not horny
>life expectancy

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>joke stealing

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She seems cool, I'll subscribe and see

Checking those, some of thse are way below 1k and I had no idea they existed, good job.

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She tries to keep it seiso. https://www.youtube.com/c/Shizukou/videos

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That ninja LARPer
I remember seeing clip of toothpaste man singing pretty well
That one [Insert non-weeb Europen country] VTuber! I know of him/her because I checked if there's anyone from my country!

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>life expectancy

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Wow she thought that a gang would use guns to commit a robbery, just like this image, and that must mean she stole the joke because gangs using guns is a unique fucking idea, never mind that they aren't even the same kind of gun and it's not the same joke.

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Eira Woolcott
bonus: she's from /here/

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The gun isnt the joke. The joke is "what if the dudes that stole the PS5 talked like stereotypical Brits."

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Princess Yukari
Nimu Berry
Ayu Chii
ProjectUglyBastard is questionable but different

It's a minefield, though, even those who don't promote themselves as "+18" end up being a copy of the archetype.

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You mean the shtick she's been doing since day one holy shit what the fuck.

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"stereotypical" is the keyword here stupid.

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Yeah because it's a super unique idea for a British person to do a stereotypical British accent as a joke and no British person has ever done that ever until that day and in fact accent jokes have only been discovered since that news story fuck off.

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Not a VTuber

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Not below 1k, but neither are sexual. Emmy is more calm compared to toast, and is a Jap ESL.

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i dont watch him but the title is funny as fuck

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>a real muslim vtuber

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It's more likely that she saw the popular twitter joke and copied it rather than whatever you think happened that lead to her to do this bit, stupid.

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It's refreshing to see something different around here, even eating your favourite dish every day can be tiring.

English vtubers that aren't absolute normie trash are possible, but more often than not you have to dig a lot.

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ISIS-chan chuuba when?

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Rose has 5k subs, but she's a gem.
Neko too, though she's an acquired taste.
Nina too, obviously, but she's on twitch and I don't know how well subs translate to followers.

Really, there's plenty of good ENvtubers out there. It's mostly the very big ones that often fall for the toilet humor gimmick.

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>It's mostly the very big ones that often fall for the toilet humor gimmick.
Oh anon, oh anon, if only you knew the trash can that is the indie envtuber scene

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>searching through twitter
ah, I see the problem.

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this is truly the most potent self shill bait i've come across yet

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Don't be like that anon, did vtubers self promote in this thread?
Did we get example of small indie english vtubers that are not literally an Artemis clone?
That's also true and I'll personally be taking a look at some of them I had no idea existed.

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Based and Islampilled

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Kani Kanizawa

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Kameko-chan, wholesome only no lewd allowed.


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She needs a modeler to help her with those textures holy shit.

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>Lutheran and Catholic vtubers
>m*slim vtubers
When are we going to get Buddhist and Shinto priests playing anime girls?

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Isn't this that faggot who lost his mind at chat asking him where he's from?

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I know quite a few that fit that description. The trouble is, do I try to boost their subs and viewership at the expense of unleashing 4chan on them...
I've seen some of the smaller ones get bent out of shape for days over minor trolling. They need to learn to deal with trolls, I know that. I don't want to make them quit though.

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Encourage them to get good mods before exposing them to a bigger potential audience if you're that worried. Good mods make the world of a difference.

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I want a super-sophisticated VTuber that delves into deep philosophical concepts while playing Minecraft.

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OR just not tell 4chan about them.

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>less than 1k subs

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It's really not nearly that bad. The Internet Hate Machine has always been a myth. There's mostly normal people here and a FUCK ton of other vtubers, and the few schizos that could possibly appear can just be removed from chat.

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if they quit cause of some trolls that they will get anyway in the future, they were never fit to be entertainers. It is part of it.

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most of the hate here on /vt/ is directed at other anons who have subjectively wrong opinions.

Take Beatani for example, watch her stream and look at her chat you wouldn't even think most of her viewers are 4channers

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That sounds about right. Also chuubas who don't respect the culture, both in terms of vtubing and when selfposting here.

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Yeah, I want them to get stronk. Sending a flood of idiots their way would ruin the chill atmosphere though.
The cute funny bear is great. You guys can be wholesome sometimes.

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Looks cute. Post her link in /wvt/ next time she goes live.
There's so many links posted there nobody accuses anyone of selfposting anymore, and we've run out of youtube vtubers anyway. It's all twitch links.

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I don't really understand the appeal of twitch. From what I can tell people get about 1/10 the number of viewers they would on youtube (based on people that stream on both). Also all those viewers are completely retarded, on youtube only about 2/3rds are completely retarded.

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Twitch is specifically made for streaming. Networking is easier for streamers, finding streamers is easier for viewers. Youtube is currently a miserable platform for indies. Whenever the algorithm decides to throw a bit of luck towards a YT streamer, it curses them with the worst kind of audience, namely children, SEA, or russians, and otherwise they can consider themselves fortunate to have more than 10 viewers. Every one of the homegrown /wvt/ chuubas who started and youtube and then switched to twitch saw an immediate growth in numbers and quality of life. Susan's platform is sick as a dog and there's little hope in it ever getting better.

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>From what I can tell people get about 1/10 the number of viewers they would on youtube
Any examples of this? Because Beatani got like two times as many viewers on Twitch compared to YouTube.

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I've really only seen the opposite. I've seen people that get like 2k viewers on youtube on the rare occaisions they stream on youtube, with a relatively chill chat, and when they stream on twitch it's about 50 drooling retards spamming nonstop.

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Indies are not going to get 2k viewers on either platform unless for certain exceptions. If they somehow by some miracles hit 2k as an indie on youtube then no shit YT is the better option, but starting out on YT is an absolute debuff.

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this bug does a lot of stupid posts on her twitter and facebook
heres her yt channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZpA94lumULLV3OOdfgzUYQ

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her personality is "beimg boring"

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Rocchi 283 subs
and Kuma 1.7k
just started a collab stream. Pretty chill and don't rely on crude humour or sex.

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Anya has more that 1k subs but she's pretty cool

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there are hundreds, but you'd have to be a fool to post them here

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I'd post her but she already graduated

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So, how many of those are being spammed with weird shit? Or we don't do that no more around here

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athena bambina, i guess
<1k subs and did a bible study stream

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Watch Lily Hopkins

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Seconding Rose and Neko. They're way too good for us

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I can't understand this damn kid.

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It's part of her charm

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I wonder what "drugstore" smells like to her

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but where's the r34??

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Would a married couple who stream together sound good enough OP?

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sounds intriguing

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/spoiler I wish I knew

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Guess we'll have to do it ourselves. https://imgur.com/Lj2X4Q5

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there's literally >>>/trash/wvt for you

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Watch Ninaninin on Twitch, she pretty good!

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>less than 1k
>not horny
Yes I know her personality is a lot more than "I'm horny"

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sister abigail

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Are you talking about Leon and Alice or a different pair?

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>Normal Mode
>Hard Mode
Athena Bambina

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Eleanor and Booster.
I found them when they were streaming a 90's playboy porn game on their twitch and checked out their youtube channel.
From what I've watched Booster is angry sped and Eleanor is a cute bitch, and they bicker all the time while playing really bad games

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Hard mode failed but this person doesnt seem bad

some hololive ID clipper promoted them a while back

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is this really a kid? how old is she? I dont feel comfortable watching underage tubers

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She knows how to file taxes so she's older than she sounds

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rocchi and kuma are streaming again

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Not hard mode but I've been watching Futakuchi Mana recently.